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Here it is. We've made our power plays. We've negotiated for land and water control. Now here is the world we've made.

G.R.O.S.S. has taken over the world.

Rules for this RPG.

  1. Standard Comic Vine rules apply. View them here

  2. The map below (right click and view full for details) shows who is in control of what areas. Govern your areas as you see fit. Recruit other Comic Vine members to serve under you in your domains. Start a war with your neighbor. Just be willing to face the consequences of your actions.

  3. The Hawaiian Islands are strictly Neutral Territory. No fighting of any kind can take place there, and only members of G.R.O.S.S., their representatives, or members of The Triumvirate may travel there.

  4. The Triumvirate is in COMPLETE control of the internet on this world. The Triumvirate members are(should they venture to make an appearance here): Captain Cascader, Red L.A.M.P., and G-Man.

RPG Scenario: White Martians and the Brood have infiltrated the Earth and now secretly walk among us. Buckshot has discovered their existence and has imparted to us a hint of their plans. Somehow, the invaders discovered Buckshot's knowledge, and have found a way to mask themselves from even his incredible sensory powers.

All that is known is this. There is one white martian for each of our territories who has been charged with the task of ultimately destroying and replacing the G.R.O.S.S. member in control of that area. One sleeper cell of Brood is available to each of these white martians to use as they see fit. It can be assumed that there is at least one Brood Queen in hiding somewhere on the planet.

How will we find them? Which of us will they attack first? Will we stand together in unity against this threat, or will distrust tear us apart and allow our enemies to swoop in to pick up the spoils?

Our story begins here........

EDIT: For those of you who are not members of G.R.O.S.S. (listed on the map above) but wish to participate in this RPG, you can post here that you wish to play. If they choose to do so, a G.R.O.S.S. member will recruit you to serve under them. You may also petition individual G.R.O.S.S. members you would rather represent.

Recruitment and out-of-character banter can be found here.

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hey yea i'd like to join mayb under Dark Alpha or something bcuz i like the water =D or walkingstone bcuz she has england n stuff..........or both.....if possible.......but yea idc wat but can i join?

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Gambler awoke, he raised his head and looked around his master bedroom. Slowly removing the leg of a half naked temple priestis, he rose.

He walked out onto his balkiny over looking most of Kuwait. The daily execution were about to take place. The masked death dealer looked up to Gambler and awaited the final word.


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Cryo-Wolf says:

"hey yea i'd like to join mayb under Dark Alpha or something bcuz i like the water =D or walkingstone bcuz she has england n stuff..........or both.....if possible.......but yea idc wat but can i join?"

OOC: Sure, he the Prime Minister of the UK

With regal dignity, Bethany swept out into her throne room. She inclined her crowned head to her Prime Minister, Cryo-Wolf, and asked, "How does one's country fair this day?"

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Magneto opened his eyes.

"Damm it wasn't a dream"

Magneto was still in Antartica in his little shack close by the fire. He got up stepped over a dead body the owner he thought. He then fixed himself a cup of coffee and some breakfast. After eating his meal and finishing his coffee he stood up and walked to the shower. Getting cleaned up and shaved he got dressed and put on his helmet.

"Time to get the hell out of here and find some work."

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Bethany smirked slightly, a cruel glint sparkling in her sage green eyes. "Chelsea will beat you soon, Prime Minister, or they will pay for their lack of talent."

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"Yes....of course." He said, not wanting to contradict with the ruler of the UK. "Anything you wish me to do today?"

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"I have been hearing disturbing reports from our allies Buckshot and Prurience. We must discuss what we will do about these potential threats," Bethany began.

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"Very Good my Queen. Everything is in order." Cryo-Wolf said. He was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He loved being its Head of State and loved attending Machester United soccer games. Soccer was his favorite sport and was an avid supporter.

"Manchester United won another game." He said as if it was a matter of National importance.

