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Another one. Another female counted as being taken by a group of thugs. Last night Urbs had made many mistakes, all circling around letting a large group of poor women and children being taken from their Shelter's. Their home. It had started like any other night, Urbs had been patrolling the streets, when perhaps one of the largest fights he had ever seen broke out. Luckily, he was quick enough to stop it, so that no one would be killed or permanently hurt. But as he started to soon realize, these people weren't actually apart of Detroit, instead they were part of a gang in New York. A new and uprising gang, a gang that would soon feel the wrath of Urbs. The fight had actually just been a decoy, and before he could reach the main target of the gang, they had already taken what they needed. They also left a message in the blood of some unknown person where their boss could be found. An extremely large mistake.

Though Urbs didn't leave right away, in fact, he decided to wait a whole day before deciding to leave. The message was pretty well coded, but anybody versed in the lore of gangs knew everything they needed to know just from that message. That didn't mean the message wasn't put into the newspapers for all to see, and he wanted all to see it. The challenge was made on his turf, so of course it was directed at Beary, and that was what he wanted to be known. Other gang leaders now knew that an enemy or associate had a challenge, and no matter whether they be friend or enemy, they knew not to interfere. Everybody else shouldn't know what the message was, and even if they did, they should also know the laws of gangs.

Beary didn't consider who it was that had actually challenged him. The enemy was obviously someone new to the game, someone who was willing to break some of the cornerstones of morals, just to rise a level. If he was all that powerful, he shouldn't have need of a challenge aimed that low. in fact, if the challenge hadn't have been made clear, Beary was sure the head gangster would have had more enemies on his trail. Sadly that would not be the case. Instead, it would be Urbs all alone, not even his crew to follow up with him. As it was necessary, less some other gang attacks the city while some of his commanders were gone trying to deal with another problem. No, he would have to take this one down by himself, although he wasn't expecting much of a challenge. Even so, he made sure he was prepared, a few explosive rounds here, a few incendiary there, though nothing too advanced. He had also made sure that he had taken a car that was bullet-proof and armored. Last time he went in without an armored car, the car was destroyed, and man had he loved his car.

As he left, he made sure that his second in-command had bullets that could contend with his own. He also made sure to have a bullet-proof vest. Then he made sure of one last thing, he counted the women and children taken. 75, with that amount of people, a man could make a fortune off this amount of slaves. And that's what he was gonna use them for, if he didn't have plans to involve them into the slave trade, he could have easily have just blown the shelter away. The only reason his enemy decided to make a challenge, was to gain more than fortune, but to also acquire power. That was his big mistake. That was always their big mistake. Urbs thought, putting his foot on the accelerator of his souped up car as he left the driveway.

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"So here you are planing to deliver some drugs and kill a few thugs and you give me sh!t" the voice of Cain spoke in her head. " Oh F off Cain it's a whole other story you murder consistantly I have plans." Desiray remarked bitterly only to have the spirit scoff chuckling before his raspy voice objected. "Oh yes im the monster killing these kind of people. Meanwhile you do anything short of selling your" Desiray cut him off there. "Don't say it you ass." The dark soul could only chuckle more. "You know it's true, get mad at me for being a bit of a perve when im in control all you want. But your still a monster as well." This had become their relationship a friendly and also hatefull bond. "Zip it or I cut some of your play time." A string of muttering made Desiray grin as she proceeded to aproach the building.

The plan was rather simple, a business associate of a rising king pin would be coming by this building to collect his product. For Desiray this meant she would traffic the product and if done well she would be employed. The catch was this place was ran by a group of local thugs nothing big but none the less owning the turf. To deliver she had to take the ten men here out. This would put her where she needed to be. The king pin was smugling slaves raiding charity homes and the like to get his product. From their the majority of women and children were sold for dirty acts that made Des angry. The rest, typically to old men or teens were to manage drug houses. Acting outside of the S.I. B she sought to put an end to it. Worming her way in and from there decapitating the kingpin. She called it a civil duty, Cain called it a waste of time. He wasn't in control here though so his opinion didn't matter. Reving her motorcycle's engine she readied herself for her attack.

Across the street was the building she could make out seven of the men standing around in a room just below the height she was at. Presumablly the sixth floor as she was on the roof, seventh floor of the parking garage she was on. Tires screached as she turned and acelerated the engine. It was a dirt bike cheap and expendable for the adrenaline freak as she rounnded about and forced the bike to go past its own output levels. Her natural abilities over things in motion making the bike virtually have noss. The bike hit the ledge and jumped forwards before starting to desscend. Pushing off the motorcycle she watched as it clashed through the glass window. Shards of glash twisted in the air acting like knives raining down on two of the thugs. The motorcycle coliding with the third the heavy metal crashing against the tweaker and slaming him into a wall the figure nearly cut in two. Landing on her feet and skiding to a halt four bullets were fired two from each gun the rounds curving in flight and hiting a thug each. Four men droping with bullets in the temple.

There was three more left though she knew it, and soon enough they were in the messy run down room. A bat being swung at her head as another gangster came from the stairs to strike her in the skull. Ducking she went under the swing, her gun twirling in her hands in perpetual unrivaled ease so that she could pistol whip the man his cartilege in the nose being shot into his brain. Turning she fired her pinky on the trigger. A trio of bullets quickly bending to her will striking both temples and the center of the brain. The body falling over from the wounds. The last of her targets again tried to get the rush on her swining from behind with a sledge hammer. Desiray picking up the movement dropped to her knees. The man fumbling as her two pistols and fired a continuous fatal stream of bullets into the body that passed over her head. Aproximantly seven fatal shots poored into the poor lackie before the model rose to her feat. Blood caked her melmet and faceplate not disturbing her though as she pulled the drugs from the bike and set them on the table.

