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Previously, before it got erased by 2.0:


There she was, Erika, standing 5'7" 120 pounds, wearing a blue tank top and jeans with the word "look" across the back pockets. She also had her signature "M" belt which stood for her superheroine name, Mantoid. Erika was walking along the street when she saw a 20 dollar bill wedged between a drainage grate. Hmmm... What luck. With that she bent down and grabbed the twenty. Then she heard a voice say, "Hey, that is mine." Right, I am just going to hand over my find to this stranger. "I'm sorry, but I am the one who found it, and it is mine now. If you want some money, how about you go down to McDonalds and go work for a few hours." The man was angered and demanded the money, "Give me it!" Mantoid responded, "Not going to happen." Then, suddenly, huge dark wings protruded out of his shoulders and he grabbed her. He flew to a nearby parking lot and threw her on the ground.

If it is a fight he wants, then a fight he will get. "Hey stranger, just before we get started in this little brawl, could we give each other some names? Fights tend to go better that way." He agreed. They swapped names and got ready to fight. Mantoid streched her arms and then said, "Now bring it!"


There he was, , somewhere in the low 6' range, walking along the street headed toward McDonalds. A 20 dollar bill slipped out of his pocket, but he failed to notice quick enough. He took out his wallet about 1 minute later and noticed that one of the twenties was gone. He turned around and walked back towards where he had came. He rounded a corner to see an attractive woman picking up the twenty. "Hey, that is mine." She refused to give it to him, thinking that he was just trying to get some free money. This is really ticking me off. Garison angered more and more until, time teach her a lesson. unleashed his dark wings and grabbed her, flying her to the empty McDonalds parking lot. Time to get rough. They exchanged names with each other, then lifted up his hand. Thunder storms rolled in, the sky darkened as lightning flashed through the sky. Then he made a fist and focused.

Appearing out of thin air, a 6'2" wicked looking scythe appeared in his hand. He laughed, This is going to be easy. could control electricity, so he raised his hand a sent a burst of electricity to an idle van. The van roared to life and was coming toward Mantoid fast. Farewell.


Mantoid, having hydrokinesis, turned to water and split in half just as the van went through her. Simple enough. She reformed into her humanoid water form. That scythe looks like something out of a comic book. I hope that thing doesn't bring me much trouble, although it probably will. She looked at . He can control electricty, so can I. But he could be more powerful than me which would lead to my downfall. I think i will stay in water form.

With that, she raised her left hand. A powerful stream of water came out, right for 's chest. I had better attack the sides also, in case he tries to dodge the attack. With her right hand she sent out two gusts of icy cold air, which could freeze on contact. This is getting interesting.


Okay, so she can transform into water. Garison saw the incoming attacks. He dodged the stream of water, but was hit by one of the gusts of air. His arm froze stiff. Cold, cold, cold... Then he coursed with electricity. His arm broke off the thin layer of ice that surrounded it, and he was back to fighting position.  She may not be able to bleed yet, but I can still have her soul! 

Gary lifted his giant scythe up and pointed it towards Mantoid. "Soon my dear, you will be nothing but an empty body."

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She looked at Gary. "So this is what it comes to?" Her body began trembling. This could so not be happening. Yet it was happening, she was losing control over her form. Water droplets began hitting the ground, making little spots. I have never felt this way before, it doesn't hurt physically, but spiritually. She started to cry. Soon over half of her water was on the ground, and she didn't look humanoid.

I don't have much time now, I'll die if he keeps this up much longer. Should I surrender? He could have mercy, or he might kill me just as well.
She looked to the sky. A thunderstorm, I wonder. Should I use my energy manipulation powers, it might be the end of me, but I don't really think I have much of a choice here. It is time to test my abilites.

She looked to the sky again, with only one quarter of her form remaining, she tensed up. A flash appeared in her, then spread throughout her form. She glowed with the intense power of electricity. So weak, need to overcome.  She tilited her head back as she stared at the sky. The clouds roared lounder than ever. A lightning bolt appeared, followed by another and another. She saw all of them coming together as one.

Then, the bolt bathed Mantoid in the energy. Her form was restored, and she was coursing with extreme amounts of energy. The storm drain had left all storms in 100's of miles as mere clouds. She was shining near as bright as the sun. Is this really me, did I do this? She stood up from her being on the ground. Bolts of lightning flashed out of her and very loud booms were being created due to the massive load of electricity. I am ready to end this.

