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A month had passed sense the night Natalie had made an attempt on Impero's life. A fair amount of lives had been claimed in the process soldiers froze over covered in frost bite and a few of the chosen Reapers had even been made pin cushions from a icy trap. Despite this and her more direct attacks at the nefarious neutral she had failed to even make more then a scratch it seamed to his mask. As he fled the scene the vampiric homunculi found herself in a unwinnable situation. So with grace taught through years of study under a variety of martial artists and acrobatics she traveled by roof top out of the lavish empire of Iberia. A dog, more like wolf almost had token a fine chunk out of her arm as she fled the scene in the process.

Though as a homunculi and a vampire she was near immortal and could go for hours without a struggle she had put a fair amount of herself into trying to claim her masters life. Years of acting got her in, years of hate had denied her of devote focus and this lead to the ramification of letting herself go and draining her strength. The chi blocking attacks of the Reapers also didn't help, while she may have been able to keep going with her powers better then most as they were magic more so then physics it still had a good amount of effect. All of this a wound and a lack of good feeding had left her to collapse outside of a small village near the empire. Thinking how could anyone of danger obviously from the empire or visiting there end up like this and not dead they took the anomaly of anarchy into the homestead. How could she be anything of danger? Of course they couldn't be more wrong and there in laid the problem.

Some people are destined to live in the unloving domain of tragedy and history seamed to have picked that fate for the arabian harbinger. For the month the family became home for her and lacking a seemingly functional family for years Natalie went soft. Adopting them as her own, for when you got beneath the spiteful beauty she really was quite charming and bright. There was Amelia Ogen who was viewed almost like a mother to the vagabond of blood. They spent most nights trading and mixing meals they had learned from their experiences. Concocting delicacies for the family and swapping stories. Natalie at unease as she knew every time there was a lie, always feeling like she could never return the same love Amelia showed. Travis Ogen of course was her dad like figure, who worked the crops naturally from a rural country the Arab loved to help. When they had spare time they practiced shooting as Travis was not like his youthful twenty seven year old wife but a weathered forty five having served in the navy for some time. He had just a few days ago finished carving and forging her a beautiful hand crafted old pistol that most would recognize today as the not so impressive hand gun of pirate films. For Natalie though she hated modern guns she was lousy with them this though she could shoot straight. The rest of the week they spent time carving a tiny engraving of Impero into each. Nat had told them it was because of a love for the empire of course, though it made her ill to even think about.

Most cherished of all though was young seven year old Alice Ogen the faces of Travis and Amelia were nothing striking. Some how though they had birthed a stunning child. The biggest vulnerability however for Natalie being the name alone, Alice the name Impero never noticed. Alice the little sister Natalie swore Impero had ravaged and killed right before her own eyes some seven hundred years ago. When around Alice Allianette had a feeling of total innocence and weakness. Anyone who knew the origins of the sirens rebirth would recognize this as a side effect of what she was. A majestic side effect of her reawakening, the victim saw it though as simple empathy. And every night before Amelia tucked the brown haired seven year old in Natalie would give her a violin lesson. Something the girl had gotten on her last birthday was that violin but not of wealth or near a school Alice could never learn.

What none of them knew though was that once they all slept the real Natalie Alianette showed. In the forests mixed arts were practiced with a tiger like ferocity, villagers could find frozen leaves and scorched brush in the morning. Beside the calm oceans she sat in meditation though always alert like the king cobra. The slightest brush of hair and she would strike with the whisper of his name. And when she whispered her name the strongest sonic wave was sent out, fishers of the waking dawn could often find the water in a unnatural ripple. The population of the town slowly growing smaller as every night a alluring hypnotic voice lured a villager miles away and then drained them entirely dry. Her luck would however fall like the coming autumn leaves.

It was a month sense her escape and she had learned of a mining facility that collected some valuable minerals for the anarchist anomaly's target of aggression. It was time the Illustrious Impero learned of his irritations impeccable survival. With a kiss to her family the vampire of vengeful nature began her hike to the mine. Thinking nothing could go wrong at her home she journeyed without worry her haven unguarded. The wind was calm the moon bright as dawn came and Natalie climbed up the watchtower fangs biting into the neck of the first guard. A hurricane of harmonious hate about to be unleashed, no survivors would she let escape. What the Arabian Avarice did not know was that while hunting Travis had discovered a corpse with a torn out throat. A young soldier on leave by the name of Private Enlie Orisile had been found blood turning tranquil green grass a sickening brown. Being of the military Travis had to take the news to Iberia as Natalie Alianette neared the mine Travis Oga neared the gates of the empire. His news the kind that practically demanded investigation.

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It has been quite a while since the masked enigma's fated encounter with Alice Alianette had taken place. While the Arabian beauty was unfortunately unsuccessful in her assassination attempt, she did however, find success in displaying a testament to her fearsome power. With ruthless elemental attacks and unrestrained ferocity, she took the lives of some of cunning Impero's most valuable cronies, the Reapers. Indeed it was a testament to her devastating element power, a power that would forever remain as a memory in his intricate mind. Having anticipated several future encounters with her, he is bound by patience in his unapparent wait for her return. His interest in not only fighting her but assessing the limits of her undeniable elemental prowess was an undisputed objective of his.