Helmet tucked under her arm Desiray waited for the suited figure to walk up the stairs. His feet steping over fallen bodies as he made way to the woman that looked more Victoria Secret then victor. Her outfit accenting her frames and unziped slightly. The broad shouldered figure couldn't but shake his head and laugh. "So much for men taking care of things, heres to a new age." The suit tossed a wad of cash to the woman. "Your hired."

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He looked up at the big building placed in New Jersey. It was a long, harsh drive to the city, and the welcoming committee damn sure wasn't helping with his sleep deprivation. As soon as he had gotten close to the new gangsters turf, a large group of around fifty had attacked him. Luckily for him, his car was protected, or else he would've been ripped to shreds by bullets. Unluckily for them, he still had the necessary driving ability, even with the heavy, slow, vehicle, to knock down the underlings with a minimal amount of ease. Of course he didn't take them all out, that would've been a stupid move on his part. For even though he knew the city where his challenger awaited, the actual place of the building was still unknown to him. So instead of ramming a couple of thugs, he instead trapped them into an alley in their own city. It was a pretty easy task, and he would have been ashamed if even the lowest and weakest of his underlings had been trapped in the same situation. Though maybe this new meat didn't know how to well prepare his men were before sending them to ambush someone of a higher power. Or worse, maybe he didn't care. Either way Urbs put the knowledge into his head as part of the first analyses of his enemy.

Then he rolled down his window and yelled, "Drop your weapons or you're dead. And trust me, i'll know when you drop ALL your weapons." It was a simple threat, but it had the desired effect on the two underlings, hell, they didn't even try to sneak a weapon with them. Something that, once again, Beary would have been ashamed of if it would've been his own men. He stepped out the car and, with speed that the two normal men wouldn't be able to keep up with, closed the gap between them and put his hands around each of their scrawny necks. "Where is your boss stationed?" He asked, relenting on the choke hold enough that they could speak. Gasping for air, the bigger of the two replied in a scratchy voice, "He... stays at the big... building in the center of town." Right at the mention of the building Beary raised an eyebrow. He hadn't expected the gang leader to be so... insured. Why go for me, if you're apparently already making profits. Urbs thought, analyzing the information given. Then he asked another question, "What about the children and women?" At this, they only grinned maniacally. He tightened his grip, his powerful hand almost crushing their windpipes. Then, just as they were about to die from a painful suffocation, he relented enough for them to speak. This time the little one responded, gasping for breath like a fish outta water. "We.. don't know... he would never tell... people like us... we assumed... that he sold... them already." This time Urbs grinned. "Thank you boys." He said as he crushed each one of their windpipes. Then, letting the two suffocate in pain, he got back into his car to drive to the building that the two thugs had mentioned.

Now as he stood looking up at the building, he wondered again. Why would he go after me with this amount of cash apparently stored. He frowned, shrugging his shoulders and walking over the five dead bodies that had apparently guarded the building itself. They would've been okay as guards, and probably would've even stopped anybody else, but Urbs was different. He quickly disposed of them without using any ammo, instead cutting them down with his blades. Maybe he just needs the experience. Urbs thought to himself. Then he shook his head, the challenge had been too blunt, and what his opponent had done was enough to warrant their death no matter what they desired. As he entered the building, he was surprised to see a nice, clean-cut, open lounge, as well as a butler with a bottle and a glass. "Glass of water sir?" The butler asked, surprising Urbs even more than before. As he walked up to the butler he asked, "Why should i believe this isn't gonna kill me?" The butler smirked. "My master is a kind man, he wants you to be able to take on his HQ with as much energy as possible." He smirked then again, it was irking Urbs to an extreme, it was one of his few pet peeves. "And if his underlings don't take you out, he'll certainly be the one to completely annihilate you." This got Urbs grinning, he took the water bottle from the butler and took a quick gulp. Then, without warning, he took his magnum off his back and blew up one of the butlers legs. The man cried out in pain and dropped to the ground. Then, in a tone loud enough that he could be heard from a hidden camera, he said, "Your 'master' still has a lot to learn. A true ganglord doesn't completely annihilate anyone, especially their worst enemies. Instead, they make sure that they bleed out, nice and slowly." Then he he headed towards a staircase, taking another gulp of water and analyzing the entire event slightly shaken. For either this new guy was an inexperienced fool, or he was just plain scary strong.

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It had been a weak sence she entered the kingpins little syndicate of crime. On her first mission they had her performing an ugly quartet of hit and run on a variety of local less organized thugs. Seeing as they were criminals Desiray really didn't mind the work she had to attend to. Bullets curved entering windows and hiting at almost impossible angles as they dropped men and women. Nobody would be tracking her actions the way she weant about it nothing added up right. While she did this another sect from the syndicate took out a near by cherity home. The various people taken in for future use. In congradulation of her good work the following day the kingpin took her out for dinner. More flurtatious than Des liked, and Cain would not shut up about it. It served a good purpose though so she tolerated it, put up with the annoyance and readied herself further. Then came day three, the day most fitting of Desiray and preffered antics.

They had seen her abilities so they put Desiray in the biggest street race they could manage to orchestrate. A turf war that would be settled primarily by who could manage to be the best driver. Well considering how Des could manipulate matter in motion obviously she could weave around obstacles, avoid crashing cars and perform stunts others thought couldn't happen. In conclussion Des won half a dozen people died in auto accidents and another thirteen were in the hospital wounded. Desiray was rich and the kingpin had his prize, most the city now belonged in the SYnidcate hands. That lead to annoying date number two, fighting the urge to say shut up a thousand times to Cain she finally got to know the kingpind. Dorious Vanquine was part of an Italian family of some mundane profitable fashion company. Dorian however was not a big fan at enheriting a fashion company when he turned twenty three. So using it as his cover he secretly went to restablish old bonds with the help of his grandfather. Dorinan's grandad was an old maffia member, with his guidance it was no issure orchestrating a new gang. This led to the original formation of the Syndicate.

