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 In this thread vote for 3 and only 3 DESERVING individuals to be inducted into the CV RPG Hall of Fame. When voting please give a reason as to why you are voting for said person (at least 2 or 3 sentences). Votes will only be counted if a serious reason is given.  

Votes will be tallied on Friday 12am  EST and the Hall of Fame member will be chosen then. Four Rpger's with the highest amount of Votes will be the 4th HOF class
 If people want to vote, they can.  I'll add up all the votes, give them to the Class 3 Hall of Fame members for analysis, then announce the inductees for the Class 4 Hall of Fame Induction.  The normal voting rules will apply: 

  • Anyone may vote.  However, please only vote once.
  • Vote for THREE and only three individuals.
  • If you are voting for someone with multiple accounts, please refer to them as their main account.
  • If you want to add names / change names in your vote, please do so by editing your original post.
  • Please do not vote for someone if they are already in the RPG Hall of Fame.
  • Voting will be based off of their contribution to vine RPGing; not based off of popularity.
  • Each vote must have well-thought-out, valid reasoning explained (at least two-to-three sentences) along with it.  "They're awesome" or "They're such a nice person" or anything else along those lines will not be counted as a valid reason.
  • Votes with no reason(s) explained will be discarded.    
 Exclude: Gambler, Andferne, Kurrent,Arrow, Sha, Feral Nova, The Hunter, Darkchild, Mighty Magneto, Fourpower, Autowoman, Precise
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So it begins.

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ohhh right who else? lol

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Mistress Redhead, as far as i know she has been in charge of the biggest team the vine has seen.. i think COP's the biggest.. anyways she is always welcome to letting newbs onto her team, mainly because she is really wonderful at helping the new people out with rpging. She also doesn't like to take bs from people, which shows she doesn't like to be stepped on. She also helped bringing many of the heroes on the vine together, to really make rpging more fun again. She's brilliant in my opinion.
Eclipse, i know this might be more personal, but he is the reason i use my Cellphone Girl account. Back in the day when he asked me to join the Vine Titans as it was forming i declined because i had been on WAL with my old account, then i pmed him back saying something like "Hey i change my mind, i have this one cool account i made, i was thinking that i should start using it" Because of him i became more of a better rpger, i don't think i would be at all where i am now if he wouldn't have been on this site. His impact started slowly by him being the founder of Vine Titans, then about a year and a half later he became one of the leaders of C.O.P. He is there to help MR whenever she might be struggling on something, he's also amazing at coming up with RPGing ideas. There are way too many to name. He also sticks to his word, like helping someone new to the site for example, he'll help them as much as he good, and he always does a fantastic job.

Angelic Reaper, i never met her. From what i've seen from her writing she was really good, and i heard that she was a sweetheart. I know some people might not think it's a good idea for me voting for her since "I didn't know her" Funny thing is, I really don't care what anyone else thinks, i enjoyed her work a lot. She was also apart of the original WAL, correct? The team is still standing now... i think.. lol

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CPG your VOTES are fine, not sure if your reasonings will cut it though

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@Sha: I'll edit it a bit then :] 
Which ones? lol
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Angelic Reaper and Eclipse. From an RPG stand-point what have they done that have bettered the community as a whole. What you have is fine, but we need more. IMPACT stuff like that
 Each vote must have well-thought-out, valid reasoning explained (at least two-to-three sentences) along with it.  "They're awesome" or "They're such a nice person" or anything else along those lines will not be counted as a valid reason.     

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@Sha: Okay, i'm on it lol
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@Sha said:
" ohhh right who else? lol "
Did the last group not just vote for this group? or am I having a blonde, sick its 4 in the morning moment?
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@.Mistress Redhead.:  Nope people Voted, and we took the top 5 and from those 5, they choose 4. 
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@Sha said:
" @.Mistress Redhead.:  Nope people Voted, and we took the top 5 and from those 5, they choose 4.  "
I knew there was a choosing thing in there somewhere ;)
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Mistress Redhead - She has been instrumental in the RPG section over the last years most notably with her work with the Vine Prodigies. She has been a part of other teams and while on them has played crucial rolls. A lot of people might not think this but making a successful RPG is not very easy. As a creator you have to set the tone for others to play along with and MR has done a great job doing so with the RPGs that she has created. She has also made several characters that have had an impact vine wide including Rina, Surreal and Chevie all of which had played major parts in very popular and fun RPGs. 