Victory in battle was hardly of significance to a puppeteer, goading an opponent into battle and studying their attacks and techniques for future planning was however, a constant for the enigmatic Emperor. And due to the irrationality that plagues Alice's vengeful mind with illogical, even overwhelming emotions, the poised assassin perhaps possesses the psychological edge in the upcoming encounter. Alice, she was a spirit ruled by unstoppable vengeance. An unfortunate misunderstanding had led to her targeting of the deadly strategist, Impero. Countless years ago, The Genius' activity as a masked revolutionary and military strategist was a celebrated one, and while now buried deep in the sands of time, there was one man who made clear his admiration for mysterious Impero. Donning a similar but slightly different mask from the iconic one worn timelessly by the Nefarious Neutral, this odd admirer brought about the misery in Alice's life. Mistaking this forgotten man for the Witch-Hunter Grandmaster, Alice's mind was rendered immune to the verbal evidence presented before her by Impero himself. Refusing to take blame for a crime he did not commit, Impero welcomed this unexpected rivalry spawned from an ancient misunderstanding.

Presently, the meticulous masked manipulator sits quietly in his extravagantly decorated office, reviewing several political documents regarding his recent appointment of trusted ally, Sayomi Nakamura as Iberia's new Empress. Quickly, a squad of loyal Reapers accompanied a young man into their leader's lavish personal office. Introducing himself as Travis Oga, he spoke of a corpse he had discovered, one that suffered a gruesome death near one of Iberia's mineral mines. After a half-hour long discussion, cryptic Impero had all he required and decided that further investigation will be conducted by him and a six-man squad of elite Reapers. Respectfully escorting Travis out the Imperial Palace Compound, manipulative Impero departed for the specific mine so carefully described by Travis. Upon reaching the intended location, the mysterious Grandmaster strategically stationed the elusive Reapers in the surrounding wilderness that nearly concealed the mining facility. Quite far from any of Iberia's cities, Impero made his way into the facility, intent on discovering the source behind these vicious murders. Clad in his usual dark hooded attire, the masked mystery hoped that this would not be a waste of his time.

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Travis met the famous Impero as he began to leave the city panic flooding his voice. His screaming through the woods carried until he almost crashed head on into the Emperor at full trot. He was much to graceful though to be knocked down by a peasant. "Please if you see a girl, arabic please tell her to head home I don't want her out there with a killer especially if she was heading for the mines like she said. Your men can handle there selves she cant. Her name's Natalie Alianette my daughter Alice loves her." The man unaware of what he had just voiced about himself. Natalie gave her name to Impero when she thought she had him cornered and then had added murder to her list of crimes. Travis had just admitted to housing and looking out for a fugitive without ever knowing.


Hot blood flowed to the back of the arab vixens throat no remorse in the fact of what she had done. Years of tutorage under who she believed to be Impero taught to be cold and ruthless life of opposition mean't nothing. Harboring hatred for what felt like eons made her ever more thirsty for destruction. Property of Impero's deserved a horrid fate in her eyes, politicians were the problem with the world none more so then people like her master. As the last of the guards life fluid passed his veins she tossed the body of the side of the guard tower leaping down as well. Quick was she to head to the campgrounds just a few yards away down the road. Her robes of an age long sense past fluttering faintly as she walked with purpose until where a quartet of guards stood at the ready.

Guns instantly rose to stop her orders barked her way that was almost hard to make anything out of. "Do me a favor and reach silence, turn your heads to those tools of violence." Generic guards had no resistance to her verse that sounded soaked in despair. One of the guards starting to actually cry from the emotional effects that came from her alteration of sound. Silent pistols raising to be pointed at their own temples. "Fire" the word though soft spoken felt more angry then the lyrics that started moshpitts filled with so much hostility that they acted on impulse. The guns clicking in unison spraying the ground with a pattern the Siren of Blood and vengeance simply stepped over.

It was on to the mines themselves now, the camp grounds would come soon enough. Her hope however was that perhaps Impero might be there to watch the deaths of those victims. There was probably dozens of these minds if not hundreds, looking closely Nat thought she hardly would even make a dent in her masters throne. That mattered little however, if a million attacks need be made then she would make a million. Be it by gaping holes or small dents Natalie would watch that empire burn a satchel of TNT was picked up as well as some kerosene near the mines entrance. In this day and age she had slowly learned people had other means, launch systems timers and buttons. Natalie hated it, there wasn't the same thrill when she picked up dynamite there was a risk that one screw up of just bumping it could lead to death. Being no more then a smear along the wall, that was a thrill. Her target was support beams, those were the best to have a bomb set near by. A trail of kerosene leading from one to the next. Occasionally she found someone coming up from the shafts, covered in dirt and suit but they barely had time to ask who she was.

There was a strange sensation to it, she took no fun in snapping a persons neck. The idea of doing it to somebody under Impero's regime however was like the finest wine or rare times she got hands on drugs of others. It was addicting and so a cold persona was held as she dodged or stopped the attack on her. The killing shot nothing to her, that moment went light left those eyes signaling death however was euphoric. For what felt like a mile she traveled downwards doing her business until reaching a large opening where people were hammering and chiseling into cold rock. Casually Natalie chucked the rest of the satchel into the center. The long cylinders rolling free, eyes grew wide in panic. Before they could reach the exit however the siren tapped her foot plugging the way with a thick wall of ice. A opening big enough for her to see where the explosives were clearly and that was it.

They screamed and yelled and she did little more then smile then took aim pointing her finger like it were gun. A blast of flame rocketed for the explosive while rocketing her towards the exit. Not the most aerodynamic as it was her first time trying it was enough though to get her clear. Vengeful vampire traveling through the caverns explosions all behind her rapidly taking the mine apart. Natalie Alianette switching off the flames as soon as her feet were clear of the mine, she had yet to show off the ability to Impero yet and wanted to keep that a secret until time to confront him. Admiring the flames for a moment the anarchist went for the campsite one palm arcing with lightning as the other seamed to leave a trail of frost as she headed for the next point of her vindictive interest.

