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Long has there been a question in the minds of many heros. Who is the best? All powers and ability take a part in winning a battle. One can be defeated with great planning even if they have far greater powers. 

He sat high in a tree leaning back against the truck, conversating with the near-by birds. he could see through their eyes and feel the wind on their wings. The air was cold and close to freezing, high in the mountain forest. A dense fog lasted about 10 feet off the floor of the woods it looked like the breath that came out of his mouth. In this remote area in the northern wilderness of Canada a man covered in nano-bots did really fit in. This was a place that Hawk could call home. With every turn there was an animal bear, moose, birds. 

As Hawk sat in the tree with a thick coat on  DANGER flashed in his head. Someone approached, the birds spotted him from far away and sent a warning his way. Hawk would wait for his friend to arrive. Today they would find out who was the best.................at least for today.

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Nighthunter kept moving across the forest, looking at the birds and other animals that lived in that peacefull place, where nothing and no one would be able to disturb their peace, at least until this day. Nighthunter looked at the beautiful place that would become the fighting place for him and his friend and teamate Hawk.

"It's really a shame" said Nighthunter to himself as he realized that for a simple fight this great place full of beauty would be destroyed in a few spots and that to get it to it's former glory would take months or even years to happen., however this was the place that Hawk wanted the fight to take place as it wold be here were it would happen, every single tree and animal that was damaged or killed because of this would be on Hawk and Nighthunter's concience.

Nighthunter then stopped walking and looked at the man who was waiting for him over a tree, already ready for the fight if Nighthunter was right, something expected as he had eyes all around the place to call it one way. Grabbing his guns Nighthunter pointed to Hawk and then started shooting "And so it begins" said Nighthunter as the bullets from his guns went on a great speed towards Hawk's wings, Nighthunter knew that if he was able to disable his wings he would gain a great upperhand on the battle and that victory would more than likely be his.

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As Hawk sat in the tree high above the ground he remembered the old days of the Zero Squad. Hawk had, had some life changes since then. During the battles that became known as Wanted Hawk had suffered great injury. So much so that his wings were all but gone. He had gone through alot of mental changes for the first time in his life not having his wings to fly him around the earth. That's when Hawk met J1NX. After suffering the injuries Jinx fitted Hawk with new metal wings that were durable to almost anything and a new optical eye that tied into his nervous system, allowing for almost perfect aim. 

As NH fired at Hawk's wings he instantly knew that Jinx was a true artist. For his metal wings looked as real as feathers of a dove. The bullets that NH fired hit there target but left no lasting damage. Hawk pulled his bow and stroked out 4 quick shots. Aiming not at his friend/opponent but at 4 of the surrounding trees. Hawk landed in front of NH with a great impact, in the center of the circle he had just drawn with his arrows. Ticking could be hear ever so slightly in the background and with a quick smirk Hawk made his new powers known. 

"Let me show you how well these work."   The ticking stopped. Hawk covered his body with his wings. BOOM!

As the arrow tips exploded Hawk could feel the impact against him. Fire and fragments of tree flew through the air as the 4 huge trees fell over the area barely missing Hawk. He pulled back his wings, revealing that the right side of his face was burned. With a grimmace Hawk popped his neck as his face regenerated back to it's normal state. Looking around at the damage and whispered to the birds to give him some room, while he fought.

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Nighthunter kept shooting, noticing that his bullets weren't having any effect against Hawk's wings,  the rumors were true; Hawk's upgrading had made him an even harder opponent to beat and proved that the same tricks wouldn't work twice against him. Good thing that Nighthunter hadn't been foolish enough to make only one to take Hawk down.

Nighthunter suddenly stopped as he saw Hawk grabbing a bow, using his agility Nighthunter rolled over as a way to don't stay on the same place and make it dificult for his teamate and opponent to hit him, no matter what a great accuracy he had. Until a few seconds he realizes that the arrows weren't targeting him, but the trees that were on his surroundings.

As Nighthunter gets up he sees Hawk leaving the tree and landing infront of him. After a few seconds Hawk started to talk  *Let me show you how well these work.* said the champion of the sky before the arrows that had been placed around Nighthunter exploded, launching him a few metters away and doing a considerable damage to his powersuit.

Nighthunter slowly got up and grabbed two of his guns and started to run toward Hawk, as he was comming closer Nighthunter jumped and in the air shot, the bullets going at great speed toward Hawk's eyes, that both of them were friends and teamates didn't mean that Nighthunter wouldn't take this fight serious or that he would hold back as he knew better than that.

After shooting to Hawk Nighthunter sent an upperkick toward Hawk's jab and using a great amount of agility and the momentum that he had gained he made a backflip to land on the ground on his feets after doing taht grabbing his sword without giving his opponent any chance to reaction, the slash of the sword went toward Hawk's legs

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NH was a master of agility, moving as if floating through the air. He looked on as NH recovered quickly and returned fire at his teammate. Hawk zoomed into the fire of the bullet, hit's arch was not there. It was zooming right into his eye. With no time to react he flinched lowering his head just enough for it to right the top of his head. Metal on metal hit as the bullet shattered when it hit Hawk's metal lined skull. Blood flowed freely down Hawk's face, making it red like war paint.

