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Pre Paid Heroes

"We do our jobs so nobody else gets hurt"

Do you want to end up like this?
Hey heroes, are you tired of your countless hours of volunteering and altruism?
Are you tired of bad wages outside of your heroics? Do you want a chance of stardom and good PR?
Here is the chance for you!
- Advert
Marvelcare also cover superheroes

At Hero Aid we have a team of generous people ready to make you super famous and super rich. We have benefits for the normal people as well such as our very own Marvelcare ™ which is series of superhero insurance and damage control policies to help out bystanders and fellow civillians cope with the dangerous battle zone of day to day crime fighting. Because at Hero Aid we care for everyone (with terms and conditions applied). We are a NGO that works alongside several powerful groups to provide the best care we can to improve your lives.

Get that hero money playboy

Here at Hero Aid we also employ former villains with a rapsheet and provide equal opportunities for all, because we believe in giving three chances like the wise Buddha. Before you ask for 'that' question, yes we also provide those opportunities for non humans as well. Because at hero aid we do not Discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, religion, species, existential form or whatever .

Hero Aid takes the approach of registration as well so our heroes are recognized by the government and work hand in hand with the nearby law enforcement groups to create a synergy of benefits to further our cause. We are also the forefront of a conglomeration of big companies and young entrepreneurs operating with big budgets, thus we can ensure the best for both our clients and employees. Here at Hero Aid heroism is a job and we keep thing professional.

We do not hold to any nationality or lines on a map, because where they fail we won't. We offer help domestically and overseas, we help with the small things as well. Post-disaster care and philanthropy (with casualty treatment) because heroes should not be limited to crime fighting where the world is hungry and impoverished.


Hero Aid is a megacorp and is a top three global economic entity.

Head Office

Yesterday's future, now!

A tall tower situated In Las Vegas, it holds the employees and the 'heroes' of the large companies. It serves as the central hub for operations, it has very good securities and has several ways of dealing with intruders but most of them are non lethal. This building is open to any and all persons, it houses several recreational facilities and even a department store. It also has its own media room for photo ops and broadcasting.

The office is accessible and accommodates also for the disabled with advanced automated chair facilities and sickbays where such conditions can be cured (for a certain fee). Within the base are also hubs for off-world transportation whether it is planets, dimensions, timelines or planes of existences.

The Hero Mall

We have everything inside

Run by heroes but open for all, and we have fancy restaurants too. Famous for its juice stand with its world class but affordable mix smoothies. The building contains several shops that fits all price ranges, selling things from common items to exotic off-world goods that has been adapted to be safe for human usage.

Members of Staff

The boardroom, where miracles truly happen. They are chosen from specialized individuals and beings from all across the cosmos because special problems need special interventions. In terms of activities they work as a massive network to cover worldly matters on earth and beyond, but they just enjoy a warm mug of coffe in the office most of the time,

Where most fights are done
  1. Treasure Hunters - they inform the company of mankind's long lost heritages to preserve and ancient evil to combat, this group also has the capability of increasing profits due to their knack for finding valuable items.
  2. Corporate Ninjas/Samurais - they serve as liaisons to the eastern world of mythology and fantasy, they are valued members of the company because of their knack for swift and decisive combative styles that ends enemies so that business can be conducted faster.
  3. Astronauts - they work outside the earth to salvage materials and minerals to improve life on earth, these men and women (animals even) maintain contact with the friends outside the earth as well.
  4. Spies - keeping vigilant eyes against the acts of worldwide terrorism, and they make information gathering even better.
  5. Time Travelers - fighting crimes now can be done retroactively or even at times to come, these guys are also the ones who think ahead of the others because of future exposure while keeping a good foundation from better understanding of the past.
  6. Giant Monsters - we help them so that they can live without harming humans and so we can live while building mutual bonds, and when the going gets rough the rough gets going.
  7. Robots - given them rights and keep them as companions to prevent cybernetic revolt, they keep us updated on the happenings of the wired world.
  8. Wizards - they keep us updated on magic that can be utilized to solve the world's problems (consultants), plus they reach our connections to the magic world for insight and new things to learn,
  9. Aliens - we help them protect their planet and they help us protect ours from off orbit threats, exchange of technologies as a win-win situation.
  10. Superheroes - the backbone of the company, the ones who carry the burden of the company.
  11. Undead/Slayers - keeping untold horrors at bay while keeping tabs with supernatural occurrences, and giving advice from beyond the grave ,
  12. Pirates - exploring the seas for allies and enemies alike while keeping tabs on the criminal underworld.

