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8:00 PM, Off the west coast of Ireland

With the crushing of the order of the Talon and the ruination of most of the world's powers, the Black hand had emerged from the rubble as the premier military and economic force in the world. Millions of the disaffected had rushed to join their banner of black and red, wholeheartedly embracing their mad cause of omnicide. On a vast fleet of ships, a black hand force was sailing from north africa to launch a surprise attack on the Talon stronghold of Ireland. The armada of black and red vessels sailed quietly across the waves, cutting through them with ease as wings of sleek aircraft roared overhead in a practiced military drill that was to be a reenactment of the Black Hand's infamous invasion of Chicago on a far larger scale.

Vertigo bombers slipped past the sound barrier invisibly, their cloaking fields rendering them invisible to ireland's air defense network as they flew over the nation's military airbases. Then with a brief moment to drop the cloak and release their bombs, they sped off into the night before shimmering and becoming invisible again before the airbases were carpeted with explosives that rippled outwards in a series of blooming fireballs that roared angrily into the night, consuming the aircraft of the irish airforce in a mighty inferno and crippling it all across the country in a single, impeccably timed and practiced strike.

After a short run back to waiting aircraft carriers, the Vertigos came flying back, this time accompanied by Venoms, Carryalls, Armageddon bombers, and the fearsome Black Hand Saucers. The carryalls set down wave after wave of black hand soldiers onto the ground while others brought forth vehicles down from their bellies, magnetic grappling claws releasing them before the sleek craft rotated their turbofans and flew back to base across the atlantic ocean.

Before the irish military was aware of what was happening, Shadow teams who had infiltrated their bases had already set catastrophic amounts of explosives within their most critical command outposts, using their portable stealth generators and lethal dual supercharged particle beam SMGs to cut their way into the facilities before exiting them with their hang gliders, leaving behind the structures as they ruptured open like a can being popped open with a sledgehammer.

Airbourne regiments quickly swept aside the paralyzed and confused Irish army after the vertigos had come around and obliterated the small Irish navy, scything them down with calm, practiced discipline and efficiency coupled with zealotry and fantacism. Very few Black Hand soldiers fell to enemy fire within that bloody hour, as even the acolyte's body armour was virtually impervious to assault rifle rounds, while their own basic guns could cut through any protection the Irish army could place on it's soldiers.

But all of this was but a practice round for the real engagement, there were two hundred thousand soldiers of the order of the talon in this country, and about two thousand of their superhuman beatified knights in their elaborate clockwork power armour. Ireland had long been a stronghold for the Catholic order of the talon, and it remained so; even after the order fractured following Dathron's invasion of the earth. Compared to this formadible detatchment, the Irish military and the British forces in North ireland were as nothing.

That was where the three million soldiers arriving on the ships came in. Giving an all clear signal, the landing forces quickly belched forth legions of cultists onto the soil of ireland's beaches, the black armoured soldiers quickly moving out on armoured personnel carriers while tanks and walkers rolled out onto the grassy hills and plains of the country. Wings of Venoms and Vertigos quickly flew into the territory held by the order of the Talon in the country, engaging in fierce duels with the steampunk biplanes and da vinci tiltscrews over the skies of the country.

While the Talon's forces were individually superior, the Black Hand had the advantage of a twenty to one numerical advantage. Eventually, the last Talon aircraft was brought down out of the skies, and the wings of bombers flew in through the night, dropping loads of ordinance onto the Talon's positions while artillery weapons set up and pummeled their positions. Lancing red particle beams the colour of blood and thunderous artillery shells cut through the night, followed by deafening explosions and the screams of the injured and the dying.

The battle was fierce and desperate, but the arrival of a trio of the colossal four legged Redeemer walkers sealed it. The enormous metallic titans huge weapons lanced through the night, bringing death and destruction to all that came in their sight, rampaging through the Talon's lines like antedeluvian gods still stalking the earth long after the rest of their kin had passed on into myth and legend. Each step of their tremendous clawed feet shook the earth, while their shielding flashed crimson as they were struck, and their own weapons struck out like the fists of angry deities.

Finally, powerful cabals of liches were being dispatched, finishing the fight with deadly barrages of spells and dark magic, the ancient, undead and skeletal sorcerers bringing ruin to all before them as they made way for the true guest of honour in the invasion force. From one of the ships stepped forth an ebony skinned, leathery winged form with clawed hands and bird like feet that ended in wicked talons, while twin; lithe tails emerged from it's back. It's featureless face was hidden by a veil of tentacles, while two horns sprouted from it's forehead.

Garbed in black plated mail made out of bone, the Dark Pontiff of the Black Hand looked around as he took his first steps onto the irish soil, his taloned feet sinking into the wet sand with a bit of a squelch. "Ahh...the land of the forgotten Gods." He mused with a dark, raspy voice as he clutched a trident in his right hand, stepping forward as the rest of the black hand backed off deferentially to him, giving him respect and reverence akin to that of a God.

"I trust we will be fear of interlopers?" Nexatos asked calmly to one of his generals, a mutated cyborg whose few remaining organic parts were sprouting green, glowing crystals, a sign of his heavy dark glass mutation. "Yes my lord...we have swept away the native militaries and the order of the Talon...additionally, Shadow team scouts report that Rhiannon is where your auguries have suspected." The general responded in a somewhat metallic voice that sounded as if someone was shaking glass shards together in a jar.

"Excellent." Nexatos said as he straightened himself to his considerable full height of twelve feet before teleporting himself to the location with a tap of his trident. Now that the wards placed on Ireland by the Talon had been dispelled by the Liches, he could freely teleport too and fro on the island. He brought himself into a forest, where a cabal of mighty liches and mummies were awaiting him, bowing deferentially to their master.

"We await your command, Dark Pontiff." The lead mummy, clad in the garb of the pharaohs as well as bandages said as he stood up out of his kneel. "Very good Nehekarekh...do we have visual?" Nexatos asked chillingly, his coolness seemingly at odds with his famously fiery rhetoric. "+Yes my lord, two hundred meters due east of your position, be advised; target has a seelie court.+" Came in a voice crackling over a radio, to which Nexatos nodded as he stalked forward, his odd digitrade gait taking him right through the brush at surprising speed before he caught sight of his target.

A lovely woman bathing in a river could be spotted, her bare skin near white and almost glowing like the moon, standing in stark contrast to her black as night hair, which rippled down to the base of her spine while faeries danced around her, seemingly oblivious to the fact that evil and malevolent powers had taken over her homeland. She was Rhiannon, a celtic Goddess of the Winds and Moon, one of the few such Gods of that pantheon who had broken their long isolation in occasional dalliances with mortals, and it was easy to see why she would produce more than a few heirs, she was jaw droppingly beautiful, not a mark marred her skin, her face was perfectly symmetrical, her hour glass figure curved in all the right places and her long, luscious legs were nearly irresistible.

But to a heart as cold and dead as Nexatos and his undead servants, she was just another target, and all the more vulnerable for being outside of her armour. With the crackle and moan of tortured spirits a inferno of black flames leapt forth from Nexatos' hands as he broke forth from the trees, followed forth by the Cabal that had followed him, who opened up with their own spells that cascaded through the landscape, sending arcane death crashing through the once peaceful and idyllic area. The faeries guarding her quickly did their best to move to defend the wind goddess, but they paid for their audacity with their lives, and each in turn was cut down by the frenzy of spells.

Rhiannon, in shock tried to run after knocking one of the liches into the air with a hypersonic torrent of wind and speared one of the wraiths with a river of burning moonlight that incinerated the light hating incorporeal undead who vanished with a scream. As she ran she brought in another gust of wind that flensed the flesh off of a vampire mage, bringing the creature down gurgling in his own blood before she grabbed and twisted the head off of a mummy lord, sending the dessicated thing rolling onto the ground.

She almost got away, but Nexatos spoke a few serpentine words of vile power and black chains gripped at her limbs, forming from the shadows and becoming stuff of solidness as they dragged the goddess to the ground and began to writhe across her, holding her down. "Ah...Rhiannon....It has been too long since I have drank from the power of a god." Nexatos said hoarsely in an near whisper as one of his tails brushed it's tip against up from her navel to her chin before a harsh laugh came forth from his nonthroat.

"You will do nicely..." He said with dark relish as his hands began to glow with evil power. A dark, chilling wail rippled through the air as he began dark incantations that drew upon the inscrutable power of the icon, shadowy tendrils reaching into her and then flowing outwards, partially into Nexatos, partially to sources beyond the imaginings of any mortal. The tendrils snaked around, turning virtually invisible as they stretched out, latching onto the other deities of the Celtic Pantheon, reaching into them and beginning to drink slowly but surely from their essences.

With this unnatural ritual, a evil ripple went out through the supernatural world, almost at once, mythological beings around the world began to stumble forward as searing pain burned through them, a overwhelming desire to find something to lash out at started to fill them, and they began to emerge from their typical haunts to satisfy that destructive urge to do harm. The essence of magic was disrupted like the surface of water would be by a wave, while for many forms it would be nearly imperceptible, for the likes of the druids, they would find themselves wracked by often erratic and wild magic. Lastly, a great sense of unease flowed through the minds of the deities of the earth, a great sense of something unnatural stemming from the celtic lands.

But the Black Hand knew that the Celtic Gods were an isolationist and exceptionally bitter lot, having tremendous loathing for the Asgardians and Olympians, as their servants had brutalised one another for the entirety of antiquity, with constant wars between Germanic and Celtic tribes and invasion and counter invasion of helenic then later Roman territory and those of the Celts. They resented the persecution and slaughter of their chosen priests, the druids by the Romans for engaging in the human sacrifices they asked of their followers, and had nothing but spite for the Olympians the Romans worshipped as a result. And with such bad blood, it would be all too easy to assume that this was the Celt's doing as some part of a plot to gain revenge after all these years.

But Rhiannon, even in her ungarbed and helpless state, still released a silent cry for help, one that would only be heard by those she had mothered, she hoped that somewhere, at least one of her offspring would hear the cry and come to not only her aid, but the aid of potentially the entire universe, as she saw into the dark and horrific mind of that which Nexatos served, that horrific thing known as the universe that hungers, the dread Icon.

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A sigh of both frustration and minor annoyance escaped his breath as mighty Alceus rolled his eyes, his mysterious energy-senses having instantly detected several energy-signatures that were all too familiar. However, it was not this ability to identify different individuals and things through the mere sensing of their innate energies, it was speedy Hermes' arrival that made him all too certain in his anticipation of who had orchestrated such a cataclysmic event. "Alceus, you're not going to like this", began Hermes, an uneasy and dead-serious expression manifesting in usually cheerful Hermes' face. "I know. I feel it too. Something's wrong. And I believe I know who's doing this", The Champion replied, having detected a sinister energy, one that was dangerously similar to a being that he had encountered many months before. "Well it seems like an unusual ritual has taken place, one that has placed the Celtic pantheon in a difficult position", Hermes explained.

Quickly interrupting his sibling's informative message, Alceus curiously asked just how one as uninterested in these affairs as Hermes had come across this knowledge. Fortunately, all was explained by the abrupt arrival of wise Athena, perhaps the only Olympian other than Alceus and a select few that managed to think clearly despite the unnatural uneasiness that had invaded them. "I told him, Alceus. Your suspicions are correct. The Black Hand is behind this, I've been carefully looking out for their progress around the world ever since your first encounter with one of their members, and just recently, their little battle could not escape my eye. And the energy you sensed came from a magic ritual commenced by another Black Hand member, Nexatos. His energy was similar to Vrakmul's because of their connection to the Icon, but I am certain that you managed to detect the more intricate and magical nature to Nexatos' energy", she said, realizing that she had trailed off, her attention elsewhere before returning to the important topic at hand. "Anyway, we must put an end to this", Athena proclaimed, her voice hinting at her desire to go with Alceus and actively engage this recent threat. "Hold on Athena", The Champion suggested, before offering a more efficient alternative.

"Your strongest asset is your calm approach to situations and your calculating plans, I'll need that in the battlefield. It's best if you stay behind with the rest of them here in Olympus and we remain telepathically linked so you can offer plans for whatever situation I'll be in", Alceus said, voicing his opinion on the matter. "No disrespect to your abilities as a warrior but this is too much for you", The Champion stated, Athena reluctantly agreeing to his suggestion. "Very well then", the Greek goddess of wisdom replied, Hermes disappearing, returning to Vasilias' side, waiting for whatever message the sky-father might need delivered. "I'll contact Helena. She's more suited to this kind of thing", the Golden Hero said, Athena nodding in agreement as Alceus quickly sent out a telepathic message towards Helena in Athens, "Helena, I need your help. It's to save the world. Come meet me at Monroe Park in Utopia", he said, brief and to the point. Next, The Champion contacted an old ally, Lord Jonathan, his expertise on the Black Hand would serve Alceus well in doing battle with the villains, "Jonathan, I need your help with the Black Hand. Meet me at Monroe Park in Utopia", Alceus said, his telepathic message sent to where his energy-senses identified as the location of Jonathan's energy-signature. Soon, Alceus disappeared, heading off to Utopia to meet with his chosen allies.

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Helena Troy stood at the entrance of the Underworld seeking to bring back her childhood best friend who was taken and killed by Zeus and Poseidon. The Underworld was a misty, gloomy, and volcanic realm where all mortals would be judged in the afterlife, either being rewarded or cursed. It can, however, be called hell, since even nice and virtuous souls were sent there after death, although to other parts of it; there were several sections within the Underworld, including the Elysian Fields and Tartarus. Heroes of the ancient time dwelled in Elysium, ruled by the Titan Cronos. "Thalia.....I come for you." The goddess of justice mumbled before her blue eyes darted toward a disfigured man who was crying out to the Gods of Olympus to release him from his torment and to be reunited with his wife. "Orpheus? I don't understand.....I thought he was reunited with his beloved Eurydice in the Elysium Fields?". Helena approached the man who didn't seem to notice her and recognized it was the poor man whose skin seemed to be now ashy from possibly being surrounded by fire and smoke.

The son of the Muse, Calliope, Orpheus was the greatest bard in all of Greece. His passion for music was just as deep as his love for his wife, Eurydice. Unfortunately, after being raped by a satyr, she was bitten by a snake and soon after died. Without Eurydice, Orpheus was heartbroken and only sung songs of sadness which made even the nymphs weep. Seeing that Orpheus was saddened, Zeus sent Hermes to instruct Orpheus on how to get his wife back. So Orpheus journeyed into the Underworld, where his lyre was so helpful that it put the three headed dog, Cerberus, to sleep. When he stood before Hades, God of the Underworld, Orpheus demanded Eurydice's return. Hades took this as a joke and refused anyway, so Orpheus tried to persuade Hades with his music. The song of Orpheus fell on Hades' deaf ears, but Orpheus got his wish anyway. After hearing Orpheus' music, Persephone, wife of Hades and queen of the Underworld, begged her husband to meet the mortal's demands. Hades consented, but told Orpheus he was not to look back while leading his wife from the Underworld. At first Orpheus followed Hades' command, but he started to doubt if Eurydice was really behind him. Orpheus turned his head to see if she was really there, but by doing this, he failed in his quest of returning his wife to the world above. Eurydice was forced to return to the Underworld, forever. Orpheus would never be happy again, he sang tunes of sadness once more, but this time, it attracted the lust of two Maenads, who were the female followers of Dionysus. The two nymphs wanted to join Orpheus but he ignored their request. In a drunken rage, the Maenads tore Orpheus limb from limb and killed him. His head and lyre, which still sung songs of sorrow, floated to the Island of Lesbos where it was given a proper burial. After his death Orpheus was reunited with his beloved Eurydice in the Elysium Fields, but now the man was suffering and crying out to the Gods of Olympus to free him from his torment which seemed to be limbo.

"Gods from above, I seek Eurydice!". Orpheus shouted at the top of his lunges, but the gods seemed to ignore his request which really confused the princess because she thought the man did nothing wrong and it was a mistake that he looked back when he was not suppose to. "Orpheus! I am Helena Troy, daughter of Athena and Hephaestus. I wish to know why you are wandering around the Underworld when you should be with your beloved Eurydice in the Elysium Fields?". Helena asked while kneeling down to look into his eyes with sorrow. "Princess of Athens? Please.....return me to my wife.....do not let that monster take me away to the three judges where I will be rejudged". Orpheus pleaded while grabbing onto her shoulders with tears running down his eyes, but these were not ordinary tears they were oily tears that seemed to move down his cheeks very slowly. "I will, but first you must tell me who is in--". Before she could finish her sentence a tall, gaunt man with pale skin stood between her and Orpheus. He wore a dark robe with several severed heads attached to them, and held a golden mask that was probably used to cover his skull-like face. He carried a large, deadly scythe, which he used as a walking stick. "You dare enter my domain, Helena Troy? I would've thought twice before even entering especially when you helped killed my master." Charon said, his eyes were empty, full of death and despair. Charon was the ferryman of the Underworld who ferried the souls of the dead across the rivers of Styx and Acheron which separated the world of the living from the world of the dead. In order to board the ferryman's boat a dead soul must pay Charon with a gold coin in order to go onboard, otherwise, the soul has to wander the docks as a beggar and pray for anyone to give him/her a spare coin. Those who are dying place a gold coin under their tongue so that their souls would have a coin in order to pay the ferryman, but now he seemed to be the ruler of the Underworld after the death of Hades. Helena stood up from the ground and looked straight up at the ferryman with a displeased look, her hands were clenched tightly, and her eyes were full of rage. "I did not come here wishing for a fight, Charon. I seek my childhood best friend and I demand this man be placed back with his beloved in the Elysium Fields." Helena said while looking down at Orpheus who was saying a silent prayer to the gods and crying. "Hahaha! Are you mad child? Orpheus needs to pay for his crimes and needs to be rejudged and I will make sure of it." Charon chucked before looking down at Orpheus and shaking his head. "You dare ignore the demands of a goddess? Hades has already sentenced this man and has sent him to Elysium Fields where he could be with his wife!". Helena began to shout at the ferryman/ruler which startled him. "I do not need to listen to any god now because I am the ruler of the Underworld. Hades was a fool to grant this man Elysium Fields when he disobeyed his orders and looked behind out of curiosity. Orpheus will be sentenced again and I will make sure he is placed in TARTROUS!". Charon shouted and everything began to rumble, but this did not scare the goddess of justice. As the princess was about to attack the once ferryman she was sent a telepathically message from her fiance. "Helena, I need your help. It's to save the world. Come meet me at Monroe Park in Utopia", Alceus instructed, not knowing that his lover was actually in the Underworld trying to visit her best friend and trying to save Orpheus. "Wait.....Charon! I wish to bargain with you." Helena said, knowing that if she kept yelling at Charon he will defiantly take Orpheus and disappear. "A bargain you say? I am listening." Charon grinned as he placed his pale hand on top of Orpheus head. "I must leave now, but I shall give you five hundred drachmas if you don't judge Orpheus and let him roam around just until I come back tomorrow or the next day." Helena looked down at Orpheus who was now trembling with fear than looked up Charon who was thinking really hard about accepting her offer. "Hm.....It's a deal my child, but it's best you bring me my drachmas or I shall send this man to a place far worse than Tartarous." Charon warned before snapping his fingers and disappearing into dust leaving Orpheus to pray to his gods. "I will come back to you Orpheus and you can thank me later." Helena said before turning around and flying out the exit of the Underworld.

