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The crowd of faithful spectators massed around, ready to hear the new mayor of Vine City's victory speech. The canidate had an approval rating of ninty-one percent according to the polls, making him one of the most popular canidate to run for mayor in Vine City history. The streets were packed and people could hardly move, as they tried to get a glimpse of the new mayor. A few heroes were invited personally by the mayor, Edward Johnson. They were sitting on the first row, to where they were the closest to watch the speech. Among the loyal characters sitting, was Ronin, leader of Zero Squad. Next to him, were a dozen military soldiers who got back from serving in the Middle East.

The crowd went on a wild chant as soon as the presenter stepped to the podium. The presenter trying to calm the behemoth mass, then gave up and went ahead with presenting their new mayor. The great youth made his dramatic appearance outside of City Hall. The barrage of chants erupted, photographers tried getting the one golden picture, fireworks illuminated the night sky. The iconic icon stood in front of the podium, trying to ease the screams, but charmingly doing so. Smiling, he tried to begin his lengthy speech, but continued getting stopped from the roaring crowd. After fifteen minutes, the mayor would begin his speech.

He began discussing the most important issues of the city. The three biggest issues were poverty, wages, and crime. He expressed compassion to the poor and how he planned on helping them. After that, he spoke of the unfair wages provided by big monopolies and how he would fight them. But the biggest concern was crime. Vine City is a large city and it has crime written all over it. From the darkest shadows of the corners to the corner of your child's crib. Johnson is a supporter of many hero organizations around the world. He has promised full commitment in fighting crime, using heroes as a way to get his point through. There are very few politicians who approve using the hero organization as a tool to fight crime. But in a city like Vine City, what did its citizens have to lose?

The emotional speech was over, the city could never of been more pumped after a speech the mayor had just delivered. Citizens could now go home to their beds and dream of a better tomorrow. The Zero Squad leader stood up and made his way towards Mayor Johnson, along with the twelve decorated soldiers. Fellow friends, family members, and heroes alike, congratulated the mayor. Once Ronin had a chance, he squeezed through the crowd violently. He greeted the mayor, then turned to look at Johnson's wife. The young blonde wore a bright red dress, along with round golden earings. She indeed looked good tonight.

"You've got yourself a fine woman here, John. I might wanna take her home with me one night, just....like..this...one."

Ronin shifted his right hand towards his pocket and removed the concealed weapon from the pocket. He pointed the Desert Eagle right at the mayor's heart. The smoke trail blazed right through the mayor's heart. The blonde widow gave out a loud shriek. Ronin turned his eyes towards Johnson's wife and fired twice. Two bullets on the skull easily ended her life. The spill of dark blood stained the friends and family of the mayor and wife's clothing attire. The once great night, had become a bloodshed. Ronin dropped the weapon, while the decorated soldiers behind began to shoot the rest of Johnson's family members. Shrieks echoed throughout the city. Ronin held his hands up, allowing the authorities to take him down. Five of the twelve soldiers were shot by security, while the others were taken down by the cops as well. The news media cameras were rolling, recording tonight's top news. The criminals were taken out of the scene.

The Zero Squad leader was exessively searched, from top to bottom, until he was clean as a whistle. The decorated soldiers were set in different cells. Ronin was pulled through the corrider towards his new home, until his trial would begin. The odds were against him, he will face execution. Just as Ronin was a few feet from his cell, he stopped and began to pull back. His hands were binded by some cuffs, being held from a large guard. The three guards jumped in to assist.

"Stop resisting!"

With a great pull, Ronin snapped off the cuffs. His two "hands" fell to the floor. He pointed his two handless arms at the four guards. One of them was holding the keys. The sound of rapid moving metal hissing through the air, ended once they hit the four guards. The bodies fell to the floor.

"The things you can do when you lack certain appendages."

After struggling to fit his hands into the slots of his arms, the Z.S. Leader walked over to one of the fallen guards. He picked up the keys on his belt and released his associates. Ronin looked straight at a survelliance camera planted on the wall. He gave out a crooked smirk.

"Free the rest of the prisoners and find any weapons you can."

The rush of escapees and gunfire had the guards confused and unorganized. Ronin's men were shooting at guards within the large group, using the guns that were picked up from the dead guards by the cells. Ronin and three of his associates were able to sneak out of the prison enterance door, while the guards and escapees fought inside. Outside, the small band ran towards a dumpster by an alley. Ronin dug and scavanged through the thick stench of trash, until he pulled out a briefcase.

