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Xenon walked over to a desk as he began to speak "You know" He started typing on the computer "I never suspected you were the Presidents son...not once" He walked over with a syringe "Now...Let's see something".....He chuckled a little "I'm sorry...I have a secret" Xenon had done his cyborg thing to himself, he experimented on people...tested them...changed them...he was a nasty man. Flicking the needle as some liquid splurged out, he attempted to dig it into Phillips lower leg. If successful millions of nano-bots with the memories of Joe would flood the mans system, giving the man a dual personality....or something like that, maybe repressed memories from Joe Phillip would think were his own?...The brain was a funny old thing.....Xenon was unaware how easily Phillip could escape if needed.

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@xenon_: Phillip followed Xenon with his eyes, carefully tracking his movements. "Well, he's not really the President where I come from..." More like 'planetary ruler'/psychopomp. Fewer restrictions on his power certainly. Phillip clenched his fists, flexed them a few times. He could feel the cuffs distorting in spacetime. That syringe looked nasty. "Are you really trying to save this city? I have to say I have my doubts now. Who did we kill?" Phillip braced himself against the table.

As Xenon got close, Phillip would spring up, shedding the handcuffs. He would try to snatch the needle away from Xenon, and jab it into the robot...preferably somewhere painful like his face or a nerve cluster.

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@pro_nelson: Leon begins to laugh, an insane laugh like a demon. "You'll kill me...HAHAHAHA YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!!" his body shifts again and the mouths on his chest and arm lick their lips and draw in the souls of people around him as he lets out a demonic roar and stabs the tongue and soars at nelson evading the statues eery glow and swinging with a black aura for his heart

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"God damn it!" Nelson yells in frustration his go to capture & kill method was dodged. His adversary charges him once again but with the field vision his chameleon and "King of Hell" statue share he evades the mad swings.

drawing his summons from battle he then draws his Psyche Disruption Blade jumping in the air. Dashing from the air towards his opponent attempting to stab the mouth attached to his chest.

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@pro_nelson: The mouth opens and its like a vortex inside as it eats the destruction blade, almost like his demon of hell statute would. seizing the opportunity Leon swings his grotesque demon arm swings in an attempt to grasp Nelson by his neck as the mouth on his chest closes in an attempt to bite off Nelsons hand.

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Instinctively Nelson re-directs his momentum to his legs he thrusts his heels towards the lower abdomen of the demon. He then back flips gathering distance from his opponent waiting on his next move.

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@pro_nelson: the knee smashes into the medal with a clang as the mouths blast dark energy at nelson.

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It's a quiet night for Gothic city, 12 attempt robberies all over the city, no murderers and 7 attempts to, and 8 rape attempts. Maybe too quiet, which means that the night is not over. This city will never give me an easy night as long as I live. Sometimes I think that she hates me and sometimes I think that she loves for trying to save her. But it doesn't matter, I will clean her, because despite all I believe in Gothic city, I believe that she can become one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The Gothic Knight runs through the rooftops looking for anyone that needed his help when suddenly he sees a tall man wearing a dark costume with blood on his hands against the wall, a meta-human with strong telekinetic abilities. There was no need to ask him questions, he knew he had committed a crime in his city and needed to be stopped. He threw three smoke bombs at him to blind and instantly performed a dive attack towards him.

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Through an adept telepathic ability which worked somewhat like precognition, replacing a portion of his nervous system with an intricate detection system controlled fully by his subconsciousness, this was an unprecedented scanning system which locked itself onto all, or most nervous and electrical impulses around the vicinity caused by musucalr contraction constantly prepared for an attacks, this in consequence had automatically alerted him at a non-cognitive state without his awareness that an attack was immanent. His body automatically produced the required telekinetic barriers to disperse the gas which the three bombs had come towards him nigh instantly, now fully aware of his attacker Xenon jumped backwards avoiding the dive luckily, if the man had performed at slightly faster speeds, he may have even connected. Adopting a simple, yet effective boxing stance against the man he waited, knowing that his counter-measures against surprise attacks were considerably faster than his own cognitive defenses - as a consequence he would be fighting slower than his previous defense. His body however, still judging and surveying the man's eletrical impulses waiting for an attack, not a perfect system - but it had its merits.

