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"Dictatorship, Illegal funding of terrorism, many reasons....another one being justice, they killed my wife, during my honey-moon, I want the country to pay....It is only lucky it is corrupt" His wife stood up and ran her hands through his hair, he shuddered.

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"I'll help you, but only if we do it my way". Malcolm noticed that the man was startled by something but he wasn't sure what, maybe he wasn't mentally stable, the trauma of the death of his wife might have left him scarred. But who was he to talk about scars, after all if anybody knew about wounds it was him. Hunter answered quickly in a cocky manner to his mentor's comment with a smirk "Yeah, we're not going to go in with a shirt that say "We are Vigilantes, shoot us" right?".

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@darkknightdetective: He shook his head "No, I am in-charge" He folded his arms and laid back in his seat "No negotiations on that, No. I am bombing the whole country" He said with a serious tone as his wife kissed him on the cheek, he strokes mid-air at her own cheek.

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@pyrogram: "Now listen, if you think that just because your wife is dead you get to blow the whole goddamn country up you are delusional, there are some innocent people there, my life got turned upside down worse than yours did and you don't see me wanting to commit genocide. Do you? Now either you do as I say or I throw you in a mental hospital. Got it?" Malcom answered in a serious tone that is almost angry.

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He raised his hand as a Crow landed on his fingers, he spoke tranquilly to the man almost in a high manner "My way, or no way" He smiled.

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Dark Vengeance didn't answer and just gave Pyro a cold look, seeing his mentor's reaction Kid-Vendetta asked with a smirk "No way?" and he answers "No way". Kid-Vendetta fires heat vision from his eyes at the crow to kill it and Dark Vengeance throws Pyro out of the window, Dark Vengeance had given him a brief on Pyro's superpowers and abilities before they came into the cafe. Rapidly after that the bold duo jump through the window and in mid-air they instantly change into their uniforms. Kid-Vendetta says “Ready when you are".

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Pyro allowed himself to be be thrown out of the window, as he was smashed through, he lifted his hands into the air as Crows suddenly appeared above him, he had a flock already waiting above the shop. He grabbed their feet as they lifted him into the air, suddenly over 100 Crows appeared and carried him higher and higher, suddenly he stopped as they made a stair-case for him, He stepped down on each Crow until he reached the ground, stroking their heads.

He placed his foot on the ground, and spoke to the duo. "What that called for?" He folded his arms.

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"Dude, are you really that stupid? You just told us that you want to destroy a country". Kid-Vendetta said. Dark Vengeance then throws multiple sonic grenades at the crows and Pyro to disorient him. Kid-Vendetta keeps firing at the crows with heat vision in order to take one of the opponent's power sources away. After throwing the sonic grenades he runs up to Pyro and attempt to kick him the stomach.

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"No, I said I wanted to bomb it" He nodded. Many Crows come down and swallow the grenades before dying as they blew up, their were way too many to simply shoot away as the kid was attempting.

Pyro was pushed out of the way by his wife, the kick missed. Pyro stood up, taking out two revolvers. He spoke "Don't do this" Suddenly over 200 Crows descended above them, circling the area.

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"Don't do what? Stop you from killing millions?". Dark Vengeance answered, and attempted a cross punch to his right cheek at super-speed. Noticing how shooting the crows was pointless, Kid-Vendetta decided to activate the car's turret guns and let them do the job of taking the crows down so he can focus on his opponent.

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@darkknightdetective: "You are naive" The punch connected with him as he went with the flow, absorbing some of the impact but still feeling the punch, at the same time as his dodge, he attempted to stab the man in the kidney as he suddenly spun, and came to a stand-still pointing both guns at the man, as he put away his knife seconds before.

While this was happening 200 Crows had descended onto the Kid, Attempting to Nose Dive at him , 50MPH each, all 200 off them.

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"You want to kill millions correct? And I'm trying to stop you. I don't see how that makes me naive". After dodging the man's knife attack rather easily and knowing already that his opponent would draw his guns ou,t he instantly attempted a head-butt at 500 MPH which would result in breaking his nose, and buy Kid-Vendetta some time

Kid-Vendetta jumped into the car with all his speed to avoid the attack, he could have taken them head on thanks to his unbreakable skin, but that would have been a pointless attack and it would have taken too much energy out of him. Instead he kept firing the turrents and in case the crows decided to attack the car he also activated defense mode which would electrocutate the crows and waited for his mentor to give him the signal.

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The head-butt connected, sending Pyro flying backwards but he was caught by his Crows so he landed in a safe manner, Wiping the blood off his face he looked at the man and grinned, He folded his arms as he tore back through the shop, running up the stairs onto the roof in a quick manner, He then waited for the man to get on the roof with him.

