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The Secret Society of Villains, led by Lex Luthor and helped by a newly constructed Brainiac, created a doomsday machine. This machine was capable of manipulating the weather on a massive scale. The Society unleashed this weapon upon the Earth causing massive Tidal Waves, Hurricanes, Flash Floods, and Earthquakes.

But as they had done so many times in the past, the Justice League came to the rescue. After a bloody and fierce battle the JLA defeated the Society and using the Watchtower, destroyed the weather satellite. Luthor however, managed to escape.

What the JLA did not realize, was that the weather machine had not been destroyed. It instead had been broken down into 5 separate pieces and scattered around the world. With most of the Society either dead or in prison, Lex Luthor turned to the only organization he knew could help, the LoS. With each piece sending out a homing signal, it is only a matter of time before the JLA pick it up. It is now a race against time to see who will secure all five pieces first. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

This rpg is for the LoS. Some exceptions will be made.

The JLA will be NPC controlled. Unless you want to make another account and play as one of the JLA (contact Gambler) They can be killed, but this doesn’t mean you kill Batman in one post, same with the others. Try and stay true to there powers and abilities.

No God moding

No Auto-Hits

Normal Rules apply





The Pacific Ocean

The rpg starts off right after we’ve excepted the job from Luthor. The LoS are all together in the headquarters, getting ready to break off into groups and go after the pieces.

Any questions can and will be answered in the Ooc: coming shortly.

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Everything you need to know, is on this micro-disc, along with a contact number where I can be reached. I have the utmost confidence that your team is ready and capable of pulling this off. I’ve deposited 50millions dollars in each of your off shore accounts, and the rest will be wired upon completion as for are agreement.

And with that, the greatest evil mastermind the Earth had ever seen, strolled out of the LoS complex. Gambler turned around, his attention focused on the tiny metallic disc balanced on his finger. The rest of the team was already in the debriefing room, which was an orchestra of monitors, satellite images, computer screens, streaming data, and systems operators. It was all state of the art. Completely one of a kind thanks to the genius of Buckshot and Forever.

“Okay, lets get down to business people.”

Extending his arm, the exoskeleton shifted on his forearm. He carefully placed the micro disc in and watched as it shifted back. A holographic image of the Earth appeared in the center of the table and rotated. A continues line of information was also visible as the hologram turned.



The Pacific Ocean



“These are the five locations of the five missing pieces. I’ve already dispatched Arrow to Scotland. The rest of us will pair off and track down the others. I’ve already downloaded what information was available on the Justice League to your PDA’s. There isn’t much there, but its better then nothing.”

And so it began, two legendary teams on a collision course. History would remember this event.

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Leaning back in his chair DC watches the monitors and scans the images over paying attention to one location I have never been to Asia he thinks to himself with a large grin on his face. His chair one made to support him he doesn't go anywhere not in his metallic form even his home base. He looked through the files Gambler had of the members of the JLA stopping on two Geo-Force and Red Tornado "Have to watch my back with those two, the rest are formidable but I have a feeling the Tin can and the tree hugger will be difficult." DC listens as Gambler continues is lecture and Darkchild not being the patient type nods at Gambler telling him "I'm off got a flight to Asia" with a smile.

He walks out of the room he can feel the cold glare of Gambler at the back of his head and he stops "Glare all you want, i will not leave again and the glare doesn't work." Turning his head a bit to look at Gambler and giving him slight wave as he turns the corner heading for the flight bay. Tapping the control board out side of one of the planes the plane opens its door and DC walks in taking controls "First time for everything" he says never being able to fly a plane before he takes off out of the base in the plane heading for Asia.


The JLA watch tower sits in the emptiness of space watching. A man with a cold and almost dead voice speaks, another beside him stands waiting.

"Brian, Mari,John we have found one of the pieces to the satellite it wont be long until we find the rest. But I am more than sure Luthor has brought in some help. He is a very capable man and will use all he has to find these parts go to Asia that is your first priority, when you get their do not split up. If Luthor is smart he would have hired some big men for this job be alert."

And from the shadows three members of the JLA step into the light all three formidable opponents in their own way, Brian Markov aka Geo-Force, Mari Jiwe McCabe aka Vixen, and John Smith aka Red Tornado. They all look out the window of the Watch Tower before heading off to the Javelin. And the man standing beside the dark man steps forward

"Bruce you know if he hired them you could have just sent those three to their deaths."

Batman turns to the other man "Clark, You dont think I know that but if Lex is able to assemble the weather satellite again we might not be able to stop him again." The two men watch as the javelin takes off towards earth.

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League Of Shadows Headquarters

“These are the five locations of the five missing pieces. I’ve already dispatched Arrow to Scotland. The rest of us will pair off and track down the others. I’ve already downloaded what information was available on the Justice League to your PDA’s. There isn’t much there, but its better then nothing.” Gambler says to the team.

The Justice League huh, they have Green Lantern's, those bastard are the reason I lost my arm, they never came to get me and left me for dead, if I see one of them they're dead RL thinks to himself as he looks through his PDA.

Red Arrow, Batman, Vixen, Superman, Black Lightning the list went on and on of all the members of the Justice League old and new. As RL continues to look through the rest of the files and thinks to himself they have a lot of fire power but their numbers won't count for sh!t when they are messing with the LoS

"I got Australia" RL says to the rest of the team, "anybody want to roll with me hurry up I 30 minutes with or without you"!

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Raindrops fell onto the overcast city of Boston. Its overcast skys blanketed most of the city and the surrounding suburbs. It had poured for nearly three days straight. The rain clattered against the Southie Apartment window, blurring the image on both side of the glass. The sound of the rain was all that could be heard. Inside, a lone figure sat on a messy bed in a dark bedroom. One leg was lifted onto the mattress, on one arm rested on that legs knee. A tear fell from his eyes in harmony with a raindrop from the window. He was the reason it was raining for three days stright.

In one hand, a tattered photograph worn out from too much folding. In the other, the same exact picture, but crisp and fresh. Both portrayed the figure, Cryo-Wolf, and the girl of his dreams, Moonchild. Her raven black hair and copper skin was beautiful compared to his scruffy looking appearance. How Cryo missed her. He quickly folded up the old photo and slipped it into the wallet of his jeans, and turned the crisp new picture over. On the back was written a letter tha pained Cryo everytime he read it:


If you haven't noticed by now, Moonchild's missing. Yes, that's right, we now. But we can help you get her back. Meet me at the Samuel Adams Statue outside Fanuel Hall tomorrow at noon. See you there, mon ami."

There was no name signed to the letter, but Cryo did find a single playing card-The Ace of Spades. He knew who had sent him the letter. He just hoped it wouldn't be true. Cryo shoved the picture and the playing car into has pocket and grabbed his hooded sweatshirt. He slipped it on and grabbed the keys to his apartment, locking the door behind him. He flipped up his hood and began walking through the wet streets of Boston, heading for Fanuel Hall.

It was almost noon.

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Dormath sat there the briefing listing intently to every scrap of information Gambler was saying, the famous Justice league one of the most powerful teams in existence “Next to us that is” Dormath thought with his trade mark smile on. Dormath has never had a dealing with the League so he knew he had to team with some one with experience with these fools. Dormath thought of his teams history then opportunity struck with the parting words of his teammate.

Renegade lantern spoke up and said "I got Australia" "anybody want to roll with me hurry up I 30 minutes with or without you"!

Dormath thought with his usually speed and precision and got up and said “Enjoy the cold boys got me some sun to catch ahhahahahah” Dormath grin was never a good sight to anyone and he enjoyed it that way.

Hay RL tell me every thing you know about the Just US league

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Gambler watched from an undisclosed location, near Fanuel Hall. Pressing the side of his visor, a continuous stream of data began to run across the inside part of his shield. It was picking up Police transmissions, Taxi Cab conversations, the number of people inside the famous hall and outside. The entire area was methodically scanned and downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Thats him a sweet and innocent voice said.

Tilting his head slightly to the side Gambler smirked, "He's shorty then I expected."

With merely a thought, the Black Dawn Exoskeleton sent a ripple around Gambler, creating an illusion of a plain dressed collage student with a baseball cap. Quickly he came up alongside Cryo Wolf.

"Dont look at me, just keep walking. I'm sorry its come to this old friend, but I need your help and I cannot accept no for an answer. Moonchild is safe and shall remain so, IF you do as I say and help me retrieve some......property."

Taking a quick glance and making sure no one was looking, Gambler created a small portal.


A small orange and yellow light flashed open in front of the two and in an instant, they vanished. The door opened seconds later on the deck of a massive cargo ship bound for Antarctica. Taking out a small cell phone and placing a call to his assistant, he said,

"Hello? Yeah, put her on." he said before handing the phone to Cryo. "Its your move frostbite."

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"Don't look at me, just keep moving..."

Cryo gave a silent snarl in his human form as he knew it was Gambler. He followed Gambler's orders to the letter. He couldn't let Moonchild get hurt, no matter what. Cryo stepped through the portal and emerged, a cold wind rushing to greet him. His sneakers sounded on the cold metal of a cargo ship. He caught scents on the wind and knew where this massive cargo ship was headed-Antarctica. Cryo's wolf form flashed over him, and he turned to Gambler, holding out a phone.

