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Welcome to the Class 7 voting thread

For some of you this may be your first HOF thread and thus here is a little info before we get to the business at hand. This thread is meant to showcase and honor the people who have had a prolonged and impactful influence on the forum. Its not meant to be a popularity thread, or a only vote for my buddies thread.Its about respecting fellow writers on this section and the efforts they have input into the forum.

Before submitting your votes consider things such as improvement of the writers style, quality of their posts, longevity of the writers work and impact in the forum. You will have to explain why you have voted, though it will require no more than a couple sentences minimum.

A new addition to the voting system starting this year is the 4 vote system, outlined in this thread.The new voting system will allow all voters 3 free reign votes to use on any mix of active and non active accounts, with the 4th and final slot allocated specifically for accounts that are no longer active or rarely so. For further clarification in event of confusion refer to the link above.


  • One set of 4 votes per person, no alt account voting. These votes will not be counted
  • All votes must be accompanied with a valid reason for said vote. "Because their awesome" wont cut the mustard here
  • No drama please, opinions are subjective and a persons votes may not agree with yours. Any issues you feel seriously need addressing take to the PM's.
  • Alt accounts of current HOF members cannot be voted in as the writer is in already. Its a writers HOF not a character HOF.
  • In the event of a tie, final vote goes to current active HOF members.
  • This thread and the voting will be closed in 14 days time, earlier if no new votes are submitted for a period of 3 days.

Any Issues or further additions to the OP please @reply me or PM this account.

Remember Voting closes midnight 21st of February, Good luck to you all and remember the rules don't make me have to bust your ass.

Final votes- Already in

Lady Liberty- 18 Vote

Icarusflies- 13 Votes

Surkit- 11 Votes

Tied vote- Goes to HOF to decide

Longshot- 9 Votes

Clara Mass-9 VotesClar

Runners up

Edward Windsor/Cass Knightfall- 7 Votes

Mr Mercury- 5 Votes

Naamah-5 Votes

Puzzler- 5 Votes

Cain- 5 Votes

Pyrogram- 4 Votes

ReEnforcer- 4 Votes

Cly &Esmeralda-3 votes

Izaiah- 3 Votes

Duchess- 3 Votes

Mikepool/Assassin- 2 Votes

Vrakmul-2 Votes

Darknight Detective/Dark Vengence- 2 votes

DaggerKlutz, Mercenary ,Slyver, Zaubs and Grifter with 1 vote each

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My votes are as following

  1. Icaurusflies- In terms of longevity, vast amount of varied characters ( including talking mattresses guinea pig lanterns) and continued help and impact on the section there are few outside the hall of fame or even within it that can match her. She has also help mentor a few writers thus continuing activity in the forum, myself included. Her writing style is also very unique and constantly high quality and around here uniqueness and quality are mainstay of what makes people HOF worthy in my eyes.
  2. Longshot- Now i know how hard it is to write a decent street leveler and this guy is the street leveler of the vine in my personal view. He consistently hung with heavy hitters and showed them up, with little more than a bow and his brains. His battle to the final of KOV showcases just how great a writer he was when active, especially when you consider how great a seller he was.
  3. Surkit- Despite an early exit in this years KOV, he is without doubt one of the finer long term writers still active on the site. Continued quality and longevity are my main reasons for voting for him. He has been a near ever present since joining the site and has been involved in some important teams such as the JLA and Trinity.
  4. Cly and Esmeralda- A true pioneer writer, having one account with two personalities the main character Cly and Esmeralda his pet dragon. Honestly i don't think i have ever seen the likes of this account around since. Combining two completely different characters into a sort of symbiotic partnership that both works as a friendship and has elements of humor mixed within combat and communication. A true one off account both unique and expertly executed, worthy or honoring on its quality alone.