Day five she helped Dorian personally eradicate any and all people who dared try and rebel the rise to power. They simply killed any and all who made effort to go against his wishes, it wasn't complicated. Nor was really all that challenging soon enouh they had ended the fray, not before Des had seen what the mand could do though. First was the ability to persuade, he told people to do something and they did it. There was also the ability over time he could slow it down or speed it up as he saw fit. It was also incredibly hard to read Des able to spot it only with her abilites to watch things in motion. On the sixth day the thrid date confirmed it. And now at the end of the weak Desiray was ready to end it all.

Alarms had begun to sound, not ear pearcing but it certainly was annoying. Desiray ignored it and went to taking a shower. Let this random thug or the feds take care of the light work. Atleast that was her sentiment untill Cain began to interject. "Come on Des I want to play" Des held her head as water cascaded over her body. "Why must you be such a pain in the head I really don't want such an annoying migrain." Cain chuckled "aww I was hoping I was a pain you know so.." Des cut the evil figure short as she put on the usual biker wear she wore. The yellow helmet sliding over her head as she undid the zipper just enough to tease an individual. "Fine, go for it." With that Desiray relinquished her hold over her body. The malevolent spirit in her taking hold over her. With a gesture of her hand a long sythe materialized in her hand. With a fast kick Spitfire knocked her door open and steped into the hallway of the room. One guard instantly took notice and rushed her a heavy nail coated bat being swung in her way. Spitfire rolled to avoid the blow aimed at her geting to her feat her sickle swiftly came up driving through the base of the back and lancing through the heart.

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The butler had been nice to give Urbs the water he now had. As it had been necessary getting through the large building. Very Necessary. The place wasn't just large and tall, but also pretty intricate, and if he hadn't been fighting getting all the way to the top, he would've admired it. As it was though, the newbie's thugs could rummage through the hallways and attack from just about any direction. Making it perhaps one of the hardest assaults Urbs had ever done or been part of. In fact he had almost been beaten twice. Once on the third floor, another, more crucial moment, on the 7th floor. The first time he had only been shot, he quickly recovered and blew the brains out of the the thug who was now grinning with zeal. As if the thug actually thought he could take down Urbs with a single bullet. Urbs grinned at the memory. The second time started off with a bullet wound as well, this time though other thugs attacked with melee weapons. if it had been any other guy, Urbs would've been dead, but instead, he sliced down the thugs who had gotten the advantage and put a bullet through the chest of the guy who had shot him. When he finally left the floor, he looked like he been through a meat factory, but he could still walk, and he could still fight, so it didn't matter.

It wasn't all bad though. On some floors, he noticed a few of the underlings had already been torn down. He didn't know the cause, and he didn't actually care. As long as it wasn't one of his own men, and it wasn't, anyone could take a shot at the gang lord of their own freewill. He honestly thought it would lead to their death though, as it had almost lead to his own. And as a person, Urbs wouldn't be someone you would consider to be normal. Then there was the fact that every floor after the ninth one was pretty easy. The thugs must of thought he was weakened beyond repair and rushed him without thinking to sneak or tactically attack him. A foolish idea, as they lined themselves up to be eaten by the Detroit Lion. What made it even worse for them, was that their technology wasn't all that impressive, and the defensive mechanisms were easily crushed and destroyed as Urbs finally reached the final floor.

It was oddly empty, yet for some reason, Urbs found it the scariest out of all the floors. The hallway leading to the door of the office of the crime lord was both beautiful, and terrifying. Lined up with priceless artwork, and adorned with marble pillars, it could of been part of a mansion, not a place of business. Yet it was also lined up with one other thing, severed heads. Many of them. The fact that they were there didn't scare him, he blew up people for a living, severed heads were nothing to be afraid of. It was why they were there that frightened him. It meant that the crime lord knew that you had to instill fear into to others if you wanted to make it anywhere in the business. It was the type of thinking that Urbs had himself, and if the man had the knowledge to match Urbs mindset, then this would be a tough battle indeed. As he walked up to the door, he reveled in it's simplicity. it was just a basic mahogany door, and compared to the hallway, it could have been considered basic. And he didn't know why, but Urbs loved it's design. so he felt slightly bad as he kicked it down, ready to take on the the powerful rookie, and finally finishing the first part of his analyses.

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Desiray, well Cain had no trouble with the frantic chaos that was this building. Desiray weaved in and out of conflict without trouble. Bullets passed her as she dropped hoards of those who wanted to get in her way. Well maybe it wasn't hoards Cain thought so though, he hadn't gotten to really kill in centuries so any was grand. And that fiendish soul loved places like this where Desiray wasn't going to deny him. And so she, or he depending on how one saw their orangment, ripped a bloody path through those who got in her way. A few rounds had slamed into her one skiming her shin and another in the shoulder. They were not crucial however and so Des fought past it. Her blood began to dry caking her otherwise glistening leather. She had hacked and pummeled away through atleast a dozen men as she made way towards Dorian. The kingpin was just past that door she was almost sure of it first she needed to get pass this clouded hall however.

Maybe Dorian thought the intruder was going to come down this hall instead. Clearly while good he was no expert, six guards one hall great but tacky considering there were two halls and this was more or less all he had on this floor. They were good mainly for the fact they had actual assault rifles. Not sub machine guns or pistols but actual weapons for deffending such a place. The hall was majesticly bad taste in design, there was grand artwork of incredible value lined the walls. Then inbetween them was severed heads of some of the impressive thugs. She could identify one of them they had taken out together Desiray had an ex girlfriend who was a walking blade, Cain a psychopath. Neither of them were phased by the concept. The door on the end was simple and in contrast of the artwork and wellcrafted hallway.

