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"Nothings more important than community, it should be upheld at any cost."

When the pioneers founded the southern states back in the old sixteen hundreds Heartland was a rancid red indian settlement, Jedediah Boothe built Heartland on a mound of 'native' skulls and through the honourable sacrifice of many pioneers Heartland became the epicentre of culture and civility, the savagery of the modern world consumed most of the southern land but Heartland didn't change.........The Boothe Family wouldn't let it.


The Jail House.

A place for the 'unmentionables' of Heartland, when a citizen does not fit in to the example set by our fine ancestors this is the, actually taking a second for my thoughts, I should probably not divulge much more about this location.

Boothe Manor

The living quarters of Sterling Boothe and the location of the Boothe family crypt, any are welcome to visit, if they have good reason, many worried citizens will flock to Boothe manor when they have quarrels with the mayor's decisions, because they know who really holds the deck in his back pocket, yet they have no idea of what rests under it.

The Heartland Market

A burgeoning marketplace where men follow their dreams of getting an honest days work for their services, it is the crux of the Heartland economy, outsiders require a separate permit.

The Gulch and Gatherer

"We have everything from Sausages and Soup Bones to Bouillon, and Stock. All made with the highest quality human meats. Every cut of human meat we sell has been selected for its superb quality and flawless texture. We only offer the choicest cuts of meat."

"Taketh one unicorne". The recipe calls for the beast to be marinaded in cloves and garlic, then roasted on a griddle , and serve. When braised, unicorn falls off the bone and is really quite tasty, a festival on the tongue. And when it hits the colon it's carnival time. It's cutting-edge carne, a fantasy come true for carnivores with intestinal fortitude.

Dried parts of human bodies were hanging all from the roof, pickled limbs lay in barrels, and all around piles of money and trinkets from the pockets of the dead lay in piles. Then the human is ground up and made into cute little burgers. Most people eat them with french fries. When you order a Big Mac with us, chances are it came from some guy named Mac.

In here we provide a 24/7 food service that is open to all, but we specialize in serving Man. Our atmosphere is throwback to the 1950's, a cheerful time back when there is no worries and when being a Greaser is awesome. A place known as the 'Golden Age' where the grass is greener. The Chef, Alferd Kemper, can cook a really mean burger. If you feel brave you should try on the 'Tenzil Sam' sandwich. Have a birthday? we can make you cake and add in a clown, free of charge. Be sure to look out for our special Milkshake, it is a taste that is truly out of this world. Do enjoy your moment here, your meal will be set to the Chordettes.

For more information - http://www.comicvine.com/profile/nerx/blog/cvnu-location-food-chain-gulch-gatherer/90957/

For service please reply too Nerx


Heartland Police

The police force in this town uphold order, they are one of the few that still do, they instil fear in the hearts of all who tread our grassy fields and cobbled streets, they are fully equiped to deal with anyone who doesn't respect the Heartland way.

The Secret Defence

The Heartland police force as dedicated to the fight for good as they are can sometimes have their hands full and when that happens the Secret Defence, mercenaries collected from the far corners of the world, tasked with defending the ideals of Heartland, its a quiet job.....most of the time.

The Last Line of Defence

A mercenary Destrier born in french occupied africa, he trained in many ways of deadly combat, he traveled the world learning from aboriginal warriors, to native american mystics. He became a mercenary with no home, that was until he lost his vision and Sterling Boothe gave it back to him along with superhumanly dense skin, an indestructible katana and an iron forehead with laser eyes. No one really knows what Boothe has over him but theirs a reason this formally honourable man works for such a character.

Rules and Such

  • Try not to break too much
  • The cops are kind of chumps but they're really mean
  • The special ops are well trained but not superhuman
  • You can't kill destrier and he is very powerful, so sell
  • You can go to the mansion to request an appointment with Boothe
  • PM meh if you have any questions
  • Have fun :)

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@sterling_boothe: how would you like a food establishment that pays extra tax?