Will add some more later I need to think...you have to earn it with me HAHA
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For my first 
Nighthunter - A Zero Squad Orginal, NH is the Vine's most underrated "old timer", His character has influenced many viners that call themselves heroes today. His post are crisp, full of thought and a certain complexity that just makes reading them so great. He's led the ZS, been a member of ICE, RPG'd with almost everyone in the previous classes. He alone has helped Shaped many of other vine characters today.  He's never one to blow up and get angry over something stupid, he's never (Seriously) whined about recognition he deserved. He is essentially one of the best to not be considered the Best. My vote is for NH. 
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Mistress Redhead: 
The girl is badass. Plain and simple. Her characters are widely known from a canon perspective as well as having ties to some of the biggest most memorable rpgs. Not only that but some of her created teams help kick start the entire idea of giving the new users a chance to shine. I love her :D sorry Arrow.
I could be bias here but I dont care, the LaS were as big as the Vine Villains ever were and for an extended period of time were on another level as far as impact goes. Drama? Yes. Intense members? Yes. Longevity? Yes. Memorable moments? Yes. Its a shame she went and got a life, because she was a brilliant rpger.
Akira Overdrive:
 I consider him one the most unappreciated/underrated rpgers ever. His writing style was so fluent and stylish that I've seen countless users try and copy it. Did he have a major overall impact on the scene? Not really. But when he did his thing it always left a lasting impression. Jordan had Pippen, Rpging had Akira.
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@Gambler Making moves on Arrow's wife? Tsk Tsk. ;)
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Nighthunter - Leader, great writer, single handedly held ICE together after several big names left the team 
Mistress Redhead - Constently involved in the RPG front. Has started more RPG's than anyone except ....Kurrent.  
....................... I'll have to think about the last.
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I'll have my votes up later. I have two definites and two who I can't decide between.

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You know this is Hall of Fame, not of the month....but of all time?
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@Hawk: I believe in credit where credit's due.
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I have my first two.. 
Nighthunter: This guy is the Batman to my Batgirl, he is an inspiration around here, dedicated as all hell to any team he is on, the only way you loose him is if life gets a hold of him. His writing is above and beyond, his talent for description and creating great characters is only second to his dedication to helping others. He has always helped me out on the VP or any team that requires others to be supported and he is always ready to step up and join your rpg even when others lag. I miss him!  
Babs/Esther: For those who were not around during her time in the rpg section, you all are missing you BIG TIME she created one of the most badass teams on the vine, and also one of the first of the Assassin side of the vine's rpg section. Before her and Gambler teamed up and created LAS the vines villain area was dominated by big bad evils who stomped and killed, she bought finesse and style in and complimented Gambler perfectly. Yeah ok a ton of drama surrounded the team, but so what she had one of the best storylines on the place and her and G created the biggest bad ass team of husband and wife. She deserves recognition in the rpg section even if she has moved away from us. 
last one will come once I decide between three

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Haing never seen Babs post i cnat bring myself to vote her so my votes are as follows.
Redhead- for various obvious reasons including her long term inclusion in the section. Her Writting/helping of others. Including working on and now leading some of the greater teams on the vine. A contined source of inspiration to people such as myself. 
Portrait-  An awesome Rpger has in my view made an impact on the vine due to the combination of her great writting skills and creativity. She  like many RPG's has multiple accounts and covers a wide range of writting style with them. Combining her actual skills with the help she provides in training and general guidance to Newbies i would say she certainly qualifies for the nomination due to her long term impact on the vine.
Nighhunter- Having never RPG'ed with him i was recommend to read up some of his stuff. He's writting  style, hardwork and influence on big teams and on several other characters is still obviously in affect. If thats not a lasting effect on the vine i dont know what is.

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Mistress Redhead: One of the best RPGers on the site, IMO. She's always coming up with new ideas, she's always enacting those ideas and she starts a crap ton of RPGs. She started out as a 1/3 leader of COPs and ended up basically doing everything herself until Eclipse was elected to take the place of Nighthunter and co-lead with her. She was one of the first female assassin/mercenary characters and she's stayed true to that. Not only is she all over the place as her main, but she's causing commotion and making an impact with her alts as well. She's also known for taking newbies under her wing. She did this both on the Vine Prodigies (which admittedly wasn't around for very long after I came) and she continues to foster an air of welcoming and learning on Champions of Peace. She's a teacher both in and out of character and I for one, would be lost without her. But this isn't about my personal feelings, so I'll leave that out of it. She comes up with a ton of team RPG for CoPs, but she's also not afraid of branching out and doing new things and open RPGs such as Sliding Doors. She writes consistently with a very high quality and a great blend of emotion and action and pushing others to write better as a result.  
Hawk: He may not be as noticeable a name to newer people, you may not instantly hear things about him the way you do with Kurrent, or Gambler or Sha or other big names like that, but he's right there on that level, he's just quiet about. His posts....they're amazing each and every one of them. They're full of action and emotion and each one you gain a little more insight into whichever character it is that he's writing with. He abides by quality over quantity and damn...each and every one of his posts is quality. He wasn't a noticeable game changer, at least not until recently. In the last month alone he's been a part of some pretty big RPGs and helped start one of the most original teams that I've seen in a while, The Pillars. It's not a hero, villain or neut team, it's a mix of the three all factions working together for their own gain. I don't think I've ever seen a team like that. He helps train people and helps them refine their skill and despite his "just don't suck" line, he actually does a hell of a lot more than that. He pushes people to write better by consistently writing at a very high quality himself and he's quiet about it. 
Warsman: My god. I don't have enough words to fully explain everything he has done. He's one of the best writers there is IMO (all the people I'm voting for are :P), he has the perfect blend of description of the scene, action and dialogue. He can lead amazing RPGs (World War Warsman comes to mind) and no matter which RPG he is in, how noticed or unnoticed it is, he writes like it's the most important RPG to ever happen, consistently giving it his all. His own worst enemy is his own indecisiveness, although it works out well for the heroes. What I mean by this is that if Warsman ever stuck with a single version of his own character long enough, he'd be a serious serious threat as a villain, but he doesn't which is why he tends to be overlooked. If he put his mind to it, he'd be on the same level that Gambler was, back in the day. Heck, he could have destroyed the world if he had really put his mind to it in World War Warsman and not  many RPGers can pull off a feat like that and make it believable and not seem insanely overpowered and/or arrogant. He's trained a good amount of people and he's almost always up for a battle. I've seen him battle a good amount of newer RPGers, which in turn helped them to get a handhold into the RPG community. He's always there to bounce ideas off of and he's always up for mayhem and destruction. In short, Warsy is an amazing RPGer, he's taken place in a lot of big events, he's always there to bounce ideas off of and he's always there to help. 
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<--- is rather touched

