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For ten-thousand years, the Symaarian Imperium has been at the forefront of defending this galaxy from the horrors of the universe. For ten-thousand years, it has weathered unspeakable atrocities. For ten-thousand years, it has kept this galaxy from falling apart at the seams.

For ten-thousand years, it has terrorized, slaughtered, and enslaved countless alien species. Justice comes at a cost - that cost is freedom: the freedom to speak out, the freedom to bear arms, the freedom of religion, and in some cases the freedom to live. Those who conformed to Symaarian law were treated like animals and were eventually killed off anyway because of the Imperium's growing xenophobic tendencies. Even though it was not always this way, the Imperium had grown too afraid of its own surroundings and too arrogant to admit it. They blamed it on their mummified "god," calling it the will of the Navigator. The most powerful military empire the Milky Way had ever seen, and it was jumping at its own shadow dancing on the wall. Reform was needed, but the High Lords of Symaar Primus refused to listen to advice - especially advice given from aliens. All ties to the Keresh were severed and supply lines were actively attacked until they ceased to exist between the two. Space Marine Warmasters who had sympathized with the Keresh actually defected from the Imperium and joined with Ravek, bringing their entire Legions with them.

The schism provided just what the Confederate leaders wanted. They needed the Imperium undermanned and confused, a sprained muscle so that the bone underneath could be broken. Atrioch Zephaiah rallied his troops and embarked on a military campaign his ancestors could only have dreamed of...


Space over Holocaust, 1744 galactic standard time

Atrioch watched as the orbital bombardment of the volcanic world's surface went according to plan. The Imperials below him had exhausted all energy in the void shields keeping the foundries and factories from being obliterated under the uncompromising barrage. Meanwhile, any and all ground forces were pushed into bunkers and tunnels lest they become part of the Confederate Navy's gruesome tally. However many died in the initial attacks could not be estimated. Over the course of the siege, the many millions who were caught in the blasts were broken and battered beyond recognition now. Relief efforts had to face the wrath of the Confederate-occupied worlds around Holocaust before actually breaching the blockade around the vital forge world itself. The droid core ships already locked in place on the surfaces of these worlds would be difficult to remove due to their sheer enormity as well as the armies of automatons gradually awakening within them.

The void shields began to crack as a few battleship-class artillery shells plummeted through the breaks and mangled the Imperial production plants desperately hidden behind them. Screaming arcs of fire and metal were all the celebration Confederate engineers needed once the void shields died down and the Symaarians began to retreat into the lava caves.

The Alkha folded his hands behind his back and gave a triumphant nod, knowing he would soon win Holocaust.

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"Damnation!" Colonel Ramsey barked as he sent a few rounds from his laspistol out over the lip of the trench. His pith helm bounced as he ducked back behind cover, an artillery shell exploding not but a few yards away. His troops kept a desperate order about them as they continued to pour las rounds into the advancing droid lines, knocking down as many as they could before the inevitable bombardment sent them back down.

"Feth it all, Robert!" Ramsey shouted over his comm-link to the artillery commander. "Where's our covering fire?!"

"Doing my best, Barnabas sir!" Colonel Hayes replied. "I'm doing my damnedest, sir, but their fething air raids have crippled our artillery guns. We only have a handful of working regiments on hand now and we're pulling tenfold as much work now that we're so undermanned. Infantry regiments across the board are yelling at me to provide them with support - so with all due respect, shut up and fight!"

Ramsey growled and changed the channel to Hamill, another Colonel in the Praetorian Guard who commanded the 777th Armored Brigade.

"Colonel Hamill, do you hear me?"

"Affirmative, Ramsey. What is it?"

"Send a squad of tanks to my position as soon as possible, we're about to be overrun!"

"Right away sir."

"At least someone on this planet is keeping their wits about them. 214th Grenadiers! Keep fighting! We have tanks en route! We can win this!"

The mass of battle droids opened fire once they were in range of the trenches, keeping the Praetorians pinned down under their merciless hail of deadly lasers. Ramsey unsheathed his power sword.

"Fix bayonets!"

Lashing out at the nearest battle droid before it could drop down into the trenches beside him, Barnabas kept another at bay by knocking its head off its thin neck with a shot from his laspistol. A few more strikes with his power sword and five more battle droids fell down with gaping wounds hissing in their chests. The Praetorians kept the forward trenches in a deadlock of melee and the cacophony of crunching metal, shouting, and laserfire attracted the secondary and tertiary trenches to open fire into the swarming legions of droids climbing over the primary lane and continuing their callous advance.