With shaky hands Cryo took it. As he placed it by his ear, he swallowed and said, "Moonchild?"

"Scott!" Cryo's face lit up with a momentary happyness.

"Thank God you're alright, M. I was worried about you."

"Listen, Scott! Whatever they tell you to do, don't do it! Hear me!? Don't do it! I'll be fine just don't do anything he tells you! Tell me you won't do it!" Cryo could picture her pleading face over the phone. Cryo quickly closed his eyes as he spoke.

"I-I promise. Don't worry. I won't do anything. I'll get you out of this somehow."

"I love yo-" The phoneline went dead. Cryo shut off the phone and threw it to Gambler. It was hurting him to do this, but he had to save Moonchild, whatever it took. He pulled out the Ace of Spades and threw it onto the ground.

"This property you want to find. I'm guessing its not yours. What do you need me for?"

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"Your tracking skills are unequaled, as is your control of the elements. As you can see, these are assets I need to utilize. Who it belongs to is off no concern to you hero. Just do as your told, and you'll be back home with your woman and a nice chunk of change in no time."

The cargo ship was slow moving at best. The Captain had to be patient in order to navigate the treacherous waters. Massive chunks of ice where being broken beneath the haul of the vessel, anyone of which could punch a hole into the steel frame and sink the ship in a matter of minutes.

Suddenly the ship was jolted violently and Gambler was sent over the side, just barely able to reach up and grab the railing. As he dangled over the side, he looked down to see several Grey Whales ramming the cargo ship.


While holding on with one hand, he reached down and pulled a small circular device from his exoskeleton and dropped it in the water. Quickly he pulled himself back up and over the railing just as a small explosion erupted, sending a water sprout into the air.

"Remember Cryo! Your working for me now. Try anyt........"

Gambler's sentence was cut short. A blast of frozen arctic water sent him smashing into the side of the pilot house and froze him there. The silhouette of a man flying out of the water in a swan pose was captured for a brief moment in the sun. As he flipped down onto the deck there was no doubt as to who it was. His blonde hair and orange an green costume left no doubt.

Still struggling to get free Gambler yelled,


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Cryo tried not to let his ego get to much of him as Gambler explained why he needed him. He was the son of Poseidon, why wouldn't he be bad at controlling the elements?

"Whatever..." Cryo muttered, sticking his hands into his pocket and walking to the edge. Ice as far as the eyes could see. He was about to suggest him bending the ice out of the way when the whole ship lurched. Cryo dug his claws into the ship to stay balanced, and say grey whales over they side. Cryo smelled their scents, and they weren't of anger. Why would they attack if not out of anger?

Cryo saw Gambler drop the bomb onto the whales, and turned away. He didn't want to see that. He heard the explosion, and the words of Gmbler. He wanted them to end so bad, when they did. Cryo turned as a shadow blocked out the sun, water going everywhere. He flipped onto the deck, and Cryo instinctively got his claws out. As he viewed the cotume he knew who it was. Rage and anger were his only emotions.


"With pleasure." Cryo growled. He stood up straight and pointed to Aquaman. "You! King of Atlantis!"

Aquaman turned at the sound of Cryo's voice. Aquaman saw his tattoos and instantly knew who he was. "Cryo-Wolf, Son of Poseidon. I've heard of you. Gone to the dark side, have we? Your father has been a thorn in my people's side for a long time. I will thoroughly enjoy this." He began to swirl water around his fist.

"Don't play that card with me, Aquaman. The Atlanteans turned their backs on the Gods, epecially their Patron God! And for that they have payed the price!"

"You mean sinking it into the depths!? Enough of this!" Aquaman made a punhing motion with his fist, and the water shot forward in the form of a fist. Cryo jumped and spun. As he landed, he made a pushing motion, sending a wave of water For Aquaman. Aquaman burst right through the wave and ran for Cryo. He moved to punch with to the right, and Cryo ducked to the left. Aquaman punched to the left, and Cryo moved to the right. From his crouched position, Cryo jumped up and sent a spinning kick for Aquaman's jaw, knocking him back a bit. Cryo landed and moved to punch with his ;eft hand, but Aquaman held up his left forearm to block. Aquman now went to punch using his right hand, but Cryo turned so his back was to Aquaman, and blocked the punch with his arm. "You know much of Oceanic Martial Arts." Aquaman said, struggling to break Cryo's grip.

"Learned from the Best." Cryo added before flipping forward and kicking Aquaman in the chest. He stumbled backwards. Cryo dove for the deck and rolled to his feet. He spun around and, still on his knees, Gathered the water around him to shoot ice spikes for Aquaman. Aquaman created a wave of water to wash the ice spikes overboard. He knelt and made a slashing motion forward, sending the water on the deck surging for Cryo. Cryo bended the water and used it to propel himself up. Aquaman did the same, and they now fought suspened in cyclones of water. Punches flew and water surged. The two cyclones entertwined with each other, moving in and out to attack the other. Finally, Cryo Jumped over Aquaman and let his water fall to the deck. He punched down, sending Aquaman falling through the cyclone of water. Cryo dove down and landed on Aquaman's chest, knocking the wind out of him. Cryo flipped back and crouched down. "How you feel now, fishface?" Cryo grinned at his witty remark.

Aquaman coughed and jumped to his feet. "Shut it, Furball." Aquaman ran forward and punched downward. As he did so, Cryo leaped up, stuck his arm out, and swung around Aquaman's neck and onto his back. Her kept one arm locked around Aquaman's neck and began punching Aquaman with the other. Aquaman kicked and struggled, but Cryo wouldn't come off. He finally jumped up and slammed his back onto the deck, and Cryo along with it. Cryo grimaced and lay there. Aquaman came down with a kick, and Cryo quickly rolled out of the way. Rolling to his feet, Cryo surrounded his fist in ice to add some extra power. He jumped forward and punched Aquaman across his face, knocking him off-balance and sending him overboard.

Cryo threw off his hoddie and shirt onto the deck. FrostBite dangled on his bare chest, and tattoos coursed over the fur. He looked to Gambler. Quickly, he waved his hand to melt the ice. "Get moving! I'll catch up!"

With that, Cryo swan-dived over the side of the ship, into the dark depths of the water.

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The briefing was finished,though some left before the meeting was over.Akira squinted at Gambler,then followed after the man who walked out,Darkchild.By then it was too late Darkchild had took off and flew to Asia,Akira was right behind him,a portal was opened and there he was,the Nogunaba Temple in Japan,sources stated that this could be a location for one of the missing pieces,surely it was.

At the foot of the based there stood,two legendary members of the Justice League;two members stood in between something Akira was assigned to retrieve,there was no doubt that the young assassin would kill to obtain it,though there they stood,weapons aimed.One was dressed in a emerald outfit,resembling robin hood.The other one was quiet a looker,fishnets,low cut shirt,the works.

Akira spoke out,hand on his sword,he kept his nonchalant attitude to show that he was not afraid.

Green Arrow,Black Canary...nice to see you two out here,the names...

Green Arrow interrupted the sentence,with a set of arrows;Akira lept over the two arrows then sent a kick at Black Canary,she blocked it and let out a sonic cream knocking Akira back into the air and crashing into the temple.The emerald archer followed by quickly,his arrows were ready to fire.To his surprise Akira crashed down from above,he made a hammer shot that floored the pretty heroin,then launched a kick backwards towards Green Arrow,it was blocked but the bow was snapped in half.

Catch me if you can...

The cybernetic voice of Akira echoed in the hollow mountain valley that the temple was located in,Akira ran towards the temple,letting of shots from his pistol without the benefit of aim.The huge doors that blocked the entrance to the temple was knocked down after Akira slowed down time,then hammered the door in;for a dramatic entrance.

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Darkchild has his music cranked on his flight to Asia, as he is flying he looks down to the radar for a moment theirs almost an outline of something behind him. He checks the machine again "Damn thing, Why is it i always pick the crapper of the litter of planes?" DC continues his flight to the location of the scattered piece its location was in a empty part of Siberia. He knew the place was a wasteland one of the very places the doomsday device hit first, Siberia had attempted to rebuild but had fallen short of finishing which meant if he ran into any problems they could be taken care of fairly easily without alerting any authorities. The plane landed smoothly and DC stepped off of the plane immediatly the cold air rushed past him, he surrounded himself in a thin layer of fire just enough to keep him warm in this freezing temperature.

