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Wow impressive

Michael was on his way to gym when he saw pamela standing in front of a vote for harvey dent postet with bruce wayne, harvey dent and some freshman he didn't recognise

He walked up to the group and put his arm around pamela. "Hey red, hope todd didnt give you any trouble. You want me to sort him for you"

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@dvsprankster: @pyrogram: @fallenprophet: @lordgawain: Dick realized it was too late in the game to back Bruce out, so all he could do was back him up."Why? Man you're dense Dent, the only reason you were president last year was because you were the only one to run. Even with Pam's... ahem, disadvanteges"he blushed"No one likes you two. Bruce here, he is popular, you two are just a bipolar emo and a mindless, ginger cheerleader who likes plants more than people."What he was saying was all true, but Dick knew he was going to get an earful from the billionare standing next to him.

Just then Michael, the biggest egocentric person in Gotham High arrived.

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Pamela brushed off Michaels arm.

"As if. Try sorting yourself out first, Michael." She brushed past Michael, bumped Harvey in the shoulder only sort-of by accident, knocking him back a tiny bit, passed Dick and walked up to Bruce. She put a finger on his chin and leaned in close, "You really gonna run against me, Brucey? Good luck." She made sure to get close enough for some on her perfume to rub off on him. She loved the perfume and it was a unique blend she made all herself. She thought it smelled amazing, and all the boys seemed to also.

She let out a little sigh and walked off to go to the office and put in her forms to start running for president.

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@dvsprankster: Her perfume was strong, and even though it was seductive, Dick ignored the attraction. Aside of Pam's passive-agressive comment Dick was very intrigued by Bruce's ( @pyrogram ) level of prudence. He didn't even let out one offensive comment unlike him who repeadetly put his foot in his mouth.

Dick still wanted to fix this, so as Pamela walked out of the school's office he approached her:"Look Pam, what I said--"He had done it again, approached her without even thinking what he was going to say.

(Sorry this was the best thing I could think of to get the story going.)

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Harley left the dressing room refreshed. P.E. had been dodge ball, and she rocked the "sport". She saw Harvey talking to her best friend Pammy, but didn't call out or skip over to them. She knew Pamela hated to have the spotlight moved off her. So instead she skipped over to where Bruce was talking to someone. She was socially awkward by nature, but never shy. That's how she had made the cheer squad.

"Sup Brucey?" She strode up, her pant cuffs filthy from dragging on the floor. "What y'all gabbing 'bout?" She popped her gum.

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Bruce looked towards his name being called quickly, a familiar voice....yet, he never really spoke to it directly "Oh? Harley?" He smiled coyly unsure if she was being serious, or getting ready to do something "Nothing special, We don't speak much do we?" Putting his hands in his pocket he continued "Running for class president or something I guess" He shrugged.

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He was so suave. And kinda cute. But he wasn't her type. She liked a man with a sense of humor. Bruce was waay too serious for her. She shook the thought away. "Nah." She smacked on her gum. "But I cheat off ya a lot in math." She cocked her head to one side, twirling one of her pigtails idly. "Class president? Trying to get a bigger pic in the yearbook? Not to brag, but I think I'm a shoo in for class clown."

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@wildvine: "I knew that, I watched you" His tone eerily serious for no apparent reason "You think?.." He looked away, not even making eye-contact virtually dismissing the conversation as he thought about a few things Alfred had said the night before about emotions....he then turned back and looked at Harley "Class clown is nothing to brag about, it's easy being clownish. Harder being serious" He kept a dead, dry face all the while speaking. A testament to his previous statement.

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Seeing the new kid as an easy target to practice his acting skills on the junior mat changed into principal Gordon and walk up to dick "Mr. Grayson! What seems to be the problem here?"

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@master_assasin: Hey, what character are you?

@pyrogram: @wildvine: @dvsprankster: Michael saw Pamela leave, and caught a smell of her perfume. Wow, that was intoxicating. He saw that freshman, Dick was it? go up to Pamela and start talking to her. To Michael's surprise he was jealous! He shook his head 'This is insane, why am I jealous.' He thought to himself.

He came to his senses and saw Harley was talking to Bruce and vaguely heard them talking about Bruce running for class president.

"Bruce, you gonna run for class president? Man, I would vote for you. Better than the last one we had. Hey I just had an idea. Why dont you speak at our game next week. Speak about running and your ideals. Im sure harley will whip up a dance routine for you"

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@lordgawain@master_assasin@pyrogram: @wildvine: @sora_thekey@deathbymanga@fallenprophet He's playing Matt Hagen (Clayface), obviously with his shape-shifting powers already in effect.

