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The calm before the storm

“And once again Hi_Voltage saved the day, stopping a high speed chase that went on for hours before-“

The television was turned off by Levina, her hand stretched out, holding the remote. Her blond hair was in a mop of a mess as Daniel and Michael yelled out at her, against what she just did. This was something the ‘Voltage Team’ would do after stopping a crime, go back to Daniel’s garage and watch the news about it together. They would get their egos filled of how an awesome trio they have become, even though no one knows about Michael and Daniel, and yet the two still get some sort of excitement from it.

“I was watching that!” Daniel chucked a hand full of popcorn at her.

“And it was getting to the good part!” Michael yelled out pointing at the empty TV screen.

“I’m just tired of hearing about Hi_Voltage.” The teenager grumbled as she pushed herself up from the couch, grasping her sweater at the same time. “I just want to be ME right now and not hear about how awesome Hi_Voltage is.” She slipped her sweater on.

But YOUR Voltage Levi, if anyone should be getting an ego boost from this… its YOU.” Daniel got up from the couch too.

“OH! Did you hear about the cool little action figures they want to make of you?” Michael blurted out as he whipped out a folded piece of paper from his back pocket. “Ever since you joined Trinity, you’ve become even more popular in the media.” He unfolded the paper, which showed a miniature version of her in the form of a collectible toy.

Rolling her eyes she walked to the door. “I just think with Voltage getting so much media attention… something REALLY bad might happen.”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds

“Like…?” Daniel asked, concern on his face.

“I don’t know… like… something… REALLY bad.” She shrugged her shoulders, not able to explain what was being thought in her mind.

“Well bring it on I say.” Michael said standing up too. “With the Voltage Team, andtheTrinity, there is NOTHING we can’t do!” He fist pump with a huge grin on his face.

Maybe she was just being silly, overacting. With a chuckle she opened the door. “Good night guys.” She walked out, closing the door behind her.

When it rains it pours; Next day- Jordan High School

Letting out a deep yawn she covered her mouth, as she struggled to focus on the white bored in her computer design class. They’ve been working on a project for the past two day’s on how to make three dimensional symbols. Seemed simple enough, looking around a lot of the students were making symbols of those that belonged to superheroes. Symbol’s of Kurrent, Andferne, Warkiller, Eclipse, Nighthunter and of course… Hi_Voltage. She sighed as she looked at her own, a half made celtic symbol of strength.

“You should have just done HV’s symbol.” Daniel leaned in next to her, he was sitting to the left of her.

“Yeah it would have been WAY easier.” Michael leaned in to the right of her.

The two of them were working on lightning bolt symbols, for Voltage. This was just great, not only does she have to live with Voltage at home, but at school too.

I want to keep HV’s life separate from mine as much as I can.” She whispered. “I don’t want to forget what it means to be… me.” she spoke, slowly moving her computer mouse.

"But... you didn't like to be you, hence how Voltage was born." Micheal spoke only to get a ball of paper thrown at his face. "ACK!" he glared at Daniel who was giving him a death glare that read 'SHUT UP'.

She sat there for a moment, thinking as she let out a pathetic sigh. “I just want to get through the school day without Voltage being mentioned to me, is that so much to ask?”

The teacher began to write something on the bored. "Now as you can see, if you use your mouse to-"

He was interrupted by screams of teenagers that echoed through the hallways. Through the small window of the door dozens of kids could be seen running as fast as they could. Was it a fire? A fight? Everyone in the class room stood up from their seats as some began to walk to the door, that is until gunfire was heard. Everyone in the class room screamed as they hid underneath their desks, including the trio.

“Everyone stay under your desks!” The teacher yelled out as he began to walk to the door that lead to the hallway. But before he could open it, the door was suddenly kicked in as a large man walked in with a gun in hand.

It was Levina's worst fear come true... an attack on the high school... while she was AT school.

“I know you said you didn’t want to hear her name… but I think we REALLY need Hi_Voltage right now.” Daniel whispered.

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Fate has a funny manner of handling certain things. It is almost like some invisible supernatural force is simply toying with fate, twirling and perverting the threads of destiny in order to make events more interesting. While The Champion's destiny was not exactly changed, his life was now completely different from what it was just a month ago. Before his birth, the all-knowing fates warned powerful Zeus that though Alceus would grow to become a savior, one of the greatest heroes the Earth will ever see... he would also be a painful thorn on Zeus' side. And it seems that this part was realizing itself before The Champion's rise to legendary hero status. Was this what they meant? Or was there going to be much much more than this? Little is known about this, however, despite the fates' claims, Zeus had always assumed that Alceus would be a thorn on his side much like Hercules. While not really trouble, he would only be a minor annoyance, defying him in little insignificant acts. Unfortunately, Zeus overlooked the fact that if Alceus were to discover the secrets that were being hidden from him and his entire generation of Olympians... the tides of fate themselves would change. But this situation between father and son would have to wait another day to boil down into pure rage and battle.

On a far distant mystical plane, hidden even from the eyes of Earth's gods, Alceus sat silently under the shadow of a towering tree that shielded him from the intense and radiant rays of the plane of existence's star. The Son of Olympus no longer wore the armor, gauntlets and helmet given to him by his father, for he was stripped of them after encountering his long-lost uncle Vasilias, a senior Olympian of great power, rivaling Zeus and Odin. Shocked at the discovery that Zeus had banished his own brother from his home and to never again see it, Alceus had no choice but to rebel against his father, losing more respect and trust for Zeus. "Alceus, I know that Zeus has deceived you and you want to focus on succeeding against him but do not ever forget that your first priority is protecting the mortal plane", a disembodied voice said, as Vasilias emerged from a colossal, surging dimensional rift as Athena, Artemis and Apollo followed from behind. As the portal closed, Alceus smirked, replying to his uncle's words, "Hehe don't worry about that. I'll never forget my duties, but I'm also not going to underestimate what my father has been plotting. And you shouldn't underestimate him either", Alceus responded. "He is right", Artemis nodded. "Agreed", Hercules said, emerging from behind the tree. Wise Athena however, remained silent. "I have known your father for many years... and you may be right. But right now, I believe you should check on the mortals", Vasilias advised. Agreeing, The Champion requested for Athena to create a dimensional portal for him. Running into the portal, Alceus was expecting a simple patrol across the skies of the Earth, nothing that would require too much effort. Oh how he was going to find out how wrong his thoughts were.

Emerging from the portal in the skies above the Pacific Ocean, Alceus breathed in the air, having not been on Earth since helping Charmix, and Umbra save the universe from a time-related dilemma. "Doesn't seem like there's anything insane happening", mighty Alceus murmured with a smile. "I should check on the Trinity", he thought, then almost instantly remembered the Green Power Ring that he found during the events of Y-Intercept's terror. Pulling it out of his pocket, Alceus observed it on his palm, he could feel it's energy pulsating within the ring. "I wonder if I'll ever know why I got this ring", he wondered, slipping the ring back into his pocket as he took off, soaring through the sky like a majestic eagle. First he would travel to the North American continent then later he would head for the Trinity's headquarters, he was sincerely hoping that nothing would go wrong, unfortunately his hopes will be shattered soon enough. And though it would be nothing similar to opposing Y-Intercept's terror, it was surely going to require his assistance.

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A Week Ago

Urbs had called a meeting. Correction, Urbs had called THE meeting. It was their first big mission, bigger than anything they had done so far, and would be the first time they would work as a team. "Friends, or associates, whichever one you prefer to be called. Soon, we make our move." He could hear the small team slightly murmur, probably speaking of the amazing amount of cash they would be earning from their very first mission, they would be slightly disappointed. "Today my friends, we plan to attack the hero, Hi-Voltage." Urbs said with a grin, the group didn't seem to share his amusement, instead they just seemed confused. "Why would we attack a hero, why not just go for a big source of cash?" A member asked, which only made Urb's grin widen. "Because, my curious friend, we will hold a power stronger than any amount of cash will give us." The murmuring started up again, this time a bit of skepticism and a bit of surprise. "You see people, with this power, we will be able to gather any amount of cash without much trouble, without much defensive force, without much..." Urbs gesticulated, looking for the right word "Opposing will, i guess you could say. For this power we will have, is fear." That's when a few people started grinning along with him.

The plan had come simply to him, she was only so powerful alone, and she was starting to become big in the world. But she was still just a rookie, in this world, it takes a lot to become a veteran. So why wouldn't he go on the attack, she was popular, only so strong, and still a rookie. She was a perfect target. That doesn't mean he expected it to go easily, if anything, he expected a challenge. But that was the good part, it would also test their abilities as a group, how far could they go, could they win this battle, or would they fall under the rug, with all the other 2nd rate teams. Urbs could only hope for the former of the two options.

"There are two important things that we need to do to make this work. One, we need to lure out this 'Hero', simple enough, since we know where she lives. We know that she'll want to protect it, we just need a way to draw her out. Two, we need to make sure we get cash out of this, because even though the main plan is taking out Hi-voltage, we're kinda a group based on money." Urbs said in a joking tone, only so many laughed with him, others he wasn't so sure were capable of laughing. "Anyways, we're, meaning me and Cain, are going to be working on the best route of getting these two things accomplished." Cain had raised an eyebrow at the mention of his name. "Sorry Cain, but your tactical abilities are arguably better than mine, all i'm saying is that you're a key component to this plan." With that, the Irish-man looked content, happy even. "Until then, everybody go about your usual business, i'll call you up when the time comes.


The plan that Cain and he had come up with, was extremely well done. Honestly, he hadn't expected too much from the drunken Irish-man, but he had been proved horribly wrong. And he was happy he was, for in the plan, he got to go to a very special place of his. The bank. Before that though, they decided to attack the school. Why one may ask, because children were a precious commodity, and a hero wouldn't waste them. Urbs smirked, Or would she? The team had discussed the plan before hand, and everyone seemed to understand their role well enough.

It started off simply enough, Urbs had decided to be the one to bust into the school, as he was one of the more intimidating people on the team. Already teens were running wild and screaming, and they hadn't even done anything yet. I hate bitchy children. Urbs took out his magnum and shot it into the air. "Everybody shut the F*ck up." Urbs said, not screaming, just menacing. It worked too, the team quickly rounded up groups and groups of children, making it seem easy. Especially people like Homicide and Adam, people who utilize powers that most of the group didn't have. "This room." Urbs said, leading his small group to a class room still filled with students. He kicked the door in, just to make sure he wouldn't be locked out, and stood face to face with an adult white-man who Urbs guessed was the teacher. Urbs grinned, "You're unnecessary." He said, emptying a bullet into the man's, now non-existing head, splattering everywhere. "Can you please lead the children in here?" Urbs asked the group following him. Then to Dealer, he said with a smile, "Ya ready to go?"

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1 Hour Ago

Cain sat in a a Militaristic Armored Humvee riding into the exerts of Draper Colorado, He Looked at his fellow teammates and prepared to tell them the plan that he had devised. Despite Being a Racist, Misogynistic, Sadistic, Greedy, Chaotic Irish Drunkard, He was actually a decent tactical mind. The problem was his Unreliability, When he was sober, Boy did he work, But The 99.9% Percent of the time, He was out of his mind. Including then. He had a black duffel bag over his shoulder as he looked through it, Urbs gave a puzzled look to him and asked "Yo Cain, What's in Dat Bag?" To which Cain replied "Oh well you see, We're going into a hostage situation right? And I Read that some stand-offs can last days, So this here is a bit of extra stuff that I Packed to keep myself busy and entertained, And because I Love scaring the sh*t out of children." Cain said, Preparing to give the plan as the team cruised over the roads headed towards Draper.

He Looked at his roster of lethal individuals. First was Urbs the leader of the group. He was a strong intelligent man in Cain's opinion. He thought of "Beary" as he liked to be called as a friend, Not family like other people such as Alex Smith, Who was FAMILY. When Cain first moved to America, He thought that It would be interesting to experience the Nobility, Pride, Romance, Pride and Adventure of the American People but Nope! It's just people killing each other!

Next was Mattersuit also known as Adam. Cain was somewhat...Uncomfortable being around him. He was a muscular man with long flowing red hair that wanted to do certain "Things." To his fellow teammate, Homicide. Cain had an opinion of the shadowy figure with girlish long hair. He was either, A.) Brett Micheal's Long Lost Brother. Or B.) A Rapist. Either way he didn't like him.

After Adam was Park a young man who he despised, For stealing his car, Having Sex with one of the few women who didn't hate him, Stabbing Cain repeatedly, Destroying Multiple tables, and then Mocked Cain's entire race which had spent the last few hundred years living off dirt and potatoes. Can You Guess What the Dark Militant thinks of him?

Then we have Blade Master. An Orc who wore sweat pants in front of Cain while eating Lasagna. "Nuff' Said."

Homicide was a brutal killer for hire that didn't seem to talk much. Cain knew she was powerful and that was it.

Finally were Dealer, A Smooth Talking Cajun who may or may not sell cocaine, And They're secret weapon Victor Grey, An Olympian that somehow found his way aiding a common street gang such as Cash Inc.

