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Yudo (U’doe) was born in United States of America. He never met his father or his mother, for when he was first born he was set up for adoption in a local orphanage. He stayed with the same orphanage until he was seven. He didn't know why but it was then when he escaped. It was as if someone was pulling him toward them. However he did not resist for the orphanage was not the place he wanted to be for the rest of his life. He let his life take on its on journey. It was not long before he was found and taken in by an older Chinese man. He wasn't forced upon it just felt like the right thing to do. The elderly Chinese man began to train Yudo in the styles of Martial Arts. The first skill for Yudo to conquer for sensei was Tae Kwon Doe. Tae Kwon Doe was a style that mostly only consisted of feet combat. The second style he conquered was the art of Kick Boxing, it was his favorite style, basically a mix of street fighting with martial arts. The third and most lethal style he learned was Muay Thai. It was the most difficult to learn. Took him seven years just to be decent in it. It required combat in air basically, through series of large jumps and twist in mid-air.


Yudo was soon becoming a man. It was his eighteenth birthday. He was oh so very happy for this day, but it was all spoiled when sensei told him it was time for him to go and journey out for his true destiny. Yudo was at the utmost devastation that he was told to leave. This had been his life for thirteen years. Now he was being told to leave. He couldn’t believe this it was like is whole life was going down the drain. However, he didn't stress the issue because like always the sensei was probably right. He could see that this was not easy for his master either. It was then when he moved on to a greater city. A city full of super powered mutants and weird creatures. A place known both as ComicVine City and Vine City, it was a place feared but the rest of the world. Fortunately very little was able to scare Yudo, for he was pretty damn cocky. A man known as Ruin Cross soon met Yudo, the man carried a title as The Dragon Emperor. The man had offered him an invitation to a team known as bladed Angels. Yudo turned it down immediately, for he was much more of a loner. Though, still even after that Ruin and Yudo were friends. One day Ruin came to Yudo in panic, he said he couldn’t talk much for there was no time. All he told Yudo to do is lead his team. They were going to need him……………


The boat roared as he rode over the large ocean waves. The water sprayed in his face constantly as he struggled to keep his balance on the boat. It was time to break the news to the Bladed Angels. He grabbed his bottle of bear fro beside him as he let the strong liquid flow down his throat. He soon could se that he was coming towards a large island. What was on the island was not clear for the fog blinded him. He reached for the buttons on the boat but he failed to find them. Soon he could feel the engine of the boat stopping. Damn! Why the hell did this have to happen now? All of the work he put in to get here, now he didn't even make it. He couldn’t fly or glide, for he had no super human powers. But he could jump. He leaped off the boat hoping to land on the island and not water. As he landed on two feet in the thick beautiful soil he felt fortunate for his luck.

He looked up, as the fog was not there anymore. In front of him was an immense castle of unbelievable size. He then checked down on his wrist for Ruin’s communicator he was given. He began to move towards the castle, as he moved close he saw a large brick gat blocking him from entering. As he moved closer he needed to find a way in. Oddly enough when he reached the main gate it just opened. Ruin must have programmed it to let him in. To the right of him he was something that struck him strongly in the heart. It was a rest in peace stone, for a good friend of his Angelic Reaper. He tragic death brought sorrow to many people in the world who loved her. A silent tear dripped down his face as he continued to move.


He moved closer towards the palace as he reached large steps. As he came to the door it opened instantly. This was too easy he thought, maybe bladed Angels should have put together a security system. He found himself in hall that seemed to be miles long, as he walked through the whole place brightened up. He smiled, as he couldn’t believe how easy it was to get in. As he walked he examined the walls. He looked at the tiled floor. The tiles were gold and silver as he continued pure down the path, he feel straight down through the floor. He grabbed on to the other side as he struggled to pull himself up. What the hell, the section floor was just right there now it was gone. Just like that.
He turned around to see that the floor was returning and it would no matter if he was in the way or not. The whole floor was about to crush his bones in. He used all his force as his momentum threw him to the other side of the floor. Soon fire was blazing from all to all aimed directly at him he rolled on the floor to dodge it. But he was soon put to the challenge of dodging dozens of spikes that were coming towards him. H didn't know what to do. Then he thought of something the spikes were a liquid metal and with weight they would fall. So he bagged up and let the spike go through the fire as they instantly hit the ground. He turned quickly and ran down a hall way as he came to a large room. This must have been the meeting room, they were probably expecting Ruin. He drew his forty-four magnums with speed incase any of the members attacked him. He knew they were good people but they probably thought he was an intruder.


I’m Yudo. I will be your new leader until the return of Ruin Cross. He will be absent for some time. And one question…………….What the hell is this place a booby trap.

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MOF was sitting in a cushioned chair in the meeting room. The room was dark with no light other then the glow of MOF's aura. The Balance Keeper's RPG awareness has told him all about Yudo and he was expecting him. "Put the fire arms down, Yudo. You are fine. The traps and fail safes are just precautions." MOF stands up and walks over to the man standing in for Ruin Cross. He claps his hands and the room's chandeliers are turned on. MOF sticks out his blue hands, looking down on his substitute leader, to greet him. MOF turns around and speaks into his BA communicator. “There is someone here that requires our attention. Please report to the Meeting room." MOF says to his teammates. He often takes charge just because being a leader just doesn’t leave you after you have done it for so long. Whether that is a good or bad thing we still don’t know. 

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Mark had been up watching tv all night. So when he got the Message from MOF he got pissed. "Let me get some damn sleep." he said warily to himself. Getting up he grabbed his close and his special sword's made of Kryptonite and Adymantium. Looking at the Sigil of the BA on his sword's he strapped them. Most of his things had a Sigil like his two silver black handled pistol's which he also strapped in beside him. He always slept in his uniform at the BA just waiting for someone to come and try to intrude on his loyal teams property. " Hear we go."He  said as he replayed the message. "Ok i'm comin." He said to himself as he opened and closed his room door. Walking into the kitchen he grabbed a 10 ounce pound of ice cream his favorite flavor was strawberry and that's exactly what he got.

Grabbing a clean spoon from the pantry he walked on. Knocking on every door just incase no one else got the message and woken up. " Old people ." Mark said to himself because he was probably the youngest being 14. Opening a door into the main area he noticed a strange looking man with guns. His first instinct was to attack but he decided to take a second look and was happy with his choice. MOF wasn't in a defence he was opening his hand out. Mark decided just to sit down. Ignoring the two watching him he ate the rest of his ice cream. " Who's the new guy?"  Mark said as if not wanting to fight him. He looked quite strong. Looking in a thoughtful face."So who is he?"

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 Siphon sat at his desk tinkering with his armor given to him by an old friend. He was housed in the grimy old castle that was owned by his new team, the bladed angels and their leader, Ruin cross. Tenth Magnitude had fallen and they had beaten the dark prince. Siphon had denied immortality and moved on to a new life. For a while he had been on the streets scrounging  for food and struggling to survive. He was reliving the dark times of his earlier life. A fog had rolled in and it blanketed the city of never ending events. A tall dark silhouette stepped from the fog and introduced himself. At that moment, he was given another chance at life. He journey across the unforgiving seas to the haven in which he now dwells.  Being like brothers, he and Man Of Forever had reunited once again.

Siphon heard the someone enter the castle and briefly stopped from his work. Someone new perhaps? He set down his tools and cut off the lamp at his side. The Bladed Angels communicator on his wrist lights up and BEEP BEEP it goes off loudly.  There is someone here that requires our attention. Please report to the Meeting room. The blue giants voice boomed through the watch-like device. He slowly phases through the foundations and walls of the castle and into the main hall. A pair of blue eyes emerged from the doorway of a dark corridor and into the meeting room.

The hood over siphon's head engulfs his face in darkness. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that you're our new addition to the team. Siphon stands by as the rest of the bladed angels seem to come out of the woodwork.
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X was meditating in his room trying to remain calm as he needed to focus his thoughts so he could be capable of figuring out his identity since he still hasn't figured out who he really is here. For he was sitting on top of his bed in his usual set of clothing since he didn't get any sleep for he knew the dreams were going to keep haunting him if he rests his eyes. Opening his eyes after he had finished meditating as he moved himself to the edge of the bed as he had let his athletic legs hit the ground as he stood up tall. Without knowing it that the illusion that makes him appear him was gone as he had appeared in his real form which nobody would of recognize he was Warrior Guyver X. His skin was completely dark as the night for he had no visible facial features except his unusual set of silver eyes and his short messy black hair. It was strange for he had no lips or nose yet he is still capable of communicating with people and still able to breathe which was strange even though X himself didn't realize it at the time.