With that, she closed her eyes. Now, to release what I have recieved. All the energy that was coursing through her was all let out at once, in one giant, mega bolt. The bolt screamed toward Garison at high speed. The air around the bolt was being ripped apart as the collosal mass of energy ripped through the molecules. Nothing stood in its way, it went through a five foot thick concrete wall like it was nothing. The heat of the bolt caught the concrete around the hole on fire. This was one powerful attack.

Mantoid fell to the ground. She was in flesh form, weak from the feat that she had just performed.

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The soul absorbtion failed. She used her energy from the lightning bolts in the sky and absorbed one and shot it towards Gary with all her energy.  Gary never knew a wter like creature could deal with electricty. He tried summoning his electricity force-feild but it was to late. The mega bolt smashed into Gary's chest but it wasn't critical because Electricty is Gary's power element.

The blast sended him into a Honda and the alarm went off and he seems to get some glass in his back by the slaming into the dashboard. 
Nice Gary smirked and took out the glass by shooting them out with his invulrabilityThen he absorbed the blood back into his body and then slowly healed himself. It's going to take more than lightning to kill a Vampire God

Here's my chance! Gary used his sythe and attempts to whip her twice with the chain with spikes on it.  Then Mantiod would start to bleed. As soon as a drop of blood comes out he would attempt to absorb it through air and her blood will revolve around Gary's body. Leaving her with no blood and then he would steal her soul. Sorry, mercey isnt a strong point for me.

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Mantoid watched as the mega bolt made contact with Garison. He was thrown back and was smashed into a Honda. Glass had embedded itself within him and he was bleeding heavily. No one should be able to survive something like that. She stood up and started walking toward him.

Then something totally unexpected happened. The glass that was embedded into Garison sprayed out of his skin. What in the world? All the blood that he had lost started pooling together. No way. The blood lifted into the air and went back into his body. She watched in amazement as the wounds were slowly healing. The only way possible that he survived that is that the electricity didn't affect him as much because he could control electricity to some extent. He must be pretty injured now, but I am pretty weak from what just happened. She was in flesh form because of the massive amount of energy required for her previous attack.

Without any indication, Gary opened his eyes and jumped toward her. Stunned by the sudden action, she didn't have time to react. Gary swung his scythe around faster than would be expected, and whipped at her with the spiked chain attached to the scythe. Oh no. It came around and caught the bottom of her shirt, tearing it just above her belly button. The attack had missed her belly, which was obviously good. But, the attack had forced her forward, causing her to lose her balance. She awkwardly tried to stand up, but was falling forward. At least this allows me to attack him... Uh-oh. Garison had swung the spiked chain around again, this time with more speed and force. Help me. A spike from the chain dug into her left elbow. It went in about half and inch and ran down toward her wrist. A spray of blood flew into the air. The spike exited without harming her hand. "Ahhh!!!" she screamed.

Her blood had moved through the air in an unnatural way, as if wind had picked it up. In immense pain, she looked at Gary, blood was circulating around him in the air. My blood. Aside from the massive pain in her arm, she felt how her arm wasn't bleeding normally, it was being sucked out. Ah... Gary must be... Oh... Sucking the blood out of me... She could see her arm starting to lose color, and not because she was becoming water. I can't let this happen to me.

She was there, on the ground, shaking from the loss of blood. The blood was still being sucked out of her arm. I have to cover it up. She looked around and saw her ripped shirt on the ground. She outstreched her right arm for it and grabbed it. Time for some of my life saving skills, she quickly fashioned a tourniquet around her bicep/tricep. This will cut off the blood flow to my arm. I might lose it, but would rather live to fight, than die because I didn't have the bravery.

After standing there, with Mantoid's blood circling the air around him, Garison made an action. If this wasn't bad enough as it already was, Garison pointed his scythe at her and focused his energy. Not this again. Luckily, due to Garison being weakened, it wasn't as powerful.

I have got to make a stand, not just lay here. So, with her last amounts of energy, she stood up quickly and attempted to push his scythe out of the way, then she drove her hand toward Garison's solar plexis with her right hand, her sharp diamond ring on her ring finger.