Honorable mentions

Lady Liberty- Your a near certainty with your continued impact so you don't really need my vote

Pyrogram- Come along way and also a near dead certainty and thus you also don't need my vote

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Clara Mass- When i first knew she was a male!!! i was like whuut? Maaaan! you're very convincing whoever you are!!! Girl problems and stuff, like i said before, i'm a secret fan... not commenting saying anything... just enjoying your works from afar... Miss Mass puts effort in her work! i love how you do Gifs in most of your posts, and that's something that gives us a better insight to how your characters are in a situation!!! whoo!!! Cheers!

DarkKnightDetective (or Darkvengeance whatever he's called right now) Because he's Batman... Not a reason enuff? okay... the truth is i had a hard time choosing between the dark vigilante and Kurt, the emerald archer, BUT!!! Kurt is going there, i know it... I just do, He can be in the HOF for the next year not now... SooN... So, Why Bats? the way he handles Gothic, DAAAYUM!!! he made a mark in the RPG boards that will and should be remembered Forever! (or till this site is going)

Edward Windsor! (or Cassius Knightfall, whatevz)- his work in CV prime, is and should always be remembered. This is THE HALL OF FAME!!! Plus! his newer stuff's cool too!!! his writing abilities are rad! so yeah (oh plus he's one of those BIGGER NAMES that actually talks to me. that reason is invalid but i'm saying it anyway-- an interaction is inevitable)

AND!!! To that inactive RPer vote,
Miss Icarus!!! your contributions to the RP boaards!!! whooo!!! you dont just make posts, you touched lives, and sparked my interest in what this section of the vine is about!!! I remember enjoying your Portrait finds a camera video ( do people know this? should totally be checked for that Zem the Matress song!)... I hope i can Rp with you one day!!! please go back? PLEEEASE?

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@lady_liberty: Everything thing this woman does effects the entire canon, least from what I seen. She probably the most innovative RPGer this site has seen yet, too. Always looking to create something new, not just plot-wise, but she always looking to change (improve) the whole dynamics of RPGing here at CV- she's a mover and a shaker. For real. She's a cause, while everybody else is just an effect. Her writing is superb & she keeps her powers so scientific that there's just no way anybody else character should be able to beat hers.

Niggas wanna know what it takes to be the best? Watch ol' girl.

@surkit: This nigga right here? I said, this nigga right here?!?!?!?! Shiiiiiiiiiiit. My nigga came through and made himself right at home. His writing is superior in the way that he don't waste no text on purple prose. His grasp of the craft of storytelling may not be majestic, but he never bores. He a solid ass writer with the rare ability to portray a black character without any of the negative stereotypes, too. That's just unreal. Let's not forget that at one point he was practically the only nigga getting any play from the ladies IC, too, haha. My nigga, you earned yo stripes. Salute.

@the_puzzler: Don't nobody (who's active) bring more diverse characters than this dude right here. He can portray any character he wants to, and that alone should earn him a spot in the HOF. It's like this: You got your Denzel Washingtons and your Robert Dineros, actors who can get away with doing the same shit for every role, and then you got those rare talents who can do it all. This dude is one of those rarities.

I get my 4th vote. Cause I'm the only nigga to"do 'me' like masturbation".

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Icarusflies: An amazing writer who always changes up her form to fit every character she has and makes it work. When she was in the KoV VI as Midnight Orchid, she personally blew my mind with her work. Aside from her writing skills, Icarus has done so much maintain order on the vine with her fellow Mods. She is also a great model for others to follow and she is always up to help people along the way. For these reasons out of many, I vote for her to be in the RPG HoF.

Izaiah/Wanderer: I believe it's time for the RPG community to vote for him. Aside from the insanely awesome writing he's done, he contributed to the forums by helping create the RPG cards. Imagine that, a guy who takes the time to create cards for all of our characters ( I think he's help done over hundred).

ReEnforcer: A vet who's no longer active but has contributed just as much. From great writing to even being one of the three who started creating the RPG cards and even some of the designs for the HoF. Again, a guy who took the time to create these cards should be recognized as contributing greatly to the forums.

