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She laid in her bed motionless,not able to accuratly grasp what she was feeling, her mind scattered ,lost in an void that seperated reality and her thoughts.She couldnt be at ease with her self knowing her friend was gone, and that she had laid in ignorace as the goon who did it still ran free,tears streamed down her eyes, she wanted to stop to show her daughter matina that she was still the strong mother that once was the ruler of a proud race of females.She laid with a streak of black coming from her eyes, streached out across her bed running her hand through the blonde hair of matina, thinking about her husband who was always doing what was right for the world,sha then began to think, was the world thinking what was right for those who protected it. Being a hero did'nt give you the fame and fortune that comics made you to beleive.Sha couldnt help but think about her friends, nova,risky,cassie,celestrion,JC,prima,lex,andy,tj,obi,acer,vann,kurrent and so many countless others were there lives protected, and if they were not who would save them.

Sha learned a thing or two from being on this planet, Anxiety can lead to fear,fear can lead to paranoia,paranoia can lead to death.But this lesson wasnt in the mind of sha because of her enraged state of mind. Her despair was broken by the sound of a screaming Matina, Sha looked up to see a dark force manifesting it's self in her room, she had seen this force before the first time she had taken chaos black, she took a fighting stance and was ready to fight when the dark phantom spoke ZICCARA REJOIN ME AND NOW BEING WILL STAND ABOVE YOU! she had taken the power before and it granted her amazing powers, she would do the same this time,She extended her arm and the force swirled around her encoding her self in sha's dna, she hit the floor and looked up and saw Matina crying, and then everything went black.

upon her regaining her Consciousness her vision was displayed in a red green and blue infared scanner,everytime she blinked she would switch back to her own retna's glancing down at herself she was in some type of mechcanized suit, that had a light glow imminating from it. her helmet had a winged design with a huge ninjeta royal symbol on the front. looking around she saw her daughter had fainted, sha walked over to her and whispered in her ear IT'S OK TINA, SOOON MOMMY WILL EVEN LEARN HOW TO STOP TEARS FROM FALLING she slowly opened the door, to there hotel room and left to fly the city.

Sha stood high atop the city skyline looking down upon the bright lights of the city, her intentions good, but her methoud bad, her heart and mind was serching for a solution to stop the mental pain accepting powers from a outside force that would drug her mind, she flew down to the streets, and took aim on the CVPD she always wondered why in a city full of hero's was there a police station. Her sonic energy began spinning in her hand as she was ready to discharge it.

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The day was going Easy, There was Nothing troublesome Occurring In the Nin Lives Coffeshop shop this morning. Ga Had stopped over at the Nine Lives Coffee Shop daily Before Starting off to work, He enjoyed the Aroma of fresh Coffee Grinds And Warm Pasturies that Filled the air. The Essence of the Shop was Most comfortable also, as soon as you walk into the shop You get a warm welcome from The owner of the shop lexicat, she would direct you to a nice dining table if you planned to eat your Breakfast at the shop. Today she placed Moses by a glossy window to Observe the Spectacular view of the Live city, Lexi always placed me by a window, she knew he loved to stare at the Busy pedestrians.

Usually archer went to the nine lives alone, he was accompanied by one of his Closet Co-workers Elizabeth Anderson, her Refined beauty was Indescribable. She had Elegant Peach scented Blonde hair that ran down her semi arched back like A pony's tail,  Her face was fair and redden with beautiful almond shaped green eyes that would have you mesmerized, her hips were perfectly arched in like bottle. Her personality was one of a kind , she enjoyed Listening to Pantera and  Megadeth, Her favorite Movie was American Psycho, and she thought that Angelina Jolee Was Gorgeous. Archer Admired These things about her because he was quite similar to her.

