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"Lanterns, due to the intense increased volatile nature on the planet earth, we are creating an orbital space station so that the earth will be mended from it's evil ways..."

And so the order given from the great ones was put into effect, withing weeks an orbital space station warped into the earth's orbit. Inside this massive space station is over three hundred green lanterns, all ready to serve and protect the people's of earth. Due to the experimental value of this project, the lanterns provided are novice's, under the command of earth's main green lantern, Andrew Lincoln.

In total, the space station is roughly the size of Manhattan twice over, giving more then enough room to fit all of the lanterns. The entire station has more then a thousand housing rooms and areas for almost every living purpose as well as recreational. The purpose of this station is so the lanterns have a place to call home on their quest for justice. However, for the people that aren't lanterns and see the inside of this place, are criminals. Most of the lower half of the station is one of the greatest high security prisons in the galaxy, able to hold any super being once they are behind jade bars.

  • Upper layer of the station (Sector A): Up here is the courts and professional areas of the ship, this is where meetings and trials are held. A navigational room and strategy rooms are placed at the very top of the station being the hive mind for most operations.
  • Middle layer of the station (Sector B): This is the living and recreational parts of the station are, enough to house more then a thousand people and enough to feed all of them for lifetimes. Also here are the rec rooms and training rooms.
  • Lower layer of the station (Sector C): This is the place where the "Justice" part takes place. Here are all of the prison cells and interrogation rooms, there are multiple rooms dedicated to processing criminals and detaining them according to their threat level.

The corps can't do this alone.

"Of course the boys in blue on earth are there for a reason, stopping petty criminals and bank robbers. But when there is a giant monster causing mass destruction in a park? Call the green guys instead ok?"

-Andrew Lincoln.

There isn't exactly a way to "Call" the corps if there is trouble, unless they are advanced enough. All they ask for is your cooperation, as if they were normal police officers. And if you want to help out more? Sign up and take the trials to see if your lantern material, there is plenty room in space.

(This is indeed a "team" you can join! But do remember this is a pure hero team, neutrals with bad motives and bad guys are generally not taken lightly to the corps. Also if your dude is already crazy powerful? Why bother putting a ring on it?)

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Damn, you put a lot of work into this. Props.

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The two finally made it past the air lock and Andrew deconstructed the air bubble. As the metal doors slid open, three more lanterns came in and put ademantium cuffs on the masked man. "What do we got here sir?" Asked one of the lanterns. Andrew merely chuckled and started to walk, the three lanterns pushed Impero along to follow.

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Bout time we got an official Green Lantern team.
<---Lantern Fanboy

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@_Astrid_: XD Thanks

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@Lincoln_Protocol: Smirking beneath his mask, he made a characteristically arrogant remark regarding the adamantium handcuffs. "Adamantium? How outdated", he stated, calmly following after Construct.

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@Lincoln_Protocol: Would you be interested in taking in an Earthly police officer? I have one I've been dying to use for SOMETHING. He'd honestly probably keep the ring locked away, but still >.>
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Novices. Even still, over three hundred is a ton. And them kids can be cheeky and creative.

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And god job. I really like all the spacey stuff that's been going around here lately.

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@Impero: The group passed through ten metal corridors, each with thick doors on each side. Finally, they made it to a large room filled with Lanterns taking care of other criminals in the same fashion. However, Impero and the group moved to a smaller room, in that room was a four armed alien with no skin on his body, but only a thin clear layer of tissue that revealed all of his red muscles. "Heheheh...Fresh meat.." His booming low voice echoed as he walked up to the masked man. "Easy Tenfer, you will have some time with him soon enough" Andrew said with a stern look. Tenfer laughed and took a smell of the masked man and coughed "Ugh! Human! I can't stand their stench..So glad that ring rids of yours rids of it Construct" The beastly alien chuckled and flashed his ring at Impero's face. "Hello little man, I am Tenfer...The warden for our prison here...I will make sure you get a warm welcome after the trial!" He slapped him on the shoulder with his massive hand and walked out of the room. The three lanterns took point, two on each side of Impero and one behind him, all of their rings pointed straight for the masked man.

Andrew walked in front of Impero with a smirk. "Alright Impero, we need you to remove your hood, jacket, mask and shoes...".