Angeni thought about what she had gotten herself into and wondered if it was wise to make a deal with the new ruler of the underworld, but in her heart she thought it was the right thing to save Orpheus who will be rejudged and tortured for eternity. After finally arriving at Monroe Park in Utopia, Helena hovered above the beautiful park and landed down in front of her lover who looked very serious. "What's going on?". She asked curiously without knowing that she actually smelled like death.

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Somewhere In DC

"Salem do you or your mother ever sit out on a war? Seriously?" Evie spoke as she worked on the schematics for a series of machines. Evie was also to some known as Syapt though those who knew her by that name were scarce. She was primarily known simply as the pretty blond that stood beside the secretary of deffence. If one clawed under the surface though they would learn of who she really was. Designed geneticly she was one of the smartest beings on the planet and had a power set that rivaled the gods. The perfectly built woman had grown to a point where she thought her venturing into conflicts was simply pointless. So Evie schemed, ploting with uncanny percission. Her and her best friend Salem Hexona Roxom were building armies and stock piling weapons in secret. The secrets and lies only became deaper after the events in London.

Salem had sought to make a philosepher stone seeing potential in the human despising whitch a secretive group came to aid. The black hand sought to help the alchemist though they didn't see completely eye to eye they worked well. A demonic swarm helping mass the true darkness. Of course then the mummified allie that led the group of the Hand got torched by his own demonic creature he summoned. The demon having also disrupted the carefully woven symbol. Rather then robbing all of London of life Hex only took some five percent. Lord Johnathan and Daywing were the two men she thought she had killed. Granted that thought soon fadded when they surfaced later.

Still it left the witch with a bit of a grudge to the Black Hand. So she began searching they trusted her enough to let her know they were heading for Ireland. Which really meant they trusted enough her to tell the icing of the cake, the base obvious element. What plot bubbled beneath the surface was a mystery. Incase the witch would help they told her where they were going. Which was equivalent of saying "see all those ships and such heading for the Celts that the military is leding slide? Thats us." That however was all Salem needed. Looking to her beautiful friend Hex spoke her answer. "They're idiots, mom likes to let any evil entity do what they wish so long as it doesn't conflict with her family. I don't these ultra secretive sneaky sneaks of silent stealthfullness are also known by secretive groups all over the place. Its rediculose that such a thing is widely unknown considering the scale. Its an army of massive scale consisting of humans, cyborgs, vampires, zombies and hell knows what else. They worship a universe that noms on other universes. Its the death of everything a bottomless pit and their jumping up and down to dive into it. I can live with maniacs and monsters but not suicidal morons." Evie chuckled at the Philosepher Stone and her venting annoyance. Clicking a few buttons on one of her many laptops to give the witch acess to the Cach. A massive armory nobody but those affiliated directly with Azrael could get to.

Ireland 8:01 PM

The Stormhawk roared through the night skies. Its hatch in the back was down allowing the cool wind to whip through the cabin. Black hair with pink tips danced around the witches head sight almost hard from such a thing. A rather easy going setup clung to her lithe frame. Jeans a sleeveless vest and a jacket enough for the daughter of Azrael. Her abilities made it where armor and troops would have just been a waste of resources. Her primary objective at this moment was Erika McCann a grand daughter of one of the patheons. Who was she? Hex didn't know, what could she do? Hex didn't have the answer to that either. What she did know was patheons liked names, if the girls great great great grand pappy was the one to kill whoever. Then when whoever resurfaced it was grand pappy's great great great grand daughter that had to do something. So Erika was a weapon in this situation, and that meant she should be kept alive atleast untill the Black Hand was wiped out. Her GPS given coordinates through Syapt cross referancing data told the witch where to go. Video feed had suggested she was in a bunker that was soon to be attacked from the inside. Cultists and fanatics readied to simply blast the base to ruin. So Hex confident she was above the base or atleast would be soon steped from the platform.

Gravity took effect and the light weight teen plummeted to the earth droping ever faster and faster. Her eyes closed the teen perfectly calm and content with the events happening to her. Mentally she reached out to bask in the horrors of war that befell such beautifull lands. Planes screached through the air droping cargo continuously, soft cracks made it to her ears at first, but the light snaps grew to be thunderous roars the sounds of the cogs of war. Of the blossoming flames of cannon fire below, she could sence the agony. Bodies whaled in anquish from macabre wounds and the monsters quickly raiding the surface. Then it came the sounds died down a bit she was reaching the structure. Rubies flashed in the light as her eyes flickered open and she shielded herself in a telekinetic bubble. Granite exploding around her as she burst through the bunkers roof and top floor. And with grace and perfect serinity the teen rose to her feet unshaken by the explosive entrance. Her small force field bursting outwards knocking people backwards. A tap of her foot and from the earth sproted spikes of steel. For every five it seamed one found home in flesh. The armor of these men and woman could take some serious force. Hex however fought alongside Symaarians sevral times these humans were nothing to her.

The fight through the base was heafty work, bombs made traversing the passageways a bother. And the entire base was a ballad of war. Irishmen trying to make the best deffensive they could where they could. Hex though chose an easy tactic, if it was not Erika then it was expendable. They were after all only humans, she wanted the Talon and Black Hand dead. They were a cult and a religion that waged futile wars that simply got in her way. Let the Black Hand Slaughter, let the Talon battle the Hand to the last men, and she would pick off the straglers. So walking through the halls Hex slayed any and all. Vectors snaked from her back scything anyone in to shreads, ripping limbs away, piercing flesh with heart ripping punches. Where she walked blood flowed, her hands casually raising to fire a shot when need arise. The Equilibriums were human looking guns to most, many would shrug it off as just that. In her hands though they were an alchemic dream. Limitlless ammunition was mixed with whatever ammunition she could dream up. From acidic rounds to ones that exploded like a pound of C4.

It took ten minutes to find the marine, Erika was by the looks just a soldier so far. Fit build with auburn hair, nothing special to Salem. A tweak of the mind through telepathy and the woman was willing to follow Hex without question. It was another twenty minutes before the pair stepped out of the ravaged compound. The world in those thirty minutes had drastically changed escalating into a chaotic war that the Irish couldn't hope to win. The sound of twisting metal screached into the night dust kicking into the air almost choking Erika. A plane having crashed directly befor the two women. Steping from the wreckage was a familiar face. From her body sprouted spikes and tendrils tainted by blood. Chains hung loosely from her frame as black and read dreads fluttered around her. The night was fairly well lit by the instruments of war, yet around the sick yet enchanting woman it remained dark. Before Hex stood her sister, Serenity.

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The strange scent of ionized air was growing in ireland as the emerald isles began to be terraformed by the green crystal of dark glass, that highly mutagenic, radioactive and eternally spreading and ever assimilating crystal that the black hand was so fond of for purposes beyond the aesthetic. The crystals dramatically altered the environment and helped to create blasted hellscapes that even the bravest of enemies would be daunted by, and in addition it made for a self replicating power source of unimaginable energy density, and was the perfect material for the nanofabrication technologies the hand was so fond of.

Nexatos had set a ring of rotting flesh golems to continue the dark chant with their necrotised lips and throats, the mindless beings never faltering or fading in their incantations around the nude form of Rhiannon. The Dark Pontiff himself had already taken to observing the Black Hand's latest conquest. His leathery wings folded behind his back, he and his personal guard stepped into a village, where converts to the worship of the Icon flocked to him after debasing the image of the cross before the Dark Pontiff to prove their faith to the maimed lord. They were pitiful, groveling creatures, but cultists and militants such as these were useful, if perhaps more as canon fodder than anything else.

One woman brought forth her mewling infant before the vieled night gaunt, who let loose a bit of a serpentine hiss as the small thing was brought before it. "Please me lord, bless me baby." She said in a whimpering voice. If Nexatos had the face for it, he would have grinned as he administered his benediction, bringing forth a long, slender and clawed finger to touch the head of the baby before reciting a litany in praise to the Icon. "Blessed devourer of all, unhallowed be thy name, witness the dark baptism of this small being, and induce him with true faith." He recited calmly, still remaining somewhat crouched forward to avoid absolutely towering over the masses of humanity.

"Oh, thank you lord. Death for the deathbringer! Doom for the Doom lord!" She cackled hysterically with unnatural glee as she slunk back to her village, her mind already twisted by the preachings of the confessors and quite likely far less consensual methods of conversion. With an almost reptillian sort of growl, Nexatos took a few steps forward as he brought his fingers around his onyx trident, which seemed to have a shaft made out of an impossibly long spine and prongs made of sharpened, elongated and thickened fingers that ended in wicked claws of bone.

The Black Hand was already well into the process of turning Ireland into a fortress, much like the impenetrable and bleak strongholds of Yugoslavia and Northern Illinois where the catastrophically high amounts of Dark Glass corruption and heavy fortifications had combined to make them virtually invincible strongpoints which had easily weathered such devastating assaults on the world such as the Ninjan invasion.

Already the slowly building levels of dark glass deposits across the country were forming small scale ion storms, meteorlogical oddities and eddies in the typical system of the Earth's atmosphere that manifested themselves in unnatural thunderstorms that generated large amounts of E.M.P and ultradestructive ionic lightning bolts that wreaked havoc on all they touched. But at this stage, few of the storms were more than a few kilometers from side to side, and most were quite short lived; lasting but a few score minutes before disappating as the ion charge that had lead to their formation vanished.

But everything was proceeding apace, Nexatos mused as he continued to walk through the area and survey a portion of his new domain and his millions of new converts. Ireland had actually fallen so quickly that even it's neighbour, the United Kingdom; was of yet unaware that the entire island, including their country of North Ireland, was now in the hands of the foulest sort of enemy. Yes, this would be fertile land for further Black Hand operations, Nexatos thought evilly as an Ionstorm rumbled on overhead, clouds crackling with deadly lightning while the hair of many went standing on their ends due to the electromagnetic buildup.

But he was unaware that Rhiannon had sent out a call that would be heard only by her children, a call that someone had already heeded, though they knew not the import of it. John laid in his bed in a flying Lazarus Air Dreadnought in Spain, though he didn't need to sleep, he often just laid in the bed to help clear his mind, a rather crude form of meditation. The boy hid his overbite with his lower lip as he breathed out a sigh, his hands behind the back of his head, fingers caught in his somewhat messy and spikey black hair. He was plagued by a sort of nagging desire in his subconscious, a need to go find something...something that for some reason he couldn't fathom, he had a feeling was in Ireland.

Taking a superball in his hand, he idly bounced it on the ceiling, trying his best to catch it on the rebound each time as he lost himself in his thoughts and frowned somewhat. He wasn't sure why he was feeling this sensation...which he guessed felt something like homesickness...but he was getting rather determined to find out about it's source. With a final catch of his ball he got up and stretched a bit, getting his impractically long hoodie out from under him, he really questioned the design choice of the designer who crafted his clothes, having a windsock for a hood was a bit too much of a visual pun, but at least the outfit was incredibly soft and very comfy.

But as he went out to go fetch his computer, one of the only things in his room that did not fit the steampunk aesthetic of the adobe, he received a telepathic signal from an old friend. "Jonathan, I need your help with the Black Hand. Meet me at Monroe Park in Utopia" Said the message, prompting him to nod as he suited up, a set of steam powered mechanical spiders quickly skittering over to him as he put in a series of commands into a clockwork computer, pulling a system of knobs and levers that he had learned how to operate since he was a child.

The order of the talon may have been all but destroyed in the past few months by a brutal series of offensive maneuvers by the black hand, but the Ordo Astartes, a splinter group, remained proud and strong, having retained the largest share of the Talon's superhuman knights, though it had only the smallest portion of it's merely human footmen and men at arms. Emblazened on his left pauldron was the symbol of the Iron Drakes Grand Company; the specific chapter of Knights to which he belonged to. The symbol displayed a silvery dragon which stood out on his burnished grey and black armour, while on his right pauldron was the new symbol of the Ordo Astartes. On his chest was the emblazoned symbol of his honorary title of heir of breath, two light blue tildes upon one another to represent the wind.

As he stepped out of his room he was stopped by the ancient and venerable dragoon, Brother thule, who had been interred in his ambulatory sarcophagous composed of divine steel thousands of years ago. "Whoa! When did you get up?" John asked the man in the walking tank of a life support system, one of the most revered of the Living Saints of the Ordo Astartes; one of the few left who remembered the Talon's symaarian origins. "I can recognize...a telepathic signal when one passes by me...and my stasis has had many troubling dreams...I will come with you...and I am not alone..." The Dragoon said, his tomb emblazened in much the same way as John's own armour, with many purity seals hanging off of it.

As he spoke, two squads of Teutonic Knights clad in devastator armour that had to have weighed several tons, three squads of brother knights in clockwork armour of divine steel along with four squads of knight errants stepped forward. But most surprising of all was the emergence of Lady Maria, one of the most respected and revered saints of the Order, the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, one of those who pushed for the split with the Order of the Talon. "Maria! Yo...You're coming too?" John asked, not exactly believing what he was seeing. Lady Maria was easily one of the best fighters in the entire order and one of it's greatest heroes.

For her to have taken time off from hunting the Adeptus Nox, those members of the order of the talon who broke off to join the dark powers of the gods of Chaos during Dathron and then Varaxar's invasion of the Earth, meant that this was serious indeed. "Will there be a problem, John?" Maria said, her bronze skinned complexion forming into a smile, the woman looking no older than her twenties despite being well into her sixties due to the immortality granted to her by the triumvirate. John shook his head so hard that he thought that if he shook his head any harder, it would have fallen right off. "No! Not at all! Just seeing...this many heroes of the Talon in one place..." He said, noticing that all of those selected for the mission were long time veterans and great martial heroes and champions.

"Then come...little one...we make for Utopia..." Said Thule as his huge form plodded forward after turning around with a few steps of his elephantine legs that seemed to shake the room as the Air dreadnought changed it's course and made it's way for Utopia, it's enormous engines roaring to life as the flying battleship slipped through the sky, passing by an S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier which the enormous vessel easily dwarfed by a factor of three. From one of the view ports, the helmetless John waved at some deck personnel who gaped at the sight of the Lazarus Air Dreadnought as it jetted past their helicarrier

The enormous skyborne dreadnought soon carried itself over Utopia, an outstanding treaty between the Ordo Astartes and the Utopian government allowing it to remain in the airspace of the country, whereas the Order of the Talon simply shot down anyone who tried to contest their ability to linger there. The Air dreadnought was several kilometers long from stern to stern, lingering somewhat above cloud level as it filled it's gas bags with bouyant gasses to eliminate the need to keep it's engines on in order to keep the behemothic aircraft in the skies.

As touching down with such an enormous vessel would be impractical, the Astartes envoy was directed to the hangar bay, where a vast series of aircraft of all sorts were kept in storage, one section of what was virtually a flying city with an army's worth of firepower and soldiers on board. Loading into one of the Ordo Astartes' fantastic aircraft, which took off into the air with a whirling of it's tiltscrew rotors and a roar of it's burning thermobaric engines. The Lightning Hawk transport craft lifted into the air and exited the Lazarus' hangar bay as it landed at Monroe park, it's retrorockets activating as it started to touch down, slowly winding it's tiltscrews down before touching off.

The entrance ramp at the back of the aircraft lowered, letting the Astartes force step off of the aircraft as it opened, first the Knight Errants with their lighter armour and equipment, then the brother knights along with lady Maria and John, then the huge and bulkily armoured frames of the Teutonic Knights, whose armour was two thirds as wide as a man was tall and conveyed a sense of implacable, relentless brute power, and then finally; most outwardly impressive of them all, the massive frame of Brother Thule, whose every step shook the ground somewhat as he stepped outwards with a somewhat odd gait that required him to swing his entire boxy body somewhat with each step.

"Speak now...Olympian...you have the attention of the Astartes..." Rumbled the impossibly deep and baritone voice of Thule from within the amniotic fluid he floated in within the Dragoon's sarcophagous, in a state of living death, kept alive as his skill and experience was simply too valuable to allow him to just die. A huge gatling cannon replaced the machine's right arm, it's left arm bore a massive power claw that hissed steam while it crackled with energy, and an underslung flamethrower to purge those arrogant enough to seek cover from the sixteen foot tall and nearly as wide walking tank. To make himself stand out a bit more amongst the crowd, John had his helmet off, clipped on his hip, adjusting his glasses and trying to keep his overbite within his mouth to avoid ruining the dignity of the moment.

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The Champion waited patiently for his two requested allies, his eternal lover Helena, and one of his most trusted comrades, Lord Jonathan. Other than legendary Hercules and Ares, Helena was perhaps the greatest warrior to ever emerge among the Olympians, her skill in armed and unarmed combat was so refined and masterful that she managed to rival even courageous Alceus who is considered by many to be a nigh-peerless combatant. The Champion was completely certain in choosing his fiancee to aid him in such a situation, like him, she was stronger and faster than Hermes, she was for all intents and purposes, the perfect warrior. Lord Jonathan, while young and perhaps even naive, was one of the most resourceful and adaptable comrades that Alceus has ever had the pleasure of working with. His extensive knowledge on the Black Hand coupled with his calmness in intense situations made him a prime choice to Alceus.

Lovely Helena was the first to arrive, she landed gently before Alceus who flashed a brief smile, emphasizing his pleasure at seeing his lover. "Good you're here", he said, greeting her with a warm hug before noticing that she smelled of dead and radiated a remnant energy from whatever exists in the dreaded Underworld. Calmly pulling away from her, he asked, "Were you in the Underworld?", before remembering that he had called for her presence for a far more important thing, "Never mind. Anyway, I called you here for something really important. A while ago my senses detected rising energy-levels coming from Ireland, one of the energies that I sensed was a little familiar, I've felt it once when I fought this being called Vrakmul, he's a member of this villainous organization called the Black Hand who are bent on returning this destructive entity called the Icon back to the universe or something along those lines", Alceus explained, while maintaining his alert energy-senses focused on the upcoming arrival of Lord Jonathan. He continued, "I'm sure you felt that disturbance a while back. Something's not right. The Black Hand are up to something in Ireland and you're mother has been watching them, she knows what they're up to or some of it", Alceus revealed, waiting for Athena to add more information to their established telepathic link.

"While I am not entirely certain of their doings, I am aware that the one called Nexatos has captured one of the goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. While we have never been the best of allies with the Celtic gods, I believe that stopping this will not only save the world, but it will improve our relationship with the Celtic pantheon", Athena informed through a telepathic message sent to The Champion. Returning his attention to Helena, mighty Alceus continued his explanation on the current events transpiring in Ireland. "Athena says that one of the Black Hand members has captured one of the Celtic goddesses, that's probably what's causing all of this madness", he explained, "Now Helena, I know you're very strong, in fact, you're as good as a warrior as I am, who knows, maybe even better but be careful with me on this one. I've fought one of the Black Hand members, they're very powerful so don't underestimate them, fight with your full power", The Champion advised. Soon however, the Golden Hero's attention was attracted by the arrival of Lord Jonathan and his entourage. Smiling, Alceus approached Jonathan, extending his hand for a firm handshake, "Good to see you again Jonathan", he greeted.

