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"Newbie, eh?" Jonathan said pleasantly as he slinked into Dick's vision, grinning wildly and extending a fingerless gloved hand,"Welcome to the most socially acceptable plane of hell." His fingernails had obviously been gnawed to shreds and he had deep bags under his eyes which were glaring intensely into Dick's, "I'm Jonathan."
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@_BruceWayne_: @Sha: @sora_thekey:  
Her eyes glazed over slightly as he moved away, she watched him walk in his jeans and giggled slightly then turned back to Linda blushing.. "sorry" she mumbled before fixing herself and taking a seat on the benches out in the sunshine "So how was the trip over" she looked around and whispered "did you fly?"
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@_BruceWayne_: "Oh thanks!" As Bruce introduced himself and helped him with his books Dick began his first non-crazy conversation of the day. 
"I'm Richard Grayson, but everybody calls me Dick" as he said this a weird kid with a strange grin. He said his name was Jonnathan and as he introduced himself Dick feared that the crazy would continue at this school
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Linda fixed her glasses and watched as Bruce walked off. "Whose your friend...and whose your friend's friend?" she said reffering to Dick. "The trip was of, didn't take long, and no I didn't i ran"

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Shrugging she watched Bruce speak to the new kid, he was also kinda cute but nowhere near her honey "Bruce is my boyfriend, I told you about him and the other guy I have no idea" adjusting her skirt to cover her knees she sat back against the tree "you got your schedule yet?"
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@.Mistress Redhead.:
@sora_thekey: @Urban_Spaceman: Bruce smiled at Dick, "Okay Dick it is." just as he went to continue Crane walked over and Bruce turned to look at him "Jonathan" his voice less gentle to the other member of Gotham high, turning back he smiled at Dick again "Some of us are going to the court yard for break, you should meet up with us, I can give you the tour later if you like." Bruce turned and headed after the girls. He saw barb whispering to Linda. " Sorry about that girls." 
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"Seems kind of, out there" she said reffering to Bruce's hoping from place to place. "Yeah your Fath....I mean Principal Gordon just gave it to me, American History, will be easy" Linda said remembering how she was taugh everything within a matter of two weeks.

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"Oh, more fresh meat," Jonathan said glancing at Linda, before properly noticing Bruce was present too, "Oh right, beautiful girl, obviously immediately with handsome jock and I'm out of here, ciao." Jonathan muttered as he swung his hand goodbye, turned to Dick quickly and bowed his head to him before walking off towards history.
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Stephanie Brown, the clumsy one, the outcast, the bimbo. The wannabe. Words that were fired towards the blonde everyday, just because she looked up to the nation's heroes and being the best sidekick there is. Of course, her forever lasting jealousy towards Barbara Gordon and forver lasting crush on fellow freshman, Tim Drake, did not help Stephanie's social situation. But what hurt most of all, were the rumours on her father. Yeah, okay, her father was a wack-job, but isn't that like so yesterday's news? She was a pretty girl of course, but that didn't stop boys from treating her like she was invisible. 
Her eyes lit up as she saw a crowd of girls all ''mingling'' together. As she made a few steps towards her supposed friends, she felt a sharp bump, then felt her bum smack straight down on the floor. She looked up Talia, the self-titled Princess of Gotham High. Everything Stephanie wanted to be, everything Stephanie looked up to. Of course, at this very moment in time, she was on the floor, her face bright red and her hair a mess. She slowly got to her feet, burying her head in her locker. "I'm such a loser!"

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Dick found a friendly person in the campus. Although surprised by the invitation to hang out with Bruce, Dick nodded in agreement when invited.   
"Don't apologize for them, it was my fault for not paying attention to where I was going." Dick turned his head towards Jonathan and hoped the creepiness of his smile had faded. 
It had not.
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Break had gone by really uneventfully. And Gar had once more failed to make his own feet catch on fire…but it looked like today wouldn't be a total loss. Crane was right nearby, not looking at him. Stifling a giggle, Gar lit a match, and ran to drop it down Jonathan's shirt. He tried to run away so Crane couldn't catch him, but he was laughing much too hard.
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Pam walked up to the school and dropped her books to the ground and she herself plopped down under a large tree on the front lawn. She much preferred the outdoors to that stuffy hell-hole and she didn't really want to show her face after the monumental b!tchiness she'd shown the other day. So instead of filing in with the rest of the sheep, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the gentle morning breeze.