Taking out his PDA that he took from the debriefing room he tapped the screen and it lit up and a blip appeared on its screen showing the location of the piece. "Alright this is too quiet." he said out loud creating a sword and pushing his powers a little pass half of his strength. Finally finding the piece it was shaped like any junkyard part, hell to him it was a piece of junk he was smart but he knew nothing about building anything more than a watch. He smiled thinking This was easy when suddenly a seductive voice came from above him "I would advise you not to touch that, then i would have to dirty my claws with the likes of you scum." Looking up into the tree above him a very attractive women dressed in a animal like outfit sit perched in a tree smiling. "They send me a woman with a charm hmm I guess they havn't done their home work on the teams of the world." Vixen with a smile on her face "No we have" and snaps her fingers, and a hand erupts from beneath DC wrapping around him the hand made of the very earth he was standing on. "We did and figured your strong but you have no common sense" and DC was tossed backwards by the hand landing on the ground and sliding on the snowy ground until he hit something and a metal "cling" could be heard. "Hello" said a man in a robotic voice and next to the Tin can stood a man clad in a yellow and brown outfit and the only words that came into Darkchilds mind were Oh sh!t

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Dormath caught up to Renegade Lantern at which point RL began his briefing of the Just US League. Dormath could tell Lantern had done his homework he knew countless times where the JLA had almost been stopped and how they were able to pull off there victory “which they will not be able to this time” Domath thought. As Lantern went on Dormath could tell that he felt and intense hatred for the League especially the ones in green the members of the Green Lantern Corps, Dormath felt anger was a tool that could be used by a smart person and he believed that Renegade Lantern defiantly fit into that category.

As they boarded the Plan to take them to Australia Dormath took out his handy LOS PDA and got to work. Dormath learned much about the Just US league everything from Strategies commonly used, Weaknesses and In the case of power girl Bust size, which brought a smile to Dormaths face.

At the Same time unbeknownst to them a team form the Justice League was already making the journey to Australia the team consisted of Fire aka Green Fury, Power Girl and the Field leader Superman.

Back on the LOS Invisible shuttle Dormath and Renegade Lantern where about to touch down on Australian Soil when the Radar detected the team form the Justice League.

“Damn they are fast. Who could no it cant be no way it” Dormath was saying right as the ships camera picked up the view of Power girl, Superman and Fire flying towards there destination. “*….SHT” Was all Dormath needed to say both he and Lantern knew the chips where stacked against them but there was hope yet for both men where strategist and they did have the element of surprise maybe just maybe they could win this…Maybe

The LOS jet followed the justice leaguers until they reached there destination “No time like the present A Lantern” And with those final words Dormath jumped out of the plane straight on to Green Fury Back "I can feel your hot for me hahaha" Dormath said right as Fire phased him stright threw her to land on the ground.
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Cry Wolf and Aquaman went back and forth in a brilliant display of hand to hand combat. Gaining some separation, the young demi-god managed to manipulate and melt the ice incasing Gambler.

Get moving! I'll catch up!

He watched as the hero plunged head first into the icy depths below. The ship was close enough to land for Gambler to use his Door. In an instant the assassin was off the vessel and on the frozen tundra of the Artic. Black Dawn’s sensors where picking up a massive energy reading several yards out. The wind continuously kept the snow dancing on the icy surface.

The Cajun took off on foot, his radar tracking the energy signature. Suddenly his censors picked up an even bigger energy reading and took evasive action. Flipping sideways, at first like ElusiveStorm, then turning in mid-air like Akira Overdrive, a bolt of electricity sailed underneath the acrobatic killer.

That’s far enough Gambler. The Justice League will never allow you or your LoS to gather the missing pieces said Black Lighting, the electromagnetic field humming around him.

Flashing his trademark grin the arrogant Gambler never said a word. Instead he charged the electric hero, weaving from side to side dodging bolts of electricity. As he lunged in the air twirling his blade, Black Lighting sent a blast that engulfed the would be attacker sending him flying backwards and crashing to the ground. After sliding to a stop, electricity still dancing around his suit, Gambler rocked back on his hands, flipping himself up.

In a blaze of blinding speed he charged again, dropping to his knees just before reaching Black Lighting and spinning in a 360. He spun right past the Justice Leaguer, delivering a reverse edge slash to his achilles, severing the tendons before spinning back up to his feet. Black Lighting crumbled to the ground in pain as a Cheshire Cat smile swept across the face of Gambler.

“I’d love to stay and play, but dis not why I came.” Pointing his blade at the fallen hero, he then turned an took off into the white wash of Antarctica.

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DC lie on the ground motionless for a split second thinking of a way to defeat these three. But before he could do anything he was kicked in the chest by Red Tornado and sent flying backwards skidding on the ground stopping at the base of the tree Vixen looking down at him "See no common sense what so ever" DC smiles "That so" he says spinning on the ground to his feet and slamming his arm into the tree causing it to fall over Vixen jumps off of the tree and lands in front of her team mates.

DC stands his back to the piece he was sent for, his first thought was to grab it and take off but he knows from the files that the Tin can would catch up to him faster than the other two and knock him back to the earth. He goes through scenerios in his head turning metallic. He knows if he resorts to his usual basic moves they will win in without much effort so he needs to think like the rest of the LOS think smart. The first to attack him was Vixen, she flew at him screaming "Rhino" and she slams into DC he holds her back and the woman was as strong as an ox well rhino to be specific. He holds her at bay as Red begins to create a whirlwind around his legs and arms. Vixen begins to lift DC up off the ground when he was paying attention to Red, but DC pushing down on the ground his legs digging into the ground.

DC stares in Vixens eyes "Such a beauty, pity you had to do it this way." DC engulfs his body into flames and Vixen lets go for a moment and then goes to grip Darkchilds shoulders but DC slams his elbow into her stomach pushing her back a few feet and then sends a blast of dark energy into her chest sending her flying backwards. As she flies Red Tornado flies straight at DC, Geo-Force creates a large hand from the earth and puts it at Reds feet giving more of a boost and speed, hurtling towards DC.

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The arctic waters engulfed Cryo like millions of knives plunging into him at one. He righted himself to the temperature and looked around for Aquaman. He was nowhere in sight. Now, where did you go? Cryo thought. He swam deeper into the bottomless ocean. Cryo hung suspended in the glowing blue for a moment, staring around out everywhere.

Suddenly, Cryo heard a sqwuak from his left and turned, only to see a group of penguins rapidly swimming towards him. Cryo quickly swam out of the way just in time. Aquaman must've sent them, or else they wouldn't have attacked. The penguins then banked underwater and began coming right back at him. Sh!t...

Cryo turned and swam as fast as he could through the waters, blackness below him, ice above him. Regretably, Cryo began sinking the ice from above as he past, hoping to stop the penguins. He didn't want to harm the penguins, but he also didn't want to be defeated by five penguins. Folding his arms up to his body, Cryo bended the water to propel himself through the water, quickly outswimming the penguins. Up ahead, he saw a massive glacier. That would be the perfect battlefield for his battle with Aquaman, if only he'd show his face. Cryo swam around the glacier and set his feet down on the ice, stopping to catch a breath. The penguins didn't seem anywhere, neither did Aquaman.

"Looking for someone?" Cryo spun around to see Aquaman floating there, the penguins encircling him. "you're in my world now, Half-Blood. That was a stupid move. Once I'm finished with you, I'll make sure Gambler goes down too." Aquaman chuckled and began swirling the water in his hands.

Cryo clenched his teeth. "You also forget, Atlantean, that it is my world also. You won't kill Gambler. I won't let you. He's the only chance I have of seeing my girlfriend again. He can't die." Cryo froze the water around his hands into ice.

"All's fair in love. Your puppy love will have to go on hiatus for a while."

That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Cryo roared,"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP!" He began powerful, slicing gestures with his hands, bending the water around Aquaman to spin in unthinkable directions. Cryo stopped, and Aquaman was surroundng in ice up to his neck. Out of anger, Aquaman burst out of the ice and began rapidly firing waterballs at Cryo. Cryo pushed off the glacier, speeding for Aquaman. He wove in and out of the waterballs with the grace and finesse the penguin. He came up and punched Aquaman out. "Don't you ever talk about my girlfriend that way!"

The two rapidly fought, entangled around each other and sinking to the depths. Aquaman finally kneed Cryo in the stomach, getting him off him. Aquaman telepathically summoned the penguins again, and they harrased Cryo, pecking him and swimming past him so fast it spun him around. Endlessly and Endlessly they attacked, until Cryo finally sent a pulse-wave through the water, sending them in different directions. He was forced to the edge. Cryo bended the water to carry Aquaman up to the ice. Catching him off guard, it sent Aquaman crashing to the ice and holding him there. Cryo swam up and began punching and kicking and slashing and biting him, until Aquaman was able to break the hold the water had on him. He kicked Cryo straight down, and he plummeted further and further, out of sight.

Aquaman gathered himself and straightened the hair that now hung over his eye. "That'll teach you to mess with the Atlanteans, you little Olympian punk.

As Cryo fell he looked around. Total black. Except for two lights that were heading for him. Cryo straightened and squinted his eyes, trying to get a better look. As he looked closer, he saw that it wasn't light, but the whites of two orcas! They were swimming towards him, on the way back from a hunt. Cryo cupped his hands around his mouth and called to the Orcas in their tongue, "*My friends, I need your help." The orcas heard them and swam faster for him. They began circling him as he told them his plan.