15 Minutes Ago

As the rag-tag group of killers drew closer to the town Cain stood up briefly to go over the plans as he looked at them. "Alright Listen up Ya' c*ck eating f*ckers, Here's the Plan." He said pausing. "Ya' See there's this gail named Hi-Voltage, Big Hero around here. We're going to make a name for ourselves by drawing her out her or in here or what ever the f*ck is what I Wrote and Killing her. Now in order to accomplish this we're going to wreck the sh*t out of this town. Urbs and Frenchie are going to head to the bank and steal everything, Me and Adam are gonna take over the school and kill one snot nosed b*tchy brats every ten minutes that the sh*t f*cking whore doesn't show up. Meanwhile Homicide's gonna go through the city and place these bombs I Made, Normally I Would do it but I Threw My Back out humping Park's mom. When she's done she'll come back with Me and Shaggy here to hold down the fort. Finally The Boy and Green Skin Mcnasty is going to head to city hall, Tear through all the Mofoes they can find and Kidnap the Big Dic- I Mean Cheese. You guys will kill him when we give you the call. Meanwhile Oddye-whateveris going to the local museum and steal everything of value, Got it? Now when we get there there's no more assing around We ANNIHILATE THEY'RE ASSES!!! We Ain't Gonna stop till' Every one of us or them hits the floor like Sh*t Dripping out of a dog's anus. .....So Work Out, Drink Milk, Stay In School, Don't do drugs and Eat Your Vitamins!" The Foul Mouthed Irish Merc Said.


Cain and his allies were out in the school parking lot preparing for the assault on the school. He strapped the duffel bag of "Toys." Over his head he charged in, A Sawed Off Shotgun in his hand. He ran through the school hallways shooting at absolutely nothing his shots piercing through the lockers of the hallway "DIE MOTHERF*CKERS DIE!!" He said continuing his rampage against the precious content insides such as textbooks, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches and the works of "R.L. Stein." Finally Cain busted into the chemistry room with Urbs and the others. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!" Cain said kicking a student like a chimpanzee with a meth-addiction. He yelled all sorts of annoying sounds across the room, Because every person ever since they were a child have wanted to run into they're school, And Just hit stuff. Cain finally calmed himself as he herded the kids behind him, He was going to corral them into the Gym and hold them there. He began loading his guns as the children began becoming nervous, They weren't comfortable with guns being pointed at them. Cain finally got five different classes into the bleachers. It was a tight fit but it would work, He looked at Adam and Said "Boyo! Can Ya' Go Up and wire the intercom so this Microphone broadcasts through the entire school?" He asked turning and looking to the herd of scared teenagers. He was prepared for a Painful Day, He had confidence he'd kill the hero and make a better name for himself. He yelled to the hostages. "ALRIGHT I WANT THE NERDS ON THE LEFT, THE JOCKS ON THE OTHER END, THE GOTHS NEXT TO THE NERDS, THE STONERS BY THE JOCKS AND THE CHEERLEADERS IN THE MIDDLE!!!!' Cain watched as the kids scrambled in the bleachers and he loaded an assault rifle. He was ready for whatever came. But little did he know that something else was in store for Cain......

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15 minutes ago

Park had been taking an inventory of his equipment when Cain made the comment about his mother and shrugged in response. Park never really liked his mom anyways, and it wouldn't be a good idea to pick a fight with Cain out in the field, especially on their first mission as a team. Although he had initially been skeptical of Urbs' plan, picking a fight with a hero for no reason seemed like... well it seemed there was no reason for it. But after a while Park had wrapped his head around the idea. Intimidation. To pass the time Park was taking stock of his teammates, at least the ones who had decided to come along. Cash Inc. may not have had the full roster but looking around he felt confident in their abilities. Also he trusted Cain and Urbs' abilities to form a strong plan. He picked up his gear and nodded to the Orc who he referred to as Jolly Green who he had been paired up with. He was thankful to have been assigned to a powered ally. "Glad to have you on board."


"Here dude, try this." Park said as he handed Blade Master an ice cream cone. The Orc had yet to experience a lot of modern day food so Park had decided to take advantage of the ice cream truck that passed by to show his new friend some of the better inventions. Of course the truck driver was now stuffed in a freezer and the truck itself was wired with C4 but that would come into play later. Since Blade Master couldn't exactly blend with the crowd the green skinned warrior was hidden in an alley across the street. "It kicks ass."

Park stepped out of the alley and sat down on a bench across the street from City Hall eating his own ice cream. He took a few minutes to examine the security guards and their routines, the conclusion? They were crappy. Patrols were scheduled and predictable with lots of holes in the patterns. Park had just finished his analysis when he heard sirens wailing. He looked up in time to see half a dozen squad cars tearing down main street followed by a S.W.A.T. van. Cain's plan had the cops stretched out all over the city and most importantly not paying attention to the Mayor. Park smiled and touched his finger to the comm link in his ear. "You ready for this Jolly Green?"

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15 minutes ago

Sadeko wasn't one to talk much. Mostly because he was busy examining human ways. As he sit in the Armored vehicle listening to Cain yell and curse about their plan he heard that he was paired with Park. Sadeko was relieved about this because park was about the only person on the team that didn't make him nervous. It wasn't because he was smaller than everyone else, just the fact that he came off as a good person. Of coarse if you were to tell Cain that he would practically bust a nut. After fiddling with his wind stone for a while Sadeko heard something from the front of the truck. "5 minutes." and with that, everyone was working on their last preparations for the mission.


As Sadeko lick the ice cream he noticed that it tasted like something, something he couldn't remember. "Good thing I got the money out of that truck." Sadeko said to park as they walk down a few blocks to an ally across the street from the mayor's office. Sadeko was wearing a dark trench coat, blue jeans, a fedora, and dark sun glasses. Even though he was eventually going to strip himself of these clothes he was still very ashamed to be seen in them. As he wait in the ally way for Park to give him the signal he heard loud siren's woosh past. "There seems to be six of the weak cars and one of the cars that we came in." Sadeko noted to himself. "I'm sure Cain, Mattersuit, and Homicide can handle it." Sadeko didn't seem the least bit concerned.

After the police cars cleared out Sadeko heard something in his ear. "You ready for this Jolly Green?" Sadeko heard Park say. Sadeko didn't really think anything of the nickname, but he did wander if he was Jolly. "Ready when you are." Sadeko said to park as he peek out of the ally. As he get up from the bench Park nodded at Sadeko and they both began walking across the street. As they approach the building from different sides they met at the bottom of the stairs. "Maybe I should go in through the back." Sadeko said to Park. "They'll want me to take off my hat and, well you know." Sadeko said as he took a quick look around at the very few guards. "I'll meet you in front of the mayor's office." As Sadeko said this he circled the building to the back.

Entering the door Sadeko waited in the hallway that looked more official than usual. Touching his comm Sadeko talked "Alright Park, I'm in and I'm heading for the nearest elevator." Sadeko said as he turns a corner. As he near the elevator Sadeko noticed a silver plaque on a door that had a complicated lock on it. "Park, I think I've found the town's savings. I might be delayed, I'm goin in." Sadeko said as he pulled out his earth stone and said the trigger word. "dowten" in a second his earth dagger was in his hand. "Lets see if I can open this lock." Sadeko jabbed the dagger into the metal lock and turned it both left and right. "Almost, got it." Sadeko said as he push and turn the dagger more. "Here we, go" Sadeko was startled by a voice. "STOP." There were 5 guards coming out of the elevator.

Putting his finger on the comm Sadeko sighed. "Park, I'm gunna be a little late. "

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Yelling, so much f#ken goddamn yelling, it would drive anyone to the point of wanting to kill someone. Cain was so loud, it was giving the silent killer a migraine. But she sat there, getting her mind ready for what was about to happen. Urbs came up with a plan to go after a newer hero that has come into the world, Hi-Voltage. The hero was young and inexperienced, which meant she was ripe for the picking. Sure, Alexandra would have gone about attack the hero another way… less… chaotic way… but she supposed this would work as well. 

She knew what she was to do, take explosives that Cain made, run about the city, and plant them then head over to the high school and meet back up with Cain and Adam. It was simple, but would be very effective to quickly overwhelm the young hero. 

When the vehicle came into the city, without a word Homicide phased out of the transpiration, and her body going right through the Earth. A few seconds later she phased back upward to the surface of the street, solidifying her body as she swung a bag over her left shoulder. Taking in a deep breath she suddenly vanished from the streets. 

Twenty minutes later

Phasing through the city’s public library she walked right in, no one even noticing the assassin as she moved through the building like a ghost. Doing a quick teleportation she went to the very back of the library where old dusty books were piled up upon each other in a mess, perfect place to plant the final bomb. Shifting some of the books around, she hid the explosive under a pile of old history books. With a grin she pulled out a paper and checked off the final building on her list.

The area’s she planted bombs were;

  • City Recorders office
  • Finance Department
  • Police Department
  • The Cycle Park
  • One of the two Fire Stations of the city
  • City Court office
  • The main Draper City Park
  • And the Library

She had a little trouble at the cycle park… but nothing a few bullets through the skull couldn’t solve. 

Now it was time for the second part of her mission… go to the high school. With a blink of an eye she vanished and appeared in the now empty hallways of the school. The sounds of her boots hitting against the tile ground echoed through the hallway’s that stunk of sulfur, bullet shells laid upon the ground as holes were seen all along the floor, lockers and roof top. She rolled her eyes; these guys did seem more dramatic than the other team’s she’s been in before.

As she got closer to the library of the school there were kids seen crouching under the tables, some crying, others trying to be the comfort. She phased through the door and the kids gasped at the sight of the woman. They all knew who she was, Homicide, the silent assassin. Some kids began to scream as they all ran to the other side of the library , trying to escape the villain in vain. 

"Why are you doing this!?" a girl yelled out, her eyes swollen with tears as her boyfriend had his arms wrapped around her.

Her eyes slowly landed on the girl, and instead of an answer she walked up to the girl, all the kids gasping and began scattering out of the way like roaches to light. The boyfriend's eyes were wide eyed as he dared to stand up, his frame actually smaller than Homicides, pushing his girlfriend behind him.

"Move." was all that game out of her mouth as she pulled out a gun, and aimed it at his forehead.

"N-No." his words stuttered, his eyes looking away from her, body trembling with fear.

Letting out an annoyed sigh she threw her left arm out, punching him in the face and causing him to fall on his back. Everyone screamed, the girlfriend backed away, now terrified of what was going to happen to herself.  The assassin thew out her free left hand again, this time grasping onto the girl's long blond hair, and warping it around her fist. The girl screamed , begging to be free as all the kids screams became louder. 

Gritting her teeth from just being annoyed she threw her gun forward and shot, hitting the librarian right in the knee cap. "EVERYONE SHUT UP OR I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!" Homicide yelled out, her eyes crazed. "Now everyone get your @ss to the auditorium, anyone who tries to escape... will get a bullet to the skull, got it!?"

Rounding up all the kids, with the blond girl still in her grasp, the group of kids made it to the auditorium , there Cain was seen yelling at the students. Her crowd of students swarmed into the building as Homicide marched up to the man who thought up this plan, dragging the girl behind her.

"Everything is in place," Homicide didn't bother to even look at him, her eyes focused on the group of kids she brought it, making sure they were doing what they were told to do. "and I found the first." she threw the girl before Cain, she fell down to her knees, sobbing to herself. 

"I'm going to find more." she spoke as she teleported out of the area, making her way back to the main part of the school, on the hunt for stray students.

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“So you see children that’s how the beginnings of this vast empire started” Maya said, walking back in forth in her unofficial Trinity uniform. The faces of the children brought her some warmth to her skin; she couldn’t wait for the day her little boy was in the front row, raising his hand to ask a question. Today was a fun day, in a week of rather boring appointments and presentations; Maya got to see what the children of the Solace City Elementary did on a day to day basis. She agreed to do this because she knew what these children meant to not only the Trinity Cities; but Utopia as a whole. Some of these boys would attend the Trinity Institute; the Apex all boy college in Utopia, despite this schools prestige Maya knew, Sean would never allow Alex to attend a school for all boys. Some of these girls would attend the L.O.V.E institute; and move on to be professors and scientist herself.

Maya’s right hand, and the godfather of her son, Noah took over with the answering the questions; he could see Maya was lost in her thoughts. She was getting horrible feelings, feelings that kept her up at night. She couldn’t help but feel like Y intercept wasn’t gone; that she was coming back far more powerful than ever. What made her even more fearful was that; she had a vision about Arrow’s arrival; she could feel him snaking his way through Solace City. Her thoughts dispersed as the lunch bell rang, the kids proved too much for both Maya and Noah. “Who would’ve thought children could ask so many questions!” Noah remarked as the two walked through Monroe Park. Stepping on the transport in the middle of the pond, the two made their decent to New Jerusalem.

“You’d had better get used to it, Alex isn’t going to stay young forever” Maya said, laughing whilst watching as the schools of fish swam overhead. “How are things between you and Sean?” Noah asked, “Things are non-existent” Maya said, stepping out of the transport. “I haven’t spoken to him since that night, I’ve seen him but I haven’t spoken to him”. This was a touchy subject for Maya; she also didn’t like to disclose personal information to others but she figured she could trust Noah.

