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As Waylon left the alley he walked over to Todd's bike and popped the tires then he turned and walked away thinking have a nice ride home Toddy.

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@dvsprankster: "because we were under attack. This was the only safe-house I knew of. I was looking out for you, sheesh."

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jay fresman Jay walked in front of gotham high "man this school is dull i think i need to brighten this place up a bit." with that the young man slicked his hair back and skateboarded into the school "hello is anyone home your boredom has been realived im gonna have the whole student body dying laughing"

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @bannanabob4 @deathbymanga

Pam could tell Todd had no plan, and was just igurin out everything as he went along, so she stopped asking him questions.

"Forget this photo shoot thing, I'm going back to school. Even Dr Fox's class is more fun than this."

She walked out of the room and headed back to her car, and barely saw Waylon walking away from Todd bike, which had popped tires.

"Hey, big guy! You want a ride back to school?"

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OOC: I'm behind... What'd I miss? (Sorry)

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @deathbymanga @dvsprankster @otakuemperor

OOC: I swore vengeance and we went to a modeling thing

Waylon smiled "It's pretty much a one in a billion thing. Well either that or my mother is a crocodile. Which for all I know could be it since for all I knew could be true since I was raised by Pa. So now I'm part crocodile or something like that. Your addiction to plants?"

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@deathbymanga: @dvsprankster: @bannanabob4: if there is one thing in life jay will not tolerate it is boredom if no one was going to interact tjen hed make the first step "well lets see what can i do to brighten things up oh this will do to start" jay took a large can of red spray pain and tagged the front door of gotham high with a large smile he also proceeded to right "ha ha and lighten up" all across the lockers and doors "well lets hope this gets someones attention

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@deathbymanga: @dvsprankster: @bannanabob4: @otakuemperor:

Dick went on with his search to find the culprit of this mysterious pause that had been put in the school. He parted ways from his friend and searched. When he was about to give up he found something in his locker.

A note had been left addressed to him "Want to play detective? To get answers you should begin by revealing some secrets..." Dick was in shock. The school was full of secrets, he was sure of that, but what secrets needed to be revealed? His? He knows the school is full of weirdos, their secrets?

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The quiet steps of students casually walking through the halls, laughter and miscellaneous conversation blended together. John Crane looked around nervously as he stepped inside the school. He didn't like school. Doesn't matter where he goes. He nearly jumps when he feels a pat on his shoulder; just his dad. "Come along, Johnathan."His mother said, smiling... he could tell it was forced. He looked at the floor and followed his parents into the meeting room. He took a seat in one of the chairs, still staring at the floor while his parents conversed with the nameless school staff.

This was his first day in Gotham High, him being recently transferred from a neighboring school at his parents' request. He had problems with bullying, they said. They soon broke from their conversation, bringing a paper with them. John sighed and stood up. "Here you are, Johnathan."His father handed the paper to him; a schedule. His father patted him on the back on his way out, but they didn't say goodbye. He turned and watched them leave, then looked at the schedule. He folded it and placed in his jacket pocket. He walked out of the meeting room, and slowly walked down the empty hall towards his class.

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @bannanabob4 @deathbymanga @_punk_ @otakuemperor

"I just like plants better. They dont destroy, betray, and kill each other like humans do. They all learn to live together. Its not an obsession, I just think everyone needs to be more like them, and i try to lead by example."

They pulled up at the school and the car rocked as Waylon got out of the small vehicle. Pam got out also as some weird kid with a paint spray paint can ran by painting big red smiles on all the frozen kids. Pam had almost forgotten: the antidote! She hurried to the chem lab and started to work on something to release everyone.

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@dvsprankster: (As soon as you guys are done with the cure, hit me up and I will answer.)

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@bannanabob4: jay felt the force as he was pushed down to the ground. when he looked up he noticed the boys scaley condition and minassing demeanor jay smiled as he stood up "well that wasnt very nice crock boy did mommy never teach you how to play with the other kids in the swamp you came from" jay said as he belted the largte boy in the head with his spray can ensuring hed get his attention

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@dvsprankster: @demolitionguy: @bannanabob4: @otakuemperor:

Jason made his way back to the school, riding on his motorcycle. It looked like Pam had things under control, so he didn't have to worry about her.