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@nerx: The Heartland market is severely short on butchers.

@mercy_: Thanks, I might add more to the description later

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Coolness :-)

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@mercy_ said:


Arg you beat me too it!


Nice job mate, I will visit soon!

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Good job man.

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Donning his new and improved Mark Five amour in the style of Victor Von Doom who had previously taught him the magical arcane arts, He was now a pupil of one of the finest magicians in the world, however Stark could only use magic while wearing this suit that was made to kill the president, He arrived at the location standing on a ledge, sending a telepathic signal to Boothe that he had arrived for a meeting.

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@anthony_stark: Sterling sat in his office, he was continuing with paper work and working on new legislation to work the meta human registration act into his favour, he wanted to build a government funded tax force. He felt a telepathic presence "CONSTANCE! CONSTANCE!" His assistant entered the room, "Cancel my next appointment, now go.", "Anything else Mr...", "GO!", He bundled up his papers and stuffed them into a locked desk in his draw.

"Hey Tony, I know you're here buddy."

@nerx: Say what now?

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@sterling_boothe: Just copy paste the Gulch&Gatherer. from there to the opening thread

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During the time it had taken for his friend to gain the message he had begun walking towards the entrance, upon hearing his friend he suddenly stopped and adopted an aristocratic pose, not iconic to himself however he was donning a different persona recently, as a disguise beacuse of his "imprisonment" and not wanting to be detected he had modeled his suit after Von Doom.

He spoke to Boothe "We have urgent matters too talk about, matters concerning.." He stopped, these words needed to be said face to face "I am coming in" He began walking toward his friends location, upon reaching and entering he created him with a wave and sat opposite of him, folding his arms he took off his mask showing his face, he then spoke "We need to talk about Dexter"

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@anthony_stark: Boothe exhaled exhaustedly at Stark's request, "Really, this again.", He fiddled through some papers on his desk and pulled one out, "I told you to leave it alone but lo and behold Tony Stark himself doesn't take anyones advice.", He passes the piece of paper to Stark "I had the boys whip up a personnel file on him, apparently he's gifted in biological science must be his genetics, he works on it in his spare time but from what I read he wants the 'simple life'."

@nerx: Oh, Okay cool, I'll get on it.

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Stark leaned in and put his elbows on the table as he spoke "Of-course not, not when it involves my own flesh and blood, Gifted in the science? Like his old man...Apples really do not fall far off the tree, and what do you mean "simple" life my good friend?" He raised an eyebrow.

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@sterling_boothe: "Well, I am not exactly a bad man am I?...publicly at the moment I may be but...in actual fact no - I am a hero - It is evident, and if my son cannot see this he must not be as gifted as you describe"

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"You gotta look at this from his point of view, how he sees you, not the world."

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"Do not dare insinuate that I have done anything more than make sure I was not their to ruin his up-bringing, I was barely out of child-hood myself, barely out of my teen years when he was born"


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"You made that mistake, I shouldn't have had to suffer for it." Dexter had somehow logged on to Stark's psychic wave length. "That's why, I'll never make a mistake that would put someone in that position."

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Stark touched his forehead as his son had somehow infiltrated, impressive "Mistakes happen, That is life but it is also about correcting THOSE mistakes, I want to correct my mistake. However YOU are not letting me, Let go my son, let go and embrace your father before it is too late"


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"TONY, TONY! GET DOWN!" Boothe tackles Stark to the ground as the room explodes around them, Stark screams as an intense burrowing pain. Then nothing, the pain was gone and the room had returned to normal.

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@dexter_stark: Stark looked at Boothe angrily before picking up a random piece of electronics and squeezing it till it pops, He then spoke highly angered "I am finding my son, and beating sense into him - Nobody, not even my own son does this too me"

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Meanwhile, Deep below the very ground they were standing on, under Boothe Manor.