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Prurience Man floated over the Earth in a geosynchronous orbit over North America. He was troubled by the report from Buckshot of alien invaders. Even with his super hearing and eyesight, he could find no sign of the White Martians or the Brood.

Maybe it was time for more drastic measures.......

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Post Deleted.

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"I can arrange a meeting if you would like my Lady." Cryo-Wolf said. "I'll ask if Buckshot can fly over to discuss these matters as soon as he can."

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Magneto got out of Prurience Man grip with out much trouble.

"Do not be a fool in thinking you can treaten me Prurience I fear no man."

Magneto looked into the eyes of Prurience Man.

"I shall help you in your time of need for as long as it helps myself."

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Prurience Man blasted into hypersonic speed, heading for Antarctica. He landed near one of the prison cafeterias, and inmates ran in fear from his presence.

Finding Mighty Magneto, he walked up to the mutant. Magneto looked a little apprehensive as Prurience Man reached up to his neck. Prurience Man crushed Magneto's inhibitor collar between his thumb and forefinger.

"I have a job for you, Magneto," he said. "We have been invaded by shape shifting White Martians and Brood sleeper cells, and have been unable to locate them. It is possible you can be able to find them with your powers. I think their magnetic resonance might be slightly different than Earth's natural inhabitants.

Join me and help me track down this threat, and I will make you my second in command. Don't piss off Buckshot either, he is my staunch ally in this matter.

What say you?"

(OoC: Sorry everyone, gonna be gone for some hours. Have fun.)

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"That would be appreciated," she said smoothly. "Before that, you, I and Animist must have a full meeting. I will be moving to Greenland for a while to work on my oil interests there. You know how I love the snow."

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"As do I my queen." Cryo said,"I will summon Animist at once."

He bowed and left the throne room to find Animist.

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Gambler walked down to his communication's room.

"I want you to find him." said Gambler

"But sir...how?" said an assistent.

"That is not my problem, its yours."

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Animist walking the halls had been studying the new reports of these 'Aliens' "Aliens?" he sighed "Why don't we jsut add spirits, zombies, and demons to the list?" moving into the entrance room, he spotted Cryo-wolf seemingly searching for something. "Cryo? might I ask what you're looking for?" he said walking down the steps torwards him.

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"Ah, there you are. Acutally I am looking for you. The queen has requested an audience with us to discuss some pressing matters." Cryo-Wolf replied to Animist.

He began to walk back to the throne-room.

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"Another idea, my Lady, is that what if the aliens knew we would find out they were here and have simply shielded themselves fromour tracking units." Cryo-Wolf had watched alot of TV as a kid and was always open to ideas such as this one.

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Bethany had been lazy scanning the reports from her torturers. She did so love when the pain was described in this detail. It was pure joy. She glanced up when her two chief politicians re-entered. "Ah, good. We have been receiving reports of a most disturbing nature. Please tell me that we know of any possible alien infiltrators in our realm?"

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Animist pondered the idea, "He does bring up a good point." he said broadcasting the idea to his queen. "Maybe it'd be best to push security up a notch?" he said jsut as a suggestion. He wondered "could they do that and if so have they already invaded?" he let the thought slide and waited for his queen to respond.

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Animist replied "No, my queen all intelligence reports have picked up no signs of Alien life on the planet." Animist looked up at her "Though I doubt there won't be any coming in the next few days."

adding on "If you wish, I shall have our men do another scan of the area and the planet."

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Deep in the Pacific Ocean, Dark Alpha was reciving his daily brief.

"We seem to be getting reports of some sort of alien, martian, sleeper cells sir."

"Step up security, contact Purience Man, and find as many allies as you can." said Dark Alpha.