The Crows were killed as the Kid activated the defense mod.

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Kid-Vendetta quickly got out of the car and Dark Vengeance commands his apprentice "Attack him from the back and I'll go up front just like we practiced". The boy wonder answers "Got it boss". And runs to the back of the building where he jumps on top of the roof and stealthily hides behind an air duct. While Kid-Vendetta is doing this Dark Vengeance jumps to the roof where Pyro is standing, he throws a V in the floor next to his foot as a warning "Surrender, this is my last warning".

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Pyro looked at towards the sky, He smiled as he waited for the others to join him, admiring the view. Pyro watched as the man threw a V at his feet, He stepped backwards, off the ledge like he was going to commit suicide. He fell backwards off the ledge, falling onto the ground. Out of sigh from the Dark Knight. Suddenly he rose, on a bed of Crows being lifted into the air, He spoke "Bye" Suddenly the crows all grabbed him and he flew into the night sky, the crows creating a ball around him giving him defense against any counter stopping him leaving.

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Kid-Vendetta attempts to stop Pyro by firing heat vision at the crows his mentor says "Stop, it won't do any damage. He's gone.". "What are we going to do now?". "We? There is no we. You're going to sleep, you have school tomorrow". "But-!".Dark Vengeance then gives Kid-Vendetta a cold look before he could say anything. "Fine.....". He answers in a dissapointed manner.

(Everything that happened after this in the interaction is non-cannon)

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@darkknightdetective: A single Crows comes back and lands next-to the Dark Knight, a note attached to its foot. "We will meet again"

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Dark Vengeance grabs the note and reads it, he then says out loud in a cold voice knowing that his opponent could hear him through the crows but pretending that he didn't "Next time, I wont' be so kind."

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(Delete that, I don't constent.)

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Dark Vengeance moves both of his feet and lets Kid-Vendetta fry the hell out of the bird.

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Kid-Vendetta and Dark Vengeance run out of the way at super-speed. Get on the car, to go back to their west HQ.

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Dark Vengeance activate the anti-crows defense mode in the HQ and started firing the guns.

(This is turning into a Adam West Batman episode)

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@darkknightdetective: [HAH! Anti-Crow? LOL ]

Over 300 Crows descend onto the HQ unleashing a volley of feces the world has never seen.

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The anti-feces force field blocked all of the attack rather easily, Malcolm changes the guns to predator mode and started firing hawks, ravens, and owls out of the cannons. They started devouring the crows. He also released veangece crow-repellent just in case.

(At what time did the Venezuelan attack happen by the way?)

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The 300 Crows are joined by 5000 More, they easily defeated the Ravens and Owls, they then attempt to drown the HQ in Feces.

( Yesterday, But for RP time, Let us say....7 hours after Pyro+DKD met )

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Dark Vengeance keeps firing animals, then he activates the bounce mode which would grab the feces from the force field and plug it into the feces cannons.

(So morning?)

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The Crows dive-bomb into the base attempting to explode Feces bombs

( Ok...I guess.. )

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Eagle and Wolf

Gothic City. The room was dark, only the afternoon sun illuminated the dingy room six stories up in a housing project tower. Eagle had rubbed Vaseline under her nose to tune out the stench of cat piss. The door was barricaded shut with a chair under the doorknob.

She lay prone upon a dingy kitchen table; eight towels stolen from a Motel 6 made it a semi-comfortable perch. To her left lay two Remington's; a Model 870 12 gauge, and a 1911 in .40 caliber. Her cheek rested upon the stock of a Remington 700 chambered in .308. She bought all of it at a Walmart seventeen hours ago. Eagle liked Remington and Walmart. They simplified life.

Out the window, down six stories and four hundred yards set sixteen year old Micheal. Everyone called him Scales, but Eagle didn't know or care what his name was. Eagle didn't care who is mother was, or what his grades were, or what his future could be.

She did care about the brown paper bag under the steps he was sitting on, and the corner he was watching. In the bag were bindles, paper folded up to hold small quantities of heroin. The corner was in a mutant neighbourhood.

Wolf tapped her on the shoulder. She looked over and he showed her the screen of a T-84 calculator. Also Walmart. Four hundred and twelve yards, twenty two inch barrel, hundred and seventy five grain round, and more all accounted for. She nodded to him and Wolf put the calculator back in the bag. Eagle adjusted her scope, eleven clicks.

Then she put her cheek against the wooden stock and put the cross hairs on Micheal's chest. Took a deep breath. Let half of it out. Just barely squeezed the trigger. In the tiny room she could hear the boom through her earplugs.

