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@pyrogram: The officer nodded and led him to the cell "Hey feisty, you got a visitor" the officer unlocked the gate and opened it for Zaniel to stand in while Kallik had her head pointed to the ground not knowing Zaniel was there.

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Zaniel did not know what to say...Last time he had seen her..he..he was ashamed...He even fought her dad..He gulped and looked at her "Kallik?...It is me. Zaniel" He said nervously "I am here to bail you"

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@pyrogram: She looked up revealing a dark purple bruise on her face but the left eye wasn't swollen or closed "Zaniel?" she said having a hard time believing he was there.

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@omegablast452: Zaniel looked in shock as he saw a purple bruise..He looked at the police officer scornfully and then back at her "Yes, I am here to get you out..How did you get that?" He looked at the police officer again with a look of anger "Release her"

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@pyrogram: The officer shrugged his shoulders "she's all yours" turning his back to the he leaned on a wall whistling, Kallik got up timidly and quietly not wanting Zaniel to see her bruise again.

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@omegablast452: Zaniel walked over to her and placed his hand on her back and began walking her out "The last time we met...I am sorry" He pushed open the doors as they left the building. "You understand I have changed...I am not the man..or Angel.. you met all those months ago."

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@pyrogram: She remained silent feeling ashamed that he was the one that bailed her out, after almost a minute of silence she spoke her voice almost breaking "I thought we had something special"

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@omegablast452: ( Those feels D: )

He put his hand under her chin and raised her head up to look into her eyes, what had he done..What had happened to her since they met...He could see the suffering in her eyes "I'm so sorry Kallik" He lost eye contact with her as he looked down, and back at her, He saw the bruise on her face..He felt sick. This was not a good idea "We did..But, I..I was.." He was only looking for one thing that night...."I was stupid" He decided to say. He could not tell her the truth? At the start he was only in it for fun, but then she grew on him...Omega stopped anything that could happen though. "Please, say something" he pleaded to her.

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@pyrogram: "Why did you come to bail me out?"

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@omegablast452: "Beacuse I got a call from somebody....Not sure who..But they said you got arrested and needed a bail..." He flagged a taxi "That is the truth..But honestly - I wanted to see you again" He gave her some money and a key "This will take you to a hotel. ...room 22. Get yourself cleaned up and put the keys under the doormat on your way out" The Taxi pulled up. Zaniel had no intention of joining her in a hotel room alone..Not again..

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@pyrogram: Kallik nodded and as she got in a tear drop fell into the hard cold ground, she took one last look at him and than looked away

(Ally McBeal = great gif material. — Ally McBeal - Pilot)

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@omegablast452: (0_0 *gulp*)

Zaniel watched her leave..He felt tears well up in his eyes. This..This is not how it was going to end. No, He was an Angel. Not some heart-breaker who played with peoples emotions. ...Luckily the Taxi failed to start. He ran in-front of the Taxi and hit the bonnet. The driver poked his head out of the window. "WATCHA WANT!" Zaniel rushed to the side of the Taxi door and looked at her sitting inside "Let's talk" He asked her - luckily it was quiet so she would hear. He placed his open palm on the window.

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@pyrogram: Kallik unlocked the Taxi door but didn't say anything.

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Zaniel heard the door click as she unlocked it. He let out a sigh of relief as he opened the door , and carefully sitting next-to her. He buckled himself in - (Hey, even the Angel of Luck needs to be safe) - and looked at her. "Please, Kal - Understand me when I say" He took in a deep breath "I'm sorry,sorry for putting you in that situation in the hotel..It was unfair of me. I played on your emotions.." He clenched his fist in frustration, why did he get into the car? No good would come of it "Did your father tell you what he attempted afterwards?"

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@pyrogram: "Yes" she said gloomy while wincing when the sun light hit her damaged eye.

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Leon lands in a dark alley and walks out of the dark alley and walks down the dark street "Gothic city huh...well....as far as goth goes i think i qualify." he thinks to himself as he wanders down the street looking around slowly with his crimson eyes

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"Then you know I am lucky to be alive" He noticed her eye again. "Did they do that to you...in the station?"