Closure/Clara Mass: Creative, imaginative, and i could go on with the synonyms. But honestly this guy has done so many creative events and ideas that would make you pumped for the simplest things. His OOC's could even make you hyped about grass. If anyone can make you hype about anything it's this guy and he does not dissapoint. Closure's writing and great attitude out of character can always make him approachable whenever you need help or just want to start something creative with him.

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1. Assassin: Deadpool, Boba Fett, Ronin... My man Mike. His skill with the thrill is ill, so Cozy just sit down chill. Okay back to the breakdown for real. On the for real: Mike is one of the most innovative Role Players on the whole CV RP forum. His characters take on a life of their own that is hard stretched for many of the lesser writers to even grasp. And he sells with the best of them and outshines them in many ways.

2. Cain: You Drunken Irish Bass Tard... Okay all joking aside Cain has become a part of the CV RP, in ways that few else have. He is consistent and he doesn't flake out with his best efforts. He doesn't create gold and then abandon it for bronze, and then gloat over mundane irrelevant garbage. He is a poet in disguise that plays a grinning gunman. Call it true, call it stubbornness, call it whatever you like. I call it Hall of Fame material.

3. Grifter: Ha Ha Ha. I am just full of surprises aren't I? I bet he never saw this vote coming his way, and I love that I am that sneaky ninja to allude to voting for others just to throw him off of my trail. Grifter is grossly overlooked by the masses. The guy has depth that is hard pressed to challenge, and many fall trying. He is a better Role Player than you in my eyes if his name is here in this spot and yours is not, so just sit down and deal with that. The guys only real weakness if you want to call it that is that he is The Loner and doesn't put himself out there as much as he should. But I would rather seek the diamond in the rough, then be force fed garbage.

4. Longshot: He was a beast at selling, and he was that true blue hero that bored the crap out of me personally, but I couldn't help but admire his talent with presenting it. He put the Street Leveler back into popularity and caused a flood of imitators, and none of them lived up to the spot. None of them could PLUCK like this guy could, and their are some who are still trying and are making strides but your no Longshot.

Honorable mentions

1. Clara Mass.

2. Lady Liberty.

3. Pyrogram.

4. Icarus.

5. ME!!!

(I am not explaining the honorable mentions.)

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I only have one planned vote here. If I make anymore, consider yourself lucky.

Lady Liberty

Honestly, I feel like she should've been in with the previous class (I'll say it 'til I'm dead). Even then, her impact in that amount of time was greater than many people's after years of being around.

Discounting her actual skill in writing itself and the fact that she is a great writer with amazing characters (even if she doesn't always see it), because I'm not sold on that being the game-changing factor when it comes to who's in, she's got impact. She hasn't just focused on her own skill; she's worked on building skill and knowledge to others as well, and continually putting over other users, new and old, getting them involved in things. Even before we were properly acquainted, I remember how she used to drop posts (in Thoughty Thoughts and other threads) with thought-provoking ideas, intelligence about writing fundamentals, or other tidbits to try and help others improve. It's been said before; she was one of the principle members of the group that started the era where more people started actually using location threads more, as well as architecting behind the break away from the perception that only the longest posts were any good, no longer focusing only on length of post, but rather, quality, and cutting out a lot of boring filler where it wasn't needed.

And perhaps her biggest contribution, met with the most polarized reaction, initial and sustained even still, the generation of CVnU, which we still use today. Before, people would always suggest a "reboot," but the idea was always shot down and it was believed it would never come to fruition, or that if it did, it wouldn't last close to the amount of time as it has. But she actually got a group to come together, organize, and they made it; and no one has done as much at holding together. It did help sort out a bit of canon issues, especially pertaining to the disheveled state of seemingly the entire world that some acknowledged, and others chose not to or were just ignorant of. Even got some users who needed it a surge of creativity. I also don't know of anyone else who's worked as hard at trying to maintain things.