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Silently maneuvering himself around the interior of the secluded mining facility. However, with a clear agenda in his intricate mind, The Genius' undeniable target, Alice, would attain what she is so desperately seeking. Travis' warning prior to the meticulous manipulator's depart awarded him all the necessary information he required, who else but lovely Alice herself would even attempt to draw mysterious Impero's attention so far away from the civilized realm of Iberia's architectural artistry. The Arabian beauty had strategically selected quite the isolated location, a rather secluded mining facility where cunning Impero would be far from the effective aid of his elusive Reapers, and perhaps even the appropriately named all-female squad of lethal warriors, the Apex Cobras.

It was an undeniably tactical choice on Alice's part, and of course, the elegant Emperor mentally commended her for such a thought-out course of action. As the night grew in suspenseful silence, specs of dust from the exhausted walls began to fall gracefully onto enigmatic Impero's dark militaristic hooded attire. With the technologically innovated devices in his iconic mask working feverishly to detect any nearby forms of life, preferably ones showcasing unmistakable hostile natures, the various Trion-based nanobots so intricately linked to his expressionless mask's micro-supercomputers instantly utilized their complex sensors and detected distant sound-waves in the form of panicked screams. Clearly the workers nearby had encountered or seen something that alarmed them to a terrifying extent. "Quite the devious one, aren't we Ms. Alianette", his concealed thoughts commended her expertise in what he believed to be effective fear tactics. Quickly rushing towards the direction from which the screams were generated, however, his effort was unfortunately too late.

A fiery explosion consumed those in the mine as the surrounding walls and the facility collapsed in a display of fiery pyrotechnics. And for a mere brief second, time seemed to slow itself as cryptic Impero's sharp magnetic eyes caught a glimpse of an airborne Alice flying awkwardly out the mine. Her obsession with ending his life was quite disturbing considering the origin of this ambition of hers came from an event that he had no direct responsibility to. He had never known her, nor her family. Sadly, a madman donning a similar mask had brought misery to her life and with the culprit deceased, she had little choice but to focus her irrational emotions to an innocent yet morally ambiguous masked figure, Impero. With the approaching explosion mere inches away from him, Impero made a sharp turn away from the fiery oblivion and headed for the exit, managing to catch sight of Alice as he did so. "Remain in your positions", a clear message sent to the hidden elite Reapers, his mask's communications technology growing in use as time continued to pass.

With his instinctively alluring yet foreboding eyes targeting Alice's figure, he athletically leaped into the air, instantly projecting jet-like streams of blue fire from underneath his feet as he propelled himself towards the Arabian beauty. Managing to land, a mere two meters before her, the poised assassin stood calm, his arms regally folded behind his back as his uniquely-colored eyes met hers. "That was quite the display Ms. Alianette. Come then my beautiful enemy, we both know that this was an inevitable encounter", his powerful magnetic voice radiating a strong sense of natural authority, composure and power. The battle was destined to take place, and as patiently as always, the enigmatic Emperor waits for his most recent rival to proceed with the first attack.

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Natalie glared as her master arrived just as she stepped foot from the cavern. Dust clung to the air giving a natural intense theatric atmosphere to the reveal of the two fated adversaries. Cause and mission was lost as soon as that pale mask reached her vision. There was no margin for anything then a dual until submission or if Ali had her way death. Ever the diplomatic of course the ruler of these lands had to speak. "That was quite the display Ms. Alianette. Come then my beautiful enemy we both know that this was an inevitable encounter." His words carried like an order, it made her sick and ill. Wrath consuming as soon as "that" had escaped his vile tongue. He wanted conflict then so it would be, no need to be subtle now. He had seen her break from the cave her abilities over fire were obviously noticed. Underestimated and measured once, would not happen twice. Hate needed to be verbalized and extinguished, first was easy. The other would not rest until her hands ran red with his tainted blood.

"You do realize we will go at this till one of us is dead right? I plan to take your empire apart one chip on the wall at a time if I have to. Im tired of these fat egotistic millionaires thinking they own this world. You can say you've done nothing to me, your mask alone says other. Your achievements back it up, you represent every flaw with this world, more so then anyone else. Tell me Impero in your illustrious life do you remember my name? Do you know the names of the parents of the daughter with the same name as my alias? Do you know the names of any subjects besides the predictable ones?" This array of questions likely seamed out of place it meant something to her though. Some ideal of hers that she had taken in and realized none of the ruler types ever really could answer. They knew their soldiers and servants never the actual people. That was why every politician would burn by her hand if she ever got her way.

No time was given to answer though instantly after her questions she was making her assault on the victimizer in her eyes. The speed far exceeding that of peek human taken from her vampiric lineage leaping when close enough flames jetted from her bare feet serving like rocket propulsion and added fire damage. Traveling fast and hitting hard enough it could dent steel easy potentially go through. Primary kick was aimed for the skull, dropping a second would come to try and sweep away his footing. Trained well and practicing for years gave her the skill to throw in a well orchestrated comma to follow that up.

Footing now again solid a blade of ice would form in her palm hard like a Titanic sinking glacier it would strike for Impero's left lung. The right hand would rise to try and shove off whatever came to try and lash back such as a fist. The combo ending with a rising left uppercut meant to shatter the jaw. The open palm going to give off a electric burst that would fry a unprotected man's brain.

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Her anticipated terms for the battle were characteristic of one who seeks vengeance, sadly, her vengeance is being sought from the wrong individual. That the fated battle would only meet its conclusion should one of them fall and die came as no surprise to the enigmatic Emperor. Her following statements served as a testament to her anarchistic ideals. So destroying his finely constructed empire was an objective? So it was not mere vengeance at work? Interesting, perhaps there's a greater complexity to the Arabian beauty than initially perceived. While she bombarded him with nonsensical questions, he remained unfazed, arms regally folded behind his back as he listened to her wordings with undeniable patience. Her questions while time-wasting, were interesting to say the least.