“I won’t do it anymore, the whole relationship thing has tired me out; it’s either stay single or go Lez, and I only seem to attract blondes bleh” Maya said, placing her hands behind her back. The two stepped into the info-pod and Maya instantly began writing down the vitals for Realgam City. “What do you plan on doing with your time?” Noah asked, once again leaning on the wall.

“I spend most of my time in my floratorium; seeing as I planted most of the flowers there It’s a great way for me to relieve some stress.” She said, walking over to a cabinet and pulling out a blue shirt. “Utopia was a place that Z built for Jean; she built this place out of love. I turned transformed it into a place that most resembled what she would’ve wanted.” Maya said, looking at Noah as he held that shirt. “That shirt right there was a part of the very first costume she put on” Maya stood looking at the shirt for a little while, and then went back to calculating the vitals.

“Why not take a vacation…New France, is lovely this time of year” Noah asked, opening up the shirt and taking a glance. “Old France was beautiful, Omega Justice and I failed it; New France I’m sure is lovely but it attracts too many of my political enemies, plus I swear on the life of me if I were to run into Gambler or any of his lackeys, I’d create send them into a black whole” she said, with a smirk on her face.

The smirk ended, when Maya’s eyes glazed over a purple aura surrounded her and she became lost in her own vision. The vision was abysmal, there were teenagers running all over the place and gun men shooting a scene of great panic. She also saw what appeared to be bombs, placed and random parts of the city; the vision didn’t give her enough details to decipher where exactly they were. The last part of the vision Maya saw a school banner; Jordan High school.

Being released from her vision, Maya fell to her knees only to be helped up by Noah. “What is it? “he said, a bit concerned. Maya couldn’t think of why she would get a vision of a school shooting from so far away.

She tried to think on who she knew in Draper City, but she couldn’t put her hands on it; it was the last thing that stuck out in her mind.

“Jordan High School…” Levina needs our help!” Maya screamed, pushing Closure away just a bit she placed her hands on her head and attempted to contact all the Trinity Members that didn’t block her mental waves.

“Guys…Lev…I mean Hi-Voltage is in trouble; she needs OUR help everyone who can; go to Draper City Utah; Jordan High School!” Maya said, ending the brain transmission. “Noah this looks like an organized hit; get to that school and find out who’s behind this” Maya said, slowly teleporting. She was going to try and find those bombs.

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15 Minutes ago

Victor Grey exited a van, holding a metallic grey briefcase, if he was going to do all this crime and fighting, he’d earned the money he was just about to make. Walking on, he had made it to the Museum Of Superhero Antiques, but kept his distance, the museum relied on high security systems instead of Patrols. He assessed the security. 180 Degree Rotation Security Cameras at each corner of the exterior, almost impossible to hack. 6 Layer Chain Lock, almost impossible to lock pick. Door alarms on the exterior linked straight to the Police system, instantly alerts police of theft. But he came prepared for this.

Opening his briefcase and leaning it on the ground, it didn’t have any objects inside it, but a highly sophisticated hacking software, displaying him all wireless communications, over 500 in the proximity, filtering it by 20 meters squared radius, outgoing connections and Wavelength, only two results were displayed, the door alarm and the security cameras.

Attempting Authorized entry, he needed a 12-digit password. Opening his second flap, a password cracking program, he synchronized both programs attempted hack into the Camera, letting both programs cooperate, allowing him access to the cameras, he looped the security cameras to what happened in the past 24 hours. Next he hacked the Alarm, setting it’s alarm output to his own radio, so that the call for help won’t reach the FBI, but this would only last for 10 minutes. This was his ten-minute window into the safe and out.


Taking a Duffle bag, he walked to the door and grabbed the lock, studying it. Even for his skills, this seemed like an impossible lock due to its complex mechanism and 6 layers. Grabbing his hammer, he pointed it’s centered tip at the thin lock, giving short bursts of electricity into the lock, melting it from the inside. Shoving his regular lock pick in, he broke the now fragile lock. Opening the door slowly, he entered the packed museum, looking at the glass cases on display, The Red Lantern Ring, an old version of the Iron Man armor, but he couldn’t sit and stare, he had a ten-minute window, and he couldn’t waste it.

Walking to the safe, he could see it was huge, assuming it used standard currency, this must have had about $50 Million Dollars in it. Reaching in his case, he reached for his sound amplifying equipment, he put one side to his ear and the another on the safe, satisfied with it’s position, he started rotating the Safe, hearing each click, he was just 5 Clicks away from $50 Million, he started whistling a tune as he started cracking open the safe.

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{I’m surprised you opted not to spend the day at the strip club, or some other place of low statured} Jeeves stated. “Damn Jeeves the day just started and you already hating” Sean said, rubbing his jaw. He and Sean Jr. had a sparring match just a few moments ago; Sean used the Editman; while his son used the Sprint. The sparring match went well until Sean Jr. was able to crack the Editman’s mask with his fist. “That little bastard is grounded” Sean said, in a low raspy tone of voice. {Well, It’s not like he got off the hook you did shoot your thermal energy into his chest…} Jeeves responded again, this time there was a bit of exhaustion in his voice.

“I’m just glad Paige is back to normal now, I must admit it was pretty sexy watching her flying around in my armor shooting sh!t up” Sean said, making hand gestures. {Well technically…it’s HER Armor} Jeeves added, just to irritate Sean.


After Sean finished his tirade, both he and Jeeves went quiet; the loudest sound in the room was that of a clock ticking. Sean allowed his eyes to freely wander around the room, soaking in the awkwardness Sean slowly started stroking his mustache. {My People enslaved your people} Jeeves said, abruptly. “Touche b!tch” Sean said, fixing the mask to the Editman.

{I received intel from Ms. Raquel the other day; she had footage I think you need to see} Jeeves said playing the footage. Sean looked up on the screen and instantly did a double take. {Do you see what I see?} Jeeves asked in his serious voice. “Yes…that little boy is peeing in the Trinity Fountain shaking my head” Sean exclaimed, pointing to the boy on the screen. {NO YOU Idi..I-i-I mean sir, I was talking about the woman who looks like Ziccarra} Jeeves said, restraining himself. “Once you seen one they all start to look the same Jeeves” Sean replied, finally fixing his mask he headed up the steps; only to be halted by a mind shattering headache. It was only once he heard Maya’s voice that he realized it was a psychic message.

“Guys…Lev…I mean Hi-Voltage is in trouble; she needs OUR help everyone who can; go to Draper City Utah; Jordan High School!” “Where is my Gengar when you need him”, he remarked again still holding his head in pain. “Hi-Voltage was the little squirt who helped me in Germany; it’d be a sin not to help her”. “Jeeves set coordinates for Draper City Utah” Sean said preparing to gear up. {Bleh, that sounds like a hick-town} Jeeves remarked. “It’s in Utah Jeeves, it’s a Hick State”

Tossing the cube on the floor, Sean stepped onto the platform and slowly allowed the Editman 2 to form on his body. Pushing his hands behind him Sean fired his thermal energy at set course for Utah.

Energy Levels sustained at 70% output. Maximum Cruising Altitude 34,000 feet.

The flaps on the back of the E2 allowed for better maneuvering; since Paige crashed the Mach 1 back in Utopia he had freedom to use this one. {Shall I plot the best course of action?} Jeeves said ready for the action. “Action against what, they never said what the problem was” Sean said, slowly starting his descent.

He came to a crisp stop in front of the school; it didn’t take long to gauge what the problem was. Gun-men all over school; panicked students; the situation was not go at all. “Alright Jeeves, give me a thermal scan of the school” A bright red light flashed through Sean’s eyes and finally he could see inside the school. Everyone appeared to him as white outlines, but this would give him a closer look at how many people he was dealing with.

“It’s go time” he said, hovering over to the wall and punching a hole in it; as of right now, his primary objective was to protect the students, his secondary was to find Levina. “Jeeves scan me a good 30 miles radius of Draper City; I want to check something out” {Roger Sargent} Jeeves said, instantly going to work. Removing a capsule from his finger Sean tossed it to the ground hoping the electricity would draw Levina’s attention.

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Soaring through the air majestically as he loomed over Poseidon's oceans, mighty Alceus' mind was intruded by a telepathic message from one of his enemies, the Queen of Olympus, spiteful Hera. "You fool!", the goddess of marriage shouted, berating her husband, Zeus' son. "You had him in the palm of your hands and you just threw it all away! So what if a few little secrets were kept hidden from you? You had his admiration and respect more than anyone has ever had. Not even I had that. How could you throw away something so precious?", Hera said, attempting to coerce the Son of Olympus, however, Alceus remained calm and unfazed. "Listen, I don't care if I have all of that from him if he doesn't trust me, his own son enough to tell me about my uncle. Admiration and respect? Even my enemies admire and respect me, but that doesn't mean we're on the best terms. If my Zeus, my father fought, banished and prohibited his own brother from ever stepping foot in Olympus just because of a disagreement, what would he have done to the rest of you if you had all disagreed with him?", The Champion responded, his thoughts briefly making Hera question her trust in Zeus.

However, changing Hera's faith in her husband was not going to be so effortless, "You are nothing but an insolent child. Realize that I was trying to save you from your own demise. Zeus will kill you. He has no qualms about it", she warned. Chuckling as he flew past a cluster of lumpy white clouds, "So first you tell me that my father loves me but now he has no problem with killing me? And that he'll do it without hesitation? You should have gotten your stories straight before you tried to turn me to his side", Alceus replied. Frustration began to creep into Hera as she responded to her stepson's words, "Oh child, you are just as stubborn as Vasilias and you will pay for aligning yourself with him", she sighed. Smirking, Alceus decided to use the knowledge that he had gained during his conversations with Vasilias to manipulate Hera into questioning her alignment. "Hera, I've never really hated you, I don't like you but I'm not hostile towards you. I don't particularly like you because of how you treat Hercules but the only reason you hate me is because I look a lot like a younger version of Vasilias. You loved him and he rejected you because you were already married to his brother. And whenever you see me, you see the rejection that was forced upon you. Being vengeful against Vasilias will get you nowhere. If you really want him to have a good opinion about you, you know what you have to do", he said. But it simply was not going to be this easy. Laughing smugly, Hera replied with certainty, "Oh child, you cannot be trying to manipulate me. I am the queen of manipulation and coercion. You've made yourself look enough like a fool for one day", Hera mocked as the telepathic conversation came to an abrupt end.

Taking in a deep breath as he was now above the wilderness of the North American continent, The Champion wondered if spiteful Hera was asked by Zeus to make an attempt at shaking Alceus' faith in his objective or had she really spoken to him on her own agenda. Either way, he could not put too much thought into their conversation for now, he had to aim his focus and attention on spotting potential threats during his patrol. "I'll have to talk to Vasilias about this later", the Olympian hero thought as the cold wind slapped him across the cheek. Then suddenly, in a heartbeat, Maya's voice invaded Alceus' mind, requesting the assistance of any available Trinity members, stating that fellow teammate Hi-Voltage is need of their help in Draper, Utah in Jordan High School. "I'm heading to the school now, Maya", Alceus replied, blasting off into the sky at high speeds as he headed for the city of Draper in Utah. In mere minutes, the Son of Olympus had arrived, and quickly detected Editman's energy-signature somewhere in the city, no doubt he had come after receiving orders from Maya as well. Following the energy-signature, The Champion arrived in the air above the school and used his comm to communicate with Editman, "Edit, it's The Champion here, your Trinity teammate. I'll take it that you received Maya's telepathic message as well", he said, speaking into the comm as he focused his eyes on the school, his energy-senses identified several dangerous individuals inside the school. The teenagers fleeing the scene and the sound of gunshots prompted Alceus to find Hi-Voltage as soon as possible. Speaking into the comm, contacting Hi-Voltage this time, Alceus told her of his arrival, "I'm at your school. I'm here to help you out with this whole situation. I've got a lock on your energy-signature, I'm heading your way".

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The sun gleamed off of Alex's unique black motorcycle as he zoomed through the streets of Draper City.  His signature black sunglasses reflected the buildings around him and he was determined to reach his destination. Throughout that travel, Alex was reminiscing that past events in his life. It was some time ago that he woke up in an alley and later left to find out who he was.  It was some time ago that a strange little girl told him of his destiny to protect  with the aid of a team. It was some time ago when Alex joined the Trinity Foundation, after his fight with Ginju; a fight he wished to forget. It was some time ago that he received a telepathic message from Maya to go to Jordan High School in Draper City to help Hi_Voltage. Alex wanted to save Levina and her school, then get out. He wanted to save people as soon as possible, his future was counting on it. 
The little girl had reason, joining Trinity had its advantages. Saving people all over the world is a hard feat, but "borrowing" a plane to transport a motorcycle does help. The Rider had stopped at a corner as he saw various police cars zoom through the main street. "There we go," Alex said as he turned right to follow the cars. The swordsman trailed the officers to a point where they stopped at the front of the school. "You have no right to be here!" one of the officers shouted as she walked towards Alex.  
"I'm with Trinity." the rider responded coldly.  
"Fine then, but look, the guys in there are armed. We don't want to call parents to inform them of any tragedies." 
"I understand." Alex replied as he looked around to see the police tape contain the crowd worried parents and family members.  
The tension in the air grew as bullets were heard and screams from the crowd echoed the city. The officer turned to Alex, "Please hurry up." The rider nodded as he mounted back onto his bike. "Withdraw Stryke." The swordsman grabbed the blade and revved the cycle as he held the brakes. Placing the flat side of the enormous blade on the back wheel, Alex absorbed the kinetic energy as the sounds of tire screeching and the smell of burnt rubber plagued the air. The moment he let the brake go, the rider was inside of the building. With his eidetic memory, he calculated the location of the bullet and possibly the location of the intruders. Alex zipped through the halls of Jordan High and soon heard the shouts of the intruders. There they were, behind a door only a few yards away.  
Alex had his blue energy swirl around his arms as he neared the door, but abruptly stopped. "We don't want to call parents and inform them of tragedies." Alex had to stay true to his promise. With Stryke in his hand, he entered the massive auditorium and looked onto the intruders at the front. Their eyes shot towards Alex as the rider walked down the center aisle towards the duo until he reached halfway. "Let them go. You want a fight, don't hide behind them. Take me instead." Alex tossed his massive sword to the duo as it stabbed the floor near them. "Here, to show you I'll wait." The rider walked toward the duo and sat on the stage. The kids were chattering of what just happened. Had a hero just give himself up just for some villains to release the students? Alex did. Was it stupid? Of course. Did Alex know that? Of course. Did he have a plan? Probably.

