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Tide of Rage

The tide of conflict between the humans and mutants had been building since Charlemagne secured passage of the Registration Act in the spring of 2013. The initial response to the passage of the bill was a super hero civil war. Brother turned against brother, hero against hero and villain against villain. The damage was catastrophic. Entire super hero teams were caught up in the battle and several were never heard from again.

NYC was invaded by a group of Arcani mutants who did untold millions in damages and destroyed the base of the 'Capekillers', an army unit specializing in anti-meta tactics and equipment.

Later the small Latin American country of Venezuela would be torn apart by a succession of invaders, both human and mutant, each fighting for control of the nation’s destiny.

Stark (now President Stark) would lead Enforcers on a quest to enforce the Registration Act. Unquestioned authority and the raw power of the world’s most titanic powerhouses characterized their reign. The mutant world lived in terror, buried under the shadow of their unquestionable might. Eventually a counter force arose, a group known only as the Renegades, a motley collection of mutants and freedom fighters from around the world who gathered under Amaranth's banner to strike back. Both teams battered each other with unrelenting violence. The Enforcers brought the sledgehammer of their unmitigated might down upon the Renegades who responded with remorseless guerrilla warfare. The conflict was as brutal as the world had ever seen and both teams collapsed.

Internally the mutant world was often in turmoil, with conflicts over leadership often turning violent and occasionally spilling into the street. The Hellfire War was one such conflict. The two Queens, Valarie and Alexandra, came into conflict over leadership of the Hellfire Club and its innumerable resources. In the end both Alexandra and her principle ally, Andy Summers, would be slain by Amaranth, and his ally. Valarie would assume control over the Hellfire Club which she rules with an iron fist to this day.

In times that are more recent the mutant world would suffer numerous setbacks. Charlemagne nearly wiped out the Arashikage and even seized their island for a time. The Knightfall clan and Amaranth would descend into violence, dragging their allies into a clash over offended honor and nearly killing Quintus. Charlemagne would even slay Andres Knightfall, prompting Amaranth to declare the time for waiting was over; time for war had arrived.

For the last month the Arcani have been gathering their allies, smoothing over their internal decisions and marshaling their resources. Today the time for preparation is over. Today they strike.

Gothic City, long the scourge of of America, is their target.

Hero against Hero

Amaranth's Address to Mutantkind

Amaranth Solon

"My brothers and sisters I will not take up much of your time for there is not much time left. Almost a month ago I called upon you to gather your arms and your courage. I called upon you to make yourselves ready and to prepare. The time for perpetration is now over. It is now the time for action.

There may be some of you who find your courage insufficient for the task at hand. Or perhaps you, in your emotionless calculations, have decided to 'sit this one out'. To those of you who would rather live in terror than face your fears I say: Go. Return to your homes. Lock your doors and bar your windows. I would not bleed in your company.

To those of you who stand shoulder to shoulder with me I welcome you. Some of your bodies may fall but your spirits will stand tall in the eternity of history. Those of us who survive will count themselves honored to have known you. Our children will hear the respect in our voices at the sound of your name. The great grandchildren of cowards will not know their names but the brave few will be remembered forever.

Those who survive will carry the memories of their deeds for all of their days. When you look into the eyes of your fellow mutants they will know, and you will know, that on this day you fought for them. Whether you are good or evil, strong or weak, great or small for one day you were something more. For one day you could not be stopped. For one day you stood among the giants of history as an equal. For one day you looked the leviathan of humanity in the eye and said 'No'.

I call upon you to join me in accomplishing the impossible. I call upon you to join me in seizing Gothic City. Let us wrest it from the claws of the American dragon and show the world that we are more than a circus side show. Let us show them our strength. Strength enough to take an entire city away from the most powerful nation on earth. Let us show them we have the wisdom to do more than be ruled, let us show them we can rule justly, fairly and most of all effectively.

Stand with me and let us seize the reigns of our own destiny."

Human vs Mutant


CVnU: All CVnU rules apply.

Empire Rules: This is an attempt to take over an unclaimed territory to make an empire. The CoE has already voted to waive the three day waiting period as the owner of the location thread and the invader are the same person.

Open RPG. That means anyone can join. You don't need to ask for premission, just post whatever you like.

Freestyle: All posting styles are welcomed. Long post, short post, interaction posts, first person, third person.. write your posts in whatever style you like. This thread also serves as the IC and OOC thread both.

No Power Restrictions: The Gothic City thread is generally closed to high powered characters but this thread is not. This event is perfect for high powered characters and they are welcomed here.

Temporary Location: This is a temporary location thread. It will replace the Gothic City thread until the event is over. For that duration the Gothic City thread will be locked.

TL;DR Version

Amaranth and his allies are invading Gothic City, attempting to turn it over. If they win it will become an Arcani empire, if they lose it will remain unchanged.