Not just because she's been my mentor (but also because of that, because mentoring/helping is a thing she's done a good bit of), I know she's a wealth of knowledge, and while I don't always agree with her exactly on everything, I do think she's generally had what's best for the entirety of what's here when she speaks on such things. Love her or hate her (because it's always one or the other), no one can rightfully deny the impact she's had here in one outing, let alone two.

Exercises self-control. Keeping it short.

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  1. Lady Liberty: I've said time and time again that I firmly believe that LL is the greatest RPG'er I've ever seen, and the greatest one to ever come to CV. It's a crime that she didn't get into the HoF in Class 6. She's the most innovative RPG'er that I've ever seen, and she's responsible for so many of the changes on CV. She was the only one who used first-person writing when she came along. I even remember people telling her not to write in first-person because third-person was the norm here but she stuck with it, made it her distinctive style and even popularized it (don't think I don't see y'all out there trying to do it like my bella here :P). Her writing is superb. Her ability to write scenes is amazing. She's responsible for bringing the style of using realistic science as a reason for a character's powers on CV. She showcased her versatility by writing a succession of very diverse characters. We all loved Prime Lady Liberty. We all loved Kratesis, and it came as a surprise even to me that she could write a character so different from Liberty. Kratesis attacking entire teams in Prime has to be probably my favorite memory of Prime. Then of course, there's Amaranth who is again a starkly different character from the others. She's responsible for the shorter-length posts and fast-paced in-thread interactions. Remember the LoS thread? She's responsible for bringing realistic martial arts and MMA to IC battles. Don't get me wrong, I think Gambler writes martial arts better than anyone here, I think nobody writes a martial artist better. But nobody, nobody can write a fighter, an actual fighter better than LL can. She's responsible for the CVnU. Prime was stagnating, we needed something new, people b*tched, but she took the initiative from just an idea that some of us mentioned in passing. She may not have taken credit for it, but LL wrote up the entire CVnU rules thread, it was all her, we just provided support. Really there's a CoE but LL is the only one who gets sh*t done. This girl is always looking to improve and to innovate. Her impact is felt everywhere. CV suffers when she's not being active. She's the catalyst for activity here. She's the GOAT and if she doesn't get in this year, fck the HoF LOL, I'd give my spot to her if I could.
  2. Longshot: I remember hearing a lot about Longshot when I was first around as OC. I saw all this hype about him, and I didn't get why. I was told that he once won the KoV and I wondered "the fck did that happen?". He was a street leveler, and he set the tone for all of the archers running around here now. He's the blueprint. Whereas Gambler is the blueprint for a street level martial artist, Longshot is the blueprint for both a street level archer, and a street leveler, period. He never ever wavered from it. And it earned my respect. Then I wrote with him. We had an RPG, and I was wondering what kind of story he'd come up for him to write with a character as powerful as OC, and Dios he did it. Mano came up with an amazing idea, and we ran with it. One of the best RPGs I've ever had. His rivalry with Cain (Shadowknight) is remembered even to this day. Longshot's writing was also probably some of the best I've ever seen. We have a lot of good writers on CV, but he had that "it" factor that could actually get him published. His style and creativity, it's what publishers look for. His writing had a lot of substance and clarity, and not excessive belletristic aestheticism. Additionally, he was one of the few guys on here who could properly write a female character without her being aggressively sexual or anything, he could write them really convincingly and it shows his versatility. And damn, he could sell. Probably the best seller CV's ever seen.
  3. Surkit: One of the most underrated RPG'ers on here, Surkit is a rare breed of RPG'er that can make anything engaging. It's not even that the mano's funny as hell OOC :P, but you can get in any interaction, any RPG with this guy and you're guaranteed to have fun. He can make something out of nothing. I've never had a boring interaction with him. Never had a boring RPG with him. I've never heard anyone else say that they have as well. And he's one of the few that never forgets what RPG'ing here is all about, fun. All the hesitance that new users suffered, or most of them did when they first started here, Surkit didn't have that. I remember when he was still nonfiction91 when his writing wasn't that good yet but he didn't give a sh*t, he actively tried to improve, all the while writing with anyone he could. And for someone as new as he was to take leadership of the JLI back in Prime? And to then make possible the JLI Vs. LoS battle? It was loco. I don't know if a lot of people remember but it was actually Surkit that started the idea of a battle between those two teams. He takes initiative. And as Cozy said, Surkit's the only one (that I've seen at least) write black characters that aren't walking stereotypes. He's always coming up with ideas and RPGs, even now, dude came up with a zombie RPG, a pretty good one too.
  4. Duchess: I remember talking to Mercy in a PM about who I'm gonna vote for in this thing. At the time I only had two people I was gonna vote for (LL and Longshot). Then she told me that she was gonna vote for Duchess. And don't get me wrong, I think she's a really good writer, but I asked Mercy why, and the answer she gave me was as spot on as you can get. First of all, Duchess has ability. A lot. This girl can write. In fact, every time I see her drop a post or a blog-post, I think "Goddamn, go write a book woman". Because she can. Like Longshot, she has that "it" factor, and her style of writing is almost exactly what publishers look for. She can write a post about Valerie's sandwich and it'd still keep you hooked LOL. Her style has a distinct fluidity and just reads so smoothly. She's led the HFC in Prime. She'd led the HFC in the nU. Twice. And CV stopped to go post in her NY HFC thread in the nU. And she's a versatile writer. Like all of the people I'm voting for, she can write different characters. She's one of the few that can write actual neutrals. A lot of neutrals tend to either be good neutrals or evil neutrals, in the sense that they tend to lean towards one of those particular alignments. Duchess however, can write a character that's actually morally ambiguous. Her neutrals aren't evil or good, they're proper neutrals who do things according to their motives and what benefits them. And though she likes to write the supermodel character a lot, she can just as easily write another archetype. Her character, Kalinda for example, is an assassin, a killer. And she wrote the character extremely well, in fact, I think she wrote that archetype better than the supermodel one, and that's saying something. She doesn't RP very often, but it's part of her mystique. She doesn't appear very often. She chooses her RPGs and interactions very carefully. And when she appears to post something, people stop and notice. She's like the Undertaker with the booking LOL, he's booked perfectly just like how she handles her characters and in what they post and in what frequency perfectly.
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Amazing nominations so far everyone.

