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10 Hours Earlier  

The sound of a pen tapping rapidly expressed how impatient Colonel David Wright was. He called for Ryan in order to give him a mission. The first one since the teen left the agency. Wright knew what Ryan did as the Crimson Eagle, he hated it, but there was nothing he could do to change that. The Caucasian man got up and walked around restlessly, he stopped. The Colonel was one who wanted to keep his anger in check. He walked over to the door of his window-less office and swung it open. GET CANDAN IN HERE! Well at least he tried.

Ryan Candan stepped foot into the office of the of the enraged official, his face expressed no emotion and he looked at Wright with distrust. I thought I was done with guys. The teen went to lie his back against the wall and crossed his arms, his eyes looked down on the ground. The official glared at the relaxed teen, We're never done. We gave you your powers Ryan, you owe us your gratitude. Ryan looked up, his expression completely still; he walked towards the door,   I told you guys, I'm finished with you.

What if I told you the mission had to do with Project: Adrenaline ?

The teen stopped in his tracks, he clenched his fist. Don't tell me you perfected the formula and someone stole it. There was an awkward silence.

Yes .

What's the matter with you!? Don't you know how dangerous that thing is? I thought you guys cancelled the Project!

The Colonel looked at Ryan and reached behind him a file. I knew you'd accept. Ryan snatched the file from his hand and left the office to suit up. I know I'm gonna regret this, he thought.

Unidentified Location

Night had draped over the sun and all that was left were the stars. The Crimson Eagle was looking at the distant compound with his night vision. 4 guards at the main entrance, 6 behind it, 14 surrounding a perimeter, probably more inside. They were all armed, but this seemed too easy. The 14 surrounding the perimeter were too distant from each other, the 4 guarding the door were chatting, paying little attention to their surroundings. There were more cameras than guards They were careless.

Eagle was flying high above the night, he read from the file Wright gave him that the Serum was stolen approximately two days before their meeting. If they worked fast, they could have reproduced thousands of these and create an army or perhaps worse, reverse engineer the serum and create a virus. Whatever the reason, it had to be destroyed despite the fact Wright wanted it retrieved. What plagued Ryan was 'them', the file had no name of the organization, just the name of the one in charge and the one to capture: Winston Sharpe.

The Eagle dived into the center of the guarded compound, his target was the ventilation shaft on the ground; the perfect blind spot to all the cameras located.


He was in. The vents were a maze, but the blueprints in the file does allow for the puzzle to be easier. Right, left, up. Slowly, Ryan made it to the vent needed to easily infiltrate the inside. Slowly, he dropped down and made his way down the corridor full of pipes and wires. Footsteps came his way and the painted shadows of guards grew closer. The teen stuck close to the wall until the guards were close enough.

The sounds of grunts were echoed through the corridors and the teen continued walking down. It was rather simple to get the key card from an unconscious guard and now it was time to find the target. The corridor ended with a mechanized door. The teen swiped the card and he entered into the next room. The door shut behind him and the room's massive space and high ceiling was revealed through the illuminating lights. The room held only one thing, a canister on a podium. The teen was reliving his childhood as the flashback of Indiana Jones appeared in his mind as Ryan walked over to pick up the canister. He picked it up. Nothing happened. The teen was somewhat shocked, it seems that some things only happen in movies. Eagle looked at the canister and was perplexed by the label.


What the-? The teen couldn't finish his words for the sound of a door opening was heard. Ryan didn't look back, he reached into his belt and grabbed his shuriken. I knew I was gonna regret this.


