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@pyrogram: Excuse me? You're above the pay grade.

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"Turn the goddamn lights off before the cops see us" The Gothic Knight said from the shadows to let the emerald crusader to that he was there. "This is Gothic city, not whatever Disney castle you came from, the police is not your friend here. They will shoot you as soon as they get the chance. They have orders to kill any vigilante that shows up in this city ." That might sound bitter coming from a territorial dog but in fact it was the truth. Gothic city is not a place for no hero or bright knight. Gothic city will take the good people and sink them down to her level. More families have been destroyed than they have been born here, more deaths than births. Only the corrupt or cold hearted live here.

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@_eclipse_: Yeah, I kind of laughed at that. But hey, I guess you found your Emerald Knight for your new team right?

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He switched the light off, "I'm not a vigilante - I'm a hero" Lowering himself down to the knights level, "You may see the darkness in this world, but I see the light - The world has not forgotten about heroes, heroes have forgotten about the world".

Walking towards the Knight, he created a notebook and pen, ready to write stuff down "Tell me Knight, tell me what you do here? Do you think stopping one crime at a time has any significance? No - It's an illusion - You must become an idol, a symbol and then you will achieve greatness" Switching himself to blue, he shot into the air and span around illuminating the area for no apparent reason.

@zauberin: ( I was just speaking - Not going to legit RP in here. Meeting with DarkKnight temporarily - If Warsman is allowed here so am I lol )

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@_eclipse_: Yeah, I kind of laughed at that. But hey, I guess you found your Emerald Knight for your new team right?

We already decided that a few days ago xP

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@pyrogram: I'm the dark knight of the team.

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@pyrogram: I was kidding. Warsman is already way above the paygrade, and I'd be a hypocrite to not say anything about that but say it to you. Plus I'm not even sure of the level system.

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@pyrogram: Now all we need is a Man of Steel, Warrior Princess (possibly eagle of east?), Fastest man alive (Quickster?), Shapeshifter, and a fish guy.

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@zauberin: But you did only say something to me....you hate me.

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@pyrogram: But I mentioned him in the follow-up.

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@schlampe: Only after assaulting me and I had to defend myself.

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@pyrogram: If that's how you took it, you deserve to be assaulted.

Now I'm gonna show up and "just converse" with the whole town.

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@schlampe: I'll tie you up and thrown you in plasma.

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@pyrogram: You can't. I'm just talking. You're being malicious.

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@schlampe: I'll verbally explain how I'll tie you up and thrown you in plasma then without doing it.

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Damn it, he's as naive as his suit is bright. Why doesn't he just draw a target on his back and stand on a shooting range to be done with it. I'm not worried about me or him, I'm worried about the people that could get caught in the crossfire, Gothic police doesn't care about civilians they only care about getting their paycheck. It's not a surprise that there is already a swat sniper aiming for his head, when a new "hero" shows up in Gothic it's every man for himself in the department. Taking out one of us is a huge bonus both in reputation and paycheck.

The Gothic Knight uses his grapple gun to rapidly boost himself towards where the man was flying and air tackle him to prevent the bullet from connecting to his forehead and killing him. As soon as they hit the rooftop floor behind one of the ledges he says with pissed off tone "Stay down you idiot, you have a bounty on your head now. That wasn't a normal hit man, that was a SWAT sniper. If the word spread so fast then you can bet that you have more cops coming for your head".

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( I'm not worried about me or him, I'm worried about the people that could get caught in the crossfire - Bullshit you nearly blew up the whole city once! )

Pyro levitated into the air, flying towards the Knight he folded his arms "Big deal like a bullet will kill me" He chuckled to himself, and then a more serious tone came about his face "Okay - I can see this city has corrupted you down to a fundamental level - The world is not evil - Nothing is ever too far gone for redemption you just need to have faith in humanity" His keen senses could easily pick up all the crime and hate in the city as he floated "But...this is your city, I can see that and I am no fool, my way of heroism clearly does not work in a place where the police would rather have you dead than alive...Maybe, maybe your way of life here works..or at-least works better than mine" Creating a green gun, he shot a police officer below just ready to shoot at them, the bullet created a net which trapped the man "Since when did police officers start shooting people though?....why have you not stopped the corruption? Is it impossible or are you just not good enough?"

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@schlampe: I'm correct and then suddenly "maybe" see I'm never correct ever.

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(Precognition, I knew you would prevent me from doing that and save the city but you have to admit it was a smart move, risky as f*ck, but smart)

"Because corruption is not an enemy that you can just punch until it can no longer fight. It takes time to clean up a city especially when every judge is either bribed or threatened and when anyone ever trying to build a case against the corrupt of this city suddenly doesn't want to anymore or vanishes for a while and is later found in Gothic river, and I'm not big on the idea of killing them but I'm entertaining the idea". That last part was his idea of a joke, his sense of humor dry as ever and hopefully he wouldn't take it the wrong way, it's just that after a while even your sense of humor starts getting dark. "That man that you just trapped will be getting out of prison with a tap in the back two hours after he is processed".