Wasting no time, the Son of Olympus elaborated on his earlier explanation to Jonathan, explaining exactly why he requires the boy's assistance, "The Black Hand is up to something in Ireland. Nexatos is doing something to the Celtic pantheon and it's causing a lot of disturbances to the natural world. We have to stop this, we'll be saving the world and halting the Black Hand's progress in the process. I'll need your help because well, I don't know anybody who knows more about the Black Hand than you", Alceus admitted before turning to Helena then back at Jonathan, "By the way, that's my fiancee, Helena", he said, introducing Jonathan to his lover, "Oh and Helena, this is Jonathan, a friend of mine. He's an expert on the Black Hand and a capable warrior. He might be a kid but don't underestimate his capabilities", he said, giving a friendly wave to Jonathan's companions. "There isn't much time to waste. We should head to Ireland as soon as possible".

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Nodding as Alceus spoke, John felt that he had to mention one detail. "I know we're friends and all but I'm not mission commander...not even Thule is" John said as he gestured to the huge and bulky form of Gabriel Thule, interred as he was in his armed sarcophagus. "Although most people would be stupid to not take his advice into consideration." John said as he adjusted his glasses a bit as they drooped slightly. He never could get these giant square things on straight for very long.

"That commander would be me." Said Maria as she stepped forth from the group, her middle eastern features looking far too youthful for a woman of seventy years. "John is a bit young and doesn't have much experience in commanding anything beyond small units and Thule can be a tad senile at times. No offense to the either of you." She said, giving a brief glance back at the two. "I am Santa Maria. Lady Paladin Commander of the Iron Drakes Grand Company, which uses the fleet you see above you in the skies." She said, pointing to the fleet of flying vessels that had parked themselves in Utopia's skies.

"We can save the idle prattle for when we get aboard the Litany of Vengeance....come..." Thule said as he waddled back into the shuttle, his every step shaking the earth somewhat as his boxy frame fit itself back within the vessel. The shuttle took off into the air, it's thermobaric jets shooting out jets of flammable materials before igniting them to give it a boost into the air before the tiltscrew rotors took over, carrying the vehicle and it's passengers into the looming Litany of Vengeance, which hung over the sky like an executioner's blade about to fall upon an unfortunate's neck.

The interior of the colossal vessel was primarily a burnished bronze in colour, with gears and valves often kept out for no other purpose but to be out for show. Various orderlies milled about while the other ships of the airfleet could be seen from the enormous hangar openings. Stepping out of their shuttle, the entourage were greeted by a forgemaster, who had a cybernetically added servo-arm backpack to his armoursuit and the symbol of cogwheels on his breastplate, symbolizing him as part of the Ordo Mechanicum, which maintained the technology of the Astartes, breaking off from the Talon's Order of the Gear, his backpack possessing six mechanical arms and at least a score of mechanical tendrils that responded to his mental commands as if they were his own limbs.

"Ah...outsiders...Allow me to welcome you to Astartes Task force Ventus." The techno-knight said as he glanced around with a monocle like cybernetic implant in his helmet. "The order of the talon may be fractured and broken, but we, the Astartes; who have broken off to pursue higher ideals, remain strong. We've figured that since the Hand has suffered from one main raids by metahumans in the past, they will have taken steps to counter such forms of deployment. So we have come to this decision. Though they may be prepared to deal with a handful of heroes. They won't be prepared to deal with a fully armed and operational battlefleet." The rust red armoured techno-knight said, his mechanical servo-arms flexing somewhat.

"Ah where are my manners? I am Kraellus de Roche. But many simply call me the forgemaster. I am in charge of keeping Ventus' machines in operation." He said, gesturing to the fantastic array of steam powered devices and automatons that went to and fro, working with an efficiency that matched if not surpassed the most advanced digital age devices. Where as organizations such as shield and hydra would use technologies such as fusion and antimatter power plants, integrated circuits, and servo-motors, the Astartes, like the Talon it split off from, preffered to use steam boilers, gear brains, and clockwork drives. They were no less efficient for using "inferior" technology.

A machine that rolled around on a series of cogwheels but otherwise had a fairly humanoid, if spindly upper body, rolled up to Alceus and Helena with a platter of refreshments on it's spider leg like fingers. "Would you care for a spot of tea?" Asked the monocle and tophat bearing robot as Alceus could finally get a full view as to how the Astartes and Talon worked. "Kraellus, the bouyancy anchors have been emptied, we are ready to move." Said an orderly, who had only two servo-arms on his backpack.

"Ah, you may wish to take out a Camera if you have one...few things are more awe inspiring than the sight of an entire airfleet moving." Kraellus said with something of a smirk under his helmet as the various ships of the fleet began to activate thermobaric thrusters; discharging flammable gasses and powders into the air before igniting them, creating directed explosions that caused them to lurch forward as tiltscrew propellors and rotors began to spin to life and steam clouds were ejected out of the colossal vessels.

All told there were perhaps two and a half score vessels in the task force. Battleships, aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigate, cruisers, all centered around the Lazarus Air dreadnought, the Litany of Vengeance; an old and proud vessel that had seen a thousand years of service across the planet and beyond. A series of orange, coruscating bubbles flared into life around the ships and then disappeared as the ambriaric shields of the ships began to activate in turn, the Litany of Vengeance alone having dozens of layers of shields.

"We should be arriving at ireland within a few hours, in the meantime, do make yourselves at home." Kraellus said with a nod as he stepped off to resume his typical duties as the battlefleet began to leave Utopian airspace, adjusting it's course to avoid Yugoslavia and head over and across the mainland of Europe. There were few things capable of challenging a Talon or Astartes Airfleet for dominion of the skies, most recently, task force ventus had engaged an alliance of HYDRA and COBRA in battle over the skies of Topeka. Losing not a single ship, Task force Ventus swept four times their number in Hydra and Cobra airships and crippled both organization's operations over the American heartland.

The Astartes was betting that with the weight of their heavy firepower, they could rule the skies over Ireland and help the liberation effort that would run concurrent to Acleus' mission to stop Nexatos' plot. After all, despite Helena, Maria, Thule, Alceus, and John being immensely powerful metahumans, it would still be a tall to ask them to clear an entire country of millions of invaders and purge the emerald isle of the dark glass infestation. From the view ports and hangar bays, one could see the majestic bronze fleet cut through the clouds, passing by gawking onlookers on the ground and the occasional passenger or military aircraft that looked on, dumbstruck with awe. It was truly an impressive sight to bear witness to.

8:00 PM Norwegian coast

Nexatos' flickering image came to life over a holoprojector, facing the darkly armoured form of Kargoth. "Is the diversionary invasion force ready?" Asked the Dark Pontiff in his scintilating voice. "Yes...the soldiers are ready." He responded chillingly as a huge armada of aircraft and ships waited at Norway before setting off like a swarm of black and red beetles before activating their active camoflauge to disguise themselves as the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish militaries. "Good, your soldiers shall make sure that the nations of the world will be distracted from our real plans in Ireland. Additionally, sparking a war between the United Kingdom and the Scandinavian Nations can only further our goals" Nexatos responded over the hololink.

"That it will, brother." Responded the impossibly deep voice of Kargoth as his invasion force mobilized. It was to launch an assault on the British Isles that would be directed primarily at Scotland, aiming to distract the countries of the world by making them believe that the assault on Ireland was all part of a sinister Scandinavian plot to conquer the whole of Britannia. England itself would be left mostly untouched to allow it's military capacity to strike back at Norway and the other scandinavian states untouched. But the seizure of more celtic lands would have other benefits, as it would allow the Black hand to track down and isolate more of the Celtic pantheon.

"Additionally, it will keep the British military from intervening in our true target, even if they do discover the ruse, they will likely decide to deal with matters closer to home than try and liberate Ireland." Nexatos coldly assessed, to the Warmaster's nodding. "Of course, do you take me for a fool? I am the Warmaster! I designed this strategy with that very fact in mind." He snarled back, his winged helm seeming to crackle with dark energy. "My apologies, brother." Nexatos responded with a bit of a bow.

8:30 PM, Scottish East Coast

A tired fisherman, after hours of failing to catch anything for the past few hours, began to set his little fishing trawler to head back home when he noticed odd shapes beginning to push through the night mist. "What the fookin' 'ell..." He said as he jostled his son a bit, who was startled awake and shook his head and fumbled around. "What in god's name is it?" The boy asked as the wisened man looked around in his boat. "Lad, get the binoculars." He asked as he tried to get a better look. The red haired boy looked down into the boat's cabin while his wife came out of it and yawned.

"What the fook is goin' on?" She demanded. "I'm seein' something..." He said as his son returned with the binoculars he had asked for. One of those fancy nightvision ones that could let him see in the dark. Cost him a pretty penny, but it had proven it's worth quite a few times. But as he focused it on the shapes he had seen, he nearly dropped them out of shock. "Those...those are bloody landin' craft!" He shouted as he tried to get his boat out of there. "Landing craft!? Whose!?" His wife wife asked in a near shriek of panic.

"Bloody scandinavians! They must have fookin' snapped!" He said in a state of panic as a wing of vertigo bombers disguised as more conventional aircraft screamed overhead and dropped bombs on the coastal defense installations, causing them to disappear in a ripple of fire while black hand naval vessels let loose a ripple fire of lethal missiles that streaked into the sky like fireworks. "We're under bloody attack!" The sailor said in a panic as he got his ship going underway while a huge floatilla of landing craft and amphibious vehicles began to push past his little trawler.

Amphibious tanks began to drive up the beaches of scotland while helicopters roared overhead in a practiced onslaught, aircraft screaming in the skies as they sought out targets to assault and the launched missiles began to rain overhead in an apocalyptic rain. But with his binoculars, he took a look at one of the landing craft as it lowered it's assault ramps to disgorge hundreds of invading soldiers and vehicles. With a spit of disgust, he conjured up memories of what his grandfather would tell him about the German blitz and what it was like while the family lived in london.

But briefly, one of the holofields flickered, seeming to shine and fade somewhat. Curious, he had his binoculars zoom in on the flickering tank before the holofield dropped completely, prompting him to gasp as he saw the truth of the matter. For he saw a huge black and red walker step out of the landing craft, rearing up to it's multistory height while it thundered forward. This was definitely no scandinavian assault, this was something far worse, something, horribly, horribly worse.

"God's blood." He cursed as the Avatar warmech turned around, spotting the boat and raised one of it's arms, which ended with a huge lasercannon whose gaping barrel spoke only of death and destruction while it's blood red cyclopean optic seemed to focus right at them, glowing with untold power while a booming hum of something powering up could be heard even at this distance. Knowing that this could only mean bad things were about to happen, he had only one thing to say in the face of building danger.

"Get down!" He yelled frantically as a blinding flash was fired by the warmech, followed by a cutting laser that scythed his little boat in half and then blowing apart the remainder as if a flameless bomb had gone off, sending the family of three flying into the air and then plunging into the lukewarm summer waters of the North sea. Grabbing his wife, who herself grabbed the arm of her thirteen year old son, the family tried to swim for shore, knowing that in conditions like this; there was no way for the authorities to rescue them, not when the fires of war had come right onto Britain's doorstep.

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Serenity never could ever again look to a patheon wth any addoration. She was the daughter of Kaligar and Azrael Roxom and as such arguably the most promising sentient being around. A day would come most believed when she had no option but to call upon the Navigator. When her strength was not enough, and on that day she would become almost god. Not a god but the god, atleast in a Symaarian sence of such a thing. She would have become the toughest being of the Imperium devine will incarnated. If she were to be placed second it would only of been beneath her father. That however was a tale never told, fate never weived, a myth dead to the universe....rather something else happend. Kaligar died slain by Bloodstompa in a grizly way the effects forever diging a scar in the Roxom home. The invasion of Dathron however was not going to end so simply. Courage drove the young woman forward but war was not a place of cliche heroes. Serenity was not the girl who rescued her mother, in war as they say things are reversed. It is not the children who buiry their parents but rather the parents who attend the funerals of their children.

Her life was not to end so drastically short however as anyone would predict her soul was tainted. Her heart flooded with avarice at the loss of her daughter, her demise sent her into the Warp. Chaos took her, twisted her into its queen, she was not invincible but she was the Everchosen from then on. Aldeon held the title alitle longer but he sure wasn't pulled back upon his death. While darkness made the daughter of Roxom the avatar of the warp. Not a patheon, rather a vessel for the plane of existance in itself. The Queen of Oblivion.

Sitting cross legged in a sea of fire, a storm of lost ravaged souls her mind wandered. The gods meant nothing to her, their was hundreds of them from Earth and so many other worlds. The concept of worshiping them seamed childish to her, silly to so much as care. The warp, hell, underworld alll of these places were the same. Just floors and plains of a fiendish domain. Many say Final Arrow was the master of this darkness that he owned it and was the supreme power in such. Yet he was still one being, one entity in a providence that consisted of thousands of religions from possibly millions of planets. Each patheon seamed more or less true and in a oxy moron way false. As such what sway did any of these figures really have/ The same went for those above, Navigator, Zeus, God, Budha whatever. Heaven, Olympuss it didn't really matter. Each god or goddess was a wonder or horror to behold, and was rivaled by another. So when it came down to it the princess of anarchy had no interest in the death of the Celtic gods. Let them fade into purgatory or the abyss or whatever came for such as they died. No Serenity ventured to Ireland for a single reason.

Above Ireland 20:06

This small segment of the air bled droplets of crimson falling to the surface miles below. The air crackled with fire and lightning a tempest of unatural weather even for the twisted perversion of weather that was brought about the suicidal cult. For that was how Serenity saw them, people that were the rag heads on a galactic scale. They were just pawns in a game and pawns were hers to obliterate. Two of the steath bomber aircraft flew past her unable to turn away from something that happend instantly. One second the sick beauty wasn't so much as a thought of the mind and then she was their. Metal decayed and withered. Untill the pilots were leaft with nothing no plane no shoot not so much as a comfy seat. They fell and unlike Serenity's sister they had no tricks to save them. They would hit the ground in such away that they broke every bone, that they oozed blood. A lightweight death to what the devil could bring forth.

These heretics, these mindless drones that sadly still had a mind they flooded the air. They had numbers that in her condition she simply couldn't stop in a fair time frame, that was part of why she was here. That condition would need to change for her plans and so she was going to aid in ending this blight. The taint it could stay, the country it could burn, the patheons deserved their end. All she needed was to make sure the cult didn't win that chaos was the uneasy element not devotion to this "Icon" the rest was passive. If chaos was going to claw back and obliterate the rest of Symaar they needed the psychic strength to do so. Wining battles was one of the best ways to solve such a thing. Reaching out with her mind the harbinger of ruin pinpointed what enemies she could. The psychotic minds had crafted some briliant tech, finding such aircraft was simply not possible with tech by many means. Sertainly not by what the humans had. They could however not mask the mind, the mental waves of mixed emotions. Some said prayers, some had guilt trips, some were so hoped up on drugs they had no coherent thought, they still however did think. Mentaly active was all she needed.

From her flesh that sickening dead colored skin poored chains. Some with hooks others with sicles. It was an unnatural wonder, her body just produced them. Her fingers, palms. joints, hip, brow the wicked shackles just came to be. Then they all snapped, whiping forward and persuing their prey. One moment they were within this universe the next they were not. A constant fluctuation that allowed the snares to go through anything. Intangilable untill the hook could sink into flesh. Theen came the bloodshed, the hooks they stuck in things and each chain that stuck began to weigh for every sin. This was a beauty to the Roxom, for even the best commited a sin here and there, still had scars, the kind of people here however were magnificent. Each a lovely mockery of what they could have been. The blades however when they stabed or slashed tripled the weight of things. A bit more simple but the combination was splended, the onyx blades entered what planes were in her half mile radius. The hooks found way into the living things. Then she pulled her toys free, brought her lovely gifts home the results a horror. For the brief moment in the small area she inhabited the place rained corpses and blood, metal and steel.

The bodies were ripped open, slamed into eachother or pulled free at such force it caused flesh and bone to practically implode. Some bodies hiting another which was the even funner moments for the dark goddess. Planes exploded and crashed, were torn apart and dismembered. For one who saw it everything was maddness and calamity. Serenity however giggled childishly at what she had done. Sencing her sisters mind below she vanished and reapered before the bomer heading their way. Her leather fabric and crimson and black hair whiped around as she stood on the nose of the plane. Her lips and mind speaking to the pilot in unison. "I can hear you breathing, nobodies going to do that anymore." Her fist slaming through the windshield, through the armor, through the bone, and into the seat. A violent jerk pulling her hand free, the man's head was barely on conected by skin on the side of the neck alone nothing remaining inbetween. His eyes blinking for a quarter of a minute as he watched the earth grow nearer, his body rapidly giving in.

"You know sis, I rather hate that despite all the power in hell theirs still some princibles one has to follow. Whatever the case right now I can't hurt you or mom, sooo" she paused as her blazing eyes looked into the ruby colored eyes of her sister. "For today, what do you say we go back to back like the old days?" For the day, this rare moment the first daughter of Azra and the second were again the perfect pair. A duo that could work perfectly in sync. For a moment the sisters stood back to back against odds that were so vastly daunting that their powers even seamed low key. The Roxom's however particularly the women were stuborn however. They could hold out all they needed, it was having the back up that allowed geting to the generals of this army that was a challenge.

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"Lord Nexatosss...we have a problem...the forces of Chaosss...they risk interfering with our designsss..." Said the hissing voice of a snakeman lich, whose mummified flesh hang onto his bones in dessicated scraps. "Hmph...the dark gods of the Ether are nothing compared to the one, true power of the multiverse...dispatch the wirewolves." Nexatos responded chillingly as he folded his wings, watching the ion storm over ireland slowly grow in size and strength, within a matter of days it would grow to consume the whole of the island and possibly beyond as the place became uninhabitable for carbon based life.

"In itsss name my lord..." The undead yaun-ti responded, it's hooded cobra head bowing as it slithered out of sight. The serpent lord, a long time lich who had overseen the destruction of at least a thousand universes, slithered into a portal it opened with a quick use of it's dreadful magic, it's power bolstered by the consumption of countless of other spellcasters. Slithering into the portal, it brought itself to a forest where several suits made of adamantium-vibranium alloy had been prepared.

Resembling shoddily made knight's armour, they almost look liked they were made of random metal junk that had partially melted together in a vaguely humanoid shape with claws the length of small swords and the odd protruding tentacle or spike here and there. This was of course, the case; they were pieces of adamantium-vibranium alloy that had been carefully molden together before a lesser iconoclasm, a infintisemally small portion of the devourer of realities; was allowed to possess them.

Wirewolves were tireless, impossibly strong, virtually indestructible, filled with a killing rage, enormously fast, and had a debilitating effect on the reality around them as the power of their progenitor flowed through them. And even if the wolf was somehow damaged, as long as the rupture in their shells was not too great, the possessing energy iconoclasm could regenerate it's host, letting it's wounds flow like quicksilver to recover. They were a favourite variety of iconoclasm for just this purpose.

Starting a ritual that used the various holes in reality that were being opened by Nexatos' own ritual, the Serpent Lord widened them and called forth energy forms from the Icon itself, calling in microscopically small portions of the great destroyer. These malevolently glowing orbs of purplish energy quickly flowed into the bodies to them, which started to come alive with hideous snaps and cracks that resounded through the forest. Shaking their heads as if coming out of a stupor, the newly animated wirewolves then went on to display why they had earned their name.

