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The sun set and rose once again, Another way of saying "different day, same sh!t". A Bullet here and a slice and chop there, Living the ultimate Villains dream. Though occasionally, The Villain known as Drifter enjoyed venturing from the Fraternity's walls. Not to kill Innocents but to kill people of a higher calibur. Returning to his old team's HQ, The Assasin stormed the gates and The fight was all set up. The heroic Nighthunter was to meet The sinister Drifter in Gotham City.

The somber halls of Arkham would set the tone, A dark figure stood in a tall red cloak, His boots thudded the ground with every step, walking slowly down one of the many hallways that this Asylum had to offer, dragging his fingers across the cell doors, taunting the inmates with a crooked grin. Finally reaching the end of the aforementioned hallway, Drifter darted around, his cape spun with him and he spoke in a chilling tone "Inmates of Arkham! Tonight, You'll witness a Battle Royal like this world has never seen! Get ya' popcorn ready cause this gonna be a Showstopper!" 

Once he said thse words, He Let an Armour of Darkness engulf him, Simply waving his hand, A double bladed sword took shape, The two jagged blades, the golden hilt and gems that were encrusted on it. Black Magic hard at work as he let out a Hearty battle cry


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Nighthunter had followed the man known as Drifter, a man that once fought alongside him in the ICE dragons but that now had found his place in the darkness, now the short lived hero lived with the greatest team of villains of this age; the fraternity, a team with some of the greatest assasins the world had ever known and with villains that made even the bravest heroes feel a great fear by looking at them.

Nighthunter stood waiting as how Drifter made a show for the people that surrounded them, people that were as dangerous as they were crazy, what took his attention were the last words that the Drifter said to them. "RIDDLE ME THIS! RIDDLE ME THAT! WHO'S AFRAID OF A BIG BAD BAT?!?!" yelled the villain to the members of Arkham and soon after that they acted like it could be expected, all of them tried to leave their cells to get a piece of the infamous villain for naming their enemy and mocked about them. "Fool" said Nighthunter to himself before grabbing his gauntlet and used them to get where his enemy was standing.

Without giving his enemy much time to react the hero charged as silent as a ninja against the villain, using the momentum that he gained to send a kick directly to the jab of Drifter while soon after that using his great agility he grabbed his sword from his back and sent a slash under the ribs of the villain.