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I know most of you almost never see me on the RPG forums, but hear me out.

Have you heard of the Batman Cartoon that Never Was (and Never Will Be): Gotham High? (Kaioken Kid posted about it on the site)

Well some people are bummed by the fact that this project was cancelled. Others (like me) are not, but this doesn't mean that the idea would not be fun.

So here's how it's going to go:

We each get to be a Gotham character in Gotham High School. (I posted a list below, so pick your character and begin RPGing)

Characters: (Characters that have been taken are written in BOLD)

Here's some other images from the never has/never will animated show for reference:

There's also so many other Gotham characters to choose from besides these ones, so be sure to enroll in Gotham High!

(Remember to write in paranthesis anything that is Out of Character [OOC])

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I'll start...
 Richard "Dick" Grayson << Freshman and new to the school and city.
The rain didn't bother him. He preferred it actually. 
While the rest of his new classmates were probably being dropped by his parents Richard Grayson didn't want the whole school to know that the circus was in town. So he walked to school that morning.
Under the black hod of his jacket "Dick" hid from the rest of the kids. After all, he was "the new kid". 
As he enters the halls of Gotham High he thinks he better keep a low profile. He wouldn't want for his classmates to know who he really is. 

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Character Harleen Quinzel Freshmen  
"Weeeee..rain rain rain!!!!!!!" Harley screamed joyfully as she rid her bike down the road dropping it at the entrance to her high school. 
 As she glanced up at the huge building an almost uncontrollable feeling came over her. 
"New People!" she said leaving her bike and running towards the entrance of the school, no sooner than she walked through the door she almost ran into another kid. 

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After rudely being told move by a girl in pigtails Dick's idea of low profile might be hard to keep he thought. 
"Sorry" He said softly.
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"Yeah well just stay outta the way!" Harley quickly moved towards the nearest locker,  and proceeded to stick her head in to smell the scent. 
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" smells like Gym socks and Pizza residue!"

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Dick continued to walk down the hall and looked for the principal's office. He needed to know his classes and locker combo. 
While he looked he couldn't help but notice the distinctive features all of the other students in this new school had. 

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From the corner of her eye, Harley could see the boy walking off; pulling her head out of the locker she quickly ran behind him. "Soooo, whatcha doooin?, My name's harley's what's yours? don't you just love school!"

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"Um" He stared at her blankly.  
This girl had just been the meanest as he arrived and now she was friendly? 

"I'm... Dick, Dick Grayson"

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"Hmmmm I don't meet tooo many Dicks, latley how do ya do!" Smiling at him with a wide grin. "where ya headed!?"

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"Don't meet too many...?" Confused by the possible comedic remark he created a fake smile. 
"I'm going to the principal's office. I'm new so I need to get my classes and locker combo"

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Looks at him still with a wide grin, turning around digging in her back pack she pulled out a yellow piece of paper. "They mailed mine to my home; Homeroom, is number 21A" and my locker combination 3,2,.....your's not getting it" she said dimming her eyes and walking towards the end of the hall.

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"I really hope my homeroom is not 21A..." He said under his breath.

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Walking in her class she smiled a big smile and let out a gigantic wail "TEACHERRRRRRRRRR I'm HEREEE!!!" she noticed most of the classmates holding there ears from her lous screeching but she didn't care, she moved to the front row and sat down ontop of a girl in her row. a bit  ticked the girl squirmed until Harley got up; she then went to find a new seat while Harley stole her's. "Good year ahead!"
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Pam strutted in through the doors and shook the rain from her hair. Blatantly ignoring everyone else in the hall she stopped at her locker and fiddled with her lock. Vaguely paining attention, she overheard a conversation between two freshman, how dull was that? 
"The minute I'm out of here I'm never looking back. Goodbye, Gotham." Turning around she was unpleasantly surprised to see a poster that not only irritated, but also disgusted, her. "Harvey Dent for student body President? Ha, not bloody likely." 
Tearing the poster off the wall she balled it up and tossed it at some dark haired kid she didn't recognize. 

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Dick left Principal Gordon's (See what I did there?) office with a note, listing his classes and his locker combination. After passing an irritated green-skinned, red-head he looked down at his piece of paper. 
"Oh great! My homeroom is 21A"  
He enters the classroom only to be greeted by the same grinning blonde...
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"DICKY!!!!!! come sit by ME!!!!!!!!!!" she said leaning out of her chair over towards the person in the seat to the right of her. Extending her arms she pushed the boy out of the seat to make room for Dick.

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Dick thinks he should run, yet there's nowhere to run to. So with his face still under his hood and his head lowered in disappointed he sits next to Harley. 
"Hey, Harleen" He says in a monotone tone.
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Smoothing down her skirt, Pam slammed her locker shut. Since that whole biology "mishap" last year she was going to have to repeat a year and that meant spending more time with prepubescent, hormonally challenged monkey children. Slumping into her homeroom, 21A, she dropped down into a desk near the back and buried her face in her hands. Some blond bimbo was shouting irritatingly loud at the front of the room. This year was going to be horrible.

