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A man approached a crowd of people waiting to get inside the gate. They were all wearing colorful shirts, most had children with them, and several were wearing a big set of mouse ears. People walked right past him, as if he wasn't even there, not even looking at him. While everyone waited in line, Nobody walked over to the fence and climbed up over it. Not a single security guard looked his way, as he snuck in to the park in plain site.  Walking towards the center of the park, Nobody saw a statue of a elderly man walking, while holding hands with a giant friendly mouse. Kids were screaming and cheering all around, and Nobody placed his left hand over his face and sighed, "Why did I decided to come to Disneyland?"

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She arrived at "Disneyland" in the midst of a busy day to enjoy the fresh air and to ride some rollercoasters of course. Noticing all the rides she didnt know where to begin, so she made her way towards the directory to atleast find the food court...she was starving to death. She pushed through the crowd to get to the Concession Stand but they merely shoved back at her and she ended up at the end of the line. The line was so long and She was desperate to have a bite to eat seeing as though she hadnt eaten since the ride here. The sky suddendly begin to fill with clouds of pure darkness and roars of thunder screamed in each persons ear as they stood in awe, and finally a downpour of rain filled the park. Huge gust of wind literally blew people away and GG simply laughed to herself stating: "They shouldnt have pushed me". In the midst of all the chaos lightning struck the ground killing those in that region of area.
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As Nobody stood infront of the statue and gazing up that he crowds pushing and shoving to get to the rides faster he started getting a little chill and looked up. As he did clouds began to build up and cover the sky above the park. The wind began to pick up, his spikey, white, and invisible hair began blowing hard in the wind, parents were having to hold onto the younger kids so the didn't fall over.

"What the heck is going on? This is LA in the summer!" Nobody thought himself, but as he held on to the statue of Walt Disney to balence, lightening struck down from the sky over towards the food court. "Oh my god..." Nobody manage to spit out as he was several people get blasted away by the lightning. As he gazed over there he noticed a psychotic lady with black hair laughing at them all.

Focusing his invisible energy into his fist Nobody formed a giant hand, from it and extended it towards he quickly trying to grab her. As he did he shouted, "Sorry, the forcast for today clear skies!"

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She was begin casting down bolts of lightning from the sky and the ground began to tremble underneath where she stood. The winds blew harder and harder and there were great flashes of light minicing the sky. GG was stunned due to the fact that an invisble force had hold of her and said to her: "Sorry, the forcast for today clear skies!" The grip on her body was so straining and she couldnt take it any longer. GG let out a loud cry and blood began to spew from her mouth, the feeling was indescribable. She began to sulk in shame due to the fact that she hadnt a clue as how to stop someone who was invisible. She stood quiet for a moment and then a smirk began to appear on her face. Her eyes began to glow a brilliant jade color a she began gather all her mystical energy together allow her to cast forth a spell which would turn whoever this person was visible.
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Nobody was grinning as he knew his opponent couldn't escape from his grip and this battle was already over. Nobody watched her stuggle, but it was doing her no good. Suddenly she stopped struggling and started smirking, a smirk that sent a shiver down Nobody's spin. Her eyes began to glow a bright green color, which would have actually been quiet beautiful if it was for the fact they were fighting. Nobody stood there watching and beforeh knew it his hand began to become visible, and it continued up his arm.

"Whats going on?!" Nobody said with a puzzled look on his face as his whole body came into view. Stunned by the fact he was completely visible, Nobody lost his focus on his invisible construct that was holding his opponent and it faded away. Now standing several feet from the black haired girl was a young man with white spiked hair, and wearing a tight white and green body suit.

Nobody shook his head, and remembered that he was still fighting. 'Nice trick, but its not going to help you. Nobody focused his invisible energy once again into his right fist. He could feel the energy flowing in his hand, it felt warm and wavey.Nobody quickly punched the air towards Weather Witch and a beam of inisible energy came pouring out of it.

