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Dick had to admit that Pamela's remark of not being a couple did hurt. What? Did she mean it could never happen? Either way, Dick was going to get to the bottom of this. He ignored the clown and retook the topic at hand: "Pam, I know you and Jason know more about the 'freezing' that went on in the school. I'm sure you know more than you're letting on." He took the note again an showed it, now to both of them. "What is this note about? It's not the first one I got."

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Pam took a long took at the white-faced kid that ws talking to her. She only remembered one kid named Jay, and he was a hyperactive, annoying little punk, but they had gotten along pretty well. This kid didnt look at all like him. She mentally tried to wipe away the makup, and re-heal the scars, and sunddenly she recognised him. He had grown considerably and under all the makeup was actually not bad looking.

"Holy Cow, Jay! How are you? Did you just transfer here?" She reponded, using the most sickeningly - sweet voice she could fake. Dick shoved the note in her face again. She wasnt about to admit to him that she had anything to do with the paralyzations at shcool, and she hadnt sent the note. She started to get annoyed.

"Listen, DICK, I already told you i don't have any idea who is sending you your little love letters. Try asking someone, anyone else!" She grabbed the note from his hand and crumpled it up, dropping it at his feet.

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@dvsprankster said:

Of course Pam was not going to admit having anything to do with something even remotely misbehavioral. She got into a lot of trouble but she always managed to come on top. She was the captain of the cheerleaders after all.

Dick slowly crouched down to pick the note without leaving his sight on Pamela's eyes. She seemed genuine about not knowing what the note is about. Dick then calmly explained the original note in a lower voice so that Jay could not hear: "Fine I believe you, but this is worrying me." He got closer so that Jason could listen in as well. "The first note I got said that if I wanted answers I should begin by revealing secrets. The three of us have secrets we would like to keep hidden" Dick had found out about Pam's "condition" and Jason’s past, but he had not revealed it to them until this sudden hint. “and I'm worried someone at the school might want to bring out the skeletons out of our closets."

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Pamela backe off as Dick tried to get close enough to whisper something in her ear. She listened to what he had to say about the skeletons and thought about her condition first. She knew Dick was aware of the condition, but she was pretty sure that Jay was unaware of it, so she wasnt about to admit anything in this group. Jay didnt seem like the type to really keep a secret; anynoe elses secret, anyways.

"Skeletons? Getting cold? None of that sounds even remoltely like me, or like it is even directed at me. I mean i have lost a few pounds, but i'm not SKELETON skinny. I wish!"

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pretty much everyone, who are you insterested in taking?

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@dvsprankster: Garfield lynns approached his new school he played with his lighter as he neared the doors " i wonder how this school would look on fire " Garfield thought to himself ever since he was a boy he has loved fire and setting things on fire was his favorite past time it what got him kicked out of his last school and thrown in juvie. But he refused to stop burning things the only thing he had to worry about was not getting caught it was then he noticed a hot girl she was green but to him she was as red as a fire and it was starting to get hot in here he moved towards the girl " hello beautiful the name is Garfield Lynn and i just have to say that you are smoking".

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@sora_thekey: @dvsprankster: @ownagepants: (sorry actual school has been busy) jay shrugged his shoulders at pams question "eh transferred expelled for staging a paintball war what ever term you wanna use will work" jay continued to listen as he heard people talking about secrets one of jays favorite things "oh pam your not keeping secrets from your old buddy are you come one tell me what it is maybe i can help"

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Pam was trying to talk to Dick and jay at the same time when jay asked about a secret and some kid with a lighter came up and started to hit on her. Getting hit on was nothing new to her, but for som reason this kid seemed to know that she was really green under the tanned lesh-tones makeup she wore on her whole body to cover it up.

She looked at Jay first, "Secrets? I have no idea what you are talking about. Do i look like the kind of girl to keep secrets?" She asked, flashing him smile and making sure he got a big whiff of her perfume. She turned to the kid with the lighter, "I'm going to be literally smoking if you keep playing with that lighter. Put it away for me, would ya?" she kept the smile flashing, and made sure to move so that this new kid got a whiff of her perfume also. She had never seen the new kid before either. We are a month into the school year, where were all these new kids coming from?, she wondered.

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@dvsprankster said:

Dick was starting to get annoyed by all the attention Pam was getting at the same time. He really needed to clear this up so he pulled her away from the crowd and turned around the hall's corner.

"Look Pam, I know this rep of yours is really important to you, but aside of this skin problem of yours" -He lowered his voice so that he maintained her secret just that, a secret- "I need to keep my secrets hidden too. Help me find who's behind this, please." Dick knew that the right motivation would get this fickle cheerleader on his side.

"Notice how we are only a month into the school year ad we've gotten so many new students. Anyone of these kids could be the means of our sabotage. Your secrets, Jason's, and even mine are at stake here."

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@dvsprankster: @deathbymanga: @sora_thekey: As the boy who he did not know took away the hot girl garfield ended up walking the same way they did as he passed by them he said " see you later hot stuff". Then continued on his way "I guess I should make this school mine or something like that or maybe I'll just set the whole thing a blaze " garfield was unsure what to do from here.