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Winston Sharpes' footsteps revertebrated along the cavernous corridors of the militarized complex, the bright lights causing his fringe to cast a shadow over his pale, gaunt face so only his scowl was visible, a frown that many of the employees here could have sworn was permanent. He wasn't an angry young man, he liked to think anger belied him, he just didn't have anything to be happy about, the project wasn't coming along as planned. Winston had signed onto the project barely a week previously, having been sought out as a specialist in the area as the protege of the late bio-engineering madman Aarif AbuMarwin, whom he had killed personally whilst in Peru. Passing several gaurds, the armed men nodded in recognition of him as they walked by, though Winston ignored them completely, his thoughts wondering off elsewhere. The young man recalled being approached with the offer, a chance to combine his own DNA with a complex synthesized compound that was capable of enhancing attributes to superhuman levels, the technological access the project would have given him was hard to pass up, and here he was, attempt four of the DNA recombination in an artificially altered zygote. Gemini Rush they called it. The past three hadn't exactly failed, they just hadn't accomplished what they were aiming for, a self-replicating army of super-soldiers, Russia and France could be restored and a new superpower would come to fruition, if Winston allowed it, which he wouldn't. The scowl flickered for a brief moment as Winston thought of all the ways he could double-cross and back-stab his employees to keep his own plans running smoothly. Humanity could be so short-sighted in its goals.

Winston eyes caught a glint of something the lights were reflecting off, revealing his large blue eyes. Even squinting he managed to look like some sort of owl. Glaring at the cause of the mild annoyance without breaking his pace, Winston saw something out of place, a metal-grating leading into the ventilation shaft had been forced out of position and now hung limply in the brightness. His frown deepening, Winston hurried his pace, punching an alarm built into the corridor as he walked past it with enough cause a series of fine cracks to burst across the wall. Contractors for bases always seem to make ventilation shafts big enough for people to fit into, once again it felt like the entire world was stupid except for him. Noting the alarm hadn't gone off yet, Winston glanced over his shoulder to spy that his blow had shattered it entirely instead of setting it off, causing him to curse under his breath as he continued forwards. Rounding the corner, the door opened automatically for Winston as he entered the main storage chamber used for the recombinant DNA whilst not in use, as well as the failed projects. The sight inside caused the first grin to cross Winston's face all week long. A boy in a cape and tights.

"Let me guess, you lost your parents at the comic convention and would like us to call for them over the speaker," Winston smirked as he stood in the doorway, eyeing the intruder as he pulled a packet of cigarettes out of his pocket, sliding one between his lips. The cigarette eerily seemed to light itself as Winston took a puff and continued, smoke oozing from between his teeth as he spoke, "If you surrender now then who knows, I might play nice with you."

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Eagle held the canister at hand, and the shuriken in the other. The doors swooshed open and a young man emerged from the door. "Let me guess, you lost your parents at the comic convention and would like us to call for them over the speaker." The teen's mind flashed back to the scene where he was 16, his parents strapped to chairs and injected with the Adrenaline Virus and their hearts imploding. Their blood spewing from their mouths and noses. Ryan gripped the canister to a point where the container was crushed and its amber fluid ran from his hands to the ground.

"If you surrender now then who knows, I might play nice with you."

The teen placed the shuriken back into his belt and closed his eyes as he raised his hands and turned around. "I did lose my parents... and I'm not gonna let you do that to anyone else." The teen opened his eyes and released the concussive force from his eyes. Following the red beam, the teen flew up and sent a barrage of mini-bombs towards his foe. His target was Winston Sharpe and it seemed that Winston Sharpe had found his own target. Gemini Rush was something new, he needed to know what was going on with this strange compound.

The teen placed his hand on his ear, Wright? There's something wrong here, what's Gemini Rush? Wright! The intercom in his ear responded with static, something was up and Eagle needed to know.

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Winston wasn't sure if the emotion he was feeling was surprise or not as the red optic blast shot towards him; he had learnt to expect cape wearing folk to have superpowers, he had learnt to expect if something was going to shoot a laser beam from its eyes it was usually red as well, but still he was mildly caught off guard by the attack. If the teenager was watching closely he might have caught Winston's chest expand with a black mass a moment before the laser struck him, smacking into him hard, shunting him off his feet back into the corridor, his cigarette falling from his grip as the minituarised bombs were hurled his way. Laying upright against the opposite wall in the corridor, the young man raised his hand, his index finger suddenly shooting forth like a grotesque muscular whip which snaked its way through the air, stretching into a mildly thick sheet of pulsating biomass that carelessly slapped the bombs back towards their thrower, before the limb rapidly shot back towards Winston, slapping the lock on the door as it sped by, returning to its normal form as the door closed on the room.