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@connoisseur: Before I was humble. Now yours' just got me feelin cocky lol

much appreciated kid

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Wow, didn't expect myself to get a vote.

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@_warpath_ said:

Wow, didn't expect myself to get a vote.

Makes two of us man

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There's to many options lol.

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@charlemagne: My advice to you is the same as i gave Nova. Imagine your making a new rp and you can pick 4 people outside of HOF only, who would you pick and why. There's your votes.

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@cassius_knightfall: Thats a flawed system. There are people I wouldnt pick to rp with but who are great rpgers and creators. Anyone can pick users they like. I'm trying to pick users who deserve it.

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@charlemagne: If your trying to make the Best rp possible surely you would choose the best options available, not the people you get on with. I barely spoke with Cly (was on a differnt cops team and didnt chat much) or Longshot ( left quickly after i took over COPs) but i picked them because they killed at what they did. You must have a good idea on who deserves it your one of if not the longest serving active member.

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@charlemagne: Vote for me, I'm better than anyone else on the vine. lol jk.

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@cassius_knightfall: haha sometimes I swear you just argue to argue. Who I'd pick to make an rpg is just that, who I'd pick to make an rpg. Its like saying an All-Star team is a HoF team.

But I'm not just voting for people who help make an rpg great, I'm looking for users who have contributed more then just event participation. Users who have gone above and beyond for a consistent period of time and have had a lasting effect on activity, creation, innovation, etc.