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( To anybody reading - Don't get confused this is Pre-Black Panther Look Xenon )

Phillip followed Xenon with his eyes, carefully tracking his movements. "Well, he's not really the President where I come from..." More like 'planetary ruler'/psychopomp. Fewer restrictions on his power certainly. Phillip clenched his fists, flexed them a few times. He could feel the cuffs distorting in spacetime. That syringe looked nasty. "Are you really trying to save this city? I have to say I have my doubts now. Who did we kill?" Phillip braced himself against the table.

As Xenon got close, Phillip would spring up, shedding the handcuffs. He would try to snatch the needle away from Xenon, and jab it into the robot...preferably somewhere painful like his face or a nerve cluster.

Xenon's eyes tracked the mans jump up, however his body was not fast enough to react as the syringe dug deep into his right eye, blinding him instantly as Xenon pushed of backwards through a table as it shattered, his unrelenting strength was now uncontrollable as he violently crashed into the wall behind, over 10 tons of power augmented itself through his body as his own version of adrenaline kicked in.....punching the wall behind him with a back-first leaving a deep crater, the syringe had contained a chemical which directly interfered with Xenon's systems, as it was part of the reason he was a cyborg....his motive for wanting to Inject Phillip was very, very sinister.

His body started to regain composure, Xenon chuckled quickly and sadistically before looking up at Phillip, blood and a black liquid oozing from his eye, a croaked voice "Y-You are...Are...hrmm...hrmmm" His mind was shattered from the toxin and the stab...his voice function had faltered. Instantly swiping out his holstered gun he pointed it towards Phillip, firing 5 shots. All of which would circle around the man and hopefully smash into him with five second intervals, meaning it would be harder to dodge, regardless of the outcome he would then run towards the man and attempt to punch him in the stomach, and then follow up with another two punches towards both biceps.

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@xenon_: As the cyborg crashed through the wall, Phillip was hot on his trail. Stay up close, in his face, don't give him a chance to regain proper footing. (Where did he train? Where did he learn to fight? He couldn't remember. There was only pink light, blissful pink light). "I'm what. Say it." Phillip hissed through his teeth. Bullets whizzed around him, taking up orbit. He was their center of gravity. Not for long. A telekinetic blast hurled them into the walls. "I'm your master, your better Xenon." In his mind's eye he saw Xenon's moves before the cyborg's nerve impulses would even get a chance to fire. He'd counter the stomach punch with a foot to the metal-man's stomach. The bicep punches with simple palm deflections. And then, if he could, he'd telekinetically rend the man's brain in two along the corpus callosum. He would not die...not yet...but his hemispheres would not be able to communicate. If he had a human brain that was...Phillip didn't know.

"So I would suggest you get back on your knees and bow."

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The kick connected with Xenon sending him sprawling backwards before he felt his two attacks being defected, smashing backwards into the wall again creating a large thud and cracks he fell to his knees as the last part of his "human" mind stopped working, or seemingly stopped communicating with his technological mind. He fell to his knees on all fours, blood dripping from his eye socket...a slow, but sure chuckle started too emit from his mouth...his voice-box was now repaired, he was no longer a cyborg...Phillip had virtually turned him into a machine. With his mind, he controlled the bullets that had previously been dismissed, all five of them jumped into the air and shot towards Phillip instantly breaking the sound barrier, Without a moments notice seemingly instantly combined with his bullets Xenon teleported behind Phillip, upon an instant arrival he would hopefully perform a stab towards the mans kidney followed by a twist, all performed in under a second. The knife, was a finger strike made out of metal which made steel look like polystyrene.

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@xenon_: It all happened too fast. Much too fast. Before he knew what happened, before he could know (because his life was governed by some higher force which made him see what it wanted him to see, feel what it wanted him to feel) he was on the floor, his life's blood seeping away. Through bloody breaths he said:
"And Lo, the world was made in the mesh of light. But one was sick, and one was well. But the well one could not exist without the...the sick and so...and so..." his wounds were reverting fading away as if they'd never been. Phillip's eyes began to glow pink. "And so the world was flawed. And 2000 years ago, one of the siblings sent down an avatar to try to fix the sickness. But it ran too deep. And now, 2000 years later, I came here." He was whole again. Spacetime warped around him. If Xenon tried to approach, he would find himself in a nearly infinite tunnel. It would stretch on and on and on for years, before ending in a gravity well. "All praise VALIS."