However, prior to being able to answer vengeful Alice's questions, the meticulous manipulator was quickly attacked as the destined commencement of the inevitable battle had taken place. Cleverly propelling herself towards him through the use of her manipulated flames, Alice first executed a flame-enhanced kick aiming to smash against enigmatic Impero's skull. Managing to block the incoming kick with a well-placed forearm, Impero countered with a lightning-fast stabbing finger strike, targeting an exotic pressure point in her chest, aiming to manipulate its effects for the purpose of severing the blood flow in her upper-body. "Hmm impressive", he thought, upon being caught off-guard by a sweeping leg that temporarily brought about the disruption of his balance. However, through the use of his inhuman equilibrium, he re-positioned himself, managing to place a free hand on the ground for a degree of balance as he titled his body away from Alice, before gracefully landing on his feet.

The relentless nature of her assault though, was quickly noted as she charged towards him, forming a blade of ice around her palm as she mercilessly thrust it towards her mysterious opponent's left lung. Nimbly dodging the ice-enhanced thrust, his jaw soon met with an earth-shattering uppercut from Alice's left fist. And while the electrical burst was readily absorbed by his suit's Trion-based components coupled with its insulating properties, the sheer raw force of the uppercut itself sent the poised assassin stumbling on his feet. Upon finding balance, he calmly rubbed his jaw in pain, "Come now my dear, surely you can hit harder than that", he paused, "But to answer your questions, indeed I have done nothing to you. I am a man who takes responsibility for his direct actions. If your life was destroyed by a man who donned a similar mask, tis not my fault, even if you wish it was", he stated, quickly dashing towards her, executing a series of precise yet devastatingly powerful jabs and hooks. "You seek vengeance Ms. Alianette. But you have been so consumed by it that you cannot see how blinded you have become".

The masterful striking combination was soon followed by a thunderous straight knee aiming to brutalize her abdomen. The combination found its conclusion with a perfectly executed forward roundhouse kick, with the intention of manipulating a pressure point in Alice's lovely jaw which would induce explosive bursts of excruciating pain in her brain for the next five minutes. "Perhaps you are aware of the fact that the actual culprit no longer lives and because you have no one to focus your overwhelming vengeance on, you instead come to me because he found inspiration from my mask. Sadly Ms. Alianette, my unlikely death will bring you no solace, you will simply search for another to quench your taste for vengeance", he suggested, "And to answer your questions. Why yes, I do know my less obvious subjects. This battle, it is interesting, it would be a shame though for me to render that lovely face of yours unrecognizable", he smirked slyly beneath his expressionless mask.

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Flame projected foot was blocked damage insignificant bracers more then capable of taking the hit. With impressive speed rivaling her own a attack was made at her, just barely missing the point do to her own movements. Impressive balance allowing the person Ali thought trained her to easily ignore the attacks made on him. Quick to return to his feet led into her next attempt at his life. Natalie like a tiger always fierce and attacking again and again. Agile motion stepped to the side to bypass the stabbing blade, it left him open though for a closed fist to come at his jaw. Her arm cackling with lightning. The lightning did nothing seamed to simply be absorbed by the mask. Alianette had never had an encounter with vibranium or for that matter adamantium leaving her entirely new to the concepts of fused metals like Trion.

What the Arabic beauties move had done was simply give the masterful puppeteer a slight pain in the jaw. The way he rubbed it alone felt insulting as if brooding more so then feeling pain. "Come now my dear, surely you can hit harder then that." Her fingers danced lightning arcing off them in a cold blue tempest as she let him speak. Trying to bite back her temper enough to not make a fool of herself. "But to answer your, questions, indeed I have done nothing to you" liar. "I am a man who takes direct responsibility for his direct actions. If your life was destroyed by a man who donned a similar mask, tis not my fault, even if you wish it was." Like her though she was not yet given a chance to speak his assault to quick. A back flip allowing her to dodge the first move and second a third catching her wrists as she raised them to block the strike not enough to break bone but did push her back some.. "Cant be sure about that" her mind not willing to think he knew everyone even if it was true. That and anyone could lie and say they didn't do anything it was so easy to do when faceless. Mask hid everything who in their right mind would by the words that slipped from his tongue?

Arms together in front of her quickly pushed out and and rotated down so she could block the knee. The electricity dispersing as the knee struck her palms. It hurt a lot but Natalie had learned to love pain in many ways so she could smile through the ache in her hand till it passed. Hopefully the electrical outburst would cripple the leg some. This left her open for the next move however, a flawless spin with foot aimed for her jaw. Her head tilted to the side and braced knowing stopping it wasn't a option. Still it collided with the Arabs cheek pressure point not hit though it was enough force to knock her aside a good foot away from where she stood. Her jaw moving some to shake off some of the pain.

"Actually killing you would leave me pretty damn happy, killer of my sister or not you created the monster. Tell me whats worse the demon or the devil that ordered him?" Her voice carried with a numbing quality as if the sweetest lullaby. She doubted it would effect Impero like it would a normal man, average soldiers though would feel groggy and unresponsive so maybe it could weaken the masked manipulators perception. The temperature in the immediate area around her dropped forming rock hard ice around each arm from the elbow up. Adding a bit of weight but not enough to dampen her agility by much, it would still be a daunting speed. In clinched fists were small marble sized bursts of electricity. The fist so tight the glow was almost unnoticeable.