Deciding to make do with the rest of the day, he walked out and headed over to the recovering crowd of students

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@_punk_: @deathbymanga: @bannanabob4: jay picked himself up and whiped the blood from his lip. as he saw waylon walk towards the tall kid "really thats it a little push and then you walk off just like i figured all bark no bite. whats next you give the new kid a wedgie how about we settle this for real" with the last line jay pulled out what looked like a switchblade "or you can just walk away and leave me and him both alone"

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @bannanabob4 @deathbymanga @_punk_ @otakuemperor

Pam ran in the chem lab and started mixing the things she would need to release the kids that were still frozen. She figured it out quickly: the plant had released airborne toxins that froze everyone, and her own perfume was releasing the kids. That ws why the ones that had been around her more were released first. She whipped up a big batch ofthe perfume, put it in her spritzer, and went to spray every kid in the face.

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@dvsprankster: @bannanabob4: jay may not look like it but he was a decent fighter mainly because he didnt play by any ruled that was what got him transferred to this school. as waylon came looking for the uppercut jay stepped out the way grabbing his skateboard attempting to hit the lager boy in the face with it before he could get up

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @bannanabob4 @deathbymanga @_punk_ @otakuemperor

Afer a few hours, She had pretty much sprayed everyone that was stuck in the face, and they seemed to be coming to...and looking at he with an infatuated look. Even the girls had a puppy-love look on their face and were staring at her. She was headed back to her locker when she saw waylon wildly swinging at some smaller, faster kid with makeup on.

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@dvsprankster: @bannanabob4: @otakuemperor:

John had continued walking obliviously as the lizard monster misses him, and turns back to the clown. He was good at blocking things out, it was useful. He stopped his slow march when a green girl.... green girl? Guess the school was more accepting than the last one he'd gone to... she looked like she was running to her locker, when she looked at him. Well, past him he soon realized. He was good at not drawing attention. He slowly turned around, to see an odd sight. A large monster- no, a student, attacking a small punkish looking kid with clown makeup.... much more accepting than his last school. He tilted his head at the fight, curious as to what was going on.

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@deathbymanga @_punk_ @otakuemperor @pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @dvsprankster

The skateboard smashed hard into Waylon's jaw knocking a tooth out of his mouth and shattering the board. Waylon turned around and dropped to his knees thinking "No I can't lose to another loser again." He turn around as everything around him became a red blur he let out a roar and charged Clown-Boy attempting to grab his shirt with both hands.

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@deathbymanga: @otakuemperor: @_punk_: @bannanabob4: @dvsprankster: (Name kinda changed. Demolition here =P)

Slade observed as the cheerleader healed every member of the school, promptly feeling useless and obnoxious. Even loneliness being usual, Wilson approached Pamela, blocking her path to the bathroom withouth even meaning it.

"Hey, Pamela, I just wanted to thank you. Couldn't have done better myself, even if people payed me to." he chuckled, revealing clear white teeth.

"Anyways, see ya around." he spoke before noticing something wrong.

"Are you okay, Pamela? Your skin is somewhat green toned."

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@_punk_: @bannanabob4: @dvsprankster: @dell_conagher: as jay was grabbed by his much larger opponent who seemed to have began a vicious rage the pale skinned boy was short on options "seriously dont you know how to take a joke" he sai as he actually slipped out of his shirt avoiding the vicious teen before trying to hit him with his other paint can "i mean come on ive got a skin condition and that chick over there is green" jay said as he pointed at pam

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@dvsprankster: @dell_conagher: @otakuemperor:

Jason saw that Pamela was dealing with a little bit of crowd control, and he figured it would be best for him to step in. Taking off his leather jacket he pushed through the idiots of the school "Ok guys, leave the lady alone." He put the jacket around Pam to hide her from everyone and pushed her into the bathroom, following suit and shoving the kid away that was blocking her path. "You ok?" he asked as he put himself against the door to keep people from coming in.