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Definitely going to put Obi in this.

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(So we are re-taking our previous agreement, right? I'm willing to aid the Arcani...... even if not by cash.)

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Oh shit!

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The panther strikes...

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How does Amaranth get the message out? Is it viewable to the public, or what?

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It's time to reveal my true colors. Too bad they can only be seen through blood.

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@troy_walker: [ Yes, its viewable to the public. Youtube, file sharing sites, ect should all have it. ]

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@amaranth: Good, I can make a story out of this.

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ooooh....shit. I don't know what side to be on. Somebody sway me.

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@troy_walker said:

How does Amaranth get the message out? Is it viewable to the public, or what?

He's a Youtube celebrity, and all my characters (with computers) are subscribed.

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@amaranth: (Strigidae, Strigie, Strigs, best friend! We are coming back togetha, right? Now that I have the cool things I suppose I can walk with the cool kids, no?)

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Wow! This came out of fcking nowhere,

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Secretly rooting for Amaranth... but Troy's concerned with his own survival.

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The immortal swordsman stood alone within a long abandoned warehouse. His advisers had departed and he was garbed for war. This was no time or place for any but the greatest warriors. Removing a high tech communicator from his golden utility belt he made a few final calls.


"Sanguine." Warmth lifts his voice, even through the heavily encrypted connection. "Its time. The place is Gothic City. I aim to take it and make it ours."

"I am calling you now to make a request of you. One that of all my allies you are the most suited to fulfill. For far too long Gothic City has been plagued by a tidal wave of irredeemable criminals. These men and women are far beyond redemption. Gothic Cities heroes have been unwilling to do what must be done. They have only locked them away in asylums over and over and over, standing by while they escaped to commit the same heinous crimes over and over. All too often they have targeted the weakest and most vulnerable; Gothic Cities mutants."

"It is time to put an end to this. I ask you to break into the Gothic Asylum.. and slay them. End this cycle of bloodshed once and for all."


"The time has arrived. I, and my allies are striking Gothic City. This is no raid or assassination. This is conquest. It is time to prove that the mutant race is strong enough to take what the human race would not give us. Not only that but we must also prove we are more than an angry mob with powers. We must prove that we can rule."

"I need you for both. Obviously I need the resources of the Hellfire Club to supply us here in Gothic. More than that I need your personal might. The powerhouses of this world can shatter armies and I need your power to ensure they do not have the chance to shatter mine and end our conquest before it begins."


Aside from wealth, power and skill Amaranth needed something more. He needed a monster. He needed a man who had clashed with the city before, who knew its heroes.. and how to break them.

"Its time." He said. "Gothic City." The Lord of the Sword said nothing else. With the Bull no other words were necessary.


Then he contacted his most recent ally. Ziah Darksong, who made her name clashing with the most powerful of the worlds mortals. "The time for the battle we discussed is upon us. Gothic City awaits."

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Dust and chunks of concrete went flying as Ziah's booted feet slammed into the pavement, her jump just having brought her from out of state. She slowly lifted herself from her crouch and straightened her back, cloak settling behind her as she poised herself and folded her arms. "I am your weapon, Amaranth. Aim and fire."

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"Each generation has cried out for a new world, but has built the same old one - corrupt and weak. But the new world shall come to pass. I shall purge the Earth of these blighted humans! Take the food from their mouths. Turn their weapons against them - exterminate them!"

The mighty Rama Khan stirred from his throne somewhere in central India. The time of reckoning had finally begun. With his Legacy Virus in motion, he had the means for thinning out the weak from the mutant population. However, his weapon for the genocide of mankind still did not reveal itself. He wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity, a chance that did not present itself fully. @amaranth would attack Gothic, yes, and it would be the beginning of a monumental war. Perhaps one of the first mutants himself, Rama Khan looked upon it with a stoic satisfaction.

Only the strongest will survive, and the future would be conceived of mutant blood. Humanity had run its course, and now only annihilation faced them.

"They call you the Mutant Messiah," the voice of a billion conquered stars echoed towards the revolutionary.

"This is merely one part of the attack, if I am not mistaken. Truly, if you want to send the humans a message the violence here would simply not be enough,"

The gigantic armored flesh of the immortal descended from molecular insignificance, drawing together into the massive frame of Rama Khan himself.

"I believe it is time I initiated my part of our deal, Amaranth."

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I'm in, but first I need to do some modifications to laugher.

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Who to use! -_-

Kick ass job by the way

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@warsman: (Aye man what series is that from? I'm into the old nineties comics but never knw of any decent arcs or titles.)

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You won't get away with this.

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Check your PM with Allegiance or Obi.

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@dark_vengeance_: If you want your city to be spared you must do one thing for me..

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(Looks fun but I will think about it.)

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Ha! Jokes on you, they're already dead.

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Hell hath no fury...