A horrible, warbling, echoing wolf like howl resounded through the entire area, going for miles around. Civilians panicked, worshippers of the icon fell to their knees in reverence and adulation. It was the very sound of madness, a bedlam cry of violence and beserker rage. The wirewolves began to rush out of their den with manic speed, their urge to kill overwhelming. An native werewolf that was attempting to flee the advancing Black Hand sniffed the area in it's hybrid form, it's hairs bristling as it detected an distinctly unnatural smell, the scent of something that should not be.

Looking around, it saw an constantly shifting mass of metal that kept itself in a vaguely humanoid frame. Raising it's howl of challenge, the werewolf prepared for a fight, but by the time it blinked, the wirewolf was already upon it, attempting to claw at the metal monstrosity, the lycanthrope swung it's mighty right hand at the beast, but the wirewolf simply grabbed the arm before it could connect with a speed that nothing should have been able to move and pulled to the ground with a single violent maneuver. The werewolf was unaware of what exactly happened until it noticed it's blood fountaining out of a now empty socket.

The wirewolf then punched it's clawed right hand through the lycanthrope's chest and yanked out it's bleeding heart, a bedlam howl issuing from the possessing iconoclasm as it then let lose wires from it's back that flensed the skin off of the werewolf, leaving nothing but a bloody mess of meat on the ground as the iconoclasm continued to hunt, searching for the scent of Chaos. Moving in a pack, the wirewolves bounded and ran through the forest, their maddening howls roaring through the night, leaving a trail of horribly maimed corpses behind them.

A vampire emerged from it's coffin in a barrow mound, but all it saw as it emerged to bask in the night was the flash of metal and then it's head flopped onto the ground as the wirewolves pounced upon it, ripping it's body apart with casual ease. The undead thing's bloody mess of a body flopped to the ground like gory confetti after the five wirewolves were done with it, but truth be told, a single wirewolf would have so drastically outmatched the vampire that the result would have been the same. One of the possessed metal beings turned back towards the head of the vampire and unleashed a reality bending inhale, not of air, but of the vampire's very soul and thoughts, sucking them out to feed the hunger of the icon and leaving a dessicated husk.

The wirewolves then continued their impossibly quick run, one of them slashing it's claws at a passing faerie who dropped to the ground in four bloody slices before moving on to attack a hapless treant, the tree being flailing as metal claws and wires flensed it apart, it's sanity being blasted by the energies and howls they emitted before it fell onto the ground, gibbering like a madman as they had shattered it's sanity much like they had shattered it's body.

Remnants of the irish army stood in a defensive position, setting up machine gun nests and anti-tank positions. But the warbling sound of the wirewolves' incessant howling soon alerted them to the presence of the incoming monsters. "Get those bloody guns into position!" The captain in command of the company shouted as they turned around machine guns and rocket launchers to face the source of the noise.

Firing away, the tank the company had centered itself around let loose with all three of it's machine guns while it's main cannon thundered. A spray of 23mm steel pellets came out of it's main gun, nearly one and a half thousand of them in fact, such was the might of a tank cannon's canister shot. But the storm of firepower simply bounced off of the shells of the wirewolves, who simply powered through the wall of lead they were presented with. One M2 .50 caliber machine gun was brought to bear on one of the wirewolves, but the impossibly fast thing seemed to dodge each bullet in turn in what almost look liked live action stop motion animation, cartwheeling, ducking, leaping, and bobbing out of the hail of bullets before jumping onto the machine gun crew.

Ripping the gunner's head off from his shoulders with a meter of spinal column still attatched, the wirewolf swung the spine of the man like a whip, instantly shattering the skull of his loader before throwing it like a spear into the chest of the ammo carrier, the thrown spine lancing straight through his kevlar armour before the wirewolf leapt onto the tank and sliced the barrel in half just as it fired an high explosive round, prompting the round to detonate within the tank and sending the blast back within the vehicle, killing it's crew and detonating the ammunition in a fireball.

When a missile was fired at once of the advancing wirewolves, the impossibly fast thing simply swung around and grabbed the missile out of the air and flung it right back at the man who had fired it, causing him to disappear in a fireball while another clawed his eyes and ears out to try and get away from the maddening sight and noise, falling to the ground vomiting his own blood as the iconoclasms continued to slaughter his comrades, leaving nothing but a pile of corpses as they moved on, their bloodthirsty rage only continuing to mount as they sought their true target.

Finally coming upon serenity after following her chaotic scent, the wirewolves burst from the trees which shattered as they simply ran through them. Maddening howls of violence emerged from their shifting forms as their blood caked claws and back wires started to flash at her. They spoke nothing save for their howl of madness. A howl that curdled the blood and attacked one's very sanity and soul. Even as insignificantly small portions of the Icon's power, they were unspeakably deadly and horrific, and all in told; there were three of the monstrous things, all of them moving at enormous speeds towards serenity with the intent of ripping the follower of a rival power into bloody ribbons and feasting on her soul and thoughts.

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Helena wore her breastplate that had a eagle motiff on the chest which was integrated with a stylized Double-W, and her blue shorts patched with white stars. The Bracelets of Hephaestus gleamed beautifully on her wrist like it had just been well polished along with the Tiara of Athena. The goddess of justice held the Lasso of Athena which glowed a bright yellow color like it had been blessed by Apollo the sun god. "Good you're here", Alceus said, greeting his fiance with a hug that made her smile warmly. "Were you in the Underworld?", Alceus asked curiously before pulling calmly away and looking into her blue ocean eyes. "I was going to tell you, but--". As she was about to finish her sentence, Alceus remembered that they had a world to save and would later discuss about her trip to the Underworld. "Never mind. Anyway, I called you here for something really important. A while ago my senses detected rising energy-levels coming from Ireland, one of energies that I sensed was a little familiar, I've felt it once when I fought this being called Vrakmul, he's a member of this villainous organization called the Black Hand who are bent on returning this destructive entity called the Icon back to the universe or something along those lines", Helena folded her arms and listened carefully as Alceus explained the news to her which prevented her from saving Orpheus and Thalia, but even though she wanted to save the two from the Underworld she had to stop this threat from taking over the world.

"I'm sure you felt that disturbance a while back. Something's not right. The Black Hand are up to something in Ireland and you're mother has been watching them, she knows what they're up to or some of it", Alceus told her. "Hm.....I have never heard of this organization, but I am willing to help of course." The Goddess of Justice said before she discovered that the Olympians and her mother had sensed the threat as well."My mother has spoken with you? I haven't spoken with her in awhile, but never mind this isn't the time to ask questions that are out of topic." Helena took a deep breath before allowing him to continue. "Athena says that one of the Black Hand members has captured one of the Celtic goddesses, that's probably what's causing all of this madness. Now Helena, I know you're very strong, in fact, you're as good as a warrior as I am, who knows, maybe even better but be careful with me on this one. I've fought one of the Black Hand members, they're very powerful so don't underestimate them, fight with your full power", Alceus explained to her before turning his attention toward Lord Johnathan who possibly was going to help them with this threat.

As the two heroes spoke with each other, Angeni tried to plan on how she would save her best friend who was somewhere located in the Underworld. She simply knew that saving Thalia wouldn't be so easy because Charon wouldn't allow her to save both Orpheus and her best friend which wasn't really fair, but in ancient history trying to save someone in the Underworld wasn't always fair and easy. Helena knew the Underworld was divided into various sections. The Judges of the Underworld decided where a soul should go based upon their life accomplishments. In Greek times, a man named King Radamanthus judged the dead and was later joined by King Aeacus and King Minos. Helena would have to go through different sections of the Underworld just to find her best friend and that wouldn't be an easy task without being detected by the monsters of the Underworld.

The River Styx was special river located in the Underworld. Charon's ferry floats along this river on it's way to the main gate on the Walls of Erebus. In ancient history, Achilles used the Styx to become invincible. Since the river is so powerful, the person bathing in it has to pick one vulnerable spot on their body to make sure they are anchored to their human life, or else they will dissolve into the river.

The Asphodel Mark is the realm of neutrality where the souls of people who are neither good or evil. It is said that all souls that are neutral are to drink from the river Lethe before entering the fields, therefore losing their identities and memories. The fields are a somewhat negative outlook on the afterlife for those who make little impact during their lives. Neutral Souls go there if they choose to go through the death train line at the gates to the Underworld, instead of accepting judgement. It is sometimes said that it was a plain of Asphodel flowers, which were a favorite food of the dead in Greece.

Elysium was reserved for good mortals and heroes who had died a hero's death and lived a good life. Chosen by the gods, the souls of mortals, and demigods who have been good, righteous, heroic, would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy eternal death, and indulge whatever employment they had enjoyed in life. Helena would search here because Thalia was one of the greatest heroes among Greece for a teenager, but she did have a bad temper which wouldn't prevent her from being sent to the fields of Elysium.

Tartarus was the darkest and deepest area of Hades' realm, known as the Underworld, where the Gods imprison their enemies. Tartarus is also the primordial god of Nothingness, the third one to manifest in yawning void of Chaos. When a monster is slain, it is sent to Tartarus until they reform, for a time ranging from days to centuries. Enemies of the gods that are immortal are sent here as mortal enemies are in the Fields of Punishment. Helena feared that her best friend was sent to Tartarus due to Zeus thinking she was going to be the one who would overthrow the Olympians which was wrong because it was actually Helena this whole entire time.

"Oh and Helena, this is Jonathan, a friend of mine. He's an expert on the Black Hand and a capable warrior. He might be a kid but don't underestimate his capabilities." Alceus said with a smile. Helena tilted her head at the sight of the boy and smiled. "I see another Alexander the Great? Do not worry that was a compliment." Angeni said before turning her attention back toward her fiance. "There isn't much time to waste. We should head to Ireland as soon as possible". Alceus instructed.

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With little time left to continue such extended conversations on land, the brief meeting with the apparent leader of John's entourage was interrupted by bulky Thule. "We can talk in the aircraft", Alceus assured before he along with the rest of his combat-oriented allies entered John's ship, an airborne-vehicle that had been strangely allowed to remain in the Utopian airspace without having to face hostility. However, the Golden Hero left those questions for another time as he took a seat inside the ship before it levitated into the air and took off, speeding off towards Ireland. While formulating and reviewing various combat strategies and effective tactics in his intricate thoughts, the composed Olympian was soon approached by a sentient machine, politely offering it's guests refreshments, which Alceus politely rejected. "No thanks, I'm fine", The Champion answered, flashing a brief but thankful smile.

Before the dedicated hero could continue his brief conversation with Santa Maria, the leader of John's diverse entourage, Alceus was telepathically contacted by none other than his sister, wise Athena. "Alceus? Good I've reached you", the intellectual Greek goddess of wisdom began, her message carried by a tone of urgency. "What's up? You sound worried. Is something wrong?", Alceus asked, the entire conversation, a mental one supported by a powerful and intricate telepathic connection. "No it's nothing like that. It's a tactical suggestion that will benefit you in the future", she revealed, elaborating, "Regardless of how difficult the upcoming battle may become, do not use your power ring under any circumstances. Save it for your future battles against the Black Hand, I assure you, this is not the worst of what you will have to face", Athena advised, a suggestion that Alceus took into great consideration. "Okay, I won't use the power ring. I wasn't intending on using it anyway", Alceus responded, quickly terminating the telepathic link.

As the aircraft flew closer and closer to Ireland with every passing hour, the intensity of not only Nexatos' energy-signature but every single vile creature now roaming defenseless Ireland relentlessly attracted the attention of the Golden Hero's intricate energy-senses. And while allies were what he dearly required in such a situation, he truly wished that he did not have to travel in their ship, compared to his usual method of travel, it was much slower, where the ship would reach in hours, The Champion could reach in mere seconds. But of course he was understanding in regards to the level of speed possessed by his allies. "Helena, I'm going to get acquainted with Santa Maria. She's the leader of John's group so I think we should get to know her a little bit, she probably knows more about the Black Hand than John", he assured, standing to his full height before making his way over to Santa Maria. "Santa Maria, you're the leader of John's group. You must know a lot about the Black Hand. Is there anything you feel Helena and I should know about them before we get to Ireland?".

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The Celts were very religious and believed in reincarnation and the migration of the soul to the after life after death. They did not believe in punishment after death. The Celtic Pantheon held many female deities of primary importance ranging from war goddesses to mother goddesses to ruling goddesses. They also believed in 3 aspects of the Goddess, three aspects of a single god. The teachings of the Druids could be summed up quite easily: worship the gods, be strong, courageous and do no evil. Human sacrifices by the blade, burning, or drowning were done because it was believed that a life must be given for a life, as in murder, accidental killing, extreme illness, or to be spared from the horrors of battle. Generally, those who were killed were prisoners of war or criminals. This practice does not, however, seem to have been used much at all in Ireland and Britain.

Female were equal to males and held just as much power. The Priestesses were highly revered. Priestesses sang the dying to sleep, did charms, enchantments, prophecies, healing, etc. They knew the power of words, stones and herbs. One of the central features of their Groves was a cauldron, bowl or pool. Curses were cast for any mistreatment of women. Red-hair females were sacred to the war Goddesses, as their hair was the color of blood.

Angeni didn't want to reveal anything, but she knew about the Celts because her mother use to tell her all these stories of different religions and that the Olympians didn't get along with many of the other different Gods and Goddesses around the world. Helena raised an eyebrow as the leader of John appeared out of nowhere and introduced herself while a large ship hovered above them in the sky. "Why must I go on that ship? I can fly." Helena said with a look that meant she didn't trust the people she had just met.

"We can talk in the aircraft", Alceus told everyone as the ship landed on the ground for everyone to enter. Helena took a deep breath before following the group inside and taking a seat next to her fiance who probably knew how she was feeling right now. As the aircraft took off into the sky the goddess of justice kept thinking about the memories of her past with her childhood best friend who was abducted by Zeus and Poseidon. One storming night, when the two best friends were training outside Athena's temple, Athens was raided by the gods, Poseidon and Zeus, and their army of Cyclopes, in search of Thalia who they actually thought was the one to bring the downfall of the Gods because she was a daughter of Ares and could not be trusted while Helena was the daughter of Athena who Zeus trusted very much, but they were wrong by picking Thalia, the demigod. Zeus, seeing Thalia trying to run away, snatched her and began to depart. In anger and desperation, Helena jumped to attack the sky-father and save her best friend, only for Poseidon to smack Helena across the face and send her crashing into a building.

Insulted by this, Poseidon raised his trident to kill Helena, but was stopped by Athena reminding him that they had what they were looking for. Before leaving, Athena apologized to her daughter, and disappeared into flames. The loss of her best friend left an indelible mark on Helena, as she vowed to seek revenge on Zeus and Poseidon in honor of Thalia. After some time, Helena turned ten years old and her mother made her the Princess of Athens and sent her out to journeys to become the world's greatest hero in Greece, but Helena still sought revenge and later found out by the Sisters of Fate that she was the one to bring the downfall of Zeus and not Thalia which encouraged her more to seek revenge.

Helena clenched her hands tightly as she continued to remember the past, but she knew if she didn't save Thalia these memories would always haunt her until the deed was done. "Just hold on a bit longer, Thalia." She whispered before remembering the personality of her best friend. Thalia was hot-tempered, arrogant, brave, strong, and was always very proud and defensive of Sparta like her father who favored her. She was also defensive and very protective of her good friend Helena Troy after she gave her some advice on how to kill so she can impress her father. The only bad thing Helena could say about her best friend was her pride. Thalia was very similar to Achilles, in the sense that her pride sometimes gets in the way of her good sense, but everything else was good about Thalia and she shouldn't be worrying because her best friend was very tough and could withstand possibly being in the Underworld like she had done with Zeus and Poseidon. "Helena, I'm going to get acquainted with Santa Maria. She's the leader of John's group so I think we should get to know her a little bit, she probably knows more about the Black Hand than John". Alceus said before getting up from his seat and noticing something was wrong with his lover. "You go on ahead......I am not really in a pleasant mood." Helena told him while keeping her blue eyes focused on the metal floor.

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Turning to Alceus as the Litany of Vengeance crossed through the skies of europe, piercing through the night clouds Lady Maria stood up from her own battle prayers over an altar of the Symaarian Holy Navigator; a proud and noble Dragon God statue looking sternly over worshippers like a firm but fair father over their children. Folding her mechanical wings behind her back, the bronze skinned woman nodded towards Alceus as he entered the chamber she was praying in.

"Ah, welcome to the altar." The middle eastern warrioress said with a warm smile. Her expression changed briefly as he asked about the Talon and then the Astartes' main foe, no small amount of disgust welling up inside of her as she spat, as if getting poison out of her mouth. "The Hand is an ancient foe whose history long predates that of the universe. We can't gather much information as they are a very difficult foe to infiltrate, but they are but one of countless armies in service to the universe that hungers." Maria answered as she regained her composure, her suit's wings fidgeting a little as she spoke.

"They're everywhere, in every organization, in every country. They vastly outnumber us, especially after the order of the talon broke up into three after dathron's invasion of the earth." Maria said with a bit of a frown, the event dredging up many painful memories. "The Talon you knew is more or less a dead entity now." She stated, her frown widening. "After Dathron invaded the Earth, the Warmaster of the legions of Chaos revealed that one of the ruling Seraphs of the triumvirate had actually fallen to the worship of the Dark Gods of the Aether, and we lost a third of our number as the traitor lead them into the worship of the dark gods." She continued on, briefly clenching her sword somewhat tighter than usual.

"Then the ideological differences between the catholic parts of the Order and those that followed the Symaarian Temple of the Holy Navigator grew too great to ignore. The two remaining Seraphs declared the latter part heretics and exocommunicated us. We have the largest proportion of knights, but the smallest number of regular humans out of the three groups. So we decided to model ourselves on the Space Marines of Symaar, and we named ourselves the Ordo Astartes, the Order of the Stars, in honour of our starbourne origins." She said with a smile as she looked over at some relics of the temple of the draconic Holy Navigator.

"Thule is our spiritual leader, as he is one of the few beings old enough to remember the true origins of the order of the talon over twelve thousand years ago. He's a highly revered warrior, but sometime during the days of the babylonians, he was grievously injured beyond the help of magic or technology, but we couldn't afford to lose someone as valuable as him. So the Order interred him in a dragoon, a mobile sarcophagous that would be virtually indestructible, but would keep his cadaver in a state of living death to be kept asleep and allowed to dream whenever he wasn't needed." She continued, a slight frown forming on her complexion, the story of Thule always saddened her.

"As for our Temporal Leader, that would be Lord Apollo Varitus. His still strong ties to the Talon were the only thing that prevented outright civil war between the Talon and the Astartes, but at the moment he's up in space, chasing down some of our chaos worshipping bretheren to punish them for their betrayal." She concluded, sighing a bit as she ran a hand through her long black hair. She was about to wave a hand to dismiss Alceus before the "Warning" Sirens began to sound. "We're over the waters of Ireland now...we must have detected enemy air and naval elements." She said as she quickly grabbed her winged aquilla helmet and placed it over her head, the helmet sealing over her head with the hiss of air rapidly being pressurized. Fifty airships had lumbered their way over the skies of ireland, filling the air with their vast bulks.

Maria quickly marched off to the hangars where she caught glimpse of a formation of Black Hand seagoign vessels and flying saucers that began to vomit forth a stream of venom fighters, vertigo bombers, armageddon strategic bombers, and Carryal transports towards the incoming Astartes fleet, accompanied by all sorts of flying undead and iconoclasms that ran a whole gamut of horrifying shapes.