If he played his cards right, this could go perfectly, it didn't matter that the DNA container was lost, that was hardly his problem, he had bigger plans. Several footsteps echoed down the hallway from either side as Winston got to his feet, the gaurds seemed panicky already as they called out to him in a chaotic cacophany, "Sir we have two unconcious men!" "We have an intruder!" "Someone smashed the alarm in corridor B2!" "We heard an explosion!"

Winston whipped his hair from his eyes and glared at the amassed cannonfodder so menacingly that they all shut their traps simultaneously. "I know the situation," Winston grunted as he bent over to pick his smoke back up from the ground, "Activate the turrets in this storage room and release Prototype Cassanova, we haven't seen it in proper action yet."

One of the gaurds radioed in the details to the control room and causing several occurences in the room the Crimson Eagle was locked in. Firstly four turrets revealed themselves, two sprouting from the roof and two sprouting from the ground on either side of the pedestal that had supported the Gemini Rush canister. As this occured, the pedestal itself whirred as it began to elevate out of the ground, lifting up to reveal a large glass cylinder, inside which stood a young teenage boy, no more than fifteen. Prototype Cassanova was the third, most recent and most successful in terms of the aims of the project, although he didn't look like much now, asleep and naked inside an oversized test-tube. As the turrets began to open-fire however, the glass lowered and the boys eyes began to flutter awake. Eventually bursting open, virtually entirely blood-shot red, his first reaction to conciousness was to scream at the top of his lungs, falling to his knees as he began to claw the skin from his chest and tear clumps of hair from his scalp.

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Winston Sharpe

Powers: Duplication, others unidentified.

Bio: Winston Sharpe was subjected to a chemical called Hydra-IV, resulting his ability to duplicate his own body. 

Over time, his ability to use his power increased to a point where he can duplicate individual cells. Recently returned from a voyage to Space.

Threat Level: Potentially High

This was a small piece from the file Wright gave Ryan about the mission. Winston Sharpe was indeed a threat. Returning from the unknown reaches of space as well as his ability to control his powers to such a degree was an amazing feat. Eagle's main priority was not only to destroy the formula, but also capture Sharpe.

The barrage of bombs were brushed aside by his foe; a tentacle of muscle... that was unexpected. The bombs were rushing towards the teen and Sharpe left during the commotion. Ryan eyes transitioned from his natural forest green into a navy blue. The teen was soon surrounded by a personal blue shield and the muffling sounds of bombs erupting against the construct echoed through the sphere. The teen undid his construct and flew down to the ground. It was time to play cat and mouse.

The Crimson Eagle walked towards the door and had his fist clenched, until the sound of whirring paralyzed his body. The teen slowly turned and saw turrets emerge from the ceiling and the ground as an enormous test tube emerged slowly. It seemed that the turrets were set as a defense mechanism for the tube. Ryan looked in curiosity as a naked teen came out from the tube, screaming on the floor in agony. Eagle looked at the young teen and had an urge say something, but nothing came out as he saw the kid rip his hair out.

Ryan looked at the kid, and as he took a breath to form a sentence, the kid shot his head up and looked at Ryan with his bloodshot eyes and a deranged look. The young teen got up from the floor and a black suit formed around his body, a number three appeared on his chest. Nanites perhaps. Was this a result of the canister? Was this a test subject? Ryan had questions in mind, but it was all put aside as the kid rushed towards Ryan and attempted to punch the teen, only to have Ryan catch his fist. Eagle soon felt a blow to his arm and flew across the room. His attacker not the very kid he caught, but his twin? What the-? he stated as he observed the two kids separate into two more. There was now 4, now 8, now 16. The duplicated.