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@pyrogram: (Yeah, but only Stark can use that against me because I also nearly killed him.)

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@darkknightdetective: ( You were nowhere near killing him! He snapped your neck -_-, He just fell unconsciousness )

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@pyrogram: (Yeah so did I! I guess that makes it a stalemate)

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@darkknightdetective: POW! Stumbled back a back from the explosion, throwing up a quick burst pf kinetic shielding to protect himself from the explosion. "Now you're going to make me act irresponsible now aren't you!?" He shouted while charging up his gloves and fired down into the train cart, ripping through the roof like paper and dragged the beam forward towards the dark knight.

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Mark Strode, started off as a small fry in 80s and kissed himself up to the top or at least the highest he will ever get. I've been gathering evidence against him for the past few weeks but suddenly he has increased security. I know it wasn't because of me because he has never seen me and doesn't believe I'm real. That should tell you a lot about his intelligence considering that he lives in a world where men fly still doesn't think I'm real. But he believes in shadows that follow him and so do I. I think that someone is out to kill him and as easier as that would make my life I can't allow that to happen.

The Dark Detective crashed through the window and perfectly landed where he saw the blue man covered in blood. A certain relief came to him knowing that the crook was not dead yet, but angry at the blood of the secretary being spilled. His main objective was saving the scumbag and the girl so in a instinct he ran at great speeds towards them in attempt to grab them and open a "door" so they can get to a hospital and then deal with the assassin.

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Everything had gone slowmotion after the girl was stabbed. The Imp pulled the sword out of the girl. Everyone was terrified, shocked. No response was in sight. He was thrown off guard but the intensity of the situation stopped the others from mobing. Taking a few steps back the girl fell slowly. A shadowy figure came in from the window grabing Mark and his secretary. As the guards tried to move Alphonse bamfed out leaving only a smoke behind. Then with another 'bamf' he slang his swords dropping dead the last guard. The shadowy figure who was ovbiously the famous Dark knight of Gothic City was busy with saving the mafia leader.

''What do you think you're doing!? That man deserves to die!'' He was sure of his words as he talked. A sorrowfull emotion came to his face as he thought about the girl. ''That man won't help the girl. He only cares about his own hide. '' The sadness could be seen from every move of his body. He didn't make any move to offend the dark knight with hopes to solve this with conversation. As he talked he moved towards to window. With a quick peek he could see the cars below. Any movement down there wouldn't go without him noticing. ''If you had done what I am here to do, you would have this city more clean!'' Said mockingly. After a quick peek to the below of the aprtmant he turned once again to the dark knight before him.

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Irreversibly immersed in his frenetic frequenting of the less extravagant mortal plane, the self-proclaimed Olympian Bull's visually prominent form divinely manifests in a city characterized by the unorthodox aestheticism of artistic gothic architecture. A towering frame of wordlessly boasted physical imposition served as ominous warder of undesired conflict for the deceptively gentle Olympian. "Well", a deep voice of intrinsic masculinity conveyed by verbal composure commenced the Greek God's spoken thoughts, "Time to find a place with mead".

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"This is dull....dull...dull....ohh?" Pyro looked around as his eyes caught attention of a butch figure, looking slightly out of place in this dark world yet towering over it like he could step downwards and crush the entire city with his imposingly impressive pose, Pyro swiftly flew towards the man, hoping to greet him and ask his business in this place...really, Pyro was just bored. He had not done any real hero work in a while, so this would be a time killer. Dropping downwards next-to the man he chuckled and spoke at the same time , "Easy fella I mean no harm" Outstretching a angelically glowing green hand he smiled, "Names Pyro - But you can call me P" He winked, amused at the mans attire.

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@pyrogram: Relying on instinctive reactionary response to immediate threats, Alceus' observational prowess was rapid in the determination of the approaching man's absent hostility. "Pyro eh?", the Son of Olympus asked with unapparent pensiveness, firmly shaking the luminescent, emerald hand of the acquired acquaintance. "Hmm, I would rather call you Emerald Man haha!", an escaped chuckle atmospherically lightening the mood prior to subsequent conversational banter, "So tell me Pryo, why the glow?", Alceus asked with authentic curiosity.