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It was a nice hot day and Buckshot was relaxing on one of his many beaches. Today he'd chosen a beach in Jamaica south of Old Harbour. He liked the view he got, as well as the food served along the beach. He didn't need to eat, but that didn't stop him from enjoying it. His trip to Jamaica had provided more than just tasty food and a nice place to relax though, it was where Buckshot had first found out about the White Martians. The small island hadn't been a good hiding place for the alien, and Buckshot had found it by accident. At that point the aliens weren't using whatever stealth technology they'd activated upon their discovery, so detecting it wasn't hard. After a little interrogation Buckshot had learned about the aliens plan, or at least part of it. After killing the Brood in Jamaica, he'd planned to go to each of his other territories to check for aliens, but when they masked themselves from his sensors, the task seemed impossible, even for him. Buckshot had run his territories on his own for years, but it looked like now he'd need help; people to run his lands and allies across the planet to stop this alien threat.

Sitting on the beach next to the corpse of the Martian he'd found earlier, he asked, "Wanna to tell me how your friends are hiding from me?" The dead alien remained silent. "Eh, I didn't think you would." Buckshot waited for a call from one of his fellow rulers of the world. They'd need his help as much as he needed theirs, so the call would come, just a matter of time.

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"Magneto," Prurience Man stated flatly, "don't forget who it was who put you down here in prison in the first place. We need not be enemies, but I won't put up with unnecessary challenges to my authority. We're in a world crisis, and there won't be an Earth left to rule if we don't save it.

Like I said before, I want you to use your powers. Search for minute differences in the magnetic resonance and see if it leads to these White Martians or their Brood allies. I'm off to see Buckshot in Hawaii and make more definite plans. If you need anything, you can contact me through the other G.R.O.S.S. members."

Prurience Man pulled out his G.R.O.S.S. communicator and contacted Buckshot. "Buckshot, P-Man here. Can you meet me in the Hawaiian war room?"

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Buckshot picked up his own communicator and answered Prurience Man. "Alright, I'll be there. I'm bringing along that Martian I found. Maybe you can get something from it, or I could just leave it in Hawaii so someone else can take a look at it. I'll be with you soon."

Buckshot signaled the closest airport on the island to send him a private helicopter for his trip. When it arrived the pilot got out and Buckshot got in and tossed the alien inside. The second Buckshot put his hands on the yoke the vehicle transformed, turning from a normal chopper into a super-fast aircraft. Buckshot took off and headed for Hawaii.

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Hearing Buckshot's reply, P-Man acknowledged and switched channels, contacting Dark Alpha.

"Dark Alpha, are you available to meet with myself and Buckshot at the Hawaiian War Room? I think it would be a good idea to pool our knowledge of the world's oceans and see what we can come up with against this threat. Buckshot's bringing the martian corpse for study as well, maybe we'll be able to learn something we can use against them."

(OoC: Sorry, gotta leave for a while again. Unforeseen circumstances.)

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"Will do Purience Man, I shall be there with'in the hour."

Alpha gathered his Royal Guard.

"Men, we have a situation, some of us, our not what we seem. We have been infultrated by alien invaders. I go now to find a way to stop this threat. You must protect your people, and your oceans."

Dark Alpha put the Pacific Ocean's security measures in place, and left for Hawaii.

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"I believe increasing security would be a good idea," Bethany said evenly. "I would also like a census performed of the entire population."

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"As you wish my queen." Animist replied before bringing up another could be problem. "What if they are in here?" he then quickly added "I say a mandatory check of all people within the building and otside within a five mile radius, to insure our security while at the same time also doing the census."

He sighed once more and waited ever so patiently.

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Being a new day, surely Africa by Toto would be perfect. "How fitting," she said to herself. But even the catchy chorus of Africa couldn't help the crisis the world was going through right now. Ms. Invisible had been hearing the reports of these alien invasions that were happening right underneath their noses as she was looking after Africa for Buckshot. She knew that she had to uphold her duties but wasn't quite sure on how to solve this problem. She knew Buckshot was on his way to a meeting with P-Man and Dark Alpha, so hopefully that would help her out.

