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@jaegerjaquez: Well she actually slightly manipulated the guy, I don't think he thought she was even worth it >_>

Well, Inactive for a while until I am done or less active with Stark.

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Donning a stylishly modern suit that complimented his natural features Stark had finished arranging a meeting with a diplomat of Venezuela who could help him get some insight info the carnage that had been left, He was now walking through the dark streets in the assurance that his AI Horizon would keep all of the lights turned off, allowing him to casually stroll through without fear of recognition. Walking briskly while his hands rest in his jacket pockets, he surveyed the astoundingly complex architectural design of the buildings surrounding him. For a broken city full of corruption and crime, some marvels really shone through. He carried on walking...

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Eagle and Wolf were cruising down the streets of Gothic, learning the lay of the land, when they noticed the lights flickering off.. everywhere. With only the headlights of their stolen van to guide the way they cruise up behind Stark..

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@eagle_of_the_east: Hearing a car come up behind him he naturally turned to give it a glimpse, seeing that the headlight was still turned on he swiftly looked down, hoping that they had not noticed his iconic face. He briskly walked through the street hoping to get away if they had recognized him.

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Neither Eagle or Wolf missed the face of the most wanted man in the world. Eagle stepped on the gas and begin to accelerate toward Stark..

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Realizing that the car had speed up, it was obvious that they had recognized him. He cut off into an alleyway quickly attempting to lose them as he engaged the protective metal layer around his body just in-case they wanted to kill him, Horizon had attempted to hack into the cars circuity and immobilize it during this attempted escape, buying him some time.

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The rusty old van had no circuitry with a receiver except for the radio. Its worn tires squealed on the pavement as it took a hard turn to try and cut Stark off at the exit to his alleyway.

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@eagle_of_the_east: ( Drat! xD )

Stark looked up as he saw a rusty old fire-escape, jumping a little higher than the average human his hands connected with the metal, he began climbing the ladder until he reached the fire-escape, kicking open the door as he walked in then closing it behind him and locking it with a Nano-Bot injection into the door-frame that would harden it. He then looked around, a massive flight of stairs..He began to walk towards the roof.

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Reaching the other side of the ally and not seeing Stark they both know he may have escaped for good. Flipping off their headlights they begin to cruse around the block.. looking for him..

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@eagle_of_the_east: Stark walked up-to the roof as he spoke to Horizon "Bud, We cannot risk engaging them and revealing our identify like this" He walked towards a locker room as he forced it open, taking out a piece of cloth he covered his face then "glued" it together behind his head with the Nano-Bots, he could now engage them without affecting his cover. He turned around as he walked downstairs with caution. Reaching the door-way he opened it, peering out to see a car circling the area. He stepped out-side as he pulled the cowl tighter over his face.

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@anthony_stark: [ Gotta head out but I'll be back this evening. ]

The van is currently cruising away from Stark, Eagle and Wolf having abandoned the search and moved on with their mission.

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"Fight to Kill, you fight to live another day" Saviour elegantly and perfectly balanced performed a back-flip off the building he was currently situated on, dodging a swing of a club that a thug had just attempted, upon landing he absorbed the impact of the fall by performing a combat roll backwards into a car before getting back to his feet almost instantly, The thug jumped down after the Bright Knight as they both ran at each-other, Kurt ( Saviour ) ran at the man, lower center of gravity with his fist blade pointed downwards to conceal as he came closer and closer to the man, the thug swung his bat downwards, attempted to simply smash Kurt in the head as Kurt grabbed the bat with his left arm and slashed at the man with his right fist, cutting deep into his throat and killing him instantly. Kurt then finished with another perfectly executed deep and making sure the attacks were fatal slash to the mans heart as blood tricked down his chest, Kurt jumped into the air and performed a two legged kick to the mans chest that made him land on his own back before kicking back up to see the thug now laying dead in a pile of blood.

Saviour looked around, no witnesses. He ran with great pace towards a wall, grabbing into a window ledge then kicking off onto a light pole he scaled that with ease, using it to spin himself for a few seconds with his hands before using that momentum to jump onto a building and land with an Iconic landing.

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The Bright Knight? Unusual.

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@kralica said:

The Bright Knight? Unusual.

Lamest name I could come-up with. I will just stick with his actual name..."saviour" lol

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@saviour: Stop trying to steal my swag, you can't pull it off. :D

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@saviour: Stop trying to steal my swag, you can't pull it off. :D

Stop trying to act like Morte, you can't pull it off ;)

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@pyrogram: I don't want to be a egomaniac with daddy issues. ;) right back at you.