"Barnabas, you're going to have to do without artillery for a while,"

"What?! Who ordered that so I can shoot them for insubordination?!"

"General Wallace did. Look up."

Ramsey knocked a battle droid to the ground as it clasped its hands around his wrist in a bid to survive. He tore its head from its stalk and caught a glimpse of what was beyond the blackened sky of his home world.

Five core ships were descending onto Praetor's surface through the atmosphere, each one carrying enough droids to conquer a planet.

"Then...that means...the Navy...failed..."

"Wallace ordered all available artillery guns to take out as many of those core ships as we can! Even the armored regiments are being order to pour ammunition into those things! We won't win this fight if any of them land!"

"It's pointless Hayes, did you even read the specs on those things?! If Imperial cruisers have trouble taking them down, then what makes you think Earthshaker cannons are going to do?!"

"Navigator help me, we have to try!"

A few moments later, Ramsey could not contact Hayes' channel no matter how hard he tried. All he received from the other end was static.

"This is General Wallace of the Praetorian Guard requesting any neighboring Guard regiments or Space Marine Legions willing or able to lend aid to the coordinates attached to do so immediately. If Praetorian regiments on duty are receiving this, they are hereby ordered to return to Praetor and protect their home world. This is an emergency broadcast being sent out on all Imperial channels. The Navigator guides us in all things."

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The Symaarian Imperium out of respect of Kaligar and consistant assistance allowed Alezra to always remain a member. Despite being a demon she showed time and time again that she was willing to go whatever lengths for her people. Then came the reclamation of Keresh'nava in which there was a brief moment of pure unadultrated peace between the two. Alezra was there Empress, as such they could trust the Keresh would act in best enterest for both empires of the stars. Never however did the Imperium of marines and military doctrine reveal how much alien species were being constricted by their xenophobic beliefs. While they're was obviously alien allies they were always shown as that, or something like orks that needed fighting. Blair was never aware of the injustices of these people for that reason. All of that had changed in the past few hours of what had taken place.

As a group of betrayed aliens began to forge and show themselves in a massive formation of soldiers both biological and mechanical they began to turn towards the Imperium able to make their strike. With growing threats from other species they then severed ties to the Keresh. Instantly this placed Azrael as an enemy amongst the majority. The Sisters of Battle which had effectively primarily become the Spine Eaters followed Azrael. Most chapters were hounorable to the Imperium aside from fair chunks of Guardsman and a few Marines. Obviously not everyone was blind to the Symaarian way and would retaliate, numbers though of that were minsiscule in comparison to the rest. Alezra as such found herself concerned for the wellfair of many people and was forced to primarily spit in two particular ways. Both of course were most likely a suicide mission, but then that was nearly everything mission wise for the Spine Eaters.

"Noir I want you to go to Primus, try and get as many people as possible. Soldiers, take more importance over old, children over soldiers. This isn't a war of grinding down generals and that kind of thing. When this war comes to a head its going to go untill one side is wiped virtually clean from the galaxy. Because of this most of the population on one of these sides will be exterminated or near extinct. I don't suspect it will be the Imperium, they just have to many numbers against them. As such I want you to get as many as possible and move them outside of the combat zone. Eighty percent of our forces will be in your area. Im taking twenty percent with me, its a suicide run but im going to try and reason with the unreasonable." Noir nodded on the other end of the screen. She was near Primus now trying to land without doing anything that said she should be shot at. The other vessels under her command where outside. For the moment it was just Noir and a few other troop transports like light frigates and such. Done specifically to try and avoid as much chaos as possible.

Clossing the Comm Alezra then sent a Live Broadcast to the various generals and members of parliment hoping they would listen to her. "I am positioning myself in Lothis orbit. For me to engage in a threatening action here with my numbers would be a death wish even for me. That is to say that I am not here to attack you this seams the best chance for me to engage diplomacy on fair ground. If we continue on this path sevral alien species will be wiped out, and the Imperium will collapse. Even if we win this war, are numbers will be so small and battered the next war will end us. We face threats from the Ork, Tyranid and Chaos constantly. Over the past three years we've managed to place a good dent in the working of Ork and Chaos. That still leaves a fair sized force to engage us. Defeating the CIS is losing an arm and then trying to charge into battle. Lets not be idiots and find ourselves embracing certain death, at this time I still have say on both ends. At the rate you are going though the likelyhood is death be warriors and embrace battle, not a soldier marching blind I beg of you."


