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The Punisher turned on the TV to only see what he already knew. Villains from all over are attacking and the UN is calling for all hero's. Frank thinks to himself this could be the end, hell I'll go out with a bang.

He gets his 12 gauge shotgun and two 9mm out from under his bed and starts to load them up for the fight ahead.

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The television sets at the Baxter building were all on and focusing on the sudden attacks worldwide. Throngs of villains going to different countries and trying to conquer them. The scenes reminded Sue of a certain someone very familiar and she could only shake her head. "Looks like they're all trying to become Dr. Doom's." She punched some buttons on the remote and changed the channel hoping to see a little bit of light news but there was nothing. Even the children's programming had been preempted to give those breaking news.

"Franklin!" The blonde-haired heroine yelled out trying to get her son's attention. But there was no sound. Sighing, she wandered over to Reed's lab, he should be in there, she hoped. He was in there a lot nowadays and it irritated her at times. Sometimes it felt like he was married to the lab and not her with as much time as he spent in there. "Darling?" She called out, as the doors to the lab slid open and she poked her head inside. He was nowhere to be found, what the hell was going on? She walked in and looked around seeing a note posted on the screen.

"Ben, Johnny, Franklin, and I have gone off on a little expedition. Think of it as male bonding.

We will be back in a few days. No need to worry about Franklin he'll be safe with all of us.

All my love,


Well this was just ducky. Her husband, brother, friend, and son were out male bonding while the world was going to hell. "Great timing, guys." She spoke through gritted teeth. Now she was pissed off. The villains were attacking in a swooping surprise attack and the majority of her team was gone. Well, it looked like the Invisible Woman might have to make a temporary Fantastic Four until her family got back. And she prayed that they returned soon because she didn't know how long it would take these villains to conquer these countries or just induce plain ol' mayhem.

She hurried out of the lab and quickly went to her bedroom. In her closet were several costumes all the exact same design, except a lot in number. Reed had been smart about having several costume available, you never knew when Dr. Doom came knocking. Throwing off her clothes, she quickly went for the legendary black and blue costume and put it on with ease. It always fit her like a glove, it was the joy of unstable molecules. In an instant, her gloves were on, followed by her boots. She looked all like a hero, one of the very best, and one of the most powerful. She made a beeline for Valeria's room and picked up her sleeping daughter, before making another pit stop to Reed's lab, waking Val in the process of running. Punching a few buttons, the screen came on and on the other side she could see the unmistakable red locks of the InHuman Queen.

"Medusa. Hello, I know this is short noticed but could you-...." Before she could finish the Red-haired beauty gave a smile and a nod.

"Of course, Susan. We've already gotten information on the situation. You know both you and your family are always welcomed in Attilan, you are both friends and allies." Spoke Medusa.

"Thank you. I'll send her now." And the blonde-haired woman quickly pressed another button which activated a teleporting device. Lights swirled to life and within second she could see the familiar locks of another member of the InHuman royal family. It was Lockjaw. He barked and she laughed., as did Valeria. Her young daughter clapped her hands together and giggled. Soon Medusa came out and she handed Valeria into the arms of her good friend. "Thank you Medusa. I will be back for her as soon as I can." She heard the InHuman Queen's good luck wishes as she deactivated the machine.

As Susan ran to the hangar she couldn't stop thinking of what if something more sinister was going on behind these sudden villainous attacks. She made it to the hangar and quickly got into the Fantasticar, pressing several buttons on the car which soon opened the rooftop and she kicked into action. Asa hidden weapon of strength and power, the famed Invisible Woman, flew out of building readying herself for what would await her out there.

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Frank cocked his shotgun and threw it over his shoulder and walked out the door he knew he was in for one hell of a fight . He also knew he needed help but who then it hit him the fantastic four but how would he get to them he thought. Well I will head on over to the building right now to see them he thought.
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Venom was swinging around the city doing his sweep looking for any criminals that were harming innocents. Venom looked down on the corner of 12 street and Avenue C and spotted a mugging. He dropped down, and grabbed the thief with the symbiote and was holding him by his throat.