Rocket like propulsion backed her punches adding added impact mixed well with the stone like ice. It would feel more like a small cannon ball then a fist, the attacks had more crucial elements though then simple impact. There was enough for the Arab vampire to keep replenishing the gloves, every punch had the strength to shatter the ice if it hit something. When the ice shattered there would be chunks of ice and maybe some water that splashed onto the victimizer of her suffering. Water, which obviously shards of ice still were, served as a conductor of electricity. So as each glove broke her fist would snap open shooting off a discharge of electricity serving as a lightning strike all before hand closed to generate a new glove. First came a right hook aimed for the wounded jaw, hit or miss it would come over the shoulder reforming the glove if needed. Second was a left handed punch aimed at the gut, followed by a backhand with the right.

Again the ice would repair if needed before she added in the last of her chain of attacks. Flame propulsion would drive her right knee to aim for the pelvis considering what happened to Alice the advanced homunculi had no shame with fighting dirty. Legs would quickly alternate in a dull fire boosted kick as the left knee sought to connect with Impero's skull before she returned to her proper footing. Readied for the next move should it come.

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The battle was taking an anticipated turn for the interesting. Alice's underlying hatred for the masked enigma was more than evident, blinded by uncontrollable emotion, she could not help but envision happiness being generated from the enigmatic Emperor's implausible death. Commendable was her sheer unbridled determination and ambition in her self-developed purpose, the ambition was without question, an admirable trait, especially to target the life of one who is known for overwhelming deadliness and cunning schemes. However, her insatiable thirst for vengeance could not be deemed anything other than foolish in the foreboding yet eternally alluring sharp eyes of the masked puppeteer. "Would it now?", he responded nonchalantly to her suggestion of how bringing about his bloody end would ensure her happiness.

Indeed, regardless of the powerful though implicit evidence of his innocence showcased before her, Alice was too consumed by vengeance, and a target was required, be him the killer and ravager of her family or not. It was an understandable reaction, after all, as strong as she may be, no single soul is governed by total mental and emotional fortitude. "That's an interesting question Ms. Alianette. But to put it simply, as much as you may desire, the devil ordered no one to target your family", he paused, taking calm notice of her mesmerizing voice's attempts at briefly manipulating him, it was a powerful influence indeed, but it was without effect on her particular target, after all, Impero himself was a master at the art of manipulating and charming. "But don't flatter yourself my dear. Your family was never of any interest or relevance. But had I met you in the past and known that you would grow into such a lovely warrior oozing with power... well, I would have taken you in as my own", he chuckled smugly, completely relaxed despite the unrestrained intensity of his current situation. Perhaps Alice would prove her uncanny perception by taking a careful analysis of Impero's words.

Certainly, the manner in which he addressed her coupled with his words, were intended to manipulate her overwhelming hatred and anger. There was no mistaking the elegant Emperor's pursuit for a psychological advantage in the battle. Very quickly, Alice pummeled him with an impressive barrage of elemental strikes carried by unrelenting power. The ice lacing her arms shattered upon impact, a testament to the sheer brutality and unrestrained physical might of her assault. Fortunately however, the electricity being generated was readily absorbed by the Trion-components of his militaristic attire, but sadly, numerous surges managed to affect him, the energy-absorbing properties of his suit were after all not absolute. Brutalized by a series of standing strikes, The Genius managed to retain control and nimbly dodged the incoming knee, visibly struggling with the pain of the previous assault. Instantly countering with explosive speed, an elbow-uppercut infused with dangerous amounts of chi aimed to render the Arabian beauty's jaw completely unrecognizable.

Parrying the final attack, the Yuansu Grandmaster did not hesitate to counter by executing a thunderous head kick, that not only supported itself with unanticipated speed and immense power, but the surgical precision of its aim made clear the targeting of a pressure point on his vengeful opponent's cheek, one that would induce excruciatingly painful but temporary muscle contractions. Leaping roughly three feet away from Alice, cunning Impero panted before smirking arrogantly underneath his expressionless mask. "My Arabian beauty, let us not restrain ourselves. I know that this is not all you can do. Surely my dear, you did not intend on defeating me like this. The amount of power contained in your lovely frame... why hide it?", he taunted cockily, intending on goading her into unleashing her full power. Neither seemed willing to truly unleash the full extent of their exotic abilities so early.

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The question seamed rhetorical, she was near immortal moving on was possible. She just needed the blood to stain her hands, she could go back to a simple girl trying to learn fighting styles and burning empires if she could but have the blood of her master on her hands. There was even a chance the raging storm that she was could subside if she could just drink him dry. Go to a normal life if vengeance could just be obtained. There was a room in her thoughts to leave a margin of error in thinking. A chance that the one responsible for her pain was not this man. Still he was the inspiration if nothing else, he constructed at least the horror that haunted her. Thus he could very well be held responsible.

"That's an interesting question Ms. Alianette. But to put it simply, as much as you may desire, the devil ordered no one to target your family." Failure to hear her words to their fullest. She didn't hold so much to the fact that her devil had called for her persecution. The drive behind the statement was that he made the demon that plagued her. Maybe he never pulled the trigger of the gun but he did manufacture the bullet that had ended her more relaxed kosher life. The next words by the target of her vindictive mind was lost and somewhat drowned out until he said "I would have taken you in as my own." That was nothing she could stand by, never could she abide by his wishes, never would she rest a weary head in his arms. She would rather go through the most grueling tortures to be considered family with the orchestrator. No empire deserved to burn more than the one constructed by the masked metallic eyed soul.