Cain/Des cracked her knuckles and then twirled her sythe ready to confront the squad of people before her. It was easy really, a run along the wall aided by shadow allowed her to get towards the group. Her blade decapitating two on the spot. Cain grabing a knife off of one of the bodies as she rose to her feet. The blade rammed into another guards throat a moment before he pulled the trigger. Her sickle at the same time driving the dark blade into the skull of the fourth guard. Two remaining men stood before her their guns barking in retaliation a trio of bullets hiting her gut. Dashing forward she cleaved the two men in two, the bullets stung still just not enough to stop her. She was not impervious she just was some what denied of death. When one body took over the damage was reversed, untill then the dual set of beings were able to simply fight past most damage.

A slash of her blade and the door fell apart, the door on the other wall crashed like thunder. Not to much collapsing to the ground as the thick muscled being kicked it in. Kain tilted her head the style of her helmet making her look more like a cat in the gesture. Looked like Dorian was sloppier than Desiray thought.

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The female that scythed her way into the room as he broke down the door had been unexpected. Wearing leather and a cat helmet, she didn't actually look like she would be causing him too many problems. Then again, the long scythe in her hands told him otherwise. He discarded her form his analyses, as she seemed to be working on her own schedule, and not the Kingpins. Everything else in the room was how he imagined it. Simple, four sides with the only true artwork being a picture of himself up on a wall. Opposite of that wall was a side made entirely of glass, and the two remaining sides were empty besides the doors the two killers had come through. In the room, there was nothing but a simple arching desk, and four flower pots set-up in the four corners. Standing at the glass wall was the rookie, exactly where Urbs had guessed he would be.

"Beary Cook, it's a pleasure." The crime lord said in a smooth Italian voice, it wasn't as powerful as Urbs own, but it got the job done. "My name is Dorious Vanquine, and i already know what your first question is gonna be my friend." Oh really? Urbs thought as he quickly pulled out his magnum and shot two bullets at Dorious. Although he was sure the shots would hit their target, instead, they just missed and instead broke the glass wall, the glass shattering sounding like ants scurrying compared to the gunshot. Dorious turned around with a grin on his face. "That was unexpected, but no matter." Beary could hear a small accent to his voice, he took a gander and inferred that Dorious was Italian. "You know what else was unexpected, you Desiray." He said, turning his head toward the female. "I didn't believe you would come to rescue me, or is it that you're coming to finish me off. Once again, it matters not, as today Urbs you will die."

Dorious wasn't as smart as he originally thought, well, at least not mentally on his own level. Urbs growled, "Before i kill you, tell me where they're hidden." It wasn't a question, it was a command, and boy did Urbs hate when his commands were ignored. "I believe you shouldn't be worrying about the girls just yet, after all, your death will be arriving soon." Dorious smirked. "Walked off the ledge Beary." As soon as Dorious had finished, Urbs had felt a tug on both his mind and his motor skills, but Urbs easily resisted the urge to follow through with rookie's command. The Kingpin frowned, "Yes, i suppose that was to be expected. Nothing as easy as just commanding someone to kill themselves. Still, it's two against one, unless you decide to go against me Desiray." Urbs looked between the both of them, getting his magnums out in a defensive rush position using the blades. Both preparing for her attack, or preparing for his offense.

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  • Dorian stood against the glass wall the room really a major bore a plane old desk with some rare flowers on the corners. Dorian she had learned rather liked them Des however thought him just an idiot who wasted money on little things. He didn't even have a good computer just a bland typical one that you would find at a school. Just enough to get things done but very little else. "Beary Cook, it's a pleasure." Oh good the two were on first name basis this should be an enteresting Cain thought Des simply roling her eyes which nobody saw. "My name is Dorious Vanquine, and i already know what your first question is gonna be my friend." Beary was quick to object and shoot first and save questions for later. Des and Cain both had to admit they liked his style, of course it never landed. The abilities over time allowing Dorian to dodge the bullets at a speed the natural eye couldn't percieve. "That was unexpected, but no matter. You know what else was unexpected, you Desiray." A crimson eye hiden by her helm arched at the words. "I didn't believe you would come to rescue me, or is it that you're coming to finish me off. Once again, it matters not, as today Urbs you will die."
  • "Before i kill you, tell me where they're hidden." A similarly thick Itallian accent this time from Beary spoke. Perhaps they were on the same side Desiray thought, but criminals were criminals she didn't have to spare this man. Helpful or no to her it didn't matter. "I believe you shouldn't be worrying about the girls just yet, after all, your death will be arriving soon." Dorious remarked with a smile. "Walked off the ledge Beary." The glass had shattered and behind it was the balcony a good long twenty story drop if the will bending command worked. Thankfully it didn't Des still had her decoy available. "Yes, i suppose that was to be expected. Nothing as easy as just commanding someone to kill themselves. Still, it's two against one, unless you decide to go against me Desiray." Two blades were produced the knives resting on top the barels of pistols. A enteresting weapon choice she had to admit.
  • "Im rather content with my paycheck here sorry Urbs the deal is off." The words smoothly rolled from beneath her healm. The statment made the previous killing justified by the new kingpin. He was doing well but he was still a rookie and would let Desiray slide under the raydar. This meant the mafia desendent could focus on Urbs. Turning to face the more experienced drug lord Dorian fired two shots from a dessert eagle. From what Des could see it was aimed for the heart and the head. A clasic double tap policy followed by the time shifter rushing at his enemy slowing time down to make his movements faster. With a flicker of her sythe Cain released a wave of darkness to kick up the shards of glass. Complient of the mission at hand Desiray used her own abilities to hurl all the shards at the two in a rain of glass shards. The asault finished by Desiray rushing behind the two bringing the sickle up in a murderous arc. The blade likely to stab through the lower back of Dorian rupturing through the sternum and then diging into Urbs neck. Atleast that was how it would play out if Desiray's attack went acording to plan.
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Hmmm, who is she? Urbs pondered for a fraction of a second, before noticing Dorious readying his gun for his assault. Beary smirked as he shifted his body a small amount to the right and pushed his left leg forward. The head shot scraped by, only grazing him, while the body shot missed it's target and caused an insignificant amount of damage. That's when everything around him started going in slow motion, he was getting into the zone. So why was Dorious still going normal speed, Beary decided not to worry about it, and used his left leg to push him forward in a dash. And because he was in the zone, he noticed the female do something, she used darkness to manipulate the glass and sent it flying at the two crime lords. The glass was just a minor annoyance, or perhaps it was a decoy, either way she followed up by aiming her scythe at both Dorious and Beary. Once again, being in the zone saved him, as he dropped to one knee and brought his magnums blades in an x position as he slid towards Dorious' legs.