The Crimson Eagle got up from the ground and stood about 30 ft away from the 16. He floated to the air. To Ryan's amazement, they did as well. And they all charged at him. The teen hero reached into his belt and pulled out a handful of his shuriken, only to feel a small sting in his shoulder. A dart. Ryan pulled it out, it was the turret. Eagle now felt dizzy. Nevertheless, he needed to defend himself. The sixteen charged and Ryan punched one, kicked another, changed his eye color to red and blast a few. But in return, a kick to the back, a punch across the face, a couple more darts into his body. Ryan was blasted across the room like a ping-pong ball. The duplicates' strength matched his own.

He was dizzy, he saw multiples of the 16. Whether it was the drugs or the kids powers, he couldn't figure out. But Ryan was bleeding from his nose and his body ached. A turret sent one last dart to his back. That did it. Ryan was in the air and he dropped to the ground. His head throbbing, his body feeling numb and the blood running from his nose. He was on the ground and as he closed his eyes, two pairs of feet appeared before him, neither from the duplicates.

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The room was littered in the unconcious bodies of Prototype Cassanova, the turrets having swiftly turned on the duplicates once Ryan had collapsed. Winston looked down upon the teen with an underwhelmed glare, muttering softly to the gaurd next to him, "To think they'd send someone like this to do their dirty work? I'm almost disappointed, I say 'almost' because at least it was easy." Ryans eyes were fluttering as Winston knelt down beside him, peering curiously at his masked face.

"Should we execute him now?" The gaurd queried, aiming his pistol down at Ryan's head.

"That would be the wise move, but I'm intrigued as to what an interrogation could reveal," Winston muttered as he put his hand on the costumed boys shoulder, giving him a brief shake to check if the drugs had fully taken affect, "Escort him to the holding quarters and have someone clean this mess up."

It was sunrise outside, not that Ryan would know it when he awoke in the confined concrete room that had held his unconscious body prisoner for the last few hours. A video camera was in the corner and a single door was on the side of the room opposite him. Within thirty seconds of stirring, Winston burst through the door and crouched down next to him, glaring with a stoic straight face that belied the sadistic glee in his eyes as he pointed a finger at the boy. Mitosis occured rapidly in the limb, every cell multiplying instantaneously, causing the finger to extend forwards like the strike of a snake as it coiled around Ryans neck, wrapping its way around his head until it had been largely enveloped in a coil of muscle. From Ryans point of view, his vision was almost totally obscured by the muscle tissue, with small rays of light breaking through to illuminate it all. "Whats your name." Winstons voice could be heard outside, but in the 'cocoon', words began to appear, growing out of the skin near his eyes, almost like braille, the light that broke through allowing Ryan to read them. The first lumps grew out a crude 'Play along' before receding and growing the next sentence, 'I'm going to help you get out of here but you need to help me with something, Behind me, top-left corner there's a camera, blast my hand and destroy it, I left the door unlocked, your weapons are in a room diagonally opposite to this one in the hall, there'll also be a map on the wall there, you need to disarm the security systems in room B-5. If you're following me, give me a thumbs up.'

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Ryan's eyes flickered open. He could feel the rapid pulse of his temples as his eyes adjusted to the light. Where was he? How long has it been since he snuck in? Ryan's body was still adjusting to the drugs and he soon realized that someone was in front of him.

A feeling of a snake wrapping around his head and lifted him off the ground. The voice of Winston Sharpe was heard as Ryan's body tried to resist the pain. Who are you? Ryan was silent, but his eyes focused on the words spelled out by the light through his foe's tentacles.

'Play along'

'Play Along?' Why would the teen play along to someone who drugged him and captured him? Let me ask again, Who are you? The hero was silent again.