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"Is it the city or the people that make this place such a corrupt and evil fortitude?....Maybe I will never know...however far away from my home with no chance of return, I can only hope to quell the scum and villains that roam the streets, I will be better than any of the past heroes, higher than a vigilant stronger than a knight...I will be the shining knight for the city, the pinnacle of hope and justice...I am the Saviour to the disorderly behavior that ravages the city day in day out, night after night without remorse...Let's just hope I am man enough to face the evils without letting my emotions get in the way...Let us hope I do not let emotions cloud my judgment or my might...Let us hope I can be the shining night to this distasteful sight...." Kurt leaned back in his chair after immersing himself in a trance like state of thinking before setting off to stop hopefully another criminal....

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"Gonna pop a pop me a little kitty kat today," Hiding in the blackness a gloved hand picks three throwing projectile items from under a dark trenchcoat, four shurikens that are intent on sinking to scratch the bones of its targets, the same exact ones he uses in his fight against the forces of justice, unidentified flying objects to the uninitiated as they chase men and women around corners, serrated edges that makes removal all the more damaging, the dark man had plans tonight, he wants to wear hairless beige catskin on his black steel toed boots, there is one man that smells like a cat, or a cat that wears the smell of a man under it, with a gesture the shurikens vanished into the darkness, making little noise as they stealthily wandered off into the direction of danger, homing into the back of the man. Having erratic patterns so that they would be somewhat unpredictable, since linear patterns are easily dodgeable even by the most common of street protectors, the blades dance and the blades sing a silent song as they move ever closer to the killing blow, each of them pyramid in shape so that these pointed edges can dig deep.

He waits for the man to react, depending on this he will make an appearance. Showing the cat a death's portent, with a simply assembled suit stolen from various sources. All whom are now posthumous names, skeletons inside a coffin under several feet of dirt. The hero of evil strikes yet again, fighting against the clutches of justice.

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Savior was in the middle of patrolling the street as he used the light poles as gymnastic poles mirroring the effect of the jungle as he used his highly trained body from years of unprecedented training to perform feats that a normal human would marvel over, somersaulting in the air he caught another flagpole as he swiftly dived onto the ground performing a combat roll to disperse the energy before getting too his feet. He took out some throwing knives as he started to fiddle as he heard a whistling noise in the air with his highly tuned senses, Spinning around he instantly met a flying object coming towards him, now on a mere 50 meters from him he used his flawless precision aim and threw a throwing knife at the projectile targeting him,almost in an impossible fashion they collided in the air as he had deflected the first projectile. He then caught sight of three others moving in an erratic fashion somewhat impossible to counter-throw against unlike his lucky first, He kicked upon a window of a car door as he dived inside, picking up a luckily placed laptop that was stationed in the car he shielded his face as the three projectiles followed him through the car and embedded themselves into the laptop case that was ripped to shreds as one of the UFO's shot through the case as it slashed Kurt in the right shoulder, however it was not really damage that would cause harm. instinctively he kicked open the car door and withdrew his knuckle duster knives ready to hopefully see an opponent.

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@saviour: [don't forget the space thing]

He moved inside the ebonic cloak of the shadows, existing as blurs and a series of amorphous silhouettes. Making blind spots where there were none, his feet making soundless steps as he moved in a pattern. Such meant to circle around the area, where he closes in on target. The man moved as if he is trekking on the surface on the moon, gravity or its friends clearly have no hold over his vigor. One step for the hero of evil, several yards for justice to catch up. He smells a series of claws from the cat that smells like a man, a talon appear as they fly out to meet one of the shurikens. Straight without any diversions as precision guides them to meet in the skies above gothic. A shuriken is taken out by lithe skills, yet three more unidentified objects follow through. Channeling chaos as they converge to pursue the man. Whereas they made him conceal his claws. A window of a car became a shield as the triangles went inside them as a coin would enter an arcade slot, it did not penetrate through to damage the man. It only burrowed deep for the man to feel the slight vibrations from the impact, which cause the glass to shatter gently against the holder. Not harmful in any way. A shadow makes an appearance at the corner of the street, a lead pipe that gazed into a new pair of claws held by the kitten.

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Upon seeing a figure immerse itself into the background he wasted no haste as he ran forward faster than any lion did as it chased its prey, zig zagging to make it hard to see as he swiftly performed a forward flip with daunting precision before flying through the air then retracting to all fours as he charged towards his target, Jumping out from his animal like sprint he dived through the air attempting to forcefully perform an excellently executed kick towards the mans face in the hope that it would momentarily stifle him.

Upon doing so he would swiftly perform a front-flip over the man and attempt to get him in a sleeping hold and knock him out with pure physical force as he cut the air off to his brain.

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He gazes at the movement, something that he would do as well but in a more stealthy manner. Copybat is impressed at this current development, he takes out a triangle on his arms as the cat makes an acrobatic maneuver. Shifting his body for an adaptive stance as the cat makes a transition into a quadruped, taking a leap of faith as he swooped to form a precision strike. In the exchange the foot slammed perfectly against the face of Copybat, however at the exact same time he swipes the triangle at the back of the man's boot. A swift move aimed to slash the cat's Achilles tendon, concealed by his appearance of vulnerability.