You must have a good idea on who deserves it your one of if not the longest serving active member.

Of course, which is why I said...

There's to many options lol.


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@charlemagne: I do just to bug you lol, though technically a hof team would be an all star team, the same reasons you gave are mostly why they where voted in.

Well i think i know at least 2 of your probable votes mainly due to them being somewhat obvious misses.

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@cassius_knightfall said:

I do just to bug you lol, though technically a hof team would be an all star team.

Right. But an All-Star Team ISNT a HOF Team. Which is what I said :P Every sport has All-Stars who will never be in the Hall of Fame. Obviously people in the Hall of Fame though would be an All-Star team. Cant lawyer my words son, I'm on point with mine lol

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I need some time to think on this.

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@charlemagne: No doubt but as i said i'am doing it to bug you, you bite every time lol. I do agree really,as some strengths of certain users fit certain rps and writing with others.

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@urban_ronin: You have two weeks to make your choices anyways man, so no rush have plenty time to think it out.

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Puzzler: JESUS CHRIST. This dude has so much endurance and ability that when you look up the f*cking definition of endurance you will find a picture of...

Nothing because anyone who uses that shitty cliche is a twathead. Puzzler's writing style from a beginning stand point is almost like a water chestnut, pretty good but somewhat unoticeable until...BAMN You wrap it in his bacon, his expansive cast of characters. I too would get weary of this load of "Man of million faces, woooaaaah!" BS. Honestly the thing to be more noted is that, are all of his characters incredible? No, but when they are, GODDAMN. Seriously, I've pretty much have to say I loved most of his characters, but once in a while he generates some concepts that kick ass.

Another thing to note is the rarity of his own personality. Whenever he battles he isn't always out with the intention of proving that his penis 12 inches, soft and that he raped better looking dudes in prison, oh no no no, on the contrare (however the f*ck you spell it) He makes battles stem from and off of stories, and even then as long as you don't kill his guy off (Unless you do. I think me and redletter once killed Creed), he's only there to advance the story and make it a relatively fair fight, because he understands that chicks dig scars. His standards to battling are something I've always wanted to have (I suck at actually, physically selling. I try though.) , and it shows in his OOC actions, for example, last year and I'm sure this year, people vote for themselves. I couldn't EVER see Puzzler doing that, not because he's some snooty moral majority type, but because he really isn't one to put himself too high above others.

Finally, lots of people who are inducted, the vine loves them, but Puzzler? Puzzler Loves the vine back, having never threatened to quit over even his goddamn entire universe being scrapped (I did. Others did. Don't kid yourself if you did.), and even when he had a PERFECTLY good reason to just f*cking leave, or even take a hiatus (A Melancholy example being the passing of Brian, A.K.A. Lincoln Protocol) he didn't. He used the experience to build himself up, and to make himself better from it, say what you want...But there's not a catch way to end this because I just got back from work and I'm tired and I'm going to do a seperate post for the others. Suck it.

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@_cain_: Damn dude, Puzzler rocks, doesn't he?

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@atrocity_: Yep. Totally deserves to be in by now.

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@_cain_: I will think a little. Like everyone here, so choosing is hard.

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@_cain_: I wanna pick those who deserve to be there.

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@_cain_ For being a long-time contributor to the vine, creating a compelling and interesting character, having an impact on RPG, and being fun to play with.

@pyrogram For being very dedicated, participating and authoring interesting events, writing detailed and quality posts, and being very friendly, and enthusiastic.

That's who i've got so far...

EDIT: Rest of the votes:

@clara_mass again, for being a long time and dedicated member to the vine and delivering consistently good work.

@dark_vengeance_ for Being one of the users who's making waves around here, with creation of teams and story arcs.

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@_cain_: Get Cain into the Hall of Fame! :P

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Longshot was, in many ways, the penultimate street level hero. Not only did he rely upon little more than a bow, grit and skills but he did so in an era that was dominated by gods, reality warpers and powerhouses. Longshot's times were not our times, it was many degrees harder to be a streetleveler in his day. Simply making a name for himself would have been impressive in that era but Longshot went above and beyond, becoming the premier 'blue' of his day.