'I'm going to help you get out of here but you need to help me with something, Behind me, top-left corner there's a camera, blast my hand and destroy it, I left the door unlocked, your weapons are in a room diagonally opposite to this one in the hall, there'll also be a map on the wall there, you need to disarm the security systems in room B-5. If you're following me, give me a thumbs up.'

The teen smiled. I'm the Crimson Eagle... Ryan curled his right fist into a ball, sticking out his right thumb. Well, well. Crimson Eagle, why are you here?

To get you .

As the final word escaped his mouth, he gathered the strength to grab the tentacle and allow for his eyes to shift to red and a blast emerged from his eyes. Ryan remained floated in the air, unchanged from his original elevation and glance at the left corner and let out a sharp blast. The tentacle would be pulled back and Ryan would grab Sharpe by the neck.

Ryan's eyes would spark with energy as grabbed his foe by the neck. Looking eye to eye, the 2 guards came in. The teen turned around and blasted the two men. They were unconscious and Ryan looked back at Winston and let go.

Winston looked at the teen as he rubbed his neck. You believed me.

I infiltrated a facility and discovered a top secret canister. You would've killed me when you had the chance. But then again I took a risk. Ryan smiled. Lead the way to B-5.

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"Clever girl." Winston strained a weak smile as his hand slipped from his neck to run through his hair, slowly stepping back towards the door over the unconscious bodies of the two gaurds, one of his feet coming down heavily on the back of the last guards neck with a crunch that sounded like the bones in the nape of his spine were grinding together. Pivoting on the neck, which caused a much louder crack, Winston casually popped his head out the doorway just as the alarms began to clang, sirens screeching down the hallway. The door Winston was partially passing through began to slam shut, two halves of thick metal sliding in from either side in a failsafe attempt to lock any prisoners inside, only for both Winstons shoulder-blades to extend rapidly, solid tendrils of carbonic muscle branching out, slamming into the two halves of the door and forcing them to remain open as veins rippled under the pressure beneath the skin of his excess biomass. Cocking his head over his shoulder, Winston muttered to the teen, "Go on, grab your gear."

As the Crimson Eagle slipped under the biological archway Winstons shoulders had formed, the young man muttered at his co-conspirator, "I won't be able to properly fight alongside you until you disable B-5, if a report comes through that I'm killing what I suppose are my own men I'll have assassins and crap all over me." As he spoke, Winston lurched out of the doorway, the branching mass returning into his shoulderblades as he stumbled into the hall, the door slamming shut behind him. As this happened, footsteps echoed heavily from the northern corridor, the architect had this place really badly planned out. Winstons entire body shivered as the melanin in his chromatophores altered, changing his skin pigment to a deep ebony and his hair became black, his other cells replicating to enhance his height marginally and bulk out his muscles, making him appear strikingly similar to the second guard who the Crimson Eagle had taken out in his cell. There were four guards in total, each armed with pistols and a back-up knife that remained holstered at their side as they came around the corner, looking startled at the fact that they were even called into action.

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The muscles stretched to block the door. Ryan was amazed at the feat, Winston's powers were incredible; something he needed to keep an eye on. The teen passed under the living arch and made his way diagonally from the room he was kept in. The sounds of the alarm were deafening and worsened the teen's throbbing head. Eagle entered the small room, maps and blueprints of various designs were taped all around the walls. Sharpe was right, his gear was present. Snapping it on, he left to deactivate B-5 and the annoying repetition of the alarm. Before leaving, his eye caught a glimpse of a blueprint; a machine similar to what gave Ryan his powers. Had the organization gotten the blueprints as well?

There was no time to stop and think, every second that passes by meant that every guard would get closer to where the duo were. Walking out in the hallway, 5 officers were present. Winston however was not. Crap he thought as the guards pointed their guns at Ryan. The teen placed his hands on his head slowly and looked straight at the officers. His eyes turned deep blue as a construct surrounded the teen. The sound of Bullets muffled behind the shield. Eagle walked towards the guards. The sounds of their guns clicking allowed Ryan to act. He deconstructed the shield and punched the joint of the guard closest to him. Grabbing the second one, he slammed him against the wall and kicked the third behind him. With the guard at hand, Eagle tossed him towards the fourth one. 4 down, one to go. As the teen went to punch the dark-skinned guard, a tentacle shot out and grabbed the teen's fist. Winston had reverted back to his regular self.