Aquaman told the penguins that they were no longer needed, sending them off. Aquaman began swimming in the direction that Gambler went, when he heard the song of orcas. He turned and his jaw dropped. There, in between the two orcas, was Cryo, his arms folded. He grinned and shot his arms out, signaling the orcas to attack. The surged forward, headbutting and ramming Aquaman. They were swimming so quickly that he couldn't do anything. That, and the fact that Cryo was bending the water so he couldn't do so. Along with the Orcas attack, Cryo began concentrating the water enough that they would slice Aquaman's skin. He began slashing and cutting at his skin, all while the Orcas conintued their assault.

Aquaman managed to break away and swam off for the glacier. The orcas turned to Cryo, who nodded at the glacier. The orcas both chased Aquaman to the glacier and pinned him against the ice. Beasts! Aquaman spoke mentally to them, Can you not see that he is tricking you!?

"It's no use, Aquaman." Cryo swam up between the Orcas to view Aquaman's body. It was now sliced and torn, his costume in tatters, and hia body bruised. Aquaman bled from everywhere. Cryo grinned at his success. It served the Atlantean right. "They work for me now."

"Inconceivable! How can you possibly overpower the King of Atlantis." The Orcas spoke up once more, threatening to attack. Aquaman cringed.

Cryo laughed and began, "Because, unlike you, my powers are sent from The Gods. In case you haven't noticed, Gods overrule Kings."

"Fine then!" Aquaman yelled, obviously hurting from his wounds. "Kill me then! Prove to me that you're the animal you are, and that you're not worthy of Olympian Blood!" This set Cryo off. The Orcas moved to fight but Cryo told them to wait. His eyes viewed Aquaman with disdain as his claws shot out. Cryo roared in rage and anger as he savgely attack Aquaman even more, slicing open more his already open wounds, He scratched his face, punched his stomach, and slashed his skin. He was almost about to kill him when he stopped. He breathed out heavily, sending bubbles floating up.

"No," Cryo spoke, "I won't kill you. I'm a good guy, Atlantean. I'm just forced to work for bad forces." Cryo leaned forward. "So you're lucky I'm nice. Now get out of here@ Go back to Atlantis to heal your wounds. This is not over." Cryo feinted as if he was going to attack, and Aquaman sped off in the direction of Atlantis.

After thanking the orcas for all their help and sending them on their way, Cryo sped along under the ice, searching for Gambler. He finally found him, and burst through the ice. Cryo landed on one knee, breathless. He looked up to Gambler. "Aquaman is...dead." Cryo stood up and looked to Gambler.

"Whatever it takes, right?"

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“No time like the present A Lantern” says Dormath as he jumps out of the plane directly onto Fire's back.

It was dark out but from what RL could see Power Girl had had followed them mostly likely to aid the Fire. RL quickly engages the auto pilot to land their plane and jumps out of the same door as Dormath, taking flight and engaging his his force field.

He looks over in Dormaths direction and thinks he can take care of himself, I gotta get the piece. In RL's sight was the location of the piece that they were to retrieve, The Sydney Opera House. As RL is flying towards the opera house he feels a quick breeze on his side. It was so fast he couldn't make out what is was only that a red blur flew by him. RL picks up speed but was nowhere near as fast as him the "Man of Steel" Superman had beat him there and got a hold of the piece before RL had made it to the location.

As Superman was about to fly back off and with the piece in left hand he was halted by RL who had just made it the opera house. Superman presence was astonishing to say the least but RL knew only one thing, get the piece and collect the money at all costs.

"Your fast" RL said "but I don't think I can let you leave here with that that in your hand". Superman looked at RL and uttered "_You should not be working with the likes of Lex Luthor, can't you see that he is using this as a weapon, millions of live will be at stake if he get a hold if this, do you not care for human kind_"

RL looks at the boyscout as if his words were starting to get to him and with a fast motion formed a pure green light energy ball and threw it at Superman making it known that RL wasn't going to leave that place unless he had the piece. It connected but had little affect and the man of steel now rushed RL and met him with a punch that sent him across the entire Sydney opera house. When Rl finally stopped his force field began to fluctuate but Rl was able to stabilize it. The blow had left him baffled and it took him several seconds to regain his thoughts.

Superman was now in the same room that RL had landed in and said to RL as he was getting up. "This is too important to let you or anybody else get in the way of" and heat beams came from both his eyes directed at RL. As he saw the beams RL was able to move out of the way and he formed a hand held axe out of GL energy he quickly lunged at Supermans neck slicing downward. The axe made contact on his neck but it felt like RL was swinging at a metal wall. A shocked RL was then hit with a haymaker delivered by Superman sending him through the wall into another room. RL's forcefield was knocked out this time as he landed. The blows were so devastating that he could not keep his concentration up to maintain the forcefield but he knew it was what was keeping him in one piece at this point.

Now a bloody nosed RL stands up as he faces the Man of steel once more. He wipes the blood off his nose and erects his force field once more and says to Superman "I guess the hype is true but I'm going to need you to give me that piece" while making a motion with his hand for Superman to come get him!

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Dust was swept up from the floor as the two huge doors were kicked in.Green Arrow and Black Canary followed behind,dodging the shots with ease and catching up to Akira,Green Arrow smiled when he saw that Akira had noticed the trap.There was nothing there but an old dusty statue and unlit candles.

"Now what kid?No never mind,ill answer that...you go to jail."

Green Arrow made his witty comment,but there was nothing too back up such threats.Akira unsheathed his sword,and rushed straight in for an attack while Black Canary prepared another scream,only to be met with Akira's fist.Spinning around for a leg sweep straight for Green Arrow,it missed the archer jumped and thrusted a kick foward.


Dodging to the side,the sword of Akira struck Green Arrow.Crimson blood spilled from the wound,and the archers face turned pale within moments.Pushing off of his sword,Green Arrow fell to his death.The woman barely came too,and saw that her lover was dead,lying in a pool of blood.She rushed towards him screaming as Akira began to walk out.


Black Canary laid across the body of the dead hero,she would have unleashed a deadly scream,but the shock,the sound of a pin dropping,and the clang of a grenade rolling to where she lay was enough to silence her and accept her death.


The temple exploded,smoke rose,and there was nothing left but the foundation and ashes.Akira's comlink went on,and the location of Darkchild appeared on the HUD of the solid eye system in Akira's visor.

DC,it was a trap.Im on my way.

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DC it was a trap can be heard over DC's com link

No sh!t what could have given you that idea He says while sailing through the air punching and kicking the robot as it continues its onslaught of attacks. Its whirlwind attacks did alot of damage to DC's body even tearing parts of his metallic form from his body. They fought mid-air for what seemed like hours to Darkchild the robot showing no sign of fatigue Alright this tin can will last alot longer than me, gotta take him out fast. he thinks to himself charging up his fist then coming down on the robots head sending him towards the ground he lands creating a crater where he hit.

DC follows up with a right and a left hook, sending Red Tornado hurtling towards a snow covered mountain. Geo caught DC off guard slamming the ground beneath Darkchild and a shockwave rocked DC to his knees his body trembling from the tremor. Geo slams his fist into Darkchilds chest sending him smashing through a forest. DC knew he had to deal with the Earth mover quickly, knowing Vixen wouldnt be far behind the man. Knowing what he learned from the files on the man he charged his body up and flies straight at Geo full force, if he is seperated from the earth he will die and not having any way of sending him anywhere physically he gets an idea. But is taken off guard again and slammed into the ground and he skids all the way to his plane. He looks up at it and smiles, he stands up and runs to the plane climbing in in a feat of terror. Geo watches this and laughs "You coward you think you will be safe in your plane" and he runs into the plane without thinking. When he walks in the doors slam behind him and metal bars slam on every exit and out the window Darkchild could be seen smiling giving the man the finger "I know those metal bars wont take you long to get through but where your going it wont matter!" and after he finishes Darkchilds jet takes off into the air and continues to go up and up into the atmosphere . Geo force continues to bash onto the doors finally breaking the metal bars and tearing the door off its hinges the air is sucked from the ship instantly, DC knew that the man was hot headed and just to be safe click the ship explodes leaving a almost life less Geo to float in space.

Back on Earth

"Should take him about 15 minutes to die, typical these mighty men always have one huge flaw." he says to himself and walks over to the piece picking it up only to be side swiped by a enraged Vixen. "You bastard you killed Brian and John!" DC smiles at Vixen and looks in front of him towards the mountain. "Naw Reds alive im sure he will be here shortly, Brain looking at watch yeah im sure he is dead by now" and Darkchild begins to laugh. Vixen bares her fists and slams her fist into DC's face sending him twirling backwards and rolling on the ground finally stopping when he hits a rock "Your a feisty one arnt you, you will be alot of fun to play with." Darkchild stands and rushes Vixen I have about 15 minutes to finish this witch off before Red digs his way out of that snow. he thinks to himself as he jumps and sends a shock wave towards Vixen.