"My my my, looks like its time for us to take out the trash! You insect! You'll suffer for what you did! The countless innocence you mugged! The people you've harmed!"

Venom's grip tightened, and his tongue wriggled insanely, and his teeth shined in the light. Venom's grabbed the thief's arm, broke it, and grabbed the purse.

"Yesssss... we smell the fear on you."

Please, show me mercy Mr. Don't kill me.

"Mercy? Did you show those you killed mercy? Did you show all those whom you harmed mercy? No, you didn't, so now, I won't show you. For every drop of innocent blood you've spilt I'll take a gallon!"

Please, let me go! I won't do it again! Mercy!

"Fine, we'll show you mercy..."

Venom looked down and then looked up immediately.

"We'll kill you fast!"

Venom sent the symbiote into the thief's lungs and killed him. He tossed the body into an alley and walked to woman who was on the floor crying because her purse was stolen.

"Here you go ma'me."

Venom gave her the purse back and continued swinging through the city.

"Ah, another innocent saved! We are so happy with ourselves. We deserve a theme song! Venom man Venom man, friendly symbiote Venom man. Spins a web anysize, catches thieves, makes them die watch out! Here comes the Venom man!"

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Susan had barely left the building when she felt several shots hit the back of the Fantasticar. The car shook violently, and Sue quickly punched in some codes hearing the car's autopilot come online. "Welcome Mrs. Richards, you have now initiated auto-pilot sequence please verbalize your next command." Sue quickly bent the light around herself and the car and got a better look at where the shots were coming from. They looked like other people, but why would they attack? She gritted her teeth and opened the doors to the car, looking down to see the tiny specks a few hundred feet below which were the dots of people and cars. She quickly erected a force-field stepping disc under her and swung her feet to the side ot the car. "Go to the Baxter Building now." And she stepped out, creating several discs and she walked forward. "Very well. Mrs. Richards." And the car flew back. Susan readied herself for the sudden attack and hurried forward.

"No." She whispered. It was a small army of Doombots. That bastard had sent a surprise attack to the Baxter Building. And she was pretty much team-less. Sighing the blonde-haired beauty, balled her hands into a fist. Invisible Power slowly gaining live in her hands. Powers that only she could see. Simulating the sight of flight, as she created more steps in her attack, she jumped up and ran forward. The First Doom-bot came towards her shooting several energy blasts which she quickly deflected with her force-field. Susan sent a right fist forward, unleashing the Hyperspace powers towards the first Doom-bot, shattering it's metallic skull in the process. The debris falling down.

The next Doombot came in for it's kill. It stopped in mid-flight and she watched as it increased it's energy, glowing bright yellow as it unleashed a devastating energy attack at the lone heroine. It was so sudden that Susan hadn't been able to brace her force-field and it sent her barreling backwards in mid-air. She was falling with quick speed, and quickly had to regain her composure. Creating a platform as soft as a pillow and as tough and durable as cement, she caught herself before she went splat. "He's trying to distract us." She knew Doom too well. After years of constant struggle with the genius yet villainous monarch, she'd become a wiser to his methods of attack.

The same Doombot from before swooped in lower, trying to swipe at her with it's hands. She could feel for a brief instant the pull of magnetic energy, as the hairs on her skin crawled. He had polarized these Doombots. She raised a browed. "Don't tell me he's trying to go after Magneto too" It was no secret that Doom hated the Master of Magnetism, and to use this moment to strike at five foes, would be most opportune for him. She flipped backward, and created an invisible staff which she quickly utilized to strike at different parts of the robot. First she struck at the knees, the Doombot losing altitude in an instance. At that moment, she let her platform disappear and was once again falling to an apparent Doom (ironic, isn't it?) but she wasn't just anyone.