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Ahhhh child your smart Gary saw that Mantiod covered her arm up with her torn shirt from the deadly chain. After sucking a lot of blood out of her arm she comes to attack. I dont understand you are about to loose your arm but you still gight with honor. Foolish! The fist came at Gary's face and it connected on purpose and it knocked out a tooth and cut his cheek. You fight with honor Ill help you out just once. After the puncch connected Gary sucked the blood back in and tilted his head sideways.

He swung his chain around like a lasso ad threw it to grab Mantiod around the waste. Then he would sling her to him and bite Mantiod with vampire teeth and suck all of her blood out.
Dont worry there might be a life after death!

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As her fist was deflected to Gary's face, her ring smashed into his teeth. It knocked out a tooth and also sliced his cheek as it had connected. Hope he isn't scarred for life. Blood came from his mouth, and it started to run down his shirt. Then, as quickly as the blood had came, it was gone, he had re-absorbed it again. How am I ever going to win here? Her ring got caught on one of Gary's teeth and he could swallow it, which could choke him.

Caught in the close quarters action, Mantoid forgot about Garison's scythe. He flung the chain and it spun around and around her. Great, tied up. That wasn't the worst of it, because Garison had trapped her and was pulling her close to him. "What are you going to do, eat me?" He nodded. Why in the world did I ask that? As she was being pulled toward him, she caught a glimpse of some movement in a nearby grate on the sidewalk. Garison was pulling her closer now, so close that she was only inches away from him. Then the grate quickly lifted open and closed, Mantoid was clueless about the reason behind the grate movement. She looked at Garison. He didn't seem to notice anything. Then she felt a small suction cupped arm on her foot. It was a blue ringed octopus. It was full grown, but they don't get very big, about the size of one's hand.

She quickly communicated with the small octopus, informing her that his name was Death Ring. She told him what to do. Garison had stopped pulling her closer. He chuckled, leaned his head back, and drove his teeth into her right shoulder. He started pumping out her blood rapidly. I can feel how my heart is getting weaker. Garison continued on, in his frenzy, when the blood suddenly tasted different. He backed off, stunned. He wondered what had happened. He tried to move forward, but his energy was failing fast.

Mantoid reached on her back and grabbed Death Ring. There was a bite mark in her shirt, and she was bleeding a little out of it. "Thank you Death Ring for biting me. I believe that it saved my life." The octopus told her in his own way that he was happy to save her from sure doom. This is what happened: Blue Ringed Octopus' are one of Earth's most poisonous creatures, able to kill a normal adult in as little as fifteen minutes. Mantoid had grown up with the sea, and was immune from any poison that it could throw at her.

Death Ring crawled up to Mantoid's shoulder. He told her that she had to stop that bleeding. He bit off two of his small suction cups and laid them on her shoulder. Mantoid pushed them into the wounds, stopping the blood. "Thank you again dear friend."

Meanwhile, Garison still stood there, not moving. I wonder what the poison will do to him? She tried to get out of the chains, but didn't have the strength to do so.

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(Garison quit the vine, so I'll finish him)

Mantoid saw Garison stumble back, obviously hurting from the poison. That stuff is known to kill normal humans in under 15 minutes. The chains around her loosened. That is better. She slowly stood up as she looked toward Gary. His skin was starting to turn a purplish black. The poison must be taking effect. Garison started to scream, and rushed toward her.

He angrily slashed at her, she tried to dodge it, but he was too fast. She felt his scythe slash right along her right leg, abdomen, and left shoulder. She was very injured now, and was about unconscious. What am I... going... to... do...? She rolled on the ground to get behind Garison. Gary was raged as ever, and rushed towards her again, now at even greater speed. Now, to end this.

Mantoid focused on her hand and it became a razor sharp ice spike. She plunged it into Garison's heart as his momentum carried him to her. He started to convulse. She crawled back out of the way. Gary let out a long scream, and light shone brightly through a gaping hole, where his heart should be. He fell to the ground, and didn't move. Mantoid fell back onto the pavement, Wow! I have finally defeated him.

She stood up, walked inside McDonald's and said, "Can I have a double quarter pounder?" The cashier person looked at her, stunned by the battle damage she had sustained. "Uh, here you go for no charge. You look like you could use it." Mantoid grabbed the burger and consumed it. Well, a battle well fought.

She started to head home.