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Dormath landed on his feet and looked up at Fire “Time to exploit that hero weakness” Dormath thought as he said “My my my your are a sight to behold so very beautiful u are fire…It is a shame thought that you are not as powerful as u are attractive because if u where your friend Ice would still be alive wound/t she hahah” as Dormath laughed Fire shot straight at him unleashing the full fury of her Radioactive fire powers trying to wipe any trace of Dormath from the map.

Power Girl yelled “NO STOP DON’T RUSH IN” but it was two late Fire was right on top of Dormath pounding on him let her full power explode knocking Power Girl back.

“Like a lame to the slaughter you women are so weak Dormath said as he grabbed a hold of Fire and started to absorb her powers. “From the very look at your file I knew how weak you where u call yourself a hero you are a disgrace cant protect your friends let alone yourself give up and let some on qualified take your place” Dormath was on a roll he hit the mark and he knew it. Dormath was draining her powers to him with his ability but even more devastating was his ability to drain her will with just his words.

Fire was loosing all her energy and she could not seem to do anything she was frozen in action and her mind could not put anything together. “He is right I let them all down, I don’t belong here I am not worthy I will get them all killed” Fire thought. Her mind and her body where drained she was unconscious on the ground alive but in no condition to continue the fight, If she was ever even able to fight again.

Dormath saw that he had won the first fight Fire was out and he knew he struck many a nerve, now with all her energy infused into him it was time to take on his biggest challenge to date.

As Fire extinguished Power Girl moved her aside and started to wail down on Dormath saying “You have no right how dare you say such things you foul beast

As Dormath was getting pounded on by Power Girl he kept his composure “Well arnt you a treat never have I enjoyed such a beating” Dormath said which seemed to infuriate Power Girl as she picked him up and threw him onto a big rock adjacent to them. Dormath felt the blow as he had all the others his Kinetic absorption was getting quit powerful with his combined powers he took off of Fire and his own as well Dormath was ready to unleash fury upon his opponent.

Dormath was ready to fight back from the onslaught that Power Girl was throwing at him but he had one questions he needed to ask first “Do those lovely things ever fall out in the HEAT of battle hahah” Dormath said as he was pointing at her chest.

Power Girl went into a fury reeling off hit after hit, it was then that Dormath realized was his time to act. Dormath grabbed Power Girl at the chest level and said “How you like these apples” and sent the full force of his absorbed Radioactive fire powers form Fire as well as all the kinetic energy he had gained form Power Girls beating and sent her flying.

And I was just starting to warm up to her” Dormath said with his ever present grin.

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The shock wave hurtles towards Vixen, she jumps into the air doing the splits letting the rock and energy flow under her. As the earth passes under her she grabs it and pushes off of it she flies through the air like a hawk and slams into DC causing him to stagger for a moment and this gives her a chance to attack. She runs up to DC her claws swiping left and right slashing at his chest and at the areas of bare chest from Reds last attack. Her claws dig into his chest and she smiles and electricity flows from her arms and DC begins to shake from the force behind it before flying backwards. She smiles at DC "You know the animal kingdom has an assortment of their very own powers." as she walks up to his motionless body kicking him hard in the chest with the strength of an rhino. Blood begins to trickle down his mouth as she continues to kick him while he is down, she leans down picking him up by his shirt her strength still their "So this beauty was too much for you wasn't she?" DC smiles a bloody grin "No she just underestimated me" he says as a blade protrudes from his chest impaling her on it, blood flows from the wound and she falls limp falling to her knees. "You think i havn't survived this long without learning how to be smart in battle or have common sense. Your the one who has been fooled." he says as he charges his hand and slams it into the wound into her body then he releases the energy, the power seeping through her eyes, ears, and mouth. Soon she was nothing more than an empty shell "Bitch!" he says turning around towards the piece only to be punched in the face his body flying two miles until it hits the ground the ground peeling away as he skids across the ground.

Looking up he sees Red Tornado his eyes almost red with rage his body trembling as the air begins to turn into whirlwinds around his body and he creates a small tornado under him and launches himself towards DC "You will pay!!!" the he says in a robotic voice as he soars towards DC.

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RL was clearly outmatched in strength by Superman but his will to win would never fade and with the all the powers of a Green Lantern ring molded surgically by alien technology to his molecular structure the possibilities were endless of what RL can do.

As RL motioned Superman to come and get him a look of frustration came upon the face of the Man of Steel. Superman dropped the piece of the weapon on the ground and said "That's it, you clearly choose the wrong path, the guardians made a bad decision choosing you as a ring bearer" and with that Superman began his assault by charging straight towards RL.

A new drive to beat Superman came over RL anything associated with the corps angered him because of them leaving him to die in outer space. A now enraged RL phased downward to the lower level of the opera house to evade the onslaught of Supermans attack. Rl then quickly phased back up to the same level as Superman forming a sledge hammer in one had and picking up the piece with the other and tossing it out the window while Superman was not looking.

RL charged Superman, now with a violent hostility swinging the energy constructed hammer at Superman solar plexus and face. A few shots were able to connect stunning Superman as well as RL and for a moment he thought to himself " I can beat this guy" That thought was quickly ended by Supermans fist lodged on the lower portion or RL's chest folding him in half and in a windmill motion with RL still connected to Superman, RL was slammed on the ground sending him down through all levels of the opera house landing on the first floor. RL landed on his back with his forcefield still in tact.

Superman flies down the to the lowest level and begins to look thorough the building as if he were scanning the area most likely looking for the piece that was outside. RL stands up while Superman is occupied and concentrates his energy to his right foot and sends a kick at the back of Superman head that caused the Man of Steel to stumble forward. Quickly recovering Superman lunges forward and grabs RL that had no time to react. Superman threw him outside of the building sending him through yet another wall. As RL lands outside he sees the piece that is a few feet away from where he landed. He makes his way over to it and picks it up while trying to get to his feet. With Superman still in the building possibly still looking for the piece RL sent several energy blast to different spots of the opera houses exterior causing the The Sydney opera house to come down. That should buy me a few seconds to get outta here before he makes it out RL thought to himself.

RL quickly took flight after the place came down he sent a signal for the plane to self destruct and spoke into his communicator opening all channels, "Gambler cough I retrieved the piece and am heading to your location oh and Dormath get the hell out of Australia fast"

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DC is again slammed hard with a hard punch to his jaw and flies through the air. As he soars through the air Red follows flying right next to him and punching him again sending him downwards towards the ground, but before he could hit the ground Red appears on the ground below him and kicks DC mid-air sending him hurtling towards the ruins of a town in Siberia. DC slams through building after building getting slammed into the buildings by Red himself, the robots eyes are blood red and his moves relentless.

Darkchild lies in the ruins of what used to be a building he stands, his metallic skin peeling off at his chest, the man place the robot hit. His chest is on fire he can feel the broken ribs and the damage that has been done to his internal organs. Red Tornado appears behind DC "You have yet to begin to feel pain" lauching a point blank blast into Darkchild's back sending him flying forwards through more buildings. DC looks up through his bruised face, his eye lid swelling almost blocking his vision in his right eye he watches as the Robot comes at him again. And as Red nears DC for yet again a whirlwind punch DC punches the robot in his chest he could hear the gears and mechanisms break, DC using his dark energy and firing the robot backwards. Red flew through building after building finally stopping in a empty crop field. DC begins to run towards the robot smashing through the crumbling buildings on his way to the robot, his body bruised and broken, he will beat this tin can. As he comes up to the robot he pulls his arms back and unleashes a flurry of energy based punches.

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“Lower! Lower! Right there.”

The snapping of steel clamps echoed out in the baring artic wind. Gambler had located the missing piece after crippling Black Lightning. Forever was hovering above, piloting the state of the art cargo chopper. Its massive blades generating and adding to the already gusting winds. The final clamp was secure and with a thumbs up Forever started to take off.

As Forever left, Buckshot landed piloting the LoS stealth Blackbird. Gambler turned to see Cryo Wolf making his way to the site.

Aquaman is...dead.Whatever it takes, right?

The Cajuns eyes narrowed as he took a step back. Then as his trademark grin flashed, he smirked,

“No going back now hero. You and your girl will never be safe. The JLA will hunt you to the ends of the Earth, and then some.”

Shaking his head in laughter, Gambler motioned for Cryo to get aboard. The engines roared as the Blackbird taxied down the make shift runway and jolted as it took off. Once in the air several communications had been received.

Its Arrow, he needs an evac. said Buckshot

With a slight nod, the supersonic jet changed course and headed towards Scotland. On the way Gambler sent a scrambled message to Lantern.

“ Negative! Take the piece back to HQ. Then assemble any available LoS members and get to the last location. Barguest and Forever where unable to secure it. It was damaged and leaking plutonium into the Pacific Ocean. They managed to get it on shore, but Batman, Wonder Woman, and the Martian managed to fend them off. But they are unable to move it until they stabilize the leak. The coordinates are already downloading on your PDA as we speak. Take some heavy firepower. No doubt the Justice League are going to come at us with everything they have now. We’ll meet you there as soon as we rendezvous with Arrow.”

Leaning over to Buckshot and peering back at Cryo, the double crossing Gambler whispered.