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"SOOO DICKY decided to come sit next to your old pal....Harleen!? an intense anger quelled up within her" The blonde's face turned red and finally she let out another deafining wail. "MY NAME IS HARRRRRRRRRRRLEY!!!!!!!!!!!"

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The same irritated green-skinned girl entered the room and buried her face in her hands.  
"She must be lonely or something" He said out loud.
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The blonde let out another screech, more than Pam could take. Shooting upright she pointed at the ditz.  
"Listen, you horrid little banshee," she spat venomously, "if I hear your nasally rodent squeal of a voice one more time I will smack you so hard your eyes will pop out. Are we clear?"

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After the green-skinned red-head let out a fit towards... Harlee-- Harley Dick aimlessly looked at both ends of the room and whispered (loudly enough that everybody in the room heard): "These two should be friends"...
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When the class ended Dick got up and cought up with the  green-skinned red-head. 
"Um, hi. I'm Richard, but my friends call me Dick. What's your name?"
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Bane rolled in to school late, he'd been out all night partying with the rest of the wrestling team, there was supposed to be a test today, he didn't study, but he knew he'd ace it.
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By the end of class Pam was more miserable than ever. Her mood did now improve when some boy decided to introduce himself, effectively blocking her escape route. 
"Dick? Really? You're in high school and you want your friends to call you Dick?" Pam practically keeled over laughing. "You may be a loser, but I really appreciate you giving me a reason to laugh." Patting him on the head, she violently shoved him aside and left the class.

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There was an extra something in Harvey's Dent's step as he made his way through the rain and into Gotham High. Despite the crowd Harvey was easily identifiable by his two-tone attire. Even his umbrella held two distinct designs, one on each side. "Ahh, the best place on Earth." He spoke aloud in the halls, the sarcasm in his voice evident. Other students turned to acknowledge him with grimaces and frowns as he strolled to his locker. 
Putting in the combination he set his things into his locker and grabbed his law book. He turned to a mirror on the inside of the lock door and smiled as he fixed his hair and admired his double-face. Slapped it shut it adjusted the "Vote Harvey" button on his jacket as he walked to his first class. He smiled back as he stared at the posters of himself on the walls. "It's going to be a good year."

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As he was shoved away and left the class Dick bumped into a huge kid who was rushing in as if late for class.
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Storming down the hall Pam let a devious smile slide across her face as she saw a better way to vent her frustrations.  
"Hey, Dent," she called out, prancing over to meet him. "How is the school's prime presidential candidate these days? It's like we never talk anymore."  Resisting the urge to gag at the sight of his stupid pin she brushed her hair over her shoulder and tried to be pleasant. 

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Making his way down the hall in his typical uneven pace, Harvey paused as his eyes fell on school's resident green machine. 
"Well if it isn't my opponent. Me? I'm quite well, I have a feeling this is going to be a good year, especially after I'm elected student body president. Indeed, it's been a while, you've been a stranger. How about you? I see you love the freshman class so much you've decided to stick around with them for another year." 
He smirked, taking pleasure in being devilishly poisonous.

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Pam was struck silent for a moment, but quickly recovered. She'd heard enough about her academic failings at home to be able to brush it off. Besides, at least she had enough of a spine to stand up for what she believed in. Harvey always seemed to need to flip a coin. 
"Well aren't you sharp as ever. Still not a very snappy dresser, mind you, but I'm glad to see that you've got something to fall back on." At least there was someone at this school she could have a somewhat intelligent rally with. "I promise to try not to bring that up in our debate, though. I'm sure I can manage with some of your other terrible flaws."

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Vic hoped the computer lab was open for first period, it's colder in there than the rest of the school and it was usually empty towards the beginning of the day, the less he people he saw today the better. He adjusted his shades and walked to his locker. He hoped that Gar Lynns was still expelled after last year's incident with the arc welder in shop class. He hoped. 
"Jeez ,10 minutes back here I'm already sweating."
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Bane went to the vending machine to get some chips, he noticed he was a few cents short  
" Damn, 10 cents short, where's Nigma or Cobblepot, they usually got cash on hand, maybe Crane."

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Her red hair bouncing behind her as she pounded down the side walk, Babs raced up the steps of Gotham High her bag bouncing against her hip as she slammed through the doors and raced to her locker, the last buzzer sounding in her ears she groaned as she grabbed her books and dashed for the History area of the school, slipping in the door and giving old Mrs Crochet a cheeky smile she pushed her glass up her nose and sat on the nearest chair, grinning at Kara sitting next to her she tried to pay attention while she doodled BW <3s BG on her books
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Garfield slowly approached the school building, staring at the sidewalk. He held a cigarette lighter in his clenched fist, tighter than the best treasure…fire was so much better than baseball cards, or bottle caps, or friends….he sighed, and scratched some ash off of one of the texbooks he held under his arm. He hoped no one remembered the arc welder incident. He was allowed back only because some kid named Jeremiah somethingorother proved that he was a pyromaniac. Whatever THAT meant. Maybe Bane and Waylon would leave him alone this year. Well, he could only hope. He walked up the front steps and pushed open the door, fumbling his books, which fell all over the floor. A surge of rage ran through him. BURN. THEM. ALL. He shook it off, gathered his books, and continued on his way.
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As he continued to walk the halls of Gotham High towards his next class Dick kept noticing the weirdest things. A kid so pale he could be made of ice, posters of a kid who seemed to have an identity crisis and a kid who played too much with fire. 
"Welcome to Gotham High, I guess" He said under his breath. 
He looked at the paper that held his classes: Mrs. Crochet, 10th grade History? That has to be wrong since Dick is only a Freshman.
So he headed towards the other side of the school and see if the teacher could sort that out.
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"Well Ms.Lang, it seems you set to go" She principal Gordon a smile and then set out into the halls on her way to her first class