Suddenly he had heard through the communicator that is on his dresser that MOF wanted all of them to see all of them in the meeting room as he just shook his head. Wiping away the wrinkles off his clothing as he walked over to the dresser as he spoke in a calm manner as he quickly had grabbed the communicator as he headed out the door. "I hope this is important for I rather not be dragged into something that isn't really that important here." Quickly he walked all the way down the hall as he stopped at the elevator as he got in and used his right index finger as he pressed the button which will take the elevator down to the level where the meeting room is located. Folding his arms he waited for the elevator to get him to where he needed to get going for it was rather slow even though it was traveling at its normal speed which irritated him. 

In his head he knew he had to remind himself to speed up the elevators without the people going splat or get launched out of the elevator while traveling within it. Eventually he heard the ding as a sign that the elevator doors were going to open as he watched the doors slide open as he even started to remind himself to fix the doors so they open much quicker. Soon X was started t walk down the well lit hallway as he started to think that some of the things in the castle needed to be fixed or improved to make them better even making them safer at the same time. As he stopped to turned to face the door into the meeting room as he looked up at the sign above it that has the words imprinted above it "Meeting Room" as the illusion over him appeared again as he looked like a semi pale skin yet athletic eighteen year old man. Walking into the meeting room he immediately had spotted MOF as he was walking towards him till he stopped halfway there as he soon had noticed the other person in the room. Quickly his cold yet unemotional silver eyes noticed Yudo as he had a feeling in his gut that was telling him not to trust this person as he silently thought that inside of his head. "So MOF what is the emergency here???"
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Severer had just awaken from his deep slumber In his room,The phosphorescence from the Luminous sun had Revealed itself upon Sev's eyes exposing a orange Light within his closed eyelids, as he gained Consciousness  he sat up from his bed lethargically looking at his alarm clock witch had not set off. severer didnt care he just did not  feel like doing any jobs For bladed angels, he was simply to tired to rrecive any task From his leader and good friend "Ruin Cross". Seve Sprang from his bed Reluctantly and walked  Toawards his Cpu to check His mail for any task. there was nothing in his messanger, but then a sudden beeping Noise came from it, and sevs happiness was killed suddenly, it was a Message From Man Of  Forever,“There is someone here that requires our attention. Please report to the Meeting room." MOF says to his teammates he wanted us In the Confrence room Immidiately.

Sev left His dorm angerly and walked down the long narrow Corridor that lead to an elevator, he entered the elevator and pressed a button, on the elevator  Gained altitude squickly until terminated its stature in less then 5 seconds. Sev walked dwon Another narrow hall util stoping under a sign saying meeting room, as he walked in The 10 ft door he saw all of his teamates including Mof. he walked towards mof Acknowledging each of his teammates during the process until Asking.

Hey Bro whats going on?

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As sev  Asked his question in curiosity, The light cut off unexpectedly,  Sev ;looked around the room directionessly trying to figure out what is going on, he could he the scuffles of someone' s feet echo The room lightly,sev began to feel as if he arrived at tad to ealier than everyone, sev Pressed himself against the wall vulgarly, he didnt know what to do, he abgen to hear that chatter of familar voices in the room, he didnt want to draw out a weapon because he was clueless dwelling in the darkness. The A Luminous Glow Illmuniated the darkness within the room, Sev then Unsheathe His katana from his scabbard and raised it into the air in hostility, he saw a amn armed with a gun aiming towards the source of the light, The glowing man of forever stood before an Unidentified male that was armed with different assortments of weapons that were usually be used for the events of war. The male Had A magnum aimed towards Mof's dome, Sev did not want to make an moves because he doesnt want anything to go out of control. Mof requested Him to discard his weapons in a reasonable matter

severer was in utter confusion about The man named yudo's statement, he didnt understand why he was here or where he came from, Ruin had never spoken about a yudo before. He began to wonder about this guy, how did he get into the hq? what was his motives? how does he know ruin?Soon a Mof clapped his blue hand, the lights in the Conference room emitted the dark room,the whole time alll of the Ba Organization staff had been in the room accept ruin cross. Something very strange was going on and Severer did not like it one bit. Yudo Put away his Magnum and strapped on another weapon, sev became nervous he did not know waht this guy was up to, he did not trust him at all. He aimed his gun back at Mof in paranoia, sev became enraged by yudo, he was treating everyone like hostages. Sev did not see the rest of the mmembers enter the room, they took longer then expected.

A large thunderous noise  was conjured from the outside of the Hq yudo started to aim at the hole team skeptically, then he Shot at one of the window's ruthlessly, The sonority of the glass shattering made severer flinch in fear, then yudo after giving us a signal to follow him ,he vaulted out of the window along with the rest of the Ba members,  sev did not bother to ask what was going on because he noticed that yudo had one of Ruin technological equipment with him, sev devloped a certain trust for him a little bit. severer jumped out of the window into a free fall, as he feel from the Ba castle he saw many Of the zone bots on the shore of the island we stationed at. It seemed that they were preparing themselves for something epic. Sev landed on the Moist soilage in a 3 point stance, the area was hazy filled with some type of gas, sev  decided to lower his mask just in case this gas was a certain type of toxin that was hazardous to the human body. We  ran across the shore  into the The grass behind a pack of bushes ,it seemed yudo was examining the zone bot's as they jumped into some smokey cavern , sev began to think if this was where the noise came from. severer scanned the smoke it was hazardous to the human Body ,but  the substances that were in it wanst detectable. Wehn the coast was clear  yudo ran towards the whole and examined it. He then signaled it was alright for us to come.  But then as we walked over towards yudo Some type of entity sprung out from the hole groaning creepliy, it Viced yudo arm, sev terminated at the sight of the creature.Yudo shoot at the monster but it didnt die, he then shot it in the eye accidentally and it died.

More of the creatures appeared on the island , there were hoards of them walking creepily, they were armed with blades this time ,hundreds of them. sev longed for battle for a long time this was it his first battle with Ba, it was time to prove himself as a warrior. Unsheathe his katana from hsi scabbard once more, about 30  of the morbid creatures  surrounded him. Sev vanished into thins air reappearing infront of one of the diseased creatures, he decapitated one of therm sending blood pumping from the root of there necks, after wards Sev took out his duel wielding pistols and vaulted into the air. He bagne to empty his whole clip of  36 revolver ammo amongst the creatures, the smell of gunpowder filled the air followed by vehement screams. The  Sev teleported behind an Vulnerable Creature and stabbed thought the creatures back with an unforgiven sword thrust that trickled puss and blood onto his sword. sev then kicked the monster off of his sword  and somersaulted into the air with a 360 horizontal slash that craved straight through another infected creatures head.

severer then began to feel weary, he dropped to his knee's vomiting uncontrollably, his vision became distorted and dark, as he collapse onto his stomach he saw the monsters gang up on his with there weapons

sev needed help  and fast

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Mark had been sitting in the dark for awhile until MOF clapped his hands and turned on the lights. Happy yet eerily in insterested so Mark stayed seated and inspected the room.Almost everyone was here he noticed.Still seeing Yudo with his Pistol's Mark was a little uneasy. But this Yudo guy said he was leading the team so Mark went along being a loyal member. That's when Yudo took out his shotgun and issued a warning"The Bladed Angels any mercy if you betray me,Put it this way you'll get 20 bullets up your ass" was all Mark heard.Now Mark was uneasy this guy had switched his pistols for a shotgun. Aiming at the team. Then he saw Yudo looking out the window, Bam. He heard as Yudo droped out of the window of the castle making a signal for everyone to follow him. Mark had been the last one out so he didn' know if anything was happening but he saw the BA fighting these guys so he stepped in ready for battle.

Watching to see if he was to be attacked he saw a creature running towards him. That's when he heard "get them in the eyes" which was from the stranger Yudo's voice. Taking out his pistols he shot syncronizinigly at the eyes of the beast as it blew back four feet into the air. "Way to easy" Mark thought while he picked up some sand. But what he didn't know was that five of these beasts where coming towards him. When he noticed he moved in a circular motioin throwing sand at there eyes. Seeing them in pain Mark gradually shot them ending there pain. This usually wasn't mark's way so he felt remorse but these creatures were attacking his friends so he felt in debt to his team and started off towards fifteen of these beasts that were pounding on three of his team mates.In a hurry to help them he started to shoot getting the attention of these beasts. "holy 4h!T" he said to himself for the first time today scared out of his mind. Shooting at the eye's Mark took them out.As his team mates thanked him he said"Your welcome just try not to attack that many again. You won't be so lucky" he said running towards Sev. "what the hell " he said to himself as he shot at the beasts that were pounding on sev.Click his magazine had emptied. Looking insurprise he straped them to his side and un sheathed his swords.

