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Welcome. This is an RPG created by your truly, Photon.


An island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, nothing more than a few acres of reefs that are sticking outside the ocean. On top of them is a grimly looking, enourmous, black castle that is showing signs of old age. Huge cracks in the walls, some strange plant life crawling around the walls, as if gripping the castle with its elderly, dried and wrinkled hands.

Hundreds of rooms and over thirty floors on the inside, look extremely abandoned, with no one ever trying to clean up. Rooms, that are locked, floors that are unreachable, and some of them which don't even exist in our reality. Rooms, where a step on the wrong tile can show you a stairway to heaven, or grant you a quick, but grisly fall to hell. At first glance, the only residence inside is corpses, some of which are over decades old. But if looked deeper, into the very insides of the castle, many more living beings can be found, as facinating as they are frightening, all created by a the same mind of a madman.

Rules: Standart RPG rules apply as always. No power-playing or God-modding. Try to make it as fun as possible, play at your risk yadi-yadi-yada...

Character setting: Your character wakes up in one of the rooms on the bottom floor. I will be the GM type of character for this, i am the evil mastermind behind the plot. I will reside on the topmost floor inside my own room with a switch, trigger, button for every room, cage and trap. My goal is for you to never make it out of here alive.

Everyone will wake up in their own room alone. HERE IS THE MAIN TWIST SO READ. Your memory has been wiped out. You don't know your name, your age, your mother's name, your educasion, profession, hobbies, likes, dislikes... You don't even know if you have five toes or six on your foot. YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR ABILITIES EITHER. You have no idea that they exist, that you can use them, how to use them, control them, etc. THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOUR REFLEXES ARE GONE. If you are a qucik, martial artist type, you still got the moves. If you got super strength, you can still toss around a couple of tons, IF YOU TRY. If you got super speed and you try to run faster, you will run faster. So simply, you don't know your abilities... REDISCOVER THEM IF YOU WISH TO SURVIVE.

There are traps, beasts, zombies, ghosts, and the general hellish party to acquaint you through the entire castle. Their only goal in life or after-life is to kill as many of you as they can, or die by your actions.

Not ever door will open to you, as some doors are fake and lead to a certain doom. Some staircases are absent or completely blocked. Some lifts won't work. There are secret passageways, fake walls and mirrors. Be creative, and don't say "I walked through another door" in almost every post.

Interact with other players. "United we stand, divided we fall." Together you stand a higher chance of getting all the way to the top. Of course, you can lock them in a room with a couple of snarling werewolf/gorilla cross and let them die. Reason you would want them dead is, the lift to the control room would only go upstairs once and would fit only one person. There are no team victories and couples. Only one makes it to the top. Of course, you cold team up and when you get to the lift, fight it out to see who wins the entire RPG.

A note to characters with teleposrting skills. "There is a spell on the castle that will not allow you to teleport between floors, (so someone won't go "I tELapUrt To THee LasT Flor!!!! I PWNnnNnNN!!!1111!"), however once you "Remember your powers" you may freely teleport within rooms on the same floor that you reside in.

Also a note to the flying characters. No, you can't fly out of a window, fly to the very top window and say "I MadE ITT To Thee LASt FLuuR!! I aM SOO KeewLL!!11!!". Make your posts fun for the others to read up on and yes, you have to get to the top the hard way.

All of you will wake up with note inside your hand. The note reads the following.

"Hello (insert name of the player). Yes, that is your real name. However, thats the only thing you know. You don't know where you are, why you are here or even who are you. Scary thought isn't it? It's like waking up inside someone else's body, and having someone else's conscience. No this isn't a dream... For, dreams are never this evil. It is all but my sweet nightmare, and you are just a small part thats unlucky to get caught up in it. Dont run. Dont scream. In fact, I wouldn't even try to whimper if i were you. Death lurks within every shadow, within every light and it's looking for you. Right now, your chances of making it out of this place are none. You want answers? Find them, but remember, your are not alone. You are never alone inside Hell's Labyrinth. I would love to wish you luck, but you won't find Lady Luck here... Her rotting corpse is all that remains... Farewell..."

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It was a dusty and decrepid old room with a bed, a mirror and dresser, and a window. There was something in his hand.

