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"The plan" Evander drops an old school thick manilla folder on the ebony marble table, "As you all know by now you have two directors, myself and Ren. I know,some of you are asking yourselves, 'what for.' "The Director opens up the file by the tab and slides photographs across the entire table like he was dealing a deck in an Atlantic City, duplicated copies landing in a pile in front of each member of the team "Exactly a month ago we'd gotten a distress signal from an old world war two frequency, a distress signal, located in Romania. Those are images are what some of the murder cases that have been piling up for the past year. severe slashes to the throat, lacerations across the midsections and back. The caller was speaking loose english, but he no doubt said something about dark magic. We heard snarling, then the line went dead."

" If Warsman is planning something outside of Elysia we need to cut it before it grows. That's why the team of Ren's choice and herself will go down into Romania and shutdown who, or whatever's killing people. The team: Impero, Arashikage, and Ethan Starks." Pulling out the pictures of another case and looking through them while talking "Our contact said the only time he would meet was tomorrow night, and only tomorrow night. You need to move out in six hours or the window closes."

Throwing pictures across the table to the other members revealing old war pictures of a man with a bald head and a long black beard. "This is Grigori Rasputin, he was once the head nazi in the occult. He was recorded as dead, but H.A.R.D. has had different incarnations in the past, we know he never died that night." Throwing another picture down on the table, "This was taken in 62', this in 78', this one in...89'... this one was taken last week. " The picture wasn't a grainy guesstimation, it was without a doubt the supposed dead Gregori cutting open a goat under a full moon with a jagged steel dagger, "This man was the pinnacle of magic energies and it's ditribution. If we can capture him we can get the information we need to even the playing field against Warsman. This team will be me, Creed, Zool, and Agent Forsaken. We'll leave in six hours with the rest and break off for Croatia. "

"There are go bags in your lockers containing blendable clothing, passports, fake I.D.'s and local currency. Keep the objective in mind and protect each other. When we've completed what we set out to do, we'll regroup on the borders of Elysia. Good luck."


Opening the door to the hangar bay Evander leads his team towards the black stealth jets parked ready to exit, "Ren stay in communication with me every few hours with a status check, we need everybody for this. " Giving a silent nod he leads the team on to the double sized jet, followed in suit as the door closes and the engines fire dark blue, jettisoning from the carrier.

Landing in Croatia was simple, there was miles of flat land in the country side. The ships tail drops to the round and they roll to a full stop. In the distance through the background of a full moon an old half broken castle stands in the distance, a shadowed figure in the stainglass window at the highest spiral, fading away as he realizes he's noticed. "Rasputin... Forsaken, me and you are going to take the front. Zool and Creed, find a side entrance, or make one."

Meanwhile, in the castle

Gregori lays a black circle of sand around the floor of his bed chamber, slowly stepping into the circle and sitting down, cold eyes focused as he begins to chant. "Yaneveit Adregu Degrei, degrei Risa, Risa, Risa!" The ancient forgotten language of the russian pagans filling the cold room. Silent for a long, drawn out moment.

Large crows begin to land on the edge of the window sills. Outside the small moat begins to boil a sickly green, something beneath churning the waves that wasn't there before. Gregori had spent nearly oen hundred years studying magic. He wouldn't go easily.

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Creed was already at the east side of the castle, not knowing if Zool followed him or not, it didn't really matter at this point. "Ohhhh man! I always wanted to storm a castle! This is gunna be sweeeet!" He said while dropping a duffle bag over against the wall and started walking away from the wall, and into the open field. Ugh, not a fan of this magic shtick.Something that is supposed to be impossible? Yeah it is a little bleh if you ask me. "Oh don't be such sticks in the brain mud! It's going to be...A blast" He said with a childish grin as he clicked the detonator, making the bag he had dropped turn the portion of the wall into rubble. No doubt would have heard the explosion. Creed sprinted and leaped through the entrance he had made. "RA RA RASPUTIN, LOVER OF THE RUSSIAN QUEE-..Oh hey.." Creed looked over to where he made the hole, seeing an unlocked door, making him sigh and shrug, continuing to go deeper into the castle. "Cappin', im in the castle, what's my next side quest? I think im close to leveling up!".

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With the inevitable confrontation with the cosmic Warsman edging ever so closer, the former Impero's certainty in the elevated advantages of H.A.R.D. experiences fortification. Having planned extensively for this moment, Ishin's recent experimental modifications to his iconic sword, Hansha, should enable the impressive collection of extraordinary individuals to engage the Elysian Monarch on equal ground. His last encounter had informed him of Warsman's vulnerability to chakra-targeting attacks, and having opted not to underestimate the intelligence of his hated enemy, Ishin spent a large portion of his time, furthering the capabilities of his Keijijo Kengen: Rokku technique to near-perfection, exponentially improving it through the intricate implementation of Keijijo Geijutsu symbols. Cleverly merging these fundamental techniques with the formidable energy-absorbing properties of his Hansha sword, Ishin has effectively reinforced the strength of its energy-containing capabilities while simultaneously rendering it a weapon capable of targeting not the cosmic tyrant's chakra-points, but the entirety of his metaphysical essence. Armed with an invented weapon of nigh-incomparable ethereal complexity and innovation, the former Impero is confident that coupled with the other invented items of his teammates, the odds have been equalized.