With an uppercut kick toward Hawk's now bloody chin. Kncking him back as NH pulled his swords swinging towards his right leg. Quickly enough Hawk's wings came down in front of NH's blade. Blocking the strike sparks flew into the air, with a screech. Pulling his mace Hawk made a choice to match agility with pure strength. With a great blast to the ground in front of him the air filled with dust and dirt. Now fog, smoke and dust filled the air. Visiblity was next to nothing. Hawk took to the air, and called to his birds. The birds scanned the area finding NH so that Hawk could fly blindly using the birds as his eyes. He put away his mace and pulled his two swords. picking up speed he flew to where NH was aim his two strikes at the back of NH's knees. As he flew by he dug his swords into the ground stopping him quickly, then throwing two daggers at NH's legs. One aim at each.

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Nighthunter continued sending his attack to his teamate and opponent, he knew that not all of his attacks had landed, however he knew that the ones that had landed had caused a considerable damage to Hawk. As nighthunter was sending his last attack to Hawk he saw that his opponent had started an attack of his own.

The great strength of Hawk had made him able to cause a blast that made the ground shake with a single attack of his mace, as the battle place quickly became filled with dust and dirt Nighthunter's sight range was shortened until he couldn't see anything anymore, he knew that Hawk could see him and that he would have to use this as an advatange for him.

Nighthunter could have just ordered his powersuit to enter his heat sensor vision to find Hawk, but he decided that he could do much more damage if he didn't do that, instead he just grabbed his sword and closed his eyes, preparing himself for the attack of the champion of the sky.

Using the sound that Hawk made with the speed he gained as he was going to where Nighthunter was, hecould know where his opponent was without even seeing him. Nighthunter turned around and used his sword to block the strikes that Hawk wanted to use with his own swords, however he couldn't react soon enough to block the attack of the daggers which not only hit Nighthunter but also hit him in a way that made him fall to the ground.

As Nighthunter was falling he quickly grabbed something out of his pocket and started to talk "Good move, here's a better one bird brain" and after saying that Nighthunter threw the object to the place that was between Hawk and Nighthunter. The object was a flash bomb that Nighthunter threw as an attempt to take advantage of Hawk's increased vision and use it as a way to make it into a weakness for his friend.

Nighthunter had planned this move since Hawk hit the ground and took Nighthunter's vision out of him using the environment, he thought of it in just a few seconds knowing that if he closed his eyes he wouldn't be affected by the flash while still finding his opponent. Nighthunter then grabbed his gun and an explosive device, throwing it to where Hawk was and as soon as the device was infront of Hawk's face he used his gun to activate it by using a bullet that hit the device.

The device caused a great explosion that took place infront of Hawk's face, after that Nighthunter took the two daggers from his legs and started to slowly get up, he couldn't move that fast now because of that attack and he knew that Hawk had the advantage of speed even if he wasn't injured

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Hawk turn to see his blade flying towards it's target only to see a flash of light and the smell of gun powder. Fire ripped throught the air towards Hawk's face. As a reflex his wings came up the shield himself. It was too late. The brimstone melted the skin and burnt the hair on what used to be Hawk's face. The smell filled the air, a horrid stench that would make a rat vomit. There was no time to scream on time to move, only pain.

Hawk fell to his knees holding his hands over his face, that was now mostly a metal skull and cybernetic eyes. His brain was uneffected by the blast only because of the metal that laced his whole bone structure. A primal roar was unleashed from the now down warrior. The pain was intense as his skin had melted away. Now just as painfully was trying with all it's might to regenerate. This would take days to fully recover.

A wounded animal was always to most dangerous. Hawk crawled on the ground towards his opponent, never giving up a fight, even when he couldn't stand. Lunging, without success at the feet of NH Hawk could only end the battle in one way. With himself and hopefully NH in a hospital bed. Hawk used his wings to cover his actions as he crawled towards him. First he knew that they would need help. So with one movement Hawk hit his ICE locater, telling all ICE members there was a team member down. At the same time he pulled a handful of explosive arrows.

Hawk hoped that when NH's locater went off, receiving the man down distress call, it would give Hawk the perfect oppurtunity to launch himself at NH holding the explosives between the two hero's. This would be suicide for mear men, but for Hawk and NH, it was another story to tell. The time Hawk tried to kill himself, to at least get a draw in a fight.

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Nighthunter stood silently watching how his attack against Hawk had the effects he expected, however that didn't make Nighthunter happy. Hawk was a valuable friend and teamate, so making him go through that was something that Nighthunter didn't find any pressure, the only thing that made it less horrible for Nighthunter's conscience was that he knew that Hawk had a good healing factor, not one of the best, but it would be enough to make him recover in no time.

Suddently Nighthunter saw something unexpected, the fallen and greatly injured Hawk still wanted to fight, sending his most lethal attack yet to Nighthunter; jumping to where Nighthunter was standing and with a few explosives on his hands, a desperate way to don't accept defeat. "All energy to the defenses of the suit!" yelled Nighthunter a few seconds before Hawk grabbed him, seeing that he wouldn't be able to escape he had to prepare himself.

The explosion was powerfull, destroying the beautiful place that surrounded them and making the entire forest to start burning, now where the two warriors once battled was now surrounded by smoke, nothing could be seen until a figure in the ground appeared. "Why...the fck does  everyone always want to blow me?" said the almost unconsious Nighthunter before pressing a button in his almost completely destroyed powersuit, calling one of the jets in the ICE mansion to pick the two of them up.

Nighthunter slowly got up and saw Hawk, the attacks that Nighthunter had done to him had really damaged his teamate, good thing that there weren't any permanent damage. Nighthunter slowly tried to move Hawk's body as he saw that the jet was comming closer. "Come on, no way I'm leaving you here"