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Tears made their way down Danny’s face as Gambler held his head in his arms. This was the end of the hero Chameleone. He was happy to see a familiar face before he died. He coughed up blood as it ran from his nose and his mouth. The tears he had were tears of joy, that he would see his family again. He was for the first time in his life, truly happy. He could see them waiting for him. Darkchild was with them.

“Don’t blame Kain for this. It’s not his fault. Gambler, take care of Sari and the rest of our big family. I’ll see you later Gambler.”

With that the hero, Chameleone smiled, closed his eyes and finally got a chance to rest

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Arrow looked at him in an instant the dark voice scream in his head, It screamed for freedom, But it was Arrow who spoke not the dark one, "I wish of you to se me free, I no longer wish for the dark one to control me, I myself wish for nothing to do with the Arcadian's"

The crimson eyes fell onto the box "Can you help me poppa Voodo, I cant not do this by myslef" Dark Arrow spoke in his mind, It is cause you fear me, Let me out and I will show you what I would do about our dead daughter and lover, Let me out and I will take back the Arcadian throne and show them what real magic feels like, What ture fear taste like, You are a coward Arrow.

"SHUT UP" THe voice died in an instant and Arrow allowed a smile, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA you actually thought it would be that easy to silance me, You fool, Arrow stood and fell to his knees in front of Poppa "Plase relase me from this nightmare"

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“Oh Arrow, I have no intention of freeing you. No no, I can feel dat power, dat power you have imprisoned in yourself. Perhaps it tis time you were locked away, nothing more dhen a voice, if dat.”

Quickly, while Arrow was down on his knees, Poppa Voodoo opened the box and removed a strain of hair, a small bone and a little pouch. Taking the hair, he wrapped it tightly around his finger, cutting of the circulation.

Grabbing the bone he placed it against Arrow’s forehead, pinning it there with the finger wrapped in hair.

“Can you feel it, tis your own making you feel now.” In truth, it was Arrow’s own making. Both the hair and bone had belonged to his dead daughter, as the bone began to burn against Arrow’s flesh, Poppa Voodoo opened the pouch and blew the contents into Arrows face. Suddenly the wind stopped, the crickets stopped chirping, thee entire bayou had gone silent. Then, a loud crack of thunder rolled across the sky and it began to rain.

Poppa Voodoo began to franticly look around.

“What……..What is happening?”

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The buffet dispearsed through a dark portal,

Afew morsels remained.

Parasite closed his eyes and breathed in through his mouth, he reveiwed his menu.

One flight, two strength

He apraoched a group of three individuals. One woman and two men. His skin began to fade back to its vibrante purple colour. He took the strongest first, he could taste it, the power the energy the zest of life that these saps were drenched in.

He grabbed the mans face. The purple sparks spread down the appitisers body. His muscles tripled in size, he moaned with pleasure.The second strength came at him. It was simple, he drove his hand through the mans chest, the sparks shot again as his body multipleid in volume.The woman took flight. Beding his knees he launched after her. Snatching her ankles, the electrical sparks worked their way thorugh her. He began to feed on her, she began to fall and he began to fly.

He landed rougley on the ground still holding the womans body in his massive purple hands.

The next half hour, he spent feeding untill there was not a drop left. He stretched his body. It was now three times its normal size, his muscles as if etched from stone. He picked up the woman againn. Closing hs eyes and tasting for more, there was no sign of the others, the portal had destroyed their flavour and trail.

With the gigantic purple ahns he held the womens body, he ran his tongue down her spine, he saw into her memorys,

Darkchild badness death rain umbrella sad Speech stupid Gambler guilds theives New Orleans

He let the embrace go. She knew where they had gone, she had overheard them talking about where they were goign. He crushed the womans torso and tosed it over his shoulders. It flew thorugh the air to meet the other corpses with a thud. He lifted from the ground, the womans memory ringing though her ears,

New Orleans

A purple bolt soared over New York in search of its next feed.