In terms of impact Longshot participated in many of his days biggest plot-lines. Simultaneously he manage to have a rivalry with Cain that is remembered to this day. But that wasn't enough, he went on to drive his own series of plots and stories. On top of all that by sheer virtue of excellence he inspired many writers to take a second look at street level characters, myself included. There are very few writers who can stand in the same class as Longshot in terms of impact on the Vine.

Writing wise Longshot was excellence personified. He had a down to earth, matter of fact authorial voice that complimented his character well. It served to further ground his street level exploits and provided a contrast to the fantastical that only strengthened everyone involved. The series of RPG's that he drove or wrote in are almost all paragons of excellence and remain great reads to this day.

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Will get the others out before time expires

Mr. Mercury:

Stylistically Mercury is my favorite rpger. His characters always seem to hold a fashionable subtly that is neither forced, nor desperate. And thats not always easy to do. His fluidity is like a liquid sword and the only person who's posts I'll read numerous times just to get myself motivated to write. After I came back from an extended break, Mercury was one of the, (then), newer rpgers who were continually pushed and created canon through extended storylines. The Trinity Nippon thread revolutionized the way in which Location/Team threads were built. Its OP was insane. Its partially ruined now because of the Vine's numerous "upgrades" but at the time it was visually stunning. His storylines with Clara Mass, Duchess, Trinity, etc, were awesome. The dude is always on point which is one reason I enjoy his writing so much.

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@_cain_: Wow...That was very nice of you to say man, thank you very much :)

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I'll hopefully have my vote up tonight or tomorrow

I'm horrible at these things

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@surkit: He was sorely underrated for the longest time. I would talk to him for hours, mainly pestering him, but sometimes I'd just sit on my chair and read his ideas in awe. Like hot damn does this dude have the skill. And it wasn't until he sat down at the popular table (Charles, Andres, Mercy, etc.) that his greatness began to shine. Maximus Newscastle ftw! He's able to write different genres with this realistic touch that makes me fight to up my game. I gotta work with him again once my lazy ass isn't so lazy. Also, you're so great. Just don't get a big ego. The Lord knows I've lost some good rpgers to that disease, but I've said it many times, and I'll say it again - I was happy to see you get your shine on. I may not be very analytic, I know I could be, but you're the bomb dot com bro :D

@edwardwindsor/@cassius_knightfall: This is purely a sympathy vote, poor sap is the Knightfall water boy. I kid, I kid. Eddy is a hidden gem on the vine. I haven't really interacted with him, hell I don't think we've really talked, but he's a community player. When the Champions of Peace existed there was this naturally fluid transition of leadership from Mistress Redhead/Eclipse to him and CPG. He's kept that team going as long as he could, with a strong narrative to boot. He's an rpger in the strongest sense. Even if this dude somehow doesn't get in, I want you to know that you're hella good at what you do and don't you ever think otherwise.

@pyrogram: I'm being kind of selfish with this vote. I mean we're really good friends, maybe even bros to max, but Pyrogram gave this community something it desperately needed. LIFE. He interacts with literally everyone and never says no (Although he should, insomniac much!). However, he made shit popping. Venezuela, presidency, selling for others, dying for others, making other characters shine, and inflating G's ego to new astronomical levels (Do I get brownie points for name dropping?). He's a helpful hand, a friend, a magnificent writer, and is pretty much down for whatever. If he hadn't shown up on this site...I don't think CVnU would really be soooo new. At least, that's my opinion.

