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I'm so confused.

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I think it has to do with Grand Theft Auto V.

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@warsman: You haven't seen this? I was just referencing it.

Loading Video...

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@warsman: Bill was f*cked, to say the least. But there was one thing, one thing that the Russian powerhouse would never seem to have. Sure he had his fancy fighting techniques, robotic discipline and such, but Bill? His special technique was being a crazy son of a bitch. He dropped his gun, it wasn't going to do him any good. Now that the 'man' was close enough, Bill...Hugged him. The sound of pins could be heard dropping on the floor, pins from the grenades Bill just pulled that were strapped his his chest. "It's ok! I learned this from the punishe-" Bill couldn't finish his sentence before the grenades exploded, sending him flying six feet in the other direction.

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"Did I die?"

A ringing sensation in his head told him otherwise.

"That's right...I've been through worse,"

Stumbling back to his feet, Warsman assumed his fighting pose. His eyes bounced in his head. He couldn't see straight. But he did catch sight of a white blur: a wife beater shirt - and the bastard wearing it!

"I'll make you suffer, Fixer,"

He took a step forward, rupturing one of the burns on his torso. He began to bleed profusely, almost like a faucet had been opened. But he continued to go, going so far as to lower his left arm and dangle it in a distracting pattern. The potential jabs from the Hitman stance would send normal boxers into a fearful daze until the pendulum finally exploded into a storm of punches.

"For everyone you have killed, including some of the people I would dare to call friends,"

The great Russian bear finally focused his eyes. His brain aired out the last of the grenade smoke and the shrapnel finally started hurting again. He knew he was truly alive.

"I'm going to snuff you out of this world!" he shouted, throwing a volley of lefts that would make champions sweat. He had to wait for the perfect time to unleash the right cutter. Then he could claim a KO victory and drag this maniac back to the depths of Hell where he belonged.

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Instead of getting into the car with Honor girl he said "Computer, take them to secret hideout number four". And waited until he couldn't see the car, instead of instantly speaking he walked over to him and looked at him right in the eye to then jab him in the nose fracturing it making him fall on the floor. Dark Vengeance then grabs him by his clothing and picks him up into the air "That was for killing him in front. Now listen, the only reason that I don't make you rot in prison the rest of your life for killing him is because I know that you are a good man and a hero, and you just made a mistake. Don't make me regret it". He doesn't know what it is to see someone die at that age, to have what was left of your innocence fade away like good dreams which you will never have again.Then he lets go of him and begins to walk away.

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@warsman: Bill coughed while wincing, looking down at the wifebeater that was almost completely tattered, under it was an experimental vest that absorbed great amounts of damage. Walking towards him was what seemed to be some sort of demon at this point, only making Bill laugh in a panic while looking around, until he saw it, the car door. "Come on come on come on you f*cker!" He winced while inching closer and closer. Just as the punches starting happening, the warehouse filled with the noise of what sounded like bullets hitting metal, it was only the Russian's fist beating on the door that Bill just barely managed to put in front of him.

He tossed away the now severely dented door to reveal yet another grenade in his hand, however this wasn't meant for meat. With a click, the small canister released a EMP field.

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@darkknightdetective: (O_o You can't hit a guy and fracture my nose...god modding sh!t >_> You know that dude )

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@pyrogram: (I thought you said I could hit you. Do you want me to change it to attempted or hit you less hard?".

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@pyrogram: (I just wanted an excuse to have my name on your list of injuries, do you prefer a dislocated jaw? Or Do you want me to give you a menu of the bones I can break or fracture in your body?)

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@pyrogram: (Well today's special is get two broken legs for one plus it comes with three fractured fingers of your choice)

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Gothic City

Cara's view of the docks at midnight was perfect as she lay in wait almost as if expecting something.

Kneeling on the edge of the roof she was a top of she sighed "What am I doing with my life Fludy?" Cara spoke to the parasitic alien that has been living inside her since the age of eight.