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The Camp fire had blowen out , As the shadows round the kneeling arrow began to dance of them like flames , His head shot back as a large tounge lashed out of his mouth, The rain fell and began to clot on the ground, The crimson rain drops filled the bayou.

Arrow began to stand, As frogs fell mixed in the rain, The moon turned ruby and shone over the whole of New Orleans, As his body came to a stop Arrows head snapped forward, A black top hat sat on his head , A Pale hand shot forward , Poppa slammed into a tree behind him, IT cracked under the force of the attack .

The Lord of shadows tilted his head to one side and walked forward in the rain of blood, It was like being born again, But in Arrows eyes it was missing something all briths have, PAIN. "Did you miss me Voodo, I have missed this world" Arrows arms both shot out to the side as he did a mist of blood exploded from Poppas mouth, Arrow dropped him to the ground a slid over the ground next to him,Now next to Poppa ear arrow licked the ear drum then whispeard.

"I missed this Poppa, I thank you for bringing me back, The pain the blood, But I must be somewhere else, I hope you understand, I cant play with one person for to long, You will heal over time and if you seek me I shall understand, But You owe for I let you live", Arrow sunk into the ground and with a smile of shark like teeth he was gone , Looking for some more toys to play with.

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The vampire saw Kiara hit the tree from the impact of his attack. His blood lust was driving him crazy, and that, coupled with the anger in his heart he aimed to kill. He smelled the blood dripping from her body. He smelled her weakness, his chances at gaining blood and killing a human were perfect, his eyes widened with a sickening sadistic joy. When the woman hit the tree, he walked past Gambler and Chameleone strait to where she went. He looked through the gaping hole that was left by her body. He saw as she slumped down, bleeding and forfeiting. Kain was to feast on this woman’s corpse. He dropped down, normally, blood dripping from his shirt, and face. The blood tears on his eyes drying. After a long walk to the tree, he stood before Kiara, staring at her limp body. The demonic vampire picked her up by the throat and spoke to her in a cold, hateful fashion.

“Kiara, don’t you see how vein your actions were? You could’ve lived, but you chose to rebel against me, you chose to attack me. Now, you’ll suffer the consequences by dying. Think of it this way, at least you’ll feed me, and make me stronger.”

Kain/Nightmare brought Kiara close, he was to feast on her, and drain her of her blood. He ran his long tongue along her neck but became paralyzed, his muscles went numb when suddenly he heard a voice.

Put her down Nightmare, this is my body, now let her go!

You stupid man. Kain, she’s weak, she tried to kill us, now let me finish this whore off now!

Go to hell Nightmare, I’m stronger than you!

Kain and Nightmare were in an all out war in the confines of their mind. Kiara was put back down as Kain fell to the ground, slamming his head into the ground, cutting open his head. He was in a grave struggle with himself, his dark side trying to take control, however he wouldn’t allow that to happen. He refused to lose to the darkness. Kain was the scion of darkness and light. He had enough will, enough power to stop this before it went any further. Kain dug his claws into his skull and screamed with anguish. Blood continued pouring out of his mouth and nose until finally, he collapsed on the ground. Kain was Kain again, however we unconscious and dying. He lay in a pool of his own and Kiara’s blood. His struggle was over for now.

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The Chapel was half broken down,wooden boards covered most of the stained glass windows,a bum laid on the stone steps that led up to the church doors.Akira just stepped over him,it was amazing that a human could sleep withou fear in a city like Nawlins,maybe the Blood Feeders though his plasma was unclean.

The seats were broken and the alter was bloody,something unholy had happened in this place of god.It didnt matter now Akira bent down at the alter and took out his rosery beads and began to pray,he heard a creek as he began to pray.Someone had entered the church with malicious intent.Akira finished his prayer by crossing his chest.As he turned around to walk out the bum that had been sleeping outside was standing directly in front of him,he had been masquerading as a human but was of Vampire.

Its not nice to be so deciving

The Vampire lept at Akira,but was to slow he was cut open with a Kris Blade that was hidden underneath Akira's hooded cape.The vampire fell to his knees and landed in front of the alter as he prayed.Akiraleveled his dagger at the vampires neck and prepare to end the qurall.