“As soon as we touch down, take him out.”

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Red Tornado was able to dodge most of the attacks but the few that connected did alot of damage. DC was furious "I am not going to loose to a f#$king can opener" he screams grabbing the robots arm and spinning him before letting go and watching the robot fly through the air.

Red attempted to regain control and fly but DC was right behind him and he grab the robots legs and sending massive amounts of energy through his arms into the legs of the robot he is able to crush one of Reds legs through his energy, but the robot was not immobolized. He countered with another one of his whirlwinds slamming it into Darkchilds face. DC's metallic skin shattered upon impact with the super charged attack and his body was sent spiraling through the air and into the ground. Grounded DC stood up staring at the legless Red Tornado, the robot was damaged but not beyond repair. But DC was far more damaged his body needed time to heal I need to finish this guy or at least render him immovable but before DC could continue his thoughts about beating Red, Red tornado flew down to DC slamming his fists into DC's chest with all of his powers. His arms began to short circuit his body not being able to last much longer but the damage was done and DC was sent flying backwards a large hole in the middle of his chest.

DC finally stopped rolling a mile down his body lie limp and Red standing over him looking down at him "You will pay for what you have done to Mari and Brain" Red Tornado reaches down and picks up DC's almost life less body and pulls his arm back for another punch but DC grabs it with his right hand and squeezes he begins to laugh as his body begins to glow and in that instant he let out the built up energy in a large blast. His body went flying as did Reds body. Finally gaining enough strength to stand he walks over to the robots body, it is not dead but more knocked out the outer shell of his body peeled away in some parts showing the robot underneath. DC smiles then winces in pain and walks over to the piece he had come to retrieve. He falls down next to it and sits with it in his lap bringing his hand up to his ear he taps on the com link

"Gambler....anyone i retrieved the piece but i need evac now." he says into the mic before falling backwards staring at the sky as his body begins to heal itself slowly. He then begins to laugh hard because if that fight was tough then the next will be even more and he cant wait.

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He had received the message just a few minutes ago, but, due to good co-ordination, he had arrived at the position.

The massive frame of steel and metal stood on the shore, waves lapping near it. Patrolling the area were three of the most dangerous individuals on the face of the planet.

Sparda slowly picked up his comms link from his side.

"This is Sparda-I have arrived at the destination. Hurry it up-don't know how long I can stay undetected", he spoke into it, whispering. His position was about half a mile away, perched on a mountainside, behind some fragmented boulders.

He clicked off the link. Suddenly, something tapped his shoulder. Sparda turned around, and there stood the Amazonian, Wonder Woman with her arms crossed. Sparda hadn't even seen her move.

"Uh.....hey there", Sparda said to her.

A fist flew into his face, and he barrelled off to the side of the mountain, sliding to a stop at a cliff face.

He rubbed at his jaw as he got back up, only to see a blur of his assailant coming at him again.

As fast as he could, he dodged to the side, and a rush of wind blew past him. He landed, and pulled out his comms link.

"Position compromised-request backup!"

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The JLA headquarters was shrouded in shadows, the only light emanating from the dozen or so computers that were tracking the decimation of the team. Wonder Women stood hunched over a screen; it showed camera feed from the battle between Arrow and Guy’s team in Edinburgh. She grimaced as Grayson was shot through the knee, taking him out of the fight. With a sigh she stood up straight and sighed before pushing a strand of long, dark hair out of her face.

“Looking good Dianna. Been a long time.”

Switch stepped into the light, his long coat hanging down, obscuring the armour that covered his body. Wonder Woman looked surprised for a moment but her expression quickly changed to one of annoyance.

“When I asked the LEV for an assist you were the last person I thought they’d send. Your usually the type of person who is causing the trouble, not helping to resolve it. What the hell are you doing with the good guys?”

Switch waved his hand vaguely, grinning ear to ear.

“I missed you too. Lets get down to business, the sooner I can beat up some LoS members the sooner you’ll fall madly in love with me.”

Dianna snorted with laughter and gestured for Switch to come with her. As they walked she brought him up to date on what had been happening.

“They've gone through us like a hot knife through butter. Every team bar mine has been destroyed before they could acquire the piece they were sent after. Even Kal-El was defeated. Fortunately we managed to capture one piece, but I doubt the LoS are going to let us keep it. Hold on."

As she said the last two words Dianna wrapped her arm around Switch's waist. Her grinned boyishly and did the same. Almost instantly he was hoisted up as Wonder Woman took to the skies. Laughing at his shocked expression she asked him what was wrong.

"Ah nothing, I though you were moving a little quickly."

With Switch hanging on for dear life the two of them sped away, heading for the pacific. Almost half a mile out to sea Wonder Womans eyes narrowed. Switch felt himself falling as Dianna let him go, sending him plummeting towards the waves. He just had time to see her streak towards the mountain range above the beach before he hit the water. The waves closed over his head and for a few second he panicked, struggling against the water before accidentally kicking out and rising spluttering to the surface.

"That b!tch dropped me!" he spluttered.

Strong hand grabbed at his shoulders and dragged him clear of the water. Switch looked up into the eyes of the Martian Manhunter and sighed. They flew to shore and Switch was unceremoniously dumped in the sand.

"Welcome to the JLA." the Martian said gruffly.

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“_Negative! Take the piece back to HQ. Then assemble any available LoS members and get to the last location_" was what Gmabler said to RL. Soon after another transmission came in this time for Darkchild "_Gambler....anyone i retrieved the piece but i need evac now_" Rl quickly responded on all transmissions "I'm flying over Asia now I'll get DC, Dormath if your still alive head to New Zealand NOW here are the coordinates!"

RL traced DC's com signal to his location and saw his massive team member lying on the ground. Jokingly he says to DC "Damn you let a tin can kick your a$$ like that, you have the piece right" DC indeed did have the piece and RL quickly formed a hand out of GL energy and wrapped it around DC's entire and made his way with the injured DC back to LoS HQ.

LoS HQ.........Europe

Two pieces were deposited in the LoS safe by RL. "DC, Dark Rayne we need to get to New Zealand fast. I say we take one of Akira jets I'm sure he won't mind Rl say with a smirk. They boarded the jet Rl and DC were both battered from their fight with the JLA but they still wanted to finish the job. Dark Rayne took the throttle and they were off.

The flight was quick and they managed to land the plane without detection. As they got off the plane RL pulled out his PDA and scanned for any LoS signatures in the vicinity. "Sparda is here, he is the only one so far" RL says to the rest of the team "we should get to him and wait until the rest of the team shows before we go after this last piece. By now they probably know that you wasted 3 of their people DC and I'm pretty sure the rest of the team took some of them out too I don't doubt that they will be waiting for us to make a move."
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“No going back now hero. You and your girl will never be safe. The JLA will hunt you to the ends of the Earth, and then some.”

Cryo folded his arms and stared down at the ground as Gambler laughed. He didn't like what Gambler was forcing him to do, but at the very least he had gotten revenge on the Atlanteans. But at the cost, he lied to Gambler. Gambler was the only person who could keep Moonchild safe at this point. Cryo wondered whether it was the best thing to have lied to the man holding his girlfriend's life. Cryo boarded the Blackhawk without out a word. He quickly sat in the black of the plane, strapping himself in. As they took off, Cryo stared in thought out the window. Would the JLA forever think him a vilian now? Had he made it clear to Aquaman that he was being forced to do this? Now letting Aquaman live didn't sound like a good plan. If he ever came back, Gambler might go berserk and end everything Cryo had lived for.

Cryo also didn't like how Gambler was talking secretly with Buckshot. Cyo tuned his ears out, not wanting to hear what they were saying. Gambler would know he was listening in a heartbeat. He did know they were heading for Scotland.

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Dormath was surprised the he was able to get rid of Power Girl so easily she played right into his hands “Huh heroes never now when to go all in” Dormath thought. As Dormath admired his victory he got a sudden energy signature coming straight for him at alarming speeds. “It could not have been, but it was Power Girl coming back to finish the fight

Dormath knee he had no time so he shot out his Psi Whip and wrapped it around the still unconscious Fire. Power Girl stopped right in front of Dormath with a pure look of hatred on her face “Let her go or I will rip you apart” she said.

Well I never, a women of your reputation resorting to such violent threats I am shocked appalled and shocked young lady” Dormath responded.

Power girl was not happy she issued her final warning “Let her go and you will survive this

Funny you mention survival because if you don’t get Fire to a medic soon she will not live past the hour, and even if u do she might never be the same again” Dormath said with a smile. “So fight me and let her die or save her life and let me go, The choice is yours as is the consequents of your actions…DECIDE” Dormath knew he did not have much left in him this fight had taken out all of his absorbed energy and his pool needed time to replenish he could not take her if she pressed him.

Power Girl stood for a moment she knew what needed to be done and her emotion played out in her words “I will let you live for now ONLY because I will not sink to your level to let a life go away, but your days are marked I will find you” but before Power Girl could finish Dormath said “I hope so we have much to discuss” and with that Dormath recoiled his Psi whip and walked away from Power Girl knowing that she meant what she said and they would meet again very Soon.