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A crow perches on its nest as it tucks itself comfortably against scraps of cotton

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The night was cold, the Mayor was delivering a speech to the Citizens of Gothic city tonight. About building new homes. But the real reason was drugs, the real reason these homes were being built are to have drug labs, He said they would house new citizens but that was a lie. The homes had already been allocated to a select few criminal groups and the Mayor needed public support in order to raise funds. He would EASILY get this. Xenon had to stop it. He had been dreaming about this, He had seen all events. He knew what was going to happen. One event showed him stopping this. He was going to follow that event through.

Xenon made a fist as he powered up him Armour. He needed to be at full-power to do this without any hiccups. Not that he was never at full-power, He just felt better when he tensed himself up. Maybe it was to-do with his mental connection to his arms making him feel stronger. Maybe.

Loaded his handguns guns and took a last swig of Jack Daniels. Looking around to find his rifle he saw it under a load of paper-work, tsk.. He walked over and picked it up, he saw the Gothic city police symbol on the papers. Such a corrupt organisation.

Picking up the gun , A strong and sturdy gun. Loaded with target-chasing bullets, laser cutters and radioactive rounds. He slung it over his back and walked to the top of the building.


He was at the top of the building, one of the top floors. He took off his coat and put his gun down, before picking up his rifle.

He looked took up his position and looked outside the window, He created a small hole in the glass so he could fire through it. Using his eyes he locked onto the Mayor. He was standing on his own, 2 security guards on either-side of him. But too far away to even notice Xenon. Xenon was 4 miles away. The mayor was just about to start his speech. Xenon took aim - Loaded his Radioactive tracer-rounds and aimed at the Mayors head. If they connected they would instantly kill him. If they hit any-body part the radiation in these bullets would kill him. He slowed down his breathing and said a word under his breath "Bye" Before firing 5 shots. The bullets tore through the air. He directed the bullets with his eyes, One went straight ahead aiming for the mans face. One went up into the air ready to nosedive into him. One bullet stayed put in the air ready to kill any-body who got in the way and the other Two were going to shoot him from the side....Nothing could go wrong...


Bullets will hit him soon if nobody contests.

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There aren't many ways to escape a telekinetic hold, one is to wait until the telekinetic that is holding you gets a headache and drops you which in this case it is not going to happen, the second one is to distract your enemy, and the third one is to resist the hold with all of your strenght and hit the arrogant son of a b!cth that put you at arm's lenght. Of course he isn't at arm's lenght so he was going to have to improvise. "So you've heard of me? Then you know what I'm going to do to you when I free myself". That should startle him, but that isn't going to make him free me. He still had three Vs left so with all of his strenght and speed he threw them aiming at his ribs, leg, and elbow. All hits which will hurt but not too much.

"Of-course, I am counting on it actually" Ethan suddenly felt a pain in his leg, the V cut him, not that deep but enough for him to not realize that another one had hit him him in the elbow. He managed to deflect the last one. But his telekinetic grip had loosened as he used his powers to hold in the bleeding for his cuts. He was now flying, Holding in blood and holding the man while keeping his Awareness on. He had done more, Once in LA he had used his Telekinetic awareness to find somebody in the mist of millions. But he was not cut then like now, He could not hold onto the Knight forever. He pushed him through a window and flew into the air higher while holding his elbow. He had heard a gunshot...The mayor was doing a speech..maybe..An Assassination?

He flew to the Knight as he used his powers to see that a man had just fired upon the mayor - The bullets were 4-5 miles away however and would take a few minute to get to the Mayor, He could easily fly in-time and stop them. "The mayor just got a hit attempted on him. Help me defend him" More pressing matters were in order than this petty fight.

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emerging out of its nest the raven took off and flew into the streets as it saw an interesting fellow. Wings are open as it glides slow and low.

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Alex returned to the same park bench she had sat at yesterday. Conditions had to be similar for the spell to work. She drew a sign on the sidewalk, and made the right motions, speaking the words of the spell. Then..."Sir Crow? Slim? I need to speak with you once more please."

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The crow descended from the tree branch and perched on her shoulder, mimicking how a parrot latches on to a pirate "Good day to you madame, what seems to be the matter of inquiry ?"

