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Darkness was nothing more then an idea. A universal concept brought into the material plane like a tidal of wave within the ocean's fury. Shadows and darkness were nothing more than an absence of light. Like a flickering flame to a raging inferno could be put out by water, it's greatest weakness. Yet, the flame could burn hot enough to vaporize all the waters and moister in the air. Light and Darkness coexist in an unending balance for an eternity. It was as it should be. To unchanged it would mean the ceasing of all life and unlike across the universe. Few knows the concept of such truth for it could shatter their souls. And like so, the luminescent sky was filled with unending jewels and long forgotten clouds that watch over the old deserted planet.

An old planet, barren and war torn, like a jagged hunk of rock floating in space, this planet serves it's own purpose of the setting within the universe. A chess piece, a pawn within the Presence's hands made its move. And like a "His" fickle hands, darkness, an arcane horror, a frightful wight that voraciously feeds upon the life and soul of the great world, moved. Unending and disastrous, the planet dies. An unpleasing smell of evil walked upon the barren land, each step obliterating any life to ashes. His flawless stride through the unlit lands of darkness seemed like nothing but a stroll. White hair as pure as the heavens light danced with every breeze, lifting the curtains to the beautiful eyes that mock the light with amusement.

His mouth formed into a devilish smirk, eyes narrowed in thought. His inhuman eyes, demonic in all it’s sense drew it self upon to look upon the sky. His mouth moved silently, words like silk echoed through out the lands with a whisper. Dark clouds formed, lightning charged and thunder roared. So powerful it was that the clouds could be seen even in the night. However it all cleared a second later to look like a beautiful white cloud on a dark night, like it was once was before the world went through its first ragnarok.

His hands unconsciously lifted and felt the light rain. Water droplets so tiny, it could barely be felt, however it brought a smile upon beautiful face. A Demon God, an eternal being enjoying such a trivial thing as this would have turned the first circle of hell’s citizens into awe and calmness.

“It is as fickle as the world….” Words formed into an enigmatic structure that cannot be compensated. As if the truer meaning could only be found within the black heart of the Demon God. As if only the millions of souls residing within him could even begin to understand the meaning of such a thing.

“Boom…” As if a light switch was flickered, the once beautiful sky dissolved and unformed. Not a single cloud could be seen. Rain is gone and the lands dissolved and turned.

“Come out come out wherever you are….” His voice filled with malice and a promise of a quick death.

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Close to twenty metres away from the being, from the incarnation of chaos itself, something fell from the Heavens. It impacted into the red, wasted earth, in a glorius explosion, cracking the dry dust beneath it and shattering the silence of the planet. Gradually, the smoke cleared, and one figure-small compared to the demon god-rose. A human child, practically, stood, with a look of anger and determination lighting up his young face.

He stepped out of the crater, and pressed a hand to his ear, which was covered by a large headphone.

"Nero, kickstart up the battle settings", he spoke. If you right beside the boy, and listened very, very closely, you might've been able to hear a series of clicks. After a moment, they stopped.

Battle settings defined. Limits set, abilities are go. Commencing mental preparations......

We are ready

Eric, AKA Epsilon, removed his hand from his headphones. "Good', he said, mostly to himself. He mentally turned up the music. No more words would be needed.

Kicking off teh ground, he jetted at superhuman speeds towards his target. A trail of light was left behind in his wake, and the dust that lay on the parched earth of the planet flew up into the air behind him. As he neared, he gained altitude, before thrusting both open palms forward repeatedly, shooting off a dozen energy blasts that homed in towards the demon.

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As soon as the child came from the creator, he acted like a berserker only a Demon lord would be proud of. The power was more impressive then anything he has seen. The child emanated powers beyond any should have. As soon as he came, he released a torrent of energies upon him. With a wave of his hands, he released a wave of dust from the very earth it self, completely hiding Badou from behind. However it was not a protection, more of a distraction. Just as the energy blasts descended upon him, his hands waved, releasing a large quantities of energy balls of marble size. Small and powerful, the small magical balls deflected every energy attack the being threw at him and de-solved it back to it's main components, rendering it useless. 

The earthly dust formed and went up to the sky, forming twisters and tornadoes. Badou unconsciously formed a spell of "Power and Might" when he is facing an opponent of greater strength. Shifting his feet, Badou left a wake of magical energy of minute destruction as he blasted towards the child blitzing towards him. He raised his hands to form a punch, charged with so much magical energy it could render almost any opponents to power and aimed at the child's temple with a growl.