"You two, take the dumpster inside the prison."

The two soldiers nodded and did so. Ronin walked with his lone associate into the alley. Ronin opened his briefcase and began to undergo a physical transformation. The criminal now looked like a bum from the streets. He stuffed the used Ronin latex rubber mask inside the briefcase. Once the dumpster was in the prison building, the criminal clicked on a remote from inside the briefcase. The prison blew up. The Impersonator stopped to take in the noise of the explosion and its effects into account. The crackles of fire, the cry for help, the bloody mist adrift, the sirens, was unsatisfying.

"Is this it, are you going to stop this madness?"

The Impersonator forcefully smiled.

"No. This was just the pebble. If you want it dropped on the lake, you have to do more. If you want a larger ripple, then you have to lob it big until your arm gives off, my friend. I've gone far to stop now."

Deep in the alley, they vanished, leaving the great mess of deception behind. Now with Ronin forcefully blackmailed to face his alliances, where do they stand? The heroes once looked up to will now be looked down upon society. The actions of one spreads like an eletrical current, until it burns out. How long will it be up?

The reunion of villains was at dawn. Inside an abondoned warehouse, the meeting would take place. There, the legends of the past sat there, waiting. The sudden gunfire outside of the room brought a sense of alarm. The door was kicked open. Ronin stepped inside the same floor the villains did. Having the door opened, the dead henchmen protecting the door outside were visible from inside the meeting room. Ronin casually fixed his white suit and sat on a chair, putting his briefcase on the table. The Impersonator removed the mask from his face and set it in the middle of the table. No one could see his face. They could only see the metal facegear and his green eyes. The mask covered his past.

"I'm sure you watch the news?"

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Hayden Sung and the We Are Legend were of the few heroes sitting on that first row. He wore a black suit and red tie. His dark silky hair was stretched back in waves. The Captain was a great supporter of Edward Johnson's. He in everyway was the face of vine City. He was a very comitted man and who believes injustice should not be treated fairly. That's one of the many things he agreed on.  We Are Legend had been heavily endorsing him all over the city.

Today's legend took on the most important speech of his life, so far. No one knows how far this man could go. Possibly farther than any other man could go. Even farther than Hayden.  The only thing he is a master of is killing. Sure he conducts rescues and other vital missions, but the violence needs to stop. It would be better to be the man who sits in the office and does the right, rather than being the one who does what half is right.  After the speech was over, the W.A.L. Captain walked over to Mayor Johnson. They both shook hands.

"Nicely done, Mayor Johnson. This city expects great things from you. We'll be there to support you anyway you need something done."

"Thank you, Hayden. I'll keep your words into consideration."

Hayden took turns greeting Johnson's friends and family members. It was time to leave and W.A.L. had to get back on schedule. Their next mission would set them away from the States for a while. The Captain walked over to Feral Nova, Ferro Vida, and Sherry, who were speaking of their next mission to the local teenangers of Vine City.

"Hey team, we have to get going now. We need to prep for tomorrow. We'll be heading to a much primitive area, so we'll need as much prep as possible."

A bullet went off. Everyone spun around to see what had happened. There were screams and people crying. Hayden moved through the crowd to see what had happened.  Finally realizing, he examined two bodies laying on the ground. The Mayor and his wife were  shot.  Hayden gritted his teeth as he unbelievably watched his friend drop the weapon that had ended their lives. Hayden just frozed, he could not act. He could of transformed and jumped in, but he didn't. Searching and searching, he tried to look for the reason why he comitted this act. The focused eyes were on Ronin and his accomplices who were now under arrest.  Hayden sorrowly walked towards the two bodies. Johnson was hit directly at the heart. His wife suffered fatal shots by bullets as well, but two in the cranium. And at that distance, the bullets whizzed through the skull. The pink material that was of the brain stuck out of the holes on her head. Her eyes were rolled backwards, that you couldn't see her pupils.

Hayden's breathing began to slow. How could his friend do this? I know we don't always agree with political figures, but for him to do this...is just not him. Clenching his fist harshly to where he almost injured himself, he cried out strongly.


The tentacles from his back ripped out of his skin. Hayden's body would soon be covered with the blue suit. The alien armor covered his whole body, until he could not be recognized. Nor could his voice be recognized. The Bio Guyver shot out smoke from his respirators. His eyes would glow a fiery red. Saying nothing to his team members, he thew his body in the air. The take off lifted the floor from under him, leaving a small crater.