The Astartes was quick to launch out it's own waves of biplanes, jetpack and wing equipped troopers, autogyros, and tiltscrew aircraft before the mighty airfleet fired off it's longest ranged guns, the very air being split by the thunder of these massive and mighty guns. The hand had become very adept at tracking and detecting incoming Talon and Astartes elements in the course of their twelve thousand year long war, and it was no surprise to anyone in the fleet that the hand was able to detect their coming, but the Astartes was betting that they had the force to defeat their defence anyway, especially since they carried three living saints and two gods.

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It was becoming painfully apparent that Helena's demeanor was one of emotional discomfort and sorrow, perhaps even latent hatred. Whatever event had transpired during the Athenian princess' time in the dreaded Underworld, it certainly had some sort of negative impact on her. Perhaps it was related to her childhood best friend, Thalia, the one she had spoken to Alceus about not too long ago. While the source of the lovely goddess' despair cannot be accurately pinpointed, The Champion offered some comforting words before he left to get more acquainted with the proclaimed leader of John's comrades. "I hope everything turns out fine then. But, whatever happened in the Underworld, I'll help you deal with it. I'll always be there for you", the Golden Hero promised, his hand warmly placed on his lover's shoulder for comfort. Mighty Alceus did all he could to ease his fiancee's pain and inner turmoil, and while he did care for her with all his heart, he had more pressing matters that required his undivided attention, especially given the current situation that has abruptly affected the island of Ireland.

As Alceus walked into her altar, Santa Maria greeted the warrior-god with a welcoming smile. "How welcoming of you", courageous Alceus smiled, chuckling briefly as he leaned against a wall, patiently listening to Maria's answer to his previous questions. Santa Maria's disdain for the Black Hand became evident as she was forced to speak of it, her expression was one of disgust and contempt. According to Santa Maria herself, the Black Hand's existence extends to times prior to the creation of the Vine Universe, an eerie truth but a rather invaluable one. After a prolonged conversation between the two, which fortunately rendered Alceus aware of Thule's identity as a spiritual leader and highly capable warrior. On the verge of exiting Santa Maria's altar, having learned all that was required, The Champion's attention soon shifted towards the somewhat annoying but loud sirens that acted as a warning signal. "We're over the waters of Ireland now...we must have detected enemy air and naval elements", Santa Maria explained, readily reaching for her helmet. Instantly, The Champion's nigh-flawless energy-senses detected a vast array of diverse energy-signatures, the most intense and perverted of energy-signatures belonging to different members of the Black Hand, the most prominent being Nexatos'.

Utilizing the vast capabilities of his energy-senses to 'see' the battlefield, the disturbing image that entered Alceus' mind shocked him, his icy blue eyes widening in surprise. Through his energy-based vision, the Son of Olympus was witness to unearthly crystalline structures and other disturbing features. "Damn", mighty Alceus murmured, clenching his fist in anger, soon however, he retained his composure, Athena's soothing voice running through his consciousness, pleading that he remain calm for without his usual levelheaded approach, the majority of his strategies would fail. "I don't mean to give orders in your own ship but Maria, I suggest that we engage them now", he advised, his serious demeanor having overcome him as he made his way towards Helena. "It's time to fight. Helena, you'll fight with me. We work well together anyway, so we'll be the most effective duo here, maybe", The Champion stated, admitting to not knowing how well his comrades work with each other. However, given the fact that he has known Helena the longest and is most familiar with her, she is his most favored combat partner.

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With a terrific thundering, the main guns of the Litany of vengeance fired, sending forth shells the size of trucks from it's enormous primary cannons as the dreadnought cut through the air. The ship began to lurch to the side as the fleet moved into broadside position, over five million tons of metal spread out across fifty ships shifting across the air while their cannons roared like angry gods. Huge shells screamed through the air at hypersonic velocities, slamming into the shields of the black hand saucers and trans-oceanic assault craft in the air and on the sea while aircraft from both sides came screaming at one another into the middle of a killing field.

The saucers responded with an ominous purple glow that formed around their middle rings, circling around and around the black and red craft and building in intensity before unleashing their fury as a massive beam that lanced outwards, ramming into the shields of the talon fleet and causing them to shake as the ambriaric fields flashed a vibrant orange to attempt to stop the incoming beams. The TOACs began to hop across the water, using their limbs to hurl themselves into the air in mighty leaps like some form of gargantuan metallic dolphin before assuming battle positions, where they unveiled their own weapons. An angry throbbing, foghorn like noise came out of the TOACs as they unfurled out a terrifying amount of forward firepower.

The water based craft then began to launch out a huge series of explosive canister shells which flew through the air like stick grenades, flying out of their launcher racks in rapid succession. Tumbling through the air, the canisters went on an extremely high trajectory before computer guided flaps and rockets readjusted their paths so that their spiked ends would point exactly where they needed to. The anti-small craft weaponry of the Astartes vessels then began to frantically fill the air with rockets, bullets, and black clouds of flak and shrapnel, trying to preserve the strength of the shields from taking the enormous barrage of canisters.

But before Maria and John could deploy out of the ship, Kraellus came in over the intercom. "We are detecting massive transdimensional energy buildup. They're teleporting in! Attention, we have teleport boarders incoming!" He said over the PA system before a series of rifts in reality opened, swirling, shrieking vortexes of power that lead to black hand bases somewhere else in the universe. A series of footmen stood at the nearest portal, lowering their solar beam guns to face down whatever would emerge from the portal. But a series of supercharged particle beam blasts, piercing white blue beams of destruction, came in and cut most of the footmen down, letting the undead Cyborgs known as the Awakened and the Enlightened emerge from the portal, followed by two centurions and two reapers.

From another portal that opened near Alceus, a Adamantium Wirewolf came shrieking out of the portal, leaping forward and stabbing it's right hand claws into the face of a nearby footmen while it slashed out it's razorwires in the direction of a unarmed orderly, cutting out his heart in a series of quick motions. The iconoclasm possessed suit of Adamantium then turned to Alceus, letting loose one of it's bedlam howls that struck at one's very mind, calling forth five more of it's pack before it jumped onto the pipe covered ceiling above, crawling forward on it like some kind of demented spider, it's tentacles punching holes into the ceiling before it was brought right above Alceus and leapt at him, claws extended.

Two of the pack of five broke off to join in the fight, scrambling, crawling and leaping with impossible speed as they moved in for a flanking assault on the olympian, their constantly shifting bodies oozing with the unimaginable power of the Icon, their mind flaying howls constantly echoing through the confines of the ship as the Wirewolves made their way towards him. The other three wirewolves then burst from gratings in the ceiling above him as they bayed and howled at him with faceless visages of quicksilver before leaping at him, claws and razor wires flashing.

Near Helena, another portal ripped itself open in reality, letting forth what at first glance looked like a hellhound, but upon closer examination revealed the truth. It was substantially larger than any normal hellhound, it's snout had become a razorsharp and partially crystalline beak, it's fur had fallen out and had been replaced by scales, while a thick mane of crystalline spikes went down it's neck and to it's back, while two particularly large spikes came from it's shoulders. It's claws had become long and sickle shaped blades of the corruptive dark glass that had mutated these beasts of hades into Dark Glass Hellions, a large and more ferocious counterpart of Dark Glass Fiends who had been mutated from ordinary dogs, jackals, and wolves.

The Hellion was the size of a mean tempered allosaurus, and soon two of it's packmates came snarling out of the portal, the huge once canines snarling and barking at her as they moved in a circle around her, their maws dripping with liquid dark glass, their eyes glowing with green witchfire. Then the alpha of the trio let loose a baying sonic howl that ripped through the air, prompting the second hellion to launch forth series of dark glass shards from it's back, each with terrifying explosive and piercing power, while the third reared it's head back, it's huge and thick neck muscles rippling before it lurched forward and vomited out a cone of green, dark glass corrupted fire to try and engulf her.

John and Maria backed up into one another as the army of undead cyborgs began to encircle them, the centurions and reapers at their heads. "Does this remind you of Vienna?" Maria asked as she took out her crackling ambriaric sabre. "You and I remember Vienna very differently." John responded with a bit of a bemused glance over to her as he held his hammer in his right hand and his shield in the other. "Chaos Knights and Black Hand Cyborgs can't be too different." Maria responded with a tilt of her head as she brought out her own shield. "Uh, yeah they can!" John answered before the circle of cyborgs closed in with an unheard command.

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Helena sat quietly on the ship and thought to herself that this war could lead into something like the Great War if this battle isn't stopped. The Titanomachy, also called The Great War, is the name of the battle between the gods and the titans. The War began after Kronus and Rhea married. Rhea had a child, Hestia, and Kronus feared she would rebel against him as he did his father, and ate her to be rid of her. However, Rhea continued having children, and grew more and more annoyed and saddened by her husbands ritual. When her last child, Zeus, was born, she gave Kronus wine and he became drunk. She then gave him a rock in place of Zeus, and sent Zeus away.

Zeus grew and grew, until he found out about his father, and to save his siblings. He fed his father a mixture of mustard and wine, and he threw up his children, who were growing inside of him. Zeus also married his cousin Metis to aid in the War.

Soon, the titans and gods began to side. Most of the titans sided with Kronus, while most of the gods sided with Zeus. Prometheus foresaw the future, and he and his brother sided with the gods. Many protogenoi and a few titans remained neutral, and didn't fight at all.

The Cyclops and Hecatonchires sided with the gods, because Kronus locked them in Tartarus. They would make weapons for the children of Kronus, which would help in winning the war. The war would last for eleven years, until Zeus snuck into Kronus' throne room, and cut him apart with his own scythe. He threw his remains into Tartarus, and destroyed the scythe.

The three sons of Kronus would draw lots to decide who would become king of what. Poseidon, first male and second child, became Lord of the Sea. Hades, second son and fourth child, would become Lord of the Underworld and Earth. Zeus, youngest son and youngest child, would become Lord of the Skies and King of the gods. Hera would become his wife, Hestia would become and later step down from being an Olympian, which would be a group of chief gods and goddesses.

"I hope everything turns out fine then. But, whatever happened in the Underworld, I'll help you deal with it. I'll always be there for you", Her fiance said, sitting beside her and comforting her. Helena was never like this, but she cared greatly for her best friend and blamed herself for letting Zeus and Poseidon kidnap her. "I thank you my love, but I must bring her back." Angeni sighed before her fiance hugged her tightly and approached the commander who went back to explaining all about the Black Hand.

After a few minutes passed of sitting quietly and listening to her fiance and the commander speak about the Black Hand, Athena telepathically began to speak with her daughter who she knew was becoming depressed and needed to do something about it before her daughter failed. "You cannot continue to blame yourself for the abduction of Thalia, it was destined to happen my child and you gained your vengeance for her by defeating the three most important gods with the help of your companions. I gave birth to the most powerful, intelligent, and courageous goddess in Olympus and right now the tyrant adviser is laughing at you as you sit here like an Aphrodite child weeping, you must prove her wrong by showing you are the goddess of the great prophecy. I cannot discuss with you any further since your challenge awaits you up ahead, but I hope my words aided you my child and I shall speak with you soon." Her mother kindly said before ending the Empathy Link. An Empathy Link is a telepathic contact from one person to another from a great distance apart. This communication can occur when both persons involved are awake or if one of them is sleeping. When one of them is sleeping, the other can show a virtual image of where he is through the person's dream. Both users also have the ability to sense where the other is and somewhat read their emotions. Helena clenched her hands tightly and stood up from her seat as she decided to take her mother's advice who proved her right and brought her back to her normal self. "I don't mean to give orders in your own ship but Maria, I suggest that we engage them now", Alceus told the commander. The Goddess of Justice did not know the ship was being under attack, but once she heard the sounds of explosions she knew they had arrived on the battlefield. "Alceus is right, we must engage the enemy or this ship will go down and trust me...I know." Helena called out, stating that she was the daughter of Hephaestus and knew how long this ship would last.

"It's time to fight. Helena, you'll fight with me. We work well together anyway, so we'll be the most effective duo here, maybe", Alceus was right the two couple had defeated Typhon, defeated and survived the most ancient monsters in the Labyrinth, and worked together to defeat the most powerful gods during the Second Olympian War. "We shall prevail and--". Before she could finish her sentence a group of portals opened up inside the ship and creatures that she hadn't seen before stepped out of the portals. "Mangy beasts! I shall send you BACK to the depths of Hades!". Helena shouted before being surrounded by a group of strange creatures that looked very similar to hellhounds. "I have seen worse." She smirked, unsheathing Athene. Athene was given to Helena by Hephaestus to slay the Kraken at the age of ten. Athene is a sword that is made of Celestial Bronze, a material that is effective on Gods, Demigods, Titans, Giants, monsters, and humans. Athene is used in close combat, and is light and balanced in its wielder's hands, and it cannot be damaged or broken. As one of the creatures launched forth a series of dark glass shards from it's back, Helena quickly used her Bracelets of Hephaestus to deflect the glass which redirected back at the creature and exploded as it penetrated its skin. "Do any of you wish to join your friend?". Helena asked the dog-like creatures who began to back away from her out of fear. As the goddess was about turn her back one of the dogs decided to be brave and lurched forward and vomited out a cone of green, dark glass corrupted fire to try and engulf her. "Minerva!". Helena dodged the vomit and removed her tiara before hurling her razor-sharp tiara at the creature, and decapitating it. The mysterious creatures would have been more of a problem if she didn't bring these weapons with her and if she wasn't a goddess or well trained for these kind of situations.

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Hex leapt backwards dodging a few rounds before releasing three shots from both of her alchemic weapons. Each shot hiting a vital spot of one of many many assailants. A gernade was hurled their way Erika quick to take the opening to fire a round from a bolter into the mans skull. The high calibur weapon was given little recoil thanks to the god level alchemy that came with being a philosepher stone. Allowing the mortal woman to fight alongside Hex using a gun that otherwise would of likely ripped her own arm off. In a gracefull roll the god dessendant had attatched the gernade to a throwing knife and hurled it at an advesary. Black Hand members to close also cought up in the bloody carnage that came from the explosive. This was nothing though to the numbers. That was the bigest issue for the trio they were three against aparently millions they needed something or someone to help balance the sides. They were gods amonst men, enough firepower in one direction though could rip apart anything however.

The circumstance only grew worse as their telepathy picked up on the victems of the latest thing from the Hand. Minds from the cult told the pair they were being assailed by a wirewolf. On the positive outlook they knew it was being brought about without a sentient perspective. If it had been then some of its victems wouldn't have met their ends. They were hunters simply killing what they could where they could the threat was strong but not entirely death bringing. The pair was not conserned and as such the two guided Erika not to be afraid. Fear was the greatest of enemies in any war and they couldnt let it undermine them. Soon enough a pack of fiends would be upon them, untill then they would just do what they had been. Spending all their efforts trying to pick off ass many as possible. Bodies falling in mass by the collaborative efforts, Serenity and Hex taking the blunt of the damage so that Erika was not at risk.

Serenity was the largest threat being a woman who at this point was one of the greatest threats to the entire Symaar Imperium and this was watered down. With a thought the demon could of brought swarms of underlings to her side, she simply didn't want to. An indication of the kind of turmoil available at any moment. Three of the knights aimed for her. They were without soul without emotion, nothing about them but apearence looked so much as human. Eyeslits points to breath from not available, faceless horrors, with whip like blades swirling around them from their backs. They were never the same to the other and never even the same to their previous visage. Their bodies shifting and warping as they charged forward. Serenity however didn't care, fact they were inhuman only made them less fun. No pain, no agony, no screams of anguish and as such a waste of time. First leapt at her claws beared, the swift deity moving out of its landing zone and raising her hand to catch the clawed hand. Her blood splashed along the surface as the weapons burried into her hand. Renching her hand downwards and to the side pulled the limb from its socket leaving it flimsy."Adamantium layered" she spoke telepathicly, it was not cheap or easy, it had made itself to a variety of people though, the Empirium had some it was the only real metal she couldn't simply punch a hole through. Swiftly her hand jabed at the location of where a mans ribs would be, coursing with the heat to mealt adamantium. The heat wasn't enough though deductive reasoning telling her the rest "vibranium underlayer."

That settled she yanked her arm free of the claws its tattered elements forming into tendrils. Rolling to the side she avoided the next sweeping attack and then hurled the blades into the heart, the limbs fading in and out of reality untill they had lacerated the "heart" of this thing. The tendrils sizzled from the weapon being ripped apart by the very touch. Yanking her hand free Serenity cackled at the pain, a crown of horns bouncing around from the motion. The second was fast and clever ariving from behind and impaling the slender demonic queen. To its dismay though it could not lift her she weighed impossibly heavy for someone who seamed sickishly feeble. Whips snapped from its back thrusting downwards, similar ones erupting from the demons as well. Coiling around the blades and driving them back through their master before ripping them in the opposite direction. Finally came the third, wounds were mending themselves a delay that gave the knight time to pounce tackling her to the ground before Serenity could brace herself. Smiling upwards at the creature her firey embers flashed like magma. Rifts of reality forming all around the knight, and just as fast as the fou.l odered portals could open they closed leaving the creature in ruins.

Simultaneously Hex and Erika watched as the other two came runing. Picking up to pistols Hex handed the dropped guns to the wwoman she fought beside. "When I say so switch to these, you take left I'll take right." A light touch to the bolter came with the words Hex spoke. Erika thought the pink and black haired woman apsolutely insane, she had been right till now though so she would work alongside with the plan. The pair released clips of ammo at the charging knights. Entire clips seaming to poor into the knights without any effect, they seamed unstopable. Hex however walked towards the charging pair. Telekenesis returning the pistols to her side as she rolled forward striking a seamingly pointless punch to the gut. The pair turned to rip Salem apart the teenaged witch only grining as she gave Erika the command. Each bullet had been leaving small ink patterns along the Wirewolves. A countless number of these markings covered the pair though to small to even be noticed when mixed with the soot blood and grime of war. The symbols however allowed Hex to make the armor nothing but brittle low class metals, Serenity had told her what these tyrants were made of and as such she knew what to convert. Each bullet struck the knight in the center and as such the monsters shattered like glass.

Picking up four droped riffles and converting them to miniguns Hex nodded to her sister. Their thoughts of eachother put aside for the greater cause, they were soldiers the mission came first. In a flash of fire blood and screaming abyss the trio was onboard the Talon vessel above. Serenity stayed airborn trying to aid the fleet against the saucers and bombers. While Hex and Erika worked on aiding in wiping out the intruders. Four turrets hovered around Hex releasing constant walls of gunfire of bolter ammunition. Alchemy giving her the means to reach such havoc, behind her a dirty blond fighting hard as any human could. "Hey John, hows it going? Care if I lend you and your religious freak freinds a hand?" Last they had seen eachother the Clan was giving Hex a hard time and she had commited mass murder though made no effort to aid the Hand. Hopefully he and his Joan of Arc friend could adopt the enemy of my enemy principal. The back of Hex's mind shocked by the resemblance the woman at John's back seamed to have with the old heroin. "By the way this is Erika, a grand baby of one of the gods, if you could keep her safe it might help settle things easier once this blows over."