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"This one, he could use a class on etiquette," The man known as the Dealer said to no one in particular while shuffling through his deck of cards. It was a big job. Not his first one with a group, but these ones were different. Even though they were working together, they all seemed to have different motivations. Of course, they were all in it for the money, but some just seemed to want to cause pain.  Heh, maybe I done gone an' joined up with the wrong crew, he joked nervously in his head, a defense mechanism. That's why he would be in the bank with the money and hopefully not doing any killing himself.  For the money, it's worth it. With that thought repeated in his head over and over, he popped stick of gum, wrapped his face with a red bandana and continued shuffling his cards.

Fifteen minutes later

Dealer grabbed up his suitcases and followed Beary and the rest into the school, staying near the back and trying to avoid eye contact with any of the victims. "Heh, nice place they got here. Shame." He couldn't wait to get out of there, and kept a blank stare throughout most of  his  time there, brought back by a nudge from Beary. Looking up, he flashed his trademark smile. "Yeah. That's the reason I'm here." On the way out, he stopped to spit his gum in a waste bin and gave pause at the sight of a child, hiding inside, terrified at the sight of him. They locked eyes and just stared at one another a moment. With a smile, he closed the top and continued on his way. Probably only a matter of time anyway. "Alright. Le's go, b'fore the cops show up."

All in all, it was a good plan, from where he was standing. Those at the school causing a ruckus and diverting attention, would allow them to get to the bank, hopefully using a more subtle approach. Then they could get the money, and if everything went as he hoped, they wouldn't have to deal with the heroine. Still, the bank wouldn't be left unguarded. They took the back and luckily got out before the cops showed up at all. On the way in the vehicle, the Dealer  laid out the plan.

"I don' know if Irish told you anything, but dis is my plan for nobody gets caught, everybody gets paid. Personally, I ain't too sure 'bout pickin' wit de girl like dat. 's why I'm glad to be here, doin' dis part. Banks, no problem, anybody can do it. Everything we need, in these suitcases. Quick an' easy." He motioned to four suitcases laying on the floor. Then he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a device, similar in look and design to a cell phone. "Dis here is a faux cell phone device I made, gonna scramble de tech in de bank. Computers, cameras on de fritz, but most importantly, scramble metal detectors, everything reister as metal. We'll go in through de doors, dey'll think it's a phone, no problem. When my mark gets through de door, he'll set off de first one, an' I'll make de call dat sends de machines loco. Should draw a good chunk of security to de entrance. You  neutralize dem, an' I'll handle de desk clerks." He put special emphasis on the word neutralize, to try to communicate ow he'd rather not have to resort to killing. "Get all de hostages together under  threat of death, cover de windows. Of course, someone may press de magic button, and de police will come with their negotiators and beg us to stop, half their forces at de school. Course, we'll say no, stall 'em, but give the illusion dat we may be coming along slowly. While you stall dem with your words, I''l take a coupla hostages, string 'em up upstairs, classic criminal victim swictcheroo. At de very least, we'll get 'em thinkin'. I'll get around  and set my own bombs in de bank.  Get de money, talk to 'em, den boom. Big splosion in de front of de bank. Harmless, but disruptive. Let 'em all go, cept de ones upstairs. They'll all go scurryin' out, an' so will we. Dat's why I brought these fancy suits. We wanna look just like them." He opened one of the suitcases and removed two linen Armani suits, lightly covered in soot, handed one to Beary and himself got dressed while riding. "Uh, on second thought, you might want to wait until we get inside. You're kinda big for de vehicle." He hastily stuffed the remaining suit back in the suitcase. "Anyways, we'll get out with everybody else in the commotion an' make it to my own van, which we can have stashed 'round de corner, they'll be none de wiser. Course, they'll head upstairs to check on de hostages we switched, an' by de time they're free, we be long gone." The Delaer leaned back, his face contemplative, then sat up a moment. "One more question, you comft'ble stashin' dem clothes in de trash? We can't be carryin' dem clothes and de money in de same case. Maximize profits, y'know?"

Before long, they had arrived at the bank and the Dealer stepped out of the vehicle, eyeing the bank up and down, and gave a satisfied smirk. "It'll do." Spotting around the parking lot, he found a man with a black satchel, his mark. He deliberately bumped into him, causing him to drop everything, and in the commotion of helping him gather everything, stashed his own telescopic bo staff in the bag as well, then hurried ahead of him to the inside.
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Atticus hated travelling even more so now than he'd ever before. He looked down at his foot, well; at the shoe, a black leather ankle height dress Drury. He could still feel the phantom pain sometimes when he had nightmares of those days in the wilderness. Since then, which had not actually been too long, he's been a hermit. Studying from his room, only going to class when it was absolutely necessary which wasn't often, since he had a firm grasp of every course he was taking. Likewise his roommate was never there, he had about four girlfriends and liked to party more than anything else in the world. So the world of dull gray pain, a rickety old bed and a small TV with basic channels was perfect. Seclusion from the world was perfect.

Having no desires to participate in the happenings around him, this day, was a day that required him to go to class. Anotonin Sabato was giving a lecture on the importance of giving the rights of suffrage to everyone, and how there were many states enacting, or having already enacted laws to diminish and discourage voting. It sounded important enough; but when he arrived in the hall, there were four booths where he was told to check for his name. Of course the last stall, he saw his name, and a small town that he'd never heard of next to it. Atticus suddenly remembered that at the beginning of the semester he'd volunteered to collect voter registration, be a good boy volunteer. His task was to travel from Virginia all the way to Utah to get votes. Seeing as how money wasn't an issue, he had to think of some other excuse not to go. However, skipping out on an obligation was never a thread in his genial fabric, so on the plane he went and his anxiety flared like a wildfire.

After he'd touched down, a group of his peers, and a sector of the DNC met them at the airport and showed them all where they would be registering college student who had been discouraged from participating in any of the political debauchery they watched on the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. Each member was given a district location, Atticus received the Library location. Off he went to play his role in hopefully re-electing Barack Obama to office, however hard a sell it was.

People cursed him. Some spat at him; but a few stopped to listen. He realized he was in a solidly red state, and of course there wasn't much use of him being here. But as the day passed, Atticus was put at ease when for some reason the library closed early, and he and his colleagues were told to leave. "An emergency" they were told. The van came and they pilled in, only to get about a mile away when the Earth shook and flames shot from the building as it collapsed in on itself. Distraught, the driver swerved and crashed into a light post. He lay over the steering wheel unconscious, while others seemed to be completely baffled as to where they were, suffering from concussions. Atticus however, felt a weird familiarity with all of the chaos, and cursed for his being there. Because he knew that for some reason he'd been placed here, in the midst of turmoil, his life in danger once again, and now more people he had an obligation to help.

Since those fateful days, his so called powers hadn't shown themselves. He was beginning to think that he'd dreamed it all up, and it was a figment of his imagination gone crazed. But the scar on his foot told him otherwise, the fear he felt was real. The happen-stance of life was a comedian, but one of those comedians that bombed every performance they gave. Pushing open the back doors of the van, Atticus stumbled out, and looked yonder towards the wreckage. There had to be some sort of explanation for it all. It couldn't have been a random occurring. His gut told him it had to do with democrats being at a library spreading the dreaded liberal agenda, but no...This was something entirely different.

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Bronx, New York

"Out of all the information stacked in the database, there is absolutely nothing about the art of blunt rolling AVA?" Shayne's feet dangled off of the roof of his newly acquired Co-op apartment building. The view was breathtaking. The expansive city of New York was site to see at ground level. Risen high above the metropolis the skyline of the city was in view. With the suit generating heightened awareness of his surroundings Shayne's mere gaze into the vast city was an awe inspiring moment.

"Your body's toxicity levels are so high that you would've died in 20 more years had it not been for Starks Enterprises Mr. Bailey. I must insist that you quit this fatal habit." The blunt was thick, about 7 inches in length and at least half an inch wide. After retrieving a lighter from the pocket of his denim jeans he placed one end of the blunt in his mouth and burned the opposite end. He took a long pull, moved the blunt away from his mouth, then inhaled deeply. A cloud of smoke expanded in front of his mouth before making its reentry as he inhaled. A heavy exhale expelled the smoke from his lung and he repeated this process four more times in utter silence.

"...So, you seeing anybody AVA?" Shayne smirked, ashing the blunt before taking another pull. "That is a highly inappropriate question to ask a coworker Mr. Bailey. Also, I am simply a program running on a server." Shayne's smile widened. "I was just playing, but still, your basically a human without a body. I bet if you really wanted to you could have your own created. Then, instead of me sitting here smoking by myself, I could have somebody to pass off too." Shayne took a pull and this time held the smoke in his mouth for a second before blowing the smoke out in the shape of rings.

"In your own words Mr. Bailey, if I ever smoke you can do any." Shayne began laughing hysterically."Incoming transmission from Mr. Waring." A holographic figure of a man with a large round belly in a tailored suit hovered in the air before the hero. Shayne tossed his blunt with uncanny speed and attempted to straighten up his face. His eyes felt a bit heavy so he struggled to force them open. "Mr. Waring, hows it hanging?" Shayne said, his words pronounced lazily and his eyes wide yet unfocused. The hologram was highly detailed as Shayne caught Mr. Waring's eyebrows rise. "You've got to quit that sh!t Shayne, it will hinder your abilities. I'm contacting you because I've been informed of high super criminal activity in Draper City, Utah. I've already set up our branch over there so when your ready you can port over there." The transmission closed and the hologram vanished.

With a heavy sigh Shayne stood up. "You know, I could just swing by my house, grab another blunt and pretend I never even received that message." Shayne said as his average clothing transformed the intricate fibers of the armor. "That wouldn't be as much fun now would it sir? You've been dying for a chance to test out your abilities in the field." Slabs of hardened carrondium formed around his face, hiding the young, soft features behind a cold black metal. All that was visible were his brown pupils. "Let's hope this chance doesn't get me killed." With that said the black visor came down covering Shayne's eyes and his body materialized into nothing.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Shayne stepped out the cylindrical housing he appeared in a bet lightheaded. A small man dressed in a lab coat and sweats was there to greet him. "Would like a quick snack Mr. Bailey? Teleporting puts some stress on the body." Shayne's hunger for munchies was subsided by his eagerness to get started. He waved the man away and exited the building. "It seems Starks Enterprises is big on style. This building is much different from the New Jersey station. Anyway, can you tap into the police chatter. Give me a direction to go in once we reach Draper City." Shayne began dialing in coordinates on his wrist guard. "Aren't you forgetting something Mr. Bailey?" Shayne placed a hand atop his head, signalling his confusion. "Please and thank you ring a bell?" AVA said with disgust. Shayne shook his head before vanishing once again, only to appear in front of the Police Department for Draper City.

"Help! There is a bomb in the library... We've got a situation at the bank on 14th and Bell... Give me an update on the high school hostages..." There was a high rate of activity on the police comm systems. AVA navigated through the unnecessary chatter and played live audio through the powersuit radio. "So we've got bombs, a bank robbery, and a bunch of kids are being help hostage in their own school? Hold on, a hero heralds from this city. Hi_Volume is her name I think. You'd think that she'd be here by now." Shayne scanned the immediate area, all seemed peaceful for the moment. People walked by merrily, unaware of the chaos erupting in other parts of the city. "AVA, I'm thinking saving the kids would be top priority, but I would first like to identify where all the bombs are. Do a city wide search for the chemical HMTD. Highlight the results on my HUD." In mere seconds AVA chimed in and multiple bombs appeared across his HUD in various directions. The closest of which was directly behind him in the DCPD building.

"Eight bombs, in eight distinct spots in the city. If these were all to go off at the same time the city would be crippled completely." AVA cautioned. "What're you doing?" Shayne's form changed from that of an armored soldier to a young child, about 14 in age. He grinned happily then giggled, testing out his new look for validity. "Way I see it, all these happenings are interconnected. There is no way that bombs are placed all around city, a bank is being robbed and children are being held captive in a school all at random. Whoever is behind this needs something from here before they blow everything to hell. I bet whatever it is they need is in that school too. So if I'm going to do my job then I have to head to that school. What better way to infiltrate a school then as a freshman?" A bright light engulfed Shayne and his view was obscured by darkness. He vanished once again.