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Before Xenon had even heard the man, he had fled. Running outwards towards the front entrance he left the building feeling a true, true sense of fear. Knowing that his opponent would be too great for himself to beat conventionally. He after-all had seen it, the future showed him dead. No future showed him alive. Upon leaving the building he activated the self-destruct protocols.....A single beep was heard and only 5 seconds later the entire base would explode. Xenon would then jump into his car and attempt a get-away.....unaware his opponent had probably survived. His body was nearing death, his eye had been destroyed, He plugged himself into his car jack through a USB....sending information of this event to a previously untold master.....Stark.

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@xenon_: The pink light faded away, and Phillip saw that he was alone. Sighing, he lay for a moment on the cold floor. He hated reverting injuries, his body just felt out of synch with time afterwords. He didn't move as the building collapsed around him, simply threw up a telekinetic field and watched the rubble grinding and crashing over him.

He should go tie up the loose ends. He could feel the medic's life force extinguished in the crash, so that just left his good friend Xenon. Without dropping his shield, Phillip opened a wormhole and stood up, appearing in the middle of the street directly in front of Xenon's car.

His plan was simple: Give Xenon a moment to recognize his attacker, watch the fear of VALIS in his eyes, and then flatten the car telekinetically.

He knew nothing of the data input sent to Stark...and many were the days he'd regret this.

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@_destiny_: ( Sorry it took a while! Got busy with something :/ )

Without a moments notice Xenon smashed on the break as the car crumbled in on him, feeling a death sensation and claustrophobia creep up on him as the car started to flatten, Boasting his strength - all 10+ tons of it he used his immense leg strength to literally jump and rip through the metal roof of the car as-if it was nothing more than simple paper. Landing to the side of the car in a crouch, his body shaking with anger and pain, his robotic nervous system crying out before he shut it off. His eyes...eye scanned the man, thinking of copious ways to defeat a Precog knowing it was a worthless pursuit.

He then caught sight of the smashed windscreen, inside of each individual glass piece which had been shattered he looked inside, looking into the future - into each and every outcome of the event however unable to change it, or even influence the events. Only seeing the outcome meant he would not be-able to defend against hits, but.....he could last longer. For example, seeing a giant scar on his face in one piece of glass made him aware that in one future, the man had dug his face in with something. He only hoped he would see something, anything in the glass which would help him survive.

Getting back too a full stance, he sighed spitting on the ground "You..." He relentlessly pushed on forwards, his footwork was perfectly choreographed from years of battle-born training and combat. Jumping into the air attempting to punch the man in the head with over a tons worth of damage, swiftly following up with a shot towards the mans rib-cage and then thigh, this amount of strength in punches meant a simple deflection like before would render a normal human hand instantly broken - A one ton punch was more than simple martial arts, on a different level entirely.

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@xenon_: The car flattened like crêpe paper, metal folding in on itself with anguished groaning. For a moment, everything was silent but for the tick tick tick of metal slowly unfolding in the heat. Then Xenon burst forth, shrapnel clanking to the ground around him. What would it take to bring him down? Phillip did not want to cause a full-blown spectacle...not yet. He needed to keep his presence largely unknown. A basic metahuman brawl was fine, it was just a daily thing in Gothic City. But if he leveled the block the media might show up, and that just wouldn't do...

His mental clock was tick tick ticking, more rapidly than the metal. He had wasted enough time here. In a matter of hours the next stage of his plan had to be implemented. Xenon had to die, and fast. Things were about to get ugly.

Phillip sighed, knowing that this was about to hurt tremendously. "Yes, me." he said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. As Xenon attacked him, Phillip was going to try to grab both his fists. His hands would be badly broken in the process, but he should be able to revert the damage enough to allow him to keep his grip. Then, he would rapidly age one half of Xenon's body, and rapidly revert the other. From dust, to dust, as they say.