The versatile Bio Guyver was flying as fast as he possibly could. He was going after Ronin. He needed to know why the hell he did what he did. Over the buildings, Bio Guyver's hypersenses could see through thick walls and sense living matter behind them. Arriving to his destination, he slammed his legs on the roof of the prison. He could see skeletal figures running about inside. These were escapees trying to a piece out of the guards. But what confused the W.A.L. Captain is the fact that they were out of their cells. Ronin had to be among the running escapees. Bio Guyver stomped on the roof with his right foot once and brought a part of the roof down with him.  Looking around, he could tell the guards were enormously outnumbered. There were hundreds of escapees trying to escape. Bio Guyver's forehead began to glow. He fired five directional beams and was able to blow the legs off of five escapees.

Bio Guyver did not want to kill the escapees, but he would not hesitate to try to handicap them. Ten escapees ran towards Bio Guyver, trying to jump him. They all piled on top of him. Then many more came to overwhelm Bio Guyver with  their weight. The men yelled and there was no noise or movement coming from their enemy, Bio Guyver. Everything was still. 

A sharp shudder muffled through the large pile of escapees. The sudden blue blades sliced from underneath, appearing like shark fins. Blood sprayed everywhere, as body parts splattered in all directions. In one occasion, an escapee's head landed on another's hand. The High Frequency Swords danced around in motions, as Bio Guyver began cutting anyone who crossed his path. One of Ronin's men appeared in front of Bio Guyver, holding a shotgun. He fired once. Bio Guyver flicked it off from his direction by simpling touching it. The bullet bounced back and dug into the shooter's right eye socket. The man screamed pain, holding both hands on his eye, kneeling. Bio Guyver walked up to him and grabbed him by the head. He spun him around in circles, knocking the escapees by using the human stick as a weapon. But by forcefully doing so and using his brute strength, the head would soon tear of its torso, sending the head crashing on a wall.

Bio Guyver's eyes continued to glow red. It would not stop glowing. Hayden was completely out of control. The Guyver Unit had full movement of his human body. The Unit on his brain is what gave him power and control of it. Right now, it controlled him. The We Are Legend Captain managed to kill most of the escapees, but a trickling number attemped to escape for their lives. Bio guyver had them on sight. He grabbed his chest armor and slowly began to pull them. As he pulled, a bright light source escaped from within his chest and through the opening. Finally, the Guyver pulled it back all the way, sending the powerful energy blast towards the remaining escapees. They were instantly incinerated once the Mega-Smasher touched them. The large blast ripped through three walls in the prison. There was now a large cavity on the wall and the streetlights could be seen inside the building. Exhuasted, Bio Guyver exhaled smoke. His eyes turned from red to pink.

Ronin was still out there. It was almost certain he had escaped. Walking to get out of the prison and get away from the horrible mess he left, two men stumbled upon him, pushing a green dumpster inside the prison.

"What the hell are you doing?"

The men did not respond. They swore to their superior they would not give his name away. Suddenly, a ticking noise went off from inside the dumpster. The two men turned to face each other scratching their chin and head. Bio Guyver was just as anxiuos as the two men who brought the dumpster inside. Tapping into his Hyper Senses, he could visually see what was inside. 

"Oh Sh!t....."

Before Bio Guyver could respond leaving, the large amount of explosives detonated. The powerful explosion wreaked havoc on the building until it would cease from existence, and Bio Guyver was in it. 

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Sha was in the shower getting ready to go to the support of Edward Johnson Vine City she began talking to her automated system on her watch. SO I HEAR YOUR HUSBAND WILL BE IN ATTENDANCE??? Sha zoned it out as she continued to brush her hair. She turned on the News to see everyone getting into place for the ceremony. As far as Sha could see the city was packed, the streets of Vine were crammed like sardine cans, there were hundreds of soldiers who had returned from the Middle East in attendance Sha smiled and then got dressed.

She walked down the long corridor to her Yamaha Motorcycle and revved it up, the bike screeched, the wheels spun and Sha shot out the KAS parking deck towards the Ceremony.

As she stopped at a Red light she looked around to see people who either obviously didn’t care or where up to something; whatever the case she didn’t have time to stop and see. As soon as the light turned green she continued to speed down the road. The Ceremony was taking place somewhere in the North and The KAS HQ was in the south eastern part of the city so it was going to take a while to get there.