"What if your wrong, and you let the bank get robbed, people get killed and all the bombs go off while your running around like a child, as a child?" Shayne shrugged, not to sure how to answer her query. In all honesty everything he said was a simple guess. Such was the scan for HTMD, a common ingredient in certain bombs. Seeing as how his guess wasn't leading him astray, his intuition would be his guide for the remainder of this mission. As he strutted down the halls riddled with bullet holes and shell casings he couldn't help but wonder who would he run into and what was he truly looking for. When he turned the corner he found a woman, armed with guns, her eyes rapidly scanning the area as if she was looking for something as well. Shayne, still under the influence of marijuana, couldn't help but admire her slender figure for a moment before piping up. "Hey, you with the good guys?"

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The man who barged into the school quickly rallied all the students, shoving them further into the school until they were all cramped up into the auditorium. There was no way to get away without drawing attention and getting everyone killed. All the kids scrambled in fear as one of them spoke to them, jocks with the jocks, cheerleaders with themselves and so forth. Daniel, Michael and Levina sat together, everyone was scared, even the trio. Police sirens could be heard from the distance already surrounding the school from every direction.

“Levi, you need to use your communicator to call for help.” Daniel whispered out of the corner of his mouth.

Chuckling nervously Levina whispered back. “I… Didn’t bring the communicator with me.”

“WHAT!?” Daniel and Miachel both looked at her, shock, fear and anger in their eyes.

“I can’t carry that thing around while I’m at school! What if it goes off in the middle of class!? Or if it gets stolen.” Levi tried to justify her actions.

“…we’re so screwed…” Michael lowered his head as the door’s opened again, this time someone they all recognized walked into the room with another group of students.

“I-Is that…” Levi started

“Homicide…” Daniel finished. “I heard she was active again but…”

“Ok NOW we’re screwed.” Michael blurted out. “Hey… who’s that Homicide is dragging to the ADHD guy?” Levina’s eyes fixed on the person.

“Oh God… its Brittney.” The trio stayed silent, they knew something had to be done… fast.

Levina’s hands balled up into fists, her bare knuckles turning white. This was everything she feared would happen. Literally, her nightmares coming true. Group of villains attack the city she lives in, go for the school, have her trapped in an area where her secret identity could be compromised, and if she didn’t do something fast… a lot of people were about to die.

Taking in a shaky deep breath the dirty blond haired girl slowly stood up, her two friends wide eyed as they saw a small spark of energy in her eyes. This was it, all or nothing. Taking a deep she parted her lips, ready to speak out until a rumble was heard throughout the school. Like… someone crashed into the massive building. Students began to panic, scrambling from their seats as the young hero suddenly felt something in the direction the rumble came from… like… a raw energy was pulling at her. Giving her a tingling sensation down her spine. Could it be… help?

Before she could figure out where it was coming from the double doors to the auditorium suddenly swung open. Everyone’s eyes fixed on the person, and Levina’s eye’s widen, she knew exactly who that was.

“What the hell is Stryke doing here?” Daniel asked as he looked up to Levina.

“I thought you forgot your communicator.” Michael stated a fact rather than asking the question.

“I… I did.” The hero spoke as she slowly sunk back to her seat. “What the f#ck is he going to do?”

"Let them go. You want a fight, don't hide behind them. Take me instead." Alex tossed his massive sword to the duo as it stabbed the floor near them. "Here, to show you I'll wait." The rider walked toward the duo and sat on the stage.

“Well sh!t he just made things more complicated.” Daniel face palmed as Michael couldn’t help but chuckle.

“He knows their crazy right? And that their just going to kill us all?” Michael turned to Levina, as if she was suppose to have an answer.

“F#ck if I know.” She shrugged her shoulders, she needed to get out of here. Her eyes quickly began looking around for an exit, kids were still rambling and the villains were probably distracted by the hero’s abrupt interruption. Now would be her time to get the hell out. “Guys… I need to get out of here, but I have to be certain you two won’t do anything stupid.” She didn’t bother to look at her friends. “I wont be able to think straight if you guy’s get captured, hurt or…” she stayed silent for a second.

“We’ll be good little boy scouts.” Michael spoke as Daniel gave her a nod.

Without wasting another second before the villains began to focus on the students Levina slipped between the bleachers, landing on the slick tile floor as she slowly maneuvered herself between the metal rods until she got to a wall plug. This was going to help her out. Placing her hand over the plug she closed her eye’s tightly, it was very difficult for her to use her powers outside of her Hi_Voltage form, but not impossible. A massive surge of energy flowed through her body as she then quickly redirected it back into the wall, causing the bright auditorium lights to suddenly explode, causing a bright flashing light that would have temporarily blinded everything in the room.

A little shaky from the use of her powers she quickly rushed out of the auditorium, hoping no one saw her as she fumbled through the halls, not paying too much attention to where she was going. She just needed to find a place so she could quickly transform, and get back into the auditorium to free the students and kick bad guy butt!

Making a quick turn her blue eyes quickly widen with fear and surprise as she suddenly skid to a halt, her black converse screeching along the tile ground as she saw her own teammate, Editman standing before her.

“E-editman.” She blurted out, frozen for a few seconds before she realized, he wouldn’t know who she was. “T-their gathering all the students and taking them to the auditorium, I managed to get out and um… Homicide is here too, she walking around here looking for more students.” She looked away from him. “Stryke is there right now, like… like he surrendered himself to them, trying to make a trade, students for him, but, those guy’s are crazy, they’ll kill someone before they surrender.” Anxiety began to build up inside. She had to get rid of him so she could go transform. “Y-you have to hurry!” She began to point frantically trying to get him to go over to the auditorium so she could go transform. “I’ll just go with the police, BYE!” she yelled out as she began running in the opposite direction, preventing Editman from telling her anything otherwise.

Bursting through another set of doors and making a sharp turn around a corner she almost ran into another person, but this one… not so friendly. Her reflexes were fast enough that she managed to shift her body weight at the last second, only to topple over her own feet and skid along the ground until her back hit the wall. Grumbling to herself she looked up and what she saw… almost pissed herself.

“Homicide.” She whispered as she saw the woman standing in front of what looked to be a freshman. ‘God F#cken DAMN IT!’ she wanted to yell out from the top of her lungs. Her luck was just going down the drain today. Quickly standing up she rushed in front of the teenage boy. “Leave him alone Homicide,” The hero side of her rose to the challenge, even though she could totally get a bullet in-between her eyes right now. “You guys are surrounded by the police and The Trinity are here to kick your @ss. I say you run while you can.” She gave a smirk, either Homicide would take the advice… or she just signed the two student’s death certificate.

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Minutes had gone by and there was still no response. Either Hi-Voltage did not have the Trinity communicator with her at the moment or she had willingly surrendered to the attacking villains in exchange for the safety of the other children in the school. "She's not responding", a concerned Alceus murmured to himself, hovering above the school campus. And while he felt implored to dash into the school classrooms and search for his teammate, he simply couldn't risk discovering Hi-Voltage's identity, he had no right to do so but lives were at risk. Does a secret identity really possess more value than the lives of innocent children? Of course not, any reasonable hero is aware of the fact, but then again putting aside their own secrets could ultimately spell doom for their family once a villain manages to uncover such an important secret. The Champion made one more attempt, moving the communicator towards his mouth as he addressed his teammate one last time, "Voltage, are you there?", he asked, his question was brief. Again after several minutes, no response was given. He was no certain that it would be a futile effort to continue this fruitless attempt at contacting his teenage teammate.

"It's useless", he sighed disappointingly. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, a loud gunshot was heard. He could no longer allow this to continue any further. The future generation of humanity was in danger. He had to think fast and act quickly. Fortunately, a plan was already in the process of being formulated by the Son of Olympus' tactical mind. He housed an awesome amount of power within him, one that he could command with near-absolute efficiency. Without so much as even breathing, The Champion automatically exerts a fearsome pressure generated by his godly power, instantly indicating that the energy within him is immense. And luckily, he possesses the ability to expel this energy in non-destructive but apparent manners. "I have to get the villains' attention away from the kids. Or else they'll all die", mighty Alceus realized, tightly balling up his fists, preparing to generate an enormous amount of energy in the form of an intense pressure that will warn everyone of his presence and the power within him. "Ixus", he whispered, his glows instantly glowing yellow, his pupils and irises vanishing without a trace. With his chiseled muscles tensing and swelling, his veins surfacing, a golden glow all about The Champion's body was being generated. In a matter of seconds, his body began emitting a bright light and a intense pressure that ordinary people will begin to feel light-headed in his presence. The ground began to shake violently but nothing was destroyed, however, soon the school windows began to crack and shatter, blue electrical arcs began to surge in the air, generating a loud static sound.

Stopping as fast as he had begun, The Champion took a deep breath, "That ought to get them all interested enough to come check this out", Alceus murmured, having just generated a massive energy surge that left over intense energy-signatures as remnants. Even a fool would somehow feel that an enormous amount of energy had just been generated several feet outside the school. "Oh no", Alceus gasped, detecting two energy-signatures facing each other. One of a pure-hearted teenager, the other of a merciless killer. The positive energy generated by the teenager and the negative energy generated by the killer couldn't help but attract each other. Alceus had to act fast, otherwise, somebody will die. Dashing on to the roof of the school, The Champion blasted through the roof, landing right in front of the teenage girl who was being confronted by a female villain. "Get out of here quickly", he urged but then he began to familiarize with the girl's energy-signature. It felt awfully familiar... was this Hi-Voltage's energy-signature? It couldn't be, and if so, Alceus must never let her know that he discovered it. Although they weren't entirely identical. Voltage's energy-signature contains more raw energy and power yet they still seemed so familiar. A coincidence perhaps, Alceus will dismiss it as so.

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Just like the Irish-man's, Jean's plan was also pretty well laid out. Yet it was missing something very important, oh yeah, bloodlust. He didn't expect the Dealer to come up with anything to rash, or too dangerous. It was in the man's nature to be a non-lethal person. Urbs had always found it an interesting trait of the man, as so far, he was the only one in the group to actually have the rare trait. Well him and Park, but Park's loathing of killing came mainly from his age. He was still pratically innocent, while the Dealer was close enough to being a man, and this no killing thing was a rare trait in people considered villains. Urbs respected the Jean for it, but he also disliked the fact that it could get in the way of buisness. No matter, the plan was laid out well enough that it wouldn't affect their success at all. Even if Jean didn't want Urbs to kill.

As Jean was finsihing the plan, he asked Urbs if he didn't mind throwing his clothes in the trash. "Actually, i kinda do mind, i run too large of a buisness for their to be any evidence of me left in the city." He replied with a smile. "But that doesn't mean they have to go into the suitcase, in fact i rather i wear what i have on anyways. I'm too big of a man to be hiding behind clothes and look like i belong. Instead, once we're done with the bank, i'll just make a hole in the wall for us to escape. All right?" Urbs said, still smiling, but hoping the Dealer would be smart enough to give the correct reply.

As they arrived at the bank, Urbs walked in behind the Jean so that the security frizz would happen before the camera's caught sight of Beary. Then, things finally started to get exciting. Just as the Dealer said, security came as soon as frizz happened. There were about 15 of them, and they each looked ready to go on the attack. Urbs smiled as he whipped out the magnums and shot off 3 explosive rounds, killing quite a few of them and damaging the others enough so that they would soon bleed out. Then looking around at the frightened, oddly silentm people of the bank he said, "Well, what are you waitin for? This is a stick-up, and i'm not the type of guy who likes screaming. The first one to scream dies. So instead, i want you to group yourselves together and wait patiently while we get what we came here to get. And you," He said pointing at a very small buisness man, "you come here."

When the man had walked over to him in this nice, scared, pathetic fashion. Urbs had grabbed him by the wrist, and squeezed. The man screamed loud and hard. "What did i say?" Urbs growled and the man was silenced. He looked at Dealer and said, "Get on with it." As before Urbs respected the fact that Jean had high-class morals. But Urbs also wanted to break those morals, and the best way to do that was by showing him, teaching him how to work with people, how to handle a situation like this. He wanted Jean to become part of Cah Inc truly, and if he wasn't willing to kill, then when it became necessary to do so, he may not have the guts to get it done.

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Maya landed right in front of Jordan High School, being the president of Utopia she usually would let the rest of the team handle this affair but, this was a member of their family in trouble. As a mother she could hear the panicked screams from all the children. “This is bad” she thought, trying to think of the best strategy for the situation. It was in this moment that the words of Dr. Pierce went screaming through her mind, “Was she equipped to lead the Trinity Foundation?” Shaking off the doubt Maya quickly shifted into defensive measures. “There will not be one shot fired in this school” Extending her hands, Maya created a huge electromagnetic dome over the school; this was to prevent any student from being killed. “Editman’s here, The Champion is here, Levina is here too but I’m not sure which one of these brats is here” Maya said, using her dowsing ability. “Alex is here, and so is…” Maya thoughts went back to when she was trapped in the coffin in the desert. “He’s here too?” Maya said, a bit surprised, wasting no more time she dashed down the halls.