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Feeling a feeling that was foreign to his body scared Xenon, Scared him more than he had ever been scared before, Simultaneous the the mans grab he had phased himself through a rarely used form of intangibility which he had only used around three times his entire life. Phasing out of the mans grip, followed by a beam of pure electrical energy to emit from his good eye hoping to connect with Phillips before he jumped backwards, his feet suddenly gave way however due to the punishment he had received prior. This was the end for Xenon. Nearing the end. Smashing his hands towards the ground, emitting an electromagnetic pulse to surge around the area and hopefully burn, scold and murder Phillip with the heat generated from his blast. Suddenly he fell side-wards, unconscious. Blood dripped from his eye socket as a puddle of blood started to envelop his head. He was not dead, but not alive. He was in limbo.....Phillip had his chance to end all of this. End....everything. For now.

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@xenon_: Xenon's hand passed through his with the whisper of a ghost wind. Time remained in its hourglass, steadily dropping away without alteration. Phillip frowned, irritated by his foe's resilience. A beam of electrical energy blasted towards him, and entered his right eye....it came out his left, transformed into a pink beam that dissipated into mysterious symbols. VALIS was beginning to speak.

The gninnigeb was nigh. For a moment, Phillip ascended to the fifth dimension against his will (s/he/they wanted him to see) and looked down on it all. The blast roiled around where he had stood, and then he stood again. He was dizzy, and the excess sections of his brain felt feverish.

Xenon lay on the ground before him, and Phillip had a choice to make. But, as his life was predestined by his past self, he had no choice after all. "Goodbye friend." he said, and reaching forwards he would close Xenon's remaining eye, and with his touch bring entropic death.

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The touch of predestined death pressed onto Xenons eyes, upon the touch his life slowly yet humbly left his corpse. A few last electrical impulses scurried around his body...sending signals...signals trying to find a way to life...but his time was done...his time...had ended. No technology, no powers could sustain against the wheel of fate...A single breath emitted from his mouth....was his soul ascending to a higher place?....only time would tell...

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@xenon_: And it was done. Phillip Ziev left Gothic City, leaving nothing but sorrow and destruction in his wake.

This was just a harbinger of things to come.

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@_destiny_: Sweet. So that concludes Pre-Panther Xenon. Nice!

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It had been quite some time since Anya had been home, and her departure hadn’t turned out on good circumstance - marked by her father’s attempt to pimp her out for his drug habit, and her being forced to fight a man trying to force himself on her off of herself, discovering she had some kind of powers in the process. Now, gratefully, somehow the catlike ears which spontaneously sprouted at Bethany’s house had disappeared, but she was still stuck with the ridiculous “underwear costume.”

Her absence, apparently, had been noticed by at least a few people. Coming off of Big Dog Avenue and turning onto Runyon Ave, almost as soon as she stepped onto her street, some guy noticed and started screaming.

“Hey! It’s that girl! That one from the news! Jag….Jag….The missing girl!”

Others began to notice as well, whispering, shouting, calling on phones about the missing child everyone assumed had been kidnapped and murdered. Anya let out a sigh and just continued tramping sulkily on the way to her apartment building, wondering how she was to explain her absence to her parents. And what could she say? That she’d run away and somehow got accidentally sucked into some tournament in Hell? She’d started to convince herself that it was all just a dream. After all, how else could she have taken out a world-class terrorist, and with one shot, let alone won the whole thing? And, as expected, there was no prize money, or the house she’d wished for. Same old same old.

Up the stairs and through the holed, infested, and stained hallways to her number, there was a part of her that was glad to no longer feel like her life was in danger, but what she had come back to was largely depressing. She knocked, waited a few seconds, then knocked again.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. Hold your damn hor–Anya!?”

Appearing almost as dumbfounded as he, Anya smiled timidly in the face of her father.

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Eighty years.

Hitler often dreamed of landing his forces on American soil. Warsman respected that dream, but not the madness behind it. Even if Hitler had his way and Britain folded alongside the Soviet Bear, then the States would still present much more of an obstacle than he could ever theorize. The war would have been extended perhaps until the modern era. Warsman did not respect that idea of senseless killing because it would have been Hitler who would have committed the ultimate genocide - not him.

