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Drake sat down in the church as drops and drops of rain fell upon the roof.He sat there in silence thinking to himself. He had learned much more about his world then he wanted to know. He had learned much more about his world than anyone would ever want to know. The only thing keeping this world stable was brilliant minds. Drake had become great friends with many of the scientist. But there was one who he saw to almost as his won dear brother. Dr Banner. Dr. Bruce Banner. Banners intelligence level could not be tested on any computer, or any sheet of paper. He was in the top ten smartes in the world. Drake had also became friends with a weapon manufacturer who went by the name Tony Stark. Drae had his own personal gun Milago. But because of the enchantments given to the gun by Odin, Zeus, and Satan(devil)- the weapon had been powerful enough to take out a planet with a single shot. It would be too dagerous for this world. So he was given weapons from Tony Stark. He had a busy week. Chasin around Dr. Doom all day. How can you put so much evil and such a brilliant mind. Now it was Drakes time to take a brake. As Drake sat there he could hear the distant thunder roaring through the atmosphere. As Drake rised out of his seat he moved to the door. He proceeded out and raised his gun in the air. He then fired as once more the sun had came out once again. He took a seat on an outside bench and rested there. He was told there would soon be superheroes coming to this world from another galaxy. He wanted to be the first one to meet them

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Tenjin awoke in a daze inside a studio sized bedroom. the bed was a soft as feathers. The black sheets felt of velvet and awoke aside a woman he never seen before. He looked down to be horrified at the site of his chest and arms. His skin was perfect, no more scars. and he lept to his feet. He looked around the room and saw black marble floors, Red walls, Sets of armor in each corner of the room,they looked very old but in perfect condition. To his right a window that over looked the cherry blossom trees and a spring brook. he turned around to be greeted by a butler, who greeted him.

"Master Yamamoto, your breakfast is ready and your suit is laying on the table."

The butler left soon after, then Tenjin walked over to the suit and proceded to dress himself. He walked down the spiral stairs to be totally blown away. The massive living room, the chefs in the kitchen, the maids cleaning in skimpy outfits. Tenjin had no idea what was going on but was beginning to like this dream.

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Tenjin walked towards the kitchen, the people in the rooms bowed to him in honor. He looked at them with confusion but still sat down at the stove side table. The kitchen was beautiful, everything was brand new it seemed. The tiles on the floor were a dark green almost black color with borders and inlays of gold. The cutlery was top of the line all stainless steel with ivory handles. His chefs wore standard chefware but instead of white they were dressed in black. Finally his meal was presented to him, a delicacy of pufferfish presented with sushi and a bottle of sake a man waited to pour for him. He picked up the chop sticks and noticed they had his initials engraved with gold flake, K Y. He dined well, and stood up from the meal and asked the man who poured him sake.

"What the hell is going on."

The man said Wa..wa.was there a problem with the sake, sir???he said shaking in fear. Then as soon as those after, four men in black suits ran up on the shaking man, putting their handguns against his head. The man screamed out Master Yamamoto, please forgive me!!!!

Tenjin intervined "There was nothing wrong with the saki, I was talking about this house, and who are you bald freaks!!!"He was refering to the men with the guns.

The large men looked in dismay, but soon started to laugh" Master Yamamoto had way to much saki last night!" one said half laughing.

Tenjin grew angry and hit the man that said that, sending him barreling into the living room.

The three others quickly fell to there knees and begged for forgiveness. Tenjin looked down at the man he hit and saw through the tear in his jacket he was a Yakuza. He could tell by the tattoos of dragons and other violent images half seen. Soon all things made sense, he reliezed that he was a Oyabun or family boss. Tenjin turned around quickly with a big smile on his face, and asked the pleading men a question.

"who do you serve." Tenjin said sternly

The three men simutaniously spoke "Only you, Oyabun!"

Tenjin became very curious now "and who do i serve!"

Again the men spoke quickly "No one Oyabun, you control all of toyko!"

Tenjin was laughed hystarically. He did'nt care about how he got here or how this all happened, he just wanted on more thing.

"Where's my ride?"He said with a devious smile.

"which one sir, your garages are full of them. the butler said out of no where.

Tenjin smiled and made his way to the nearest enterance.