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"Day 1, so you know that cliche part of a war movie when an RPG explodes near a character and suddenly the world around him becomes silent? As if someone pressed the mute button on the remote for your television? And as you try to get up but the fluids in your ear (I heard they were called endolymph) are still in chaos from the impact from the mini rocket that exploded a few feet away from you and inevitably fall back to the ground?. And that even more cliche moment when a teammate of yours calls out your name and sound starts crawling its way back to your senses and gives the illusion that his voice becomes clearer and louder, but in reality your just slowly regaining back your composure? Yeah, that's all true. What I find even more strange is that part of a cartoon show, where a character's in a dilemma and he/she says 'At least it's not raining' then, comically it rains? That happened to me too, only it rained 50.cal rounds, ripping apart what little cover we had, it chewed through solid four inch concrete like cardboard, then after completely destroying the team and leaving only me and George alive (They didn't know that though.) They take the documents protected by a vibrainium coated suitcase that contained information about the pentagon and left. Utter disrespect.

So, we did what any civilians turned mercenaries do and played possum. I look at George and see he's in pretty bad shape, I know I got a good few splinters in my body, not as bad compared to Georgy though.

After a few minutes, (or was it hours?) the sound of a chopper crawled into my ears, then, the mighty apache cast its shadow upon us, giving us temporary shade from the blistering sun.

'What in the world happened Sean? Do you know that suitcase contained information worth 50 million? Now I have to pay for your little mishap from my own pocket since this company can't anymore. We're on the verge of bankruptcy Sean, and you know who's mad? Don Labone, Sean...Don Labone! He could make the president of the U.S.A literally kiss his @$$ Sean.' Mark Castanza, our 'boss' spoke with rage before leaving the room, confused and scared. But what was he expecting? Our team consisted of people from all walks of lives with no military background whatsoever, we were only armed with bravery. Heck, 'Our tactician' was a chess player.

A few weeks passed and Boss Mark and I had a little conversation. 'You still owe me big time Sean, and I contacted a few scientists that's gonna help you in this line of work. You see, if you had a healing factor like most mercenaries do nowadays? You wouldn't have stopped fighting and you would have just persisted your way through those heavy artillery fire..and I-' I stopped him there, was he out of his mind or something? 'You are out of your mind Mark, I'm not getting a healing factor, you know what happened to some mercenaries who got an HF right? They turned into ugly little @$$es!' I told him, surprised of course of his proposal. 'You, my friend, do not have a choice. You owe me, big time..and besides, I can only name a few cats who has had side effects, most of them got out clean, face still in tact, so what do you say, old friend?' He replied. 'I say no, besides didn't you say we were on the verge of bankruptcy?' I asked, confused and slightly irritated. 'The company has a few extra millions, and I am willing to use some from my own personal budget, think about it! The money I will spend will be repaid in two missions tops! We will be putting B's in our bank accounts in a few years! And, even if Don Labone will still be after you, you have nothing to worry about! The HF will grant you the ability to take on what ever he throws at you and laugh in front of his face when his done.' Oddly enough, he convinced me with that short speech he gave me that day. So, to make the story short, I chugged a bottle of Tanqueray and climbed up their little chair, needles were in place and everything, I started becoming tipsy from the alcoholic beverage I drank and next thing I knew I had the HF! And I was right. The HF took its toll on the immune system and the skin. Not as bad as the others though, still I was right."

"That's it sir," a man in a black suit spoke, handing the piece of paper that contained the thoughts of Sean, to Mark. "Find him and bring him to me, when Don Labone will come after us, he'll be our shield and sword. Also, don't worry, he's not some unpredictable psychotic mercenary like some out there, yes, he's a bit strange, but he's even more stable than most of you." Mark replied, commanding his team of elite agents to track down...

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I dig how it's like he's telling his story, good sh!t

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I don't know why I love the title of this so much, but I do.

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Woah man, this is awesome - Keep it up!

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The title made me chuckle, nice work!

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Excellent read man, can't wait to see more

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@_ajax_: Thanks man! Appreciate all the positive comments guys. :)

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@xenter said:

@_ajax_: Thanks man! Appreciate all the positive comments guys. :)

Not a problem!