Eighty years since Hitler's passing and the North American continent had forgotten the sacrifice of its soldiers so long ago. It fell into depravity and depression, cracking under its own weight. Having climbed to the highest point in Gothic City by virtue of his short-range teleports, the Nazi warlord unfurled the symbol of his hatred and desire to undermine everything that the populations of the free world needed to be reminded of. Cutting down the stars and stripes, he replaced it with something far more necessary for today's world:

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This city's history records are wrong. Gothic city was not built entirety by mercenaries because if that were true the city wouldn't be as beautiful as it is. My great grandfather, Nolan Press to many was and still is a visionary. Like I do, he fights for the good of this city, he lived his life believing that this city would be free of crime and poverty at some point and died because of those beliefs as records show, he was mysteriously stabbed in the chest for what was to be believed the speech in the inauguration of the Press tower that he gave the night before he was killed. He said "Gothic city is alive, she is like any human being, she has her addictions and flaws but she can be saved if we let her see her own beauty. ". I agree with this except one part of the speech. Gothic city is not a human being she is a monster and I think that my great grandfather realized that as he took his last breath and stared at his tower, they said that his last words were also lines from his speech, he said "I want this tower to be a symbol of goodness that the world can see from far away, that if they left bitter because of their misfortunes that took place they can't say this city was not gorgeous". Remembering this sentence alone makes my heart burn when I see my great grandfather's legacy being dishonored, as I see the flag of a mad man hanging from the highest and purest point of the city. And I can only see red and think "I want vengeance".

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Removing a tape recorder from his coat pocket, Warsman began to leave a message for the detective that he would find after the inevitable fight.

"Das Vierte Reich wird steigen. Großbritannien ist das erste Opfer. Sieg für den Gott-König. Sieg für das Reich,"

Clicking the button to stop the recording, he lobbed the recorder to the far corner of the rooftop where the Dark Knight Detective would easily discover it later. He estimated that his first primary foe here would draw close soon. He wanted to put this attack on America on the map. First the fight - then the rest of the plan.

"Guten Abend, Herr Detektiv," Warsman said, not even turning around to look his visitor in the eyes. "I trust tonight is a good night for you?"

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"Always". The cold detective answered, he wasn't going to talk much. Actions spoke louder than words and this monster made his intentions clear a few minutes ago when he raised that flag of hatred in his city. It was time for the Gothic Knight to speak his discontent through actions.

He first reached into his utility belt and threw two flash grenades in attempt to discomfort his opponent's senses. As he threw them he covered his eyes with his cape. If your enemy can't see you he can't kill you he thought to him self as he then ran at ferocious speeds towards Warsman and and perfectly performed a mid-air Taekwondo kick aiming right at the man's stomach with strength that could send a truck flying. After his first attack he would grab his knuckle brass and attempt a Ura-zuki going for his left ribs..

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With calculating accuracy, the Nazi swept the flash grenades aside with the elongated barrels of his Mauser C96s. The illumination effect to the side of their respective visions did little - if anything - to stop their duel to the death.

Stabbing through a portion of cape and pulling the trigger, he missed with the intention of ricocheting the bullet off the concrete roof and back at his opponent, hopefully through a leg or his back. The kick caught him off-guard, but he stood his ground. For the detective, it must have been like hitting a Sequoia with a plastic shovel. Still, the weight Warsman possessed while in his human form did little to disregard the immense power behind the attack. Rolling once and stopping his momentum by dragging the barrels of his pistols along the ground, Warsman kept his eyes on the lord of Gothic City all the while.

Bringing the Mausers to bear once more, he sent a barrage of six individual bullets at the detective, each of them destined to miss. He wanted to get his foe's heart pumping. Adrenaline rushing. Blood racing. Mind blurring.

The backwards punches came at an opportune time. With the barrel of one Mauser, he balanced himself on top of the brass knuckles and fell forward all in one swift motion while following the momentum of the uppercut in question. He aimed a kick to the back of the detective's head not to harm him in any debilitating way - but to make him realize the extent of what he was getting himself into.

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@warsman: (we're fighting in the balcony right?)