There's one more vote to go! For the Brett Farve of our little community (I kid...or do I? O.O)

@mr__mercury: Stylish, cleverly sarcastic, and he makes my knees buckle (I kid...he gives me chest pain. I never know if he's dead or alive unless I get like a random pm every now and again). Anyhow how Mister M is a previous gen model, when CV was more PS3 than it's current PS4 model, but MM will forever be the bees knees. He started the whole stylistic game before it became the latest rpg trend and he just commanded interactions. If you haven't read his interactions with Z (they were like two seconds from hitting the proverbial mattress) than you missed out. He's got a certain bravado tailored to the whole metro sexual vibe and created the Nippon Empire for god's sake (A beautiful transition from Z's Utopia). Also, he could sell meat to a vegan if he wanted too.

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My personal favorite writer of the vine. I'm usually in awe of anything, however silly. Her commitment to writing with unique individuality is what always inspired and dazzled me. She's my friend and we met in real life, and she's really sweet and short. Lol. But anyway, she's an awesome writer.


I don't think any of you really expected me to not vote for him lol. We've got an interesting history, but aside from that. His work is outstanding. He's not quite anything we've seen, maybe other than Risky and or GBandit, a true neutral who does whatever he wants and everyone still lives him anyway. His writing as before mentioned is stylistically amazing, and smooth.

That's it for now..

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@_grifter_: That it is. Sorry didn't feel like switching alts at the moment.

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Mr. Mercury

Most of his spectacular exploits have already been told, but this is hands down the man that deserves a spot in the HOF right now. Not only has he been here longer than a vast majority of us newer gen, but in that time he's only ever put out his best. Sometimes, the best. His grasp on oriental characters and both battle and story-based RPing has had me reading everything he posts since day 1 on the Vine. He's kinda struggled to get a foothold in the CVnU but that's an unfortunate cause of schoolin' and a lack of WiFi, otherwise you know he'd be on here everyday moving and shaking like he used to.

Objectivity aside, I love the guy. Not only did he usher me into the forum as his meek apprentice but he's done the same for numerous others, always unbelievably kind with just about anybody that spoke to him. I remember stumbling about the place two and a half years ago, PMing Sha, Mikepool and Darkchild for help, my untainted innocence and awkward manner of speaking perhaps a little off putting. Sha denied being an RPGer >_> Mikepool kinda backed away slowly >_> And Darkchild managed to get up a thread but then dropped off of the map a few days later >_>

Mr. Mercury though, he took the time to read little posts I'd dropped with Mercenary in threads like Loners and the HFC, even going over my bio, which I'd spent something like a week writing and was probably the book equivalent of ten pages. He helped me on my way, setting up my first ever and all-time favourite RP Maui Wowie. To this day it stands as my favourite battle with a person and I can still remember the immeasurable fun I had writing with Mr Merc. We spent something like two months on that RP, but like most, it faded away. Nonetheless, everytime we speak, Merc and I joke about completing it. It was that enjoyable.

Mr. Mercury doesn't just contribute to the RPG forum with his stellar writing, he's ushered in lots of young blood and he's always innovated with his creatively unparalleled characters and style. He's been good to her for a long time and more than deserves a spot. Should have had a spot a while ago, far as I'm concerned!

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Please try and complete your 4 votes before posting. Because now i have to keep track of how many votes people have used as well as how many votes people have.

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@cassius_knightfall: I'm editing all of my votes into one post as I come up with them. So no stress.

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@surkit: He was sorely underrated for the longest time. I would talk to him for hours, mainly pestering him, but sometimes I'd just sit on my chair and read his ideas in awe. Like hot damn does this dude have the skill. And it wasn't until he sat down at the popular table (Charles, Andres, Mercy, etc.) that his greatness began to shine. Maximus Newscastle ftw! He's able to write different genres with this realistic touch that makes me fight to up my game. I gotta work with him again once my lazy ass isn't so lazy. Also, you're so great. Just don't get a big ego. The Lord knows I've lost some good rpgers to that disease, but I've said it many times, and I'll say it again - I was happy to see you get your shine on. I may not be very analytic, I know I could be, but you're the bomb dot com bro :D