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This will pick up where the last rpg left off, just a little bit after it so I can freely wrap up what events did not get to play out. You do not have to know all of what went on in the last rpg to take part in this one as it will just play off the history of Joes and Cobras like the first one did. My first post in the rpg will be filling in the gaps.

I will allow for the people who took part in the first one to take precidence in picking their parts. Letting them return as their role if they so choose to. If not then that part will then be up for grabs. Any questions you might have you can either pm me or ask here and I will do my best to help answer. This is just the OoC and the actualy RPG will not be up until Sunday, if not then Monday for sure.

If you are not sure of a Joe/Cobra character to play just ask and someone can help you find someone that you are looking for. There are dozens of roles that can be added to this so do not be afraid. And you do NOT have to stay true to the character by the book, this is our adaption and we can change things as we see fit. Once certain roles are taken and filled out I will be sending out some pms to try and get people to help me move the story to a certain point.

Main thing is I want everyone to have fun. If you want drama go somewhere else.

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Cast so far.

Andferne: Storm Shadow
Gambler: Snake Eyes
Kurrent: Duke
Akira: Zartan

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I might join this.....

Don't know anything about G.I Joe though.......

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OK.....I'm ready for this!

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I don't think this took off bro :P