"Game time " he said running with the expression of hate on his face as he cut these beasts until he had a good shot at there eye's. Hearing the screams and steel on steel Mark thought where did these creatures come from as he slowly took out the last of his target's. Duplicating himself to about 50 Mark had his duplicates clear away as he tried to lift sev on his shoulder trying to avoid the vomit. "What happened to you "'he said outloud as his copys cleared more enemy's that where close to the castle. Looking at the opened window Mark flew into the sky and De Duplicated his clones as he went into the window . Setting Sev on a table.Mark hadn't been here long enough to know if there was a medic so he flew towards a door. Opening it he went across it to the storage room grabbing a wet towel a blanket and pillow. Walking back out Mark lifted his comrads head and settled the pillow underneath.sticking the blanket over him also . Squeezing some water out of the wet towel he stuck it on Sev's head. Taking all the same things out of the supply room Mark made a pile . Looking outside the window he saw many of his comrades injured.

"Great this rocks" Mark said sarcasticly in a kiddish way. Making a clone Mark had it guard the window.Flying across the battle field Mark picked up his comrades and settled them up like Sev. He had almost 10 people in the Small Medic area that he had made. Setting up two more clones he had one go around and pick up the fallen comrade,and the other to settle them while his first did the usual job of protecting the window from on coming enemy's. As Mark then again dropped out the window he saw 5 creatures walking into the castle.Quickly flying to the door they had gone Mark opened the door and walked in. Seeing these beast's checking room's he hit the floor with his strength causing a shock wave in there direction. Taking out his emergency pistol Mark shot them in the eye's.

"Let's see you guy's do that again " Mark said smilling as he opened the door yet another time and closed it. Walking back onto the battlefield Mark started the fight against these beasts trying to liberate  the BA's  island.

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MOF's friends and teammates had entered the room in no time. When they say the armed Yudo he didn’t need his RPG Awareness to know they didn’t trust him. The Blue Giant may not have not completely liked the new comer but he had to trust for the sake of things running well. Yudo didn’t shake his hand but instead constantly switched guns. Then the substitute leader made a threat about shooting them if any betrayed him. "What harm would bullets do to many of us?" MOF thought to himself. Then the room and building shook and MOF moved his right leg behind him so he wouldn’t be thrown off. Yudo was quick to take charge, which made MOF respect him even more. He watched as he maneuvered himself over to the window and out of it.

As soon as the signal to move was given MOF walked over to the window as well. The team’s mighty students of battle, The Zone Warriors, were already at the scene. After leaping in to find out more they seamed to instantly die. This enraged MOF and then Yudo gave the conclusion that it was the gas that caused it. MOF steps out of the window and walks over to the wreckage. MOF doesn’t cover his nose because he doesn’t have to breath. Then as Yudo was saying something else, a hand grabbed his arm. While the new BA leader was trying to kill it the others rose up with sword drawn ready to kill. "Their eyes... are like mine..." MOF thinks but then he loses all compassion for his young students as they have become something more foul.

Then the group figured out that the eyes where their sole weakness. The Bladed Angels move out in a splendid way already destroying a handful of them. MOF decides that since the rest of the crew was flipping and things that he would play it cool. Simply walking, his red cloak flowed as he came up to a group of the zombiefied killers. He stood at least a head over all of them. One started off the action, raising his blade and swinging it at the Glowing Champion. MOF throws his hand up and grabs the blade stopping it and his indestructibility saved his palm from injury. He swing his other fits at the Zone's face smashing it in. As the first falls to the ground the others lunge at the tallest fighter in the battle.

MOF throws the stolen blade at one and it slices the top of his head off. MOF ducks as one jumps at him. He grabs his legs as they are over him and swings him to the ground on his back. Then he jumps onto him and sticks his large fingers into the creatures eye sockets. He rolls to the side and stands up. Even though the creatures were something other than human now they still have sense. They steadied their blades being more cautious of the Balance Keeper. MOF's eyes glowed yellow as well, but emitted a fog like no other. His white hair rested to one side in the wind. And it is an eerie silence as the Man of Forever and the Zone Zombies have a stand off. MOF's sees that some of his teammates had fallen and that others had helped them. That was a good thing. Now MOF can put all his focus on defeating these monsters.

The Sword bearers run first then MOF takes off. They roar as MOF pulls his hand back and his gauntlet reveals his shield. As they get close, MOF swings his arm smashing the first zombie with his shield. Then spins and kicks another in the face. He grabs another’s head and throws him at another zombie. The area was filled with smoke and blood. That was nothing the Soul Absorber hasn’t experienced before. He continues destroying the skulls of the transformed Zone Warriors until he stood over a large pile of bodies. He looks around to see his team still holding them off as more of them came. "I had a feeling that our trainees would rise up and try to take us over one day..."

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When Warrior Guyver X came into the Meeting Room he immediately noticed the room was dark as if somebody didn't want to be seen which made him a little bit suspicious at the time. Though he couldn't See MOF he could sense him which made it easier to locate people for him since he is capable of sensing the energy emitted by there aura. Eventually his eyes adjusted to the darkness as he had a weird feeling inside him as he sensed the others in the room yet there was something strange going on as he pondered. In the room he could sense a unknown persons energy which made him very cautious for he didn't like that there was somebody else in the room with his team mates for that person could likely be there enemy. Being a very cautious sort of person X he slowly took his right hand as he placed it into the inside pocket of his baggy black floor length leather coat to grab his weapon. His right gloved hand covered with a black fingerless glove as he gripped it firmly for if the person in the room with his team was armed so he intended to arm himself.

Soon enough his eyes adapted to the darkness making him capable of seeing without any sort of light in the room as if he was seeing things during the daytime. Pulling the hilt of his black light saber from his pocket as he had rested his right hand on his side as he got himself ready to strike like a cobra waiting to bare its fangs to be able to strike at its prey. Warrior Guyver X is the type of a person that despises that the person he is sensing right now is using the darkness to hide himself instead of facing his team the Bladed Angels with honor. Even in the dark he could hear with his abnormal sense of hearing the rustling of weapons which gave his position away to X making to easier for him to strike with his light saber if that person is a intruder. In his head he was started to estimate by just the sound he is hearing the weapons this person is carrying on him so he could disarm him with his black light saber before he could uses them on any of his team mates for he would never allow that to happen.

Slightly turning his head making it seem unnoticeable as his cold yet silver eyes looked at the direction of Yugo as he was trying to estimate his capabilities. For he rather not take any chances before he takes action for somewhere inside of him was telling him that that it wasn’t wise to act hastily. Though he did notice the weapons he was carrying for they were standard firearms that normal human beings carry around in this planet though a gut feeling told him not to underestimate that person. Standing there he was getting rather anxious as he felt like he should act now though his body wasn’t following his orders as if he was glued to the spot he was standing on at the time. Yugo was pointing a weapon at MOF which would of pissed him off though he had remained calm as he showed no emotion on his semi pale handsome face. Gripping firmly the light saber he was clutching as a primal part of himself was telling him to feed his hunger for shedding the blood of his enemies as he quickly had set his mind to fight which made it a whole lot easier to not care about any enemy that is in front of him for he was going to try to rip them apart.

As he hear the threat from Yugo he shrugged off his threat for he has never been afraid of guns and bullets for they were nothing to him even without his bio armor cover his body. For he has been shot before with guns which he had survived without any protection luckily for him hiss retentive ability had helped him deal with that problem. Yet he was surprised as he used his head to watch him as the strange man was daft enough to jump out of the window like some lunatic. X pondered in his head if Yugo wanted all of them to follow after him which he thought that was crazy to follow a person like him. Because the fact the man who jumped out of the window was the exact same person who was threatening all of them with his puny toys. The fact was that he was resound to leave the man to his fate for he didn’t owe that man any favors at all. But curiosity got he better of him as he walked over to the window as he saw him fighting there army which kind of angered him for he was attacking his teams forces. Yet upon deeper inspection he had noticed that there was something wrong with the guards for there eyes were not normal which meant something bad had happened to them making the strange man the cause of it. When the strange man shot at one of the guards in a area where they usually would die at this point yet the guard was still alive. It was clear that he had to find a way to figure of a way to cure the guards for without there army backing them the other teams could try to attack them and it would be a lot harder to defend there home and there team mates. Another surprise to him when he saw the strange man shoot it between the eyes and stayed down it seemed these creatures now had a weakness which they could attack without them resurrecting.