Unaware of what he had done or the man's damage, the cat flips over and got him in a rear naked choke. A clasping vice that would squeeze, had Copybats' chin not impede the hold. Now Copybat moves both hands back, as his thumb are about to poke the man's eyes.

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The triangle cut Saviours leg as he attempted the successful kick that jolted the CopyBats head backwards, before realizing he was cut he swiftly jumped over the man and grabbed him in hold trying to squeeze the life out of him however he was stopped by a sudden eye-poke, Cunningly before he backed away however he attempted to stab the man in the back with his clawed hands trying to take out his kidney before stumbling backwards, his leg had been cut bad however his Herb swiftly healed the injuries, or adapted his muscles to be able to cope with it as not to effect his performance that much. Ignoring his pain he back-flipped onto a car as it dented the roof under his weight, He then swiftly turned around and ran into the direction of the fruit market.

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Snip goes the achilles tendon as the cords snap back up and curled up the back of the knee, the cut worked. Luckily for the man he only poked gently to the surface, had he used his claws and go deeper he would feel vitreous fluid down his hands. The bat wants to take this slow and low. He felt steel claws jabbing at his left kidney, Copybat coughed blood and knelt down on one leg. He is down as his enemy stumbled backwards to regain composure. Now the cat would have realized that something is missing, that it is out of place. Most would have fainted from shock or lose their ability to move, yet he seems to have readjusted his muscles to recompense for that severance. The fact that he can back flip with impunity even after the achilles tendon was severed means that he is tasty, then he takes a turn for the food market.

Outstretching his arms to a homeless man he grabs a high alcohol moonshine and a rag, picking up an item from the car he takes the cigarette lighter. Heating up the rag he gets a wick, mixing it with the booze and he has a molotov. He throws the DIY into the market before entering, setting a stall or two ablaze.

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It was high noon.

A crumpled McDonald's bag rolled down the sidewalk like tumbleweed. The sun glowered down; a sickly yellow sneer. Wind whistled through the empty street. It stank of smog.

Eagle's rolling gate carried her over baking blacktop. The heat lifted the hairs on the back of her neck. She could feel the weight of the .45's on her belt. She squinted in the sun.

Three men, once boys, walked toward her. Two on the right side of those yellow lines. One on the left. White sneakers, white tees. Colored bandannas announced their allegiance to the world. Pistols were tucked into waistbands.

Forty five yards.

They watched her and she watched them. Yards ticked away. Time was only heartbeats. Space was the street between them.

Thirty yards.

One turned to spit but his mouth was dry. Drops of spittle glistened on his chin. Sweat dripped from his nose.

Twenty five yards.

Every muscle howled. Fight and flight pounded through their veins like molten fire. Every human instinct screamed DRAW. But it wasn't time.

Twenty yards.

Eagle wiped her palms on her jeans.

Fifteen yards.

She could see the whites of their eyes.

Fourteen yards.

Their fingers twitched.

Thirteen yards.

Jaws clenched.

Twelve yards.

Wolf tore through the intersection. His white Toyoda hit them at 62mph.

The first two left bloodsmears as they caved in the windshield and bounced twelve feet into the air. The third was caught under the right wheel well and dragged for sixteen feet. He came lose when Wolf hit the brakes.

When Wolf ran over him again he didn't even twitch.

Eagle cut the others throats. "So. Where were we."

Wolf dragged their backpacks out of the wrecked Toyoda and tossed one to Eagle. "No Country for Old Men or The Road. And don't forget their wallets this time." Eagle didn't forget.

They jogged two blocks to a rusted brown van. Eagle chewed bubblegum and stuck the bloody knife in the glove compartment. "Ah yes. Still sticking with The Road huh?"

Wolf started the van and they were gone.

"You know it."

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@eagle_of_the_east: I am so gonna kill your asses. I'm not entirely sure on this one, because they seemed like they were gonna try something anyway, but still! It's just the way you operate. It's a fresh wound every time.

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@arquitenens: Hah! Well I'm glad it has your interest. What do you mean by 'fresh wound'?

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@eagle_of_the_east: It's like, how last time, you just shot that kid, then said "Let's go to ihop," like nothing ever happened. I don't know what these guys did, or if they were gonna do something, but the callous manner in which you operate, it takes me back, and it doesn't matter these guys, because you're you!

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@arquitenens: Ah hah. I'm glad you noticed that; it is deliberate.

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@arquitenens: Because murder is less wrong if you feel bad about it :-P

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@eagle_of_the_east: It's not just you feeling! I told you my demands! You're gonna get the claws!

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@arquitenens: You're gonna get 175 grains of lead in the head!

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@eagle_of_the_east: Nah uh! I'll kick you in the you-know-what/clobber your skull! This time to death!

@darkknightdetective: Of course it's a joke. Come in here, your rich boy pants are getting stolen right from under you.

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