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Welcome to Hell

Welcome to hell! It is a nice place where the damned and demons live. There are many different realm in hell(like Tarturas), but we will focus on the eight realms of the unjust: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, and treason. Each of these realms is ruled by an Ancient One. The Ancient Ones are creatures created by God(not even the Ancient Ones know what God it is) on the third day of the Creation. There are eight Ancient Ones and seven of them are considered allies of humanity and heaven. After the first war of hell, Michael the Arcangel had the Ancient Ones watch over the realms of hell. Now let us talk about these Ancient Ones

Zool Ancient One of the Fourth Realm of Hell

In Hell(sometimes on Earth)
On Earth(mostly)

Why: his obligation since the Creation

Who: the eldest of the Ancient Ones

Where: often in the Fourth Realm, but he goes to Earth here and there(normally the USA)

What: An ancient one(pretty much a creature made on the third day of the Creation)

When: present, but has lived since the third day of the Creation

How: protector of children and a general of many armies in his time


Normally he tries to avoid fights and often serves as a strategist, but he does have a few tricks up is sleeve in battle. In his realm of hell he has an unlimited amount of magical power. On Earth though it is very limited. He can use healing spells, create illusions, and control the wind to a limited degree. His strongest power though is his hellfire manipulation. On earth he carries a flask which contains hellfire(normally good for 5-7 spells).


Zool lacks a human personality. He makes up for this with his unlimited knowledge of science, history, mystic arts, and military strategies(it is said he has been general of 100 wars and won all of them). He does show affection for children and often on his visits to Earth protect them from harm(thus giving him the name protector of children). He is a loyal teammate and never betrays the cause he fights for. He is honorable on the battlefield. He is often seen reading ancient books(predating human history) which are written in a language only spoken by the Ancient Ones(there are seven in total).

Xavian Ancient One ofthe First Realm of Hell

Xavian is the second oldest of the Ancient Ones. He believed that metals and the Earth itself were much purer than living things, so he made himself a body made of iron and steel. Zool often calls him the father of alchemy and cybernetics. Like Zool Xavian is a military general, but he prefers using advanced weapons and large numbers to win battles. Often during wars he sides with Zool. According to Xavian his military power helped Zool win all his battles.

Diriam Ancient One of the Second realm of Hell

Diriam is the second youngest of the Ancient Ones and is the second strongest. He lacks a lot of smarts though, but despite his evil looking appearance he has a good heart. some consider him the creator of revenge/vigilantism, due to him killing an army of demons just for nearly killing three of his brothers.

Zeus Ancient One of the Third Realm of Hell

Zeus is the same Zeus from Greek mythology. He made his own religion and ruled over his children and lovers, but eventually the world forgot about him and his children and lovers died. He goes onto Earth more than any Ancient One often seducing women to his charm.

Yen, Tin, and Cie Ancient Ones of the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Realm of Hell

Originally three separate beings they were all injured by an army of demons. They eventually formed into one being with three minds. They watch over the fifth, sixth, and seventh realm of hell traveling between the three realms watching the demons like an Eagle.

Riemun The Betrayer

Riemun is the youngest of the Ancient Ones. It is said he is the father of Lucifer and helped his son against the forces of Heaven. For his treachery he was forced into the last realm of hell. He has never officially escaped, but his essence has possessed mortal men and women.

River Styx

The Ancient Ones travel from the entrance of hell and between the the realms through the river Styx. Only an Ancient One can travel through it, but for mortals there is transportation. This transportation is a boat, a boat rowed by Park Ranger Nixon.

Though he might have the same appearance as former president Nixon, he is not him. He can often be heard saying random things about the devil(normally saying how he is the hypest).

Fourth Realm

Th fourth realm of hell is the realm of extremely prideful beings. It is also where Zool takes residence. He lives in his own castle which over looks a sea of pride. He normally keeps to himself inside the castle, rarely leaving(except when he leaves to Earth).

Another important resident in this realm is the daughter of the Betrayer: Mable.

She was born around 100 AD. Her father's essence possessed a mortal man and he raped a woman. The Ancient Ones decided to let the child live. Zool took it upon himself to raise the child as his own.

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Note: this will be updated multiple times.

Please share some of your ideas.

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I think its important to state this is a part of hel not necresarily all. Some might want to use Tartarus, The Warp, or Hel all of which coincide with the title 'hell'. That being said an impresive job if I have add ons in mind il let ya know ^_^b