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Her smirk turned into straight horror as the beam of invisible energy headed her way. She quickly tried to generate an energy shield but it was of no use the beam had hit her before she could even muster up enough strength to create the energy sheild. Her body layed out across the ground and she began to quiver from the agony of pain she was feeling. She slowly but steadily rose to her feet and she stated: "I'm pissed now". A funnel of wind began to circle around her and her eyes glowed of even greater brilliance. The wind rose her from the ground to the sky and her voice began to echo as she stated: "Someone is gonna die here today and it wont be me". Cyclones began to motion there way towards the Nobody and blazes of lightning struck from her eyes aiming towards Nobody.
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Nobody watched she rose off the ground from the pure force of wind alone, and her bright glowing glared with hate towards him. "Nice going, Nobody. Lets make the powerful angry chick more angry." Nobody thought to himself and he covered his eyes with his left arm from the powerful burst of wind. Before Nobody could do anything he was blasted back by a powerful cyclone and crashed righting into Tarzan's Tree House. Growing, Nobody scratched his head and pulled himself it his feet and walked to the window of the treehouse to look up at Weather Witch.

Lightening shot from her eyes right down at Nobody, and without thinking he waved his arm infront of himself and a invisible force field started to form around the tree house. The lightening struck the fore field and as it did bright lights filled the area. The lightening spread around the force field until broke though and slammed down on the tree house. Nobody was sent flying back out of the tree house, which was now burning to the ground. Nobody could smell the tips of his arm hair that had started to burn as he crawled back up to his feet.

Holding his hand spread out infront of him two giant invisible hands formed on broth sides of Weather Witch. "Lets give her an hand." Nobody began to clap his hands and as he did the giant constructed ones began to flow his action.

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The invisible force began to clammer at her body and the force was so unbearable for her. She eventually got a hold of herself long enough to generate a forceful wind to repulse away the invisible force. She trembled to the ground and let out cries of fury and pain. She was so hurt and the pain was slowly creeping up her spine, and she began to heal herself with a spell. Once she had relinquished herself from the pain she rose to her feet and and the brilliant glow in her eyes began to dim down but there was still furry in her eyes. She harvested up enough mystical energy to levitate everything in the park...there were rollercoaster, concession stands, lightpoles...etc. in the air circling her body. She then motion these items towards him with great force. She then use one of the metal lightpoles as a conductor to guide her lightning towards him with a powerful shocking blast.
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Nobody watched as everything began to rise  up from the ground and circled around Weather Witch in midair. By now the entire park had been cleared of its guest and was surround by police officers, who didn't know what to do other than keep people back. With a single motion all the objects floating in the air began to dive bomb towards Nobody, but he had a plan. Running towards Weather Witch, he jumped up off the ground and landed on a "Tea Cup" that was head towards the ground. Jumping off the Tea Cup, Nobody landed on "Toontown" sign. Once again he pushed off of that and went a little higher as he landed one of the Peter Pan Boats and pushed off of that too. He continued jumping from random Disney related objects slowly climbing his way towards Weather Witch. As Nobody continued to jump up, a puppet from its a small world landed on his face and he pulled it off quickly.

"What the?" Nobody said and he looked up, and his eyes grew big at the site infront of him. Before had time to jump to his next target he was mauled by thousands of puppets from around the world, and slammed right into the ground. "I always hated that ride." Nobody said as he pulled himself out of a dog pile of assorted puppets. Looking up he saw Weather Witch direct lightning through a lightpole and aimed right at him. Quickly, Nobody rolled to the right and swung his left arm infront of him. The lightening landed just inches from him and blasted the poor puppets through the air. With the motion of his arm, a giant wall of invisible energy appeared and dashed towards Weather Witch.

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The invisible energy impacted her deeply and she fell to the ground once more. She began to question his power levels seeing as though he had immense power. She put her head down in shame for a moment pondering what she should do, then it came to her...and she knew what was to be done. She quickly uplifted her head to reveal her eyes glowing once more in a brilliance of pure jade. The now black skys had begun to turn a frost grey and fog begin to fill the area, she rose to her feet and began to gaze up at the sky as she watched the beautiful white droplets of snow disperse to the ground. The temperature began to gradually drop, almost to a point where thing were beginning to freeze over. Hail the size of golf balls begin to fall from the sky at a quick pace destroying things and worst giving people major concussions. She directed all the cold air towards Nobody in hopes of flash freezing him in his place.

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As Nobody watch Weather Witch pull herself together, he began to feel a chill once more. As he stood there, he could see his breath infront of his face, and thats when he knew he was in trouble. Before he knew golf ball sized hail was falling down from the sky. Nobody quickly formed an umbrella like dome over him, that the hail was bouncing off of. While he stood under his dome, he stood there shivering with his arms crossed and hands tucked under his pits. Suddenly there was a burst of of cold and Nobody stuck his arm up to touch his hair and a piece of it broke off.