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@Sonnenlicht: Thanks dude ^_^

@_Astrid_: PM me with him and we will talk :D

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@Lincoln_Protocol: Unfazed by the appearance of the large alien Lantern, Impero could not help but let out a condescending chuckle, "Oh if only it were that simple my ignorant friend", he scoffed arrogantly, amused by his identification as a human, even more so by their confidence in their ability to keep him there, "For a galactic peacekeeping force, your technology is sadly... pathetic", he remarked before Construct told him to remove most of his attire, several other Lanterns surrounded him pointing their power rings at him. "I allowed my capture Mr. Construct, do not push your luck", he responded, calmly turning round to face the other Lanterns, his confidence and poise never wavering, "More power rings? Don't flatter yourselves children. I agreed to come here Mr. Construct, I knew it would be an entertaining experience. But as I said before, do not push your luck, for if I wish to escape", he said, briefly turning intangible, allowing the handcuffs to slip through him and fall to the floor, "I most certainly could", his advanced teleportation technology would enable him to. Picking up the handcuffs and placing them back on, he continues, "I came here on my own terms, and I will act here on my own terms. I will have the trial but as for my mask and whatnot.. hmph don't kid yourself", he stated arrogantly. He had no intention of revealing his identity or revealing his hood and whatnot, if it came down to it, he would and could escape.

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@Impero: "Enough talk" Said Andrew as he grabbed at Impero's throat with the intent to lift him. "Every single one of these lanterns are far more powerful then you can ever become and they are only seventeen and eighteen, your ignorance will yell at you otherwise but that isn't my problem..As for escape? It's not happening, teleporting scramblers, being in the middle of space and the galaxies most powerful united force surrounding you...You won't make it out of the room Impero.." He released his neck and went to remove the mask. "This is not for negotiation!".

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I could maybe put one of my powerless characters in here. They've got plenty of will, and I'm a bit of a GL fan myself.

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@ZombieBigfoot: The more the merrier!

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@Lincoln_Protocol: I'll give my alt list a look-over. Probably gonna go with Sam, though.

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@Lincoln_Protocol: Instantly swatting the young Lantern's hand away the moment he grabbed his throat, cunning Impero continued his condescending chuckling, "Please, don't flatter yourselves", he said, sidestepping Construct's attempt to remove his mask, "I won't make it out of here alive? Ha!", he laughed arrogantly before retaining his trademark composure, "There can be as many as a million Lanterns here Mr. Construct. But me? I always make it out alive. Impero does as he pleases, I will not agree to the terms of this pathetic peacekeeping force. And while you think this isn't for negotiation my dear boy, it is. Either have the trial.. or I escape, it's quite simple really", he stated, calmly pacing around the space station. Being hundreds of thousands of years old, he has experience with Lanterns, he would not be stopped. "You're all welcome to try and stop me".

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Cool space station, cool team-thing.

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@Impero: (Wow your write the perfect d0uche bag! No offence)

Andrew laughed along with him. "Oh you want the trial? Then by all means". He gave a nod to the other lanterns, with the pull of a lever the entire floor started to move upwards, soon the sound of a large amount of people talking could be heard. After a few moments of darkness, light shined onto Andrew and Impero as they were now standing in the center of the trial room. "All rise for the elder lantern of this solar system, Johnathan May Lincoln the fourth.." The lanterns that were sitting up above stood and saluted, after a few moments the elder lantern hovered over to his jade throne and put on his reading glasses. He looked to be sixty, but was in fact more then 800 years old, with a smoothness in his voice he looked over Impero with a raised brow.

"And what is it you have brought me now grandson? Another masked hoodlum?" The elder lantern spoke to his greatest grandson with a look of salted intimidation, his voice was laced with infinite wisdom. "You could say that sir, he is an accomplice of the space criminal "Lady Liberty" and resisted arrest" Andrew spoke with respect to the elder. His answer made Johnathan give a hearty chuckle. "Ahh yes, the genocide case..As for you young man, what say you to your crimes? How do you feel?" The elder removed his glasses and smirked just like Andrew does at Impero.