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In an abrupt but anticipated moment, the band of determined heroes was attacked by pouncing creatures of otherworldly origins. The grotesque wolf-like beasts had emerged from radiant portals that tore open inside the aircraft. "I hope nobody's surprised by this", The Champion exclaimed, instantly dodging an assault by a lunging creature, "Because you're all experienced warriors, you must have all anticipated this", Alceus states, revealing his high opinion of his fellow allies. Briefly glancing back at his beloved Helena, a pleased smile manifested in mighty Alceus' face, witnessing his fiancee do battle and succeed against such unearthly creatures was a sight to behold. The moment that beauty and power meet the beast. Refocusing his attention on the opposition, The Champion detected a mass of unknown corrupted energy dwelling within their essence. Spreading his arms out wide, the Son of Olympus generated an invisible spherical force of energy, instantly destroying the surrounding enemies with overwhelming power and explosive force.

Turning to look at his fiancee, a serious expression attached itself to the Golden Hero's face, "There's something deeply wrong with those creatures. I sense a lot of corruption in them. Don't let them bite or scratch you, whatever they have, it could be transferable", Alceus advised before shooting an emerging wolf-hybrid creatures with an energy blast. As a series of them infested the ship from the portals, The Champion decided on a rather risky maneuver, but one that would grant his teammates enough time to land the ship. Generating a protective barrier around both he and Helena, the heroic Olympian channeled his nigh-peerless sense of concentration and discipline, attempting to force his will over an energy that he has not yet learned to harness expertly. But perhaps sheer willpower and determination will compensate for his lack of skills over dimensional energies. A master energy-manipulator, The Champion slowly but steadily asserted his dominance over the dimensional energies that enabled the portals to exist within the ship. "I need to buy these guys some more time", he thought, utilizing his expertise on other forms of energy, Alceus fortunately managed to close and prevent any dimensional portals from opening inside the ship. Dispelling the barrier around he and his lover, Alceus urged his allies to land the ship.

"Staying in the air will do us no good. Someone has to land this so that we can be properly deployed across the battlefield", The Champion advised, his attention shifting more towards Santa Maria, she was the leader, she had the influence over everyone. "Maria, get this ship landed. Like I said, I don't like giving orders in your own ship but I can't keep these portals closed forever", Alceus admitted, preventing any opposing enemies from entering the ship via dimensional portals or rifts. In the meantime, the Son of Olympus' sophisticated energy-sensed detected a variety of corrupted energy-signatures in the vicinity, especially detected in entities roaming the altered ground. "Helena, today you don't have to worry about holding back. We can fight just like we did against Typhon, without restraint", Alceus suggested, "You can cut loose", he winked, however, he himself would only truly unleash his power once the ship lands, channeling all that raw physically enhancing energy when being assaulted by the lowliest of Black Hand minions would be massive unnecessary consumption of energy. As the dedicated hero struggled to maintain the prevention of the existence of these infesting portals, it was indeed Alceus' sense of determination and stubborn refusal to concede that allowed him to continue when physically impossible to.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, mere seconds after Alceus' dimensional energy-based efforts were exhausted, an array of grotesque and unnatural creatures emerged from reappearing portals. With a combination of thunderous hooks and uppercuts set up by clever jabs, mighty Alceus decimated his opponents with overwhelming force, literally punching one of the creatures through the airborne ship, hurling them off into the horizon. Sighing in minor annoyance, The Champion combined his relentless speed and fearsome physical strength to rapidly destroy a wide array of his opponents, making short work of them. With no hostiles left in the ship for the moment at least, Alceus' energy-senses detected the presence of another, an unknown woman who was quick to introduce herself as an ally. So it seemed that she was there to aid them in battle. Convinced that Santa Maria would agree to his earlier suggestion of readily landing the ship, The Champion decided to access a good deal of his power in preparation for the true battle. Instantly, a flame-like aura of golden energy radiated around the warrior-god's body, his hair and eyes glowed with a golden tint, blue electrical arcs surged all about his body. "Let's put an end to this".

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Blocking the power blade slash of a Enlightened Cyborg, John swung out his hammer into the ivory plated cyborg, the resulting crack of thunder and the superhuman strength backing the hammer sending the Cyborg flying out of the hangar in pieces before he brought his shield forward and slammed it into an Awakened, crumpling in it's metallic rib cage before his wings flashed, slicing off the head of the undead cyborg. Maria behind him threw out her circular shield, slamming into one of the dark glass mutated cyborgs' chests and slamming it into the wall, where it sparked and sputtered before powering down as the connected human died.

Taking out her broadsword, Maria stabbed forth into the chest of an Awakened Cyborg before slicing her scimitar out to behead yet another one of the Awakened, her Iron halo projecting an energy bubble that deflected half of the incoming shots directed at her while her divine steel armour absorbed the rest as if it were nothing. The impaled awakened's body began to burn as it's soul was ripped from it's body, then judged by the blade to be unworthy and promptly incinerated in it's entirety, destroying the spirit of the cyborg in an blazing instant. A enlightened attempted to press itself onto John with a forceful ram, but just as it appraoched him, John's hammer caught it in an uppercutting swing that caused the machine to virtually explode from the sheer force of his warhammer before the power field discharged in an explosive form.

Bringing his hammer down on the head of an enlightened, he gave a savage grin as the enlightened cyborg's entire body crumpled up before the impact, the sound of metal splintering filling the air before the hammer's thunderclap resounded, sending fragments of the cyborg flying out in all directions. This left only the Centurions and the Reapers left standing. The first Centurion's burning red energy shield was brought forward to block an incoming hammer blow from John as it's arm cannon was set to energy sickle mode, crashing down on his shoulder only to glance off of the impenetrable divine steel.

Rolling backwards, he brought up his shield as the Centurion fired off a massive crimson beam of burning energy, deflecting the ray at a thirty degree angle and trying to aim it at the reaper it was accompanying, only for the other cyborg to duck under the blow. The Centurion then set it's cannon to spear mode and thrusted it towards the boy, forcing him to roll to the side to avoid getting stunned by the incoming hit as he came around in a spin, the Centurion firing off another laser beam that struck his backpack mounted boiler, kicking it into overdrive. Noticing as his helmet's clockwork readouts displayed a massive increased in power, John smiled ferally under his helmet. "Well...how about that." John remarked as he brought the warhammer of richard upwards in a jumping uppercut, getting under and then through the guard of the centurion as the mighty hammer blasted it's way through the Centurion's thick metal and ceramic structure, ripping it apart before a massive series of thunderclaps exploded forth in a line to absolutely obliterate the defensive Cyborg.

Maria on the other hand ducked under the incoming power pincer of the scorpion like reaper, bringing her wings out in front of her to block a rapid series of missile blasts that streaked forward from the Cyborg's tail, exploding in a rippling wave of fireballs. Bringing her sword forward, she was surprised to see the Reaper catch the blade with it's power claw before using it's superior strength to force her backwards. Looking upwards as it's power stinger began to flash red, Maria rolled away to avoid the incoming stinging blade that stabbed forth into the ground, piercing through the thick metal bulkhead with ease as it crackled with red energy. Using this opportunity, Maria brought her scimitar in an arc to cut off the stinger of the reaper before jumping up onto it's shoulders to jab her broadsword down into it's head, sending the arcing fires of judgement into it's black soul, the screams of a spirit being utterly destroyed resounding through the hangar.

Then Kraellus' voice came crackling in through the intercom systems. "Get off my ship!" Yelled the man in a thick French accent as a series of twinlinked multi-thermos turrets unfurled from the ceiling and took aim at the two remaining cyborgs, a burning sound filling the air before streaking lances of molten metal heated to billions of degrees were sent flaming outwards, spearing through the remaining cyborgs and melting them into slag. In the hallway where Helena stood, the last remaining Hellion snarled and barked at her before two gatling turrets lowered themselves from the ceiling. Spinning themselves up, the guns fired a hellstorm of osmium bullets, the densest naturally occuring substance on the planet, while at the same time being significantly harder than steel.

The hellion disappeared into a green mist as it's body was obliterated by the storm of bullets from the two, twin-linked gatling turrets. With their target eliminated the turrets raised themselves back into the ceiling. "My apologies seigneurs...I had to fight my way to the turret control room. Now what was that you said about landing?" He crackled over the intercom as the fleet began to take a downward dive, still firing it's deck guns at the Saucers above, three of them stopping as huge shells pierced their shields and slammed into their hulls before detonating with the fury of an enraged god, enormous red fireballs blasting their way free from the hulls of the saucers, sending them spiraling towards the earth as the Talon fleet touched down on the water, setting it's tiltscrews onto their conveyer belts that moved them to the rear of the vessels to function as propellers. The black hand defense floatilla upon seeing this, seemed to melt back into the shadows, seemingly disinterested in further engagement.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the emerald isle..." Kraellus said as the vessel continued the last leg of it's journey on the seashore while the attack craft began to return to their hangar bays and the landing craft began to plow out of the seabays. John and Maria had decided to fly out on their own and land on the sandy beaches, while Thule was brought forth on a landing craft, his every waddling step shaking the earth. Once the entirety of the first wave force was landed, the reserves and the vessels themselves began to take off once again to provide air support and a mobile reserve that could be deployed via drop pod and shuttle at a moment's notice. But once on the shore, already the tell tale signs of Dark Glass corruption could be seen across the land, the night sky now glowing weird, unnatural colours as ion storms blew in and out across the skies, crackling with unnatural lightning.

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Angeni thought she had everything under control with these creatures until something came crawling out from the ground and the goddess couldn't believe her eyes. Different in appearance then other incarnations, the Minotaur was significantly larger than Helena, being one of the largest Minotaur's she has faced. The Minotaur attacked Helena by charging at her, and attempting to bludgeon her with it's giant, blunt swords, but she was able to roll out of the way from getting rammed or slashed. After weakening the half bull, Helena killed the monster by pinning it's hands down with Athene, and then striking it in the neck with their own sword. "This is madness! I do not understand why are creatures that I have faced before are returning and helping these creatures." Helena shouted before impaling her sword into a dog-like creature mouth that leaped at her and tried to snap at her. Helena sighed and pulled the sword from the creatures mouth and just as she was about to turn around to see if any of her friends needed help another Minotaur charged at her and rammed her into a wall. "Mangy beast......". She grumbled and watched as the Minotaur backed up and turned his attention toward her teammates. Helena would've been badly injured or killed if it wasn't for her Superhuman Durability that possesses a high resistance to some damage and some magical attacks. As the Minotaur was about to charge her fiance, Helena flew at the beast and tackled it to the ground. "I will not allow you to conquer this ship." She said, quickly removing its helmet and beginning to brutally smash the beast face in with her bare fist nineteen times, with the last blow killing the monster.

"There's something deeply wrong with those creatures. I sense a lot of corruption in them. Don't let them bite or scratch you, whatever they have, it could be transferable", Alceus warned her before shooting a wolf creature that tried to attack him surprisingly. "I've noticed that when I took down one of them by redirecting it's attack using the Bracelets of Hephaestus." Helena said while catching a creature from the neck as it lunged at her and snapped it's neck.

"Get off my ship!" A man yelled in a french accent as a series of turrets unfurled from the ceiling and began eliminating the monsters that surrounded the heroes. "Remind me to never get on a ship." Helena whispered to her fiance who probably thought the same thing. "My apologies seigneurs...I had to fight my way to the turret control room. Now what was that you said about landing?" Said the man with the french accent. Helena wanted to just exit out of this ship and do her own business and she didn't understand why she went on the ship in the first place when she could have just followed the ship by flying. "Never again." She grumbled before the ship landed and a woman entered who looked very familiar like she had seen her face in the past. "Helena, today you don't have to worry about holding back. We can fight just like we did against Typhon, without restraint", Alceus told her. "You can cut loose". He said with a handsome smile and a wink that always made her blush. "You are about to witness the true strength and power of Helena Troy. I advise we stick together because like you said we worked together many times and we do well together." She winked.

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With bright energy radiating all about him, and his eyes pulsating with the very same vibrant energy. The Golden Hero patiently waited for the enormous ship to land, the ridiculousness of the situations that had transpired in the ship was becoming intoxicating. "I never thought I'd have to face the Black Hand again. I thought it was just a one-shot thing, but apparently, they're back, and more annoying than before", mighty Alceus sighed in minor annoyance and frustration. Confronting the Black Hand was a rather unappealing task, especially for one who has done so before. "Maybe seeking the Icon instead of waiting for it to appear will do us better. Finding the source and destroying it. I remember it's been described as all-powerful, but it's not. Nothing is truly all-powerful, too many things claim that title anyway", Alceus considered, remaining silent, mentally conversing with himself before returning his focus to the matter at hand.

It took no less than a minute for lovely Helena to voice her dissatisfaction over the ineffectiveness of the ship's mobility, speed and security systems, and really, who could blame her for having such complaints? The Champion nodded in agreement to her whispered statement, "Remind me to never got on this ship", he said, rolling his icy blue eyes as he did so. Soon however, it seemed as though Alceus' motivating statement regarding the situation enabling Helena to fight without restraint, had struck Helena differently. Lionhearted Alceus had ended his statement with a warm smile, one that had apparently made Helena blush. "You are about to witness the true strength and power of Helena Troy. I advise we stick together because like you said we worked together many times and we do well together", the Princess of Athens agreed. "Good", The Champion nodded in approval, "That's exactly what we need right now", courageous Alceus admitted, before realizing that the ship, while slowly, was landing along with the other surrounding airships. Finally, the time for grounded combat had arrived.

The band of heroes seemed to have landed on the beach, as opposed to the congested and perverted battle-scarred land further from their location. With his feet setting foot in the soft sandy beach ground, the Son of Olympus quickly warned not only Helena, but his surrounding comrades to remain fully alert, his sophisticated energy-senses, detecting numerous magical yet perverted energy-signatures in the vicinity. "Guys, keep your senses alert. The opposition around here is immense. Don't let your guard down unless you wanna die", he warned. Soon his energy-senses grew wilder, and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, a horde of Black Hand minions and grotesque demons emerged from the trees that stood meters away from them. The creatures charged towards them relentlessly, murderous intent consuming their pitch black soulless eyes. As they charged savagely towards their targets, they waved their hands aimlessly in the air as they did so, their hunger for blood, incapable of being sated.

Fortunately, the unearthly mutated creatures were still several meters away from the heroic entourage, defeating them simultaneously would prove an easier feat than it would should they close the distance between them. Pulling his left hand back, a glowing blue energy-ball formed from the Olympian Tiger's palm. Quickly thrusting his left palm forward, a colossal beam of blue energy was discharged, effortlessly reducing the horde of demonic creatures to nothingness, not even a spec of microscopic ash was left. Detecting an approaching horde in the opposite direction, mighty Alceus reduced the following horde of enemies to ash with a monstrously large lightning bolt that struck the ground with such fearsome power that it quaked fearfully at it's touch. "I can lead you all to Nexatos from here. His energy-signature is distinct enough for me to locate it this easily. Just say the word and I'll lead you all to him. He's the source of all of this after all".

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The Astartes forces quickly broke into their combat units not long after landing, milling into their orderlies to commence the liberation effort while leaving the heroes to do the task of defeating the more superpowered elements of the Black Hand, the iron disciplined knights and footmen seeming to vanish into the mutating forests as they set about their tasks, steam driven machinery belching clouds into the air.

Already the sounds of battle began to tear through the air, rocket bolts and solar beams slicing through the air at the same time as lasers and bullets. As a detatchment of mythological beasts, including some clearly imported from Olympian and Asgardian territories ripped their way through the forest, Thule pushed his way to the front, the screams of banshees reflecting off of his divine steel chassis, the mighty Dragoon reached out to grab a Minotaur with his power claw, clenching the enormous hydraulic fist's fingers around the bull beast before lifting it into the air.

With a swift pump upwards and downwards, Thule shattered it's spine before he slammed the thing into the ground with such a terrific amount of force that the very earth rumbled and cracked beneath his mighty hydraulics. Flinging the broken body of the minotaur into a mob of dark seelie fairies, the faeries were sent into the air like bowling pins while John grabbed onto the ears of a giant, unkempt formorian, the ugly pasty skinned giant growling at him as it tried to swing his club at him.

Not giving him the chance, John yanked himself onto the shoulders of the twenty foot giant, taking out his hammer as the Giant's crystallized fingers tried to swat at the boy. John then swung his hammer to the left in a low arc, bashing out the giant's brains in one direction as he jumped down from the beast and grabbed on it's fountaining neck, dragging the thing down before he swung his hammer at an approaching Dark Glass fiend, a mutated dog, cracking the thing's head before the ensuing explosion sent the beast flying into the horizon.

As Maria stabbed her scimitar into the heart of a shrieking unseelie faerie, she spun her broadsword around to lop off the head of a scythian dracanae as it snuck up on her, sending the head of the snake woman rolling onto the ground before ducking out of the way of the thundering Thule. Now being given space Thule whirred up his gatling cannon, linkless feeds pouring inscripted adamantium bullets into the multiple barrels. "Might want to cover your ears...Thule's gun is freaking loud!" John said as he activated the mufflers in his helmet and ducked down to avoid receiving any of Thule's ammunition as the Dragoon pivoted his upper body to the left to begin a fire sweep.

Steam fed into the track system, starting up the rotation of the massive cannon that functioned as his left arm before it started to roar into life with deafening amount of volume. "PURGE THE UNCLEAN!" He thundered his life support suit's main gun let loose hundreds of shell casings out from it's ejector systems as it began to sweep the gun in a hundred and eighty degree arc. Each round was loaded with incindiery explosives, resulting in hundreds of burning fireballs and deafening thunder cracks. Each round was designed to penetrate it's target before detonating, to cause maximum damage and destruction.

The screams of hidden black hand warriors were let loose as the explosive rounds ripped through their bodies and their cover, with various beasts letting loose bloodcurdling cries as their viscerae were sprayed out in all directions while the ground itself was being sent spurting upwards into the air. Due to the loaded holy napalm in his fired shells, each explosion left a raging inferno in it's wake, to ensure that absolutely nothing would be surviving. Those who had survived the explosions were consumed as holy flames burnt their flesh and unclean souls, righteous agony filling their bodies and smiting them for their many sins.

To the side of Thule, a pile of spent casings was building up as more and more adamantium shells were being poured out of his gun, the half-dead warrior looking on impassively from within his shell as a burning inferno built up in front of him, the crackle of fire interspersed with the screams of dying men and beasts as his cannon brought forth the apocalypse on the wicked hearted.

Sweeping his cannon around until he had completed a one hundred eighty degree arc, Thule stopped the furious rotation of his barrels and stepped forward to survey the carnage he had wrought. Virtually every enemy in front of him was now lying in burning chunks, nothing was left intact before his fury. "And so the damned receive their punishment. All hail the navigator." He boomed as smoke rose from his barrels and he stood up and out of the pile.

Deactivating his helmet's mufflers, John rose from his ducking stance. "Well Thule...if you ever get tired of your current duties...you could always work in a Michael Bay movie.." John said as he observed the almost comedic amounts of destruction Thule had caused. Indeed, entire artillery divisions working over the course of a day would not have been able to match the amount of devastation that Thule had just unleashed in less than ten seconds. "This is not the time for jests...More of the Unclean remain unsmited..." Thule responded tersely.