You are a hero Cara it's what you always wanted to be Fludy replied back through thought rather than actual words

"After the events of Chicago, I'm not sure I am one" Cara said to herself

Every hero has set backs Cara, remember what your Father said heroes only fall so they can learn to pick themselves up again

Cara gave a smile after her long old friend comforted her with words of her idol before the parasitic alien went dormant

"You always know how to cheer me up" Cara whispered to herself, standing up she as she saw the shipment of weapons that was to be delivered to Gothic mafia members

The SLS are coming to Gothic City, while I may not be a member I'm still an associate and it's time for me to start knocking out the gangs and clear the way for them, Cara had been in Gothic City for only a week and tonight was her first night of vigilantism.

Gothic Gang's perspective

"Alright get those weapons out of the eighteen wheelers" the leader of the group said

two men opened the back of one of the vehicles and a large array of weapons and crates were visible "sweet MAMA!" one of them said as he pulled out an rpg carefully.

"Seriously, sweet mama?" a blond female dressed in black said as she appeared out of the shadows, one of the men next to the guy with the rpg pulled out an AK-47 turning off the safety aiming at Cara and pulled the trigger

"what the?" he said confused as BB guns bullets fired instead of bullets, the bb bullets casually bounced off the blonds suit as she smiled.

Cara Hunter's perspective

Cara Hunter set the gang up, disguising herself as a weapons dealer the first day she landed in Gothic she had bought a weapons shipment in the black market with her Cerberus income in a short bidding war buying up to fifty millions dollars worth of weaponry, after which she bought look alike but fake replicas most of which were props to look like the real weapons.

After some bribing and persuasiveness on the phone she managed to get a meeting between one of Gothic's gang on her third day, hours before the deal was to take place Cara had the real weapons switched with the fakes ones.

"So how many mooks are here?" she smiled confidently even though she was surrounded on all sides by at least fifty men "bet you were going to make a deal huh?"

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@pyrogram: Yay! Are you going to take part in the vigilantes wanted RP against me?)

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@pyrogram: I just punched you in the face, there is your reason.

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@pyrogram: No, but you have reason to have beef

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From a rooftop Dark Vengeance looked at Gothic's newest vigilante, she's very good. He had been investigating her for the week that she had been here and had come to the conclusion that she is fit for the never ending war against crime. Aiding her is the best approach for her to avoid any conflict. Silently he glides over where the girl wonder is and then dives into scene 4 feet away from her.

"I only count 54"

The Gothic Knight then throws multiple smoke bombs and jumps towards one of the crooks to knee him in the face, as he is kneeing one of them in the face he throws six non-lethal poison Vs at six different targets from both of his hands knocking them out, then he punches the crook that was about to hit him from behind by crouching and performing the exotic backwards dragon punch in the stomach and kicking him the knee breaking it. Moving on the next bunch, he took out his explosive gel and drew a "V" in the floor and waited for them to rush at him to detonate it knocking out five more of them.

Before he made his next move, he activated a sonar which would send a signal for help. Bats.

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Black again.

Fully half of his body went into epileptic shock. Seizures within the cybernetic components of his being were locking his organic muscles. He could not stand, but instead curled into a fetal position like a fried beetle. Once the grenade finalized its sequence, Warsman remained still. Smoke began to emit from his orifices, looking for a way to escape from his overheating combat systems.

"I've...had...worse," he mumbled, rebooting.

The EMP resembled his own Fighting Computer in consequence. The pain was far from new, and the great Russian bear stood once more. In his red eyes burned an anger uncommon to normal people. He lunged for the Fixer, intent on beating him into a bloody pulp with his bare hands! A vicious step-in, minus the shoulder block, led to a revitalized Shotgun Spread with Warsman counting out more than thirty individual, and heavy, punches.

"Remember the name, Fixer, remember the name of the man who beat you! Remember - WARSMAN!"

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@warsman: (Dude! You think Bill would just WAIT for Warsman to reboot?)