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Prurience Man took off from Antarctica and flew up towards Hawaii. Just for fun, he took a detour up towards Jamaica first, and soon over took Buckshot's aircraft. The aircraft was probably the fastest machine on the planet, and Buckshot wasn't even pushing it hard yet.

"Might as well have a little fun before all hell breaks loose," Prurience Man thought. So, he tapped on Buckshot's windshield and mouthed, "Race you to Hawaii?"

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"Heh" Buckshot mumbled to himself, "Prurience, who do you think you're fooling?"

Buckshot sent a mental command to the machine, causing it to change a little more. Two large rocket booster's sprouted from the back of the aircraft but for a second the things speed remained the same. Buckshot spoke louder and let his voice get projected from speakers that suddenly appeared on the outside of his vehicle.

"Race? Hah! I'll see you in Hawaii, don't keep me waiting too long."

Before P-Man could reply, Buckshot's aircraft launched forward with an explosive burst, leaving Prurience Man in his wake.

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Prurience Man's jaw dropped as he watched Buckshot speed away. He was actually pulled along by the negative pressure Buckshot's craft left behind, and had to take a second to recover his wits.

Piling on the speed, Prurience Man caught up finally, but not before Buckshot was already coming in to the G.R.O.S.S. compound's airport.

"Glad we're on the same side," Prurience Man said to himself, then he made a beeline for the war room's roof access.

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Buckshot was just coming in for a landing when he saw P-Man appear again. They both landed at about the same time, Buckshot at the airport and Prurience on the building's roof. When Buckshot stepped out of his aircraft, the machine lost all its upgrades and turned back into a normal helicopter. Throwing the White Martian's corpse over his shoulder, Buckshot headed toward the building's main entrance. Someone had forgotten to turn on the outer holograms, so the place looked plain and dull. As Buckshot walked up to the War Room he set the machines to project the image of giant medieval castle. It had stone walls, a moat, and even a drawbridge. Buckshot crossed the bridge and stepped inside expecting to see Prurience Man waiting for him.

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Prurience Man was in the War Room staring at the latest mass spectrometer readouts from the G.R.O.S.S. satellites. Everything looks normal, and Prurience Man shoves a fist through the screen in frustration. Repair bots instantly scuttled into the room, cleaning the mess and quickly enacting repairs.

P-Man turned to see Buckshot stride into the room, the bleached and somewhat battered body of a White Martian draped over his shoulder. Pulling out a diagnostic table from the wall alcove, he gave Buckshot a grim nod of welcome and stepped away to allow the body to be laid down.

"Buckshot, before we go any further with this, you need to know about my newest recruit. I released Mighty Magneto from the Antarctic prison, and set him to work on this problem. Our satellites are tracking his every movement, and I'm confident we can keep him contained. If all else fails, I still have the E-M disruptor you built for me. I can take him down again if need be."

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Buckshot ignored Prurience Man's rather violent outburst and lay the dead alien on the table while P-Man spoke. Upon hearing of his ally's latest recruit he looked up. "Mighty Magneto? I can't stand that... Whatever. He's your problem, just make sure you keep him in line and don't hesitate to the disrupter if you need, or want, to." Buckshot took a seat in one of the chairs near Prurience Man. "Anyway, I don't need to worry about 'Mighty' Magneto now, there are more important things at stake. Though Jamaica has been cleared of aliens, all my other lands are, as far as I know, still harboring Martians and Brood. I've tasked Ms. Invisible with dealing with the infestation in Africa but I don't know how long that will take or if she'll even be able to find them. Are you fairing any better? How are any of the other rulers doing? I mean, if you've heard from them."
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Magneto watched P-man fly away he had decided to help what the hell couldn't hurt anything. He didn't like many of the leaders of the current Earth many of which teamed up against him and put him in that hell of a prison. But he could let the past be past and move on for now.