Shaking his head at the fact some of his team mates would be dumb enough to try to help the strange man even though that person threatened them. Gripping his black light saber in his hand as he wanted to get some killing done though he knew the expense of taking the lives of there teams guards. Watching them from above as he still showed no emotion as he knew that it wasn’t his problem to interfere in this mess even though some of his tem members were dragged into the mess. Soon he knew that his course was clear as he took a few seconds for him to think over what he should do right now as he kept watching out of the broken window. Kicking the broken glass that was still attached to the window sill he got up on the window frame as he looked down at them from his vantage point. Flipping into the air as he activated his black lightsaber as his weapon hummed to life as the black energy blade was being emitted from the blade as he landed on his feet as he got in a fighting stance he was controlling his  breath so not to breathe the air which possibly could of contaminated them. “ Come on you weird creatures bring the motherf*cking ruckus.” He was using the energy blade to chop through the creatures like a hot knife through butter while still trying to defend himself in the process. 

While he was not being careful out of no where one of the yellow eyes guards came behind him as he just dispatched a guard as he got stabbed through with there blades. Falling to one knee he didn’t feel any pain from it as he got up cutting off one of the heads of the guards as the other two just barely dodged it. Flipping out of the way of those guards as they came towards him even the beheaded guard  as he used his left hand to quickly pull out each of the blades from his body as green blood was flowing from his body from his injuries. Though miraculously he had regenerated from his wounds as he charged at the now headless guard as he sliced upward as he cut it in half as he had turned his head towards the other two guards. Murderous intent was in his eyes for now he was enraged enough to want to obliterate the infected guards before they can cause any real harm to anybody. Pointing his left hand at the two guards who were coming towards him moaning there lungs out at him as he let loose a pressure cannon blast which obliterated them in seconds leaving nothing left behind. Charging back into the fray swinging his lightsaber at the infected guards for he began to hack pieces off of them making it much easier for his team mates to kill them.
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The containment Hq

The Corrupt was Polishing his gun carefully in his Barrack in the Secret base Of 245 located  in an Island in the middle of the pacific ocean, Corrupt was part of an secret organization that neutralizes any harmful creatures or substances within a certain  dangerous area. The hq was of limits to the human eye because of  Secrets that should not be exposed to people, within the facility  there were sample's of unknown creatures that had put the lives of innocent people imperil. Corrupt's Communicator watch began to vibrate  on his Wrist, as he pressed the button to talk into the Device the sunlight reflected off of the glass surface of the watch. Corrupts Boss wanted him in the conference room, there was a serious matter to discuss , something that could be harmful to everyone on this planet if not quarrantined.

 He rose from his see that was in the nigresence of a dark corner and walked lethargically out of his barrack into the outside of the Facility camp, the Sun was luminous spreading its heat amongst the perimeter, The wind gust were refined rubbing against Corrupts face like a Females soft touch, The herbage that he walked on  sent the aroma of Most soil into the air because of  Early rain showers. A green camouflage colored jeep  parked itself vertically infront of the corrupt, distancing its self. The corrupt walked towards the back of the  jeep apathetically and catapulted himself into the back of the jeep. The jeep made a  u turn as a man in the passenger seat acknowledged Corrupt, they drove on a custom made road surface and headed to the Main base hq as corrupt stared at the soldiers in training." We have an Out break going On In a small Archipelago  far south east of this area you will get more detail from Garret when you converse with him bjorn" the man in the passenger seat stated hollowlly.  Bjorn did not bother to reply to the man, he just turned his head carelessly to the horizon.

It took about ten minutes to reach The main base Bjorn jumped out of the car eagerly as it  turned its way away from the hq in the path where they previously came from, the base was  underground with a small sandy mound of dirt expose, in the dirt was and well blended device that only the soldiers knew about, you are suppose to place your hand on the device and it scan your hand prints, if your hand prints did not match any of the staff in the facility a silver  razor sharp rod would thrust from the mound and stab through you heart. Bjorn placed his hand on the device and a voice came from, a shutter metal door opened underneath bjorn causing him to slide down a narrow metal slippery pipeline. the pipe terminated at a  corridor made of this light shaded silver that showed your reflection clearly, he walked down this silver corridor filled with professor's in there lab uniform that attended to there job's. the doors of each room was liquidated, fi anyone infiltrated the base they wouldnt know where the doors were. at the terminus of the corridor was an elevator, bjorn went into the elevator and pressed a button called Gb. it lost altitude going father beneath ground level until finally stopping, the doors opened, Bjon walked out of the elevator and he was in the conference room" Bjorn take a  seat we have some serious manners to discuss" garret said eagerly, his voice echoed throughout the room loudly. he pointed at a seat that appeared from beneath the metallic floor surface, bjorn walked over to the chair and sat down and prepared to listen." alright lets begin, In a Small archipelago south east from this area is a organization called the bladed angles, there has been Unknown Entity attacks the island, we picked it up from one of our arial patrol bots" garret displayed footage of  the situation. There were these cadaverous Looking creatures that carried these ensate for like objects, bjorn looked at the footage without any reaction to what he was looking at.  "Bjorn i require  you to take your special tactic's force and neutralize any lifeforms in the vicinity of the island,  you will depart in13:45 hours sharp"Garret said bluntly. Bjorn stood up gritting his teeth and walked out of the conference room to head back to his domain.

The departure

 bjorn had prepared all of his assortment of weapons, he did not know waht type of force he was up against so he brought  every vary of weapons possible. he left his barrack and a large army stood outside of his dorm silienlty posturing themselves like real soldiers holding ak- 47's. They stood organized row by row prepared for battle. " WE HAVE A PROBLEM OF OUR HANDS......WE WILL BE SENT TO KILL OFF THESE CORPSE LIKE CREATURES.....I DONOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF DOING....I DONT CARE TO KNOW.....BUT WE ARE GOING TO BRING HELL ON THOSE B#STARDS!!"  the sonority echoed the isalnd at high volumes making the soldiers scream vehemently seeking to have a good fight. Bjorn lead his army southwards towards the b57 planes that were going to transport bjron army to their destination, there were 4 planes. it took them about 20 minutes to reach the runway where the Plane pilots awaited bjorn tactic force, the army split into for groups of  500 and went into each plane. bjorn went into one of the planes and rested and the passengers seat of the plan knowing this was going to be a long ride.

Bjorn was awaken by a rough tap to his shoulder" sir we are in Location we area about to Jump" a soldier said, bjron hopped up and gather his  weapons he walked to the open frame that soldier began parachuting from, bjonr doesn't need a parachute because he has a super solider syrum within him. he looked down at the beach shore to see the cadaverous creature' attack some of hi troops that had already jumped down, they were brutal and relentless, bjorn vaulted in the air with a swan dive and began to loose altitude towards the beach shore quickly. he withdrew his automatic semi riffle and began to shoot a barrage off bullets at the creature's with out hesitation. The soldier did the same as the glided down towards the shore. The bullets weren't hurting the creature and that began to scare bjorn, he  landed on the shore at 3 point stance with 3 soldiers beside him. 4 of the beast ran towards bjron with swords, one of them attempted a horizontal slash aiming for his head, bjorn simply ducked under the attack  and sliced the creatures lower limbs of with his plasma , afterward he quickly drew hius shotgun out and blew the following creature head off, causing a crimson liquid to spill from its head. the last two Creature were shoot in the eye's by bjorn's most prized general that followed hims.Ah we have to shoot them in the eyes! bjorn said. borjn waited as he watched another set of warrior fight off the creatures too, he knew they had to be part of the bladed angels organization. More and more troops fell form the sky, there were at least 900 of them. they all stood around bjorn awaiting his next command.Alright guys lets give the hell! he yelled

Bjorn and his troops stormed up the beach shore shooting violent at the creatures, this was going to be one hell of a fight
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 The rest of the members of the bladed angels filled the room and Mof glow lit up the entire room.The scene grew more intense as the mysterious man, Yudo  grew hostile and aimed his weapons at Mof. He seemed to be untrusting of our allegiances. Siphon stood ready to make a move as Yudo was constantly switching targets, ready to fire at anyone.  For a while they stood staring each other down. They waited for someone to make a move.

The conflict was ended when the building shook violently and Yudo quickly retaliating, jumped out of the nearest window. The others were quick to follow. The zone warriors fell to their feet as they inhaled the hazy, pore filled air.  Siphon could easily create a shield for himself,  but it would be easier to retrieve his suit of armor. While the others exited the building, Siphon ghosted through the walls to retrieve his suit. Great explosions sounded and shook the building once again. Dust fell from the crevices of the ceiling. He runs into his room and puts on his helmet, gauntlets, chest plate and grieves. This was his chance to test out his new armor. 