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After some researching,Dwight Lawson decided to finally go to Hearthland,he was told that some kind of mercenary force worked around there and he was going to join them,he could actually make some cash.He walked over the local market,asking locals information about the mayor,some students group told him he was at the manor.Walking towards the door,a guard stopped him.

"I want to see the mayor,my friend." he smiled gently to the guard.

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@sirwade: (Oops didn't see ya der)

The security guard looked him up and down. "You don't seem like a townie, so I'll ask you. Are you looking for Mayor Clancy..........or are you looking for Mr Boothe".

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@sterling_boothe: Sure why not.......actually wait .........uuuhhh he can visit but Boothe already knows who he is and it has to end a certain way (as a lead in, with Zan leaving behind the loaction of Pankaration Island).

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@pyrogram: Diagram of AmazingAngel and Pyrogram

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"I'm searching for Mr.Boothe,thanks for asking.I was going to ask the mayor,but since you already found out who I was searching.Could you tell him that Sir Wade is ready to talk about business?"

He couldn't believe he was finally going to be part of a team,but the guard seemed not to believe that Dwight was actually any powerful,it looked like he was laughing at him.Ready to show the guard his amazing powers,he whispered "Chimichanga." and suddenly he was surrounded by a mystical black mist,transforming into Sir Wade in a question of seconds.

"See?This is how I can actually help.Now go there and call Boothe for me,will you?" Knightpool ironized while pointing to the manor.

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Boothe remained in his office overlooking the encounter with his eagle eyes. The guard drew his gun at the assassin, several more guards closed in, some even dressed in right gear, snipers locked onto the still target.

"Let him through" The order came loudly through every radio in the area. "Excuse me sir, I tho", "NO EXCUSE ME DO YOU LACK THE BASIC BRAIN FUNCTION TO COMPREHEND SPEECH I SAID LET HIM THROUGH!".

All the surrounding forces lowered their guns and the first guard directed Wade through to out side Boothe's quarters, the guard left him outside the door and quickly left, classical music played faintly through the slight crack. "Come in, I've been waiting."

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As the guards drew their guns and pointed them at him,he couldn't contain a laughter "They really think they can stop me",he thought while being menaced by the security.Then Boothe,who was clearly observing the encounter,let him inside.The guard led him towards the door.Classical music played.A mysterious voice was heard as the guard closed the door behind him.

He stood in front of a shadowy figure,saying:

"Here I am,Mr.Boothe,ready to join your little initiative..."

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At least eight guards surround Wade as, all pointing their guns and closing in, "Kill him", More guards file in and the whole room is full of them all surrounding Wade like a firing squad.

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@sterling_boothe: Wade lifted his hands slowly while screaming that he would surrend,but than with a sarcastic laugh,he unsheated his sword and blocked some shots in his direction,dodging the remaining.He threw his sword at one guard,hitting him on the chest,while handling another one on a hand to hand fight.He held the man as a meat shield,than used him as a decoy,so he could pick his sword again,confronting the other guards with a mix of unarmed combat and sword slashes,managing to beat them in less than five minutes,turning around,he pointed his sword to Boothe's throath and sheated it,laughing.

"Was that a true challenge?You should know,Mr.Boothe,I can recognize a test when I see one,but that wasn't even close to one.So,what's coming up next?C'mon,send them in,I can take them."

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@sirwade: The cannon fodder fell to the floor as Wade sheathed his deadly blade, a soft mumbling can be heard from Boothe's chair, as Wade leans forward he sees a man bound and gagged in Boothe's chair panic in his eyes, footsteps can be heard behind him, "That wasn't the test," Boothe walks past the merccenary and over to the captive guest.

He walks behind him and grabs his forcefully by the hair, "This is.", He stabs a letter opener into the captive man's hand as he screams in pain under the gag, Boothe walks over to a more comfortable position in the corner of the room, a better seat for the show.