Pamela had just finished in the office, when she walked out and little Dickie Grayson was waiting for her again. He walked up and started stammering, which happened more often than she liked. She flashed her 1,000-watt smile and waited for him to figure out what he wanted to say, when she looked down and realized that some of her make-up on her hand had rubbed thin and the slight green was starting to show through.

"Hold that thought, Dickie. I gotta take care of something." she shot out, headed for the bathroom to re-apply. Then i just hit her that she had missed Gym class. Oh, well she thought.

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"Ya know, it takes less muscles to smile then to look like a mortician. Something like that." She scratched at the side of her head. Bruce was not her type at all. Way too emo for her. "Like being serious all the time is any fun. Then again, maybe you're perfect for president. They nevah look happy either. Scuse me. Gotta powder my nose." She headed towards the girls room. Trailing Pamela like a lost puppy.

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Pamela entered the ladies room and immediately pulled out her soverup that she kept on her for times like this. She began applying the normal peach skin tone makeup to the area that had rubbed off until it looked the normal beach-bunny tan color that she usually kept it. It was part of what made her the hottest girl in school. She was the only ginger in the world with a tan, since she could essentially just pick the skin tone she wanted and apply it.

Right when she was done applying the cover-up and put the container away, Harley came bursting into the ladies room.

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@sora_thekey: @pyrogram: Jason walked out of Gym, he was wiping the sweat off his face and neck with his bandana as he got out. He noticed Bruce and Dick Grayson and got a little grumpy, especially since the principle was nearby and he couldn't pull anything on them.

"Yo, Bruce, Dick, how's the manor. Heard Tommy had came by the other day and blew it up or something." Jason especially didn't like the two since they always put a damper on his money making schemes. just last week Dick had stopped him from a little "persuasion" he was making with a freshman.

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@sora_thekey (i call bane please)

Bane walked out from the locker room. He had just finished his routine work out. You know, as the captain of the wrestling team, and also a starting defensive end for the school football team, he had to stay in shape. As he walked to his locker he walked passed Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, and Jason Todd. He smirked at them. "Ah, look at this. The Millionaire and his ever loyal assistant" he said to Bruce and Dick, then turned towards Jason. "what are you ? the driver ?" he said and grinned towards Jason.

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @zoronoa: (Added the three of you to the opening post.)

After Pamela hurriedly left him with nothing to say Dick went back to Bruce, where he found "Booster" and Harleen talking to him. Quinzel usually gave him a bad vibe. Dick's first day involved Harleen a lot and her socially awkwardness didn't make it any better. After she left Jason pulled up a chair to this very uncomfortable school period.

"Tommy? Who's Tommy?"Dick looked over to his tall companion"Your manor blew up?"Noticing the uneasy look on Jason's face Dick clarified:"We don't like together Jason. I live--"He bluntly stopped before revealing his secret he had kept for all most a year. He didn't want the whole school to know the circus was in town...

Just then Bane, captain of the wrestling team, walked by with a prerogative remark."Hey! You got a problem with my friends?"He realized he had done it again. Think before you speak Grayson!

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@wildvine@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @zoronoa:@sora_thekey:

Pamela realized the that bathroom had begun to smell as she and harley had apparently been staring at each other without moving for 6 days. She blinked, losened her joints which were aching, and walked up to harley who was stiff and not moving.

What happened? she thought to herself as she walked out of the bathroom. Everyone was frozen. Bruce, "Booster", Jason, and Dick were stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable-looking conversation, as if Dick had just put his foot in his mouth again. She looked around the school and everyone else seemed to be frozen, but not cold. She touched one of the other students arms and they were still warm, but he swayed back and forth from her touch, solid as a rock and stiff as a board. She wandered around, trying to figure out why she had come to and no one else was...

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @sora_thekey:@dvsprankster:

Bane turned his head towards Jason, who spoke up for his friends. He just smirked and stifled a laugh. "Slow down dickie boy. You don't want your mouth write a check that your body can't cash" he said towards the boy. Well, he would love to kick the boy's behind and stuff him inside a locker, but he had more important things to do. Like finding Nigma or Cobblepot to get some lunch money. Just then, He saw Pamela Isley exited the girl's bathroom and walking towards them, looking confused. He decided to just observe what the lady is doing.

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I know most of you almost never see me on the RPG forums, but hear me out.