Archer invited her to The Nine Lives  when he was preparing himself for work this morning, he liked her and urged to get to know her over some steaming hot cup of Hazelnut Supreme coffee. He always talked to her at work, but he never really paid any attention to her, he noticed that she flirts with him periodically,but he then take a shot at the opportunities to charm her with his sweet Luxurious words"as he might call it". The Night before When Archer  Laid in his bed staring into the wall in  Blankness, he began to contemplate about elizabeth, it resulted in him developing a sense Of Physical and Mental attraction to her. So he planned this breakfast as a date.

They sat at the table awaiting there orders patiently, At first archer felt akward because their was a sheer silence at the table, he did not know what to say. At the thought of feeling pathetic and shy his gut gnarled up into a knot causing him to feel nausea and weakness. the Silence was finally broken after 5 seconds of clueless conjured Giggles. The soft Congruous Tone of Elizabeth spoke to Archer making The ice that stiffened him melt immediately

So Moses? Do you have a Girlfriend or wife at home?She said with a curious Hopeful look on her face

A A frigid Sensation traveled down my Spine making the moisture in my mouth evaporate, My forehead began to perspire Light Cold sweat, His lips trembled in fear, its been long since archers been in a relationship with a woman, hes only been with one woman his whole life, and she didnt really treat him like an average woman would treat someone. Archer developed the sudden urge to get up and walk out of the Clear glass doors of lexi's shop, and he did with the Most Bs excuse that someone could state.

Ummm yeah Look at the time? i have to head back home i forgot my Arr''...i mean wallet! YEA WALLET!, on my dresser....well uh? SEE YA!!

Archer marched out of the coffeehouse bumping into an old woman who happened to have been carrying a hot cup of coffee, he shouldered her so hard that her coffee fell on the floor. The old woman sore in anger as she Darted to walk towards Archer angerly, the lady slipped on the hot coffee and  landed on her chin with her rear sticking up into the air. You could her the echoes Of elizabeths laughs as Archer walks out of the shop. The old lady tood up slowly and went over towards the table where elizabeth sat, She raised her hand and swung  a devastating slap towards Elizabeths  Cheek making her face jerk to the right forcefully.

How's dare's You?' You's "M'an Mad'e meh fall On mer chin The lady said with her Poor speech craft


Archer was Strolling down the streets Regretting his shy action, He swore into the air vulgarly as he recited The occurrence. archers shirt was stained with coffee, it created a Pungency that irritated him. Arher planned to find a new breakfast spot for himself beacuse the past few weeks he has been getting into alot of dilemma's that were illogical and simply" retarded"

Flash back

Archer was Heading to Lexicats Nine  Lives Coffee shop for breakfast  Before Leaving to work. In Archers real life he is Called Moses Xavier and  is a bank teller In emiigrant bank. He headed through The glass doors of the coffee shop Craving for a Boston Cream Doughnut, along with Hazelnut black coffee.The coffee shop was filled with people, it  as he mazed through people Impatiently ,the line grew longer and longer. he Finally reached the line, but it was extremely long, it was so long that it curved its way towards the entrance of the shop. Moses then heard loud yelling  way in the front of the line, a Man dressed in Purple attire Was yelling at The Coffee shop Clerk. the man Looked like a lad back person , a ladies man.

The argument went on becoming more intense, Moses finally decided to confront the guy because he was Delaying the line,m  he tapped his shoulder gently with a large Untroubled smile. The man  Quickly turned towards Archer in a Vehement matter, Archer had a feeling this wasnt going to go very well at all. The man punched archer in the face So hard That the impact of the punch jerked moses head back makng him crash into a lady behind him, the onslaught wasnt over just yet the man Charged at the recuperating moses and kicked him Vigorously in the abdomen, making moses drop to the floor hugging his stomach.

The man the darted Of out of the Coffee shop Cursing angerly into the air, A women came towards archer and helped him stand up,his stomach ached from the fierce on expected kick,  Archer did not know why this happend, all he wanted to do was resolve the situation that the man had with the clerk.