Listening carefully with analytic intent to Evander's words and instructions, Ishin simply nodded in response to his superior's orders. Powerfully suppressing his introspective bouts with his inner turmoil, the Keijijo Legend maintained his characteristic facial expression and demeanor of controlled composure and self-certainty. His current task with H.A.R.D. was an undeniable priority. At the conclusion of the informative discussion, Ishin directed his attention towards Ren, and those he was told to team up with, giving them all a calm nod of respectful acknowledgement as he approached them, ready to commence their given mission.

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"The Croatians and Romanians are moving into position. Their networks of spies transmit images and news about Slade and his team's presence throughout their borders. Little does he know that his supposed 'guide' is leading them into a trap. I would pity Slade if I did not loathe him so," the Elysian King paced around his war room, anticipating the growing storm while simultaneously planning out every last meticulous detail.

"Put the nation on red alert," he remarked towards the voice recognition software in his armor. "Elysia is now under total lock down,"

Air raid sirens warned the populace of their current status as bunker-dwellers. Patrolling Warbots acted as beacons to guide these huddled masses to the appropriate shelters. Soon, the countryside had become barren. All human activity in Elysia had temporarily moved underground. The Iron Tyrant now had a full playing board with which to battle and defeat his opponents in tactical warfare without concerning himself with civilian casualties.

"The clone army is ready for you to lead them. You know what to do." He said to his Grand Duke: Declan Harrow.

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Starks dashing disposition was ever present at the table as the detailing of the team's latest mission was underway. His debonair attire was not fit for any hostile engagement and yet he stood among the others, ready to dive into danger at the cost of their own lives. The Particle Proselyte was now a prototype, available for usage on command. Being that there was no time for testing, its effectiveness was no doubt in question. Yet Ethan was confident in his capabilities, he had to be. This was a stage like no other.

The group seemed rather well balanced, but to be going in so close with so few numbers was not favorable in Ethan's mind. And though the Impero was powerful, his strength has limits. In fact each and every member could hold their own in an engagement, but this was not a raid on an enemy's base. This is War. A thin line existed between them and legions of men and women allied with Warsman. Technological devices with destructive capabilities and unparalleled might in the hands of the monster thought king. The group gathered around and Starks was the first to speak, "Tell me we've got more intel than what Slade outlined?" he said, waving the dossier in his hand. After Ethan placed the dossier down, the effervescent Einstein tinkered with his watch, his Giorgio Armani burlap blazer, box print sport shirt, and gray linen cotton trousers morphed into a valiant suit of red, white and blue. A star blazoned on his chest made of an alloy denser than steel, and a bandolier fitted across his chest connected to a utility belt wrapped around his waist. A gun hung off the belt, but its origin was questionable. The makeup was not similar to any gun in the market today. Smiling behind his mask Ethan activated a circular disc shaped shield made of pure energy, the visual simulation was stunning, the imaging appearing as well as feeling real to the common perception. "Carrondium Armor Prototype. Harder than steel, lighter than kevlar. Best part is, its not even metal. And this," He brought the shield up to view. "Is what I like to call the Particle Projector. Same idea as the mother, only difference is the energy stabilization he produced into a shield of my choosing. A little light manipulation and wala, magic. Thought it would match the whole theme. So I'm ready when you are." What he didn't mention was the suit's ability to enhance the users physical attributes. He had the strength, senses, speed, agility and reaction time as a human at the pinnacle of achievement. Starks as a scientist was eager to conduct his latest experiments.

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@_Creed_: "Be quite!" said Zool. "We should take them out from the inside. We have the element of surprise, so let's keep it that way".

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Earths Atmosphere - a black rock cuts through the atmosphere and collides with the ground leaving a massive smoldering hole in a farmers field. The farmer who had watched this takes place slowly walks to the edge of the hole and looks down at the large rock . He slides down the side of the hole to get a closer look and he hears a voice emanating from the rock" I sense your fear and worry it nourishes me " a hand broke free from the rock . The farmer began to back away. " more" the voice said as a white bodied man withe silver hair and red eyes came forth . The farmer with a confused voiced uttered "what " as the being lunged at him wrapping his hands around the farmers neck and yelling " Feed me more " and he began to drain all the negative emotions from his victim. Slowly his body began to fill out until he was finished " mmmm Youhumans are so full of fear and doubt your like a spa day for me" he looked in to his victims eyes and began to peel though his thoughts " Elysia you don't say . War haha so fun . Foolish man was more worried about his crops then getting to the bunkers lucky for me i guess" he decided to stick around and have some fun

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The spacial anomaly did not go unnoticed by the Iron Tyrant. Sending out a cadre of Warbots to investigate, Warsman prepares to negotiate with the godlike being he had sent for.