Holocaust was under heavy bombardment from the forces of the CIS being pummeled into nothing by overwhelming odds of fire. This came to be litteral as well do the planet being mostly volcanic in design. Bombs and orbital strikes triggered lava falls and magma fissures. If someone was inside Olair predicted their odds of survival to be about zero zero nine percent. Where in within the mountain range or some of the buildings it was more zero twenty four percent. Rocks would be collapsing inside as well it was really only a matter of time unless somebody came in to oppose hard and fast. Olair wasn't going to allow that however.

Deveyeants were a armada bassed species living strictly in hyper advanced tehcnological vessels. Planets might be ravaged or taken aprt some in the purpose of aquiring minerals. They refused however to take hold of planets as they encouraged acts like this. It was unwise to go to a location where this could happen at anytime. No they would rather reside in incalculable numbers of space craft. However the Symaarians had grown to be somewhat taxing on the collective minds of these people. The Symaarians were consistantly restricting the growth of the galaxy as a whole. They were more of a virus then some of the viral like species. So many of them at the cost of everything else in the process. Having been non planetary helped the anchient race avoid being in conflict with the Imperium. With other species lashing out however it was decided by the hive things had gone to far. It was time to lay the Symaarians to rest and harvest the remains.

Space flickers with violet and crystal blue colored light as anothe fleet enters the space around the planet. A fleet of one hundred teyes Gresh Alps, granting 5000 armored units. Three hundred Streyks acompanied the fleet, small jets that could even do well in naval conflict. A dozen Anilekenai which functioned great as anti aircraft vessels acompanied them. There was also of course the Mintaya, primary craft of Olair. Last was a Salves Oga a mothership of gunships, the largest vessel in the fleet almost always. The front of the ship was a six pack of swivel mounted guns barrels the size of most common space craft. When this weapon fired whatever its weapon type was things were wiped clean from existance. Olair's Oga of choice was the Ledashi a weapon that fired gatling railguns in the easiest sumarization. If it were to fire the location targeted would feal as if it were raining rockets upon them. "Mintaya Olair here of the Deveyeant species, I thought I would offer my aid if wanted. Believe its time the Imperium is halted from claiming it aids the galaxy so much when it exterminates half of it." The alien queen broadcasted over an open chanel.

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Praetor was under assault by a series of droids in overwhelming number it was daunting to be on this rock. For the Acolyte it was even more so, there was no where to possibly go. Veronikas Vindicati was the latest in cross engineering of Symaarian and Keresh technology. Working hard Alezra and her associates made the first space marine of the Keresh. While also by some sircumstance be it ironic fortune or something to soe her untimely fate she was also the first Librarian. A powerful psycher who could go as far as pulling demons from the warp while also having all the boosts of a Space Marine. This for her was probably a horrible thing to be at the moment. Vern was arguably the biggest concept of a heretic and likely would be labeled such by the other space marines on the planet. Of course V had no idea about such facts, she didn't know Keresh were even labeled the enemy.

Acolyte was doing reconicanse at the time scouting some of the few remaining hilltops and removing a few straglers of terrorists. Minor insurectionists which were perfect for her to fight off as some form of training. V was runing her blade through the last of the insurectionists throats when the war on the lush world began. Sense then it had been frantic warfair without much assistance from anybody else. That was looking like it would change soon however as the Keresh trained marine began to head for the location of other pinned down members. V looked down to see a mass number of droids in the street, her hands started to turn on the melta bomb.

The young marine drops from the building jet back digging a crater in the ground as she landed. Her one ton frame crushing a droid into sparking metal, the high powered explosive rolled into the crowd and then detonating. Vern sighed, bailing out in time was a close call that left some burns on her back. A clank rang out as the empty ammo cassing dropped to the ground another slaped into its place. "This sucks" the teen remarked in frustration she wasn't ment to be engaged in a war like this. "Last mag for the rifle, four bolter clips, five rockets left. Caster down to half a power cell." A grunt of annoyance was not exactly the count she craved. The song of ships dropping from orbit and crashing into the city rang out shaking the walls of the magnificent world.

"General Wallace this is Acolyte Vindicati on rout to your position. Im running low on ammo, liable to be empty by the time I get to you. Save me a few mags will you? I'll try and leave as much of a dent as I can." Vern wasn't big on words optioning to make it quick and simple. With that she rounded the corner, placing three bolter rounds in the domes of the machines. The jet pack on her back receiving as much as use as she could. Roof tops were clear of atleast the overwhelming numbers. Her bolter popping snipers as frequently as possible, gernades telekeneticaly plucked from the downed machines and tossed into the large groups.