Sha dismounted her motorcycle and pressed a button on the body of it, which turned it into a gem, so no one can steal it. She walked through the packed crowds and looked around for Ronin. Soon Johnson started his speech; so Sha decided to sit down and listen to the speech. When everyone was sitting down it was easy for Sha to see what was going on. She caught Ronin in the corner of her eye moving toward the mayor she thought this was weird but then she saw that the other soldiers followed behind him, which she really thought was weird.

Sha saw Ronin Whisper something to the Major and in the same motion he pulled out a weapon and fired directly at the Mayors heart, Sha stood up looking bewildered, people were screaming and running around, Sha then heard two more shots she turned to see the Majors girlfriend or wife go down, She didn’t understand what Ronin did this for; The Major was the perfect symbol for injustice and peace, the true future of the Vine City. Soon the soldiers opened gun fire and a War zone was created Sha placed a light screen around those in her area so they wouldn’t get hit by wayward bullets. Soon as the gun fire was over Ronin was seen being arrested and taken into custody along with his other friends. Sha turned to see the WAL head Bio Guyver take off into the air she looked around at the scene two dead bodies of important figures and multiple dead bodies of innocent bystanders.


Sha looked at the crowd and then took off running, she had the ability of super speed but it wasn’t used much so she didn’t know how to use it well.  She ran down an alley way and jumped right on a wall and then kicked to the left, and did this until she came to the edge of the roof where she pulled herself up.

She could see the people looking for her; she was a little confused on what to do next she felt a vibration in her pants, she reached in her pockets and pulled out her cell phone it was her mother. NO MAMMA STOP WATCHING THE NEWS!!!!

Sha flew back to KAS HQ and began pacing the house Cursing in Ninjan and in Olde Ninjan her mind was focused on there little daughter Matina That is until she heard another NEWs break. Ronin had broken out of Jail leaving a lot more people dead, Sha didn’t even know what to think, she flew faster than she ever could to the Prison by the time she got there the Prison exploded.

The debris spread everywhere, knew something was wrong at that moment, Ronin was one of John’s biggest supporters why would he kill him, and more importantly why would he not tell her….

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The room was dark, the door was closed, and inside it, two figures slept, but only one sound could be heard. It was a on and off, half snoring sound. A large, green wing stretched over the person who was snoring, muffling him somewhat. The wing drew back, as the mighty dragon rose, extending her wings, to circulate the blood. She sniffed the air, to smell if anyone had been there recently. None had. She looked around, seeing quite well in the dark, and looked at the person lying on the ground. She nudged him with her nose, trying to wake him. It didn't work. She slapped him in the face with her tail, again, nothing. She decided what to do.

Wake up Cly, you have been sleeping far too long!

The powerful blast from her mind caused Cly to jump from the ground, performing a back flip, and land on his back. He stood up, rubbing his now sore back.

Hi Esmeralda, why do you do that?

It is effective, my rider.

Can you be more creative next time? Maybe dump a barrel of water on my head!

Okay, I'll do that.

He dressed in his outfit and cape, and belted Valor. He jumped up on Esmeralda's back, and pressed the button. The entire side of his room started to open, and light poured in. With one powerful movement, the dragon jumped from her spot, extended her wings, and they were off.

Vine City

As they neared the central building, they could both see that the streets were jam packed with people. Cly remembered why, as they loomed closer. Esmeralda's dragon eyes could see the mayor, standing up, about to give his speech when, she saw a man with a gun. The trigger was pulled multiple times, and the mayor and his wife were down. Cly couldn't see it, but Esmeralda's thoughts were enough.

Cly, the mayor just got shot!

No way, this is horrible. Tuck your wings, back, and lets go apprehend the shooter.

Esmeralda tucked her wings back, and was soon moving very fast towards the stand. As she was nearing it, Cly jumped off her back, as she started to gain altitude. He was falling in the air, thirty feet above the stand, adjacent to a building. He drew Valor, and plunged its undulling, razor sharp blade in the building. Windows shattered, the walls were getting sliced right through, and soon Cly came to a stop, five feet above the stand. He pushed off the wall, pulled Valor out, and stuck it toward the man with his hands up. He dropped Valor, as he saw that it was Ronin. He just stood there, wondering what would cause him to do such an action. Then, the authorities arrested Ronin, and just as a person from the crowd was about to grab Valor, Cly motioned with his hand, and the sword lifted from the ground, and flew back to his hand. He saw the captain in the crowd, standing there just as he had. Cly shrugged his shoulders. He looked up, and saw Esmeralda, one hundred feet up, almost hovering there. He crouched low, uttered a few words, and he jumped.