"Oh this isn't good." Nobody quickly went running away from the cold, trying to find anywhere for cover. Running around a building he found a gift shop and dove inside. Quickly Nobody saw ice forming around the buildings windows and door, trapping him inside. "Now what am I going to do?" Nobody asked himself as he knew he couldn't go back out there the way he was. Looking around the store, Nobody got an idea.

A couple minutes later the frozen doors of the store burts open, and a figured walked out into the icy cold. It was Nobody covered in head to toe in Diseny apparel. Starting with his feet, Nobody was wearing three pairs of Donald Duck socks shoved into a pair of Wall-E boots. On his torso was two white pairs of sweat pants with Mickey Mouse symbol on the butt. Up on his chest, Nobody was wearing several Finding Nemo T-Shirts with a purple Sweat shirt over them with Eeyore on it with the words, "Why bother" under him. His hands were covered in pink Disney Princess gloves that were too small for him and made it a little hard to make a fist. On his head he was wearing a Tinkerbell beanie stretched down to cover his ears and a Mickey Mouse ears over that.

"Lets do this thing." Nobody said all cool, as he walked out and was looking around for where Weather Witch had went.

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She let out a huge burst of laughter as he walked out the shop, she looked at him with hysteria. He was so naive to have even bothered to put on those clothes to keep him warm. She grinned and her voiced echoed through the air as she yelled: "I see you like things hot, why dont I warm it up for you a bit". She began to grimace as the Grey cloud dispersed from the sky and the glowing yellow sun shined its bright beams of delight upon earths surface. Her eyes turned from a Jade to a Golden color brilliance...and she bean to smirk. The temperature began to increase dramtically, the dramatic change in temperature caused tires from cars to melt and the streets to bubble to there natural form of tar. She think quickly stated: "I can take the heat....can you"?

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As Nobody walked around he felt the temperature rising and the ice melted away. Sweat started to run down his face and he felt like he was being cooked alive in all the clothes.  "I've got to get out of these things quick. With a burts of energy spreading out from his body, the clothes ripped away leaving Nobody standing there in a a pair of Mickey Mouse white tighies. "Oops..." Nobody said as he looked down at himself.

Looking back up at Nobody grinned, "You sure you can take it?" Grabbing a broken piece of glass off the ground from the chaos Weather Witch caused earlier, Nobody jumped on an invisible disk of energy and quickly rose high able Weather Witch. Holding the glass out, Nobody reflected the intense sunlight through it and aimed it down at Weather Witch.

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The reflection of the sun had hit her face blinding her and causing disorientation to her mind. Her power completely began to spin out of control and a black hole begin to manifest itself right in the middle of the park sucking everything up in its region. There were buildings and cars and even people being sucked into the hole. Once she got her mind together and could finally see, she was shocked by the black hole there in the middle of the park and fell from the sky do to the strain on her powers. The black hole was gonna take the whole world with it if she didnt figure out a way to stop it. She smirked at Nobody and asked: " you mind giving our fight a break and we save the world"

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Looking down at the black hole, Nobody nodded at Weather Witch. "How do you stop a black hole?" Nobody thought to himself. Holding his right hand out, Nobody focused his energy around the hole and tried to put up a shield all around it, but within seconds the force of the hole broke it and sucked it up. Nobody dropped to his knees and panted from trying to hold in the force of a black hole. Looking over at Weather Witch, Nobody said, "You made this thing, how do we stop it?!"

As he sat there he could see all of the colorful world that made up Disney getting sucked into nothingness around them.

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She asserted herself and got right onto the task. Well first I need you to create a forcefield around whats left of disney world and the people here. I'll see what I can do...I can't promise anything. Her eyes turned a brilliant Jade and she flew up into the sky and she began to focus all the energy her body had left to muster up and began chanting...eventually leading up to a mystical seal over the black hole which would end the chaos. All her energy and her body began to shut down as the Black Hole dispersed into think air reversing the effects that it did on reality. She fell from the sky and hit the ground hard...ultimately ending her life trying to save the life of thers.

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With an awesome displace of power, Weather Witch had sealed away the black hole and saved everybody. Nobody quickly ran over to her and picked her head up off the ground, and held it in his arms. "Why did she sacrifice herself to save everyone?" Nobody though as he looked down at the beautiful black haired girl he was once fighting, possibly to the death. A tear ran down his face, that he quickly rubbed away with this arm as he continued to hold her head. Nobody then picked her up, and began walking towards the exit of what was once Disneyland.