“Alex is in here…” She said, looking at the door and then back at the wall behind her leading to the outside. “I’m sorry American Taxpayers” Maya’s eye’s glazed over white an electrical discharge began to crawl all over her body, finally a huge wave erupted from her destroying the entrance to the auditorium and ripping a whole through the back of the school. The smoke and debris quickly built up, causing more hysteria. As the smoke cleared Maya’s Trinity uniform was the first to show, finally her goldenrod hair began to show through calming the nerves of everyone in the auditorium. “Alex it’s me!” Maya screamed causing the teenagers to draw some hope. Despite this heroic rescue, Maya knew her presence as Utopia’s president would be looked downed upon by the American Government. That’s the one thing she hated, being a “foreign” super-hero gave way to too much politics.

“I’m getting you all out of here!” Maya screamed taking a boy in hand. The boy took a girl’s hand and this pattern continued around the room. A bright light flashed and soon every student in the room was gone.

“Champion, this is Maya, I’ve teleported the entire Auditorium full of students to the local police station, and they’re safe… for now” Maya said, dowsing throughout the city. “I don’t think this conflict is limited to just the school. “Editman, Alex, you guys take to the sky and find these disturbances in the city, Alex and I will stay at the school and help out there”. She took a moment to think about what to do next and finally she sent out another message this one to the one who saved her. “Attitcus? I think that was your name” she said a bit unsure. “You’ve been snooping around us a lot so today you work for ME; I need you to get downtown and make sure everything the way it’s supposed to be.” Maya said, listening to police cars speed up and down the road.

Maya returned to the school via teleportation; as she stalked the halls waiting to meet up with the Champion. If she could find a safe spot, she would be able to see the faces of the people responsible.

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Adam sighed. So far, things were boring. Some little bimbo was trying to backtalk Homicide, and she'd likely get a bullet in the head. A school? Small stuff, but Cash Inc was finding its feet. Still, having helped take over a country and having seen the destruction two villainous groups could cause when they went head to head, it felt sort of out of proportion.

Then something interesting happened. An old acquaintance busted into the room. Adam smiled, and walked towards him, his arms spread wide. "Alceus! Guten Tag, mein freunde!" He said loudly. He cracked his knuckles and stepped between him and Homicide, "I will deal with this guy, Homicide. We have some unfinished business."

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Forty-Five Minutes Ago

Lexi Brennan, otherwise known as Avalonia, had been roused from a cat nap by Maya's telepathic summons. It had been like a shrill, panicked screaming in her head and had taken her from 0-60 within seconds. After that, it had been mere moments before she utilized her teleporter and ported herself straight outside the police station.

Avalonia was cursed with powers. She was born the daughter of a Magi and the daughter of a Hunter. Their natural gifts of hunting and magic had blended in the womb. She'd spent years in the grasp of the Magi, being tortured, but by their definition trained. Not only did she have the powers that were given to her naturally, but the Magi had forced her through an ancient ritual of theirs that made her the pinnacle of everything they could achieve. Avalonia was able to see the future, able to decipher possible outcomes. The only hindrance to this was that she was not able to see everything, although perhaps that was so that she wasn't driven mad.

Enhanced senses, enhanced stamina, the ability to see pieces of the future and various magicks. Her chosen work was hunting supernatural, mythological and various other threats. She had found herself among peers who were used to things that were as weird and out of place as she found herself to be. That was how she found herself now, in Draper City standing outside of the police station.

Clad in skinny jeans, combat boots that went up nearly to her knees, a grey v-neck and a black leather jacket, Lexi appeared more teenage hood rat than superhero. She supposed that's what she was now, wasn't it? A superhero, doing good and all that jazz. Tucking a piece of blonde hair behind her ear, she strode into the first floor of their station, a look born of determination and irritation gracing her face.

"May I please speak with an officer in charge?" The stylish fedora tipped down in front of her face obscured the 'M' brand over her eye long enough for her to seem inconspicuous enough not to rouse much interest. It was a bustling station, everybody with something to do. This wasn't unexpected in a city this size. Avalonia walked up to a desk in the squad room, straight past the main desk and demanded attention. "I have some pertinent information regarding an imminent threat! May I please speak to a damn officer in charge???" Her voice was forceful and her irritation showed.

Two minutes later, an older man, around thirty and well muscled showed up. Placing his hand around her, he gently guided her to his office. "Take a seat. I'm Officer Henderson. How may I help you, Ms...?

"You can call me Avalonia. I'm with the Trinity Foundation. There's something going on in your city, as I'm sure that you know. In about half an hour, you're going to have about a school's worth of kids teleported into your HQ for their own safety. After that...things become less clear. There's something murky in the future, but you're going to need help."

He leaned forward, his hands clenched together on his desk, a wary expression on his face. "What are you talking about? Are you some kind of psychic or something? Do you have any ID on you? I need more than just vague statements to go on, miss. For all I know, you could be the perp and this could be some clever ruse."

"We have very little time." She reached into her back pocket and pulled out an ID badge. "This is my ID. As I said, my name is Avalonia and I can see the future. It is in your best interest to set up an area for the kids. If you need affirmation of my skills, look out the window behind me and into the pit. Do you see the officer who has half his shirt untucked? In about five seconds, he's going to spill coffee down the front of him. Then, when he reaches into his drawer for a napkin to try and do damage control, he's going to pull out a roll of Scotch tape, a container of paper clips and tacks and then a condom, which he will hastily put back." She didn't even turn to look, she just watched Officer Henderson's face as it happened just as she said.

"That's what I thought. Now...shall we get to business?"

Present Time

Right on time and the children were 'ported in by Maya. Pulling her hair off of her face and securing it on the crown of her head with a hair elastic, Lexi burst into action. Comforting children, wiping tears, making sure that there were no injuries. It was generally thankless work and she didn't mind it for a single second.

Standing in front of a shell-shocked seven year old girl, Avalonia wiped a smudge of dirt off of her face as she straightened her jacket. The young girl was near tears and wrapped her arms around Lexi's mid-section, resting her head on her stomach. Crouching down, Lexi placed a small kiss on her head. "It's okay, sweetie. Everything's going to be okay now. You're safe and these men and women here are going to take really good care of you and help you find your mommy and daddy. Does that sound good to you?"

The little girl sniffled and rubbed her runny nose as she pulled away. "B...but. The bad men....they were whispering. They...they fighted a lot...b...but, said something about bums in 'portant places. Why were they talking about bums?" She hiccuped quietly.

Avalonia immediately snapped to attention. It was not out of the ordinary for young children to mistake words that they don't hear often for words that they do. This was of the utmost importance. "Sweetie. I need you to think very, very hard, okay? This is very important and I need your help. Did they say bums...or did they say bombs?"

"Y...yes...wha's that mean? Did I do something bad?"

The child was nearly on the verge of wailing and it took everything that Lexi had in her to remain calm. "No, sweetie. You were perfect. Now I need you to go over to that nice man right over there, he's going to help you. Can you do that for me, please?" Watching as the child toddled off to the officer, Lexi sprinted through the station, searching high and low for bombs. After five minutes she'd found them in the boiler room.

It was a highly sophisticated set up, one that she'd never encountered before; of course, her training had never been heavy on explosives. She could dismantle simple bombs and knew her way around a pack of C4 but this...this was something else entirely. "Fck me sideways." Grabbing the police radio that Henderson had equipped her with, she hit the button to broadcast throughout the main channel. "Henderson...go to channel A3 right now. Priority 1."

The radio crackled and Henderson came over the channel. "Avalonia? What's going on. You just disappeared."

"Are you alone right now?" There was a grim and quiet tone to her voice as she spoke.

"Yes...why?" He was half-frustrated and half-apprehensive and she didn't blame him for a second.

"Get everybody out of here now. We have explosives on-site. I don't know the yield, I don't know what kind of detonation they're using. I don't know anything except that I'm going to do my damnedest to disarm them." She set the radio on the ground as she pulled out a mini-toolkit from the satchel she had on her hip. "I need you to get everybody clear. 500 yard radius at the very least. Try and bus the kids completely off-site." Pulling out her wire cutters and various other tools, she took the plating off the bomb and started looking around, murmuring to herself about colors and connections.

In the background she could hear Henderson yelling for an evac and the sound of pandemonium as children cried and cops rallied under the pressure. "I'm sending a bomb squad down to you right now. Don't touch anything."

The clock flashed over and over. Countdown: two minutes.

"Don't bother, Henderson. There's not time. Get everybody clear and you get your tight ass out of here, as well. Don't think that I can't pick up on the sound of the fax machines going behind you. There's no need for more collateral damage than their will be anyways."

"GODDAMMIT. Let me send the bomb squad down to you. This is what they're trained for!"

"Henderson, quiet! THERE'S NO TIME! Are you clear or not?"

Countdown: One minute.

"...I'm clear. Don't be a needless hero. There's still time to get out of there before it goes off. Don't make this worse or more fatal than it has to be. There are battles to pick, that's one of the first things we learn. You're not going to save anybody by giving your life for this."

Countdown: 45 seconds.

The clock kept ticking down, an audible click with every second passed. It felt like the last seconds of her life counting down. There were so many wires...more than there should be. She wasn't qualified to do this. Why did she have to be such a big damn hero? She'd always been about killing, not so much about saving. It appeared now that she was the one who was going to need saving.

Countdown: 30 seconds.

"I can't do it. There's no time left. I have one option that may save me and I'm going to hope that it works and that the explosion doesn't reach far enough to cause damage to anybody else." Reaching to the high-tech gauntlet around her wrist, Avalonia held her thumb up to it to identify herself and then frantically hit a few buttons on it, grabbing the radio as she backed up to the opposite side of the room.

Countdown: 10 seconds.

"Henderson, it was a pleasure." She switched the radio off, just as the forcefield housed in her gauntlet surrounded the bomb and outwards for twenty or so feet. The hope was that the explosion would be contained within it with minimal damage to anything or anybody else - herself included.


The shock wave of the forcefield bowing outwards threw her into the cement wall. Her head cracked back against it and she slid down to the floor. Her vision went black and blurry as she coughed from the smoke and debris; results of the forcefield's shockwave. Her shoulders shook with coughs, her throat was raw and she could feel a stream of blood trickling down the side of her face from her temple. Her blue eyes opened and the entire room was spinning. There was a ringing in her ears. Her eyes closed again and she drifted off into that blissful darkness.

Three minutes later and a large hand gently grasped her arm. Her eyes fluttered open as her vision slowly cleared. It was Henderson. "Told...told you to stay away."

"Avalonia, you've been out for several minutes, you crazy, crazy woman."

She could barely hear him, the ringing in her ears drowning out nearly all sound. "Everybody okay?" She slowly got to her feet with begrudging help from Henderson. Leaning back against the wall, she regained her senses and looked around the demolished room.

"No deaths. No injuries other than your own." He was concerned, that much was evident. But Lexi didn't have time for concern, there was every possibility that there were more bombs out there.

"Good...that's good." She walked past him and started for the stairs, using the wall to help her balance as she ascended up onto the main floor of the police station, which was completely untouched. Henderson was right behind her and she turned to him, the soot on her face marring her petite and slightly elfin features. "Armory. I need weapons."

"Avalonia...I don't even know your actual name. You're not an officer of the law and for all I know, you're not even licensed to carry..." his voice was hesitant. He wanted to help her, but he was an officer of the law and required to obey them.

"I'm a goddamn hero. Take a long hard look at me. I'm not exactly your run of the mill nineteen year old. I just saved your station from imminent catastrophe. Now, I could stand here and recite statistics and everything else from my enormous font of knowledge on firearms and other weapons. Or, you could make this easy for me and take me to the fcking armory. Up to you, Henderson. Every second we waste is the potential for another bomb to go off."

Fifteen Minutes Later

Her blonde hair swayed behind her, dancing on the wind. Her clothes were a bit dirty and worse for the wear, but her beloved leather jacket was without harm and still fit her like a glove. Lexi Brennan was armed to the teeth. A holstered gun strapped to her belt, a backup around her ankle and a pack of clips in her satchel that rested on her opposite hip. There was a nearly foot-long knife strapped to her calf hidden underneath her boot and another dagger strapped to her forearm, hidden beneath the sleeve of her jacket. Not to mention the gauntlet that never left her wrist, holding numerous tricks of it's own.

A finger went to the earbud she wore in her ear that would connect her in one form or another to all Trinity members. "This is Avalonia coming in on Priority One. I just dealt with a bomb positioned in the police HQ. It stands to reason that there are more laying around the city in strategic locations. Be advised that these are advanced components and that it would be easier to remove them from the vicinity than to attempt to disarm them unless you have experience with their components."

There was a scrabbling behind her and she immediately drew her gun and turned. A small sigh of relief left her when she realized it was just a rat. "COME AND GET ME!!!" This was probably not her smartest idea, but goddammit, she was looking for a fight. What kind of person put bombs in a police station?

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Click. Victor could hear the sounds of the internal workings of the safe opening up to him. Click. He was getting closer and closer to cracking the safe. Click. Click. Victor waited for a second in anticipation, and then delicately started rotating again. Clom! The safe door loosened. Reaching his hands to the safe, Victor waited for a minute, and then swung it open quickly. He saw millions upon millions of cash sitting in the safe. Victor pulled his sleeves up to check his watch. He only had two minutes left until the security comes back online. Working with his speed and strength, he started filling the duffle bags with overflowing money, careful not to miss out on a single million.