"I can lead you all to Nexatos from here. His energy-signature is distinct enough for me to locate it this easily. Just say the word and I'll lead you all to him. He's the source of all of this after all". Alceus said after he incinerated yet another horde of enemies, prompting thule to turn towards him, his barrels still slightly glowing hot. "Then do so...We must smite Nexatos...long have I awaited to slay...one of the dark triad...in the name of the holy navigator..." Thule said, clenching his power claw slightly for no apparent reason as he thundered forward with his odd waddling gait with surprising speed.

"Yeah...I think we're about ready!" John said with considerable Relish and enthusiasm. "Hold it...Do we have a plan? Or do you all plan on charging headlong into one of the most powerful individuals in the universe yelling litanies at him? I don't know about you, but I prefer to not let one of the enemies of all that is good and holy get away because we acted like idiots." Maria responded as she put her two swords behind her, her helmet automatically retracting backwards to show her arabic complexion once again.

"Alceus is right...we need to be alert...but we also need a plan..." Maria said as she knelt onto the blood soaked soil. "We need aeriel reconnaisance of the area...scout work is important...we can either do a volunteer basis for that or draw straws or whatever, but someone needs to get us some eyes in the sky" She said, looking around at the group. "Then we need to assess the information we've gathered and try to come in for weak points. Most importantly, we need to make sure Nexatos can't escape. I don't care if he's killed or put into custody...but we're not going to let one of the Black hand's leaders get away...their minions are replacable, and so are a lot of their leaders...but a member of the Triad? Call me crazy...but I don't think they're going to find it easy to dredge up someone to fill in that rank." She pointed out, a brief folding of her lips punctuating her sentences.

"I think we should put what we do with Nexatos to a vote..." Maria asked, looking around the group. "The Black hand...does not deserve to live...if we are to capture him...we should keep him no longer...than we need to extract information from him..." Thule thundered, clasping his claw occasionally. "Whoa! Torture is not okay!" John snapped, while he did indeed resort to lethal force, Torture was something he would not sanction. "In war...there is no moral high ground...we can sort...the ethical issues...once the black hand...is broken...and whatever we can do to...the fiend...is nothing to what...he has done to countless others..." Thule boomed in response, ten thousand years of war having given him a considerable amount of jade tint to his vision, the fact that he had spent half of that interred in a state of living death in a metal shell also was unlikely to help.

"Guys back me up on this. I don't think we can really get much out of him...and I don't think anything we'd get would be worth stooping to freaking torture!" John asked, waving his arms a bit in franticness, not believing that this was a matter that should even be discussed.


Nexatos stepped out of the circle of undead spellcasters who surrounded the unclad form of Rhiannon, enacting their black ritual which continued to feed into himself and the dread Icon itself; which still lay so far away from the universe, still drifting to enact it's cannibalistic meal once again, to feed the appetite of the Universe that Hungers. He looked around, using his trident as a walking stick as he moved towards a tall, lanky individual in a heavily spiked and armoured jester's outfit, with the masque being that of a jawless human skull.

Where floppy tails would come from a normal jester's hat, sharp metal prongs stuck out instead. His gloves ended in immensely sharp tips, as did his boots. Ebony, purple, and red plates of composites covered various points of his outfit as armour, while the mesh underneath was woven out of a weave of many colours. In his hands lay a thick hafted scythe from which a gun barrel emerged along with a wicked upward pointing blade, evoking the very image of death in many cultures. This was the leader of the Black Hand's shadow cult, it's stealthy warriors who often used cloaking power suits and the hated stealth tanks and wheels.

This...was Ishmael...a bloodthirsty slaughterer from none know where encased in a suit of armour meant to disguise the horror that lied beneath. "Ishmael...it is good that you could have come..." Nexatos said as his tails flicked agitatedly, making sure he kept his distance from the death jester. "Oh of course I'd come, I never miss a party, like a sudden wind at a kindergarten picnic I always come at the most opportune moments." Ishmael replied in a hissing voice that at once seemed murderous and mirthful. "Of course...you understand what is asked of you, correct?" Nexatos asked, balking a bit at the lethal harlequin.

"Oh yes...like an unseen dodgeball resounding through a gymnasium I shall strike with the utmost surprise and lethality. Like a swift kick to the back prompted by a post it sign I will come. And like the aftermath of a reading of Macbeth to elementary school students I shall leave no survivors." He answered, his bizarre and seemingly childish similies belieing his sociopathic tendencies, something which wrankled at the more bombastic demagouge that was Nexatos. "Then go forth and do your duty...Death Jester..." Nexatos said before Ishmael nodded and took many of his most elite shadow warriors with him, vanishing into the forests in pursuit of their prey.

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Salem smiled aparently having gone more or less unnoticed by the Talon. To much on their plate to worry about a random witch and demon who if nothing else atleast seam on their side. Placing the quad turrets together using telekenis to hold them to her back at an ease Salem walked towards the Champion and the woman who was technically her aunt. "Salem Hexona Roxom at your disposal. To make formalities short, I'm the daughter of Alezra Blair Roxom or Azrael. You two haven't met but as you both know your mom is Atheana making you my aunt. I do have to say you two are easy on the eyes admitedly piss poor tacticians. This thing is bigger then some space born craft why the hell land it? Its got enough guns to help level the playing field exponentially. Control the threat not give them a giant red flag that says shoot here." Hex smirked playfully as she chewed the step family out.

Turning on the ball of her heel she looked to the woman who clearly was in charge of the templar apearing knights. "Navigator symbolism? Dont recognize any of you as a chapter though curious....in another time I would love to hear the details if you dont mind sharing with a alchemist." With a slight nod she gestured for Erika to go take sanctuary in the vessel. The gods were being executed so it would be wise to not let an heir be cought in the frantic conflict. The slight gesture also told her sister to go air born start working on finishing off all the air craft. Her sister at the time had simply stood in silence a impossibly dark spot on the vessel seaming void of life. No living soul really wanting to confront the enchanting yet sick looking woman covered in wicked barbs and horns. "Kaligar Roxom is my father, though I am unaware if the name has any significance to you. What it does mean however is I am no stranger to war, I wont give orders but if I were you I would dispatch whom you wish and then take flight again. Using the high powered guns this thing has to have to bombard odds that otherwise are unhealthy. My sister is willing to help keep the guns off of them."

Concluding her suggestion Hex began to simply walk away. Heading for the fighting again like a Roxom should. The witch eager to advance into the battle and seak the root of the invasion. "Im going for the leader, the heart if you will. What did you say his name was, Nexapox?" The name diliberatly off for moral boost, those who could tread lightly when it came to danger had a good influence on ones faith. The alchemist darting off into the enemy ranks uncaring if being followed or not. It was thirty minutes before she was within the thickness of the enemy. And that was when the real her showed. Not the sarcastic teen, or the goth dressed witch, but the demon hybrid named Metrix. The mallicious monster that laid beneath those ruby colored eyes.

It started subtle enough a few one heretic like followers rushing her a flutter of motion and her hands had withdrawn a pair of plasmis katara. The slender teen hastely carving into prey. Heads were cleaved from shoulders and bodies split intwine as the crimson blades sang. Their superheated plasma easily passing through armor a dancers grace seen within a creature who thrived on brutal barbaric kills. That was when a energy round struck her in the heart. The energy searing through clothing and then skin, followed by scorching muscle and bursting through her spine. Sparks of red hot lightning danced around the wound as it began to recover. The turrets sparked with similar light growing to be equivalent of bolters used by the Symariaans. Each round a seventy five calibur explosive shell forged through god like alchemy. The world was her weapon her will and mind all she needed for anything. And for today what she wanted was a storm of bullets sweeping in any letal location. Grinding prey to paste without struggle. The buring grass plains, the sounds of screams and cannon fire, it was all just ambiance to her ballad of grace and carnage.

All the while Serenity hovered above trying to be the flame to the moth. Attracting every last air born vessel being her objective as chaotic warp energy ravaged everything. The skies were screaming with lightning frantic and destructive, lightning which her pyrokinetic abilities twisted to serve her goals. All the while the warp energy within her control generated more sparks flying everywhich direction. Then came the other powers at her disposal, rifts in reality permited demons to spawn within cockpits ravaging those unfortunate enough to be inside. Kinetic abilites yanking vehicles into eachother to explode in plooms of shrapnel and flame. Only to then be redirected as projectiles against something else. It was not easy, or without blood loss, but she was the Ever Chosen and the Princess of the Warp. No metalic bird could hope to slow her down.

Turning back to Alceus she smiled faintly noting that in the cluster of commotion they had more or less said the same thing. Though she was more about strategic movements while he was clearly more about the security of others. "Probably just looked like an a** in comparison" she thought with an internal smile. When the first wave hit Hex fealt obligated to help the aparent steam punk dreadnaught. Using telekenesis to hover out of his way as her massive guns fired as well. The turrets serving to mow down a few on the outskirts of the giants radius. Carefull not to harm his ego by stealing a kill. The Talon didn't have to like her, they could ignore her if they even wanted. Didn't change that she was here and going to assist. "Better to use exsessivse force then not right" she remarked gesturing at the carnage. "I would recomend Alceus, Gatman here and myself go at the forefront. Heavier hiters seaming to charge in a moronic heroic assault. This overly theatric move leting you remaining three strike in a flank pattern. The two ladies going from the left and right side, while John strikes from behind. Charge, overwhelm, and kill. Torture isn't wise gives better odds to bail him out for the Hand and he might feed on malice in which we would be condemning ourselves. Extracting intell should be by telepathic means quick violent yanking of thoughts and memories, if he goes braindead thats a bonus." Hex remarked as she sat on a rock and passively twirled her hair.

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"Guys, keep your senses alert. The opposition around here is immense. Don't let your guard down unless you wanna die", Alceus warned the group of heroes as they exited the ship along with that one strange girl who looked very familiar. As Helena eyed the perimeter her blue ocean eyes darted toward a growling sound that was coming from nearby trees. "We may have company." She warned the team before a group of monsters came charging out of the trees with their bloodthirsty eyes. As the goddess was about to go into the action something rather large picked her up easily and threw her onto the sandy ground. "In the name of Athena--". Before she could finish her sentence, Helena quickly rolled out of the way as the large monster attempted to crush her with its club. "What am I fighting?!". Helena called out irradiated before quickly getting up from the sandy ground and looking up at the large monster with fear in her eyes. "A Cyclops?". She murmured as the giant with one eye walked slowly toward her while swinging its club.

The Cyclopes were three giants each with a single eye. They were the children of Gaia and Ouranus, along with the Titans and the Hecatonchires. However, Ouranus considered the Cyclopes and Hecatonchires hideous and hid them in Gaia's body, causing their mother much pain. Gaia in her anguish then convinced one of the Titans, Cronus, to overthrow Ouranus. Although Cronus did so successfully, he refused to free his Hecatonchires and Cyclopes brothers.

Zeus, the son of Cronus and the leader of the Olympians who would fight the Titans, freed the Cyclopes from Tartarus. In gratitude, the cyclopes forged the Lightning Bolt for Zeus, the Trident for Poseidon and the Helmet of Invisibility for Hades, which were crucial to the Olympians winning the Great War.

When Asclepius, son of the god Apollo, discovered a way to resuscitate the dead, Zeus had to kill him with a lightning bolt. Even though Apollo got angered with that, he couldn't have revenge against his father. Instead, he killed these cyclops.

Memories began to flash through the goddess head as she remembered when her and Clarice were sent to Polyphemus Island at a young age where they will have to fight Polyphemus for the most honorable death. "Hera broke her promise." Helena mumbled and suddenly she rolled between the cyclopes legs as it approached her, she than climbed up the giant's back, leaped into the air, and finally coming down on its head with a fatal eye stab.

After the heroes defeated the monsters they all formed a circle and began discussing a plan. "There is no need to kill anyone but those monsters." Helena told Maria who was planning on killing Nexatos along with some of the others. "My mother can imprison Nexatos in Tartarus and it will work since the Titans are still imprisoned till this day." She said, looking at the group with a serious face expression. "I advise me and my fiance to go with each other since we work very well together." Helena told Maria and the strange girl who she couldn't figure out where she had seen her.

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At the suggestion that Nexatos be imprisoned Thule stomped his foot on the ground. "A prison can be escaped. I will not have a foe of all realities know that one day he can return to rejoin the Icon's plan. If he is to go to tartarus, it should be as a corpse, to keep him from being reanimated once again. Some forms of evil should not be allowed to continue existing. We will deal with him, we will take what we need from him, then we will destroy him and cast his body into the fiery pit below where it belongs. While he may suffer more in Tartarus alive, I will not risk the chance of him escaping." Thule said, clasping his power claw into a fist.

"Easy there now Thule." John said, trying to calm the giant down. "Alright then, you and Alceus go scout ahead, John if we run into too much opposition, create a sequence of three rapid lightning bolts to signal everyone back to us." She said as she stood up and drew out her crackling scimitar. "Alright John, you move on out with Thule, I'll go with these two, and Navigator's speed to you two." She continued as she turned and signalled the Chaos bringer and the Symaarian warrior to get up and start moving.

"Come with me little one...there are still more of the black hand to bring the righteous fires of justice to." Thule responded as he plodded forward, John standing up and following the juggernaut as he pushed some mutated trees aside. "Authorizing tactical dragoon armour teleportation now." Thule said as a flash of light and the crackle of thunder sounded, encasing John as energy formed around him.

The energy that encased him formed into a solid mass of bulky armour with a harshly angled jousting helmet. This massive divine steel armour encased his normal armour of the templars. Weapons that would once take two hands to wield were now usable in one of his now massively armoured hands, enormous pauldrons providing enormously thick amounts of divine steel covering of his limbs. A burnished silvery coloured paint job finished the look, while a stormbow was mounted on each of his wrists.

His wings were enlarged to help him maintain the angelic look, while his iron halo rested behind his enlarged helmet. "Whoa..." John muttered as Thule stomped past. "This is the Armour of the Teutons..I have deemed you worthy of possessing Tactical Dragoon Armour. This will hinder you maneuverability, but it will vastly increase your strength and durability." Thule responded as he went on, John taking some awkward steps forward to try and follow the Dragoon.

"But isn't divine steel indestructible?" He asked, knowing that Thule was encased in an even thicker coating of divine steel than he was. "So far it has proven so...but someone on the level of power a member of the Black Hand's triad could very well become the first to break it." Thule responded heavily as he plodded forward, pressing through brush and trees as if they weren't there.

John did his best to follow, trying to get accustomed to the now heavier steps, different from the lighter templar armour he was used to. Having power armour underneath his power armour certainly helped to add to the oddity of the sensation, but he assured himself that the overall increase in strength made it all worthwhile. The fact that in his armour he weighed at least a ton not withstanding.

Meanwhile, Maria took to the air, staying just above tree top level but not allowing either the everchosen of chaos or the symaarian out of her sight, for both reasons of pragmatism and to console her healthy paranoia concerning the followers of the dark gods. Keeping at the right distance to both look ahead while being able to respond quickly to any attacks on the rear, Maria kept on going forward.

Her helmet's mechanical HUD quickly unfurled it's set of displays, designating anomalous energy readings about twenty miles west of the centermost point of Ireland. "Hmmm...we have some very odd readings...hard to get through though...the Ion storms are scrambling my scanners." She said as the crash and crackle of supercharged thunder and lightning ripped through the air, poisonous purple and green skies hanging heavy over all.

But in the meantime...The deadly Ishmael was approaching, having caught the scent of Angeni and Alceus..extending the claws of his merry maniples, he directed flight capable dark glass mutated supervillains of varying powers to go ahead of him while ground based dark glass mutated cyborgs secured the earth beneath them. Waiting to see the results of the melee, Ishmael hid himself in the coexistent shadow dimension as he awaited the results of the battle, hatered for these disgusting bodies filling up in his mind like bile in the throat.

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Mere moments after the swift defeat of the grotesque mutated anomalies, an argument regarding Nexatos' fate should he be captured, emerged. John, the youngest, but clearly the most morally upright member of his entourage did not hesitate to voice his disgust at the mere mention of potentially using torture to extract crucial information about the Black Hand from nefarious Nexatos. The suggestion had actually escaped from the lips of Maria, John's superior. Mighty Alceus' lovely fiancee offered to imprison Nexatos in unforgiving Tartarus, Thule however, would have none of that, he was quick to disagree, pointing out the potential consequences should Nexatos be successful in an escape attempt. Soon though, the behemoth was calmed by his far smaller comrade, John. The Champion himself had remained silent, patiently listening to all suggestions and ideas that had been tossed around.

Finally having decided on what he believes would be the wisest and most effective course of action to take, righteous Alceus begins by referencing John's concern over an act as inhuman as torture. "Look John, I know that Maria's suggestion of torture may seem a little extreme, but you have to consider one thing", he paused, "Should we fail, the fate of the universe will fall into the hands of the enemy. They're already several steps ahead of us, we cannot afford to be held back by our own moral beliefs", the course of Alceus' words could now be predicted, "I don't think any of us here are fond of torture or anything of the sort. But the entire universe is at stake. Sometimes, to save everyone and be a true hero, one must sacrifice their own moral beliefs in order to save the world. I'm not fond of killing for example, but when it's the best alternative to save everyone and keep them protected, it's what I must do should the enemy be that much of a threat. And Nexatos, he is very powerful. I can detect his energy from here, hell, I could detect when we weren't even in Europe", he admitted, "He is simply too strong a foe to risk not doing all we can. Like I said, what we feel is not important here, our personal opinions don't matter. We must do all we can to get things done, to be the heroes and save everyone".

However, the Son of Olympus clarified that his opinion on the matter was a simple suggestion, it was nothing that he would insist on, "But that's only what I think should be done. It's just a suggestion. I'm here as an ally, I'm no commander. The person with the authority to decide what Nexatos' fate should be, is Maria", he pointed out, directing his icy blue eyes towards Maria's direction. Shifting his attention form John's Middle Eastern superior and to his lover, Helena, Alceus offered his view on her alternative, "I'd almost be inclined to agree with you, Helena. But Tartarus, it's no longer a secure prison. It's far too easy to break out of considering how many times the Titans have escaped. Nexatos is a member of the Black Hand, he is an expert on extra-dimensional planes and realms. It won't be that hard for him to escape, and if he does, the world will pay the full price. I think the only choice we have is either to get him to talk.. then kill him. His soul is far too tainted for redemption and he is simply too dangerous and too powerful to risk granting another chance at life".

With his opinion having been made clear, the Golden Hero and his fiancee were instructed by Maria to move ahead while the rest of the group cover different areas. Nodding his head in agreement, The Champion turned to Helena, "Let's go", he said, taking off into the air, flying towards the instructed direction with Helena following behind him. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, lionhearted Alceus detected the approaching energy-signatures of Black Hand affiliated mutants. "Get ready Helena, I've sensed some creatures coming our way", he revealed, advising his lover to keep her guard up. Taking in a deep breath, The Champion readied himself for the approaching wave of enemies, and as they were visible, the warrior-god shot a colossal blast of cosmic energy their direction, with the intention of utterly vaporizing them with overwhelming power.

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More bickering then the young witch or heretic cared for had the once perfect duo on edge. The time speant bickering left them time to glare and stare eachother down, the fiery hatred of demonic breeds trying to rip the other apart with a mere stare. Serenity was the child that wanted to be heald in high regards by someone. The abomination seaking exceptance, for awhile that had gone smoothly then Aldeon came and changed her, now Serenity realized he was showing her the light. Symaarians they were zealous of a species guaging her as a tool, using her and not afraid to dispose of her when the time came. Azrael was blinded by emotion her mother never excepting that she could go no higher in the sysstem for what she was. Her father an imbosile to think he could go on his way his own ego destroyed a heavy fraction of the empire. Kastiel ever more blind then his father or mother. He saw them both and their struggles and had his own yet he still followed blindly. Arogance and faith made her family idiots the monster thought to herself. Last came Hex laughable at best to be so inteligent and still act like a teen still be apart of the heard instead of taking lead.