Susan created a bent hilt to the staff, and used it to grab part of the robots arm and swing it towards her. She quickly used one of the moves she'd learned from Iron Fist during their training sessions, and sent a hard butterfly kick at the Doombot. To her dismay though, the rest of the army was gaining on her. She threw herself on th machine, and theorized, they'd both go down. They sped up as she added weight to herself. The small dots were becoming clearer and she was forced to create a forcefield around them, and the rest of the people to protect them from the impending fall. Finally, she saw the ground was close and she kicked off from the metal machine and jumped in the air, a stepping disc, stopping her from slamming onto the ground as the Doombot fell to the ground and exploded on contact, which was quickly contained by the heroine. She jumped down and hit the street, sweat forming over her brow.

"Get ready Susan... more are coming."

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Frank got in his black corvette and headed out he saw a lot of crap going on and it hurt him inside. He looked up and saw he was on 32nd he needed some gas. He got out but thought he saw something on one of the roof tops but keep putting gas in and pulled a gun out and ready it.

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Venom had kept swinging until he reached 32nd street. He saw civilians running around insanely and he saw a man in black who was just putting gas in his car. Venom dropped down from the rooftops in front of the figure who was none other than one of Venom's least favorite people, Frank Castle, AKA the Punisher.

"You! What have you done to the innocence!"

Venom's tongue hung out, his teeth prepared to take a chunk out of the Punisher.

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Frank turned around he could smell Venom a mile away.

"I thought that was you up there by the smell, and for your question here is my answer".

Frank turned around with a 9mm pointed in Venoms face. "I did nothing to the innocent you idiot can't you see"?

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Venom snarled, took Castle's gun and broke it in his hand.

"Insect! We can, and we will destroy you! We weren't on good terms last time we met. You can't harm us with your toys."

Venom looked around, and stared at Castle.

"Where are they running from? Do you know at all what's going on?"

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"I never liked that gun anyway well for your question Villains from all around are attacking".

"Now I got to meet someone so get out of my way be four I blow you away".

Frank began to get in his car and but be four that he pulled out a cigarette and began to smoke by his car.

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The Invisible Woman's blue eyes focused upward as four more Doombots came in for the kill. She took a frantic look around and ran to where she saw people. "Run!" She told the people and they did as she told them. They probably knew that living in New York is hazardous. And not listening to the residential Superhero was suicide. She took in a deep breath. She focused back to the sky where the impending machines of Doom came to attack. Luckily for her there were only four more. So she could hope to make quick work of them. The first two came in down low, their hands clasped close to their chest and sending a fiery attack down below. Sue quickly leapt to the side, dodging the attack, creating a field around her. It would allow her to be flexible since it was made to custom fit her form.

In her mind, she visualized tendrils whose outside was covered in invisible razorblades. She quickly went invisible, and at the same time made sure the surrounding buildings also disappeared with her. It was a part of her plan of attack. She made a quick dodge to one of the Doombots coming into ground zero. He was spotting the area and she had to be careful. These things were customized to recognize sound frequencies as easily as they could see.

A cylinder disc manifested under her and slowly rose her to the air. She concentrated her invisible tendrils and sent it to the kneecaps of the Doombot. The tendrils flailed wildly but did little to no harm. Doom had taken great measure to add extra protection there. Okay, it was time for Plan B. And a sword formed in her hand. She jumped down the sword high above her head as she lowered it in her descent. Putting all her weight into her attack, she cut through half of the robots arms, seeing the wirings flail. Unfortunately it also brought unwanted attention her way. And the Doombots were instantly on her ass. She infused the blade of the invisible weapon with some of her powers and swinging her arm to the side cut across the neck of the robot and cut it's head off. She jumped back, and heard the familiar explosion. Three down, three to go, except now they were livid, if robots could even get that way.
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Venom looked at Punisher and screamed.

"We must handle them! Innocent lives are stake!"

Venom took Castle's cigarette.

"Do you know anybody who may know more of this? We must stop these villains however we must forge an alliance.

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He looked at Venom garbed his cigarette out of his mouth.

"That was my last my cig, be four you interrupted me I was on my Baxter building".

"You can tag along just don't get in my way, and don't mess up my leather seats okay"

Frank got in the car and started it up.