They deal with intruders in their own unique ways (but watch out for the magic guys, they love pre-set magic transmogrification into edibles).

Key Members

Sebastian Fawkes

One of the favored members of the committee is good old Seb, the great bastard who comes up with creative ways to deal with the world's problems. His right hand is the hand that moves money while his left hand is the one that is used to choke the life out of competition. To put into perspective he is a man who can play a game of Monopoly on real global (or more) economy and can trigger economic collapses at will, If there are economic hit-men he is the one that has the skills to retire them all.

Gerard Clay

The head honcho of the Time Travel division who keeps people from erasing important events in this current reality. Who is profit oriented just like the other members of the group, Clay is a prodigy in hies field and does not hesitate to go for the jugular when the situation calls for it. What might seem like a casual man is a force that can tremble high end beings. He is the person to call when needing strategies on dismantling overpowered beiongs because he has a rapport for silencing reality warpers.

The Conglomerate

"Their reach is ubiquitous"

They have superpower, its called money.

Hero Aid is funded by a power group run by extremely influential ladies and gentlemen, they typically jump around the Forbes 500 and can lobby governments to fit in legislation at will. But they are good hearted albeit chaotic, the ones that decide to form the group are the ones who want to try philantrophy from a different direction. Mixing fun that only certain people can afford and a gift for the people by providing entertainment. Their pockets runs as deep as their ego's are big, being able to privatize most of the things that can be privatized (even prisons, which helps them when they are convicted). As far as the world are concerned these people are out of the system.


"The characters for the shows who work for the best interests of the company"

  • (Actually: Paul Harris but this is his alter ego when taking the job)
  • Takes the morning to evening shift from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Deals with mostly urban activities but can accomodate other settings
  • Sponsored by: Burger Lord
  • Powers: Teleportion & Situational Telekinesis
  • Gimmick: Loose cannon hero with brawling style and reckless attitude, more or less the jack of all trades the team, gives PSA's about drugs and gangs


  1. Pilot

Nightwatcher is a hero born out of the substance of the night, but the man watches over the events of day to carefully guide evil right back into its designated location. Some say he might not even be human but a clump of darkness given form to fight crime. What people can be sure of is that he is one of the good guys, he carries a special nightstick (tonfa) that he uses to break bones and injure villains. There are clues that he fought crime to avenge his dog who was caught by a stray bullet in a gang shootout, he vows to avenge his best friend and to make sure that nobody else has to lose their beloved pets. Remember to stay out of his way when he is in action, and don't forget to call Hero Aid to book him for birthday parties.

The Fist
  • Real name: Daniel Wayne (codenamed The Fist when working for hero aid)
  • Takes the evening to night shift 5pm-2am (might change)
  • Deals with mostly big world bad guy problems (super powered dictators, terrorists with guns, BIG guns)
  • Sponsored by: Devil piss liquor
  • Gimmick:the reluctant hero but always does the right thing usually going head first into battle, power house of the team, gives PSA'S about alcohol and bullying.

The fist is the all american hero who used to serve his country in the war and now serves his country and others from those who would have freedom taken away from the people, he is an indestructible defender of freedom and democracy. He uses no special weapons to take down the bad guys only his patriotism and well his FISTS. So villians beware because where ever their is oppression he will be their to defend the people of today so they can live for tomorrow. The Fist is also available for school and military appearances.

  • (real name Alphonse Brody)
  • Alter-ego when not at Hero Aid™: Tellumo
  • Takes the 'After-School' shift of 3:00-4:00PM
  • Deals with 'any crimes that pop up'.
  • Sponsored by: HeroTV
  • Gimmick: Teen member who 'appeals to the kids', also has the shiniest costume.

Earth-Shaker was asked to join the business as a merketing ploy to gather youth attention. He was persuaded with the offer of a shiny new costume with gadgets & a grappling hook. Alphonse tends to his earth shifting powers exclusively as not to let any notice that Earth-Shaker & Tellumo are one & the same. The suit increases his strength & speed to superhuman levels, it also contains nearlt thirty gadgets including a taser, a communicator, an iPod charger & more.

<These are the stars>

  • (real name Andrew Wilson)
  • Time of work: 3:00 A:M-9:00 A:M
  • Operation: Stealth,Reconnaissance, fighting powerful bad guys that others can't handle.
  • Powers: Enhanced combat followed by many other ninja skills.
  • Gimmick: The badass sneaky ass kicking ninja that all kids like and love

Dark asked to join the organization simply because he ran out of thugs to imprison, not only does he enjoy bringing fear to criminals he also enjoys simply showing off his unique abilities.