Cly jumped, as he passed the first, second, third...and finally the tenth story, grabbing Esmeralda's neck, swinging around onto her back.

So, what happened?

What happened? That was Ronin! I can't believe he did that!

Are they taking him to the prison?

You bet they are! Lets go back to the HQ, tell the others, if any, then head over to the jail.

Sounds like a plan.

Vine City Prison

As Esmeralda and Cly were flying toward the prison, Cly felt that Sha was near, flying toward it. He wanted to say something, but decided it wasn't a good time. Then, he felt the consciousness of the Captain. He felt fear.

The prision suddenly exploded, all the walls blowing out, smoke and debri filling the air, and Bio Guyver was inside.

Oh no!

The captain was in there!

Desperate to reach him, Cly called out with casting his thoughts.

Hayden, are you all right? Hayden come in...!
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Alexander Parker or as he was most commonly known Xtreme stood in a crouching position purched on top of one of the nearby buildings, like a hawk he watched listened almost inspecting the events that were taking place from here he could get a better view of everything this gave him the advantage of surviallance as he could see if anyone would attack the cities new mayor. The man was respected by many through out the city, he brought hope to its people a hope that they had not felt for quite some time. Many people sat there waiting for the mans arrival the anticipation the exitment could be felt all around the place. Many of them chattering away about what the mayor would say how he would look, it had been a long time since the people had been this exited about a politician. Xtreme was not as exited as the other people here how could he be most politicians for along time had been corrupt dirty and back stabbing individuals now recently things seemed to be getting back on track and this new mayor and even the president seemed clean good honest men but how long would that last for , Xtreme had seen men like that fall from grace before because since Eve stole the apple from the tree man has been a sucker for temptation weather it be money, sex, drugs or other things it seems these days everyone has a price and anyone can be bought.

The main reason Xtreme was here was to be the eyes and to represent his new team We Are Legend, he had not joined to long ago and despite him being the newest member he was older than most. At first Xtreme was felt by the leader of WAL that because of his background he might not fit in with the team but after convincing the man that he had changed his ways and was now a new man he was let in the team but having a younger brother who was good friends with its members sure helped alot. A soft wind came into play as the crowd erupted in a roar of cheers, everyone of them standing up straight capping as the new mayor made his way to the podium fireworks of the brightest colours filled the night sky the crowd roared showing no signs of stopping it was a spectical that would be remembered for many years to come but with everyone standing up and being so frantic it made it harder to keep a track of everything just because this man seemd honest and good that also meant because he was stomping down on crime made him a target for criminals so Xtreme had to be on full alert but there were a few group of people heroes that he would not susspect. Cameras flashed getting shots of the man who was taking it all in smiling and waving to the people almost like he had been doing this for years. After 15 minutes the man began his speech.

The mans speech hit on all the major problems within the city poverty, wages and the cities biggest problem and one that had been a problem for a long time crime. The man talked about how he would use the heroes to stamp down on crime and take it away making the city a more peaceful place. The speech finally over peole stood up and cheered a selct few people friends, family and heroes congatulated the mayor shaking his hand and patting him on the back. Xtreme was not worried as he was convinced most of the people there with the mayor werent a threat but that was wrong as the next thing he saw taking place right before his eyes was the mayor and his wife shot down not by any criminal but by the leader of one of the vines premiere teams Ronin a man who was a loyal supporter to the mayor so why would he shoot him down it didnt make any sense what reasons would a man who had protected the people for a long time a man who was the leader of such a respected team why would he kill the mayor, a state of confusion came over Xtreme as he watched shocked as Ronin was taking in sent away to prison as the soldiers he was with was shot down. Xtreme looked up as he could see his team leader take off towards the prison were Ronin was bein taking to.