Dark Vengeance knew the bullet was going to ricochet and hit his leg through his precognition so he quickly dodged it by simply rolling to the left. His leg kind of hurt from the kick, it was obvious that he wasn't dealing with a normal human being if his ability to tell his opponent's abilities and powers didn't tell him that already. He was physically outmatched strength and durability wise, the only way to win this battle was going to be through his wit which his opponent did not seem to lack. It was moments like these that made him appreciate Kid-Vendetta for being a walking 16 year old power-house.

It is obvious that he is missing to shots on purpose to toy with me, and he's quick and agile but that's my physical advantage. I'm quicker than him in combat, I can hit him without him even seeing me coming which is what I am about to do. The shadow-bothering vigilante quickly attempted to grab the foot of the man while he was going to kick him in the back of the head and was going to throw him off the balcony. If this was successful he would get to where the flag was and burn it in order to show him who owns this city, then he would continue the battle.

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Warsman, sincerely entertained by the opponent he had attracted, laid comfortably against the stonework of the gargoyle he landed on and stared at the night sky. The quick reflexes of the detective proved an interesting mechanic in this battle. But Warsman had his own trump cards to play.

Teleporting from his temporary perch back onto the rooftop, he would appear in front of the detective. Still reclining, he would have his Mausers pointed at the night-themed crusader. He fired two shots from each of them before striking the rooftop with his elbows, therefore elevating him back to a standing position while simultaneously giving him ample opportunity to reload.

The empty clips clattered against the ground and the Nazi flag flew proudly behind him.

"Das Blut fließt hellsten um Mitternacht, Herr Detektiv," he said cryptically, even though the clock had only recently chimed 11:00 PM.

"Your city will be beautiful soon,"

Short-range teleports carried him around the detective, making it almost impossible for him to be pinpointed. No shots were fired, but the smell of gunsmoke swam around the knight of eternal vigilance nevertheless. A series of stabbing and bludgeoning motions with the elongated barrels came from any number of directions, making it seem like the detective had been trapped in a wall of spears.

"A paradise among the ruins of the apocalypse."

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The two bullets point blank would have been a challenge to avoid if he had not seen them coming, he quickly dodged them by perfectly performing a back flip before the shots were fired and threw multiple Vs at the man mid-air, when he landed perfectly he fluidly retorted "Meine Stadt ist schon schön".

Malcolm smirked, not because he was having fun in this battle but because he thought about what Kid-Vendetta would say about the guns "Are you making up for something?". As much as he hated to admit it the boy lightened up his mood, but unfortunately for his enemy tonight there is no wisecracking sidekick, there is only a pissed off vigilante.

So he wants to play teleporter? Well two can play that game. Malcolm opened a door below him to avoid the series of attacks and opened the other door behind where Warsman would be. He knew that his opponent was going to be standing there at that exact time because of his precognition. Instantly he would attempt to grab him and get him inside the door to only be teleported 4000 feet above the ground on the outsides of Gothic city, the strategy behind this was to get Warsman out of the open and somewhere he couldn't cause any casualties. This would also give him the freedom of not having to hold back against him. As they are falling Dark Vengeance would throw multiple explosive Vs at his enemy and then shoot his grapple gun at him to use the force of it to pull himself toward him and kick him across the face with all he had.

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"OUTTA MY WAY!" POW! Shouted at bystanders as he sprinted through Gothic city's central train station, on his back was a nice duffle bag of gold bars he grabbed from the heist he just got out of, and behind him was Gothic's finest in hot pursuit. The kinetic master quickly turned around to fire a blast at a trio of cops before firing another blast at the glass ceiling, shattering it almost completely to rain down on the people below while he ran away. Luckily for the cops and bystanders, there were only a few injuries. Finally though, POW! found himself pinned on a bridge way that overlooked the train platforms below, police on each side pointing guns at him. "Alright POW! it's over, hands on your head and on your knees!" The commander spoke while his men slowly inched closer and closer, POW! complied and places his hands on his head. However, at the very last second, he threw himself off the bridge and to his presumed death. The cops ran over to look down below, only to see POW! landed on one of the trains safely that was now speeding out of the station and into the night. "Easy peasy.." POW! chuckled while crouching low, staying on the top of the train.