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Special Report


My name is Amanda Huginkiss coming to you live just three blocks from the Baxter Building were thee Invisible Women is single handedly holding off an attack by what appears to be a small tactical unit of Doombots. This seems to be a world wide catastrophe as villains from ALL over have joined forces in a global assault.

The X-Men, New Avengers as well as several individual heroes have all gathered to combat the threat. Some parts of the world have already been taking over such as Australia and parts of the Middle East.

The President has implemented Martial Law and is requesting all citizens stay in doors and off the streets. This is Amanda Huginkiss saying stay strong, and good luck America.
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Venom started swinging towards the Baxter building but before he left he screamed at Punisher.

"Your car would take too long, we'll meet you there!"

Venom continued swinging as fast as he could. Venom went in between two building and saw several Doombots. He launched himself from his last webswing down to where the machines were. Venom webbed one up and slammed it into the Baxter building which caused it to break. Venom looked at Invisible Woman.

"Seems like you needed some help from us!"

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What a show off Frank took off towards the building and saw Sue fighting and pulled up besides her and ran over a doombot.

"Sue looks like you got this place under control".

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Susan cocked her head to the side when she heard the familiar voice of a villain, an anti-hero. Well she didn't know quite WHAT to call Venom. He'd been an enemy to Spider-Man but somewhere down the line he decided to protect people who had been wronged. But hey if it worked for him. "Venom?" She asked questionably. "My back up is Venom." She spoke the last part with a hint of laughter. She wouldn't complain, she'd take whatever help she help available. "Yes, I can." She finally admitted.

Soon the deep voice of someone else she knew came within ear range. And she had to do a double take. The Punisher was usually weary of doing these types of team-ups but the situation was dire, after all. "Under Control?" She watched as the Doombot that he'd 'run over' slowly came to life and she pointed. "You might want to take care of that, Frank." Still it boggled her mind that her back-up would be two psychopaths. One with huge protruding fangs, and the other with huge protruding guns. Oh the mysteries of life. She could only shake her head at this development.
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Frank shoved his shotgun in the doombots face and pulled the trigger parts of its head went all over.

"So Sue where is Reed when we really need him" while shooting at a doombot?

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Gambit had been sitting in a downtown cafe when the story broke causing mass panic as people tried to flee. Police and local authorities had there hands full as frightened citizens scrambled to leave New York as if it where any saver else where in the world.

His first instinct was to return to thee Xavier Institute but those were no longer his teammates, or his family. A series of bad choices had Gambit disparately seeking redemption and salvation.

"Doesn't seem fair so many ugly robots against one beautiful lady." he thought. "Perhaps I'll drop by just to make sure everyone plays nice."
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Sue's entire attitude changed. She gave Frank a low growl under her breath, she didn't look too happy. Inches from him part of the Doombot whose head he shot off moments ago, was still moving. It's arms lunging forward and its hands scrambling forward, no doubt it's programming was shot to hell with that blow to the head, but the rest of the body hadn't processed the fact that it was pretty much dead. She sent a force bubble around it, expanding the field around it and then it exploded quite a big bang. "Not here." She spoke through gritted teeth. The question had irritated her for more than one reason.
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Venom looked at Sue and grinned.

"My, pussycat seems to be having a bad day. ha ha ha."

Venom's tongue was wriggling and preparing for anything else that came by. He crawled on the wall and stood on the wall next to Sue. He looked a Punisher and lowered the symbiot so his face was visible.

"You can't even kill something right Frank. You give us vigilantes such a bad reputations."

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Frank could tell by the look on Sues face the question made her mad but he could care less. He liked to mess with peoples heads it soothed his troubled heart.

"Sue tell me why did you go for a guy like Reed and not like me" Frank said with a grin as he put a bullet in a doombots head?