And that was how the story of Dorious Vanquine ended. His torso cut through by a scythe, and his legs chopped off by two adamantium blades attached to magnums. And as soon as his story had ended, two things happened. One, Urbs left the zone, feeling as though the biggest part of his mission had finally been accomplished. Two, Urbs realized something, he had no one to gain info from, he was going to use Dorious, but he was dead. He looked up at the female wielding the scythe, and he would not hold back. As he went through the lower legs of Vanquine, he aimed his right magnum at the helmet and fired three shots. He hoped she knew what she was doing, he still wanted her alive after all.

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Darting off to the mans right the bullet aimed for Beary's head was only a scrape. A graze that would get some blood flowing but nothing less. "Damn it what kind of thug plays acrobat" Cain hissed the voice a strange feminine tone mixed with a fiendish hiss. The second shot aimed at the body hit muscle but not the desired spot and as such was also nothing significant. The Detroit Lion seamed to actually spot Desiray's attack strategy as he darted forward. The glass did nothing significant to the large thug and he droped into a slide his blades slicing off Dorion's legs. The limbs flopping to the ground in a spray of blood and all the while gore decorated the wall as the scythe lacerated the kingpin. Desiray holding the body up on the weapon. Such a quick disapointing end the possessed body figured it would have to resort to Urbs to sedate its murderous will.

Dead was Vanquine and Urbs was right on the spot as he raised his magnums and fired three shots all aimed for her head. When Cain had control Desiray couldn't use her abilities as evectively as normal. Two of the rounds were rotated a hundred eighty degrees moving to hit Beary before he could get to his feet. It was a simple move far from locked onto the man just enough to spare Spitfire. The last bullet however hit Desiray in her visor the malevolent figure stumbling backwards a hand raised to the helmet. Smoke billowed from the gaps in her fingers a thick ink like mist. Her hand droped back to the scythe and she turned to face the shooter. Her visor had a hole in it the plexiglass shattered in a spiderweb like pattern. The opening however seamed empty no head and if anything just thick eary smoke. At the center of the opening a single glowing red orb. A blood hued eye that screamed of something other than human. "Aww Beary...I liked this helmet my ex gave it to me." The obscure hissing feminine voice carried the word ex a prolonged time.

With that she quickly hurled herself into action her blade slashed at the druglord in a murderous arc. The handle sliding so that she was holding it at the base. This gave the weapon a much wider field to slice through. The height at a level where it would likely cut just below the ribs leaving enemies in two well cut halves if the blade struck. At the same time as the arc finished the fem fatal had vanish and reapered using the shadow cast by the weapon. The slender frame cackling as it came up in a vertical slash aimed to cut her target in twine yet again. "You just had to shoot first didn't you drugie.."

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Urbs had been surprised when he barely reacted to the bullets returning fire on himself. Just barely sliding through, once again having bullets grazing his head. Of course the surprise was nothing, when compared to seeing his only shot penetrate through Desiray’s head. If she had one. As Urbs got up, he couldn’t help but look at the demon that lay under the hood of the helmet. The smoking billowing’s were only slightly frightening, the fact that his bullet hadn’t killed, eh it’s happened before, but the eye that looked at him, that eye had an evil essence flowing straight to its core. No Crime-lord, not even Beary himself, would dare try to take control over something like that. Whoever this person was, Beary doubted it was the girl Dorious called, “Desiray”.

As he pondered the thought stupidly, the demon went on the attack, slashing at Beary with her scythe. Even with extending its range, Beary’s back step was enough to dodge the blow partially, in the end receiving only a small slash across the chest. As he regained his senses, he just barely blocked second attack with his left magnum. “Please, drugs corrupt the mind, I’m just a provider.” Urbs replied as he held the blocking position. He then quickly distanced the space between the two, realizing that even he would be outmatched in speed by her, and that the distance would be closed quickly enough. So to make up for that, he decided to go for the stunner. As soon as he regained his footing he asked the demon one simple thing, “You’re name, and not the false one Dorious provided me with.” His face lit with alit with a false smile, then, barely waiting long enough for a reply, he diagonally slashed at the demon with a his left magnum, and shot off another four bullets at her torso with his right one.

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Again Beary was grazed bullets nicking his head, Cain didn't know weteher to be impressed or discouraged. She finally found somebody who could put up some form of fight, yet still it wasn't like he was throwing heavy blows yet. She was the cat and he the mouse it seamed, he was clever enough to know how to live. Not slick enough to critically wound her, the night was young though. Her blazing eyris stared into his own eye studing how he judged the situation he found himself in. From the looks of it he had made out Cain was not hired by Dorious, that seamed like a given though. Common logic would say the freakish figure that seamed to have a head of smoke was not hired by the local crime bosses. Atleast her target was good on his feat a step back just enough to avoid the wicked slash sent his way. She scored a cut along his abdomen, not enough to spill entestence along the floor. Shame really he would of looked rather nice flayed open like that Cain thought. The second slash was blocked by one of the blades on the Detroit Lions guns.