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Jonathan felt something very hot make its way down his back, very very hot. With a yelp, Jonathan beat at the back of his shirt, letting the match fall to the floor. Jonathan twirled around and stamped it out, his shirt whirling behind him, now with a noticable burnt hole in its lower back. Jonathan glared down the hall at the figure laughing his way down the corridor. Garfield. Turning back around, Jonathan made a detour to the chemistry labs, his usual boredom killing lounge. Grabbing a variety of chemicals and a funnel, Jonathan stuffed them in his bag and made a quick exit, deciding to run late to class to get a swift revenge. He didn't like being treated with such disrespect. Finding Garfields locker, Jonathan sat down next to it, prodded the funnel through the slots on its door, and began to pour various liquids and powders into it. After half a minute, Jonathan nonchalantly walked off as grey bubbles began to emerge from the slits in Garfields locker.
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After agreeing to meet up with Bruce and his friend at the courtyard, they both went their separate ways in the school. He walked down the hall and saw a beautiful but clumsy girl fall down in front of who seems to fit every cliche of "Popular girl". 
Dick quickly went to the girl and helped her up.
"Are you okay?"
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@sora_thekey:  Stephanie blushed, pushing her silky blonde hair back from her face. She looked up at the guy's eyes. A new guy? A hot new guy? Not only did he look like Stephanie's crush, Tim Drake, but had the same characteristics. "Y-yeah. Just a little humiliated"
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@queenfrost_:  "Don't worry, the scars humiliation leaves are not as bad as physical ones." He picked up her books for her and handed them to her. "Believe me, I have some experience in that area"
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 Getting up, Pam finally decided to wander inside and be a little more friendly. After all if she wanted to beat Harvey she was going to have to have the popular vote. 
Stopping by her locker she paused when she saw the boy from yesterday, Dick, with some blonde she didn't know. Maybe this could be her chance to make amends.  
"Hey, uh, Dick," she called, walking over to them. "I just wanted to say sorry for how I acted the other day. Really. You seem like a nice person." She smiled then turned to the blonde and offered her hand. "I'm Pam. I don't think we've met before."

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A motorcycle pulled into the teachers parking lot and on top of it was a boy, looked no older then fifteen, the age a freshman would be. He hopped off taking his red and black helmet off and straightening his leather jacket and white t-shirt. 
"Hey you can't park in here, it'll get towed!" An administrator said seeing the boy.
"Good, I stole it anyway." The boy said walking towards the side entrance. 
"Hey! don't walk away while I'm talking to you, HEY! What's your name!?" He yelled as the boy side stepped and went through the door.
"Jason Todd, look it up." The boy said letting the door close behind him, the administrator went to follow him grabbing the door and pulling on it, but to his avail it was locked. Jason laughed as he walked through the halls, "Highschools gonna be fun." 

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Even with my stupid probation officer making me come to this lame school, i still got to miss a lil class. Whatever, time to start another freshman yr of swirlies, taking lunch money, and being my all around handsome bas @$$ self. I still fall out laughing about hitting richboy Wayne with that rock, hahahahaha....maybe thats why I didn't graduate last year (looking puzzled). Oh well I'd  do it again if i get the chance.  
A toothy grin comes over Waylon's face, Ah can already smell da fresh meat haha, he says outloud walking down the corridor and looking down at all the startled faces. Betta find Cobblepot and hit him up for some luunch mon-ugh... his words are cut short as someon runs into his back. Picking Garfield up by his shirt he growls, If yo @$$ touches me again this year ima bite ya face off, got it? After throwing him into a locker, Waylon aka Croc smiles and thinks, This years already starting off nice hehheh
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The green-skinned, red-head had finally introduced herself, and Dick found it odd that such a mean girl would suddenly have a change of heart as she made amends and talked to him and the cute girl he had just helped. 
As Pam introduced herself to the cute girl Dick interrupted:
 "Why the change of heart, "Pam"?"
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@Urban_Spaceman: @Black_Dynamite2073:  
Garfield stumbled down the corridor, laughing. He LOVED setting Jonathan's stuff on fire, and this time it had worked PERFECTLY! The look on his face as he realized there was a match in his shirt…priceless! Of course, he wasn't really looking where he was going, and ran straight into Waylon Jones. "  If yo @$$ touches me again this year ima bite ya face off, got it? " Gar's eyes widened with fright. "G-Got it." He mumbled, desperately hoping a teacher would walk around the corner before Waylon dismembered him. Instead he was tossed into a locker like a rag doll. The door shut, and Gar was locked in. AGAIN. He knew how to get out of lockers, but it usually involved his face not smushed up against the metal backing. He'd probably have to wait until someone opened the door. At least it was an excuse to miss class.
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Pam pointed to herself innocently and batted her eyelashes.  
"What? I can't have bad moods?" She shrugged and tossed her hair over her shoulder. "I'm just trying to show that I'm not always a bad person, especially since I made such a bad first impression. Besides, I'm all for making new friends."