Filling eight duffle bags, Victor grabbed them all with his strength. He flicked his sleeve back, he had a one-minute window and he needed to leave now. With the sounds of the bags sliding on the floor, Victor walked out of the museum. Walking to his van A Spaniard opened up the back of his van from the inside. “How much did it have?” the man spoke in a Spanish accent. Victor started loading the duffel bags in to the van. “Were you caught?” he asked again. Victor chuckled. “Do you know what to do?” Victor loaded the last bag in.

“F*ck yeah! Let’s do this!” The man was enthusiastic, he was a good driver in the business, and a personal friend. The man will take the money back for the team to rejoice in later. “So much money” the Spaniard extended his hands to the bag, Victor grabbed the Spaniards hand quickly “Yes, and you don’t take any of it, or I’ll know” the Spaniard seemed shocked and intimidated, exactly the type of reaction Victor hoped to instill. “No worries man. Lets do this Sh!t” The Spaniard got off the rear of the van and sat in the drivers seat. He looked back to Victor “See you on the other side” he gave a smile through broken teeth. The van drove away with the money, it was time for Victor to rendezvous with the others.

Victor decided to walk, there were already superheroes flying around and he didn’t need to attract attention. Arriving at the school a few minutes later, he recognized Alceus, his brother flying above the school. Alceus seemed to be glowing with energy. The ground began shaking, and Victor shifted his weight to stay on the ground. Victor noticed that Alceus’s energy was doing this. He remained hidden as he watched Alceus. "That ought to get them all interested enough to come check this out" he heard Alceus say. He was luring his teammates out.

“Oh no” he heard Alceus talking to himself. What happened? With a quick movement, his brother flew to the roof of the school and blasted through it. Had innocent blood been spilled? This gave him a window still, he needed to get to the Auditorium. Seeing the building surrounded by cops. He would need other methods of entry. He could teleport, go intangible, raise a force field or simply shape-shift in. “Let’s have fun with this”

“Hey, I’ve found one of them!” an officer pointed to where Victor was hiding. Several officers began to advance towards the hiding spot, and started forming perimeters. “I’ll go see if there’s more!” The officer ran inside and left the others to seemingly deal with Victor. Entering the hallway, the officer morphed back into Victor “That was easy” he chuckled to himself. “Now where are the directions around here?” Victor followed the school signs, looking at the school classes besides him. Filled with children, terrified, praying, hoping. Then he’d heard a strange sound coming from the auditorium, the school went quiet. The kids weren’t screaming anymore.

Victor then heard footsteps in the corner, but reacted too late. He’d bumped into Maya Lopez who was walking the halls at the time. “Ah, Presidenta, Your Majesty and all that” Victor sarcastically bowed down to Maya lopez before regaining his pose. “I bet you’re glad to see me” Victor grinned to Maya, and not a particularly friendly one.

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Dazed and confused, Atticus brought himself to the edge of the sidewalk, and sat down. His vision split between planes of dream and life he could have sworn he was hearing things, and he was. Her voice...Wishing he could remember her name, she gave him directions to head downtown. There were a list of worries that immediately formulated in his mind. Not knowing where exactly downtown was, not knowing what exactly he was supposed to do when he got there, and how was he supposed to do anything on account of not knowing how to use his "powers". It was times like these when he felt really incapable, and quite frankly stupid.

But, that day, when he saved her, in turn she sort of saved him, although Atticus couldn't admit it now. All of his life, he'd walked through, ignorant of the truth of the world around him. Thing were never as bad as they seemed. Worldwide hunger was not as deathly, diseases were cured everyday, villains were usually just attention hungry. But he realized that day that things were far worse than he could have ever imagined, and seeing things for their stock was good for him.

As he walked, a mild limp took hold of him, it was nothing that a good days rest couldn't have fixed, but rest wasn't the task at hand. There were street signs that pointed him in the direction of City Hall, which is where downtown usually was in any given city or town. Hoping that his assumption was correct, the young novice went on. How, oh how, he wanted everything to be docile and un-exploded when he arrived, and they were. There were some people standing around, but they looked pedestrian so he payed them no mind. There were a few steps to the front door of City Hall, glass doors, they looked prestigious and expensive...also they were a b!tch to clean every day. Most likely things would be cool here. Taking a seat on a bench inside there was a slow trickle of people going in and out, expectantly he thought they were attending to parking tickets and summons orders. Likewise they thought he was nothing more than a regular person just waiting for someone to pick him up...But of course things can never ever just go smoothly.

He felt it and tried his best to fight it...Atticus hated what he knew was about to happen. That part of him that strung him out on a limb of abnormality, his powers. A white film glazed over his eyes, and he crouched over his stomach in not. Now fallen from the bench a crowd formed around him, lookers-on tried to glimpse the weird guy on the floor. Outside temperatures started to drop as rapidly as a lead ball. People could see their breath, and couldn't figure out why this was on a spring day. Inside the City Hall building, thin layers of frost crept over and covered the walls, doors began to freeze shut. As of yet, this was the only thing that was irregular. Then came the explosion, on account of the temperature drop. Explosives were a tricky thing...There were three ways of detonating them...Triggers, extreme heat, and a magical negative 52 degree temperature drop, or at least that one episode of Law and Order: SVU said so. Fire shot out of the frozen building, concrete slabs tumbled to the floor from the highest floor of the building. Atticus still lay writhing on the floor untouched by anything he hadn't caused...yet.

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{Incoming transmitting sir, would you like me to pass it through?} Jeeves, asked as Sean continued, to scan the area making sure the teenagers were out. “Yeah pass it through” it only took mere moments for his sound recognition system to identify him as Champion, well before he stated so. "Edit, its The Champion here, your Trinity teammate. I'll take it that you received Maya's telepathic message as well"

“Indeed I did, right now I’m inside the school looking for little squirt” Sean said, referring to Levina. He picked up multiple thermal energy signals from various members; Champion, Stryke, Maya’s energy also peaked around the school somewhere. “Well at least I know they didn’t leave me to do this by myself” Sean said, slowly stalking the halls. “E-editman!” a young girl screamed his name quickly alerting him to her presence. Despite having a familiar thermal structure he had absolutely no clue that this little girl was.

“I’m not signing any autographs right now” he said completely serious. {Really? Sean.} Jeeves asked almost flabbergasted. “T-their gathering all the students and taking them to the auditorium, I managed to get out and um… Homicide is here too, she walking around here looking for more students.” She spoke way too fast for Sean to even compute; hell she spoke much too fast for Jeeves to even compute. “Jeeves…it’s like she’s trying to say something to me, and I can’t make out any of it” Sean said, staring with a bit of a glazed over look. {Pft Teenagers} Jeeves responded as Sean watched the girl peel off into the outside sunlight.

Not long after Levina disappeared, Sean could feel Maya prying into his brain again. “Editman, Alex, you guys take to the sky and find these disturbances in the city, Alex and I will stay at the school and help out there”.

“Roger that” Sean said, powering up his thrusters and flying out of the school into Draper City. “Jeeves switch to thermal optics” Sean said, reducing his maximum cruising speed to a slight hover over the city. People whom weren’t a threat were outlined in white, those up to no good were outlined in blue, and those with malicious intent (Usually armed) were in green.

“Jeeves, I’ve been meaning to ask you; how does this thermal optics work?” Sean asked, trying to make a conscious decision on whom to attack. {Well, thermal optics shows us the body heat and body temperature of an individual, when it’s significantly high a person is thinking about doing something high risk, when it’s low it usually means the person is calm} Jeeves explained. “sh!t, I’m getting high ratings from all over the city!” There were numerous threats all across the city, Maya was right this was not just an isolated attack on Draper City; someone came here to deliberately put Hi-Voltage to the test. “WHOA! I feel a spike it…”

Before Sean could finish his sentence; he was nearly knocked from the sky by an explosion just below him. A huge cloud of grit and soot filled the atmosphere blinding Sean for a good while. {I told you to install windshield wipers} Jeeves said sarcastically. “You know, I’ve had nothing but fun since that B!tch Feral Nova put me in a coma” Sean said, spiraling higher into the air to shake the soot. As he continued his ascension something smacked directly into his suit breaking one of his finger rockets. “JEEVES WHAT THE F!CK WAS THAT?!” Sean screamed, undoubtedly shaken up. {It appears to be…a ring sir a yellow ring…} Jeeves responded back confused. “This is bad…” He said, hovering in the air looking at his new yellow ring. Y intercept had one before; Sean, Maya and The Champion defeated her; He knew The Champion had a green one, Emerald had a Green one, but why did he receive yellow?

The mysteries of the universe quickly began to unfold; however right now he didn’t have the time for it. His communicator once again began buzzing; this time there was a voice he hadn’t recognized.

“This is Avalonia coming in on Priority One. I just dealt with a bomb positioned in the police HQ. It stands to reason that there are more laying around the city in strategic locations. Be advised that these are advanced components and that it would be easier to remove them from the vicinity than to attempt to disarm them unless you have experience with their components."

The comm ended leaving a bunch of unanswered questions for Sean, but the main question was. “Who the f@ck is Avalonia?” Sean asked, still wasting time hovering in the air. “Whoa, there is a drop in temperature near city hall, I think the X-men sent in storm” Sean said, once again one-hundred percent serious. {Oh jeez would you leave the storm thing alone already} Jeeves said, pin pointing a location on Sean’s map.

“A bank robbery really? What are these villains from the power puff girls” Sean said, glancing at the location on his map. He changed directions and headed directly for the bank. As he approached the bank his thermal readings gave off a known two, with a possibility for two more. Sean landed at the place where the two crooks forcibly entered.

{Two Perps, A half a dozen dead security guards and a half a dozen hostages} Jeeves said, feeding information into Sean’s head. “What am I batman?” Sean responded back. “Download a floor plan of the bank” he said, trying to see if he could plow through the floor for a sneak attack. {This download would be so much quicker if you stayed off of back door whores gala lore} Jeeves said, agitated. Once the download finished, the details on the floor above quickly became visible in Sean’s detective mode.

Pushing his hands down and he propelled himself through the floor and into the bank where both Urbs and The Dealer were. “It’s clobbering time!!!!!!” he screamed, in his childish antics he kept the goal in mind, which was getting all the hostages out safe. Jeeves automatically dispatched his smoke pellets which left the area completely blinded by white smoke. This freed the hostages to run under the cover; which would allow him to combat the two thugs with ill-regard.

Through the dense fog, Sean’s amber ring began to shine brightly, opting for a quick take down he fired his finger rockets at the ceiling hoping to take out both men.

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Amidst the intense situation, heroic Alceus still couldn't help but wonder if the girl standing behind him was actually Hi-Voltage herself. Their energy-signatures were so similar, it was uncanny really. But there still remained a prominent difference, which was the intensity and power that surged in Voltage's energy-signature, which was sadly not found in this girl's. Refocusing himself on the task at hand, The Champion's body was ready to engage anyone in battle. "Hey kid, you should get out of here. It isn't safe. I can clear a path for you to escape without any harm", he said, not turning his face to even look at the girl, his eyes were locked on the sinister female known as Homicide. His right eye steadily trailing off to his right as he generated an invisible blast of immense force, completely blowing a gigantic hole in the wall. "Go, I'll create a barrier that'll protect you from the gunshots", Alceus said, assuring the girl that her safety was a big priority, still unaware of her true identity. "She's here?", he wondered, his senses detecting a strikingly familiar energy-signature. Seconds went by and the valiant hero realized that Maya Lopez, the Trinity's leader, had arrived at the school as well. "Good", he sighed.

Maya herself was already aware of her teammates' presence in the school, informing Alceus of her successful transportation of the children away from the school. "Nice. But there's still one more kid left. She's right here with me but she's in danger, Homicide is here", The Champion replied to his leader's words with his thoughts, confident that she would telepathically read his mental response. Minutes had gone by and mighty Alceus felt Maya's energy-signature grow stronger... she was searching for him perhaps, most likely having identified him through his own unique brainwaves, who knows how telepaths locate others anyway. "Just keep moving forward and you'll find me. You're closer than you think. I can feel your energy", The Champion said, speaking to Maya through his calm thoughts, thoughts he allowed only her to read. However, before Maya's arrival, the situation took a turn for the worst. And everything seemed so bright and hopeful mere moments ago. Mattersuit made his way into the school halls, although he was most likely searching for Homicide rather than Alceus. "Alceus! Guten Tag, mein freunde!", the professional mercenary exclaimed, his arms out wide. Cracking his knuckles, in an apparently menacing manner, Mattersuit wasted no time in standing before Alceus, "I will deal with this guy, Homicide. We have some unfinished business", the villain smirked. Sighing, The Champion had no choice but to surround the teenage girl that stood behind him in a powerful protective barrier, it would shield her from any damage. "Looks like I've got no choice. Don't worry, I just set up a barrier around you. It'll keep you safe till this whole thing's over", Alceus said, before focusing his attention on Mattersuit.