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@.Mistress Redhead.
@Final Arrow Awesome reasoning! Hope everybody follows your lead. :P
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@Final Arrow said:
thats good enough reason for me :D
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@.Longshot.:  DC is in class three I think, you need to vote for people who are not is past classes, may I suggest MR. Also your meant to give reason!!
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Please dont use alt accounts to vote twice. Weeeeee'll seeeee youuuuuuu ;)

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too early to think >_< I shall cast my votes soon..ish >_>

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@Feral Nova: I dislike your AV.
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@Final Arrow: D: but its hand-held happy....
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@Feral Nova: Don't make me do it....
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@Final Arrow: -_- fine, happy?! lol
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@Feral Nova: Thats better MWHAHAHA
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@Final Arrow: NO! You change yours, NOW! >_< If I had to change mine, then so do you! xP
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Mistress Redhead- She's been active ever since I've been here, with multiple accounts. MR's has more character family ties than pretty much everyone else ever: that being said, her character still stands alone. She was a member of Section 8, which I believe was one of the longest lasting neutral teams before Wolf Pack came along. And COP's and all that jazz.
Nighthunter- He was a staple in the RPG community before I ever even showed my face, and was always willing to help out anyone, (newbs). He's influenced most hand to hand characters, and made not having any powers look really fun (although really, its not...LOL) He deserves this spot because of his epicness, and his longevity. 
Warsman- Warsman is one of the original power houses of the vine. Up until almost a year ago, I thought he was a newbie, and then I realized he was here way before I was, and was like...Well that's why he's so freakin good. His posts are really fun to read, especially if you're into blood and destruction. But they way he writes blood and destruction is so elevated that it ceases to be senseless violence, each splatter and toppled building is part of the larger entropic plan. Anyway, I think Warsy deserves this spot because his longevity in the vine RPG section, and he is probably one of the only people that could (did) create an RPG that is based solely on him trying to destroy the world (he probably could do it)...
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@.Longshot.: Darkchild is already in.
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Slight and Longshot your votes don't count i need reasons....

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@Gambler said:
" Please dont use alt accounts to vote twice. Weeeeee'll seeeee youuuuuuu ;) "

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@Sha said:
" @Gambler said:
" Please dont use alt accounts to vote twice. Weeeeee'll seeeee youuuuuuu ;) "
o________o' Damn stalkers! >_<
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Mistress Redhead - Mr joined at a time were "leading" a Vine team was predominantly a male thing. Around that time there was only two female leaders i think; anyways she has been evolved in countless rpg's as Lady Redhead, Rina Redhead, before making that final switch to Mistress Redhead. She was the leader of the Vine Prodigies, which ended up being THE most active team on the vine at a time.  She's always willing to hep out a noob or two; and she really does a great job at managing the stress that being a leader can have.  She's made rpg's, participated, Her characters are involved in almost every bodies bio's and she's partially the leader of the biggest team on the Vine. She created All Hell which set the tone, for all rpg's afterwards. As a person she's so genuine, I remember we were voting on kicking someone off the team; and she had told us she had enough of that person, but she wouldn't kick him off without giving him another chance, She's had qualities that make the rpg section so enjoyable for such a long time.  I'm still waiting on her are Arrow to fight lmmao, That would be truly epic, but I vote for MR to come dine with the Kings and Queens ;)

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@Sha: Hum....I feel like the vine is female dominated in the RPGs. Not by numbers, but talent level all of the girls on the site bring it.
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@Hawk:  It is now; but back then. 
Arrow, Mags, DC, Gambler, Kurrent, Andy, Acer, You, LP, NH, Akira, Hunter, Morte 
It was, Me, AR, Babs, Risky, LT, Kiara, Nova, and MR, Mantoid, and Lady Death
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@Sha:  Don't forget Mantoid and Lady Death
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@Sha: True....I think the girls as a whole vs the guys as a whole are far more talented. Now it's still 20 to 1 guys but talent gets noticed. If things continue in this vote there will be 2 women voted into the Hall, making it more women than men. (I think)
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@Despair :  Oh right.