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For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

I don't understand. I don't understand how my life became such a shit storm. It's all my fault. I should of never gotten Noah involved. I should of never returned to New York. Maybe if I shift reality. Yeah that's what I'll do. Shinigami won't even know. No, I can't do that. I can't risk losing him.

Dammit! I don't accept defeat. My name is Clarice Michelle. I am the Queen of Conquerors. I am death incarnated. Why isn't no one afraid of me? What's wrong with me? I know why. Andres Knightfall. His immortal formula caused this entire debacle. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. I should murder him. I can prove my worth if I succeed. Maybe Shinigami will uplift his wicked curse if I accomplish the impossible. I can do it.

No way! That's stupid. That's signing my death certificate. Even with these powers, I'm sure that Spanish serpent probably has some chemical antibiotic. Forget about those men. I need to focus on someone far more important. Her name is Blair and I sensed her the very second my devilish counterpart threatened my livelihood. I'll find her. Get some answers. Learn why I haven't reached my full potential.....after so many years.........


Glaring lights absolve darkness. Clarice Michelle instantaneously awakes miles away from her extravagant estate, aimlessly wandering around a frantic medical facility. "Ma'm are you okay?", asked a puzzled medical assistant, wondering why she looked so deranged. "Did you forget which room your friend is in?", he questioned her yet again, this time mistaking her for someone else.

"Yeah. I'm so dumb. I totally forgot", her demeanor lightens as Blair's gentle aura permeates her body, "You wouldn't mind, would you?" Although unsure if Blair was a dizzy character, the masterful manipulator ensured this young man fell to her feminine wiles. And because of her flawless behavior she found herself on a quiet floor, where the sobbing frequency of her only(?) identical resided. "Go touch yourself", even though her life uncontrollably spirals, the brash broad still finds humor in telepathically inclining a foolish boy into leaving her alone.

"You can't...", she stood by the doorway, invisible to the naked, "....be real."


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I'm too late to save her.

Feral Nova's body lying in a puddle of blood. Breathless. As I grab a hold of her body I could feel the warmth glow she had fade away. I run. I run faster than I have ever ran before in my life. I become one with the speed of light.

In a flash I am in the entrance of the hospital. All of the staff rush to me. They take her away from my hands. I watch them take her away. All I can do is wait since they won't let me go in with her. I fall to the ground. I cry. I break down and cry. It's all I can do right now. The one thing I couldn't do is be there for a woman who took me into her team when I was homeless.

I stare at my hands to see blood all over them. Looking at the rest of my costume I see blood all over it as well. I see everyone at the hospital just staring at me. They have no clue how to help me. I don't know how to help myself. I whip out my WAL communicator and I alert the members.

"WAL, I found Feral Nova. I took her to the nearest hospital. They took her. I really don't know if she is going to be.." a knot tightens my throat. They could tell I'm crying. "The man who goes by the name of Daemon did this to her. He left once he saw me, Cellphone Girl out."

Nova and my Father taught me to never kill anyone. No matter what. I know I might have no done it, but I would have came pretty close to it if I would have got there fast. I blame myself for what happened to her.

I look up to see an almost blinding gold and blue glow right above me. It is Izaiah. "Why couldn't I have been faster?" I look up at the man who has always been there for me at my weakest.

"You did the best you can. Is there any way I can help her?" He didn't have to read my mind to know that I had no clue if he could or not.

My cousin did the only thing he could. He dimmed his glow down as he sat with me on the floor. He hugged me.

The two of us waited all night to hear that she was alive, yet stuck in a coma.


It's been well over a week and I have stayed with Zoe every single day. Funny, she looks a bit more different every time I walk in. I'm starting to think this girl needs to do a touch up on that hair of hers, because I know her secret of not being a natural blonde now!

I was allowed to bring Zachary today. I didn't know people could bring animals, but I guess they made an exception since I am a superhero. He jumps onto Zoe's bed and gives her lots of kisses. He wags his tail rapidly and then stops once he notices that she won't wake up. Zach whimpers becoming worried about her. "Zachy, she'll wake up soon. We just need to keep her company and show her tons and tons of love!"

That is when I noticed the worst thing of my life.

"Oh My Goddess, Zoe we need to do something about your nails! You're totally lucky to have me around to help you!" I dig through my make up bag to find the most perfect color ever! "I think we should go with the color.... PINK!"

While painting her nails I hear a voice from behind us. "Can I help you?"

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Blair can see me? This can't be right. It's impossible. She's not on my level. I'm invisible. I'm hidden. Maybe I should leave? Holy shit. It's too late. The broad knows I'm here. She can definitely see me. There's no excuse. I can't spin a lie. I can't run away. It'd serve no purpose. It'd only hurt me. I have to confront this chick. I have to swallow my pride. I can do this. My name is Clarice Michelle. I can do this.

Her body sluices upon seeing her newly discovered doppelganger. "Who the hell are you?", she frantically questions the colorful copycat, "This has to be some type of copyright infringement." Her dark mascara slides down skin as white as snow, visibly showcasing how shaken she's become. "Please, tell me the truth", unaware of her connection to the comatose patient, the frazzled telekinetic aims three sharp objects at Zoe's precious head.


Murder she wrote. Never sat down and heard the song, but it probably pertains to this f*cked up predicament I've found myself in. I don't want to hurt anyone. I'm in no position to really make demands, especially when I've got the f*cking rapture siphoning my powers like some type of self serving sex toy. Ugh. Why can't my life ever be easy? Why can't the world just revolve around me? Why does God find humor in screwing with me? Was I Eve in another life? Is he still pissed that I ate the apple? Damn. It's been centuries! F*ck me. F*ck me! Now I have this girl. This girl named Blair. This b*tch has officially killed my vibe. I need to know why. I need to know why the hell she has my freaking face. I have to know. And the only way she'll answer is if I have some leverage. I apologize Zoe, but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Make threats....bitchy style.


"Answer me dammit!", she cries as silence encompasses an entire floor riddled with emotional trauma, "Who are we?"


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My heart stopped the moment she aimed for three objects to attack Zoe at any second. "Listen. I have no clue why the two of us look the same. Just.. Put the weapons down, and we could talk about this." I realize during that I was pointing my nail polish towards her in a threatening way. No wonder people never take me seriously. Setting it on the table I think of a way to calm her down.

As I stare at her I can't help but notice how.. uncanny it is. We look like we could be in fact identical twins. We would look like a mirror copy if I were to have had the same hair color as her.

"Grrr" Zachary growls loudly at the woman as he stands on top of Zoe's stomach in a guard position. Good boy! Aw looking at him being a little superhero. I'm starting to totally wear off on him!

I feel a vibration in my right pocket. Pulling out my phone I see I have received a snapchat from Maya Lopez! "OH EM GEE. Hold on two seconds. Maya just snapchatted a pic of herself in this new dress she bought. I totally had a gut feeling the pink one would look better on her!" Instead of sending her of selfie of myself with Zachary, and Nova I take a picture of my new twin! Snap.

"Maya is totally not going to believe I totally have a Doppleganger!" and sent! "So.... what is your name?" Maybe instead of yelling about my phone I should have probably asked her that first.