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The dark knight was fully aware of the situation at hand and of the failure to capture the thief behind all this. They're not incompetent, most of them sold out to the gangs here and wouldn't think twice to look the other way only if he was from here but he's not. But I know where he should be: In jail. As I remember I threw him in a max security prison two weeks ago in the X-factor mission, so how did he get out so fast? But now I need to bring him in for questioning which tends to be the most messy part of the process.

Dark Vengeance had silently gotten on top of the train to keep Lincoln unaware of his presence and also have the first move. He pulled out three razor sharp Vs out of his utility belt to hold them in one and then pulled out multiple three smoke bombs and held them in the other. First he threw the first three smoke bombs and then the razor sharp Vs, he knew that the smoke would leave in a few seconds but that was all he needed. Then he ran towards him and jumped performing a perfect front flip and then kick him as he was falling.

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"Teleporting, eh?"

Warsman did not budge much as the vigilante hit home with his explosive throwing items. A few tatters in his coat earned the detective his passing agitation, however. The kick, though, sold most of the ferocity built up in the man's fiery heart. Cascading through the air head-over-heels, the Nazi finally stopped once he crashed through a series of trees near the limits of Gothic City. Despite the viciousness of the attack, Warsman simply stood up out from the exaggerated trench dug out with his face. He dusted himself off and stared at his enemy with increasing suspicion.

"If I were to suspect, as well, you are a precognitive force - yes?"

Somehow, the Nazi warmonger had dismissed all of what just happened. Casually ignoring the fact that he had just remodeled a forested area, Warsman teleported back up to where his latest foe would be falling, following his descent with crossed arms.

"Then tell me - what am I about to do? Of course you know. Then explain this,"

Unfolding one of his hands, he revealed a trigger of some sort.

"Your city will be beautiful soon. If you are truly able to tell the future, then perhaps you can enlighten me as to when I will press this button,"

Nearing the ground, the more nefarious of the two tilted his head backward inquisitively.

"Or perhaps you have foreseen all of this and removed the bombs completely? There is no way for me to tell unless I make them explode,"

Taking no visible joy with this conversation, Warsman instead closed his hand carefully around the button, making sure not to press it just yet.

"Or maybe I'm just making this whole thing up just to get you to act serious for a change."

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@darkknightdetective: "Sorry cape n cowl but not this time!" POW! Shouted while charging up his gauntlets and smashed them together, creating a very powerful kinetic wave that both blew away the smoke and sent the razors flying in random directions, the wave would surely by strong enough to send the Dark knight flying through the air. "This time i'm ready for you.." He retorted while this time firing a concentrated blast right for the man.

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"Here is how I know that you won't pull the trigger without my precognition: Because you're not insane. Despite all Nazis are not as crazy as the world has led us to believe you are just hatred filled monsters with a superiority complex." Dark Vengeance smirked and then continues on.

"As twisted as your sense of patriotism is you wouldn't blow up the city in which you just placed the symbol of all you stand for. You would rather die than having to destroy the Nazi flag, you placed it on the highest building in this city to show that you own this city or at least to show that you believe that. When in fact nobody owns Gothic city and nobody can, because as soon as you think that you have her figured out she will kill everything that you love like she did to me.".

"I've been dying to get the chance to use these." He then reaches his utility belt and throws a card at his feet.

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His precognition let him know that his attack was going to be unsuccessful, why did he still go along with it knowing that would happen? Because sometimes he doesn't go for the quickest win, sometimes he likes to take his time with his fight and this is one of those occasions. As his opponent's attack is about hit him he quickly fired his grapple gun to the ceiling inside the tunnel and used the wire as a swing to move out of the way and crashed through a window to get inside of the train. It was night time so it was empty, most people that weren't criminals did not go out at night in Gothic. As he is inside he quickly shuts off the lights by throwing multiple Vs, turns on his "detective mode" and places a mini mine on the ceiling where his opponent was fighting. He then takes a few steps back and blows it up.

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Having landed at the same time as the detective, Warsman found listening to his dissection of the evidence wholeheartedly entertaining. The grassy knoll they occupied became host to the signature card of the future-seeing Sherlock, a card which the Nazi had little desire to read for himself. Instead, he looked back up at the ebony crusader and tilted his head slightly to the left, indicating agitation - but the detective stood across from him, correct in his assumptions.