"Please, drugs corrupt the mind, I'm just a provider" Urbs spoke before taking a few steps to provide some distance. "Youre name, and not the false one Dorious provided me with." She was greeted with a sly smile as the guestion read as generally meant to be curdious. Halfway into verbalizing the first word she found herself under attack. The slash came with a step forward  to spand the gap he made. It was easy enough to duck under the bullets however were not as simple to escape however the various shots ran along her back skin exposed as blood spoted the floor. The crimson fluid even seaming to emit a thick black smoke. None of the bullets struck her spine however so she could continue to assault her target. Spining on the balls of her feet she scythed towards his own legs hoping to seperate them from the rest of his body. Following the movement she slashed at the lights above her. The room losing some of its lighting around her.

Desiray tilted her head her glowing eye the only thing that could clearly be seen. The rest of her read like a silouete in the lack of lighting in her spot in the room. "Oh Desiray is my name we just share this body with Cain." Her voice was more like that of the model that owned the body. Soft sweet only with a hint of attitude in it, from the sounds of it she might of had some British in her blood. Then it twisted back to its obscure hiss "thats me." Her scythe snapped up hooking into the roof as she charged at the figure. Her left arm came infront of her to block her heart from any bullets he had left. The right dragged the sickle behind her the light fixtures almost garanteed to be devastated by the end of her attack. From her count he fired four shots at her chest just now. Another three at her head earlier, another two at Dorion earlier. Assuming these were the standard six shot revolvers his right pistol was spent and his left had one bullet remaining. That being said Desiray made her attack her sickle slashing downwards in a horizontal hack. At the same time she slid into a glide past Beary the movement hopefully would carry her blade into his ribcage. As Cain raised to her feet she assumed if the blade had managed to dig into flesh her movements riping the blade free would enflict even more harm upon the drug lord.

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His trick had slightly worked, well worked as best as he thought it would. At least it had drawn blood, no matter how demonic that blood was. Her counter attack had been expected, though with how low it was, he had no choice but to dodge with a back step, once again the blade only grazing him. These might soon affect me worse than i think. Urbs thought as she continued with her smooth motions, breaking a light from above. Then she started speaking, and he was surprised by the voice of beauty. "Oh, Desiray is my name, we just share this body with Cain." Possessed, Cain, and evil, right. Urbs thought, quickly putting two and two together in his, and figuring out that Cain was the first sinner. His suspicion was confirmed when Cain spoke again, "that's me." The hiss quickly re-enabling his reactions. After all, he was going to need them with her impressive motions.

As she quickly advanced towards him, he shot off another two bullets, finishing off all his ammo in his right magnum, and reserving only one shot in his left. Luckily, it was an explosive round, kept for if the rookie had given him too much trouble. Unluckily, his two shots only ripped at the flesh of Cain's hand, doing potentially no damage. Even worse, Urbs mind had trouble with analyzing beings that had two mindsets, especially when it wasn't some stupid medical condition. Of course he didn't have much time to analyze anyways, Cain sending his Scythe Urbs way made sure of that. This time though, it connected, Urbs had tried to prevent it with his right magnum, but he hadn't performed the block well enough, and the scythe ended up puncturing his torso anyways. Things got even worse when Cain ripped his scythe from Urbs newly punctured lung, blood from the wound most likely filling it with each breathe. Sh*t.

Instead of turning and fighting Cain, Urbs fired off his left magnums exploding round, both setting off a small explosion and pushing him forward towards the ledge. As he got up, he started tightening his muscles, making sure to constrict his blood flow so he could at least breathe. Then, he quickly reloaded his magnums, one with 6 incendiary rounds, one with 6 explosive rounds. And he was planning to let them all fly loose, turning around he shot up the room with the incendiary rounds, filling it with a rapidly growing fire. Then aiming his other magnum towards the direction he last seen Cain, he shot off every single explosive round, though with no true aim, the explosions area damage should've got affected him at least slightly. With every round shot, Urbs then just stood there. Hope you're able to live through this Desiray, i still need you. Beary thought to himself as he stood near the edge of the room.

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Her move didn't delve deep just another minor gash, still though every blow mattered and Desiray could fair with more punishment better. The bullets hit her but were nothing to slow her demonic like prowless down. Her scythe lanced forward the block aimed her way failed to make the desirable contact fail. The dark malevolent blade delving into skin and then she pulled it free. A good odds that the wound would flood with blood a sour fate but Cain and the woman he currently controled had no care for such a fact. Lights shattered as the room fell into greater darkness the shards littering the floor. Then the last round was fired her way Des leaping to the side to try and avoid it but failing. The round grazed her arm its momentum carried it forward some before it went off. An explosive flash behind her that burned away much of her sleeve

Smoothly raising to her feet she watched as the revolvers were quickly reloaded and an assault readied. "Hey, hey, hey Des, Desi you're going to help me right. Riiight" the youthfull figure there cursed a flowing stream before agreeing. Then came the barage a barage of bullets fired off in her way. She was still not in control however her abilities were limited and could only do so much. Half the flurry potent ammo sent astray towards the back of the room the hallway on the right of the room and the back wall bursting in flames. The small blaze slowly working to engulf the top floor. It would only be a matter of time before the building itself would know this inferno. The explosive rounds only helped speed it up a trio of the rounds detonating around suport beems along the building. The other half dozen however were left for Cain to handle. Two incenerary rounds passed over head and burst along the roof the flames blazing along the surface. The other round burst along the back walls just short of the suport beam reaking further havoc. The third round and second explosive going off on the ground as Desiray dove.