Xtreme placed his mask over his face completly covering his body from head to toe even his eyes were hidden from view this was becasue he was a ninja and he like to keep his emotions hidden from the world, jumping down from the building in a series of flips he landed with his left leg still in the crouching position with his right leg stretched to one side, hisleft hand placed firmly on the ground and his right behind his back, getting back up the mist ninja jumped on his bike and took off towards the prison to find some answers. The journey took him 15 minutes before he arrived and by the time he got there te prison was in ruins a sign that an explosion had taking place as flames rose high in the air, Xtreme got off his bike and looked around to see that Sha the leader of his other little brother was there looking on at the blaze but Xtreme could not see his leader there was no signs of Bio anywhere, Xtreme ran towards Sha "Bio where is he" Xtreme not wasting anytime ran towards the flames and lept forward and as he did his entire body transformed into mist as he went in search of Bio.

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Hmm, I wonder, if I did this... What would happen?” Spectrion extended his left arm forward, his hand balled into a tight fist. A red ring glowed around his green gloved finger. Spectrion was outline in a red, shimmering energy. The way the energy pulsated seem as if it was throbbing with anger and rage. Suddenly a red beam shot out of the center of the crimson ring and took the shape of a flamethrower. Red fire spewed out of the light construct and the field of produce was set ablaze. The fire ran for miles and was reducing this famine stricken settlement's food supply to ash. He smiled as the men ran out of there burning wooden homes. Their faces showed complete hysteria and fear.

Accept one man, he had lost all sense and decided to head straight at Spectrion, axe in hand. Spectrion used his right hand to make a gesture, beckoning the attack. The man charged full force, unaware of his opponents abilities. Spectrion sidestepped and used a green ring he had on his right hand to created a scythe. The rotated his wrist and that rotation caused the scythe to thrash violently at the man. His arm dropped to the ground and all the flesh that covered his ribs was gone. But still the man fought, with his last piece of energy the man swung at Spec again with his axe. The attacks was overthrown and Spec capitalized, he circled around the man and as he spun he launched the point of his scythe upward in a cutting motion. Half way through the spin the scythe cut through his chest cavity and plunged into his heart. As Spec continued spinning the scythe zoomed forward, pulling the heart it hooked through the man's windpipe, past his nose and finally the heart was ripped out through the man's skull. The ground was soaked in blood and became even more so when the bloody carcass hit the ground. Spectrion jumped up and levitated a few meters off the ground while deactivating his ring. He watched as the fire reached the spot he was just in and incinerated the corpse. Spec flew off in search of a new venture.

3 days after his little fire display, Spec made his way over to the famous Vine City hoping to stirrup some trouble. He'd been informed by some dead kids that the Mayor would be speaking on the street he was headed towards. He also heard from their dead parents that his family and friends would be there as well. He flew at breakneck speed, his green and red shields protecting his fragile body. Yet by the time he arrived, someone beat him to the punch.“Early bird gets the worm my tush!”

He scoped out the scene looking for the source of the killings. He saw some blue suits arresting one man and he knew immediately that it was him who stole his fun. As one of the police cars rolled away Spectrion made his way over to the security guards and cops that were chatting among themselves. He walked up to them with his “win em over” smile and began to speak. “Can you tell me what the name of the jail there taking that man to is called? Sure green bean, its Vine City Prison. Why thank you.”Spectrion aimed his red ring high in the air and created about twelve dozen spikes in the air. The men looked up and Spec brought his arm down fast. Each man met a most painful demise. Trion used his green ring to lift up the vacant cars and launch them into the stratosphere as he made his way back to his lair to prep for his assault on the prison.

Spectrion stretched on top of a roof near the prison. He was ready to blow a hole so big that even if they rebuilt the hole would still be there. He directed his green and red rings in there relative direction, right when he was ready to create the goddamned energy attack, the goddamned building blew up. He glared at the wreckage for a good minute and just said “F#ck.” He jumped down and flew to the ground and saw the man he had come for fleeing the scene of the crime. He flew in his direction and a sticky note hit him in the face. He stopped to read it and it said, “You wanna know why I'm always a step ahead of you? Be at this address ON TIME!” Spec looked at the time and realized it was an 12 hours from now and the address was in New York. He bursted off, trying to make it in time... 11 hours later he entered the building and shook hands with the security as he entered a dingy room he took a seat on a hard wooden chair. He watched as others trickled in one by one, each taking seats random seats and staring at each other. Trion simply put on his “winning” smile and awaited the man he hunted . There were a set of loud noises heard outside and then the man he'd been chasing walked through the door as if nothing happened. His rugged features and well tailored suit gave a man with such a stature a humbling look. He sat down and began to tear at his face, suddenly it peeled off to reveal someone completely different. He spoke, his green eyes seemed foreboding."I'm sure you watch the news?"Spec clapped and laughed, “Very Impressive. Still one step ahead of me eh?” 