Archer took his walk aback to his home at the mobb deep HQ, He changed his mind about going to work today because of His essence, he didnt want it to effect his work, he wanted to be at top condition, he took his job seriously, he mad over 26 dollars an hour as the manager of Emmigrant bank. The job wasnt an easy task, it was relatively stressful, he had to manage Negative Workers That always had something arrogant or smart to say, he would get yelled at by his boss if he made the tiniest mistake.

Archer terminated his walk in front of A black Honda civic, he didnt like Fancy cars he thought that this would do him well. He pulled out his keys and walked over to the drivers side of The car and unlocked the door, he then stepped in and started the car and made a U turn towards the direction of lexis shop, he  wasnt planing on going back in, but he had to stop by the shop in order to go to the Hq. As he drove down the Straight path Street he tuned on his radio, The Song Ayo Technology from 50 cent began to play. Archer began to bob his head to the song in rhythm, he loved this song especially the rift beat.

As he Enjoyed the music that played he was forced to stop at a traffic light, He Increased the volume of his speakers, the sonority from the music was so loud that You could he the vibrations from the music hit the car surface. Archer Pulled out a pair of brown shaded sun glasses and put them on, he then  rolled down his window to feel a beautiful breeze, he then noticed  A red car fully of girls Blowing kisses at Him and Blurting out flirtatious remarks t him. Archer simply Pulled down his shades Seductively and blinked at them lustfully as the light turned green.

it took a total of ten minutes to reach the mobb deep Hq, archer drove into a vacant garage beside the Mobb deep hq to Park his Car, as he drove in towards the metal Barricade It lifted itself Automatically, he went inside and parked his car. Afterward  she went into an elevator within the garage up into the mobb deep  Hq. Kurrent was there siting on the couch Listening to Hiphop, Primavera was in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Archer acknowledged everyone and went alright towards his room to catch up on some rest

7 Hours later

Archer had just awaken from his slumber, he rubbed his face Lethargically and sprung up from his bed. He then walked into the kitchen with a growling stomach to get something to munch on, he checked the pots, the refrigerator and everything but he could not find the food primavera made ealier. Archer was angered he went into primavera's room to confront her about the situation and she said that the food was gone. he stomped out the room angerly with Primavera yelling in his backround, he went into his room and put on his Battle gear. He planned to get something to eat and Patrol the city for any wrong do-ers.

It was a relatively Beautiful Night  In the city, The stars emitted the  Emitted the dark sky altering The original color of the sky To a Gloomy Indigo Color,  The Dim Luminous moon Provided Low moon light for the Lively City, The Wind gust rubbed Against archers face gently Like a Baby's soft touch. The Scent of damp Cement Filled the atmosphere from Early showers,The sky scrappers illuminated the city with Phosphorous  Colored Lights that attracted Tourist. The Cars And Pedestrians  Created an Uncongrous Tune That Echoed  throughout all of of the city.

Archer Hopped from roof in pursuit of a nearby Mc Donalds, he loved to swing on to roof tops fleeting through the city, it prevents less hassle for him, he doesn't have to worry about noisy people nagging him about being Green lanterns son or anything like that. archer then notices a bird like women gliding through the sky, he had never seen anything like it, he chased the woman in Curiousity, she seemed a bit cynical, like she was up to something.

Archer chased her for about 40 minutes and she Terminated her flight and decreased altitude  in front of the Cvpd, People began to scream frequently at the sight of the woman, the screams were so loud that Archer could hear them from the 30th floor. he did not know what was going on exactly so he swan dived off of the High elevated Building in attempt to confront the Skeptical woman. As he lost elevation and grew closer to the mysterious harpie a white orb of energy manifested in the palm of her hand luminous with a white aurora.archer withdrew a marksman razor Explosive disk from His Sack and threw it at The woman with Elite accuracy. he then Pullet out his Bow from his Quiver and Shot a rope arrow towards the side of the building her was free falling from and grabbed the rope in attempted to stop his fall.

