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3:00am January 24th Romania

The teen-aged devil was within four miles from his target, a vampire going by the name Trauma. Tough guy as far as Warren knew. Mentally he went over his check list.

  • Two glocks
  • one pineapple grenade
  • and the all important stilleto

As far as the demon was concerned this was personal dozens of civilians died on champion island the day the vampires brought hell to that city. He was going to make up for spending the whole time smashing away at fledglings.He chose this vampire in particular because the others lived off the grid and where members of covens as far as Kid Devil knew this guy was a loner. He had flames ignite around him. Four minutes till he planned to drawl out the vampire. Messing with vampires such as Eternal Chaos he learned they are cranky and see everyone as a snack, stay outside of their homes.

The young demon teleported outside the fortress that was the vampire's castles sun was still down and would be for hours. Good, he needed it that way. "Drawl attention to yourself." He thought "No time to wait for him to notice you standing around" The flames that danced around his dull grayish yellow skin burst in to the air burning with the smell of gasoline. Practicably a mini sun though it would only last a couple seconds. "Come on... come on..." Warren whispered impatiently, adrenaline made his already fast-beating heart move like lightning. He pulled the glocks from his worn brown leather jacket, set to automatic. He heard nothing quite yet but that was not somthing he should be happy about. If the vampire was not here he would hear animals hopping around but he heard nothing the vampire was here it was just a matter of where.

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Most would be in bed at 3:00 in the morning, but not Trauma. The night was his active hours. Even though he could walk in the day light, the night was much more comfortable. A crisp moon shined bright on the fortress of Trauma. The castle had belonged to the vampire for over 600 years. That was when he was addressed as the High Priest of Moldavia. In one of the rooms of the fortress sat Trauma. He was surrounded by ancient art and artifacts. The scent of old leather was given off by the various chairs placed in the area. Various liquors sat on old cedar tables. This was the social room for guests. In front of a warm fire sat one chair older and bigger than the others. This was where the vampire sat. He had a known weakness to the blaze. For that reason he enjoyed exposing himself to open flame. Trauma could feel a disturbance in the air. An energy was slowly getting closer to his location. The open flame started to sway back and forth. The vampire muttered to himself.

“So the night begins.”

Soon after these words a loud bursting sound filled the corridors. Trauma slowly removed himself from the chair to find the disturbance. He moved gracefully to the castle’s balcony. To his surprise the sky was full of fire. The vampire quickly traced the spark to its producer. Standing in the valley below his castle was a demon of fire. Trauma had never seen the man before and was curious to his purpose. He could sense through the demon’s body language that he was here for a fight. The fire around the man’s skin burned bright and his heart was beating fast. Trauma stepped on the balcony edge and jumped down to the valley. His body appeared to float from the several hundred foot drop. The boots of the vampire graciously landed in the dead grass. He began to talk to the demon in a polite manner.

“Now who might you be? And to what do I owe the pleasure of this encounter?”

One of the few weaknesses of Trauma was fire. He made sure to keep his distance between him and the demon. He had no fear of the fiery man but he was not an idiot. The vampire was going to play smart.

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The vampire dropped from the air without a hair out of place if he didn't live with a prince and a dozen people known to show off he'd be impressed. From the stolen Grimores he'd read Warren knew much of what there was to know of vampires. They listened to everything they could of the human body heart beating, bones creaking everything. That's why he saw the need to plan this out.

He heard the vampire speak and he saw no reason not to tell the Vampire why he was here "Now who might you be? And to what do I owe the pleasure of this encounter?"

"My name is Warren, I'm here to kill you." He said in the calmest voice he could muster with his current rush. Slight pressure on the trigger sent bullets flying at speeds otherwise impossible. A thanks to that annoying Irish drunk went through his head. Bullets flied for Trauma's chest. Every reasonably human knew unless he got lucky they'd only tick off the vampire. Clips emptied if they hit, the demon didn't look to find out. No time, the speed and strength of a vampire was legendary. Guns dropped he tossed a fire ball the size of a basket ball, Pitcher style.

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"My name is Warren, I'm here to kill you."

These words rang throughout the vampire's head. His skin was covered with a quick chill. He shivered from the thought of a fight. It gave him an orgasmic feeling from head to toe. He had a lust for battle. The blood, damage, and chaos fueled him. He was a being of pure destruction and tipping the scales in favor of evil was his forte. Trauma quickly flashed his fangs to show his excitement. His sign of gratitude was quickly interrupted by a flurry of bullets.

“Please, flame demon; don't distract me with your toys."

The vampire waved a finger and constructed a black mass in the air to block the attack. The bullets were quickly consumed by the black mass and vanished along with it. Trauma couldn't help but smirk at the careless attack. A bright object soon caught the vampire's eye. The flame demon had sent another attack. A blazing fireball was heading directly towards his chest. Trauma had little time to react to the sneaky object. He quickly warped his body to form a hole in the middle of his chest and back. The fireball quickly passes through, hitting the castle behind him. The vampire warped back to normal and quickly gripped his chest. The ball of fire had severely burned some of his skin while passing through.

“Well, I see you have a few tricks up your sleeve demon. I will play your silly game. We will see who falls first,"

His skin already started to heal from the burn. The healing factor was reduced in speed due to his weakness of fire. This would not intimidate the vampire from attacking. He quickly raises his hand in the air and begins to shout.

“Death is everywhere. Death is unstoppable. Death is near."

The ground below the two men starts to shake. The dead grass begins to shift as decomposed hands rise. The vampire had summoned the dead around his castle. The bodies of these creatures lacked skin and reeked of fungus and death. They slowly formed a wall in front of Trauma. A small army of about eight stood tall. A quick flick of his wrist and his minions lunged for the fire demon. The vampire was a king watching his pawns. They were going to try and slice his enemy in two. As his undead army attacked, Trauma conjured up a blast of shadow energy to follow behind his army. If they couldn't take him hopefully the blast would. The vampire watched his attack unfold.

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The vampire was smiling showing his abnormal canines, he thought Warren was joking. That or the vampire curse had seriously f*cked up his brain.

“Please, flame demon; don't distract me with your toys."

Black air gulps down the bullets, unexpected and very cool. The young devils lips curled into a grin he saw the vampire's eyes widen in surprise.The grin left as quickly as it had came. The vampire's body twisted and stretched avoiding the fireball almost completely. "I'm not flame demon dipsh*t they die easy" Warren growled in the demons voice. At least the fire had inflicted minor damage.

Earth shook, "not again" he thought. His previous experiences with earth rumbles left unpleasant memories. Rotting hands sprung from the ground soon whole bodies. They guarded trauma like they cared for the vampire. "Necromancy, never fought someone who used it, could be fun" he joked. Flames bounced joyfully in his palms he flung it to a zombie. Fire devoured the zombie in moments it may act like it was in pain but every undead spirit bound to flesh craved peace and the young demon knew it. Black speckled flames danced into a throwing dagger. The demon tossed it like a paper air plane. The sounds the rotting flesh made as the knife pierced the skull was enough to make a normal human hurl. Lucky nobody here was human any more.

The silencing of the middle two undead humans created an opening. Warren took to it and lunged. He made an attempt to slash open the Vampires chest.

Fight on.