The explosion did enough scattered damage in its radius that her left arm was now completely exposed. The black smoke emiting blood runing down her now bare arm. All along her right side was flames a roll enough to put out the flames. Her right arm and side however were now also left bare the fabric buringing away. Desiray was cursing she hated when her clothes got torn and left a mess. These suits were not cheap and now she was annoyed, that annoyance disrupted her focus and then a bullet hit her in the left arm. In a small burst her arm was blown off. A spash of blood decorating the room as her red orb glared at the scorch marks. Rolling to the side she landed on the balcony as she glared at the person responsible. In a stream of spiraling darkness her arm reapeared thick black smoke and tendrils foiling into a hand. The other wounds the cuts the blood they showed but her arm seamed unscathed as it came back into the world. "You can't butcher the butcher" The possessed biker hissed. Before making the next attack.

It started with the darkness releasing spikes snake like apendages stabbing into the balcony and its suported locations. The serpent like darkness lashing out not at Urbs but the flooring and with it came the collapse. The room was a roaring inferno one couldn't go running along this room that was spreading the flames even further. The floor would give out the concrete slab dropping to the ground below. As the platform gave way the two Cain expected would be force to plummet to the earth. Desiray though could use the shadows to simply stand on the vertical wall of the building. The dark night giving the shadows needed to walk along the glass windows. At the same her sickle would lash out hoping to hook into the drug lord. If she drived her blade into him his weight and gravity would still pull him down. And with that came the bloody mess before a long long drop and a short short stop.

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"You can't butcher the butcher" Cain hissed, and with that one piece of dialogue Urbs knew how he was gonna beat the demon. Though Cain had it wrong, Urbs wasn't trying to kill him, "I'm just trying to figure some things out." Urbs said with a smile as the floor beneath him began to give way. It didn't matter though, he would try to use this to his advantage. Though it would be difficult with how he was hurting from the previous wound, he was expecting this o go pretty well. Even if he hadn't one hundred percent finished with analyzing the demonic being Cain, it still didn't matter. He still had to put his best foot forward with this attack.

As the two fell, Cain running along the glass walls, Urbs just continued grinning. And it wasn't a happy grin, it was a smug disrespectful grin, complemented nicely by the light of knowledge shining in his eye. As soon as Cain started attacking with his scythe, Urbs dropped his own weapons and grabbed the long handle of the scythe. Then, as soon as he grabbed it, he quickly reeled it, and hopefully Cain, closer to him. As he let go of the scythe, he quickly let his large arms try to grab a hold of Cain, it would be a long drop of bear hugging and twisting in the air if he caught him, and if he didn't... Well, Urbs didn't try to think about if he didn't.

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Desiray couldn't believe what she was hearing, granted it was her who made the first attack. She sought blood and it was clearly her who was the instigator to this chaos. Still he said "I'm just trying to figute things out." Maybe he wasn't playing the vindictive killer still he was far from trying to keep her alive. One doesn't pepper the room with bullets causing flames and explosives just to carry on with a discussion. Urbs must have been incredibly dense or thought her such because such ammo was not in line with his actions. "So you need lessons? Well heres one on gravity." The devilish voice mused as it took out the floor, shadows allowing her to stay standing along the walls as her drug lord opponent was sertain to fall. Her opponent was clever however and was not going to go down so miserably as a quick fall. Desiray was thankfull for that maybe Cain would shut up for the night once this was all over.

One runing along glass panes like a spector the other more like bricks forced to plumet to the earth the two desscended. A smug grin was on Berry's face thinking he had this all figured out, "silly boy" Cain hissed a fiendish creature that got to much fun of the situation at hand. Droping his weapons his hand shot out to capture the shaft of the weapon swung his way. The weapon was taken hold of and tuged on as the pair fell towards the ground Desiray quickly fliping and avoiding the grab the move however did remove her helmet. The yellow helm faling to the earth sertain to shatter as it finally touched the ground. The spector looked towards her attacker and jokingly saluted like it was the end. They had no way to fight it now and so the ghostly face simply looked onwards.

It was twisted and sinsister it resembled a fair female but every portion of it was composed of smoke. The dark mist fluttering ocasionally making it look like there was no head at all. There were only two things that stayed throughout the fall. The blazing blood red flames that were her eyes. The visage of the darkest secrets of the human souls manerisms staring into those of the man likely to die or be mamed in the attack. The other was the smile, the glowing opening burned like her eyes the slender line streatching from what looked to be ear to ear. Then the immage vanished, surviving a fall like this was almost imposible for the fiend known as Cain. And so she let it fade away, her fair model like features coming forward in the place of smoking remnants. Hazal colored eyes replacing those of malevolent nature.

Having a control of things in motion Desiray easily manipulates her body. Her form falling like a feather despite the laws of gravity. Motion was her thing to control and easily Des landed on her feet. There was no way to say for sure her target would be done by this plumet no way to know his end would come. So as she touched the ground her hand went to the earth picking up a small amount of nails and small rocks that scattered the ground. The various items were at the ready, if Berry got up then she would have the next assault ready. The various rocks and nails thrown his way. One moment they would seam like such a petty attack, just as fast as the thought would ester ones mind however they would excelerate at unfathomable speeds. Things that seamed like nothing pursting into motion far more fatal than the heaviest sniper fire. The pebble alone could cause metal to buckle inwards the nails were the funest for Cain to imagine though. Desiray simply sought to see the fight end.