Bill was outside of the warehouse as Warsman finished rebooting, carrying the suitcase full of the evidence from his contract and limped on over to his old 82 Ford. Looking back at the warehouse, he flipped up his middle finger while pressing the trigger of a detonator, explosives he had placed from before he even encountered the archer, again part of his original contract to decimate the building to remove all evidence from a mob crime. As the building went up in flames, the cleaner lit up a cigarette and glared at the flames with his good eye, sneering with a chuckle before hopping in his truck and burnt rubber out of there. "Remember this as the day you got your ass handed to ya by a crazy redneck...Rusky."

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(Fighting Computer takes thirty minutes to overheat and Warsman reboots within a few minutes. The EMP fried his circuitry within a few seconds, so it's only natural that his reboot comes shortly afterward. It's not like he takes a week to come back. But, whatever, good fight and all. I have some ideas to throw at you and see if they stick.)

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@warsman: Even then, a few minutes merits a person leaving a rather small warehouse to detonate explosives he had already placed before the fight. Throw some ideas)

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(Like I said, good fight. Let's have another one soon.)

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@darkknightdetective: The Dark Knight of Gothic City itself Cara thought watching in awe as he preformed a fluent combinations of movements.

Cara tried to reply back to him as she raised her hand but she was pelted with gun fire from almost twenty different men,

CARA! STOP LETTING THEM SHOOT ME I'M TRYING TO REST! Fludy screeched in her mind causing her to wince as she went to cover inside a building "okay, okay getting shot was a bad idea and totally my fault I'll go for a different plan of action"

two pairs of three men came running from opposite corridors trapping Cara between the long yet narrow hall way she was in

"Lookey, here looks like were going to have some f-" the thugs mouth seemed to freeze and so did his compatriots, speed blitz anyone? using her massive speed advantage Cara pulled out two black disks which had red circles in the center from her utility belt as she crouched, the left hand slid the left disc towards the thugs in Cara's left while Cara's other hand did the right.

"the hell-?"

"what th?"





were the only words each thug could say as the red discs within the black disks jumped upwards similar to the likes of a Bouncing Betty Mine going off but instead of the projectiles being lethal it was non lethal releasing a neutrino blast which in layman's terms could be best described as an EMP for organics one of Batgirl's most useful and powerful gadgets capable of taking out even the most durable of meta's.

Since Cara was crouched when she released the Neuro EMP mines it only hit those who were standing of which were the six men, which then slumped down to the ground and would remain unconscious for the next several hours.

"six, two stones three birds" she went to the right corridor jumping over the bodies of the unconscious men and slid into a room

"there she is SHOOT-!" twenty five men were there with Tommy Guns and their speech began to slur, Cara's mind learned a fancy trick that her Father taught her which she called Soldier Haze.

Soldier Haze functioned by removing all non factors and highlighting key objects or strategies, Cara was in a large room where boats were stored so it was extremely crowded and hard to move about

The ceiling highlighted a purple haze to Cara and she knew what to do, dropping several smoke pellets she grappled to the ceiling soaking in a few more dozen assault rifle bullets as she did before she dropped in a single sonic grenade. Cara placed in some noise canceling ear plugs with her free hand as the other held on to the grappling hook.

a sonic wave began to emit odd frequencies which messed with the ear fluids of the men crowded in the room and since it was so crowded with objects the sonic grenade worked at maximum efficiency k.o'ing the twenty five men in seconds. The sonic grenade turned off as its battery died and the bullets pressed against Cara's dark figure began to slowly pop out hitting the ground causing a steady pelting sound, Cara let go of her grappling hook and landed on one of the boats.

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Sakon and drakon both arrived in gothic city by bus. They had heard about the high crime rate and decided to pay a visit. Gothic city itself...looks like a dump if you ask me. Sakon said in his emotionless voice. Yes it does. Drakon replied. There is much to learn. Drakon had the same emotionless voice as Sakon but he shot 3 people dead that were in an alleyway with a handgun. Put a silencer on that thing drakon, You want us to have run ins with unwanted vigilantes? Sakon said to Dracon as they walked down the street.