"I am impressed, Herr Detektiv. However, you misjudge me on one important detail - I don't have to destroy the building I planted my flag on, just everything else,"

Crushing the remote, he stared deeper into his enemy's eyes and pierced his brooding soul with the true depth of his purpose here.

"In one hour, there is a train loaded with TNT that will lose control of its brakes. From there, it will careen past two triggers on its tracks that will each cause a string of explosions across the city. This was all a distraction so that the train would move closer to its designated target,"

Gripping his fists tight, he had already calculated how fast the metahuman could move. Throwing a punch designed to overlap the physical limitations of the detective, he wanted to make him suffer for upholding the values of truth and justice as a hero. A paragon. The equivalent of a worthless insect. The death of his city would make that happen just fine. Even if he somehow managed to avoid or block the ferocious fist, the Nazi would be upon him with a salvo of equally vicious attacks.

"Gute nacht, Herr Detektiv."

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Mark Strode. A man in his mid fourties. A fat belly and a dirty mouth under some decent clothes. As the leader of an underground Mafia they call him Mark The Stone. They say he is unbreakable even though his power comes from his men and his money. As a man in his business off course he had many enemies but with his wide connections and bloodlusted 'personnel' the enemies was scared enough to not to mess with him. But there are always some people who doesn't have anything to lose. Or worse they don't have anything to lose because of you. Then how will you scare them? In that instant those people do something unexpected. Turning the tide. After stopping many people you lose to that one person mostly. In this time someone was brave enough to hire an assasin.

The imp was hired by a man who had enough of this Mark Stone person. Alphonse listened to the man, nodded as the man looked at him. His image inducer turned his unhumanly looking to a thirty something blonde man. ''So, you want me to deal with this Mark The Stone person.'' His business tone was in play. The man nodded before throwing some photos to the table between them. The man then continued with his reasonings. Looking at the man's photo, doesn't seem much he thought. ''I do understand your concerns and I'll make this as sudden as I can. No worries.'' The imp was ovbiously trying to stop the man from continuing. From the first moment he was repeating the same things and even the first time was unnecessary. Out of proffesionality he was thinking. Now the man was starting to appoligize and from the way of his voice he was going to go back to his old reasonings. The imp made some hand gestures meaning there was no problem then with a simple nod he dissapeared, leaving only a cloud before him.

Mark Strode was nervous in the last weeks. Talking about shadows that followed and watched him and showing some ambigous evidences. He took some more men as guards and then some more. Every day the shadow was following him and he could not find a way to get rid of it. In the day he felt the most comfortable. He sat in his office with nothing to do other than counting his guards. As he figured one of them was missing he threw some swearing words. Upon looking at the window he saw two yellow eyes looking at him from a distance. The shadow was there and horror was the only thing in his mind. He sounded te alarms as a cloud appeared between his men out of nowhere. Shining metal of the two swords that came out of the cloud moved in a flash thrusting into two of the guards's throats. The with a bamf sound cloud spread.

The guards started shooting without thinking. They ecen shot each other before starting under Mark's command. Another 'Bamf' sound filled the room and a metal sheating sound followed. Then a screaming. As the clouds started to unfold The Imp could be seen. The Imp felt like the time stopped. His sword that he tried to thrust to the man named Mark, was stuck to the man's secreteary. In an instance The man had pulled the innocent girl before him to save his life and The Imp was late to realize it. The things were bound to get complicated from now on as his presence was not a secret anymore.

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"Rise and shine!" Pyro flew into the air, lighting up the darkness of the city with his nigh angelic glow showing the citizens that a new hero was in town, a true hero unlike the others in the world who merely looked like one, "People of Gothic! You are under my protection" He flew down towards a little girl and pat her on the head "What's your name little mad'am" She smiled, admiring his light "Sally!" Smiling back in response, he created a balloon out of his ring and gave it to the little girl "Run along now, It's not safe for you yet but one day it will be - I promise" The balloon vanished as the girl skipped away.

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@pyrogram: (Poor little girl... She loved that balloon... this new Pyro is a jerk, lol)

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@_eclipse_: ( Haha - Can't be handing out magical balloons to everybody xD )