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In the outskirts of Vine City, In the lush countryside sat the man known as Midnight Devil. Known as a man of few words and a quick temper, MD, as his friends called him, sat and listened to the sounds that filled the night. The water flowing in the stream just a few feet from him, the sounds of the birds in the trees, even the hustle and bustle of the city below. All served to make Midnight Devil focus on the job at hand. Midnight Devil was a hunter. It was all he knew, and he knew it like few others. Tracking, Stalking, Hunting, and his personal favorite: The Art Of The Kill. These were the things that brought MD pleasure. And tonight would be a pleasurable one. His had chosen someone the hunt. A man named Yudo.

To most, Yudo was a mystery, but not MD. He had stalked him for a little over a month and had began top knew him like the back of his hand. From his favorite dive of a bar to the HQ of the team he led: The Bladed Angels. They were a ragtag unit, but one that demanded respect. MD laughted as he thought about how easy it was to shadow meld into the Bladed Angel's HQ. How easy it was to disable their defense systems. he would have fun attacking Yudo head on. Yudo was a man of action. He prided himself on it, and Midnight Devil would have it no other way.

Standing up, Midnight Devil brushed off the grass and dust from his full length overcoat, and began to sink into the shadows. At once the world became dark. The Lights and the noise that filled Vine City faded away and all that was left was a great void. This was how it was when he teleported through the shadows. It was cold and quiet. Much the same way he was when he was on the prowl. He knew had couldn't underestimate Yudo, but he had the element of surprise in his favor, and he had seen many people less skilled then him win with nothing more than that.

As he began to navigate the dark shapes and phantom people that also dwelled in the shadows, Midnight Devil reappeared inside the darkened HQ of the Bladed Angels. He knew that noone but Yudo would be there at this time. They were always out on some mission or another. Melting into the shadows once more, MD appeared inside the Bladed Angel's HQ, and began to make his way toward their trainning facility. He knew that was were he would find Yudo. It would also be where his teammates found his body.

Pulling off his overcoat and throwing it to the ground, Midnight Devil cracked his neck and prepared for his first strike. He knew the HQ as if he was one of the Bladed Angels. And that would help him if he got into trouble with the gun wielding Yudo. He had killed many armed men in his life, but never in their own home. This would be a first. He could feel the rush of energy filling his body as he made his way closer and closer toward the training room. Now all that was left was the kill. All he had to do was keep a cool head about him and show no mercy.