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Sha's energy was intensified  it was stronger than it usually was, the dark force she had accepted was what did it and she knew it, but she had more control over it this time then she usually did, last time her powers acted on it's own and made her it's slave this time, she weidled them anyway she wanted to. She remembered what a friend said to her Control? control my dear girl is just an illusion if you do not have the capacity to understand what you control. Your wrath, that furry and power that you think you control will take over. You will succumb to its seductions just as you have in the past. The allure of evil is a powerful thing as you will once again find out. He was correct sha, knew this, As she readied her attack to fire  her infared detectors on her helmet picked up a  moving object in the perimeter . she side steped the oncoming attack and gave a slight smirk, the attack was powerful but it was a distraction attack not ment to do anything but take sha's mind off blowing up the CVPD, see quickly scanned for the perpatrator.typically it was a male, he was high above the street level shooting his air to stop himself from free falling into the ground.

Sha once again flashes a smirk and looked up at him, she turned her hands face up so the the m in her palm was facing her face, she then flipped her hands over pointing them at Archer, soon a wind-like energy formed in her hands, it began to spirrel around and then it generated a loud whriing sound her eyes became blanketed with white as she fired her huge sonic energy but the attack wasnt aimed towards the man, it was aimed at the building it's self the attack ripped through the building which jus happened to be a bank, a few people who were working late were still in the building, they were screaming for there lives which brough a smile but then a sad look on sha's face.All that rang in her ear was Anxiety can lead to fear,fear can lead to paranoia,paranoia can lead to death. she floated in the air and retracted her helmet so that only her face could be seen, the cool air hit her dirty white skin and blew her hair in the direction of east. SO...YOUR HIM HUH?....YOUR THE HERO, THE ONE THAT IS GOING TO SACRIFICE HIS LIFE TO SAVE A WORLD THAT WILL FORGET YOU WHEN SOCIAL SECURITY KICKS IN, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING....THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF HERO'S IN THIS WORLD THE NOBLE AND THE FOOLISH.THE NOBLE DIE DOING WHAT IS RIGHT, BUT THE FOOLISH DIE FOR FAME.....WHICH...ARE YOU. Sha looked back at the people who were trapped in the bank about at the 30th floor.She turned to the man and said again LIKE HERO'S THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF VILLIANS....THE ONES THAT OUTSMART YOU...AND THE ONES THAT OVER POWER YOU, UNFORTUNATLY FOR YOU I'M BOTH! Sha looked at the man and then at the two men and a women in the office, and she yelled to them DONT BE AFRAID FOR THIS MAN WILL SAVE... ONE OF YOU! She turned back to archer SOMEONE WILL DIE IN THIS ATTACK, IT DEPENDS WILL IT BE HIM,WILL IT BE HIM,WILL IT BE HER, OR WILL IT BE YOU!

Sha fired at fast sonic blast at the top of the building at the bottom of the builidng and at Archer the attack hit the top of the building the whole top part of the building flashed a huge silver light before blwoing up and debris and concrete began to fall towards the ground. The attack aimed at the bottom quickly impolded destorying and causing it to collapse within it's self. pushing out huge puff's of smoke and fire. Sha floated to the ground and awaited to see if the Archer had survived her attack, much less she wanted to see if he saved the people in the bank. She used her infared scanner to search for the man but the smoke clouded it's rays. Sha then noticed that this guy was a member of Mobb Deep the group she had previously belonged to, She loved that group, but She relized she was on the wrong side when they wen to the hero conference and she jumped put the window chasine Batgril babs and Gambler, it dawned to her than if she had hit the ground, no one would miss her, there would be no Shayla Lopez day that kids could get out of school for. So she decided to make her mark in a way much more lifting. By destroying the world she had fought to protect, She would make sure that every time someone said her name that they would break down cry. that everytime someone said Shayla that they would mentally deteriaorate and drown themselves in a cesspool of there own emotions. sha stood with her hands folded just waiting.
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