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This is an all out battle with gunpowder versus blades. Powers are allowed, but use them in moderation. I don't want anyone on the blades team, to say, stop all the bullets like Neo, then move at light speed and decapitate everyone. Acceptable powers could be flight from wings, or healing (not over the top style), etc. I will write the RPG tomorrow night, or the next night, well, I'll decide once some people start to join in.

The two teams are as follows:


The gunpowder team uses current day weapons, such as:

-Assault Rifles
-Rocket Launchers


The blades team uses sharp weapons or bashing weapons (no powered weapons, such as a chainsaw) such as:


Just post in this thread to join it.
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Blades all the way.

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Akira Overdrive said:
Funny, but seriously, it is one or the other.
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No takers?

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I would, but I think I'm too overpowered to be in your RPG.