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Although he and Jason had their differences, for some reason Dick felt he could trust him. Dick smirked at Jason and said: "Got a Scooby Snack on you?". Just then Dick received an annonymous text: A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. At what time will the secrets be revealed?.

Dick was confused. He handed the phone to Jason and blankly stared at his newfound Mystery Inc.

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@deathbymanga: @sora_thekey: @ownagepants: @sora_thekey: jay once again found himself bored as he seemed to be being excluded from this private conversation so he called pulled out a pack of cigarretes he burrowed from his dad "you new guy i saw you had a lighter mind if lighting one for me" jay yelled to garfield as he invited himself into the conversation hed been listening in on "whats this i hear about a mystery and secrets im in sounds like fun."

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Jason looked over the text and then back to Dick and Pam, "I don't know, 10:15?"

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@dvsprankster said:

Jay walked over to listen in on the conversation, but Dick had good reason to not trust this guy. He looked at Jason and answered: "That can't be, it's 10:30 right now." He looked over at the clock on the wall and figured out the riddle: "2:15! Ten cents, it represents the hour." Dick began to panic.

"Whoever this is giving us 3 hours and 45 minutes to reveal whatever secret he wants." Dick looked over at Jason and Pam. Pamela had reason to worry but Jason seemed puzzled. That's why Dick made it clear for Jason how much he shouldn't want this to happen: "Jason, this person might want to reveal what happened all that time you spent with Harper and Kori."

(OOC: Pulling from different storylines now. :P)

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@otakuemperor: @deathbymanga: @sora_thekey: jay was to say the least bored so he decided to throw in his two cents "well then little dick if someones going to reveal a secret at 2:15 why not just beat them to the punch tell the secret the riddle has no answer"

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"We weren't exactly hiding our actions Dick, we were rebels, nothing to be ashamed about. But whatever, bad-publicity won't be good for what I have planned for Pam, so I'll help her out"

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@deathbymanga: @bannanabob4: jay looked at the interaction between dick and jason and realised something "two sons brothers its you two the secret is about one of you what is..." jay jumped as he felt the large hand of waylon on his shoulder "were you been buddy i was worried

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@dvsprankster: @sora_thekey: @deathbymanga: @otakuemperor: @bannanabob4: Garfield watched the large weird looking student punch jay in the stomach " huh i wonder if idiots burn as easily as everybody else " clearly talking about waylon and he was not even whispering to be sure he was heard he reapted himself only this time louder.

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@dvsprankster: @sora_thekey: @ownagepants: @deathbymanga: @bannanabob4: jay gripped his stomach hunched over in pain as he tried to use dick to prop himself up "aw so you were worried about me huh well im fine and im kinda busy do you think we can reschedule this battle of wits you could use the time to get some ammo" as jay stood up on his own he fake gasped "were are my manners this is my best buddy waylon have you guys met"

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@dvsprankster: @sora_thekey: @deathbymanga: @otakuemperor: @bannanabob4: garfield felt in his backpack putting his hand on the bottle of lighter fluid he swiped if any of these boys tried anything funny he would light them up like a thanksgiving turkey and he could call its self defense he turned toward the overgrown student and jay " giant you try anything and i might have to shave a few inches off your body and lets face it that's all you got in this world god knows your brain wont get you anywhere."

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@dvsprankster: @sora_thekey: @deathbymanga: @ownagepants: @bannanabob4: jay smirked at his luck both waylon and flynn were just his brand of punk he looked up at waylon first "maybe your right how about we walk and talk." he looked over at the other three students who had been talking amongst themselves pam you might want to avoid these two im pretty sure the secrets getting spoiled involves one of them right dick?" with that jay kept walkying until he reached flynn "how about you put away the hot stuff and the three of us go and talk i could use one of these smokes i burrowed from my old man and i think we all might have more in common then we thought."

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OOC: Guys, I'm out of town and will be for a while, so you guys can continue without me. Dick sort of dissapeared. There you go another mystery to solve. Gotham High is a mysterious place after all.

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Pamela watched as Dick and Jason were cracking knuckles, and she knew they were gettign ready for a fight. She looked at the other two boys, and Jay was going to get pummeled, and Waylon looked bigger, but she had seen the Duo fight before, and she knew they would wipe the floor with them. She took a deep breathe, spreading her perfume around the circle, and moved from boy-to-boy as she talked, making sure to get each of their attention.

"Look, boys. Obviously someone here wants to out something from one of us. We all know we have secrets, even if we don't know what those secrets are." She watched as they became enamoured, staring at her. "We need to split up. We only have a few hours to figure out what is going on. Everyone take a different part of the school and search for any unusual. More unusual than we usually see around here." She stood in the middle, striking a pose. "The person to find the gest clue, gets a prize from none other than my little-old self." She could see the excitement the each boys face as she spoke, and as they looked her up and down. "First one back gets special consideration! Now, go!" She lifted and dropped her arms like she was starting a street race, watching as Dick was the first one to take off looking for something.

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Jason scoffed a little as he walked past Pam. "It isn't nice to tease them like that, you know?" He left, heading down to the boiler room to see if anything was being kept a secret down there

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ooc - i am waiting for people to come back with clues. No one has found anything yet.