Dormath checked his PDA and got his message from RL “Dormath if your still alive head to New Zealand NOW here are the coordinates"

Still alive but of course Dormath was he could not let that ampped up super model take him out no no.

Dormath responded back to RL threw the PDA “Fire is out of fuel and Power Girl is detained for now I am making my way to the coordinates

Dormath used his PDA to call for another LOS shuttle. As he waited he was checking status reports of what was going on, when he touched down in New Zealand he would have to be ready.

The plain arrived and Dormath took off to New Zealand ready to face all challenges.

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The sound of a sonic boom drifted down from the hills, seeming to roll over Switch and head out to sea. He stood up in his sodden clothes and looked at the Manhunter quizzically.

"You gonna go help Dianna?"

The tall alien shook his head slowly.

"She can handle herself and I fear that a distraction might weaken our defense of the machine."

Switch nodded in understanding and turned away, walking up towards the shade offered by trees at the edge of the beach. At the same time he sent burning waves of air off his body, drying out his clothes in a few seconds. The sounds of heavy footfalls followed him closely.

"Thats your cue to get up in the air Blue. Were gonna need air cover if the LoS come a callin."

There was a rushing noise and when Switch looked behind him the Manhunter was gone. Switch sighed and kept walking until he reached the tree. There was no sign of Batman but he wasn't surprised, no doubt Bruce was off somewhere doing something incredibly clever and mysterious that would win any fight they got into. That was his style after all.

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Sparda flew backwards, crashing through some trees. He slid to a stop, mud trailing behind him.

Wow, does she pack a mean left-hook...., he thought to himself.

He barely had time to think before he was heaved up off his back into the air, held up by the Amazonian warrior.

"LoS, I presume? Well, you're not getting your hands on this satellite-or anything much for a long time. Your going to jail", she told him.

"Well, that's not really acceptable", Sparda said back to her as he reached behind his back quickly and drew his sword, slicing quick at his attacker. A cut went across her forearm, and she dropped him.

As soon as he hit the ground, he was moving again, and flipped forward at her, doing a flying kick. It connected, and stunned her just long enough for him to launch a point-blank blast of dark magic into her midsection. It exploded outwards, and she crashed back into the undergrowth.

Less than a second later, however, he was sent flying off the cliff, tackled down, the wind knocked out of him.

Engaged in a free-fall, the two flipped around and fell slowly down the large drop to the beach side.

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The job was done now,the piece in Asia had been secured,there wasn't any casualties;well at least not for the LOS.By now Akira was on his way to the Scotland,it was time for a regrouping,he could only guess that the JLA weren't planning on holding back any longer.He was sure Gambler had plans.

In a matter of minutes Akira was there,the metal of his armor clanged against the loading hanger surface,as he touched down at a loading bay.Akira had intersected the com-link and decided to meet with the three.Last Arrow,Gambler,and the hero who aided them in battle.

Noticing that Arrow had been conversing with Gambler,he waited for them to finish.

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Cryo tensed as Arrow entered the plane. He hadn't noticed him yet, and he hoped he wouldn't. Arrow was his former leader turned rogue. Why wouldn't Cryo be tense. Then Arrow noticed him. He spat at Cryo's feet.

“you come anywhere near me I will gut you , do we have an understanding”.

Cryo snarled at Arrow's words. "Don't worry about that. I wouldn't want my scent tainted with the smell of a traitor's." Cryo continued to growl a low growl, clawing at the chair's armrest.

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Gambler left his seat and headed to the back of the jet. Cryo was no doubt on high alert, especially as Akira made his way up from the cargo hold. The young hero was no surrounded by four of the worlds greatest assassins. With nothing but the word of a killer to rest on. With a slight nod, Gambler acknowledged Akira’s presence before taking a seat next to Arrow and quietly going over his plan.

Suddenly Arrow stood up and made his way to the side of the jet and began to strap on a parachute.

“Strap in!” yelled Gambler just before Arrow opened the side hatch. The rest of the group watched as Arrow swan dived out of the Blackkawk. No one had said where Arrow had gone, or why. But as the massive golden globe, trademark of a certain newspaper organization whizzed past the windows, it left little doubt.

The jet was making remarkable speed and closing in on the coast line.

Sparda’s made contact! Says he has a visual on the missing piece, but our friends are already there. Last transmission was over a half hour ago. said Buckshot.

But before Gambler could answer, the dashboard lit up and early warning systems went crazy.

INCOMING! yelled Buck. Initiating evasive counter measures

Scrambling back up to the front, Gambler could clearly see the second blimp on the radar.

“Its him. It’s the bat.”

The sound of bullets ricocheting off the steal frame echoed inside. Smoke was visible rolling off the wing and the jet was losing altitude.

You guys gotta bail, I cant keep this bird in the air for much longer. I’m gonna try and get behind him, and when I do you gotta jump

Without hesitation Gambler went back and tossed a chute to Akira, then looked at Cryo with a smirk before tossing him one to.

The jet veered up, gravity pushing the men down to the ground, and looped over behind the Dark Knight. The side hatch opened and out they went, free falling to the earth. As Gambler’s chute opened, he could see Buckshot opening fire on the Batwing, both jets now leaving a trail of smoke behind.

Hitting the ground and rolling, Gambler quickly unlatched himself and took to a small dune. Just on the other side lay the last missing piece, and a final battle with the Justice League.

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Cryo caught the parachute and looked back up to Gambler. He was smirking. "By the Gods, I hate you." Cryo strapped it on and dove off the side of the jet. The wind blew past his fur as he plummeted to he sands below. And the waters near it. Cryo pulled on his chute chords and maneuvered his way to the waves. That was where he could do some major damage if it came to that.

A few yeards from the surface, Cryo unlatched himself and freefell to the waters below. The water exploded as he splashed in. Then, the water began to sirl, and from the center emerged Cryo, standing on the water. He took a step back, and made a pushing motion from front to back. As he did, a tall wave emerged and held in its place, all along the shallows. This would cut off the JLA's retreat.

Cryo hated thinking smart for the enemy.

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Time for action.Thats all Akira could think as the aircraft began to smoke and plummet,following Cryo,Akira caught the parachute Gambler had threw to him then he launched himself out,diving at full speed,with out opening his parachute,apparently he didn't need one.Crashing down into the sand and landing with elegance Akira stood up to the enemy ,they were defiantly a threat to the mission.

The Big Dawgs are here huh?

Smiling under his mask,the young sword wielder's eye shield went down as he looked up to the JLA,ready for battle and the rewards of victory.

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DC sits up after his healing finally completing most of the damage looking up at RL "No the tin can didnt...alright maybe a little but he wont be online for a good time."

Listening to what Renegade had to say DC sit indian style waiting for his next orders "We need to make sure the others find out when we go forth and do what is needed to do. These guys are very protective of their kind by the way Red reacted to the deaths of Vixen and Geo. So we need to prepare for them to be attackign with their big hitters. And if we dont we will get trampled no matter what. If some of the underlings were tough then the rest will also be tough."

Looking at Renegade "So whats our plan?"

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Switch looked up from under his tree and heaved himself to his feet. The lone hero walked towards the spot where Akira and Gambler had landed, his hand hidden in his coat. He stopped about twenty meters from the two assassins and looked around. For a few seconds he scuffed his feet in the sand and seemed to by trying to judge the position that he was in. Then, satisfied, he looked up.

"You two aren't nearly as clever as you think you are. Sure its two against one, sure you're both both heavily armed and armored. But theres one thing you didn't count on."

He surveyed the two of them for a few moments, looking first to Gambler then to Akira.

"You're standing in a mine field geniuses."

The smirk on his face was obvious, even over the distance involved. The coat he was wearing moved slightly as he shifted his weight under it, taking a combat stance. Of course he was lying, there were no land mines. Even if Bruce carried mines with him and he'd had time to plant them, the JLA had no idea how the LoS would make their appearence and so couldn't have deployed a field effectively. The story was to buy time for the Martian Manhunter to move into position and attack. All Switch needed was a few seconds.

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Gambler listened as the brave and defiant young hero boasted, while secretly buying time for the Martian. Under his visor the crafty Cajun smirked, if there had been minds planted, his Black Dawn exoskeleton would have picked up the anomaly in the area long before he touched down. But it was still an impressive bluff, one in which the LoS leader had to admire.

Slightly turning his head to Akira and nodding, Gambler unsheathed his blade and charged at Switch. He twirled the blade around several times before stopping it in a reverse angle with his free hand on the hilt. Just as he bared down on Switch, he kicked up some sand towards the hero’s face before following through with a backhanded slice aimed for his chest.

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Switch swore as Gambler leaped to the attack. As the armored assassin charged he took a combat stance, ready to attack. But Gambler was no average opponent. The Cajun kicked up sand as he closed in, the swirling cloud of grains washed over Switch's face. Blinded the young hero staggered backwards, inadvertently saving himself from a swipe that would have torn through his rib cage. As it was the tip of Gamblers sword swiped across his chest, leaving a thin line of blood.

