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(Closed vs RPG between Portrait and Raptorus)

Raptorus is a master thief who relies purely on skill to outsmart the greatest securities in the world, all while leaving obvious calling cards to brag. A media sensation and more than a little of an obsessive for attention he reacts badly when his spotlight is stolen by...

Portrait a mysterious artist and master thief who possesses powerful magical abilities that make even the greatest security systems in the world look like jokes. While she claims to have reformed the news is still in awe of her amazing heists.

So now this not-ninja is ready to challenge the powerful mystic without batting an eye! Is he suicidal or is there more to this thief than it seems.

Fine out in like 12 months given how fast I post, in...

Game of Thieves!

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Gonna put this here so I don't forget.

Here's the OOC thread and a link to the RP.

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@Decoy Elite: IT'S ON


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@Portrait: Prepared to be clowned gurl.


The map isn't of the museum's floor plan, the gem is somewhere else