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@Warsman:Council stepped out of the hole only to find himself surrounded by a small group of robots." Well someone knows i am here " his hands lit ablaze and he readied to attack

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"Violence is not necessary. Our master has been expecting you. Follow."

The Warbots led the extraterrestrial god into the deserted streets of Warstodt, where the Castle Warsteom looms over the city.

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@Warsman: he smiled " as you wish i will follow you to your master. By your lead then" and he followed the bots

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Soon, the Warbots brought the visitor to the throne room of the imposing Iron Tyrant. Upon his seat of power, Warsman observed his guest and welcomed him.

"Greetings, traveler. I am Warsman - the man who summoned you here. I heard a rumor that you are able to help me."

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The conference room darkened as the enigmatic Renegade surveyed the three men who would be under her command for this mission. All with their own degree of skill and specialty, all with their own veritable ego. Sipping from a thermos filled with coffee as Ethan played show and tell she collected her thoughts and organized the briefing in her head.

"If we're done with show and tell?" She wouldn't say it but it was quite impressive. Tucking a strand of red hair behind her ear, she slid one hand out of the pocket of her tried and true skinny jeans and slid the three dossiers out to her members. About half an inch thick, they contained all pertinent information on the situation.

"The briefest details were glossed over prior, here's the down and dirty." On top of the file were pictures taken from what seemed like medieval era cameras. "It's a town that's apparently been lost to time. They have remedial electricity and despite the photos you have in front of you, little to no contact from the outside world. All we have to go on is what's in the file in front of you and the brief amount of contact from an outside source."

She waited several seconds for them all to feast their eyes on the pictures in front of them, guardedly watching from beneath her eyelashes as she took in the oversize leather rolling chair at the edge of the circular conference table in the dark room. "Slashes, bites, claws, looks like your general fare from the run of the mill werewolf movie. What we're dealing with is assumedly unprecedented for all present in this room. Our objective is to get to the bottom of the mystery and enlist their help through whichever means are necessary. The contact says that they're civilized and this is out of the norm, but we have no idea just what it is that we're walking into. Plan your weapons and gear accordingly. We're wheels up in three hours." Collecting her folder, she exited the room and left them to talk among themselves, knowing that all extraneous questions could be answered en route.


Effortlessly, she'd switched from laid back, if somewhat quiet information depot into the hard and skilled agent that she was. Decked out in a kevlar-Reverbium mesh suit that would protect from blunt and sharp impacts as well as other miscellaneous injuries and weapons strapped to assorted parts of her body, Renegade was in full on mission mode.

It took a grand total of fifteen minutes minutes for everybody to embark their flight in the state of the art stealth jet. Curling up her legs in the large seat in the luxury-feel jet, Ren tilted her head back and closed her eyes. The sky was growing dark outside the windows and there was no knowing just what exactly was waiting for them on the other side. Zoning out and getting into her own headspace she knew that this mission could make or break them.


Uncurling her legs, she got to her feet and stretched her arms above her head. Pulling on a fitted leather jacket, she zipped it up and pulled her hair out from beneath the collar. As it dropped down to the small of her back, she disembarked the jet, her equipment in hand. On the tarmac of the rudimentary landing strip they'd touched down on was a Jeep, arranged for by their mysterious contact. Opening the drivers door as the men rounded out behind her, she found a set of keys, a shotgun and a map.

"Somebody grab the gun, do what you want with it." Looking to The Last Arashikage, she handed him the map. "Navigate for me while I drive. Our working base is supposed to be the remnants of their church. Everybody packed up and left two months ago due to the goings-on in town." Waiting for Impero and Ethan to settle down, she took quick note of the stars and moons positions in the sky.

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@Warsman: looking around at the magnificent he laughed " help you? First off i don't know you your name and second off my help ain't free ." he conjured a chair from nothingness and had a seat "you have five minutes to gain my interest as to why i should help you" he gazed at the man intently

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"My name is Warsman. If you succeed in helping me, I offer you both Croatia and Romania as sacrifices. They have been riven with despair and broken dreams ever since the fallout of World War II. I would assume that such a surge of negative emotions would be more than enough to quench your appetite for the time being,"

Folding his arms behind his back, the Iron Tyrant crosses the room and stares out an open window. He was on the verge of discovering how to manipulate molecules, create a new type of energy, and make Elysia a global superpower that surpassed all others in the blink of an eye. He could create universes from dust, encompass galaxies in a white hot flash, and channel the vacuum of a black hole wheresoever he pleased. He thought he had everything...

"Nothing I plan to accomplish can be completed simply by asking for it to be so. Every glory, no matter how small, must be mine to obtain. Such is the reason why I request the knowledge you have about the Reality Gem. I have studied it extensively, but I merely found it. I want to use it to the fullest of its abilities."

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@Warsman: He laughed uncontrollably " you have one of the gems " he doubled over unable to contain his laughter " oh i am going to enjoy watching you create all sorts of havoc. it's almost enough of a reason on its own to show you how to use it ." He composed himself and straightened up "I am going to need more then that for that kind of power " he raised an eyebrow " shall we say a favor to be named later ?" He sat back in his chair waiting for a reply