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"Ah you see" Pyro chuckled, retracting his hand clenching a fist between the two as a secondary construct looking like a replica ring appeared out of nowhere with a divine green glow, "I'm a mutant you see" He paused, hoping the man did not despise mutants but he carried on "Yet my powers do not work properly...or safety - This ring stabilizes my powers" Removing the ring from the air he then folded his arms, "I can do this" Thinking the color red for power through a mental connection the ring had to his mind, his entire body enveloped itself in a fiery red glow "This form gives me power or rather" He then thought blue, turning blue "This form gives me healing" He smiled, nodding happily towards the man "I have a few more but whatever!" Pyro was an enthusiastic hero, loving life and loving his job. "So - Who am I showing off to then?" He beamed a grin.

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@pyrogram: "Mutant? Ah yes, mortals born with powers. Heh, not bad", shrugging with an apparent lack of impressed acknowledgement, appropriately followed by a softly produced chuckle. "That is an aesthetic type of power my friend", Alceus admitted with respectful intent prior to offering his verbal response to Pyro's enthusiastically presented question. "To an Olympian. Olympian as in Greek God, not athlete", while innately uncomfortable with identifying himself as a god of historically documented divinity, the Olympian Bull could not identify himself as a mutant or human either.

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"Oh..I...Um..Uhh" Pyro chuckled and looked around nervously, "S..so you're a God?" His eyes widened in awe "That's amazing!" Pyro felt his feet lift off the ground a little in levitation before dropping himself back down, he was acting like a child...why was he acting like a child? He put on a more serious face "Ah yes, A God? It is my honor to meet one of your status" Bowing respectfully he comically made a Greek flute and starting playing it happily, looking back up towards the God "Does this God have a name?" Pyro offered the man the flute for no apparent reason.

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@pyrogram: "Immortality aside, gods and super-powered beings are not that different", Alceus admitted with unrestrained showcased humility. "Though we do not age... at all. And we have more knowledge of 'things'. And we have better women, alcohol", jesting laughter escaping his hulking frame as a light pat on Pyro's back followed the verbal jest. "Alceus is my name", he began, "Or at least my first name. Traditionally, Olympians do not have last names. So I gave myself one. Sol", a calm chuckle operating as the precursor to following words, "I always like to say that a real man names himself".

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Pyro shrugged thoughtfully yet sorta oblivious "I named myself" He chuckled "I'm a real man then?" A chuckle escaped his glowing aura as he felt himself regain some posture even though the mans pat was light, raising an eyebrow "Better women you say? Better alcohol?" Clenching his fist once more, a notebook and pen came out, faking to write, "You're gona have to get me on that VIP list buddy, what's your number?" He winked in an ironic fashion, suddenly remembering how much fun he was having in a place like this, where people were raped hourly...it showed in his sour expression "S..Sorry I just remembered something" Lighting up the mood again, literally, his aura glowed a little more "You know...I forgot my real name a while back" He frowned "I think it was Hank...anyways - What are you the God of?" He asked, curiosity eating at his mind.

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@pyrogram: "Clearly my good man, you are a man's man", a smirk of undeniable amusement in regards to the absent seriousness imbued in the shared conversational banter. "Number? Bah, we have no need for things such as telephones", nonchalantly dismissing the notion of such technological devices, "Magic is something we are more accustomed to, as you can imagine". Narrowly, the Divine Son's observational capabilities rendered possible the detection of escalated sorrow in Pyro's person. "I think nothing of it my boy. In all the years I have walked, I have forgotten things far more important than names", attempting to perpetually lighten the somber atmosphere with mild humor. "Me? Is it not obvious?", he joked, "God of Combat. Ares had God of War, I did not feel like stealing my brother's titles".

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"A man's man? Eh! I like it!" Looking around the city listening to the man, slightly lost in peculiar thought about past events which were troubling him yet never disregarding from his elegantly excitable mood "Wait" He squinted "You are bro's with Ares?" His hand suddenly gripped a Spartan sword which had manifested "I gotta try something" He jumped backwards a little and smirked, "You seen the movie 300? You know...the Spartan one?" His other hand suddenly constructed a full sized Spartan shield, interlocking himself into a standard one manned phalanx position "You done much of this? Or are you a berserk who charges in and stomps" He stayed in position, no apparent reason other than fun. Suddenly, a Spartan helmet placed itself over his head glowing green, this was fun.

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@pyrogram: "With him, and others", slight discontent at the existential reality regarding his less than familial relationship with younger sister, Amora. "Oh I have Pyro, I wanted to see how accurate they would portray the Spartans. Decent attempt", spontaneously adopting a minimalist attitude prior to humorous breakdown in escaping laughter. "I had my days. Maybe one day I wanted to boast skill. When I am feeling lazy it is different. I forsake all finesse for brute force. My enemies might as well have mountains dropped on them. Better than being hit with this", jokingly referring to his raised left fist.