"Venom why don't you go back to that hole you came from no one will miss you I promise" Frank said with a angry stare.
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It was strange. Venom was the more...civil of the two. She had to scratch her head at that one. "Your pussycat isn't here, Venom. You must have be confused with Black Cat." She gave Frank a condescending smile. "Because a guy like Reed has his merits. He's a genius, he helps people without shooting lead through their head, and he can stretch." She turned her head and watched as the final Doombot came down. "Well one more left. Would one of you gentleman like to handle him?" She smelt too much testosterone in the air and unfortunately the stench didn't belong to any of her guys. Goodness, how she missed them now. It would be one hell of a story though.

Susan took a deep breath. This had been a tiring day and it barely even 2pm. And if things weren't bad enough there were other criminals about that they had to take care of. Things were changing and fast and she feared for the potential casualties, hero and civilian alike.

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"Sue, we like to call you Pussycat. Unless you'd rather we call you something else other than Sue."

Venom webbed Frank's shotgun, threw it on the floor and grabbed Frank by the throat.

"We can kill you right now Castle. We won't miss you, and we're sure Sue, won't miss you. What was going through your family's mind when they were slaughtered like pigs at a slaughter house? Why don't we let you ask them?"
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"Its easy for someone to say that but until you felt the pain you will never no what goes through my mind. You don't want to know, so kill me now and ease my pain or get the Hell out of my way" Frank yelled!

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"I can't believe you two!" Susan growled in frustration tired of the small spat between the two. "The city is going to Hell and you both are at each others throats. For vigilantes who want to protect the common people from the bad guys, you're not doing anything but take cheap shots at each other. The whole damn world is infested with criminals, take your frustrations out on them!" She yelled at them both.

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Venom chuckled at Frank's pain. Eddie can tell that his symbiote enjoyed this. "Aww, did we strike a nerve Castle? Are you trying to intimidate us? Poor Punisher get over the fact that he couldn't protect his family."

Venom tossed Punisher a few feet away.
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Post Deleted.

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Frank got up it struck him deep his family is not something to talk about.

"Hey Venom look at you Mr tough guy you want to talk about pain how many did you kill be four you came over to the good side huh". "How many did you hurt more than I ever have, and one more thing at least I had a family all you got is that slime ball".

He turned over to Sue with a disgusted look on his face.

"Don't preach to me Sue I forgot this is why I never team up"!
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As Gambit weaved in and out of traffic on his jet black Ducati there was a thunderous stomp that lifted the bike slightly in the air. As he it landed he struggled to gain control before bailing off diving into a ball and rolling up to one knee in time to see a blast of energy from up high shot down and destroy the bike along with several cars stuck in a traffic back up.

As the trees parted the all to familiar purple crown of the Sentinels appeared.

Halt Mutant

Another blast exploded in front of Gambit sending him flying backwards into a car.
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Venom looked at Castle and laughed.

"Poor Punisher is feeling sad. So what if you had a family. They're all 6 feet under. Including your little boy. Isn't that sad? Boo hoo."

Venom loved causing the Punisher pain after what he did to him all those years ago with that microwave emmiter.

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He looked at Venom with a smile.

"Sad no, I was sad that was when I was Frank Castle but he died with his family, now I am the Punisher i feel nothing".

"Also I can control my will I do what I want, I can't say the same for you that thing controls you damn that must be horrible".

"Having to do what it says and having its weakness". Frank picked up a crowbar and hit a pole next to Venom it made a loud noise he knew Venom would not like that.
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Susan rubbed her temple in frustration. "You want to kill yourselves, be my guests. Have fun." She eyed them both and then left the area. This was too much for her. She had more important things to worry about. She pushed the huge four on her chest and heard the distinct voice of H.E.R.B.I.E. "H.E.R.B.I.E. I need you to contact my husband and the rest of the gang, A.S.A.P. Also give me information on the latest news reports." She was running down the street, her black and blue costume zooming past as fast as she could.

"Of course, Mrs. Richards. I shall retrieve the information right away."

She jumped into the air, landing on one of her creations, which brought her a good distance from the ground. This time she was going to take a book out of Iceman's book. She used her force-fields as an ongoing slide of sorts, riding it safely above the streets, looking out for any criminals or anyone who needed some help.