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@sterling_boothe: Wade looked with disbelief,he was a mercenary,not a rescuer.The man's pain did not affected him,not even made him furious and it was not even close to letting him affected,as he seemed to not care,the guard intensified his screams.Searching the dead guards' bodies for a gun,Wade got annoyed,shouting louder than the guard.


In that point,Wade had already took control of the situation,while Dwight was trying to retake control of his own mind,he knew what was coming and he couldn't let it happen.Wade finally found a gun and pointed to Boothe's head,for the man's relief.Boothe raised an eyebrow.The man shouted even louder,the pain was excruciating at that time and he couldn't take it anymore,Wade turned his head to the captive and smiled ironically,even though he was using a helmet,anyone who knew at least a little about him should know what was about to happen,Dwight had failed on taking control over the actions of his own body and as soon as his influence shortly faded,Wade shot the man right on his head.

"I told you to shut up,but I decided to do it myself since you didn't wanted to collaborate."

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@sirwade: "Brilliant, a little bit talkie but you showed me you got what it take," He sits back down into his chair, nudging the corpse away with his foot, he rests his hands on the desk, "I'd grab a chair this could take a while, we have much to discuss."

He lifts a briefcase out of the drawer of his mahogany desk and opens it on the table, revealing over five hundred thousand dollars, "Tell me the price for your life."

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"A little talky?I can fix that."

Wade sat on a chair and listened carefully Boothe,he was an impressive man with something that interested the mercenary even more:money.He had a briefcase filled with it.Wade's eyes would shine if he wasn't such a cruel,merciless person.He laughed at the question and answered with conviction and some humor.

"I'm sorry sir,but my life won't be taken,so I guess we shall discuss the price for my services.I mean,even failing,I can assure you that I'll come back alive..." he took some time to breath,the unespected fight made him puffy "Well,you have something near half--million here,I think that would be good for some months of service,maybe half an year.You see,with this quantity,I can make sure the contracts and missions succeed,but don't expect perfection.I can also tell you that with this quantity,you won't be exclusive to me,as many other people search me and pay even more for just one kill.So I think it's up to you,I won't receive a great quantity compared to my other jobs if we count this single payment,but with time,I think this can be a really profitable relationship."

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"Money is no problem, this is merely the tip of the iceberg, I can give you anything........I just expect things in return." He leans back in his chair and puts his feet up on the table, pouring himself a glass of Jack Daniels, "We're not finished by the way, before I complete any transaction I must ask. Why do you want to work for me and why do I want you to work for me."

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Albert orders his staff to clean up as he restocks on fresh arabian meat taken from Saudi, a mix of muslims and other religious folk stolen off their path to pilgrimage.

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Weird beans.

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@sterling_boothe: "Ahhh.." Bug steps off the bus, dressed in farmers garb and a trucker hat, his antennas poking out of it of course. "Look at this..Beautiful...Hmm..." He slowly stops himself as he notices the dingy nature that seemed to loom over everything in sight, giving him an eerie chill up his back. "Ah! A cop" Bug smiled as he set his bags down and walked on over to a cop that was sitting in his cruiser. "Excuse my officer, mind telling me where the nearest hotel is?"

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The guard seems shocked by the man's strange appearance, "There's a bed and breakfast behind the town hall.", He looks him up and down "So what business brings you here...........sir."

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@sterling_boothe: "Oh you know! That...Corn festival...Yeah..Gotta love that infamous Heartland...Corn..." Bug chuckled while taking the truckers hat and throwing it away, rubbing his green head. "Well thank you officer, I'll be off getting that bed and breakfast..I hope they serve it at night..Mm..Night breakfast.." He rubs his stomach while turning and walked off and over to the bed and breakfast.

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The guard talks on his radio, As the strange green man walks away, more guards begin to follow him as he makes his way to the B&B, this isn't good......the only way to reach the B&B is through an alley way round the back of the Mayor's office, the guards know this.