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It had all failed, but luckily, he had gained one thing from this encounter. Where Cain ended, and where Desiray began. When Urbs had knocked off the helmet, at first he was scared. Then he marveled at her beauty, Not too bad a way to die i guess. This time his smile one of peace. As she slowed her descent, she almost looked angelic rising far above him. And the last thing he focused on before hitting the hard ground was her Hazel eyes, Desiray eh. People will remember you as the Goddess who killed the Lion of Detroit. Then a thundering noise, and a pain that seared through his entire body. His head had not hit the concrete, the strength of his neck resisting the power of Inertia. Sad too, as he could feel the pain of his muscular back being crushed, his legs feeling as if they had been hit by a sludge-hammer. Instead of screaming though, he just grabbed the dagger around his neck.

As Desiray hit the ground, still prepared her power over motion allowed her to sting everything that wasn't already broken. Yet instead of screaming, he just gripped his dagger tighter. Urbs tried to say something, but instead coughed from the pain of speaking, blood spewing from his mouth. "Help, help the children-- at least..." His voice only a croak as he attempted to speak again, "At least rescue the children, from ---" He coughed again, each word feeling like lightning striking him. "from Detroit. At least rescue the children--- from Detroit." And he smiled a smug smile again. "Or i'll have to haunt you for the rest of--- of, my life." He laughed, the pain worse than the speaking.

Then he closed his eyes. An odd feeling of warmth, replacing the pain in his body as he gripped his dagger. Then, the dagger started glowing, the light blinding even beyond it's sheathe. Then, as quick as it started, it disappeared. Urbs wound still there, instead, an eerie red light glowing around his body. He heard the voice of a great, wise, and powerful man, "Don't worry young Cub, i'll protect you, but only two more times." Young Cub eh. Grandpa, is that... you? Urbs thought as his mind started to fade away to black.

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"Damn it, I thought he would of faired better tis a shame." The malevolent figure in her mind giggled joyously. Desiray fealt a little bad atleast once she heard his words. Aparently the guy was atleast somewhat better then what she thought of himself previously. He still clearly was providing drugs to people, far from a saint of a man. Atleast he had a semblance of compsure however. "Help, help the children-- at least...At least rescue the children, from ---from Detroit. At least rescue the children--- from Detroit. Or i'll have to haunt you for the rest of--- of, my life." She couldn't help but laugh a bit at that, haunt her. She allready was possessed a lunatic jibbering in her head. What was one more voice. Walking slowly as if on the catwalk rather than busted concrete.

Kneeling down she struggled to lift the man to his feet enough to half hazardly drag him to his car. The vigilante of a model taking his cars keys and driving towards a hospital. It seamed like it was a fatal fall but by some means he seamed alive. Divanova driving the Detroit Drug King to the nearest hospital. A quick note writen and slipped into a side compartment of his car. Her number given as well just in case. "Don't worry about the kids you steroid taking thug, wasn't planing on leting them be taken anyway. Won't help you with the crime runing crap you seam into. If your off to attend to vigilante matters and need aid feal free to call me in. Don't worry about Cain. He may be bat sh!t crazy but he still follows what I say for the most part. Sighned Desiray Divanova."

That said and done she let the first sinner come back to the surface. Her face disolving into a cloud of ashy black smoke. Her blood red embers leaving trails as her head moved. A sharp whistle and a bike came to her. The original design lost in spikes skulls and a hellish presentation of engineering. Climbing onto the bike she took off towards wherever the children and other enslaved people were. The kingpins brief legacy would go down in flames on this night. The headless rider guaranteed to see such a event come to pass.

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"I can't believe it, h- he's completely healed." A small doctor said as Bearies eyes finally opened. His mind had been rocked from a powerful mental conversation he had with his grandfather. Or maybe it was a conversation of soul, who knows. Beary sat up, still holding on to his Dagger. "Uh, sir, maybe you should still rest, you seemed to have had major injuries. Actually, you should be dead by now, especially since we didn't do any work on you yet." Beary only looked at the small doctor and smiled. "I don't know how he ran things, and what type of business he ran, but i still want you to know that Dorious Vanquine is dead." The reaction gained from this was one of shock, the exact type of reaction Beary was hoping for. "I'm gonna be his replacement around here, and either two things can happen. One, you can get the manager to start coughing up cash to me now. Or two, when my boys come to town, they can physically force some negotiation out of all of you doctors. Either way, I win."

Half an hour later, Beary had gained 10 percent of all income from this hospital per month and he was happily walking into his car out front. He didn't like the fact that he had lost to Cain, but because of it, he had gained a lot. First off, he gained this city. Second, he gained a ton of knowledge. And finally, he had gained some new abilities. And all because he lost to the brother of Abel. And to think that they had wanted to kill him. As he got into his car, he noticed a note in the compartment. "Don't worry about the kids you steroid taking thug, wasn't planing on leting them be taken anyway. Won't help you with the crime runing crap you seam into. If your off to attend to vigilante matters and need aid feal free to call me in. Don't worry about Cain. He may be bat sh!t crazy but he still follows what I say for the most part. Signed Desiray Divanova." And this made Beary smile even harder.

Beary made a call to Steam as he revved up his car. "Yo Steam, no time for questions, at least not over the phone. Send some men up here so that it's known who owns the city now. The usual types, some for taking over, others for recruiting, you know the deal. Also, the kids are in good hands, they should get back to the city sooner or later. If they don't, don't worry about it, as i said, they're in good hands. The women i suspect are already sold, remember to send out some troopers to locate their positions. I believe that's it for the day." Steam replied with his usual, "Got ya BC." Most likely believing that this had been an easy encounter.

Boy was he wrong. Though as he read the note again, another wave of joy overcame him. Either way, I win. Beary thought as he drove out of his new territory.

The End (A blog post comin up for anyone interested in what happened in Urbs head.)