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@Black_Dynamite2073: @GarfieldLynns: 
Jason Todd crossed his arms watching this happen, no matter where you go there's going to be bullies and victims and Jason Todd told himself that he would never be a victim, not after losing his parents and if he had to, he'd rather be a bully.
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@Daywing: Gar kicked on the locker door. "LET ME OUT OF HERE!" He yelled, hoping that someone was nearby. How did he still fit in lockers anyway, this was high school? Well, the best answer was, he didn't really, he was really squished. 
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Still smiling about his first bit of fun, Croc notices a new kid glaring at him. In a low menacing voice, Betta watch yaself new kid, you're in a whole new world.

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Jason sighed walking over to the locker, "Watch your fingers." he popped out a switch blade and stuck it in the crevice of the locker and a cracking noise was heard, the locker door slowly opened revealing the squished Gar.
"Would you like to give me a tour around school, huh?" Jason asked with a devilish grin, knife still in hand.
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"Oh really?" He asked cautiously. "Prove it" 
After a quick scan of the halls he got an idea. "I'll believe you if you can befriend..." He pointed nowhere as if picking a person a random. "her!" The not-so-random pointing was set for Harley since he needed a way for Harley's over-infatuation to be focused on someone else and not just him.
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@Daywing: "  Watch your fingers" Gar wasn't totally sure if he knew this kid, but he didn't really care. The locker opened, and Gar tumbled onto the floor. He dusted himself off, made sure he hadn't lost either his lighter or his matches, and completely forgot about his textbooks. Not like they were really legible anymore anyway. "Thanks for that" Gar said, then noticed that Waylon was still nearby. Gar took off, dashing down the hallway before his lunch money could be stolen.
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@Daywing: "Maybe next time, i got things to do lil boy." 
As Waylon turns to walk off he notices Garfield take off and laughs, "Haha, look at the lil freak go"
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"That monkey brained--!" Pam caught herself and tried for composure. "Maybe later. Right now I have to...uh...have to..."  
Slightly panicked, Pam scanned the hallway for some kind of distraction. Anything to keep her away from that irritating blonde. Her eyes settled on a boy with a switchblade. There was a surprising amount of dark haired guys at this school. 
"I have to show that new kid around. You know, tour and stuff." Pam rushed off down the hall and cut in between the boy and the giant guy he was talking to. "Hi, I'm Pam. I'm supposed to show you around the school," she lied.
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Jason didn't know if he should grimace or laugh, it was a funny site but he felt bad for the kid.
He turned back to Waylon.
"Whatever you say, was that your locker you stuck that kid in?"
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"Who the hell are you?" Jason asked rudely, but he put the knife away not wanting to get to much trouble, especially if this girl was some sort of tour guide, probably a teachers pet he thought.
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@LightBright @Daywing: "Looks like ya tourguide is here, to bad I would made it interesting. Take good care of my new buddy Pammy" 
Waylon walks off thinking, "Screw class, I'm goin to the pool".
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"Uh, Pam." She repeated. This guy was obviously not as warm and cuddly as that dopey, dear-eyed Dick. "And honestly, it was either talk to you or some annoying little ditz. I'd rather not do either, but here we are. So stuff the attitude."
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"Whatever you say ugly." Jason said turning his back to Waylon and waving him away. 
 "I'm not looking for any friends." Jason said rolling his eyes putting his hands in his leather jacket.
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Dick smirked at Pam's reaction and turned back to introduce the cute girl he originally was talking to. "In case you didn't catch that, I'm Dick, Dick Grayson" He extended his hand to shake her hand. "What's your name?"
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Heading towards a class he's already missed half of, Jonathan came across a rather crowded corridor. He nodded to Walon as he passed him by, muttering, "Always a pleasure," and noting yet another new face further down which he was not in the mood for having the whole introductory yap with, he settled for walking up behind Dick, "So, hanging with Bruce, eh? What do you think of him?"