The hundred and seventy five grain bullet left the barrel at two thousand six hundred feet per second with two thousand six hundred twenty seven foot pounds of force. Three hundred yards later it hit Michael in the teeth traveling two thousand and ninety nine feet per second with about one thousand seven hundred and eleven foot pounds of force.

His head bounced off the door behind him. Five of his teeth were shattered. His tongue was nearly torn in half. The one hundred and seventy five grain bullet traveled down into his neck penetrating his trachea through and through before cracking his spine and ricocheting out his upper back. He was instantly paralyzed from the neck down.

Eagle worked the bolt.

The second shot hit him in the skull. Death was instant.

Wolf helped her disassemble the rifle and pack it in a large canvas suitcase. He tucked the shotgun under his overcoat and Eagle put the pistol in her purse.

"Denny's?" She said.

"We ate there yesterday. IHOP." Wolf. "I'm in the mood for breakfast anyway."

Wolf removed the chair from the door and they headed down the stairs toward the rear exit. Their stolen Toyoda was parked on the curb. If someone else had stolen it they would just steal another.

"Alright. There's one close by. When we're done I want to hit the corner of 86th and 12th." Eagle.

The Flock had come to Gothic City.

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the stench of cat piss.

Sorry. Parents kicked me out again. XP

What the hell!? That was my friend! Why'd you do that!

Okay, but really, goodness. Got me curious.

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@jaegerjaquez: Rofl!!!

Awesome. I enjoyed writing it and hope to write a whole storyline here in Gothic.

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@eagle_of_the_east: If you keep killing teenagers for no reason I will come after you.'

Not as a hero. As a person.

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@jaegerjaquez: The Flock has a strict 'No drug sales in our territory' policy. Zero tolerance, zero trial, zero jury. Just execution. And the mutant districts just became Flock territory.

What'cha mean?

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@eagle_of_the_east: What if we wanna do drugs!? You can't storm here like dictators!

Not entirely sure. Still working it out in my head, actually. V_V

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@jaegerjaquez: Well you can still get high. For now at least You just can't sell here, or be involved in the distribution process in any way.

Ah hah.

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@eagle_of_the_east: Then how the hell else do you expect it to flow!? What if we have friends who want to do them too!?

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@jaegerjaquez: I expect to push the existing power structure out of the area, and replace it with the Flock :-P Then the process of making money will begin again; just in a different way.

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@eagle_of_the_east: You greedy bastards! I'll.....wait. Who's at the top of the existing power structure, and who can get me the most benefits if you guys clash?

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@jaegerjaquez: The war for mutant rights doesn't pay for itself and these mutant neighborhoods won't clean themselves up. But I can do both ;-)

To be honest the current crowd can probably pay you a lot more money. But I'm ending the game by killing all the players, so play at your own risk ;-P

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@eagle_of_the_east: I'm not bashing on your war, but you didn't have to kill the guy! THAT is why you deserve an ass-kicking.

Plead the fifth? A stay of decision-making? I can't make an educated decision because I don't know who the current crowd is. Although, I can probably assume, by the way things are, how I've been treated....

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@jaegerjaquez: Gonna be a lot more too!

Awww lol. You might not understand but we're doing this for you.

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@jaegerjaquez: @eagle_of_the_east:

A lanky black man is seen eating a bunch of mutant children that fits the Alpha and Epsilon classification, he is biting on the intestines on a feline type therian mutant.

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@eagle_of_the_east: No kids! Warnings, at least! Or be expecting a visit.

I could understand! You don't know! I knocked that old guy out.

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@jaegerjaquez: We don't do warnings :-P

Okay hehe. The greatest danger with mutants is they end up isolated in crime filled neighborhoods generation after generation. That's hard to reverse. It takes a lot of time, effort, resources and even then success is not guaranteed. The Flock can't spend two generations and twenty million dollars on one zip code.

So when they move in they identify the long term dangers for the community. Generally drug trafficking in America, but its different in different parts of the world. They end the drug trade. Then they replace whatever power structure the community has with the Flock. After that they ensure the children get an education, keep petty crime down, execute serious criminals, protect the neighborhood from outside threads and provide some general services.

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@eagle_of_the_east: [ Stark is too strong for this location in anything + Mark three right? How about Mark One or Two? ]

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@eagle_of_the_east: That's just not fair! How can you expect someone to know better without ever being told!?

I see that, I experience it, but I'm not asking you to stay in one zip code. Just a little heads up that you're actually doing something would be okay. Street runners, information relays, something. I want you to change! I need money too! But it's the possibly needless killing I have a problem with.

Plus education here don't get you nowhere no ways, except maybe minimum wage at McDonalds or some other low paying job.