When the situation calls they can be mobilized as 'Sky Shadow' a black ops hero group to tackle more serious problems with more extreme measures, this is an additional package with a costly fee. There is a secret technology behind their masks which will flash, the light isolates the electronic impulses in the brains, specifically the ones for memory.



Theses are specialized drone camera units which every member will have access to, for their jobs they will have three with them at all times. They serve as surveillance and broadcast so the fans can see them in action from a variety of angles, capturing their greatest moments of both despair and triumph. They are set on PG-13 controls so that they can censor expletives with a series of beeps. Besides that communications can be switched to air commercials when urgent discussions may arise. They come in many colors and metallic blue is very popular. They also provide heroes with real-time communications with their audience at selected times to get some fans or to adress important messages.

Melee weapon at a whim

A weapon familiar with heroes in the edgy nineties but remodeled for mainstream usage, these raycasters have settings which allow them to stun (stimulation of every pain receptor in a person, causing torture). At general they fire powerful concussive beams of pulverizing force that can knock down or knock out super humans, the sides can be modified to fit sponsor logos while the grip can be remodeled to a suit the style of the user. It can be fired while running, walking and jumping as well as crouching. A mandatory side arm for all heroes .

The Raycaster is a combination of the Raypistol & the Raysaber. Raysabers have voice-activated features and can be used only with registered members. With this each fighter can execute a diagonal slash with the Raysaber. At first, the blade is about the size of a dagger, but the length changes depending on who wields it. The length of the blade changes depending on the fighting spirit of the wielder.

Star Shooters

Meteor shower? Try hero shower, orbital drop pod technology used to fire our heroes at the heart of danger. Sending reinforcements wherever and whenever, plus it looks very cool in front of the cameras. The symbolism of justice raining down with the flames of re-entry and the good guys emerging from chaos. Plus it can be used to flatted bad guys at Terminal Velocity.



Hero Aid provides job opportunities for metahumans and normal humans alike, we will help sponsor heroes in need of financial aid. We intend to use our expertise to improve upon the world. Heroes get paid and justice gets played, essentially putting doublethink when it comes to profit and philantrophy.


To cultivate their collective consciousness in order to protect the minds of the people from negative belief systems that makes them think of superhumans as evil, to defend and preserve their minds from the oppressive powers that be.

So Join Now and earn the benefits

Inspired by: Heroes For Hire, Amazing Man (Mystery Men), Tiger & Bunny, Ratman, and VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie)


  • We only allow up to twelve members at the moment. We start at one. Will get updated on weekly basis. Anyone can Join, Pm first.
  • Keep it civil (don't damage the building, keep fighting off-site)
  • No Drama (well the kind that gets thread locked)
  • Have fun
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Now this is interesting. I'll be joining this with an alt more than likely, if thats cool!

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@.Ajax.: Join up playboy, we have insurance covered plus choose an operation time... soon you will have a reality show

#3 Posted by .Ajax. (2502 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gibbet said:

@.Ajax.: Join up playboy, we have insurance covered plus choose an operation time... soon you will have a reality show

Won't be joining with Ajax but I really do like the sounds of this.

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The fist

real name:Daniel Wayne(codenamed The Fist when working for hero aid)

takes the evening to night shift 5pm-2am(might change)

deals with mostly big world bad guy problems(super powered dictators, terrorists with guns, BIG guns)

sponsored by: Devil piss liquor

gimmick:the reluctant hero but always does the right thing usually going head first into battle, power house of the team, gives PSA'S about alcohol and bullying.

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good but you need another identity though (just put a mask over) because your real identity is spirit, this is just a fake alter ego to put some smile on schoolkids

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Would I make a good addition?

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Get a shiny costume to attract fans from different age groups, pick a time slot and have fun

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@Gibbet said:


Get a shiny costume to attract fans from different age groups, pick a time slot and have fun

ninja or?

business man?

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@omegablast452: Ninja fits with the demographic, so ninja it is

#10 Posted by omegablast452 (2521 posts) - - Show Bio


gotcha, so lethal force allowed or not?

#11 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


We want to be examples for school kids so not, well depends on the time slot and demographics. But it is encouraged to follow the no kill rule unless stated otherwise by our partners from the law enforcement division.

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p.s: I'll take the very late night shift 3:00 A:M-9:00 A:M

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Just make a small bio so I can put it on the main page

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Tiger & Bunny? I'm in!