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@ZombieBigfoot: PM me when you have a thought it through ^_^

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@Lincoln_Protocol said:

@Impero: (Wow your write the perfect d0uche bag! No offence)

That's why him and Clara Mass get along so well?

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@Lincoln_Protocol: (LMFAO! Thanks, you write the perfect GL though, serious props on that)

Perhaps seeing the amusement in the situation, Andrew in a way complied and soon both he and Impero were taken to the trial. Mysterious Impero remained silent as the elder Lantern addressed his great-grandson. Regardless of the adamantium cuffs, the elegant Emperor still maintained his undeniable poise and regal posture. With an arrogant scoff, Impero took note of the smirk, "Ah relatives. Makes for interesting galactic peacemaking", he chuckled. Calmly answering the elder Lantern's question, Impero would not address his age as remarked by the elder Lantern. In truth he was much much older than most, if not all in attendance. "How do I feel? I have no remorse. No regrets. I simply came here for a... change in routine if you will, a chance at some entertainment. If this was truly about my 'arrest', I would have not allowed myself to be captured by this child". He spoke with a sense of respect yet maintained his arrogance.

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@Impero: The humble elder grinned at the man's word, enjoying his explanation. "Hehe, I like you already, though your speech is parallel to countless other criminals that have stood in that place. You keep your self proclaimed regal posture, dare I say your like a cat! Though it does wrong and it kills, it does not know any better, it is so enclosed in it's own world" The elder closes his eyes and laughs, John was a man of respect but also a man that has been around the track more then most. "So Mr.Cat, please explain to me in full detail of the two crimes Construct has stated". He smiled and gestured him to elaborate.

(Thanks man ^_^)

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@Lincoln_Protocol: With a relaxed and amused chuckle, he replied, "Maybe.. or perhaps I am simply portraying myself in a light for all you to comprehend", he stated, in regards to the elder Lantern's claims regarding his wordings. "Now as for my crimes, it's quite simple really", he smirked beneath his mask, briefly turning his hands intangible, allowing the adamantium cuffs to slip through him. Regally folding his arms behind his back he continued, "Oh don't mind me, I'm simply making myself more comfortable", he continued, "Ah yes the crimes as the boy says. He asked if I knew of Liberty's past atrocities and I.. dare I say it? Lied", he replied with amused sarcasm. "As for resisting arrest.. I must admit, it was fun taunting and fighting the boy. Tis a nuance of mine. Tell me my good man, what do you intend to do regarding the ethical issues that cannot be solved with simple black and white thinking? Would you.. say be willing to waste the lives of a few thousand to save billions? Tis a simple question out of curiosity".

(You're welcome dude!)

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@Impero: The elder continued to grin at his theatrics, pondering how much energy and time it took to show it off. "Your crimes are petty indeed, to earth laws this would be a problem indeed, but on a galactic scale it is of no concern. However, resisting arrest? That is confinement until further judgment. As for your conundrum, there was a planet that was held hostage by a masked man, much like yourself. He confronted me with theatrics, the hand gestures and the elaborate speeches, the ego. The man said I needed to make a choice, of course each one resulted in numerous death counts. So to answer your question Cat, I choose neither, I save both. For the elder does as he pleases" With a chuckle he nodded at the masked man, a hint towards how Impero perceives himself. "Your sentance is confinement in maximum security until further notice, and please do not bother to escape, I know trust me your the most powerful man on earth it seems as you have described yourself. But this prison can hold gods, it HAS held gods mind you. And allow me to make your cuffs". With a wave of the elder's hands, constructed cuffs formed around the masked man's wrists behind his back. The elder is said to have the greatest will of all men, it would take more then intangibility to rid of them.

"Do not fret Cat, you will have your chance to contact your one person so they may plead for your freedom" He smiled warmly and tapped the mallet on the wooden disk. "Dismissed..".