Have you heard of the Batman Cartoon that Never Was (and Never Will Be): Gotham High? (Kaioken Kid posted about it on the site)

Well some people are bummed by the fact that this project was cancelled. Others (like me) are not, but this doesn't mean that the idea would not be fun.

So here's how it's going to go:

We each get to be a Gotham character in Gotham High School. (I posted a list below, so pick your character and begin RPGing)

Characters: (Characters that have been taken are written in BOLD)

Here's some other images from the never has/never will animated show for reference:

There's also so many other Gotham characters to choose from besides these ones, so be sure to enroll in Gotham High!

(Remember to write in paranthesis anything that is Out of Character [OOC])

I take it you guys are lacking a school Creeper? : 3

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[(for the most part, who are you thinking?)]


pamela continued to wander the halls, just looking at the kids that were still not moving. She reached into a couple of kids pockets and grabbed their wallets, taking the mediocre amount of cash that was there and then putting them back. None of them flinched. Suddenly, some motion behind her caught her eyes when she was doing a little twirl down a hallway, and she realized someone else was moving. She cautiously took another quickly look and realized that the big guy that had bumped her earlier was walking towards her, as if he was following her for some reason.

She had never spoken with this boy, but he was a hulking beast of a kid. With no one else moving, or seemingly concious, she started to get frightened. She new the effect she tended to have on the boys in the school, and the thought of what could happen terrified her. She walked faster, buttoning the top few buttons of her shirt that she usually left open and looked for a place to lose the guy.

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @sora_thekey: @zoronoa

Pamela walked as fast as she could, looking for anwhere she could try to lose the huge kid following her. As she went down the halls she saw that teachers were frozen solid where they were teaching, and none would be any help.
Why won't anyone else just WAKE UP! she thought to herself. She hurried and went around a corner where the big guy wouldnt see her and she ducked into a hallways closet, staying as quiet as possible.

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@dvsprankster: I'm waiting for the god-D@mn-Batman to show up, why don't you reply to my PM if you are bored

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@zoronoa: @dvsprankster:Suddenly Dick realizes he can move... Was I frozen? He thinks for a second and under his breath he murmurs the name of the one person that might be behind all of this:"Victor Fries"

A few months back he had found out that the creep Victor Fries was a machine wizard that had a thing for ice. Being frozen in school had to be some kind of "prank" of his. Dick begins to walk around the empty halls and wonders why he's the only one moving. Then he hears Pam's voice across the hall.

He runs towards her and sees her running."PAM!"

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@dvsprankster: Seeing Pamela running off for some reason, Jason realized that Friez had done something to them all. Jason didn't really mind the pranks, especially since he was one to make pranks himself, but he also didn't want anything to happen to Pam. She was his money maker at the moment until he could get another model. He needed that flawless body to remain flawless.

"PAM! Don't you dare get a scratch on that merchandise!" He shouted, following Dick and her

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @sora_thekey: @zoronoa

Pam hid in the closet, just hoping that everything would be ok. Praying that comeone else would wake up and help her with the hulking brute of a boy that was coming for her. She didnt even know the boys name, but she was scared stiff. Suddenly she heard the voice of Jason Todd yell out. She was overjoyed just to hear someone that she knew, until she realized what he had yelled:

"PAM! Don't you dare get a scratch on that merchandise!"

"merchanise", like she was something on a shelf that could be purchased. I am going to kill that kid when i get out of here. She thought to herself. She wanted to yell back at him to shut his big pie-hole, but she didnt want to let the big kid know where she was hiding.

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@dvsprankster: Jason followed in to where he had heard the foot steps lead to, but strangelt enough, nobody was in the room with him. He figured Pam had been hiding somewhere, but whoever had been chasing her must have been looking for her. He didn't see anybody leave and this was this only room on the left hand side that was unlocked.

Jason decided to play with Pam for a little bit, messing with her a little by reciting one of his favorite Pink Floyd songs, which he could agree, he sung almost perfectly, "Is there anybody OUTthere!" keeping in tune and maintaining the VERY creepy and eery beat of the song. The song could send shivers down anyone's spine, and with how freaked out Pam was at the moment, she easily was rattling in her cage.

"Is there anybody OUT there!"

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@sora_thekey: (Now this is a cool RPG,might join sooner or later =D)

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @sora_thekey: @zoronoa@demolitionguy

Pam hid in the closet, listening to Jason sing the pink floyd lyrics, trying to freak her out. However, she was just happy that someone else was moving, even if it was Todd. She was tempted to come out of her hiding spot, but she really wasn't sure if Jason could take the big guy that had been following her. So, for now, she just sat an listened to him. She loved the song, and he was pretty good at singing it. It actually calmed her a bit.