Siphon phased through a wall and enters the battlefield only to find their very own attacking them. Their eyes glowed a brilliant yellow, as Man Of Forever's had. Is this the work of the balance keepers? He wondered.  Several brainwashed soldiers approached the energy reaper, grabbing at him trying to break through his armor. Siphon reaches through a guard's and it explodes with his energy.  He then absorbed the energy from another soldier and his corpse falls to the ground dead and dry. More appear and beat siphon violently. They all pile on top of him, burying him in an endless sea of mindless warriors. A blue light emerges from the spaces in the pile. There is a loud boom and a large bubble of energy emerges from the pile knocking some of the guards off the island. This is getting crazy they're overwhelming us. There's too many! 

Just then a cloud of military soldiers rain from the sky and brave the waves of the wild sea onto the shore. They begin to shoot down the creatures. The cavalry had arrived and just in time. Siphon ran up and kneed a creature in the head, then turned to his blindside, his sapphire palm bursting through the zone warrior's chest. He looks around and is pleased to see his allies crushing the enemy. Mof wields his magnificent shield and sword, X with his black light saber, Mark with his numerous duplicates vanquishing them with equal strength. Everyone seemed to be doing well. Siphon continued thrashing through crowds of the deadly foes using one of his many fighting styles, Muay Thai. He doesn't seem to run out of energy at all and he had been waiting for a good fight. 

Lamont(Siphon) couldn't help but wonder what the origin of these things were. Where they the work of some government experiment gone wrong? Or the work of pure evil? Either way they seemed to be highly infectious ,along with the air, for the bodies of our dead allies rose up again mutated and intent on killing those who weren't of their own kind. The battle grew intense the courtyard was being destroyed and if this didn't end soon, the whole castle  would be lost . The Bladed Angels were tough and powerful. Knowing the affects of the creatures he started to wonder if any of the others were infected or if he was. His thoughts started to betray him. Who would he trust?
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the Cadaverous creatures Came closer and closer, Sev laid on the floor helplessly on the verge of losing Consciousness,  The blurry image of  The Monsters descended upon Sev as he faded into the dark slumber. suddenly sev was lifted on his shoulder awaken by the unwanted force, he could hear the impact of sword's Hacking through the thick flesh of The entities that Raided us. As the person picked severer up, he regurgitated releasing a yellow substance from his mouth disgusting.  The man Asked Sev"What happened to you ", he didnt have enough energy to reply to the question, he just laid upon the shoulder of his comrad, he recognized the voice as mark, the newest member to The Bladed angels, he was a killed warrior and a good friend to severer.Soon Seve dosed off once more and ended up being on a metallic table within the base, he began to vomit once more making it roll down the side of his cheek and disgusting yellow clumps, it reeked of sour milk and vinegar. Sev opened one eye halfway to see his friend scuffling through the armory for any type of medical supplies, sev blinked slowly and felt the hand of his brother behind his head, as he released sev head , sev felt a soft comfortable surface support his neck, then he felt a wet cloth  touch his head making his hand twitch in surprise, Luke warm water trickled down the side of his face tickling his cheek all the way to his neck.Then  he felt the wind from a linen blanket rush upwards from his torso making him blink.Then Sev Dosed off into blackness once again from the comfort of his Comrad being there for him.

1 hour later

Sev  Sprung up from the table paranoid as hell, he looked around directionessly  to see if any of the the creatures were in the Hq, he climbed of the table, looking at his scabbard for his sword, it wasnt there, the katana had sentimental value to him and he would not allow it to be lost,. there was a window horizontal from where the table he laid on, he  charge out the window cutting his arm on a broken glass hard, the blood leaked from his arm trailing in the air behind him,  pack of creatures confronted sev with Feral scream of ire  Pulsed through Sev's eardrum. They charge aat him all at once with beast like growls that would have an average human running for shelter. one creature vaulted into the air  setting up a voracious spine chilling stab, as he soared through the air bestially sev withdrew his 36 revolver spinning it on his thumb stylish, he evaded the creatures brutally stab  by shift to the right and shooting a bullet  through his eye as he glared at sev angerly. another creature came towards sev with a horizontal sweep with his ensate weapon that would carve through the flesh easily like a hot knife going through butter. He flipped backwards over the slash crashing a fierce heel kick into the chin of the monster, followed by two acute shoots fired through the yellow eye's of monsters that assisted their comrad.

sev darted through the creature unleashing furious attacks that repelled them away as he searched for his treasured blade that laid in the zone somewhere. soon Sev became tired once more, he had performed various physical attacks that had drained most of the energy from him. the reason why his stamina was so low was because of the lack of sleep he had gotten throughout the week.. The creatures surrounded sev once more prepared to attack, one of the creatures that were behind sev lunged at him trying to carve through his spine as if it was a tiger, Sev somersaulted into the air and shoot to rounds of  36 revolver ammo into the back of the head of the creature, after landing another creature grabbed him in a submissive  position, sev pulled his dagger from his small sheathe tha was attached to his thigh and stabbed the creature in ribcage, the creature lt his grip loose to tend to the pain it experienced, thats when sev took the opportunity to puncture the eye of the creature with his glistening silver dagger, spilling a crimson liquid on to his blade in a volatile matter.immediately after finishing the onslaught he unleashed on the creature, sev was tackled onto the ground with brute force causing his dagger to cut through a layer of flesh in his arm. the pain wa immense pulsating in his arm as the warm blood pumped from his arm consistently. soon a group of creature dog piled sev causing him tp gap for air from the heavy weight.

Sev began to hear the sounds of firearms grow near him as he laid on the floor helplessly, the grunts of the Zombie like creature were heard at high volumes, soon sev felt the weight that rested upon him decrease drastically until he saw the face of yudo. he was lucky once more, yudo had come just in time helping him get up from the massive attack, he then saw his bladed embed in the soil ,he went to retrieve it then he came back towards yudo and thanked him .X, I remember Ruin telling me you put together the security system. I need you to rip the Palace main power cord and give it to Sev. Sev I need you to add along enough wire unto the cord and get it in the water. In simple words, we got to electrocute these mutha fuckas. While analyzing I learned that this toxin stuff is re-moleculed by electricity, which means it kills its cells. And it is basic instinct that electricity in water will also kill anything in range. So remember X get the cord. Sev make an extension and get the cord in the water. he said

this was going to be one hell of a task

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Boom Boom Mark fired at a beast as he walked out of the front steps."Dang how long will this fight go on" Mark said Continuing his fight to protect the door. He soon found out it was harder than he thought . He had been surrounded by 15 beasts as he steped into the middle of the fight. Doing a sommursault aided by his flight he was able to shoot them in a matrix kind of way hitting his targets all in the eyes.. Click his weapons had run out and he felt that he wouldn't need them any more and strapped them away.Un Sheathing his swords he continued his way back to the medical area seeing his clone at the window. Flying up he was looking to see if any member's got any worse. None did but Sev was missing which really alarmed Mark. "We'll gotta continue fighting." he said as he was dispersed of energy.

Noticing he was tired Mark thought to himself. How the hell will the outcome of this fight happen. Walking further into the battle field Mark could feel this part of the battle field hadn't really been fought off yet. Seeing only three comrades and about 100 Mutated guards Mark duplicated himself yet again taking away some energy. As he ran at a enemy his clones ran in different directions with the same thing in mind Kill with no questoin. As he made a front flip he saw the strange familier golden eye's that he has normaly seen on his good friend MOF. As he sliced the eye's he thought that mabe this was a test or something, but quickly dropped that idea. Looking around as he took his swords from this enemy's head he saw his clones in the same exact motion."hm.. this is a great way of syncronizatoin." Mark said laughing.  Looking back he was in the middle of the battle field and would have guessed he was near the sea but he wasn't . Making another 20 clones he made a big box and moved left striking in simialr moves like his clones. Finally after 20 minutes Mark was exhausted and De Duplicated all but the 3 clones that were in the Medivac area.

When Mark noticed these planes coming he was near the sea. These beasts(what was left of them) took off. "Wooooo............. we won" Mark said as he Sheathed his swords and put his hands in the air. Seeing another site he was scared out of his pants. Running in another directoin he had seen a meteor and was running along the beach when he saw a missle flying towards it. Stopping his run he turned around and ran towards the meteor and saw Yudo the new leader with a basuka type weapon. "Damn I need one of those bad ass weapons." he said to himself quietly. nodding his head" i'm a ask him later." but as the meteor went into the water he was a foot deep. He had this strange feeling and unstraped his silver black handed pistols and loaded them. Seeing a soilder that had previously came out of those planes he had seen ,he saw a four legged creature eating him alive."Sh!t " Mark screamed as he looked into the water. The thing was a fish. Boom Boom Boom Boom Mark fired as he saw these mutated fish swimming towards him. Running into the sand he turned around and shot at them in the eyes which was a great feat cause these eye's we're small. Now he saw what had happened. That meteor had made the fish turn like the Zone warriors. Duplicating himself Mark made a clone line near the ocean and ran to Yudo.