(Just roll with it lol, the prisons dampen powers and besides! Good character development and I wanna see who you call XP)

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@Lincoln_Protocol: (Sorry man, I'm not in the mood for something that's too long but I'll do the next best thing in the situation for you. Also I'm really tired. Oh and if you were really that curious, he'd call Lady Liberty herself)

So the elder claims to have once confronted a man similar to Impero, however the mistake was just that, he confronted a man, Impero was mysteriously far more than that. "Ah so you don't have an answer then. Your black and white thinking.. it amuses me", he responded apathetically to the elder's response. True it was a valiant and heroic answer to the masked enigma's question, but he failed to answer the ethical issue raised by the question itself. "And no my good man, Impero does as he pleases", smirking beneath his mask, his eyes suddenly widened at the elder's claims of the prison, the constructs surrounding him were quite powerful, not even his chi-based intangibility would work. Realizing this, the mysterious figure's shock was apparent, "It appears as though I'm in a dilemma", he states before steadily regaining his composure. "I'm impressed. Nobody has ever managed to get the better of me like that", Impero admitted humbly, a rare occurrence for him, still though with his own sense of certainty, masking his brief concern over his current situation, "I may have underestimated them.. they have changed since last I was here". In order to escape, he would have to reveal his true nature to those in attendance, of course perhaps only the elders would understand as their sense of perception is much much greater than the rest. The metaphysical subconscious-based anomaly escaped from the physical body of Impero, instilling great effort in the endeavor, while invisible to those who cannot transcend beyond the physical world, the elders would possibly see his shapeless form. It was incredibly risky as they could inform the Lanterns of this. Escaping from the space-station, his physical body vanished as well, transcending onto the metaphysical plane as well returning to Iberia along with the body.

(I just revealed what Impero is to the elders, I've never done that before to anyone XD and if you want, you can have them tell Andrew what he is. Anyway, I'm out man, I'm tired as hell. It was fun)

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@Impero: The lanterns were rather surprised at the vanishing of Impero, but just before they were going to give chase, the elder raised his hand. "No no, that will be unnecessary Lanterns...Let the masked man flee, he wont be leaving earth anytime soon.." Andrew nodded and the court disassembled for the evening.

(Night dude)

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@Lincoln_Protocol: What a shame. You put all dis work into something and you'll never get to see it blossom. You stepped to me in dee League war, you aint making it out alive mon ami

(seriously though nice job. I hate Lanterns but I like to see em represented lol)

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@Gambler: I still think it is up for debate how that battle will end ~_^. And thank you.

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Never cared for lanterns, Aza has a red ring from Lightwars n never has used it lol. However the idea of sertain alt mutant using a ring as a boost interests me :D
#33 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (84704 posts) - - Show Bio

@614azrael: Any character you create who ends up with a Lantern Ring is gonna be tough to deal with lol

#34 Posted by 614azrael (10319 posts) - - Show Bio
I like my alts to be bad ass be they a street level bullet bender, goddess, or mutant who probably didnt need a ring but it pulled her out the closet so she got one ^_^ lol
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@Gambler (That's probably one of my favorite Slade scans)

@614azrael (Give Dreya a ring xD She'd be unstoppable O.O)
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@Lincoln_Protocol: Nice work dude. Maybe one day i will get Eddy wearoinmg his blue ring and come pay this place a visit.

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@Lincoln_Protocol: (are neutrals with good intentions allowed?)

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Great job man.

I made an account I don't use called The Green Lantern if you want it

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Wow! Good work. :D

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@Mercy_: Thank you!

@Angeni: And thank you too! :D

@omegablast452: And yes! But when on duty we ask you put the blue bar on.

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@Lincoln_Protocol: (permission to join?)

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@omegablast452: (PM me and we will talk)

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<3 wohooooooooo

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Scarlet Rayne Oren was a soldier and a killer, an assassin and survivor at heart. Despite all that however she had heart and sought to purge threats no matter scale origin and power. For that she was one to be chosen as a canidate for the Lantern Core. And so here she stood a violet and brown haired woman wearing skin tight clothing and showing more skin then anyone else here. Of course she had her reasons anyone who knew her knew that.
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@Razors_Edge: "Good morning scarlet" Andrew said with a smile as he floated down beside her, his mask was nowhere to be seen. "I am Andrew, second in command here at earth corps".

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"Thank god, was afraid you would all want to go by sir or some code name. Please call me Rayne more fitting to me." The living weapon remarked relaxing her stance some. "So what all do I need to do?"
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@Razors_Edge: "Well we will need to run some tests, simulations and training!" He smiled and chuckled. "It is quicker then it sounds".