It read: "Hello Scott. Yes that is your real name. However, thats the only thing you know. You don't know where you are, why you are here or even who are you. Scary thought isn't it? It's like waking up inside someone else's body, and having someone else's conscience. No this isn't a dream.....For, dreams are never this evil. It is all but my sweet nightmare, and you are just a small part thats unlucky to get caught up in it. Dont run. Dont scream. In fact, I wouldn't even try to whimper if i were you. Death lurks within every shadow, within every light and it's looking for you. Right now, your chances of making it out of this place are none. You want answers? Find them, but remember, you are not alone. You are never alone inside Hell's Labyrinth. I would love to wish you luck, but you won't find Lady Luck here......Her rotting corpse is all that remains.....Farewell....."

He looked up from the letter. That must've been the most creepy letter he had ever read......if he hadn't already read an even creepier one.

So Scott is my name. Scott thought as he walked over to the mirror. The reflection showed a teenager. 14, 16 at the most. He had brown hair and eyes. He looked at his blue and silver jersey. Trinity Catholic Falcons #07

He was an athlete. He turned around and looked into the mirror at the back of his shirt. Wolfman #07

Scott Wolfman. That was his name. He looked down and saw he had camoflauge shorts on and sneakers without his socks on. He had a leather wallet with a chain connecting the wallet to his belt strap. He took out his wallet. A few membership cards, a bus pass. He noticed some pictures. One was a girl. Beautiful. Most beautiful he had ever seen.....unless he hadn't seen another one before this one. This whole memory-loss thing was so confusing.

He decided to go out of the door. He remembered what the note said about death in every shadow. He patted the note in his pocket as he cautiously turned the door knob.

The door creaked loudly as he slowly opened it and thrust his head out, looking all around him. He exited the room and walked past a window, where he was compelled to stop. He looked out and saw it. The Full Moon. it was familiar, caring. It almost seemed to call to him and comfort him.

He shook it off as nothing and walked down the long, winding, hallway.

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"Ahh yes, of course. We have our first guest." - Photon looked into one of the cameras inside the lucious top floor room. It was the only room that lookde normal, like the outside world. Photon sat there in his chair, a shadow of what he used to be. His posture was twisted and old, he was poor to look at. His hands and knees were chained up in long and heavy chains that never came off. He was beyond his years and even beyond death. Nothing left of his young self but the spirit.

"Hmm. Yes, the lycan with obvious signs of split personality. The full moon was the perfect time to awaken them. Beasts are ravenous with hunger. Let's see if this one is." - Photon smiled a grin that was half toothless. Bending down to one of the switches, he pressed it. The, fixed the camera of the room where the lycan was to see then show that was coming up.

"Nothing big of course, but not yet. I have to give him a taste of what he was." - Photon watched as the room from which the man had now exited was being populated by a hungry wolf. He quickly sprinted towards the outside. Half the skin was gone from the wolf, revealing flesh and bare muscles. But the wolf didn't mind. It was hungry.

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"What the $#@!, were am I?"

"Who am I?"

Gambler looks at his hand and see's the letter and reads it.

"Ahh, come on man, what the $#@!

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?????? was confused. He had no idea where he was, who he was or his own name. He stood up and looked around. It was dusty room with a shelfing unit, an old rocking chair, and a bed that looked ready to collapse at any moment. ?????? looked downward and saw a letter, he quickly scanned it and now knew his name was Zantin and that he was in Hells Labyrinth. Zantin quickly ran out of the room and saw 2 Doors next to each other. One door had an Angel on it flying towards the cloud with an inscription that said "If you are strong in mind come through this door and have your greatest dreams be realized" The other door had a fearsome looking Demon on it and the inscription read "If power is what you desire come thought here and face the horde to gain a power of the Dark Gods." Zantin after much thought went thought the Demonic door he had an almost unnatural urge to gain more power.

He went throught the door and saw Lava and fire everywhere he turned around and saw that the door was gone. "Well, he never said this was going to be easy" There was a giant platform in the center connected to the bridge right infront of Zantin. Zantin started walking but then the Bridge started to collapse and quickly Zantin ran with all his might and jumped for the main platform. He got over safely and looked around he saw one giant Demon that had a huge battle-axe and platted armor. His face looked like a horse and a human put together.

"Just....GREAT! I mean really you can't get much better then this"

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Scott spun around just as he heard a growl from down the hallway where his room had been. He stood there for a second, frozen with fear, not knowing what would come around the corner.

A wolf, huge, grotesque, and ravenous with hunger rounded the corner.It charged for him, foaming at the mouth. "Holy crap!" Scott yelled as he ran as fast as he could in the opposite direction. He almost fell trying to turn another corner. He could hear the wolf growling behind him, but it was a sort of half-growl, half-talking sound. get back here!SnarlIm Hungry!