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@dvsprankster: "Pam! There's nobody in here, you can come outnow."

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@dvsprankster: Jason looked her over as she stepped out, he noticed her left foot looked wet and got a little worried. He walked over and checked the closet, breathing relief as it seemed she had just stepped in the mop bucket, so her skin won't be damaged, but then, on closer look, her saw her ankle and saw that it looked rather green.

"I don't know where he went, or who he was. I didn't even see the guy really. I just heard you running and Dickie-boy had started following, so I came along to make sure nothing happened to you." He walked over to her and then bent down, checking out her ankle a little closer. "You aren't allergic to any cleaning chemicals are you?" He needed to make sure that it wasn't a weird rash. He knew a guy that couldn't touch anything with a high Ph level than dish soap or else he'd break out into hives, he needed to make sure she wasn't getting a similar reaction.

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Has anyone taken Hush?

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actually on second thought I will take killer croc

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actually on second thought I will take killer croc

you guys really don't need to just go and say it, DO IT. because when you guys just come in and take a character and then never post, you guys just make it less fun by taking all the fun characters out of it

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @sora_thekey: @zoronoa@demolitionguy

Pam looked down at her wet foot in a whole new kind of panic when Jason asked her if she was allergic. Not able to think of anything else she simply muttered, "Uh, yeah. Allergic or something like that." and tried to brush it aside. Fortunately not all the makeup had come off so it didnt look all green, but you could see some of it starting to show through. She looked around for the big guy again, but couldnt see him either.

"You didnt see him?" she asked Todd.

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@bannanabob4 said:

actually on second thought I will take killer croc

you guys really don't need to just go and say it, DO IT. because when you guys just come in and take a character and then never post, you guys just make it less fun by taking all the fun characters out of it

Well,I was thinking about Croc,but I still have to research about his personality traits.That's why I didn't posted here yet.

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(I have his personality down so I'll use him)

Waylon walked in to the school. I hope Cobblepot or Nigma are hear I could use some lunch money he thought as his stomach growled.

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Guys, you can remove me as Dent. It was fun, but just don't have time. So I let you guys know so someone else can right him.

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@bannanabob4: (So you're simply going to pic him.I was going to propose a friendly challenge to decide who should play him,but ok.Good luck writing him.

I was going to pic Deathstroke or Joker,but what I would do to them would be shameful.)

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ok we can do the challenge

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It really doesn't make a difference

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@bannanabob4: @demolitionguy: @pyrogram: (GUYS! This needs to be settled with a simple first comes first serve. We can't expect to wait for you to go researching the personality of a character just because you don't know him yet. Choose a character you DO know, or just WING IT. If Banana is already rping as Croc before you have started, then he gets it, ok? There are no calls here. Calling something and then waiting days to post just puts the rest of us at a disadvantage)

@dvsprankster: "I didn't. Maybe he went off on his own, or maybe he's waiting in hiding, or maybe you got frightened and reacted spontaneously, I don't know. What matters is that we need to get you to the nurse's office the get some skin cream for that rash. Even an ankle is bad to get damaged, especially since you're walking around in those stilted heels. Here, I'll carry you."

Jason proceeded to lift Pamela up, Bridal style, and made his way out of the room, heading down to the nurse's office.

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@deathbymanga: (Sure.My options just ran out,I may be back when I do have an idea about who to use.)

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@deathbymanga: @lordgawain: @master_assasin: @wildvine: @sora_thekey: @zoronoa@demolitionguy@bannanabob4

Pam's gut dropped when jason said they needed to go to the Nurses office, and she was going to protest, but then she would have to explain why she was not surprised to see her ankel turning green. So she let him scoop her up, feeling like it was hugely overdramatic but she needed to sell the whole allergic reaction thing. As he carried her to the nurses office she felt her pocket where she still had the cover-up she used to cover up her ankle. She desperately tried to come up with a plan.

"All i need is a benadryl and it will go away. Really, I am fine." She said to Todd, hoping she could deter him from taking her to the nurse, who was definitely going to know this wasnt allergies.

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@dvsprankster: The nurse wasn't in at the time, so Jason set Pam down and swiped the benadryl. "Listen, I need this photography thing to work really badly. I need to make sure you don't get anything that will disuade buyers or else this whole plan will be worth nothing."