He was about to ask Yudo what the hell was going on but he saw Yudo giving order's to Sev(good he's still alive,glad to see a good friend) and X(That's good to he's alive which means most of the team had to make it cause he wouldn't let a fellow BA die.) Waiting for Yudo to Make his order's Mark saw his clones fighting the fish beasts.  Seeing Yudo done he decided not to ask and began to help his clones

"I just hope this is done soon " Mark said annoyed with all the fighting but happy he was showing he was a great member to have.Bam Mark shot as a fish came out of the water

"Shootin lolipops in the water" Mark said as he looked back at his friends and team mates.

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A strange familiarity had overcome him as if he had knew what it was like fighting overwhelming odds against them yet he knew the would all pull through this sticky situation. For a old part of X had surfaced as he was still hacking away at the Bladed Angels guards with his black lightsaber like they were nothing to him. It was like nobody seemed to matter to him for all that mattered in his mind was to feed the need inside of himself that urges himself to kill unmercifully. It was kind of like a dance as he moved by sheer instinct as he leaped backwards to avoid the blade of one of the Bladed Angels guards sword as he found out that sometimes there is always a flaw in any plan as he felt the blade of the zombified soldier stabbed him clean through with the blade facing upwards into his stomach as it was going up to his chest. Oozing glowing green blood started to pour from his wound as he had now way to escape from being cut into half though he had to make a sacrifice a limb to free himself from this predicament as he groaned not from the pain it was for the move he had to make to get himself out of the sticky situation. For he could of used black lightsaber in his right hand to cut the guard behind him but at the same time he was preoccupied with the two guards who were coming towards him wanting to get a piece of him. Soon as he had a window of opportunity he used his left hand to grab the blade with his left free hand as blood was started to flow onto the blade as he temporarily stopped the blade from touching his ribcage. 

X had positioned his right leg in between the guards legs as he kicked him as hard as he could even zombified he figured the guard still could feel getting kicked in the balls as heard him double which quickly gave him time to stabbed him with his lightsaber making a rather large hole which had burned clean through the hole he had made in his enemies head. Turning around he let go of the sword while it was sticking through his body he saw the two guards coming towards him as he slashed both of them with two slashes forming a X on there stomach and chest area as they fell over into pieces before him. Looking around with his cold yet silver eyes he saw each of his team mates still standing which meant they all had survived this ordeal without a scratch on any of them. Though when he looked down he noticed he was still using his left hand to hold the blade that use to belong to the guard in place as he saw his own blood tarnish the blade itself. Letting go of the blade as he saw that the blade almost went almost through his left hand as his body all by itself was regenerating his wound not even leaving a scratch on him not even where he grabbed the blade with his hand. Silently he took his hand he extended it to his back as he was searching for the hilt of the sword so he could pull it out of him for he rather not have it sticking out of him. As he pulled out the sword with his left hand the wound caused by it started to close by itself as he successfully took the the weapon out of his body as he dropped it onto the floor. X quietly looked around him looking at all the guards his team the Bladed Angels had killed for to him it wasn't a battle at all for it was just simply put it was a massacre.

Before in the middle of the fight he saw that strange person Yudo was about to kill himself though he seemed now that he didn't do it even though he didn't like the guy he rather would not have somebody die on this team. The thing was while watching him fight during this skirmish he didn't seem like the type to give up yet he was very close to what it seemed to him that he was close to ending his own life good thing that he came to his senses before it was too late for him. Deactivating his black lightsaber he shook his head at the thought somebody on this team would take the cowards way out for it is a real dishonor not only to himself but to the team itself. Though the short lived lull had came to a end at the corner of his eye he saw something coming towards there direction which made him sigh for there was never a dull moment on this team. Reactivating his Lightsaber as it emitted its high pitch sound when it was activated as he turned to face the direction of the incoming object as he saw it coming closer to them. Whatever the problem was they would surely be ready for it since X was already still buzzing from the fight with the guards as adrenaline was coursing through his entire body. it wasn't bad though he could hear each soldiers individual footsteps but he was capable of realizing the weapons that they were carrying with them which possible meant more trouble. Though it seemed Yudo was already on the case with his peripheral vision he noticed him run off which X though he was going off to kill himself through he was surprised to see the missile launcher and the two missiles with him. Pointing his left free hand he decided to lend a hand as he began to form his pressure cannon as he emitted several blasts at the oncoming object hoping they could bring it down before it crashes near them which would of loads of trouble since they have no idea what it was that is coming towards there direction. Keeping his ears out for the soldiers for he wondered if they had come to look for trouble with the Bladed Angels for he would surely give them all a fight they would remember.

There was a splash accompanied with a loud boom as the meteor that seemed to the object that was heading towards them seemed to be destroyed by the efforts of both Yudo and X himself. Sea water had touched his boot though it didn't bother him as his clothing was already ruined for there was his own blood mixed with the fact there was large hole in his baggy black floor length leather coat so he paid no mind to it. Turning his back towards the beach he had begun to follow the strange man known as Yudo to deal with those soldiers for they were not invited here which meant they were trespassing which he was going fill his insatiable thirst for bloodshed. As he was walking he used his left black fingerless gloved hand to tear the coat then the baggy black sleeveless shirt off his body as he dropped to the ground showing off his athletic toned muscular semi pale both with both of his arms covered completely with gothic tattoos except the mark on his right arm which wasn't a tattoo though it was shaped similar to a bolt of lighting. The X-like scar on his left side of his shade started to redden a bit as if it was trying to tell him there was more trouble ahead for him and this team which he mentally prepared for it. His right hand gripped firmly the hilt of his lightsaber as he figured that there was going to be more bloodshed before the day was over for like he knew from before it had just begun. Getting in a fighting stance rather quickly when he saw the creature attack the soldier as he had looked around him fervently as he knew that any any could try to attack him so he had to calculate in his head the possibility of the direction of a incoming attack by the mutated sea creature.  X had figured the object that crashed in the water was probably the thing responsible to creating these creatures by mutating the sea life into inhuman monsters. Running towards the soldier who was being eaten alive by the four legged sea creature as he slashed the creature straight down the middle as the heat of the black lightsaber scorched the flesh of the once living creature. Taking a step back at the insides of the dead creature made him feel like he was going to throw up yet he breathed in deeply a he had begun to calm down rather quickly. "What in the hell was that?" He exclaimed as he was rather suppressed that something like that object that fell from the sky could be capable of mutating these sea creatures from the appearance he saw in the creature that attacked that soldier who appeared to look like a fish. Usually objects that fall from the sky such as meteors are comprised of space metal nothing else though he surmised that there might of been emitting enough radiation while flying through space to cause the living organisms that comes in contact with it becomes radiated with its energy mutating them into monsters. "Strange."

Quickly he ducked as the flying bat-like sea creature flew over his head not wanting to get attacked by those things as he tries to use his right hand by swinging his black lightsaber wildly in the air to ensure that they do not go near him. While dealing with the flying bat-like creatures he kept his attention on them he didn't see one of the shark creatures come out of the water as it ran towards him with its head down as it intended to ram him with its thick skull. When the skull of the shark made contact with his chest and stomach area it had drove all of the air out of his body sending him flying into several trees as he knocked them down landing hard on his back. The pain would of been intense unfortunately for the fact he is not been capable of feeling any sort of pain he would be in a world of hurt right now. Sitting up slowly he looked around for his weapon which he noticed it wasn't near him which meant that he must of dropped it on the ground when that shark creature running head butted him. Clenching both of his black fingerless gloves hands as he ran all the way to the beach area for that nasty head butt drove him far though he was still reeling from being hit by that shark creature which angered him. Upon getting to the beach area again he could see the mutated shark creature had picked up his weapon as it was trying to mock him without saying a word. X was now charging at the shark creature who was holding his lightsaber as he was gathering momentum while running enough for him to tackle him making it drop his lightsaber onto the sand as he made it land on its back into the ocean. Getting on top of the creature he was punching rather hard into its face not holding back as he laid thunderous punches to its face that it was trying to use its arms to protect itself from X. The clothing that remained were soaked as he quickly grabbed onto the sharks arms with a firm grip as it was trying to pull itself away from him to no avail as he ripped off the arms as blood started squirting from the stumps where its arms use to be as he threw the arms he just ripped off into the water. His mind was like in a trance-like state as he had a murderous look in his cold yet unemotional set of silver eyes for he had gone beyond anything he could imagine for the darkness that laid dormant within himself was unleashed onto the world. "Speak no evil." His hands were bloodied as glowing green blood came out his hands as he intentionally placed it on the jaw of the shark creature for some of the sea creatures teeth had punctured through his own hands as he ripped off its jaw then threw it aside as blood sprayed onto chest and face. "Hear No Evil."