Do all the monsters in here talk like that!? Scott thought. He was traveling blindly through this place, he didn't know where he was or what would be lying around the next corner. The wolf was getting closer, getting louder, and Scott was getting more desperate. Suddenly there were two doors. One with a huge flame on it, the other with a snowflake. He didn't know which one to choose, but something was compelling him to choose the Snow door.

The wolf was almost on top of him, he could hear it rounding the corner at the end of this hallway. He turned around and could see it coming toward him, its eyes glowing with hunger and thirst for blood. He needed to make a decision, and he needed to make it now.

He went with his instinct and opened the door with the snowflake on it. A huge blast of cold air embraced him as he ran through and slammed the door shut. Behind him he could hear the wolf's thud against the door, but when he turned back, the door was gone. He looked around him and he saw snow, ice, and barren land everywhere. He was in a frozen wasteland in a castle. How is that even possible? He thought, trudging through the snow.

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Gambler heard, what sounded like a wild animal. He opened the door and went out into the hall. As he looked to his left he saw a giant wolf like creature. It noticed him and charged. Gambler turned to go back into the room, but the door was gone.

"Holy $#@! said Gambler.

The werewolf jumped, going for Gambler's throat. Gambler dropped to his knees, and did a back bend, purley by instinct.

The werewolf soared over the top of Gambler, reaching down to take a swipe. It caught a piece of Gambler's shoulder.

"Ahhh, damn it." yelled Gambler.

He got to his feet and tried another door. As soon as he opened it, he felt the cold blast of a winter storm. The door was no longer there.

"Now what the $#@!" he thought.

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Zantin was afraid. An emotion he had not felt in a long time he started at the demon. The Demom grunted and run towards him heaving that massive Battle Axe of his straight towards his face. Zantin jumped out of the way and saw something next to him it was a sword that was shaped like a lighting bolt. Zantin quickly picked it up and blocked the demons next attack but the something unexpected happened the sword was broken through by the axe it was about to slash throught Zantins face when suddenly a shield popped up to block the attack.

"Well, that was lucky,"

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Scott heard an echo off in the distance. "Now what the $#@!.......$#@!....$#@!"

He wasn't alone in here. He didn't think it was another mosnter, because it sounded more human. It also sounded vaguely familiar.

He trudged through the snow toward the source of the sound. He looked over a hill and saw another person. He dropped to the ground in hopes of not being seen. He didn't know yet whether this man was friend or foe.

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"I've gotta figure out what the hell is going on."

Gambler noticed foot prints in the snow. Cleary he was not alone.

"Hello! Is anybody out there?" he yelled.

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The girl groaned softly. There was something hard under her head and she could feel a cold draft caress her cheek, sending shivers down her spine. Dark eyes flickered open and she rolled onto her side. There was something in her hand. When she lifted it, it was a letter.

"Hello Pimlico. Yes, that is your real name. However, thats the only thing you know. You don't know where you are, why you are here or even who are you. Scary thought isn't it? It's like waking up inside someone else's body, and having someone else's conscience. No this isn't a dream... For, dreams are never this evil. It is all but my sweet nightmare, and you are just a small part thats unlucky to get caught up in it. Dont run. Dont scream. In fact, I wouldn't even try to whimper if i were you. Death lurks within every shadow, within every light and it's looking for you. Right now, your chances of making it out of this place are none. You want answers? Find them, but remember, your are not alone. You are never alone inside Hell's Labyrinth. I would love to wish you luck, but you won't find Lady Luck here... Her rotting corpse is all that remains... Farewell..."

"Pimlico?" she mused outloud. "What kind of an uncouth name is that?" Rubbing her hands with the heels of her hands, she groaned again. Her voice sounded regal to her own ears, schooled and almost unnatural. "I shouldn't sound like this... should I?" Yeah, she thought, because self-analysis is such a good idea at a time like this. She needed to work out where she was, who the hell she was and why she was here.

With another quick glance at the note, she snorted and rolled to her feet. "Melodrama is so over-rated." Her eyes pinned one of the shadows in the room and she snorted again. "If death is there, come and get me. Maybe you and I can discuss who the hell I am."

Something in the shadows moved and she jumped back a step. "What the f..." A low hissing began that grew louder and more menacing with each passing second. Pim backed up as a huge snake slithered out of the darkness. It flashed huge, ten inch teeth and reared up. Her back hit a solid surface and she was about to run sideways when that solidness melted away and she suddenly found herself falling down, air rushing past her ears.

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Scott stayed in the snow. when the man moved one way, he would slowly move the other. He didn't want to get on this guy's bad side, especially if he was a bad guy.

When he got behind the man, He bolted away from him, in the direction he came from. He looked back and hoped he wasn't following him, he didn't trust anything at this point.