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Felix shifted uncomfortably in his chair as the crowd jostled several feet behind him for a better look at the stage. He still wasn't quite used to being around so many people, which didn't help to sooth his already high nerves. He was still new to We Are Legend, so he was a little surprised to have been invited to the ceremony, since most of his career as a hero had been during his time as an outlaw for a crime he hadn't commited. Governement officials were also a bit nerve racking to the young hero, as many of them in the past had succumbed to temptation and done more harm then good. This one  though, Edward Johnson, seemed promising. At the very least he was charismatic and charming enough make even the sketics listen to him. As the new Mayor approached the podium, cheers of approval and camera flashes erupted from the gathered people. Felix clamped his hands to the side of his head in an attempt to block out some of the noise. He glanced to either of his sides to catch a glimpse at his teammates. The only other WAL members who had come were Feral Nova, Sherry, and their fearless leader, Bio Guyver. Felix was still in awe at the aura that emanated from him. His very presence allowed Ferro to believe that WAL would be able to handle any challenge they faced.

As the people finally started to settle down again, the new Mayor began his speech. He addressed all the key issues the city faced, from poverty and wages, all the way to criminal infestation. He spoke of how he would use the heros to force the crime out of Vine City. As the crowd went wild all around, Felix held his silence. "Use the heros? What does he mean by that? We help because we choose to, not because he wants us too." Rather than voicing his opinion, he decided it would be better to keep it to himself, for now at least. As the speech ended, several heros began to approach the podium to congradulate Johnson, including the Captain. Feeling it would be best to stay back, Felix stood up, straightened out his dark green suit, and began to move off to the side. After he had gotten out of the spotlight he reached up and began to fix his hair. Although he had styled it for the occasion, now that the ceremony was over he saw no reason to suffer anymore. Spotting Sherry and Feral talking with a group of teenagers, he headed towards them. He quickly joined the conversation when he learned they were talking about the team's next mission. They didn't talk for long, though, because soon enough Cap was back.

"Hey Team, we have to get going now. We need to prep for tomorrow.
We'll be heading to a much primitive area, so we'll need as much prep as possible." No sooner had he spoken these words then gunshots came from the direction of the stage. Acting on instinct, Felix formed a set of wings on his back and threw them up to protect the teenagers. Cap had headed in the direction of the gunfire, but just as he neared the source he stopped. The next thing Felix knew, several people were being taken away in a police truck, and the Captain had gone screaming off into the sky in full Guyver form. Folding his wings he dashed up to the stage to see for himself what had happened.

"What the he-" No sooner had he spoken the words then everything was gruesomely clear. Lying on the stage in a puddle of blood and grey matter were the now lifeless bodies of Mayor Johnson and his wife."Oh my god... who did this?" No one responded to him. The people were in utter chaos and the police had there hands full stopping an all out riot from forming. One of the officers stopped for a moment and told Felix who the shooter was, then quickly bustled off to help tend to Johnson's family. "Ronin!? Thats impossible! He supported Johnson throughout his campaign. And even if he hadn't, he had never seemed like the kind of person who would do this." Ferro was shocked from his thoughts by a beeping sound that was coming fom nearby. No one else had noticed it yet, but it was getting faster and louder every second. He swore to himself as he realized what it was. "Theres a bomb! Everybody move! Get away!" He shrieked as he leapt toward the sound. Sweeping the chair aside as he landed next to it, Ferro looked down to see a small suicase with a larger yellow smiley face on it. Upon closer inspection he could see that the smilie's eyes were a countdown timer, and it was on three. "Oh sh-" Felix spread his wings out once again, this time folding them around him and the explosive in an attempted to shield the blast.

The explosion flew ten meters in all directions, shattering the glass in several buildings, but not directly hitting any civilians. Felix's weak form swayed back and forth as the dust settled. "Huh, I thought I could only absorb electric energy..." looking down at himself, he saw that his upper body had been shredded by the blast, leaving his stomache barely intact and exposing his metallic heart. "Oh." He fell backwards, his vision slowly dimming as he saw the people running around him in a reinvigorated panic. A single thought crossed his mind as his limp body hit the ground and his eyes closed. "What the hell is going on here!"