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Setting Large Church

Time 11:00 PM

Weather Raining, Thunder and Lightning

Garison opens the front doors and walks in the church on this stormy night. He walks down the lane. he lit 25 red candles and kneed down and took a candle and blew it. A loud thunder roar was heard. Garison had sighed and took another candle and blew it and the smoke swirled around Garison's head.

Garison heard a door open and the reverent came out holding a candle with his red stripped pajamas on. "Garison, why are you here so late?"."Forgive me father for I have sinned..."He turned to look at the reverent and he turned pale and he's veins popped out and were black.

*"For I have sinned a lot"Garison got up and walked to the reverent and put his hands on his shoulder. *"You really shouldn't be up this late Reverent Joe you don't know what could be lurking on at night"*. The reverent shivered in fear. "You...You are devilish". "So I am". Garison hissed and bent over to the reverent on and attempted to bite him but then he heard a noise and closed his mouth and put the reverent in a headlock. With his special gun to his head about to fry his brain with plasma rays.

I sense your blood...So it is you, The famous Darkchild, Right in the middle of dinner time, you'd be wise not to attack I know you could not witness the innocent being killed...after all you are a hero.laughs evilly

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Darkchild stands in the doorway looking over Garison and the father over. "You think i care about what you do with that man. Kill him...hes already scarred 14 boys enough to make them give up on god. You would be doing me a favor..one less thing to do tonight."

Darkchild walks down the isle his bulky body pushing the pews away as he walked towards Garison. "I have come to deal with two stains on our worlds soil. I have been looking for you since the Warsman incident." Darkchilds tentacles unwrap around his body and fall to the floor and drag as he walks towards Garison.

"Now we have one of three choices." DC creates a sword and places it in the grasp of one of his tentacles. The other three creep up and hover behind him as if staring at Garison. "You could A: drop the pervert and come willingly. B: Eat the priest doing me a favor and then coming with me. Or C: Making this real fun and be an idiot and attack me with the sword you have in your left hand that you think i dont know about" DC grins
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Garsion notices the tentacles creep up behind hm and thinks about what choice he should make.You forgot a choice Darchild, Choice D!A roar of thunder was heard and Garison attempted to throw the reverent to Darkchild and attempted a electric at Darkchild's body and keep it there electrocuting him. He'd attempt to hold he's electrocution and walk up to him then step on his face.laughs evilly"Look at me having thee great Darkchild on the bottom of my boot".

laughs"Pitiful!". Garsion notices the tentacles still behind him and creates an electrical forceild behind him making anything it touched fried by electricity."You put up a good 54 seconds but its time for you to die". Garsion pulled out his custom plasma gun with secret alien powers that have High Caliber graved in it and aimed it at Darkchild's heart and attempt an electric pulse to his veins making him unable to send it to his brain to move even if he'd survive
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