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Photon watched. He watched everyone and everything, grinning a grin of a deranged being. The young wolf boy's run from the wolf excited him, reminding him of his young years. He watched, as all of the new contestants were being awakened, finding themselves in the same rooms where danger resided. The snake couldn't see things that stood still, thats why it didn't bite the girl. He saw them both flying down struggling to survive, both the snake and the woman.

"They took the right way into the ice room, instead of the fire. But it does leave my cyclops lonely." - Photon talked to himself like the mad people supposed to.

"I must have placed a hologram inside the ice room, with a hint on getting to the next floor. Oh! How i do hope one of them trips it!" - Photon switched the camera and saw the wolf, still standing outside the ice room, clawing the metal door, but having no success at getting through.

"You might want some help there, little guy. Your big brother is coming." - the grin seemed to never leave Photon's face. He pushed the same button, and watched another wolf run from the room where the first one came from, following the tracks by his smell.

This wolf was much bigger and much more muscled, without any zombie signs. His claws and teeth were replaced with titanium alloy, along with the leg and jaw muscles, making him ten times more powerful than a normal wolf could hope to be. He would swipe down the door in less than a minute.

"But wait. Of course. The demon and the magician. Such a lovely pair." - Photon watched another struggle, knowing that the lava below them held much more than hot rocks.


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Scott had been walking for quite some time. Even though it was semi-blizzard conditions out, he wasn't freezing. It was odd. He took a step down and thought he heard a beep. He picked his foot up and saw that he tripped a red button.

Scott looked all around him hoping that he hadn't set off a trap. Suddenly, a shining beam of light appeared in front of him. It was a hologram.

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Rediscovered Powers

  1. Small magical shield constantly protecting him.

Zantin was shocked. The slash was blocked but not all the way as he had a downward slash wound above his right eye. Quickly before the Demon slashed again he looked around and saw a broad sword with a twisted demonic hilt. Zantin picked it up and with what might he had tossed it at the rampaging Demon coming towards him. Surprisingly enough it went through the demons mid section temporarily paralyzing the demon. While the demon was attempting to get the sword out of himself Zantin quickly grabbed the first thing he saw a mace and started to beat the paralyzed Demon closer and closer to the edge and with one last push threw him into the lava. Then suddenly a staircase appeared by the arena leading up to a door. Zantin quickly went up the stairs to the door hoping that demon doesn't come back anytime soon.

The room was filled with weapons of all shapes and sizes. Guns, staffs, broadswords, long swords and some alien weaponary he had never seen before but there was 1 item Zantin saw that he instantly picked up. It was a book with a gold binding and a black cover with the words "Elemental Magic for Dummies by Rincewind" (OOC: If you understand the reference I applaud you). As soon as he took the book everything else vanished and all there was was a door. Zantin stepped through the door.

As soon as he walked he through he was slammed down by what looked to be a man that had camo pants and a jersey on.

"Hey....You okay....and hopefully not evil?"

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"Congratulations. You managed to make it through the first few minutes of hell, I sincerely hope that you are enjoying your stay. There are 33 floors inide this lovely castle of mine, you are but only on the first. Every floor is much more beautiful than the one before it, if you can find beauty in rotting flesh of my pets, which were crafted by my own hands," - the hologram paused.

"Search for hope, and you find her corpse/ Search for death, and your find will be much worse/ Search for yourself and your journey is long/ Hard to stay strong, for your will iss are gone/ Search for the next floor/ And you'll never witness the door/ Search for the flames, thats the right clue, now link it/ A one eyed guardian stands, no remorse and much force, so out think it/ Then his blood will flood, you need to drink it/ To winess the door to the next floor, but don't blink it/" - the hologram was yelling loud enough to be heard all the way up by Photon himself.

"Oh and remember... I am ALWAYS watching you..." - were the last words out of the old machine. It closed itself while still hovering in the air.

"Self-destruct... 5...4... 3..."

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Magneto woke up with a mind splitting head ache.

"What the hell is this place"

Magneto looked around he was in a run down room. There was no windows and only a small table lamp that gave off onlt a little light. Magneto sat up in his bed witch he quickly discovered was not his bed. The olf rusty bed frame was only big enough for a child.

"That explains the neck ache damm"

Magneto rubbed his neck and continued to look around the room. There was one door he guess lead to the rest of this run down shit hole. Magneto heard something fall in the corner of the room. Magneto went to the lamp and removed the shade lighting up the room. There was nothing there only a broken chair and some old rags.

"Well bloody hell lets see whats going on."