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"Well, considering you're such a charming individual I don't see that being a problem for you." Pam put her hands on her hips turned away in a huff and started for class. She was trying to be nice, but the world wasn't making it easy for her. "There are plenty of other social rejects around here, so I'm sure you'll manage to fit in anyways." 
On her way to class she shoved past that weird Crane boy and waved to Dick, hoping he wouldn't see through her charade.
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He raised an eyebrow while listening to the girls response and he cracked a smile as she turned away. "Cute." He said watching her head towards her destination, she waved at another kid which Jason was listening in and caught his name, Dick Grayson another new kid.
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Before the girl could answer once again Dick was interrupted by a Jonathan " So, hanging with Bruce, eh? What do you think of him?"  he asked 
"Well I'm going to meet him and his friends later. So as you can see I don't have a full review of the person just yet. Why do you ask?" Dick noticed Pamela waving at him from afar. While he could see right through her charade he decided to play along and wave back. The cute girl did not seem too amused by that so without  Dick noticing she left. 
Before returning to his conversation with Jonathan, Dick noticed another kid looking at him. After cringing a bit by the oddity of that he looked at Jonathan almost with fear.
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Too many kids were trying to be his friend, or at least pretending too, Jason wasn't the type for friends. He realized he was staring at Dick as he was thinking and noticed that Grayson was awkwardly staring back, he noticed the look of fear in his eyes, he laughed, that was exactly what Jason was used to seeing and tough kids like Waylon, weird kids like Gar, prissy kids like Pam, and straight edged kids like this Dick Grayson character would be giving him that look soon enough, it was almost inevitable, everyone eventually feared Jason whether he wanted them to or not.
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"Oh me and Bruce go way back, I'm a bit of a jerk to the goody-two shoes, but he's a good guy," Jonathan explained with a shrug, "His parents are millionaires you know, cool people, actually some of the few adults I really like. If you two become buds you should ask to go visit them, they have an awesome place, they're pretty chilled and they are like super rich." 
With a cheery smile, Jonathan gave Dick a wave as he began to back away, "Anyways, I'm pretty late for class, I'll catch you later man, we should totes hang some time."
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Sipping on the juice she pulled out of her bag she nodded "Yeah he;s a good teacher" she watched the others as Talia walked past knocking over Stephanie and laughing, this place was such a drag sometimes
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As Jonathan walked away from Dick he came back to stare at the same kid who looked at him back. His grin did not sit well with him. From the place he was standing Dick called him out: "Can I help you? Or do you make it your hobby to just stare at others?" So far his lay-low plan had not been working
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Jason was a little taken back by Dick, he seemed like a nice enough kid but out of no where he called Jason out, he crossed his arms.
"Trust me, you definitely don't want to know what my hobbies are, names Jason Todd by the way." He introduced himself, deciding to be a little less rude then he had been with Pam.
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@Daywing: "You're new?" He asked. After receiving a smirk-like nod Dick went up to him with a straight face. "The name's Dick, Dick Grayson."
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"Yeah I am, heard the same about you?" He said extending his hand out to shake.
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@Daywing: Questioning his intentions for talking to him Dick responded: "Yeah" He noticed the time and remembered that he had a place to be at. Still questioning this new kid's intentions he decided to invite him along: "Some of us are going to the court yard do you want to come?"
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Chasing after Pam, Stephanie loudly barked her name. "Pamela! Pammy! It's me Steph!" Stephanie smiled, waving frantically at the girl. She finally caught up with her, spinning the redhead around by her shoulders. "So when's auditions?"

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By the way the kid moved and talked he could tell Dick was a little wary of him, Jason probably rubbed him the wrong way, the feeling was mutual...maybe. He listened to Dicks invitation and thought about it for a moment, well he did need to find something to do before he get's caught for the whole motorcycle incident, "Sure." he put his hands in his leather jacket, "Lead the way, I have no idea where anything is." he said with a chuckle.