If he had aimed to anger her, aimed to manipulate her he had done so. She knew the type well enough to know she may of fallen for the trap as well. Clouded by centuries of wrath however the young Arab submitted to hate and rage, her wrath would burn down the walls every empire. Before she bothered to try and quell any parliament though she would gorge herself on the blood of this man. Fists pounded with enough force to shatter rock like glaciers the surges of electricity didn't seam to do much. The reasons still unknown to the elemental but looked past as she continued to try and claim a life. With admirable dexterity the anarchist would never let herself admire the masked figure managed to leap back some and avoid the two knee attacks both the dirty trick and the one aimed to shatter his jaw. Impulse of years of fighting and trying to prepare had the vampire hybrid cross her arms to try and counter the coming strike. A sharp elbow crashed with her own as she raised them to block. A volatile explosion of pain bursting in the joints bones fracturing. The pleasure she got of pain made them usable even brought a somewhat manic smile to her face. The way the limbs swayed however told the damage despite Natalie's ability to shrug off the pain.

The arms raised as soon as her master went to deliver a brutal kick to her cheek. Reflexes were quick set to make sure her head didn't feel like it had exploded. Ice guard erupted into small chunks and arm felt like it was almost broken. Shaking the right arm to try and shrug off the pain Natalie watched as the mark of her everlasting aggression leapt backwards. Another sly remark hurled her way to continue to goad her into attacking blind. She wasn't going to break so easily however. "Wasn't you who said to use pawns before knights. That the bishop must flank as the castles fortify the queen who needs only show her face to defend the queen. But then sorry that wasn't you was it? So go ahead get reckless."

With that the vampiric homunculi made the next assault. It started by tossing the shards of ice at the masked figure. They twisted each into thin but long needles aimed for the joints. A ranged attack to try and limit mobility before she rocketed forward flames driving her forward shoulder tackle put into motion. Ice formed on her shoulder to work as padding from the metal breaking force she tossed his way. The momentum of this shoulder charge she attempted would give way to a cartwheel like motion. Flames roaring in her left hand rising higher and higher in temperature. Fast speed of the previous attack would give way to what would be a hopefully successful palm strike to the center of his spine with flames burning for added effect.

From here she expected him to turn around surely not down it couldn't be so easy. So flames would engulf her bare feet as she readied the next move, lightning cascading over her right hand. Two fingers would be shot to try and slip past the apparent slits of the mask for eyes Aimed to blind, hit or miss a bright flash would come from the electric surge that followed the finger tips. To get some distance to ready defense she would go with leaping and attempting to kick off his chest with both feet. From the Arabic's feet would come a rocket propulsion that she hoped would burn a hole through his heart, assuming he even had one. "Revenge is a dish best served now."

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A sly, perhaps even pleased smirk of arrogance manifested underneath his unique iconic mask. Through carefully selected words, apparent success was found in the malicious mastermind's meticulous manipulations. Rage had been effectively instilled in his exotic Arabian opponent, her lovely eyes burned with an undying flame of scorching hot white rage, her overwhelming desire to claim his life, ever so prominent in her aquatic blue eyes. Briefly having his sharp magnetic golden eyes meet hers in a characteristic intense yet eerily composed stare, he silently taunted her, attempting to further anger her with his radiating smugness and haughty demeanor. Momentarily breaking the tension generated by the looming silence of the battle, mysterious Impero continued with his relentless provocation of her rage, "Surely this is not all you can do. Do not hide your capabilities my Arabian beauty. Certainly you aren't so arrogant as to believe that you will kill me at this rate now are you, Ms. Alianette?".

However, the immediate clarity that perhaps Alice possessed certain masochistic tendencies struck him, her slightly deranged smile was openly uncharacteristic for one who is so driven and consumed by vengeance who previously exhibited few emotions other than unspeakable rage, concealing her burning desire to kill with a persona of seriousness and focus. Perhaps the supposed trauma and horrific nature of her past has so heavily impaired her mentality that her potential descent into madness is commencing as the battle rages on. Alice's exceptional elemental control and undeniable skill were seemingly her most prominent combat-oriented assets, that and her sheer ferocity in assault. "I must say my dear, recklessness is not in my nature, but you seem to bring out the... spontaneous side of me", he taunted with instinctive charm yet inherent condescension. Having cleverly anticipated her following assault a mere second after her luscious lips had ceased allowing the escape of words, cunning Impero dodged and evaded the approaching ice shards with intoxicating flair and undeniable class, teasingly gesturing for Alice to elevate the battle's pace as he quickly countered with a scorching hot blue fireball shot towards her midsection by a lightning-fast jab.

Surprisingly struck by an abrupt shoulder barge enhanced by powerful elemental prowess, the thick layer of ice covering her shoulder shattered upon impact with the elegant Emperor's quasi-armored attire. Knocked off his feet by the sheer force of the attack, enigmatic Impero was briefly overwhelmed by an aching pain radiating across his chiseled chest. Wincing in pain, Impero narrowly escaped the following flame-enhanced palm strike with an instinctive evasion, the radiating heat of the flames only adding to the discomfort of his current situation as he effectively balanced himself with unparalleled equilibrium. Very quickly, an attack aiming to render the use of his perceptive vision useless was executed, his mesmerizing eyes targeted by his fierce Arabian opponent. Relying on the strong protective lenses that instantly covered his alabaster mask's eye-holes, an intensely radiant flash of light temporarily blinded him, forcing the poised assassin to resort to relying on his more exotic senses, the utilization of his chi-sensing abilities. Quickly fixating on Alice's distinct life-force, Impero was quick to notice her backwards leap after her ferocious kick.

Briefly leaping into the air to avoid the propelled flames from beneath her rough feet, the masked enigma instantly countered with a blindingly fast attack, thrusting the index and middle fingers from both his hands at Alice, very quickly discharging dual white lightning bolts that shot to drive through her chest as he landed gently on his feet with characteristic grace. "Let us not restrain ourselves sweetheart. Tis obvious that you, the beautiful Ms. Alianette has far more up her sleeve than this. Or... is this your limit?", indeed, he was eager to test the extent of his abilities against her maximum power, and if he had no choice but to taunt her into relying on her full power, then so be it.