Magneto walked to the door and turned the handle.

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Scott dove down as the hologram exloded. He got up, all the while trying to figure out the riddle that hologram gave him. Suddenly a door appeared out of nowhere.

Scott instinctively dove down and snuck amidst the snow. As soon as the door opened he hit whatever was coming through.

He looked down to see a man clutching a book. "Hey are you ok? And hopefully not evil?"

And almost immediately, in response to his question, he could tell the man wasn't. He didn't know how he did, it was almost as if he smelled it. He helped the man up and dusted the snow off of him. "Sorry if I hurt You."

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"Oh, no my magical shield protected me its small but useful. My name is Zantin and I take it your in the situation I'm in with the amnesia?"
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The man awoke, and in his hand was a letter, which he read. It stated what his name was.

"So, my name is Tom. Odd name. Why do I have to wear these things on my eyes?"

Tom saw a mirror. He walks over to it and looks over his reflection. "Why do I have to wear this long jacket? Why am I so pale?"

Tom reaches behind him and feels something, a sword. "What is this?" He pulled it out and saw he had engravings on it he could read. "This is not the same language as the letter. Who is Sirhc, Leachim, and finally, who is Mot. Is it I, for my name is Tom? This blade, why does it seem drawn to my shadow?"

"I need some answers." Tom sighed. He opened the door and then saw a Minotaur, which came charging at him. Tom felt drawn to perform this next action. Using the sword, he sliced the beast's head off.

"What is my blade doing?" Tom's sword came over and flew on top of where the Minotaur's carcass was. It drained the shadow of the dead monstrosity.

Tom regained control of his sword and he continued to move forward, opening the first doow he saw. On the door there was a picture of the sun on it.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The Light it's too strong!" Tom said as he opened the door and fell to the ground. His sword seemed to have a mind of its own, pulling Tom out of the light and closing the door behind him.

Tom got up began looking for another door. "Well this explains why I am pale and have sunglasses. Obviously I don't like sunlight."

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"Yeah," Scott replied,"I woke up in some random room and then a wolf chased me. But It talked to me. Anything like that happen to you?"

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"Man, some people have the best luck. I basically went to hell fought a giant Axe wielding demon and surprisingly enough won, then I as in a room and found this book." He pointed to the book and showed it to the man. "Then a door appeared and I smacked into you. So yeah you can say something like that happened to me. Do you have any idea whats going on in this crazy castle?"

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The blizzard was intense. Gambler was lost. He couldnt shake the feeling that something or somethings were tracking him.

Then he saw through the snow, it was the werewolve, and another larger version.

"You gotta be $#@!ing kidding me."

Gambler started to run but the werewolves ran him down.

They were tearing Gambler apart. He reached out and grabbed one of the werewolves and it started to glow alittle. When he let go, a small blast of energy errupted on the werewolve's shoulder.

"What the hell was that?" thought Gambler

The blast distracted the two beast long enough for Gambler to get up a tree.

"I dont want to die." yelled Gambler

The werewolves were coming up the tree.

As Gambler huged the branch, it began to glow, then the entire tree started to glow.

"What the..........

All the sudden the tree exploded, sending Gambler and the Werewolves flying.

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Scott spun around as he heard the explosion. It seemed a long ways off but he still heard it..............somehow. "There's an explosion off in the distance. I don't know how, but I know. We should check and see if anyone is hurt."

He ran off, hoping that Zantin would follow him. He might need all the power of a Superhero he could get.

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"Hahahaha, so beautiful." - Photon couldn't help but to laugh away as the werewolfes almost got to the man named Gambler.

"A tip of the iceberg, i suppose. Ahh well..." - PHoton was switching through every monitor.

"But of course. Our master of magnetism, helpless like a young child that is ready to be devoured." - with his skinny and almost lifeless arm, Photon pulled a switch towards himself.

Way downstairs, Photon's image appreared inside the mirror, before the one called Magneto.

"Welcome. I see you are finally awake, to which I am glad. To tell you the truth, i was hoping soome creature would murder you in your sleep, but hey, now the real fun can begin! I would recommed you to find a way to get higher and fast. Soon, this floor will be eaten by the marvelous flows of hellish lava. And yes, you always wear that goofy helmet." - Photon's did not vanishe, but started to reshape and reform, quickly turning into a black cloak with numerous bloodstains all over it. It was a figure the resembled the Grim Reaper, and it started to move, first closer and then out of the mirror, viciously spinning around its scythe, already tasting the blood of Magneto.

Photon checked the other monitors, finding another man, who was very, very pale.