"So you want to get medieval?" Switch snarled, wiping sand from his eyes.

He launched into a series of punches aimed for Gamblers head, drawing kinetic energy into his muscles to give him the speed necessary to defeat Gamblers suit. While the blows would not explode on contact Switch was striking faster than the average human could comprehend. Acting quickly he followed the punches up with a roundhouse kick aimed at Gamblers temple, hoping that by concentrating his attacks he could do some damage. At the same time he used the spin of his body for momentum to throw three shurikens at Akira, trying to keep him out of the fight for as long as possible.

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As RL and his team that consisted of DC and Dark Rayne were in search of Sparda. His signature would fade as if he was moving great distances really quickly. He is probably in a scrap Rl thought to himself. As they continue to walk to the other side Rl's PDA starts showing that the rest of the LOS has landed. "Just over the this cliff" RL says "that is probably G and the rest of them, alright boys lets get the piece and get paid"

RL constructs his forcefield and begins to head towards Gambler who is engaging Switch. Suddenly Martian Man Hunter appears and it headed toward Gambler from behind. Unbeknown to MMH, RL sees him and changes his course directly toward the alien. As the Martian was about to strike the Cajun with a devastating blow RL smashing into him with great force causing the alien and RL to fall and tumble on the ground several feet. RL quickly get to his feet and says to MMH. "Not smart Martian, You never sneak you on the LOS" RL then forms twin blades and lunges forward at the Martian!
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Switch was fast, very fast indeed, but so was Gambler, and his reaction time was on another level. With his hands still at his side he swayed ever so slightly avoiding the onslaught of punches from Switch. A streaming line of data was rolling down the left side of Gambler’s visor,

“Using Kinetic energy I see.” Gambler smirked, just before raising his forearm to block Switch’s roundhouse. The force of the kick slid the Cajun to the side. And as Switch rolled his body in mid-air, while unleashing a flurry of shurikens at Akira, Gambler was more impressed then before.

A quick glance back and Gambler saw Renegade taking the Martian out of thee equation. Turning back to Switch and laughing the cocky LoS leader said,

“Looks like its just you and I hero.”

Planting his right foot and pushing off, he charged dragging the tip of his blade in the sand behind him.


An instant flash of yellow and orange light appeared and disappeared, Gambler along with it. Then not more then a second later, it re-appeared behind Switch with Gambler thrusting his blade at the back of the newest member of the JLA.

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“Looks like its just you and I hero.”

Gamblers blade sliced through Switch's coat, cutting deep through the material and out the other side. The only problem was that the hero wasn't inside it. The moment Gambler had shouted Switch had ditched the jacket and dived forwards, towards where Gambler had been. He had been lucky and the assassin had only cut him lightly again, but he knew that his luck would soon run out.

"Sorry, but I brought company."

Switch was grinning, cockiness written all over his face. With a flick of his wrist three knives appeared, as if from nowhere in his hand. With a grunt of effort Switch through the blades and span around, using his body to shield his hands as he prepared another salvo. He dashed towards Gambler, throwing his second spread of knives.

"Say hello to my little friends!"

Switch jumped up in the air, trusting the throwing knives to keep Gambler busy, and used his powers to allow easier passage through the air. Forming a fist he punched at Gambler head before landing and performing a cartwheel kick. Strain was beginning to show in the young heroes face, the effort of manipulating the energy fields to allow himself passage through the air had drained much of his stamina.

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It was a graceful and brilliant move. Switch had dove out of his coat and created some separation from the lethal assassin. As Switch flicked his wrist, in a move Gambler had performed so many times before, he flashed his hand forward using his telekinesis to stop the blades in mid-air. Tilting his head to the side, as if to say, "Your joking right?" he lowered his hands and the blades fell harmlessly to the ground. But in his arrogance he had not picked up the secondary knife attack until they where raining down on him.

Flipping backwards into a handspring, he kicked one of the knifes back to its point of origin. One blade plunged into his shoulder while the other two disappeared from sight with no indication weather or not they had found there mark. As he landed, Switch was already there launching a straight right at Gambler’s head before flipping up and over into a cartwheel. Quickly crouching down to avoid the punch, he was now in the path of the cartwheel kick. The attack caught Gambler right under the chin sending him into a spin. While his body contorted in mid-air, the crafty Cajun flicked his wrists sending the two missing blades back at Switch. The distinctive purple trail of kinetic energy streaming behind as one blade went low, and the other high.

Gambler hit the ground rolling, using his momentum to twirl his body back up to his feet, before diving for cover.

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Flipping around in the air, Sparda caught a glimpse of Gambler and Akira joining into the fray.

"Cavalry's come. You're screwed now", Sparda said to his attacker, the might Wonder Woman as they fell.

A fist caught his jaw, and he barreled towards the ground. Just before crashing down into it, he flipped right-side up, and landed off his feet. He then pushed off and flew back up into the air, and flipped again, this time sending a spinning kick at the Amazonian warrior.

It smashed into his mid-section, and she flew to the side, crashing against the cliff, dust rattling off of it.

Slowly, she fell to the sand below, and impacted, sending particles up.

Sparda landed gracefully.

She floated back up, and looked at him, going into a fighting stance.

He did the same, readying his sword. For one fraction of a second, he glanced over at Gambler battling with Switch, and Renegade attacking the Martian.

"Okay lady-bring it on", he taunted, and the two charged.

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Switch deftly caught one blade, draining the kinetic energy from it even as it sliced into his palm. The pain slowed him down and he missed the second one. It sped towards his leg but at the last moment he moved. The knife thudded into the sand and flashed purple.

"Oh shi..."

The knife exploded in a burst of kinetic energy that engulfed the young hero. For a moment he managed to convert the energy and divert it away from his body. But it was too much and the explosion washed over him. Switch was sent flying backwards, smashing through several dunes before rolling to a stop. Blood dribbled from his mouth as he struggled onto his hands and knees.

"Athens, buy me some time."

Switch's neurally stored A.I activated and flashed up in readiness. As Switch was getting to his feet she started to try and hack into Gamblers armour and disrupt his on board computer. Hopefully preventing him from attacking Switch before the young hero was ready.

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Dirt and sand where blown on top of Gambler after the explosion. As he sprang to his feet, slowly removing the blade from his shoulder, Black Dawn’s system alerts went off. An outside entity was trying to hack its way into Gambler’s combat mainframe. Buckshot had created state of thee art firewalls, but even that proved not to be enough. The problem was isolated and contained in the combat computer, insuring all other systems where fully operationally.

Switch had underestimated just how Black Dawn operated. Gambler didn’t need the exoskeleton to function, the exoskeleton needed him.

Primary systems corrupt, switching to secondary systems

Suddenly Gambler’s body was lifted off the ground and hurled through the air, coming to a stop only after crashing into the face of the cliff Sparda had just descended. His body crashed to the ground. Slowly trying to pull himself up to his feet, he glanced to see the famous red and blue costume of Superman. He had brought reinforcements to the final battle but Gambler paid them no attention. Under his visor a devilish grin swept over his face.

cough “I was wondering….cough…..when you’d get here.”

Reaching out and pressing something on his forearm, he smirked,

“Listen up. Your gonna wanna pay full attention to this”

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DC still watching the fights in front of him from on top of the hill. He knew that RL was a fighter but the Martian may be too much for him DC almost gets to his feet to help Renegade when he saw more of the JLA coming. One in particular, a vetren to the Teen Titans. He had been a protector of a country but it looks like the JLA are pulling out all their stops. They need all they can get by the looks of it. DC immediatly gets up staring at the man, and flies towards him stopping in front of him "Red Star!!!" the man flew right past DC as if he was nothing wanting to take down Gambler.

The russian was heading fast towards Gambler, when he was blasted from behind falling to the ground. Brushing his cloths off he looks up at a grinning Darkchild "You know what, your friends must be desperate bringing in old side kicks huh?" DC says with a proud grin on his face. "Didn't they forget the mutt and the cat...ooooh right the mutt was torn in two and your girlfriends headless right?" Red Stars face flares up in anger his body engulfed in flames and his muscles growing, the comment about his lost loved ones sends him over the edge in a russain accent he speaks "You will never speak of them again." and he bursts from the ground flying straight at DC launching fire blasts left and right.

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Superman was gone, but he'd given Switch the respite the he had needed. Gambler was down but probably not hurt that badly. That damn suit of his kept him protected against harm. But now Switch had a plan. More JLA members were arriving, too quickly for the remaining LoS to stop them.

"Running out of minions Gambler. Theres no one left to save you."

The young hero was barely standing, no doubt he had serious internal injuries from the blast and for once he was not grinning. His eyes were cold and hard, not showing an inch of weakness.

"Whatever you did to get Clark away, he'll deal with it and then come back for you. Thats if your still standing."

Switch moved surprisingly quickly for someone in his state. He closed in quickly and thrust his arms out, not to punch but to grab. Then he would agitate the cells that made up Gamblers body and tear his insides apart. The only drawback being that it required several second of contact to accomplish.