The area on his hands which bleed from the teeth as he ripped its jaw right out had healed in seconds which he didn't seem to noticed at all for all he thought in his mind was killing the creature in front of him. Soon enough he grabbed onto the area where the shark creature could hear as he yanked them off showing that he had no mercy for these unfortunate creatures. Blood kept shooting out of the holes being made by X as the water started to change as it was becoming reddish in color as the sea was partially changing color as blood was staining the oceans itself. "And see now Evil." Head butting the shark creature between its eyes as hard as he could letting blood from its head cover over its eyes making it rather harder for it to see him. Letting the rage be unleashed as he let out a animal-like cry from his mouth which made the other sea creature turn to look over at X as they saw something they had never seem before in there life. A monster had been unleashed for they made him let loose as he grabbed onto its shark creatures eyes as he unemotionally ripped them out as he looked down at the now dead creature before him as it was twitching which was normal after it was just killed. Walking back from the water still clutching the eyes of the shark creature in his hands as he walked onto the beach with his hands covered in blood not showing any emotion on his face. Dropping the eyes onto the ground as he was breathing heavily as he stopped as his mind was trying to contemplate what he had just done a few seconds ago to that shark creature. In his head over and over again as he replayed those images he was contemplating if he was truly a monster for his actions with that shark creature were monstrous. Now after calming himself he slowly walked towards his lightsaber which had shut off when it fell to the ground as he inspected it to see if it was damaged when it was dropped onto the ground. Seeing that his weapon was fine though he didn't know much about it he was going to fully inspect it later to see if anything is damaged though he knew it wasn't wise to use it right now.

When Yudo came up to the others he had placed his lightsaber hilt safely in one of the extra pockets making sure he will not loose it again though he wasn't going to use it again in this fight for it could endanger himself in the process if he used it again.  Suddenly he had came back to his senses from his own thoughts in his mind while in the midst of battle as he noticed that Yudo wanting him to go over to him as he simply just had rolled his eyes. Quickly he moved as he ran over to Yudo as he he listened to him speak to him about his own plan as he was getting the gist of his plan as he looked over at Severer. "Yeah I had a hand at building our security for this island so what about it i mean I do not see our security systems helping us getting out of this sticky situation right now. Though If i rip it out then the security will not have the power the defense systems which will make us defenseless if we ever get out of this mess man. As much as I would love to do that I rather not compromise our teams safety over a half baked plan that might not even work here for it is a slim chance we will get out of this situation. Yet if it is to save Severer then I will do it even though I believe it is not such a idea though if it means that it will save my team mate then I will do it." Quickly without hesitating he disappeared as if he had teleported running to the Ruins Castle which is also the the headquarters of his team the Bladed Angels. Once he got inside he quickly had ran all the way following the halls as he was like a man on a mission as he made his way into the room that was the main source to all of the defenses to the teams home. Carefully as he placed his left hand on the cord as he felt a million volts of electricity as he pulled it out of the wall as he waited a few minutes for the electricity running through his body to dissipate. The electricity had dissipated in his body as he still had the cord in hand running back to the beach as he handed the cord to Severer hoping they could solve this rather quickly. For the soldiers who had come to the island in the first place was still roaming around the island which he didn't like at all for he wanted to deal with them too when this problem was solved...
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The corrupt stormed up the island shore screaming vulgarly into the zone along with his Assault unit, Pack Of Creatures Came Charging towards the unit head first waving their blades madly into the sky,Corrupt and his Unit Paused and formed a long horizontal line, they knelled on their knee's aiming Infrared Beam' onto The faces of their adversary ready to Unleashed a barrage of  Hot lead Into the eyes of their enemies. "Ready"....Aim!...Fire".  Bullet soared through the air treacherously chunking pieces of Gore Onto The soilage beneath their feet, crimson warm Liquids Dispersed every  Showering the Assault units attire with An organic Liquid That reeked the area the Pungency of Blood Consumed the air Making soldiers vomit in sensitivity -The unit terminated There hail of gunfire to reload, the creatures Ran Closer and Closer Until Suddenly" GRAAAAAAAAH!"< the Cadaverous Creatures reached Corrupts unit With an Onslaught Of decapitation's and Amputations of limbs and other body parts. The Screams Of dismay And anxiety Pierced The Ears of Corrupt as He Stared at The Calamic Genocide That the Copse like creatures unleashed upon his beloved army. ":nnnnNNNNNNNOOOooo!!!".

Corrupt Lifted His Gun And Looked through the scope activating the Infrared Beam, he took aim at as much of the creatures eye's as he possibly could in attempt to save his unit, his Rage Enhanced as he looked through the scope of his gun glaring at the different types of Deaths the monsters Inflicted Amongst his troops apathetically. Corrupt shot and shot, but there was no stopping The creatures From Wiping his army out of existence, soon all but Corrupts generals, were left alive back to back with corrupt as They Shot lead Consistently into the eye's of The creatures with Precise accuracy, The vast ammunition that Corrupts two generals had Decreased resulting into an empty clip resulting into their deaths eventually,Corrupts rage Turned into Psychotic madness "GRaaaUAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!" His muscles Began to bulk Massive exposing His veins from the high Blood Pressure, his Shirt ripped from Stress Revealing A purple glow within His Cadaver Like Transmuted skin, His eye's began to burn with a fury Of  red as his eye's locked onto The faces of His foe. Corrupt Unleashed an agonizing dismal  scream that shattered the glass of the Bladed Angels hq, H the Flesh Of His forearm tore Releasing a Ensate form from his arm that was Covered in a Purple  Blood like liquid.

 Corrupt Balled up to fist tightly and became tense with and immense amount of energy Traveling through the Main arteries of his Bpdy Like A violent Current, Two Craters formed beneath his feet from the pressure of some much energy Being channeled along with Small Cyclone like wind gust That brung Dust and dirt into The air wildly. All of the energy Formed into This  Orb Of nigritude That Consumed Corrupts Body like An eternal dark abyss, the energy The Discharged from Corrupts body  with a thunderous Volume Releasing Boundless energy Into The sphere of The Island, He dashed at His adversary's with his Right bladed arm before him readied to Unleash a carnal forge Upon His enemies with no remorse, as he dashed at his Opponents acceleration At Indescribable speeds , he trailed an Dark Aura behind him staining the air With Disconilation. He carved through The creatures relentlessly  hacking through torso's and limb's Ferally without hesitation" I WILL END YOU ALL" He yelled as his massive Blood bath Continued soaking the soil with blood and gore.

Hell was to be unleashed upon My Adversary's, until All were  lead to the Path Of Oblivion i shall not rest

The Corrupt

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The Bladed Angels have done well purging their shores of the devilish reincarnations of the Zone Warriors. It seams that they have destroyed more then half of them. Even though B.A. is winning the  Zones have taken their tole on the squad. Most of the team exhausted and some injured but all over whelmed. Looking around, MOF sees a gigantic boulder falling to the earth with the same smoke as the smaller one that landed earlier. Wondering what he could do to take care of the problem, MOF hears the sound of a rocket being launched. He quickly turns to the source of the noise. He smiles as he sees the new guy, Yudo, taking charge once again. He refocuses on the meteor and the explosion was brilliant but appeared ineffective. All it did was shift its course, but was that what Yudo wanted? 

The huge rock crashes into the depths of the ocean. MOF feels that everything has settled down and for the good of his team. He steps over lifeless Zone bodies but then he sees about 50 more running up. Right before the Blue Giant runs over to take them out, a fleet of a Special Forces unit flies over head. Seeing the planes and helicopters dropping soldiers onto the battle field MOF is relieved that the group has reinforcements. The soldiers lead by a very determined man shoots down the remaining Zone Warriors with ease. Now everything seams finished... but nothing is what it seams. While MOF was thanking the soldiers a large mob of mutant fish storm the island.

MOF sighs as the battle must continue. He slings his arm letting his laser shield fly and completely decapitate a four-legged fish. The Glowing Warrior has no real projectiles or blast powers so he has to get up close and personal... just the way he likes it. He stops time and runs over to the unwanted guest. Everything is quiet and no one moves but the Balance Keeper. He pulls out his sword and lets the blade burn fierce. He amputates 3 fish-mans' legs and arms. He cuts the head off a fish that stood like dog. Seeing the flying fish he stomps on the ground. He uses his matter manipulation and sends multiple spikes into the air chi-kabobing each of them.