"If i didn't know better, i might have confused this one for one of my creatures... Evil runs deep within his veins, unvoluntary." - Photon tinckered with the system, making the walls of the room that the pale man was in starting to spin around furiously, making all the doors look like a blur.

"But wait, this is not all." - Photon was commenting the whole show to himself. The floor started to shake and crackle under Boken's feet. All of the cracks started giving out rays of artificial sunlight, created by the Master of Light - Photon.

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"What is this treachery?" Tom said as the walls began to spin."Ow!" He said as his foot stung. he looked down and say the floor was giving out rays of light.

He pulled his hood up and began running through the room, dodging the numerous rays of light. He looked desperately to find a way out. He couldn't tell what was door and what was wall and what was door. He even crashed into a wall a couple of times.

He finally found a door and tried to open it. light began to cover the entire length of the room, and it was getting closer. He pried open the door just as the wall of light came rushing at him. He slammed the door shut and let out a sigh of relief.

A wind whipped at his face. he opened his eyes. He was in a room filled with snow and ice. Out of the frying pan and into the ice. Tom thought to himself, trying to lighten up the mood.

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Kyle's eyes opened slowly and with them opening a sharp pain, he cringed at this pain but as it subsided he sat up looking around to only see a mirror, the bed he was on, a chair, and a desk with a lamp on it glowing brightly. He saw a letter on the desk and as he opened it he felt a weird sensation, it felt unknown to him and as the sensation coursed through his body his head began to hurt immensly he fell on his knees and screamed in pain, it felt so new but felt almost familiar. He got up and read the letter it included his name and nothing more. He examined his apparel looking at himself in the mirror. He wore white baggy pants, a black tank-top, and a black longsleeved dress shirt. Lastly he noticed a necklace with an Ivory fang hanging from it, it was no more than half an inch long but yet Kyle felt protected by having it with him and so looking at his door and gaining confidence he opened it slowly and cautiously.

He looked down the halls and saw nothing but doors and windows, a couple paintings, and a vase everynow and then. He took a few steps and then heard a low growl, he quickly turned to be greeted by a horendous creature with glowing green eyes, two horns sprouting from it's head, and a spiked tail. It snarled and then lunged at Kyle but in response Kyle bolted down the hall yelling for anybody that might be able to save him from this nightmare.
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"Save... No one is going to be saved in my nightmare! NO ONE! HAhahaha!" - Photon was laughing away, while pouring some wine into a beautiful glass to drink. The action was in deed intense.

"Hmm, lets see now. Yes, yes of course. An old trick, but it should do." - Photon greedily viewed the panel that was in front of him, finally pushing a button with "On" on it. The ceilings of the long hall where the Animist running through were now moving, stomping on the floor their five ton weight, wishing to grind, to smush and to smuther the floor with his guts.

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Gambler awoke, in a pile of snow. Pieces of one of the werewolve's were spattered around.

"Yeah bitch!"

"IS THAT ALL YOU GOT? YOU SICK $#@!" yelled Gambler.

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Kyle heard something move from above him and soon he saw the ceiling falling closer to him, his body was paralyzed but something instinctivly moved his body out of the way only to be closer to the demon.

"God, why don't you just go away!" Kyle yelled as he thought out a plan, with his limited time there was only a small list of options he could choose:

A: Get killed by the ceiling

B: Get killed by a demon

or C: kill the demon without getting killed by it or the ceiling.

considering neither A or B he would try C, he would plan it to where the demon would attack but miss him and get crushed. So he ran torwards the demon and feeling the instinctual feelings again jumped slightly and as the demon lunged an instinct kicked in causing him to block the demons arms while flipping onto it's back and jumping off at the same time. The only thing was he forgot about it's tail and it snapped out and wrapped around his left leg its points digging into his flesh.

He cringed and let out a small grunt of pain and the demon smiling at this flung him at the ceiling while it lay on the ground ready to lift up again. Instinct kicked in again and using the momentum to reverse the angle he was in to where his back would collide first and not his ribs. When he hit he used his legs as a spring and bounced off only to be dragged down by the tail. The demon let out a small chuckle and dragged Kyle closer torwards it and as this occured Kyle tried to harness this instinct to it's full, he didn't remember but obviously he wasn't able to do all that for a reason.