Unbeknownst to the renegade mutant leader, possessed of critical confidential information regarding the attack before it would play out, Antonia had spent the last few weeks preparing for this very day, and to face Amaranth, she'd been preparing for far longer. Various scenarios playing out continuously in her head, many a contingency had been prepared, some drawn up with painstaking detail indicating something of an obsession. Setting herself up on the roof of an adjacent building, she opened communication within a secure channel of her own.

Again, she borrowed closely to the style the Knightfalls had established before her involvement with the prestigious family of mostly-heroes, though opting this time for a darker approach than her previous, dubbed La Rosa Bianca. This time she adopted The Noir Rose, in her mind, in honor of Quintus who, to her knowledge, perished in the fall of Kamelot.

"Target is in sight and I'm moving in. Miltiades, you're on deck. Let's see if you live up to your namesake." And with a smirk, she crossed the distance between the two buildings with an inhumanly graceful yet mighty leap, grappling to a roof fixture to allow scaling down the wall of the warehouse.

Amaranth was always in the company of his psionic aide, Albert, and a clairvoyant scan would eliminate her stealth rather quickly; thus, she resolved not to play it too cautiously. Standing in the shaded scaffolding of a deep corner in the same room as he, she arrived just as he'd finished contacting his allies. Adopting a popular tactic of the Monguls, she began her assault with the use of powerful sound to create dramatic and disorienting effect. True to herself, it was something distinctly...her.

In an instant, with but a silent command to Aeon, loudspeakers mounted on surrounding buildings project for blocks all around. Antonia waited a few seconds...

Then she moved.

From her rested position, she hurled a handful of marble-shaped incendiary grenades to his position; nigh immediately thereafter, they would explode. From there, with nary a second's delay but to focus her aim a long-range, wireless taser sent three nodes drilling toward his backside. In times of danger, Amaranth would be known to go intangible. Thus, she would allow as little time as possible for him to gain his bearings, to disallow it for however long she could.

Regardless of success or failure in her previous attacks, she leapt from her position, drawing upon the Chinese war sword she herself had fashioned out of anti-metal found in a mine in Timbuktu, intending to cleave him horizontally at the waist, Zythium spine and all, wherever he stood.

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@killer_instinct: [ No that's okay. However maybe you could have him contact Amaranth telepathicly or something instead of coming to visit him? That would keep me from being so swamped in messages right at the beginning. I've still got a bunch of Strigidae stuff I have to keep up with in another thread as well as an RPG. ]

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I love it when people think that I made Gothic city. It just makes me smile...

I'm sending a PM your way.

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Oh. Well....Whoops?

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Ah, turmoil. So Crimson, Medusa, Geth, and David shall be expected. I shall come back to this tomorrow.

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Nope, it was Lady Liberty. I'm just the poster boy.

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"Holly Shit! Uh excuse me." The jade haired teen straightened up a bit and readied herself for the ongoing broadcast. She was working at a news station that was centered around mutant/meta rumors and it had pore ratings so far. They had hoped the teen with her alternative look might help snag some viewers. Nervous about her first day Sarina began to read the lines being fed to her.

"Just minutes ago the terrorist made a YouTube video that's already viral... Wait your calling him a terrorist sounds a bit bias don't it?" The managers could be heard yelling wasn't clear what was said however. "Amaranth having previously told mutants to rally and prepare has said to now take action. Such words are already said to be causing a stir in the streets. Oh Come On! You can here gunshots outside! This has already started." They yelled at her again. "We suggest all citizens particularly humans to lock all doors and take refuge. We'll be giving updates as we go, may your god or gods be with you children of The Lord."

"Hold up. Of The Lord? Your implying humans aren't you! You racist little f" the owner of the station ran in front of the monitors and smacking into it the loud bang masking Sarina's words. Before anything else was said though the cameras were coated with red. A coffee mug had been thrown with meteor like force causing a collapse of the owners skull. The cameraman instinctively turned the camera to reveal a man with impossibly sculpted and large muscles. He looked like eight feet tall.

"Waste them, human sympathizers at their worst." The mutant criminal barked the command and his friends followed guns going off in a grizzly slaughter. Amongst the dead Sarina stood a small patch of skin fell from her cheek like a snow flake, beneath it glossy silver.

"I was trying to live a normal life. No harm no powers nothing."

"You'd still see the ghosts. Weren't you telling me just last night how they're the one thing you can't escape?"

The girl blinked and the three thugs with guns dropped iron having been plucked from their veins with brutal force. "I. Could. Have. Lived. Normally." The leader began to move towards her arms open with affectionate embrace in mind. Her hand distorted and in a heartbeat she'd punched her way into the leaders chest heart in her hand. "Whatever comes, your just a ghost to me." Her hand closed into a fist.

(Just went with the first idea that came to mind and whatever alt corresponded with such)

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To save both sides, I shall unleash Darkness.