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She still held firm to not releasing every trick in her arsenal so soon full out rage was not wise for the situation. Though inside her was a monster that clawed to get out, that hissed to simply pin the man and rip his jugular clean from his throat. How luxurious it would be to bath in the resulting ichor that spurted from a torn jugular. She could just imagine the taste of his blood it would be ruby drops of heaven gracing her tongue. Justice in its truest carnal form. To strike like a pure animal though was to be put down like one. Her composure had to be held else vengeance would be denied to her and that simply could not be. For to falter was to go on living in a world in pursuit of vengeance, only with the end of her creator could she begin to crush each empire and house of parliament in existence. It was the blood of the master that would allow the slave to once again go free. Some escaped by unhinging chains or acts of congress. In the eyes of the Arabic beauty though those men and women were never free just potential offspring. For the slave to be no longer chained they needed to choke the life out of the master with those chains.

Part of the impervious Impero did not read as someone taking her seriously she wanted to light his world on fire for that. Perhaps though it could serve for her means though as it made him reckless as well and he was not pursuing with the same wrath as she. WIth uncanny grace Impero weaved out of the shards of ice completely unscathed. A blue orb of fire striking her in the chest, it never slowed her down. Fur burned briefly exposing the Arab's belly button as the clothing burned. The fire never burned her though she was the vampire that did not burn made more by that unnamed sorceress with the pink hair. Flames did not slow her down and soon ice exploded into a reflective rain of shards. Balance disrupted his balance impressive skill managing to avoid the central element of the attack just a burn. Both back on their feet visors came to shield the attempt to gouge out his eyes. Natalie moved to gain some distance and that was when she failed to see Impero's move using senses she was unaware of. One of the secretive mans many hidden facts.

Moving with Alianette's motions a shock of lightning struck in the center of her chest. Another hole in her clothes if not an elemental it would of sent her into cardiac arrest. And much like the other attempt she had no time at all to even attempt to try it her only saving grace being that using heat like fire, cold like ice and lightning was futile. Then came another tongue lashing from the hooded figure. "I refuse to give you the pleasure of manipulating me, of course I can do more. I just don't think your worth the over kill, thats reserved for your bloody corpse. Probably mail that to your brat child" the vampire remarked giggling from the pain and her questionable sanity clear. The torment of her life driving her into a much darker place then a mind should ever be.

As the vindictive beauty spoke the temperature of the surrounding field that made their stage dropped exponentially. Enough to make titanium freeze over, she had learned his armor was able to resist a lot of temperature effects which told her it had to at least be more then the steel she had predicted the first time. She was no chemist or physicist she just tried to use deductive reasoning. As the vapor in the air became ice Natalie turned them into dozens of spears and hurled them his way. A hailstorm of small blades meant to mask her running roundhouse aimed for his skull. Ice forming around as a cushion for her foot while her leg propelled the attack with speeds equivalent to a bullet train as she tried to snap his neck in half. Dropping she would go into a similarly fast well guarded attempt to cripple his feet.

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How deceivingly perceptive of her, throughout the brief time the two have known each other, cunning Impero has never perceived her as a woman who values her seemingly elevated level of perception and observation. Interesting, initially it would have seemed that Alice had been entirely consumed by overwhelming rage and hatred that instantly clouded her proper judgement. However, this was an apparently incorrect observation on the deadly puppeteer's part, at least partially incorrect. Smirking slyly underneath his expressionless alabaster mask, Impero chuckled smugly, characteristic of his arrogant composure and disposition. "Which child my dear? I have a few", he responds with apathy in regards to her attempted jab at one of his children. "Although... I can't help notice your obsession with me. You seek my death so relentlessly, tis almost flattering my Arabian beauty", he concluded with instinctive charm and baffling poise.

While the battle itself was certainly entertaining, the assessment of Alice's elemental prowess had been somewhat complete, it has progressed substantially since the commencement of the elegant Emperor's unapparent observations. With his previous assault, it has become obvious that Alice possessed some sort of powerful immunity against elemental attacks. This instantly rendered the utilization of his exotic Huo Yuansu (Element of Fire) martial art virtually useless against her. Clapping in a condescending manner, the vaunted puppeteer began, "I must say Ms. Alianette, your resistance to my elemental attacks is indeed impressive", he admitted. Calmly pacing round his lovely opponent, Impero unsheathed one of his personalized Jian swords. Its ebony-colored blade masterfully crafted from the virtually unbreakable metal, Trion. The otherworldly sharp design of beautifully crafted blade rendered it the most effective close-range bladed weapon in his arsenal. Stylishly twirling it in a masterful artistic fashion, mysterious Impero began, "But if you insist on refusing to restrain your powers, so will I".

As their immediate temperature dropped to discomforting degrees, the deadly strategist's natural chi-enhanced durability coupled with the technological capabilities of his stylish militaristic attire enabled him to resist the bulk of the temperature's negative effects on his body. An undeniable genius, Impero cleverly combined the energy-absorbing properties of his suit's trion-components with the unapparent heating of his body through unnoticeable Huo Yuansu breathing techniques, effectively maintaining comfortable warmth with generated chi-enhanced heat. Suddenly, in a heartbeat, Alice made an anticipated transition in regards to her assault. Constructing countless ice-spears, she mercilessly hurled them towards him. Initially dodging the first three incoming spears with nimble movements characterized by intoxicating flair and balanced control, The Genius speedily spun his body, radiating a scorching hot tornado of blue flames, effectively melting the ice-spikes that flew towards him. Ceasing his relentless spinning, enigmatic Impero found himself being antagonized by a thunderous roundhouse kick.