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@rumbleman_exe (OoC, Can't find the team local with the screwy search bar. Can you link me?)

"Yes. I am having trouble finding a portal to the address you offered me yesterday. Is it a moving place by any chance?"

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"Do allow me to open a waypoint between this park and the Lounge, Ca-caw!"

The raven exploded into a mist that envelops both of them, which vanished into nothingness. Then reappearing into the desired location.

[ The team HQ is not fully assembled yet, but it is open.]

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@pyrogram: [yes, oh and don't forget to pursue the 'plan']

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@pyrogram said:


"Then you know I am lucky to be alive" He noticed her eye again. "Did they do that to you...in the station?"

"corrupt bastards" she said while nodding.

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Zaniel shook his head in anger "What happened to you after I left?"

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@pyrogram: "I've been helping my father expand the pack, whether you know it or not were getting attention from secret organizations and hell"

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leon walks out of a dark alleyway and goes into a hotel, only going in to have a drink, he sneaks past the receptionist with ease, stealth was one of his best qualities. after he sneaks in he goes over to the bar and starts drinking irish whisky from the bar tender looking around the area.

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Who ever this trench coat man is, he could not trust him, but he was right he needed to stop the hitman instead of continuing the fight, but this was still not over, he was going to have to explain why he was attacking him. "Stop the bullets and tell me where the hitman is and I'll stop him, you protect the mayor".

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@darkknightdetective: ( We have to wait for Xenon to get on, but yes, We can team up )

"Fine" Ethan grabbed Knight with his telekinesis and lifted him up, he flew them both at the speed of sound towards the major, Would he beat the bullets?

@xenon_: Ethan quickly dropped the knight on-top of the building that Xenon was placed in, He turned around to Knight "Be careful" He then flew. Five bullets to stop in Thirty seconds and counting. He flew as high as he could into the air and closed his eyes. Trying to track the bullets. With his power. This was hard, he could not track the bullets, not all five. He manged to explode one in midair that was going directly for the Major. He only had one option as Ethan could not stop them all. He clenched his fists violently and attempted to put a shield around the Major. Doubting it would work.

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"Secret organisation?..Tell me more" They were nearly at the hotel. 10 or so minutes. She better be able to speak quickly "Hurry though, you have nearly arrived."

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@pyrogram: she crossed her arms and gave an offended face "I haven't seen you in six months and you're already interrogating me for very sensitive information?"

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@omegablast452: "I just bailed you out - You owe me that at-least" He looked out of the window and then back at her "Forget it, You're not my problem. Let your father handle it....He likes to think he owns you anyways" He looked back outside the window. He knew this was a mistake.

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@pyrogram: @xenon_:

He pretended that he ignored what Ethan said and responded with a cold voice "Always". He didn't know who or what he was going against, but he wasn't going to let him win, sure the mayor was one of the corrupted figures who he has been gathering evidence against for the past month but he still had to answer for his crimes and killing him would be a easy way out, one question stood. Who wanted to take him out? Was it a gang hit or something else? This didn't seem like the ordinary assassination especially because the asssassin was four miles away from the target this was probably a meta-human or a highly trained assassin. He snuck into the building and activated his detective mode, he saw the hitman and his enhancements on the floor below, thanks to the TK bastard he didn't have his most gadgets, only his escrima sticks. A stealthy attack would not change the outcome of the situation. So he simply went downstairs where the door was and kicked it, he didn't say anything because it wasn't needed. He simply looked at his enemy and predicted every move that he was about to make......

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@pyrogram: "You said you changed but you haven't" she said angrily motioning the Taxi driver to stop "I don't need your help, I don't need anyones I can take care of myself" getting out of the car she threw him back the key and money.

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Zaniel looked as she walked away. He actually had a smile on his face. She really could take-care of herself. He was glad, In a strange way - It showed that he was not needed. Angels were not made to give people answers. He was simply a guide. He had guided her out of prison He hoped she would go back and teach those officers a lesson. He told the Driver to carry on driving and wondered if he would ever see her again...If she could ever forgive him. Probably not. But, He had done the correct thing..What would getting involved with her and helping her do? Nothing good would come off it. He looked out of the window as he saw a Two men fly , he wondered what was going on - Not his problem.