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"Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Venom fell the floor the sonic noise harming him. He pulled Castle in with his webbing webbed him to the floor.

"You will die Castle. Maybe not today, but you definitly will for harming us."

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Frank laughed in Venoms face

"You don't know how many times I have herd that, but I am looking forward to it"

"It will be like killing two for the price of one thats my kind of kill"

Frank then started to walk off he was singing a song at the same time.

He looked back at Venom

"I will sing that song at your funeral Venom" he said in a loud voice.
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Venom glared at the Punisher.

"Insect... I'll kill you for talking to us like that."

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His coat and clothes in tatters Gambit pressed on. One Sentinel lay stretched out in Central Park, sparks and smoke rising from the wreckage. Running in an all out sprint Gambit jumped and hurled several kinetically charged cards at the ankles of one of the metal giants slightly damaging it before it let lose with another blast that he quickly cartwheeled out of the way of.

Hiding behind a tree trying to catch his breath he came up with a plan. Running out into thee open in between two Sentinels he flipped forward just as they each fired missing him completely but blowing one another's leg off sending them crashing to the ground sending a massive gust of wind and debris as well as blowing out several windows in the downtown area. As they started to sit up Gambit hurled two cards in opposite directions each finding there mark as they exploded upon impact sending both the Sentinels heads rolling off behind them.

"Three down one two to go. You did not think Gambit would be so hard to kill no? It will take more then you to bring me down I gare-un-tee."
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Frank stopped and turned to look at Venom

"I keep on hearing those words come out of your mouth but nothing ever happens, hollow threats thats all they are" Frank responded back.

He pulled his shotgun out and began to reload it.

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Venom grabbed Castle by the throat and began sending the symbiote into his lungs.

"Don't worry, you'll die within 3 seconds."

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Frank put the shotgun to Venoms head and starting unloading on him

He thought that this might be the end for him, hell I am going out with a bang.

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Venom's symbiote absorbed the bullets and spat them back out. Only after terrifying Frank did Venom let Frank go. The symbiot was out and Frank was gasping for air on the floor.

"Don't tell us we won't kill you Punisher. Because if you do, we will."

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"Why don't you just finish the job and ease my pain, but if you don't be prepared for I will find you and hunt you down"

"For what you said about my family is unforgivable, but it is punishable".

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Venom stood looking at the Punisher and thought to himself. what a cheezy line, and we thought our lines blew

"Punisher, get a new writer, your phrases bore us, and second, we're only keeping you alive for this fight that's going on. After it, your dead.

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"Hehe how can you kill a dead man"

Frank got up and said "Well lets get on are way what happen to Sue you scared her off Slime ball".

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Venom was losing his patience with Punisher. His eyes were searching for the wife of that liar Reed.

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Jackie was waling down the street and to his amazement he spotted Venom and The Punisher he crept over to them in the shadows and said in a low voice.

"So what brings you two lowlifes here huh"? he said in the shadows.
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Venom heard the voice and replied.

"Who speaks to us like that? We are Venom! We will feast on your brains."

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"Brains yuck but you heart will do just fine"

Jackie walked out of the shadows into the night creatures were coming out of his back growling and drooling all over him.

His body was covered in the darkness but his face was still human for now.

"You must be Venom tell me is your heart as black and dark as you are cause if it is I would love to make it part of me".

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Central Park was up in flames, people had abandoned there cars and fled on foot. Blood flowed from Gambit's ears, mouth, and eyes but still he fought on. He had run out of cards and now had to use his agility to out maneuver the remaining Sentinels. Taking shelter behind one of thee abandoned cars and placing one hand on it he waited.

Mutant Targeted

He took off running just as the Sentinel opened fire hitting the car which Gambit had charged with kinetic energy causing a massive explosion sending shrapnel flying into the Sentinel and heaving Gambit threw the window of an office building across the street.

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Venom's teeth shined in the Darkness' face. Venom jumped at the Darkness, his teeth preparing to sink into his shoulder.