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He clashed the sword and shield together while trying to chant some Greek crazily replicating what he had seen in the movie, "That must be awesome! Being a Spartan?...Killing Persians! Killing Titans?...Killing other GODS!" Getting a little too exited, he dropped the shield, crashing into the ground as it vanished into green dust, looking down comically "Whoops" Looking towards the Olympian once more "Hah! I bet you have tales of greatness" He tilted his head slightly to the side, squinting with both eyes but more with the right, "Hey dude...Why are you on earth anyways?" He looked around, wide eyed "No titans are here?" He clenched the sword without realizing, he was not serious, but his antics sometimes got him agitated.

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@pyrogram: "Oh no my boy, I have never really been a Spartan. Though Heracles and I were what the Spartans hoped to become", lighthearted laughter appropriately following the flexing of his colossal right biceps with apparent joking intent. "But those other things just come naturally with being an Olympian", calmly crossing both arms prior to answering Pyro's presented question. "I like this world. The people here, they are less pretentious, more bearable than gods. Not to mention that adventure is always here hehehe", a softly escaped chuckle concluding his response.

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There is a reason why I didn't bring Hunter along tonight, because I knew I was going to need him somewhere else. I carefully told him to listen to everything that was going on from the computer. He's my ace and has been in many situations. Someday, he's going to be better than me, someday he's going to be better than anyone that this world has seen before, and just thinking that he might not become what I want him to be scares me because he will become one of the most powerful beings here on Earth soon and there is not going to be a way to stop him if he does.

Kid-Vendetta flies with all his speed looking for that train, when he finally found it he quickly threw the TNT into space, and attempted to stop the train by putting the brakes on, knowing that his attempts would be futile he stepped on the rail and stopped the train by pushing against it which was successful. "I stopped the train, do you need any help?".

"No, I can deal with him for now". So he's done playing? Good, so am I. Malcolm jumped back and fired multiple mini missiles from his gauntlets at the Nazi knowing that it would buy him some time. There was also a good reason why he brought him here in the middle of nowhere. From here he could get to his HQ where he had all his weapons. He quickly went into a tunnel and called his car by pressing a button in his utility belt. He needed more time and the car could prove as a good distraction. The car came rushing at 400 mph right towards Warsman firing bullets that could pierce a elephant aiming to run him over.

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Dark Vengeance threw a flash grenade at POW! calculating that it would trigger the blinding beam of light in mid-air right in front of him, he ran towards the end of the train cart to avoid getting tagged by the kinetic blast there he called his motorcycle by pressing a button to the left in his utility belt. The bike was parked a mile ahead of the train, it would start firing rubber bullets at POW!. But for now he kept stalling by climbing on top of the ceiling and throwing multiple Vs at him.

As the bike arrived and started shooting at him, Dark Vengeance quickly ran towards POW! and and attempted to knee him in the head. He knew that he couldn't dodge both attacks in such a small surface and if he decided to jump off he would run after him anyways.

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@darkknightdetective: POW! Was not a dramatic villain, he was not a Lebeau, or a Knightfall, he was a common crook with some powerful hardware. This was going to make his next move alot easier, showing he wasn't in it for the fight, he was in it for the gold. His suit managed to absorb some of the impact done by the rubber bullets but it still made him throw his arms up, quickly having his forearms smashed by DV as his knee was supposed to hit his face. Through gritted teeth, thanks to the pain of a freshly recovered arm, he literally just threw himself off the train. "Time to do your job CAPE!" He shouted while falling, looking back at the train and fired a beam at the tracks just ahead, making the train go into a tittering frenzy, risking it to fall over with the people inside. POW! on the other hand, quickly turned back towards the ground just in time to fire a quick burst of energy, cushioning his fall into a car only slightly.

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Using his light once more to alert the city of his presence, he was needing to find a fellow Paragon member and ask them a question which was troubling him, the agent had dropped a card and atop of the card lay a symbol....a symbol of something which did not seem like a hero would use....a reasonable hero. Pyro waited for the Knight as he hovered in the air.

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"What is it?" He said as he entered in his usual dramatic and stealthy manner. Most days he would turn down the meeting or not show up when the person that invited him is basically announcing his presence in one of the most dangerous cities of the world but for the purpose of making their partnership work he was willing to take the risk. He might actually learn some interesting information on the meeting about him and whatever he was here for even if it was a trap or he needed help.

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"I have some information which you may find interesting" Turning off his glow he walked into an alleyway expecting the man to follow "You are a Paragon correct?...I have some info which is...confusing" Shaking his head he leaned on the wall, now in dark jeans and a green hoody "Check this" He handed the Knight a card, with the ____ symbol on it.

( You know the symbol :P )

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"Where did you get this?". He asked knowing that he will not like the answer to that. If _______ has something to do with the Paragons he can expect something bigger behind the formation of the team than a contingency task force against an alien invasion or crisis of some sort. Things had a larger scale than that but it _____ is behind this why pick him? They don't exactly share a friendly history, it is actually the opposite of that. They tried to kill each other once for Christ's sake.