Nearly falling on his side, the golden-eyed puppeteer was quick to spot Alice's proceeding attempts, prompting him to locate his uncanny equilibrium, planting his free hand on the ground, re-positioning himself, channeling his arm's incredible strength to athletically vault himself into the air, altogether avoiding her following assault. Landing gracefully on his nimble feet, the masked enigma retained the elusive portion of his balance, still somewhat affected by the recent kick. With his left hand grabbing the hilt of his unique Jian sword, Impero dashed towards Alice's direction, executing a theatrically pleasing yet masterfully effective vertical slash aiming for her torso, boasting overwhelming combat speed. Following this bladed attack, Impero opted for a simpler attack, performing a strength-imbued push kick directed towards the front of her right knee, aiming to ruthlessly snap it. And while the possible distraction of this attack could overwhelm her, Impero continued this lethal combination with a spinning elbow strike aiming to induce brief paralysis through a vulnerable pressure point on her jaw.

Concluding the assault with a forward thrust of his sword towards her chest, aiming to violently impale her right lung. Not waiting to witness the success or failure of his attacks, the Witch-Hunter Grandmaster leaped a meter away from the Arabian beauty, "Relinquish your hesitance sweetheart. It is of no use to you at the moment. Only through your total power will you kill me", while his taunting words were seemingly convincing, his words were laced with nigh-undetectable lies, death was not an aspect of life he embraced, he was no human, his existence transcended beyond that according to him. "You do wish to avenge your fallen family correct? Poor mother and sister. Ravaged and killed by a misguided man who worshiped the great Impero. Tis almost sad my dear". And in that instance, The Genius' distinct golden eyes vanished, leaving only darkness in the mask's eye-holes, as if only an abysmal darkness and no face resided behind it. The implications of this eerie alteration, having not yet been revealed.

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Alianette was not a overly perceptive calculated mind, her tactical awarness in itself was a fueled condition of avarice. Effort was exorted in attempt to cancel out being blinded by rage in the art of war. That was not to say she was not blinded by revenge though either. The Arabic vampire was dedicating her life to destroying everything about this man. He called it flattering to be so obsessed, that was just another reason to hate politics, to despise him. They were so consumed in the idealogy of their untouchable nature that they never saw how crippled society was from their efforts. Peace seakers who found themselves crushed beneath their own heals as egos became so inflated judgment was clouded possibly even more than her own. Trained by men inspired by the masked grand master Natalie vengeance seaker of her sister Alice had kept some tricks concealed still, abilities waiting to be unleashed.

He sought to flatter her with a complement to her abilities she spat in his face, litterally attempting to disgrace the man in such a way. A cheap shot yes but that was what she had made herself into a individual willing to use any means to gain an upper hand. "Elemental vulnerable to his or her element is just moronic, you cant burn the flames of a fire." A blade was retracted from its sheathe and the the humonculi dropped into another stance readied for the attacks to come. The styrle was offten used by martial artists wielding a fan, used to defflect momentum and strike soon affter. Usually somewhat daugnting do to the opponent fealing superior with the weapon. He planned to restrain himself sense she was, good lower the bar so it was easy to shoot over, let the emperor of Iberia to play soft so she could then go all out on the unsuspecting.

Temperature dropped but it would seam the militaristic diplomat would remain unscathed by such a effort of attack. With skillful grace and balance movements that could be beautiful if she didn't dream every night of pounding him into mush with his own limbs, he melted the many spears. The chi spawned flames lingering along the frosty snow as the tornado inferno disipated. The showy antics leaving room for her follow up attack so craftly thrown in. Speed and percision allowed him to leap into the air before the second kick could make contact. Landing on his feet the master of her emotional state, who she condemned with all her heart made his next move. A brief charge, in that time the ice armoring her leg transfered to her hands to form a gauntlet in preperation for the slash. It was metal she was not acustome to, sliding through the resisting armor and putting a cut in her forarm. Not drastically deep though it was clear the blade had broken skin a bit of red in the icey glacier of a glove. Quick were the feat that moved to avoid having her knee broken a elbow strike aimed for her jaw following the nimble blood sucker just barely placing her ice covered arm before the attempted strike. Then it happend a piece of her control broke away as a blade slid into her gut. Blood ran down the blade for the briefest moment not drastically vital but undeniably painful. Leaping away Ali's hand checked the wound, a horrific smile coming to her tanned features.

"No I refurse to be so recklace I plan to do this proper." Her long messy hair masked her eyes. Her voice suggested no lies and no look of untruth could be gauged by a gaze masked. Ice blades forming around her hands as she charged enough for her to look predictable that was when she seamed to be replaced by ice which then was replaced by water Ali gone and almost as soon as she vanished apearing in the ice behind him coming up from the ground in effort to slize open his achiles heel. The move followed by a guyser of watter erupting a good twenty feet in the air the elemental riding the wave that should encompass the masked manipulator if he didn't have some sly trick. The water almost instantly freezing solid in attempt to bind the man. Temperatures well below a negative hundred with pressure of such weight and confinement aiding the attack. The sirens scream then released to make the ice all cave in. Vengeful mind of the humonculi imagining Impero turned to ice and shattering with the scream.

As the ice cleared she used the sonic scream to try and get a good sonar based read on Impero so the vision wasn't clouded. Hands briefly coming back to a not aquatic state to release a pillar of fire downwards burning at half the temperature of the earths core. Ice and fire working to get the blood sirens wish of murder upon the cause of all her pain. "You didn't predict that did you?" The words a ear drum rupturing whisper that was still crystal clear. The proud remark made as the vampire dropped back to the ground ignoring the bleeding stomach of her natural body. Ice folding around her body as clothing sense the regular garments were lost in the transformation and burned by the roarkng flames.