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@Surkit: (sorry it was short, I am shattterrreeddddd and figured we could just build up to longer interactions later...)

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@Rina_Redhead: (It's fine for real, it was short but had it's points made. we got plenty of time to build on it. :) )

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@.Mistress Redhead. said:


Reaching out for the documents she caught Sin's eye, the girl, for a moment hesitated but then dashed out of the room, holding the rolls loosely in her hand "Your assistant is quite a specimen, where did you find her?" her fingers thrummed the edge of the roll as she considered his offer. Her life was taking a new turn, her work getting harder, now that they were on the run from SWORD she needed funding, but in what way could she use this without going against her morals?

"30 million up front, none of this half stuff and I am yours for one year" standing up she offered her hand

"I put an add on snagajob" He says with a smirk, leaving an air of mystery. He rubs his chin for a moment with a squinted eye before standing and walking over to his fireplace, opening his hand at the waist with his palm up, slowly sliding it upwards. as he does The fire extinguishes and the wall slides upward. He disappears for a moment and returns with 10 bricks of gold in a metallic wheel equipped case, " A little extra, for making the trip. " He rolls the handle around to the front of her, and shakes her hand, " Sin will help you to GC international..." quickly kissing the knuckles of her hand, while keeping eye contact, "Been a pleasure doing buisness." He turns and walks over to a large long backed velvet chair and sits in front of the fire. As she leaves out the doors with sin waiting outside, he mumbles to himself, "Sploosh"

(xD If Sarah want to get to know Sin just start a dialogue with her in the next post or you can just leave it there until next time.)

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Manifest herself on the Grimm City streets

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Sin drives a disguised Flucks, appearing as a mid-30's blonde haired green eyed white male, around the dark corners of Grimm as he smirks at the degenerates and throws balls of cash out the window and laughs while they fight tooth and nail for single bills. In the front, Sin noticed the successive rhythm of her E-med (Enhanced meta energy detector), with the point of 42nd street. Pulling up the blip stops as the screen freezes, she knew this was only possible when a level-5 power level was present. Flucks paid no mind, ever collected and fearless as he opens the door and says to the woman, "Know why they call it 42nd street? Thats how long you want to be on it. Please, join me. " He says patting the seat as he slides over, with a kind smile and maniacally cold eyes

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@Flucks: "You cannot kill what you can't touch" she said, attempting to rub his vehicle only to have her hands flow through it intangibly. Disappearing, and reappearing next to him in his vehicle, she sat with her legs crossed. "Where are we going?"

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@Flucks (sploosh???)
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@Ziccarra_Liafador: His neck jerks to the side at her nanosecond motion, caught off gaurd by her ghostly abilities, yet plays it with nonchalance " Sin? The manor " He turns tot he mystery woman, "Such talents... and that face where have I..." A picture of the from of the times flashes in his head of Liafador, and he smirks, "Ahhhh yes. *presses the skin between his collar bone turning into the natural form of Flucks* No need for that. Jean told me you were dead. " He rubs his hands slowly like a child in a candy shop, "This just opens so many doors doesn't it."

@.Mistress Redhead.: (Know what it means?)


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@Flucks: "I am dead" Sha said, tilting her head back eyeing the male momentary. "Physically, I am dead; however Mentally, I still maintain my ability to project myself as light" she said. "Where is this city located?"

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: The question was odd to him, "Interesting. We're in New Jersey, Ms. Liafador." he syas with a tone of respect

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@Flucks: She gave off a look of disgust and then turned back to him, "Please my name is Jean Lebeau" she said, grinning deviously.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (Polar bears on islands.)

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@Flucks said:

@Ziccarra_Liafador: (Polar bears on islands.)


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@Flucks: If Grimm City is in Jersey...I have no excuse not to use the Zeraz family o.o
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@Ziccarra_Liafador: (Lost. nvm, I'll work it out IC, nvm the liafador comment)

He raises a brow to her statement, "I know Jean Lebaeu... he doesn't have quite as many curves" The car pulls upto a sprawling manor above the outskirts of Grimm City. He steps out with her already suprising in front of him.

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@Clara Mass: I thought it was obvious lol. I'll put it int he front page.

I dont know much about the Zeraz concept other than clara and closure are apart of it and theres alot of dough involved, got any ideas?