Love this man
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@Tellumo: same with Ratman as well if you follow the series, and okay dude just pop up a bio in a pm and i will put it on the team page

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@Gibbet:I think I just cried in happiness at the fact that someone else reads Ratman! The bio is under way.

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@Tellumo: Zetman too if you count the hero themes

(pop a bio man)

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This organization will be the partner and sponsor of The Academy

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@Gibbet:So were fusing together or getting assimilated by them?

#20 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio

@omegablast452: Merger/Acquisition, we sponsor and support them. Like partners, and we will buy a majority their stocks when they open IPO at the capital market.

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@Gibbet: (yay!)

Dark enters the office batman style

#22 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


From the coffee table Nite saw the other 'hero'

"Hello there newcomer I am Nightwatcher, It is a pleasant to meet you. How do you feel working by the hour as a hero... between you and me it beats getting used for guinea pigs"

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@Gibbet: "Nice to meet you Nightwatcher, I'm Dark and feel the same way you do"Dark crossed his arms"are we the only ones here?"

#24 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


"Apparently yes we are, word is that the big wigs are preparing for a merger with another superhero group with similar interests." Nightwatcher made himself a cup of joe and leavesit on the table where he lets it cool down with some milk "I heard that the guys at time travel stopped a guy from killing benjamin franklin, well for the ninth time this month"

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@Gibbet: "Heh,"Dark laughed slightly"So are we going to be followed around by guys with cameras like COPS?"Dark went towards a soda machine and put in a dollar as he waited for a reply

#26 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


"I heard that we will be given waldoes, or small round cameras the size of billiard balls that will float and circle around us so they can catch us in action from different angles. Think more of 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' but we are not racist douchebags.' Nightwatcher sipped his coffee and decides to share a bit of cool info with with this new friend "I heard that they can automatically censor your language, the show was PG-13 so f bombs will be replaced by cow's moos or something else"

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@Gibbet:Dark laughed happily"That's awesome!"the soda finally came out and Dark picked it up"Can't wait to get into the whole ninja routine, what's going to be your method?"Dark asked curiously as he opened his soda can.

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"They decided to ship me off to an International Program, send me to bad places to beat up on thugs and hoodlums. They want injuries, but not much blood so they can also promote their medical systems."

Nightwatcher finished his coffee

"That ninja thing is a smart gimmick, kids love you guys... I heard that the big wigs are making a game about ninjas. You might be a playable character man."

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@Gibbet:Dark nodded agreeing"I got the idea from TMNT, I don't know a kid who doesn't love ninja's "Dark lowered his mask a bit and took a gulp from his sold and than talked again"You be careful now, I don't want my friend getting hurt"Dark smirked a bit after calling his team mate a friend.

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"Its okay, I won't be since the location are pre selected and the company has a team of experts to evacuate the people and stuff."

Nightwatcher picks up something under the table and slips it inside his jacket

"I heard that you will face metas, doesn't that seem dangerous to you?"

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@Gibbet: "I'm not that scared actually I have some neat custom made gizmo's, I mean who says a ninja can't have tech?"

#32 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


"Everyone gets tech here, I mean did you pick your raycaster already? Its a rad combo of a laser pistol and a laser sword"

#33 Posted by omegablast452 (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gibbet: "No, do you have one?"Dark said obviously baffled that he didn't know of this.

#34 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio

@omegablast452: "I am getting mine's remodeled for a woodstock grip"

[check on the first page for gadgets and stuff, I update on weekly basis]

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@Gibbet: Dark nodded his head and than finished his soda,"So how much do you think were getting payed?"

(checked it, pretty neat :) )

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@omegablast452: "The wages are good enough to enter a place with landmines and bullets, it starts with a hundred thousand and it only gets better from then on"

#37 Posted by omegablast452 (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gibbet:Dark tossed the empty can into a garbage bin that was twenty feet away from him and watched it land successfully inside"If the pay's that good, than were probably gonna be pretty dam famous"

#38 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


"The pay depends on our performance as well, because y'know we are servants to PR so we need to maintain image"

#39 Posted by omegablast452 (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gibbet: "Well than, we'll just have to make sure our performance is of good quality right?"

#40 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio

@omegablast452: "As expected of a rolemodel"

#41 Posted by omegablast452 (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gibbet: Dark cracked his knuckles"When do we start?"

#42 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


"how about now?'

#43 Posted by omegablast452 (2521 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gibbet: "You mean like getting out in the streets and start looking for thugs to beat up, this very second?"

#44 Posted by Gibbet (619 posts) - - Show Bio


"Now as in talk with the big wigs on your Pilot Episode"