Then, right before anything else could happen, Alceus received a message from a Trinity member, one of the few he hasn't interacted with yet. She calls herself Avalonia, warning her fellow teammates that she had just encountered a bomb and the city is likely to be infested with them. "Damn, the situation just keeps getting worse and worse", Alceus thought, his eyes brimming with divine intensity. However, before he could engage Mattersuit in combat, again something else caught his attention, a familiar energy-signature... to be more specific, an Olympian energy-signature. "Victor!", The Champion's eyes widened, his brother was present and must have no doubt felt Alceus' presence as well. And soon Editman finally sent his response as The Champion offered none, he was far too busy at the moment. With Victor in the halls, he knew not if this worsened or bettered the situation. "Maya, watch out in the halls. My brother Victor is there. I don't know what he's going to do but keep your guard up", Alceus warned, speaking to Maya again with his composed thoughts. Finally focusing on Mattersuit, the Son of Olympus gazed into the eyes of his opponent. They were the soulless eyes of a killer... a madman. This had to stop. Clenching his fists, a flame-like aura of golden energy erupted all about Alceus, violently radiating around him while blue electrical arcs surged prominently around him, generating a loud static sound, and his eyes steadily began glowing an intense blue energy, the ground beneath began to crack and slowly tear. "I have to go find Maya. Maybe I'll be able to convince Victor", he thought, taking one last look at the girl behind him, she was safe, contained in a powerful barrier of energy. But his enemies however, were not. Quickly thrusting his palms forward at superhuman speeds, The Champion discharged an immensely powerful and colossal wave of invisible sheer unrelenting raw force that wouldn't harm Mattersuit or Homicide, but it would use it's overwhelming power to send them flying off into the distance with insane might as the surrounding walls and ground were torn asunder. This wasn't the time to fight, not right now at least.

The Champion felt compelled to go see Maya, with Victor around, the situation has become more complicated and a tad unpredictable. Deciding to stay with the girl, Alceus instead, generated an energy clone of himself to control the situation with Victor... or at least attempt to. One of the abilities that come with incredible energy manipulation. Unfortunately, these energy clones were incapable of engaging anything in battle and they could be effortlessly destroyed by a simple enough attack. Sending his golden energy clone dashing over to Maya's side, the glowing figure arrived at Maya's side within seconds. "Victor wait!", the clone said, attempting to calm his brother, "You don't want to be a part of this do you? You said you wanted to do good remember?", the clone said, mouthing Alceus' exact thoughts. From the day the two shook hands at Redemption Park, The Champion knew that there would come a time when his moral views would eventually clash with Victor's chosen "family", but he had no idea that it would be this soon.

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Raquel’s body soared through the air in her Editgirl suit, reaching Mach 1 speeds as she quickly approached Draper City. She received a telepathic message from Maya about the team member, Hi_Voltage, in trouble about thirty minutes ago and now she was racing to the city to try and offer her help, if she wasn’t too late. As she entered the city from above, she noticed a suspicious looking looking van driving very VERY fast out of the city.

“Jeeves’ x-ray on that van below.” Her helmet did a quick scan of the van, showing the skeleton of one person inside and dozens of bags filled with cash. “Well, that doesn’t scream ‘HEY I’M A BAD GUY!’ at all.” she shift her body and began to descend quickly back to the ground. Landing forcefully on the ground the ground trembled under her as the van came racing towards her, speeding up rather than slowing down. “Sh!t, Jeeve’s lock on front tired of incoming van.”

{You do know you can do that yourself right?}


With a quick beep, the two tires lit up on her visor screen, throwing her arm outward towards the truck she blasted two ice beams at the tires. Upon impact the tires froze in place, causing the van to suddenly swerve and then tip over, skidding along the road until coming to a halt. The door of the van flipped open as a man began to pull himself up and flopped onto the ground, trying to scramble to his feet as Editgirl walked up to him.

“I swear I will KILL you were you stand if you try to run.”

{I don’t think that would be good for the Editfamily image if you did that Ms. Raquel.}

“Its called BLUFFING Jeeves.” She mumbled under her helmet.

The man quickly threw up his arms and dropped to his knees as Editgirl walked up to the van and ripped the door off, showing multiple duffle bags filled with money. “Do you have ANY idea how many pairs of shoes I can get with ALL of this?”

{About 153 WITH matching purses.}

“This is why I love you Jeeves, you get me.” She continued to ramble on as the suspect slowly got up from the ground and ran away.

{errrr… Ms. Raquel… it seems that your suspect…}

“OH SH!T” she yelled out as she spun around, only to see the man gone. “F#ck... Sean is going to be so mad!”

{At least you got the money back.}

“Oh… right… its not mine. Um… patch in Draper City Police Department.”

{Right away Ms. Raquel}

“Officer Henderson of Draper Police.”

“Officer Henderson this is Editgirl from Trinity Foundation, it appears your bank was robbed, I stopped a suspicious looking van filled with money.”

“First the school, then the station, now the bank?” the Officer’s voice was filled with frustration. “Thank you Editgirl, our units are stretched thin right now, but I’ll send someone to recover the money, where is the suspect who was driving the van?”

“Um…” she cleared her throat as she chuckled nervously. “He kinda… got away.”

“He got away? How did he get away?”

“Uhhhh OMG LOOK BAD GUY! GOTTA GO!” she cut off the line to the officer.


“Shut up Jeeves! Go help Sean or something.” She said as she leaped into the air, taking flight. “Connect me to Maya, Jeeves.” There was static change for a split second, telling Raquel she was now speaking to Maya. “Maya, sorry I’m a bit late, but it looks like these guys arnt just hitting the school, I just found someone trying to get out of the city with a van filled with cash, I’m heading to the bank right now to see if anyone else is there. Editgirl out.” With that she took off.

Landing on the rooftops of the bank, smoke could be seen seeping through the doors. Smoke… explosion inside the building? “Jeeves, thermal scan of the entire building.”

Her visor lit up with multiple spots of heat all over the building, but some weaker than others, which usually means one thing. {It seems there are multiple recently deceased beings inside the building.}

“And its going to stop now! Isolate hostiles inside the building.”

A split second later two thermal scan figured had a bright red light around them. {Don’t let these men get away.}

“Over my dead body!” with that she threw forward her right arm. “Power Beam!” she yelled out as her hand began to glow, letting out blast and making a hole in the roof as she quickly jumped down. “FREEZE!” she yelled out as she shot out two ice beams, one at each of the men who were inside the bank. “Hehe, get it? Freeze?”

{Yes, very clever Ms. Raquel.’} Sarcasim spilled from the AI’s voice.

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 Alex sat on the wooden stage of the auditorium, he had offered an exchange for the students to be let go and the intruders to take him. His weapon was stuck to the ground a few feet away and he stopped the flow of his blue kinetic energy.  The Rider had only his mind to determine a plan. He looked around, he memorized every individual in the room, all of their faces contained fear and hope. The Rider was face to face with the gunman, his muscles rippled, he was well trained; Alex needed to be aware of him.

The Swordsman was looking straight towards the other side of the auditorium at the door, the way he positioned himself was perfectly aligned with the door. He had something planned. It was by chance that Alex had his sunglasses on at the time, for a bright light had shined and the kids were temporarily blinded, probably the gunman as well. There was no time to waste, an opportunity like this was not going to happen again. The Rider leapt from the stage and towards his weapon.

“Alex it’s me!”

There was now visibility in the room again, the students were gone thanks to Maya, the auditorium was a wreck and a hole was ripped through the back of the room. It was now two against one and Stryke's arms were swirling with blue energy once again with smoke around his clothes; a small price to pay for absorbing an electric current without his weapon. The President of Utopia had left, it one against one, but Alex had a feeling that this was going to be a long battle given the man's physique and choice of weaponry.

The Rider lifted his sword and placed it on his shoulders and with a monotonous tone said, "I gave you a choice, you took too long. Now get out or I'll make you get out."

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"Park, I'm gunna be a little late." Blade Master voice came in through the comm link as Park entered City Hall. He rounded the corner and was about to head up the stairs when three men in security uniforms came rushing down. Oh sh!t. Park thought as they headed straight for him. He slipped his hand inside his jacket as they got closer. This is not a good way to start things off.

"Kid what are you doing?" One of the guards shouted at Park. Before he got a chance to reply the other two turned and headed towards the back. "Something's attacking City Hall! Get out of here!"

"Uh, right! Will do sir." Park said acting like a shocked teen. Bunch a idiots work here. Park thought as he waited until the guards were out of sight. Looking both ways and seeing no more security Park bolted up the stairs taking them two at a time. When he reached the top he touched the comm again. "Hey Jolly Green, you got a few more guys heading your way, heads up." Park warned before running through the greco-roman inspired hallways looking for the mayor's office. Luckily he didn't have to find it, the mayor was being escorted out of the building by two guards when Park turned the corner and literally bounced off one of them. "Ow..." Park groaned rubbing his forehead.

"What the hell are you doing here?!" The suit he had just bounced into screamed. Neither guard seemed very worried about Park but were reaching for their weapons on instinct rather than reason.

"It's just... see I got lost and... HOLY CRAP SHE'S PREGNANT!" Park shouted in an attempt at improvising. The guards hesitated at the non sequitur and looked around to see if he was actually referring to someone in the area. This gave Park enough time to reach into his jacket and grab two tasers. He fired them off at each guards and they went down hard, spasming all the way. Wasting no time Park grabbed the mayor and pulled out a gun. "Your office, where is it?" The fat blubbering man stuttered out something and pointed. Park dragged him to the office and threw him into the chair. "Duct tape." He demanded. The mayor reached into his drawer and offered it to Park. "What the hell are you giving it to me for?" Park asked pointing the gun in the mayor's mouth. "Tie yourself up. Goddamn, you politicians are idiots." The mayor taped himself securely to the chair as Park pulled out a remote detonator. The fat man's eyes went wide in fear and he started screaming against the tape. "This? Oh don't worry this isn't for here, no, no, this detonator works for the bomb in the library. This on the other hand--" Park laughed. He enjoyed watching the man's hope die as he pulled a homemade bomb out of his backpack. "This is gonna go right under your desk, so don't do anything stupid and be a good little hostage."

Park secured the mayor's chair to the heavy oak desk and strapped the bomb underneath. Stepping back he admired his work and took a seat in one of the visitor chairs as he whistled, albeit poorly, Takin' Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive.

News started coming over the wire fast after that. Homicide had finished planting her bombs and was heading over to the school. Urbs and Jean were at the bank, easy as pie, although there did seem to be some contention over the wardrobe. Cain, well Cain was being Cain, and Victor had grabbed the money at the museum and loaded it for transport.. Then something unexpected happened. Heroes began showing up. First they were at the school, then there was someone at the police station. Damn this job went south quick. Park thought to himself as he listened to the radio chatter. He dropped his bag to the floor and began to rummage through it. Better get ready then.

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"Fine, aight." The keeping of the clothes was fine enough, a minor change that shouldn't have any effect on their success. If anything, it should shave off some time. But Deal found himself a bit more disappointed with the escape method. The result was all the same, sure, but he'd thought his plan a nice touch, adding insult to injury, so to speak. Still, fighting over such trivial details wouldn't help with the cohesion of the team.

The Dealer had already grabbed his staff and taken his hostages upon entering and was already getting to work when Beary started his assault on the people of the bank. The explosion was bound to draw some attention. "Damn," he muttered to the hostages while stringing each of them up. "I reeeally wanted to avoid dat. Not a good sign, when you start to question your leadership. Of course, half of this mission's to show people we ain't playin' around, but dat's what de school is for. All dis wanton killin' not my desire. But 's long as I get paid—well, dat's not important to you." 

Once he'd strung up the hostages, he was to planting the bombs and headed back downstairs. "Aight, boss-man, now's time for de safe. But y'know? Somethin's got me feelin' funny, yeah? No response. Where's de sirens? Where's de po li—!"


"It's Clobbering time!"

"Power Beam! FREEZE!"

A simultaneous attack from above and below by two clad in armor, clever.

"Qui C'est q'ca!?" the Dealer shouted out while instinctively diving to the floor and tossing a few playing cards, charged with prana, at the falling debris, though it left his leg stuck momentarily, hit by the ice beam. Retrieving the telescopic staff from his coat, he whirled it around his head and brought it down hard, smashing the ice. "Aw man. I really didn' wanna have to do dis." 

Another playing card was slid across the floor, and a weak wind opened up out of it. Not strong enough to pull a person, but it took care of the smokescreen, for Beary's sake, in case he couldn't operate with it.

"Cho! Woah ho! Bonjour, mes amis." He walked a little closer, slowly, both arms spread at his sides to convey nonviolence. "Gar ici! I don' mean to faire des misères for anybody. It was up to me, nobody get hurt. But de boss man, he jus' wanna show de world he ain't playin' pain pee po."
 "Flame on." 
Then, with a quick flick of the wrist, three playing cards slipped into his hand, a red glow emitted from them, and were sent sailing across the bank where a few hostages had taken cover. They combusted and were meant for low intensity heat; they looked far worse than they actually were, but it was mostly for distraction, and any fire could be a problem if sustained on the body, unless of course you were the Human Torch. Another flick and a spin and three more were sent in the direction of each of the two heroes. By now Beary should've been taking care of  the other side of things.