Placing the sword back onto his belt the Laidback Conquer grabs the necks of two standing fish and absorbs their souls. The souls rush through his arms and enter his core. Feeling that he did enough damage between the folds of time he lets things flow again. The shots are fired by the gunmen and his teammates kill once again, but MOF stands and watches the outcomes of he unseen acts. Suddenly Flying fish fall to the ground with spikes lunged into them. Heads of fish-oids fall to the ground then their body collapse as well. Others drop with no legs or arms to keep them up and thy scream in pain. MOF is satisfied and looks around.

There are still many fish monsters leaving their home in the seas and attacking the B.A. base. Yudo gives some orders to X and Sev and they set off to achieve them. Mark and his clones stand as a small front against the infected fish. The soldiers show their skill and annihilate a good number of them. Thanks to the location of the team base there is a host of a fish to be converted into these creatures. MOF uses his matter manipulation again and controls the sand and sends it at the new batch of land walking fish. The gust flies at tremendous speeds and shreds the flesh off of the infected. Skeletons stand for a second then fall to the ground.

Severer and Guyver X have done their jobs and Yudo takes it to the next level. MOF watches the leader leaps into the water with the extended power cord. He is under the water for a while and MOF knows what is going on thanks to him being awakened to aspects of RPGs unseen by others. A humanoid tiger shark hops onto MOF's back trying to put him in a head lock. Grabbing the arm-like fins the Soul Absorber jerks his body and throws the creature off of him. The fish lands on his back and MOF is instantly is over him. One of his blue hands holds the nose down and the other hand grabs the lower row of the teeth. Then he pulls down forcefully and rips the jaw of the shark off. The blood squirts everywhere and onto MOF's black armor.

Not trusting that, that would finish the monster he absorbs his soul and then the fish stops struggling and screaming. MOF glances over his shoulder to see if any others were coming. Standing he sees Yudo's head burst out of the water then his body fallowed. Looking past him for a second MOF could see the electric current pass through the water and the dead fish flout to the surface. MOF sees Yudo walk passed people and over to the castle wall. There is still a few more infected creatures but the others will finish them in no time. Yudo seams to have jumped into the secret entrance. MOF wonders how he knew about that but then remembers he was friends with Ruin.

It was only a few second until the B.A. communicator started beeping on MOF's wrist. Raising it to his ear he listens to what Yudo says. It was a letter from Ruin Cross for Yudo and the rest of the Bladed Angels. "Ruin's... dead...?!" MOF thinks but continues listening. The next thing he hears shocks him even more then that. "They are brothers?!" He says out loud. This being the last things he will hear from his former leader and friend he takes a second to let it soak in. The very last words fill him with pride and the will to press on. "B.A. for life... They will fight... But we will fight harder..."

MOF watches as all the infected are exterminated and he begins to walk. As he takes some steps he uses his matter manipulation and causes the ground to shift and almost become liquid. The bodies seep in and are laid to rest in the grounds of the team's island. He ocean breeze blows his cloak and hair slightly and he is now off the beach and right in front of the castle. He walks through a broken window and sits in his chair in the meeting room. He slouches in the seat and looks out the window. Viewing the destruction and blood stained grass he is becoming angry but he would never show it. He starts to reminisce of the things he and Ruin went through and his emotions change from infuriated to depressed.

"These are dark times indeed..." MOF whispers to himself.

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The battle raged on. Blood had painted the sky a dark red. The smell of the rotting corpses lurked in the air. The Bladed Angels fought gallantly. They were indeed a powerful team. But, Siphon couldn't help but notice that the more zone warriors that they defeated, more appeared.  He also wondered if this was an isolated event. Were they the only ones they were attacking? Siphon was snapped back into the battle when a zone warrior elbowed him in the face. He quickly retaliated by harnessing seismic energy and clapping his hands. The enemy had screeched in pain and then exploded. A nasty way to go.

The earth started to rumble and the clouds opened up, for a large meteor had entered the atmosphere. It moved at an incredible speed as it spat flames from it . The rock made impact and crashed into the deep dark depths of the restless sea below. Steam rose from the waves for the rock was searing hot. This abnormality was no coincidence for the very creatures started to walk onto show from the wet slumbers. The meteor had mutated them as well. They could now breath out of water. My God..What is this. Siphon couldn't help but marvel at the sight of great white sharks and various animals of the sea emerge from the water. Some of them even flew. Another factor that posed a threat to the balance.

Siphon took a defensive stance waiting for the monsters took approach him head on. He extended two blades of pure energy from his hands.  This was thermic energy to the max. One touch with these would slice through some of the most durable materials known to man. A native to the sea slowly walked toward Siphon. It had many tentacles and see through folds coupled with slime. It also had a bubble top. It was the deadly jelly fish. It began to lunge at Siphon with a flurry of punishing tendrils at great speed. Siphon dodged left and right attempting to evade the attacks. Some made contact, but his armor protected him, but for how long. He couldn't even get a hit in.  In the blink of an eye, an arm grabbed him and pulled him under the bubble top of the jelly fish. The tentacles squirmed every which way breaking through his armor. 

 ARRGH!! GET OFF ME YOU FREAK! He struggled to get free but it was no use. There was no room to move. Siphon would inevitably die if he did not act quickly. From a distance, the flying piranha  gazed upon the fish which had engulfed Siphon into it's tight grasp. A light shined through its see through corpse and it disintegrated. Ha ha can't touch this.  His communicator beeped frantically with a message from Ruin. He was gone. A great sense of grief wiped over him. He fell onto one knee taken by the loss of his former leader. This can't be... Just then a pair of sharp jaws came from behind Siphon and swooped him into the sea. The great white shark dove deeper and deeper toward the bottom of the ocean. It's jaws began to tear at his midsection, squeezing him and pushing the air out of him and with his helmet knocked off, the situation was dire. 

He closed his mouth, attempting to conserve air. The light of the surface seemed to get dimmer and dimmer. His head began to spin with dizziness. The hooded hunter stabbed the creature in the eyes repeatedly trying to break its grip. It did not falter, its grip only grew tighter. They had not only gained limbs and the ability to breathe in air and water, but they had gained intelligence. But the energy reaper would not let and beast best him, not today. He grabbed the behemoth's  jaws and started to push them apart from each other. There was a great CRACK and the beasts mouth fell apart and blood wavered through the water. 

Siphon's lungs became heavy as he was underwater for at least a minute. He knew he had to reach the surface soon of he would drown. If he rose to fast, his lungs would burst. Along with others beasts and the pressure of the ocean pouring down upon, this would be a challenge. He kicked his legs and cut through the water, blasting anything that got in his way. His vision became even blurrier and his head began to throb. Giant mutant crawfish snapped at him ready to devour his body.

Everything went black. It was over. He had passed out and would soon drown. He was able to activate the distress signal on his communicator  before he blacked out. His fate was in the hands of his teammates now.

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Mark was fighting vigorusly as he tryed to down these beasts. Doing a sommersault forwards he nailed this beast and was able to stab it in the eye's. As he looked around all he saw was clashing of blades and teeth. "What the hell happened around here." Mark said shakying his head. He was a little light headed. He had fought to much and was getting tired. His twenty clones where doing fine here so Mark moved on more right and knocked a beast off it's feet and held his foot on it's stomach"you beasts shouldn't live on this earth. Be gone." Mark sheathed his swords with the utmost of speed and unstraped his guns. pointing it at this beast another was trying to come from the side of his body.

Lifting his head from this live beast he shot at the beast running at him at like what Mark thought was fifty miles per hour . Looking back down Mark shot this beast exacution style. Bam Bam. Walking off Mark looked towards the sea and knelt .Shooting at the beast's near the see he could see more and more coming." Sev and X need to get quick now!" said Mark as he made more clones. Then his communitcator went off it was a message. Guys I don't know what this is i'm reading,but whatever is we all must listen... as Mark listened he couldn't believe his ears. "Ruin Cross dead. He instated me to this team it isn't possible." but as he listened he exeptated it RC was in a better place so he moved on. It was painfull but he had to for the greater good of the team. As Mark stopped the message he got another shoke.

A distress signal had come from Siphon. Moving fast Mark ran towards S's position. He's in the water  Mark thought as he ran towards the sea. Mark dived and swam to S's position. Seeing him Mark swam faster and made a hundred clones as he did this he grabbed S and swam a couple feet to the surface. Swimming to land Mark was for something not hurt from the fish his clones were dealig with them. As Mark reached the see. He preformed CPR just in case. Picking him back up Mark went to the small Medic Area and decided to lay S where Sev had been" Why is everyone so damn sick today." Mark said exhausted as he sat in a chair and made three hundred more clones to deal with these fish . "hope there dead soon........................