( I made a reference to the thing above with Dark Knight and Ethan )

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"Fine" Malcolm jumped off the roof, crouched his way to the window closest to where they were sitting and crashed through it while throwing multiple razor sharp Vs at the armed men. He then ran up the youngest of the bunch and performs a jump spin hook kick strong enough to knok him out but not strong enough to break anything which would stop him from answering any of his questions. He then moves on to the next crook and performs a krav maga elbow attack to fracture his nose, then a jab to his jaw to knock him out. He lets wolf finish the other two.

Following with a bit of resentment, he silently watched as the dark knight busted through the place like a bull through a China shop. Some parts made him flinch, but he tried to ignore it as he leaped in behind. Two of the dumbfounded criminals were pulling their weapons, and hadn't even noticed Dave. Lucky, I guess? The flamboyant hero jumped in the air dropped kicked the two into a back wall, bouncing off of the and landing upside down upon the ceiling, following by webbing them to the wall. While the darker individual took care of the other two, Dave hopped off the ceiling and started towards the two in the sticky situation. They were yelling confused curses, but Dave webbed both their mouths shut comically. He grabbed their heads and knocked them together. One was knocked out, but the other was just dazed. Must of been hardheaded.

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After they easily finished with the criminals, Dark Vengeance walked up to the youngest henchman which he singled out and grabbed him by the clothes and asked him with a cold voice, like a Clint Eastwood imitation "Who is the Peacemaker? If you so much as tell a lie I swear I will put you trough hell". Then the young dark haired crook spits on the dark knight's mask and says in a cocky manner "You think just cuz you dress all black and talk big I'm scared of you? Think again sh!t head!". He wasn't afraid, a weird trait for his kind, but he was about to change that. The Detective puts the henchman down and walks to the kitchen where he cleans the spit with a napkin. The puzzled young man asks Wolf Spider 'Where is he going?" DV then walks out of the kitchen with a knife. The now revealed coward shouts with a scared face "What are you doing?!". But the knight does not answer, he grabs the man's hand to cut half of the index finger off and asks "WHO IS THE PEACEMAKER?!". Crying he beg to please stop, but he asks again "WHO IS HE?".

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@omegablast452: Liam stood in the magazine isle inside a gas station, pretending to read an article on superchargers. "Her scent led me here but I can't see her." He quietly spoke to himself as his eyes looked everywhere inside for Kallik. He desperately wanted Nocturnal off his back so that he could be left alone for his own objectives.

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@canine: Kallik was buying some gum when she turned around and saw Liam, raising her eye brow she sensed something odd about him

"Talk to her" Nocturnal whispered to Liam despite not being visible.

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@omegablast452: "I'm going to kill you, Nocturnal." He whispered back, rolling his eyes before turning to face Kallik. "How's it going?" He asked the young woman with an uneasy smile on his face.

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@canine: "We're like in one of those movies where one does all the work and the other talks" Nocturnal said amused apparently only being audible to Liam

"Hey there" Kallik said as she held the gum by her hips "do I know you?"

"Say yes" Nocturnal whispered loudly into Liam's ear like a fly bugging him.

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@omegablast452: Liam twitched his head, reacting uncomfortably to Nocturnal's voice. "Uh, yeah we do."

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@canine: "we?" Kallik asked amused yet confused

"shit you messed up" Nocturnal whispered again "don't worry I got this"

Kallik suddenly fainted and fell to the ground

"I mind wiped her, kiss her if she wakes up say you were giving her CPR"

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@omegablast452: Liam rolled his eyes. "If I didn't have you buzzing in my ear, I wouldn't have messed up." His fangs protruded from his jawline, Liam was getting very irritated. "Aright, I got this." He reassured himself before crouching down and pressing his lips against the Kallik's. I am actually kissing a Lycan... This is not enjoyable. He thought.

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@canine: Kallik woke up breaking away from the kiss and began coughing "what were you doing?" she said giving him a bizarre face.

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@omegablast452:Liam's eyes grew wide, almost forgetting what the 'story' was. Then he remembered as he backed up. "You passed out, I thought you weren't breathing and I was giving you CPR."