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@Flucks: "Relax, my friend, I am Gambler, I am Darkchild, I am Mercy and I am Arrow" she said, speaking in some sort of parable that he obviously wouldn't understand. "You know, I made the fatal mistake in thinking that it was humans whom were the scum of this world" she said, staring at the manor.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: dropkicks

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@Mercy_: Gives her a Migrane

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: calls an exorcist

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@Flucks : Oh wow didn't even notice that 
They're known for being the first Hispanic family to have a legitimate business.  Stationed in Hoboken, New Jersey the family has its roots spread out across the state.  Blahh but who cares I wuv this thread xD
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@Ziccarra_Liafador: He shakes his head in confusion then leads the way into a library in the first wing downstairs, sin closing the doors behind them while standing guard outside, not so much to keep intruders out but to keep an eye on the marauder within, "I'm guessing you had an epiphany then, please, enlighten me" He pours a drink from the glass container by the fire

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@Mercy_ said:

@Ziccarra_Liafador: calls an exorcist


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@Flucks: "I will return to you when we are alone, but for now a disciple of the Cardinal awaits" she said, pointing towards Shayla Soul whom was sitting in a chair that over looked the cityy

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@Clara Mass said:

@Flucks : Oh wow didn't even notice that They're known for being the first Hispanic family to have a legitimate business. Stationed in Hoboken, New Jersey the family has its roots spread out across the state. Blahh but who cares I wuv this thread xD

They said there wouldn't be a black president too ;) I'm cool with it but don't go alt crazy on me. Thanks xD

@Ziccarra_Liafador: "Well, well. Fresh chocolate. " He steps over and extends a drink to her,

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@Flucks: "I thought you were a strange man, I come here, and here you are talking to yourself" she said, removing a lollipop from her mouth and accepting his drink.

"I want some land..." she said, taking a sip of her drink only to be disgusted with the taste.

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@Shayla Soul: He stands silently looking over his shoulder to still see the ghostly maurader, but ignores to not show signs of mental instability that weren't already apparent. "Strange is as strange does. " He licks hi teeth at her common interest in sweets, Taking a seat beside her, "I want you an offer and a reason " He says sipping the drink, clicking the back of his jaw at the strength.

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@Flucks: Smiling, she folded her hands on the desk and slowly leaned forward. "I hope that isn't a requirement for everyone, who wants something from you" she said, giving off an interested look. Pushing away from the desk, she stood up and slowly opened the curtain. "There is a boy, in Naples Italy trying to extend the influence of his mother Religion, maybe you've heard of him...his name being Alistair Liafador" the mention of the boy's name called a huge gust to blow through the room. "As a member of such religion, I'm here to make sure it happens".

"How's that for reason" she said, bending over at bit and piercing out the window. "We're using the island for some practice runs on a machine we're building, we can front you 6 million today, and 4 million when we leave" she said, smiling.

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@Shayla Soul: "It's a case by case situation." he says leaning forward as well. The curtain send in an unwanted amount of light as his eyes adjust. At the speaking of the name he sees the ghostly figure raise a hand as the curtains blow with the windows closed. "You could say that. " He stands fingering the desk for support, then walks over to her. extending a hand to her "It'll do...but with religion and matters of the heart, I'd prefer being payed in full ahead of time. I'm sure you can understand" in her hand he leaves two slips of paper, one a scrap with an untraceable bank account route,

the other...the deed to South Channel island. "Welcome to Grimm, Ms.Soul. Any last requests gorgeous? "

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@Shayla Soul: Updated the map, check it out in a couple minutes

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@Flucks: "Just one..." she said, sliding her hand within her jacket revealing her bronze bosom; removing a pin she wrote down the location of the home she'd be staying at on South Channel Island. "I'll see you soon" she said, heading towards the door.

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@Shayla Soul: He looks at the address and knows it almost immediately, then takes a whiff of the note and sighs with a crooked smirk, "That you will" gives her a casual salute, afterwards admiring her curvy posterior as she walks with light feet out the door past Sin, who gives her a look of jealousy with slit eyes. "I'm sure you can find your own way back to town" the sultry assistant says slamming the door behind Layla.

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"Jealousy is an ugly emotion" Sha said, standing behind Flucks assistant.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: She turns nervously, then attempts to regain her composure, her high caliber training only lapsing for a moment " So is death, yet you accepted it with open arms...ma'am " She says the words as though they were a bad taste in her mouth before walking off to the kitchen to prepare Flucks' afternoon meal

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@Sin_Fong: Sha smirked, "Death isn't an emotion...it is a transition" she said, watching as the raven haired assistant marched off.

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Once again, Midnight Orchid emerges from the gloom beneath the city to watch events unfold...he slides silently out of the sewers, but his foot catches on the manhole cover on his way out, and it clatters. He snarls, and dashes for the shadows.