Nice move . Ryan said as the tentacle let go.

B-5 is down the corridor, first door on the right.

Eagle nodded and he floated to the air and flew through the hall. A metal door appeared with "B-5" shown in big bold letters. Ryan remained afloat in the air with shuriken in his hand and kicked the door in. There was no one there. Rather strange. There was the switch at the panel. Ryan flipped it just as Winston walked through the door. Looking up at the wall of monitors present, there was a face that the teen would have never thought to be present here.


He clenched his fist as he turned to Winston, Ryan's eyes turned red. What's going on?

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Winston raised an eyebrow curiously at Crimson as he walked past, standing at attention infront of the monitor, his hands behind his back. Wright flustered a deep red as his eyes twitched glaringly from Winston to Ryan and back again, the middle-aged mans jowls wobbled as he barked gruffly out the screen, his eyes falling accusingly upon Winston once more, "Sharpe, why isn't he detained!"

"Sir, his escape was only momentary with minimal damage, my deepest apologies I let my gaurd down but do not worry, consider the situation under control." Winston spoke calmly, standing rigid, his gaze unwavering giving him an air of arrogance as Wright slammed his hands on the table.

"Bullshit! Don't just stand there man!"

"Sir, this assailant was apprehended by Prototype Cassanova, he doesn't stand a chance in this facility; not against Bossanova, not against Avon and certainly not against myself, consider your fears availed, I will take care of the situation." With that, Winston flicked the switch Ryan had touched earlier, causing the image of the enraged Colonel Wright to fade into darkness. Winston pivoted on the spot and held up his hands, his palms outstretched peacefully as he stared at Crimson, six tendrils suddenly bursting from his back and slamming into the machinery behind him, branching out and diving through control panels, tearing out keys, pulling the monitors off the walls, forming a heap of mechanical rubble from which electrical sparks flung. A small explosion amidst the destruction flung glass across the floor and caused the fire-safety system to go off, adding another set of alarms to the noise as well as causing water to burst from nozzels in the ceiling, drenching them both. As Winstons tendrils were reabsorbed into his back his wet hair fell damp over his face, obscuring his eyes almost totally. His head facing Crimson, Winstons voice muttered seriously beneath the noise, "How do you know the Colonel?"

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"Sharpe, why isn't he detained!"

What?   The thought of confusion hung in Ryan's mind as he saw heard Wright through the monitors.

"Sir, his escape was only momentary with minimal damage, my deepest apologies I let my guard down but

do not worry, consider the situation under control."

What?   The thought of confusion was now mixed with rage. Winston, he captured Ryan, freed him and now trying to capture him again?

"Sir, this assailant was apprehended by Prototype Cassanova, he doesn't stand a chance in this facility; not against Bossanova, not against Avon and certainly not against myself, consider your fears availed, I will take care of the situation."

The teen's iris slowly rotated clockwise from its original green do a dark red. "Doesn't stand a chance"? You're weak.   The random thought popped maliciously into the hero's head. Winston extended his tentacles as he used them to rip apart the control panels in the room. Sparks danced around as the sprinkler system activated, drenching the duo with showers.

"How do you know the Colonel?" He muttered. His tone was serious. The teen looked dead straight at Winston. "I should ask you the same thing Sharpe." Ryan's eyes began to spark the red energy, "But let me ask you, why is Wright here?" The teen clenched his fist. "He sent me to capture you... I see that you can be a two face. I'm not taking any more chances."

With swift motion, the teen charged at Winston and aimed for the weak points of body. A shame that he didn't make it. The sprinklers soon emitted a purple gas that surrounded the damp room. Ryan felt woozy once again.

Not again.