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Smart move, taking out most of them with a sonic grenade and no casualties, it seems that everyone kills everyone these days. If this was a real test she passed it with an A, the least I could do now is taking down rest of them, and then give her a welcome to Gothic city. The idiots are going to start shooting at me disregarding their allies.

Dark Vengeance then activates an EMP which shuts off all weaponry by reaching to his utility belt and taking out the black detonator which had had a yellow light coming out and it worked multiple functions. As soon as the crooks caught up to what was happening they began to rush at him with their guns, just in time the bats crash through the windows and that terrifies them.

Then he begins taking them out one by one, you can hear their screams from a mile away but this is Gothic city so nobody can hear you beg, the criminals have the fear of God in them, but he is not God, he is a lot worse.

He then deactivates the sonar and most of the bats leave the building, only one man is standing and he doesn't know what to do. His mind is frozen but his body is still going. Then he appears and performs a silent take down to incapacitate him.

"Do you want me to interrogate him?" Most would have asked for a name or said "Welcome", but in Gothic there barely is any time for a welcome because people usually leave the second they see this city for what it is.

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@darkknightdetective: Cara shrugged her shoulders "He's your catch do what ever you want with him" Cara glanced towards her deactivated sonic grenade watching it self destruct via melting in a pool of metal.

Good nothing to reverse Cerberus tech Cara thought as she looked back at Dark Vengeance "Batgirl" Cara didn't bother raising a hand to shake she assumed he wouldn't even bother to accept it.

he's probably annoyed by interference anyway Cara thought as she tinkered with her utility belt.

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"Follow me".

The Gothic Knight picked up the last henchman that he took down and placed him in his right shoulder, he then grappled himself and the unconscious henchman to the top of the wooden warehouse through one of the broken top windows which the bats crashed through. From there he deactivated the invisibility mode on his jet that was floating on the side of the building, the jet was beyond silent.

"Get in".

He took about 3 minutes to tie the criminal to the left wing of the jet and then got on it too.

His destination 2000 feet above ground level , there he untied the still sleeping crook.

He lifted the criminal by his leg with one hand over the edge of the wing and held him there until he regained consciousness.

"Talk now".

"I don't know anything, please!!". He shouted.

Dark Vengeance then lethim go for 300 feet until he shot his claw at his leg and picked lifted him again.

"Next time I might not catch you".

"Okay! I'll tell you everything you want to know".

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@darkknightdetective: Cara saw his interrogation technique and remained unfazed by them

well he's not too brutal on them at least Cara thought as she got a flash back on the brutal interrogation techniques Cerberus officals used on prisoners.

she began to listen intently on what the captured man said while remaining silent as a ghost.

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The coward spilled his guts out, even that he still lived with his mother as if it was of any relevance. He was begging to to be free.

"Computer lock on target and deploy parachute in 30 seconds".

"What?! What are does that mean?!". He asked before Vengeance dropped him from the plane, thirty seconds after he was falling the plane shot a metal box at the man's back which released a parachute preventing him from painting the pavement red.Malcolm then dropped her off and on the nearest building and handed her a small communicator.

"This is if you ever need to contact me." he paused for a second.

"Welcome to Gothic city".

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Lynx enters the city under orders from a new client, with his catlike agility he leaps into the church and finds the priest giving advice in the confession booth. He is paid enough for this hit as the man had turned too many gangsters into 'born again', something like that in inexcusable by the dons. The priest had to go and it is his job to reunite the holy man with his god, in courtesy of this act Lynx outstretched his hand so he can dip the tip of the blade into the holy water.

"Sorry hefe, your time is up"

With precision he pierces the man once in the head, then after a second of silence he takes two more stabs at the man's heart just to make sure. His feline olfactory senses can detect the feces from the dying man, also urine from the other booth. A woman who is not a 'mark' so she is free to go, he only kills those he is paid to terminate.

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