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@dell_conagher: @bannanabob4: @deathbymanga: jay was running as fast as his scrawney pale body would carry him "i cant stop running you broke my skate board remember" he said taking the time to laugh at his own joke before turning around and pulling out a very convincing looking handgun "stil wanna play"

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@dell_conagher: @deathbymanga: @bannanabob4: jay put a look on his face like he was thinking "well you did say youll eat me and im not fond of being the other white meat" he said using his free hand to show that his entire body was as pure white as his face "so yeah i think i can" as jay said this he pulled the trigger revealing his gun to simply be a paintball gun as he fired at his larger opponent he made a run for a random classroom hopeing to fool him.

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(where the f is stephanie brown in the pic?):<

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@bannanabob4: jay continued to run shirtless "seriously does nobody notice a wild animal chasing a devilishly handsom member of the student body i mean this place makes arkham acadamy seem normal" jay then slipped into a room labeled gym and smiled as ideas flowed into his head

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"really ive seen a plant girl and a crocodile boy and im the freak" jay said as waylon kicked the door in jay was standing on top of the bleachers wearing a gotham high basketball jersey as he threw a basket ball at waylon

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @bannanabob4 @deathbymanga @_punk_ @otakuemperor

Pam stumbled into the bathroom, then checkeed the stalls to make sure they were alone. No feet were shwing under the doors, and she let out a sigh of relief, turning back to jason.

"Man, this has been quite a day, huh? I'm fine, just need to apply my cover-up." She explained while fiddling into her purse for the cover up, her hands shaking.

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@dvsprankster: Jason wanted to know what the truth about her was going on, but he saw her hands shaking an figured this wasn't the best time for that. Best to let her have her space. "I won't ask or pry, just know that I'm here for you"

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@dvsprankster said:

(Easier to just Quote your @Replies than to go one by one.)

Dick walked out of his first period still clutching the note in his hand. He saw Pam spraying the halls with a perfume, but paid little attention to what seemed like a cry for attention.

The school was full of shady people and Dick needed to figure out who had done the freezing, even now that it had wore off. He also had to figure out what to do with the note. He went back to his locker and found another note: "You're getting COLD".

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@pyrogram @sora_thekey @demolitionguy @bannanabob4 @deathbymanga @_punk_ @otakuemperor

"Just watch the door for me, ok?" She asked as she furriously started to apply the cover-up until all the green was faded again into golden tan brown skin tones. She had to use every last bit, but it covered well. She made a mental note to be more careful now that everyone was concious and moving again. She turned back to Jason and gave him her first geniune smile.

"Thanks Jason."

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@dvsprankster: "Don't mention it." Jason looked over at the smile she gave him and smiled back before an idiot behind the door nearly nocked him off his feet. But the door was still up, and no more bangs came so Jason assumed the bang had been someone nocking someone else away

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Dick held the note in his hands and walked away from his locker. From afar he saw Jason standing outside the locker room. "Could he be the one who left the notes?" Dick asked himself.

As he walked towards Jason he thought again. "Jason isn't the type of guy who would be cryptic. He tends to be direct when getting what he wants." Dick continued to walk towards his "frenemy" and then tied the note to someone Jason is tied to.

"Where's Pamela?" He blurted out at Jason with no previous greeting whatsoever.

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@bannanabob4: @deathbymanga: @sora_thekey: @dvsprankster: with his would be hunter occupied jay slipped out of the gym in his baggy gotham high jersey he was burrowing when he spotted that chick who he couldve sworn was green when he first saw her talking to a black haired guy holding a note he also heard something about getting cold. jay walked up to them both "now now are you having a little lovers spat. well since um done being the crocodile HUNTED maybe i can help you kids work out your problems."

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@deathbymanga: @sora_thekey: @dvsprankster: jay gave a deep scowl for a brief moment he hated being underestimated but he once again he laughed and walked up to her "oh come now atleast hear me out before judging after all im more then just a pretty face or is it the white skin thats the problem does looking at it make you GREEN in the gills." jay said putting the emphasis on green to show he new about her already. "or is it that you dont remember your old middle school buddy pam. its me jay oker we went to arkham acadamy together"