Beneath the city he has found a world of wonders where

decomposing wolves are found with red shreds of cloth in their teeth and

gold glitters in the strands of straw-coated wires.

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@Midnight Orchid: (YES! Build man, build! :P)

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@Flucks: ((Then someone go interact in some way with MO [you don't even have to talk with him, just follow him or anything] so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself. :P))

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@Midnight Orchid: (Ahh I justs igned back on to reply to you man, I'm off for a little bit. I feel like an ass though so I'll get you something when i get back. Have sin fong stalk MO or something :P)

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@Flucks: ((It's cool, maybe someone else will stop by...and in the meantime I'll just think of cool stuff to write. ;) ))

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Longshot felt the elements of the city clashing as they invaded his senses. He had finally come to Grimm City. Somehow, he had never paid a visit to this particular Mecca of sin and corruption. Perhaps there was something deep in the back of his mind that always steered him away. Fear? No. That was impossible. He jumped from the rooftop down into the dark alleyway. He had nothing to be afraid of here.

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@.Longshot.: He had been combing the alleys, looking for nothing in particular and yet for everything the world contained. Here the tangled threads of myth formed their Gordian Knot, and he would cut it...free the tales, find the truth, free himself from the truth? He knew he was close, so close

as the dogs with glinting plate eyes watched from the shadows

Of a great tree of twisted iron in a park of oil

But then there were only bricks again, and soot, and he could smell the city as it slept.

But he could also smell something else. Something familiar. Immediately his body tensed, and he stilled himself, listening for the slightest sounds. A thump, a block or so away. Lysander stole toward the sound, peering through a rusted chain-link fence

upon which phantasmal figures were impaled having fallen from the sky and

and saw the Gunslinger.

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@Midnight Orchid: Longshot heard gravel grinding, smelled brimstone brewing, and turned toward the man in the shadows. He wanted to reach for his eyepiece and switch to night vision, but any sudden move could upset the momentary calm, and he wanted to see if this man was a threat before it came to bloodshed. "Who's there?" he called out, sounding almost naive and defenseless. He wanted to lure the man out. Once he knew who approached him, he would know how to act.

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@.Longshot.: He was unprepared. The Gunslinger didn't know that the child of nightmare would be here, probably thought he had perished on Mars. This would be fun. A game of rat and mouse. Lysander crept closer, giggling demonically. He pressed his hands against the fence, and peered through at the Gunslinger. "Knock knock, it's the big bad wolf, it's been so long and I'm EVER so hungry." He grinned, baring his crooked teeth.

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Cain sat on a bench in the Jersey Jungle, Ever so vigilant as the people of the city were not people as they were ravenous, Starving beasts hungering for Drugs, Sex, Money and Blood. He awaited Puzzler whom he called to meet him here.

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@shadowknight666: Perched amongst the Gothic theme gargoyles of Grimm City's central plaza towers, Gambler's number one assassin surveys the masses down below. His body encased in a white vibranium bodysuit teaming with a host of technological marvels  making him the deadliest killer in the Cajun's stable. His mission, trackdown and eliminate the Puzzler and Shadownight.
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@Midnight Orchid: "Okay..." Longshot murmured at a low pitch, "That's too cryptic to bode well." He slowly pulled his bow off his shoulder and drew a long, slender arrow, sharpened tip gleaming in the light of the waxing moon. He set it to the string, pointing down at the ground. His stance remained the same, upright and collected. He already had a creeping suspicion of who it was lurking behind the fence, teeth practically gnashing like the hungry wolf he compared himself to. "Couldn't let it go?" he asked, "Is your ego really so big that you have to hunt me down for a grudge match?"

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@ Flawless: Cain couldn't sense the cold icy chill of a stalking, Flawless was like a wolf, Hunting and calculating his prey, Before he striked. Cain wasn't fully aware of his surroundings, He checked his watch and said to himself "Goddammit Puzz...Are ya' too busy shovin' yer thumb up yer arse to show up?"

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@.Longshot.: Lysander pulled him self up onto the fence, crouching like a feral animal in the moonlight. He cooed to the rusty metal, and it held. "I didn't have to...but if the gods decided to put you in my path it must mean something."

Dawn, Noon, Twilight, Midnight/ four of a kind, four of the blight.

The gods have been silent, but they are not dead.

"And...I really don't like you."

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@shadowknight666: "Well isnt thst nice!" Puzzler stood beside Cain, as if from nowhere.