"Now lets find those little green men"

Magneto flew high into the air high above the earth where he could get a better feel for things. Magneto cleared his mind and began to feel the earths Magntic feild trying to find anything perhaps not quite right. After only a few hours he had something.

"Now thats an interesting place right below my own feet for so long"

Magneto decide it was time to check it out and flew back down to earth and back to the Antarctic. Magneto changed the magntic feild around himself to distrube anything tracking him.

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Animist says:

""As you wish my queen." Animist replied before bringing up another could be problem. "What if they are in here?" he then quickly added "I say a mandatory check of all people within the building and otside within a five mile radius, to insure our security while at the same time also doing the census."He sighed once more and waited ever so patiently."

"That is a very good idea," Bethany nodded. "I will inform the inquisitor that he should expect a full session card. Perhaps it is time to reduce the number of staff as well. Find me some that have less than perfect records and make an example of them. I have long felt that the palace walls are too unadorned by the heads of my enemies."

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"Yes my queen, will that be all?" he said while scratching an itch that arose on his head. Standing back at attention he turned his head to Cryo "I suggest we begin right away and gather as many as we can or at least announce it."

He looked around the room he couldn't shake the feeling that this could be worse than he thought, Animist liked things quick and easy, nothing troublesome that took forever.

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"Right Animist,"Cryo-Wolf said,"We will get on that at once, my Queen."

He bowed and left the room.
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"That will be all," she informed them both. A dark glint came into her bright green eyes as she added, "And I fully expect you both to present yourselves to the interrogators for your own interviews. I do hope neither of you will end up being part of the example."

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Magneto returned to his home of Antarctic which remained as crazy as it had always been. Anarchy ruled here the criminals and the crazies grouped together at times but for the most part it was survival of the fittest. Magneto had established he was the fittest here already and put some of these men to work for himself. But now there was something else here something he was surprised he had not noticed before. Deep in the earth the first step was to see if he could find an entrance. He gathered the few sane enough of his men and had them search for any tunnels leading down.

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Bethany returned to the reports of her empire. "I dislike being in the dark," she said to the empty room. "Perhaps I should contact my old master and see what he knows of all of this."

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Gambler had recieved the news of the sleeper aleins, located through out the world. "You said what? They've called a meeting in Hawaii? Why was I not notified? Gambler jumped into his Dune Buggy, and headed for the nearest port. He needed a boat and quick.

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Animist gulped those eyes usually meant she was dead serious an faliure to acknowledge would result in punishment ,"Yes my queen." was what he said before leaving the room to proceed with his own buisness.

"man i hate it when she does that" he said to himself while shuting the door behind him.

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P-Man looked over at Buckshot and said, "I've not heard from any of the others as of yet besides Dark Alpha. He's on the way, but I think we should call the others in."

P-Man pulled out his G.R.O.S.S communicator and pressed a little red button. The communicator dinged as it sent out a priority signal to all G.R.O.S.S. members.

"All G.R.O.S.S. members, this a Priority Alpha call. Leave your territories in the hands of your subordinates and proceed to Hawaii as soon as possible. A full war council has been enacted for the protection of the planet."

P-Man placed his communicator back in his belt. He looked at Buckshot again to relate, "I've not made any progress on tracking these creatures. I was in orbit for hours over North American and heard nothing with my super-hearings, and nothing showed up on any of my visual wavelengths. Whatever they're using to successfully hide themselves from all of us combined must be truly formidable.

"What has your investigation on the corpse turned up? Anything we can use?"

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A bleeping on her throne's control console broke her concentration and Bethany glanced down to see the message from P-man. "Hawaii?" she huffed, rolling to her feet. She frowned as she strode out of her throne room and out to her private quarters. The sight that met her eyes warmed her inside. Sauntering up to her sweet husband, she kissed him deeply. "I have to leave," she murmured.

He wrapped her in his arms and set his head on top of hers. "Do you need your consort?"

"Go to France and manage things for me there, beloved," she sighed.

"Of course."

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Post Deleted.