He bgean to think "I need something sharp, or some way to get out of this." He kept thinking and then looking at one of the paintings he saw a wolf, and in this painting the wolf using it's jaws and claws was bringing down a deer in a snow-covered forest. Kyle kept staring and soon his necklace began to crackle with tiny surges of energy until Kyle felt like he was changing. Soon he felt stronger, faster, and oddly enough like a wolf. He looked at his arm to see it now covered in silky black fur, it startled him and his voice it was more of a bark than a yell, but seeing as there was no time to be scared he quickly swiped at the tail slicing into it. The demon roared in pain and took two steps back rage now in its eyes, Kyle swiped again this time severing the tail. The demon roared again being cut short by the ceiling's five ton mass crushing down upon it.

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"Whatever you say man!" Zantin started running to catch up with the guy who still he did not know the name of.

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Magneto was very surprised by the man in the mirror on the back of the door he had not yet opened. Something or someone was now coming out of the mirror towards him with out think Magneto took a step back and something came out of his hand and blow up the Mirror.

"That was interesting enough."

Magneto looked at his hand with a bit of confusion. Now it seemed someone had brought him here and didn't like him much. Magneto held the area of his arm that had been cut by the thing coming out of the mirror. Graping a peice of the bed blanket he wraped his arm.

"damm thing will heal soon enough"

Magneto went back to the door and turn and pulled the handle nothing happened.

"Damm it all"

Magneto turned and pushed the door open it opened into a hallway .

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Zantin was following Scott as he hoped. They got to the top of a hill and saw smoke rising from what looked like a tree stump on fire. There were wolf bits everywhere and the man he had seen earlier.

"I've seen this guy before. I don't know his name and whether hes evil or not. We better go in caution."

He slowly walked down the snow-covered hill. "Hey! Are you alright?" He called to the man.

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Zantin stopped and looked at the man. He looked very familiar to Zantin but he just couldn't place his finger on it.

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Magneto carefully looked into the hallway. He could see now windows and there was very little lite most of witch was coming from the room he was in. He also saw a large rat run to the far end of the hall and into a small hole.

"Tight fit there little buddy."

Magneto notice several more doors and walked slowly towards one that was showing a little lite coming from under the door. He but his ear next to the door and tryed to listen. He was unable to hear anything and decided to open the door slowly.

"Oh bloody hell lets see whats behind door number 1."

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Cryo-Wolf says:

"Zantin was following Scott as he hoped. They got to the top of a hill and saw smoke rising from what looked like a tree stump on fire. There were wolf bits everywhere and the man he had seen earlier. "I've seen this guy before. I don't know his name and whether hes evil or not. We better go in caution." He slowly walked down the snow-covered hill. "Hey! Are you alright?" He called to the man."

"Stay back!" yelled Gambler

He didnt know who to trust.

"What the $#@! is going on?"

Just then, there was a howl, it was the second, more powerful werewolf.

"Son of a bitch, I hope you guy's can fight?" said Gambler

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Heat was pressing in on her from all sides as she fell. Pim managed to turn in midair and she could see a deep pool looming below. Its surface was bubbling violently in a way that made her actually fill with concern. Her hands threw up and she covered her head with them, pulling her knees up to her chest. As she felt the first brush of the water, something pulled inside her and the world lurched.

She hit colid rock and rolled to her feet in a crouched position. "What the f..." she hissed. "What the hell just happened?!"

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Kyle now had looked in all directions hearing the occasional 'thud' and squishing noises of the ceiling and its latest victim. He was still a wolf or in someone else's eyes, a were-wolf. He sighed and coming to grips with what happened he tried to not only think of a way out of this crazy place but a way to change back into a human.

"Come on change back." he said desperatly, his eyes were shut tight and his fists clenched as he struggled to change back, if at all he could. "There has to be a way, I changed into this and there has to be a way to change back." he stopped the struggle was becoming futile and he decided it best to conserve his energy.

Now it was time to focus on the matter at hand getting away from the ceiling. He studied it as it fell it took twenty seconds for it to rise and five to fall, he would have to time this right, but he improvised. The ceiling was held by large iron poles and nothing more leaving a wide running space, and so as soon as the 'thud' was heard he jumped onto the exposed part of the ceiling and bolted across , soon it began to rise slowly but at a moderate pace. Kyle ran faster until he finally made it to the end where he jumped off and landed on the soft silk carpet beneath.

"This place, it just never ceases to amaze me." he said sarcastically as he walked down into a large circular room to be greeted by the pale moonlight shining from the large window. It made Kyle feel funny as soon he felt powered and his senses heightened, he focused on changing back now and soon thinking of his human self he began to revert. Soon he was human again and with this new found knowledge he had a better understanding of this power he contained.

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Scott stopped in his tracks. He didn't want to get this guy angry, especially after seeing what he had done to that tree.