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As he walked towards the class he passed the principal's office. Because of his head being hid by a hood he overlooked the beautiful blond in front of him, and bumped into her. Strangely he was the only one to gall to the ground. 
"Ow" She's super strong, he though.
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Looking up at the clock she sighs heavily wondering what Bruce is up too in his senior class, The bell chimes and she dashes out the door heading back to her locker

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Jonathon Crane sat at the base of his locker, his fingers in their torn gloves fiddled with several pieces of straw, eventually tying them together into the shape of a little stick figure, which he promptly tore the head off and threw aside. Sighing, he flicked his mess of hair from his eyes, fixed his scarf, picked up his books and began to shamble towards class. History was boring until you looked at the dictators.

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Music seems to swell around the hallway as Talia walks down it, flanked by a couple of "friends" she swings her hips in the tight outfit as she knocks past a couple of lowly juniors and makes her way to her locker, owning the hallway and ruling the school.
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Linda looked down at the boy that bumped into her "Oops i'm sorry" she said extending her hand to pick him up
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It was time for class. Garfield wasn't sure WHICH class…that part of his planner was a little charred. Well, he'd get credit if he just went to the same class every day. Ah, there was Victor, he usually knew what was going on. Though he always seemed to hang around the coldest parts of the school, so maybe not. Jonathan…ugh, no way. That kid was just scary. Hey! A new guy! Some dude wearing a hood. Gar hid around the corner and watched him, not wanting it to be too obvious he was following him around. And so he could stare at the girl the new kid was talking to. For some reason, girls didn't like Gar very much.
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Dashing out of the classroom and slinging her backpack over her shoulder she looked down the hall at the pretty blonde girl helping up the other girl and smiled, Linda was an old friend of hers from back in Metropolis and had transferred to Gotham, running up to them she grins as she hugs her friend 
"BABE< you made it!" she grinned
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Bruce walked out of American history and made a b-line to his locker. But he ended up in one of those ever occurring face off's Talia, she thought she owned this school, he stood while all others moved out of her way and kept walking straight at her. The two stopped for moment before passing each other. He made it to the locker and placed his books inside and began scanning the hall for his friends. it was strange being one of the only seniors who would hang out with the juniors, but someone had to watch out for them.  

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"Babe you made it" she heard coming from down the hall, she quickly turned around to see Barbra coming extending her hands for a hug. Hugging her friend she gave off a welcoming smile and then looked around giving off a unsure look about the school. 
"It's very different from Metropolis..."
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@_BruceWayne_:  @Sha:
Frowning at Talia as she strutted past them she rolled her eyes at the sneer the girl gave her, following behind her was her boyfriend, senior Bruce Wayne, he was so dreamy she had to pinch herself that he liked her. 
"It's very different from Metropolis..." 
Barbara laughed, and grabbed Linda's hand, "come meet the gang" she smiled at her as she dragged her over to Bruce, kissing him briefly and turning to drag the two out into the courtyard to sit for morning break. 
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After being helped up by the freakishly strong girl Dick though it'd be best to introduce himself. 
"HI, my name is--" but as he said this another girl interrupted. Dick began to pick up his books from the floor as the two girls engaged in conversation.
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The bell rang. And Gar had missed whatever class he was supposed to be at. Oops. This was all the new kid's fault, if he hadn't been standing there talking the whole class this wouldn't have happened. Oh well. Gar walked off to see what was going on. Usually something cool happened during the morning break, like a fight, or a firedrill (Garfield ALWAYS hoped it was an actual fire), or….Bane stealing his lunch money. That last one wasn't cool. At all. Gar wondered where Drury was, he hadn't seen him in a while. He strolled out into the courtyard, and proceeded to imagine he could set his toes on fire with his MIND!
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@.Mistress Redhead.:
Bruce smiled as Barb kissed him and went to pull him out into the court yard., she introduced her friend Linda "How was the trip from   Metropolis? Could you excuse me for just a moment" Bruce said before Barb could say anything else  and drag him into the court yard  "I'll catch up hon." walking over to Dick he began helping him pick up his books, "She gets excited sometimes, don't take that for rude." Bruce stood and offered out his hand "Im Bruce Wayne."
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"Cool, lemme just finis-" before she could finish what she was saying, Barbra snagged her by the arms and pulled her out to the courtyard. 
"Sheesh...I thought i was the strong one"