After enough bickering and a half patch please everyone plan was made they seamed to each head their seperate ways. Spliting up without to much sence of direction foolish but Serenity didn't care realy this was more a game then anything else the lives of any of them meant nothing to her. What did bug the Ever Chosen was the lack of faith Maria had. Admitedly Hex was a witch and was last on Talon Radar as a partner to the Hand she wasn't someone to turn their backs on. Hounor was such an established concept for the Roxom's though that the caution seamed arrogant. Maria seamed so much wiser then that. Though perhaps it was wisdom telling her to keep eyes on Serenity.

From the crown of horns dawning her head, to the chains etching patterns in the ground she screamed of malice. Cultists still tied to mortality and a soul ran in fear of her or cowered curled up in a ball of fear. The demonic princess stepping on the ribs of those bound in a ball. Bodies popping like a oversized grape, yet Ren was clean her features untouched by the battle. Blood seaming to be fed on by her very skin absorbed like a sponge. One would possibly look onto a plain of war and find it beautiful. Not even a antihuman witch like Ren's sister could love the brutality of what Serenity weaved. Limbs flied, intestines spilled across the ground, bodies writhed in pain runing in a state of painic. Be it from skin aflame or demons devouring them from inside out nothing the Devils Priestess did was clean. Nothing was serene, the oxy moron of her name and her behavior sang louder then the sound of the distant canons. She should have eyes on her, she heald no allegiance and was an epiotmy of horror.

For awhile fighting through the massess was simple enough and everywhere the sisters went with their overwatch was portrayed with a scar of carnage along the battlefield. Atleast such was the case untill one of the vermin targeted Serenity, Hex had a sort of inherent animosity that kept animals on her side or atleast not stalking her. Serenity though registered simply as a threat an apex predator on ones teritory something to kill. Jaws clamped around her chest as the large serpent like deity draged her off sevral hundred yards from the other women. A pictish beast had chosen to think her its next meal.

Ripping herself from its maw the heretic couldn't help but bask in the smell. The creatures jaw reaked of death. Tendent and muscle sowed itself together Serenity admired the visious creature before her. A snake like dragon from the looks of it with a pressence that was atrocious to many yet enchanting to her. Half its body stood tall kept up from rippling back muscles and powerfull wings. The pictish towered over her reaching atleast four stories tall in its curent positioning. Claws were three taloned four digited hands from a reptilian limb. Scale of such a powerful claw sugested it could crush tanks in its very hands with no real effort. The atrocity had wings that were thick and ended in vicious tips capable of flight for short periods and perfect for shielding off blows or a sinister surprise. The reptilian draconic skull massive a maw wide enough to swallow a bus or perhaps even an airliner whole. The horns of this monster reached for the heavens a crown that said it was the superior amongst the animal kingdom. This entire muscular empowering creature covered in coper bronze scales its roar causing Serenity's ears to bleed. Ear drums shattering being so close to the titan, the wounds were quick to recover though and so she simply smiled cracking her knuckles excepting the challenge.

Serenity, sugests tranquility and peace. Such calm can only be bestowed by violence this was what she delivered. Through chaos and ruin Serenity installed order the beast was nothing to her. It almost pained her to end such a magnificant animal it was against her though so its fate was sealed. A large talon swiped to render the demon princess' head of course such a blow would of also bummeled the rest of her body. A severing slash more like a bullet train making contact with a person who stepped on the track. The demon though was far from impressed, she punched forward at the same time scales shattered momentum was lost and the demoness had her arm buried elbow deep in the palm of the giant. A brutal yank hurled the chaotic star into the skies, the monster snaping up at her. Like a dog trying to catch a ball or recieve its treat. That however was the creatures downfall it was in the end a dog and she a wolf.

With three motions the pictish fell by her hands, it snarled teeth capable of spearing through steel. The chaos bringer using those fangs as a platform the kick fierce enough to knock one loose. Blood gushed in the air like a guyser as the tooth speared through the tongue. Riding upon the screaching draconic being her hands went for the crown. Fingers sinking into the bone with a loud crunch. With more force then one would expect from the slender malnurished apearing beauty the queen of the sick and demented plucked the horn free and drove it through the beasts eye socket. Gore spilling from the wound in galons the harbinger of war unscathed by a fight that seamed a challenge for even a god. The brutalistic confrontation though was not enough for her and there in came the third blow. Foot placed along the large bone spike Serenity kicked forward the bone rocketing out of the back of the pictish's throat riping its masive head in two gorey segments.

In childish glee Serenity picked up the massive horn and draged it around using it like a claymore on her way back to the others. The titan strength gifted from her father put on visceral display. "I found a toy" Ren remarked with an almost flirtatious wink to Maria. The masive bone blade driping wet with blood and entrails.

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Helena listened carefully as everyone discussed their plans on what to do with Nexatos even though she didn't want to follow their plans because she believed that Nexatos should be imprisoned in Tartarus. "I'd almost be inclined to agree with you, Helena. But Tartarus, it's no longer a secure prison. It's far too easy to break out of considering how many times the Titans have escaped. Nexatos is a member of the Black Hand, he is an expert on extra-dimensional planes and realms. It won't be that hard for him to escape, and if he does, the world will pay the full price. I think the only choice we have is either to get him to talk.. then kill him. His soul is far too tainted for redemption and he is simply too dangerous and too powerful to risk granting another chance at life". Alceus told her. Helena shook her head before replying to him. "How do you know this my love? The only way monsters could escape the Underworld is if Thanatos has been killed or kidnapped." She said with her arms folded. Thanatos, in Greek mythology, the personification of death. Thanatos was the son of Nyx, the goddess of night, and the brother of Hypnos, the god of sleep. He appeared to humans to carry them off to the underworld when the time allotted to them by the Fates had expired. Thanatos was once defeated by the warrior Heracles, who wrestled him to save the life of Alcestis, the wife of Admetus, and he was tricked by Sisyphus, the king of Corinth, who wanted a second chance at life.

After everyone said their opinions deciding the fate of Nexatos, Helena and Alceus were tasked to move forward while everyone else protected different areas of the city. "Get ready Helena, I've sensed some creatures coming our way". Alceus warned her, but she couldn't see anything coming toward them from the sky. As she waited for the creatures to reveal themselves she noticed a creature chasing a woman and her baby from below. "Take care of the airborne creatures while I save that woman." Helena said before landing down in front of a creature with the appearance of either a young women combing her hair with a silver or golden comb or looking like an old lady, the Banshee cries as a dark omen of the death of someone. Her eyes were usually red from all her weeping. At times she was seen as a stately matron. These represent the three aspects of Badhbh, the goddess of death and war. Sometimes she is dressed as a washerwoman, sometimes in a hooded cloak or a grave robe of the dead. Helena knew she couldn't kill a banshee as it's already dead, but you can cut off it's head. This won't kill the banshee but, it will prevent it from screaming and causing mayhem. As the woman was about to let out a scream, Helena quickly removed her tiara before hurling her razor-sharp tiara at the creature, and decapitating it.

After slaying the Banshee, Helena took off into the air and rejoined with Alceus who seemed to have taken down the invisible bird-like creatures. "What now?". She asked with a puzzle expression on her beautiful face.

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Seeing how the creatures he used to test the mettle of these foes had failed, Ishmael decided to get into position. He brought forth his mirthful reaper, that long hafted gunscythe with an impossibly strong and sharp blade. For a brief moment, his invisible form shimmered before a cold, inhuman, almost reptillian growl issued forth from his nonexistent throat. His legs tensed as he prepared for a leap, hissing slightly as he took a look at their disgusting...vile...ugly forms...such repugnancy should not be allowed to live.

And live any longer, he determined it would not. He scraped his scythe against the ground, causing a green inferno to blaze as sparks flew out from his ebony scythe blade, the dark glass crystals and spore trees began to catch fire as dark glass wildlife, clearly knowing better than to remain around the one servant of the black hand that even the triad feared for his madness, potential power, and hate for all three dimensional beings. The screeching of mutated wildlife and people and fleeing black hand agents who did not wish to be anywhere near the legendary rages of Ishmael ripped through the silence of the forest as the blood soaked form of Ishmael emerged from the flames.

Ishmael was the very image of madness and evil itself. Blood, viscerae, and bone fragments covered his armour, resembling an plated jester's outfit with upright and pointed prongs in place of the bell tails. He kept the shrunken down skulls of each and every member of the family of Johnathan Eden that he ruthlessly slaughtered to remember his one failed mark. The one being he never killed. Just thinking about his failure to kill a repulsive three dimensional creature caused untold rage and spite to well up in his impossible gut. Seeming to shake and tremble with rage, he forewent his usual barrage of silly jokes and similes for an earsplitting roar that echoed upon itself endlessly, an ululating cry that split the very heavens.

With a springing leap into the sky he leapt forward in silence, swinging his scythe in one direction, aiming at Helena's sides before taking a slash at Alceus with his all cutting merry maniples, his body flashing by them before impacting the ground, where he bent around to turn to face them at impossible angles before firing off the gun attatched to his scythe, firing off a dark purple lance of energy at Helena before throwing forth a spell at the two of them to bring them down to ground level. Seemingly unconcerned with the fact that he started a fire that was rapidly spreading across the mutated landscape, the hater of all would check to see how his attack proceeded while the burning dark glass crystals released their energy into the air, charging up a vast ion storm that raged above in the sky.

"I AM ISHMAEL! LET THE SLAUGHTER BEGIN!!! GGGGRRRRRRRRAAAAHHHHH!!!" Ishmael roared before making another impossibly fast leap into the air, extending his claws as his scythe seemed to vanish, the fingers on his merry maniples becoming a good half foot longer and coming off into sharpened blades that he then slashed at the two, taking aim at Alceus' face to try and gouge out his eyes before turning around to try and punch into Helena's breast to rip out her heart. He began snarling and roaring in a language that no being with any kind of mouth that was vaguely possible with conventional biology could have begun to pronounce, one that seemed to be painful for three dimensional beings to hear, as evidenced by the fleeing of visceroids and dark glass fiends whose senses were assaulted by the black speech.

Taking a frontflip forward, he would proceed to bring himself into a kick towards Alceus with a leap before kicking his other leg backwards to slam Helena in the face and then, in the face of any possibility, proceed to jump again in the air, not contacting the ground to bring out his scythe to take a downward slash at Alceus' back, hoping to carve the blade deep into his flesh. "You are all disgusting...such repugnant...ugly forms...you must die! But perhaps you should know what I am. I am an outsider...a being of twelve dimensions that was brought here to serve and kill for ugly little cretins and monkeys...but I smell the scent of the little paladin...John...yes...Like an unfortunate car crash I slaughtered his whole family...because they were DISGUSTING!" Ishmael said in a brief moment of lucidity before a flash of energy crackled through his forms, the rituals of binding flashing over him as a series of glyphs and sending agonizing pain through him, prompting him to howl a curse towards the heavens. This was a reminder for him to focus and cease playing with his food, one that seared every bit of his twelve dimensional body with unbelievable pain.

He clutched his head, blood that even to the eyes of a three dimensional being would be truly horrifying to look at, taking the shapes of nightmares as they dripped out of his skull mask's eye sockets and nasal cavity. He turned to them, hate evident, hate for being forced to serve ugly, inferior creatures, hate for being constantly in unimaginable pain, hate for having to look at these beings whose auras burned painfully bright to his otherwordly eyes, hate for his body being painfully constrained to this suit, hate for having to exist at a three dimensional level. Hate and Disgust overwhelmed him, and lowered his hands before charging at them once more, redoubling his efforts, claws lengthening, kicking at Helena with lightning speed before attempting to leap off of her to sink his claws deep into Alceus' gut to attempt a disemboweling.

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Before the two were requested to move forward to confront the enemies ahead, Helena voiced her belief that while possible to escape from, Tartarus was still a secure prison as the only option of escape was to either kill or capture Thanatos, the Greek personification of death. However, courageous Alceus didn't hesitate to point out the danger that Nexatos posed, "While that's true Helena, we mustn't forget to consider that Nexatos is a very dangerous individual himself. If he is as troublesome as John and the rest say, then he may be fully capable of accomplishing what is necessary to escape from Tartarus. A master of dimensions such as him would have no problem finding other means of escape. He is simply too much of a danger. Killing is always my last resort, however, if this is the only way to make certain that he is no longer a threat then we have no choice in the matter", he admitted, his words more of an acceptance of what they must resort to in order to stop this force of evil. He was not intensely disputing her alternative, he was simply stating that their only option of permanently stopping Nexatos was sadly, killing him.

While the Olympian majestically soared across the sky, Helena drifted away to protect a woman from a mutated creature, while Alceus gave hot pursuit to airborne bird-like mutants. Quickly destroying the malicious creatures with several supernatural lightning bolts he discharged from his palm, The Champion was quickly rejoined by his soon-to-be wife. "All the creatures are dead", suddenly, in a heartbeat, The Champion's intricate energy-senses detected the presence of a massive evil entity, one that was approaching. "Keep your guard up. Something is coming", he said, alerting Helena who flew by his side. Instantly appearing before them, one of the Black Hand's members, Ishmael attacked the Olympian duo. Swinging a demonic scythe in Helena's direction, he quickly turned to slash at Alceus , an attack that the Son of Olympus managed to narrowly avoid with a lightning-fast dodge. "Looks like it's time to fight. Helena, don't hold back. Not even for a second", Alceus warned before Ishamel channeled a spell that would make an attempt at grounding both Alceus and Helena. Fortunately though, the warrior-god through the combination of sheer brute strength and his ability to manipulate all ambient energies of the world, managed to resist the effects of the spell. "Nice try", he smirked before shooting a barrage of explosive energy blasts from his palms at Ishamel. However, given that the blasts were flying downwards, The Champion could not imbue them with their maximum power in fear of dealing irreparable destruction to the environment he was trying to protect.

Soon their grotesque opponent roared nonsensically before leaping towards both warriors, attempting to slash Alceus' face. Barely dodging the attack, the side of Alceus' cheek sustained a small cut from the attack before The Champion countered by a instantly aiming his palm towards Ishamel's face, and discharging a colossal energy blast, one that would disintegrate the Earth's very moon. As the battle raged on, it became increasingly clear that if Alceus does not unleash his full power, the probability of defeating an enemy of this power would not be in their favor. Ishamel's relentless assault did not halt as he performed a front-flip towards the Golden Hero, attempting to kick Alceus. Fortunately, the seasoned warrior-god parried the kick and countered with an overwhelmingly powerful right hook, devastatingly strong enough to lay waste to entire asteroids, half the Earth's size. Next, Ishamel attempted a downward slash at Alceus' back, dashing forward, The Champion sustained yet another small cut, this time on his back, however, it was longer than the one present on his bearded cheek. Soon Ishamel began rambling on, however, Alceus simply ignored these words, a true warrior had no time for words, especially against an opponent so morally forsaken as Ishamel. "Well aren't you talkative", The Champion taunted. His final attack was an attempt to dig his claws deep into mighty Alceus' muscular abdomen, however, the Golden Hero managed to evade the attack by leaping over his foe, landing meters away from Ishamel.

Chuckling nonchalantly as he turned to face his grotesque opponent, lionhearted Alceus quickly clenched his fist, seconds away from harnessing his true power. Instantly, a violent outward flailing aura of golden energy radiated around The Champion's body as blue electrical arcs surged all about his perfectly chiseled body. His hair began to glow a golden color as his muscular mass increased in proportion to his height. Fully-powered, The Champion smirked, still not having wielded his silver adamantine hammer. With insane amounts of power being generated by his body, the Son of Olympus dashed over to Ishamel at near-light speed and unleashed an overwhelming flurry of punches and kicks exactly a hair away from the speed of light. Each punch and kick, powerful enough to devastate entire moons, Alceus' power now dangerously close to his maximum.

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Angeni hovered above a tall building alongside her fiance who sensed a greater threat was coming toward them. "A much larger threat? I've been preparing for this." She said, checking to see if she had all her weapons. The Bracelets of Hephaestus were forged by Hephaestus himself and were made indestructible. Angeni superhuman reflexes enable her to use the gauntlets to easily deflect projectiles and powerful energy blasts. She is even fast enough to protect herself from multi-vector attacks. At close-range the gauntlets block blades, weapons and punches. Helena has used the gauntlets as a dual defensive/offensive weapon, redirecting energy blasts back to their point of origin or other targets. The Lasso of Athena forces people to tell the truth. It cannot be broken, snapped or cut. It can also be used to erase memories, heal the mentally ill, implant commands that must then be obeyed, and drain life force (only against mythological creatures.) Angeni uses the Tiara of Athena as a dagger as well as a boomerang. The golden tiara is as sharp as razor and it can slice tough objects like steel and other metals. Once Helena decapitated Atlas, a Titan with the keen edge of this tiara. Athene was given to Helena by Hephaestus to slay the Kraken at the age of ten. Athene is a sword that is made of Celestial Bronze, a material that is effective on Gods, Demigods, Titans, Giants, monsters, and humans. Athene is used in close combat, and is light and balanced in its wielder's hands, and it cannot be damaged or broken due to Hephaestus metal-working.

After waiting a few minutes for their opponent to arrive, Ishmael appeared before them wielding a long scythe and attacked the two without hesitation. The flesh of the goddess sides would've been torn opened if she wasn't fast enough to protect herself from the scythe using her bracelets to block the sharp blade that was aimed at her sides. "Looks like it's time to fight. Helena, don't hold back. Not even for a second", Alceus warned her before Ismael fired off a dark purple lance of energy at her and a spell that would attempt to bring the two down to the ground. Unfortunately, Helena quickly slammed her magic bracelets together, creating a wave of force that was able to cut through the purple energy and spell. "If I don't hold back, I assure you people around us will get hurt." Helena told her fiance as she took a glance at him to see if he was alright.

Ishmael roared at the two heroes before leaping at the two, extending his claws and taking aim at Alceus' face before turning around to try and punch into the goddess chest to rip out her heart. Quickly rolling out of his way, Helena extended her leg out to the side of her body, and hooked her leg back to strike the head of Ishmael with her heel that knocked mighty Hercules unconscious when she was only ten years old. Helena thought she would see Ishmael collapse on the floor the same way she watched Hercules fall, but she was wrong when the monster performed a front-flip towards her fiance, attempting to kick him. "Alceus look--". Before she could complete her sentence, Ishmael kicked his other leg backwards and slammed her in the face which managed to bring the goddess down to the floor for a moment.

"You are all disgusting...such repugnant...ugly forms...you must die! But perhaps you should know what I am. I am an outsider...a being of twelve dimensions that was brought here to serve and kill for ugly little cretins and monkeys...but I smell the scent of the little paladin...John...yes...Like an unfortunate car crash I slaughtered his whole family...because they were DISGUSTING!" Ishmael said, while the princess got back up from the floor with a serious expression on her face. "You shall regret the day you ever hit me." Helena said, wiping the blood from her nose and clenching her fist tightly.