He turned as he heard a wolf howl and saw a werewolf walking toward the man. It talked in the same growling manner, yet he could understand it. You're going to pay for that. You killed my brother!

"Umm.....I think you just killed his brother." He told the man.

He ran down besides the man, not too close but in the general area. He put his fists up instinctively, thought he didn't know how a human would do against a werewolf.

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Kyle opened door after door, some not opening until finally he opened one to feel immense cold rushing in. Snow flakes fell out and Kyle changing into his wolf Anima to stay warm entered the room sensing a strange heat coming atop a snow mound, then a howl and distant voices.

Kyle made a mad dash "people" he thought and as he got to the top of the hill he could see a few people and a massive werewolf in front of them. "Sweet people!" he exclaimed only to have the attention of the wolf change to him and to hear it say quickly keeping its eyes on Gambler it said "Help me brother these vile beasts killed my brother and the others in our pack, assist me while I rip the culprit to bloody peices!"

Kyle didn't know what to do, help a talking werewolf or possibly join with the only other 'people' in the castle. It was confusing but Kyle just stood watching to see the events that would occur.

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Kyle turned to this man who could apparently speak in this creature's tongue. "What's going on?" he said in a human voice. He reverted to his human form and made his way to the other humans side, "Who are you people?"

The werewolf stared at Kyle, and surprisingly was still able to communicate with him, "so you are like them, that is to bad cause I was about to give you the position of second in command now that the pack leader is deceased." it grinned "oh well, more food for me."

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"Come on then you $#@!ing mutt." yelled Gambler

He picked up a piece of a branch, it wouldnt do much good against such a beast, but it was better than nothing.

"Come on, how the hell did I do that." thought Gambler.

If he could only remember who he was and what he could do.

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Suddenly another Were-Wolf came rushing over the hill and the werewolf's attention changed from Scott and the man to this newcomer.

Oh, Great! Scott thoughtMore werewolves.

But something was different about this one. It seemed almost human. He could tell he was on their side becaus he didn't respond to the other werewolf's plead. He got the idea of communicating with the animals, since they could talk to him.

Are you forgetting about us He said in The Were-Wolf's tongue, though he didn't know how he could do it, If he is truly of your pack he will fight with you. Come and take us.

He readied his fists and prepeared to be attacked.

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Kyle stared in amazment "My name is Kyle , and so far I can change into a werewolf." he chuckled. He watched the wolf crash into the wall and crack it slightly. Kyle took this time to change into his wolf form.

Kyle jumped upon the ice wall his nails diggin into the ice just enough for him to balance. Looking to the gambler he asked, "So what's the situation you all just like hunting werewolves or something?" he said with a grin.

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"We don't know that much about ourselves either. our memories were wiped but we do know our names. Mine name is Scott Wolfman and.....apparently I can talk with animals."

He heard the wolf talk again and charge for The newcomer. Instictively he jumped in front of the man and raised his hands up, closing his eyes.

A huge wall of ice jutted from the snow and blocked the were-wolf from attacking.

Scott opened his eyes and looked around the wall of ice to the were0wolf, now on the ground. and stared at his hands. "And.......I can make ice walls." He said, amazed.

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Magneto slowly opened the door and looked inside he was ready to blast anything since he had learn he could blast shit out of his hands. With the door just a crack open he could see into a large part of the room. It appeared to be a living room and very nice at that it had nice furniture clean.

"What the hell"

Magneto opened the rest of the door and slowly walked inside.

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Scott saw the were-Wolf getting to his feet and got an idea. He blasted ice darts at the were-wolf, piercing its skin. "Cool......" He said with his eyes wide.

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Gambler started to walk backwards slowly. He didnt trust the two strangers, one was a werewolf, the very same kind of creature that had just tried to kill him, and the other had some sort of ice control powers.

Gambler took off running in the opposite direction. He noticed a steel door off to the left. It had a picture of a graveyard on it.

"This wasnt here before." thought Gambler.

He opened the door, and stepped inside.

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Scott noticed the man who blew up the tree leave. He decided to let him go. His most pressing matter was the were-wolf coming right at Kyle and himself. He willed the snow to cover the were-wolf and encase him in ice. "I don't think he'll be a problem. Now how do we get out of here?"
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"What just happened to him?" Kyle said pointing at Gambler as he ran in the opposite direction. He shrugged it off and jumped at the wolf sinking his nails into it's flesh. He jumped off just as quickly as he jumped on and slashed at his latest opposition. Something happened and he changed back to human form, "The hell!" he sighed "Well I guess it just wore out." He took a couple of steps, "That guy went that way think we should follow him?"
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