*And Shepherds we shall be

For thee, my Lord, for thee.

Power hath descended forth from Thy hand

Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

So we shall flow a river forth to Thee

And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti.*


The vampires head was gone after Akira had spoken those words,he ran out and headed back to the Guilds after throwing his mask back on.

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It was not hard to find the someone to play with, He had felt him breaking shadows miles away, Arrow appeared in front of the purple one, "Hello, Do I know you" Before anything else was said thousand of mini black portals shout up around the purple man, Boltz of black energy flew out every single one, All of divering power levels but enough to blow the head of a normal human and some on the level of a war head.

All Arrow could do was laugh as the bolts flew past him, the pale lord had missed this worlds pain so much, Then a sick smile broke his face , Aiming at new york below him it began to cave in on it's self as a gaint black Dragon broke out the ground and began tearing into the big apple like a chew toy , "Ah death what a lovly game it is "

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Kiara watched Kain move towards her. Her insides churned with the death that was soon to come. And for once she was not afraid. She had tried her best, and perhaps if they had met in the first battle she would have won. She was no longer transformed, her hair was black once more, and her eyes returned to their original milky brown. She felt Kains hand come around her throat and by force of reflexes she grabbed at his hands and dug her nails deep into them. She swung from his grasp, her vocal chords being constricted so as she could not throw back a retort. She was angry at this creature, hated him with every molecule of her body. and yet there was something else there. She pleaded with him through her eyes. Willing him to fight the demon within him. She saw his face draw closer to hers and felt the warmth of his tongue as it slid across her neck and chills ran up her spine. But in an instant it all stopped. Her breath was leaving her and her vision was becoming cloudy. Was this how she would die?

Kiara could feel the inner struggle of Kain and his darker side. It coursed through her own veins as his blood mixed with her own. The real Kain was fighting this thing that had taken over. She felt his grip loosen and she fell to the ground choking and gasping for air. She looked over to see Jean holding Danny and tears fell down her cheeks for the loss of a friend. One she had just met, but one all the same. She turend to look at Kain once more as he fell to the ground and then gripped his own head. The scream he let out turned her blood cold as she looked on. Something in her propelled her forward. She crawled to his body, slipping and sliding in the mixture of their blood and touched him lightly. "You proved me wrong. You are worthy to stand in my presence. And it is an honor to be in yours." She bowed her head as tears fell down her cheeks, "I am truly sorry." Her hands clutched the front of his tattered shirt as she sobbed for this poor creature, who knew the same pain as she did.

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The black bolts hit his Parasites body. His strength fought them off but they overwhelmed him. He fell to the ground, New York and the mighty black dragon below.

He slammed into the mighty torso of the beast, The contact of scale and skin sen the electrical sparks riplling through the monsters body.

Parasites body convulsed with pleasure. The strength of the dragon was incredable, he felt his abilitys sharpen eyes, ears, his skin beagn to harden into dark purple scales, he was absorbing the dragons powers.

He rose through the air towards this cluster of flavour, it was like a chocolate gateu rich deep and layered yet repetitive, he knew he would tire of the flavour before he was done.

He lunged at the mans face, his hands now yealding ten razor sharp talons, curtosy of the dragon.

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Gambler gently lay Danny’s head down. He was gone, passed over to the next chapter. The Cajun didn’t shed a tear, he didn’t even notice Kain pass by. Thoughts of revenge, feelings of hatred flowed threw his body. Looking around he soon spotted Kain and the new comer Kiara, both soaked in blood. The Vampire lay stretched out on the ground, seemingly unconscious. Grabbing his staff he stood up and walked slowly over to the pair. As he looked down on Kain with disgust, he began to think, “Who could Sar had made this monster a part of there family? A Vampire, someone who could kill his own friends, turn his back on those who loved him.”

Then, out of nowhere, tears began to run down his face. The things he had just thought of Kain, were thee exact same thoughts people had of him. And for the first time, Gambler saw himself threw the eyes of someone else. He looked over at the wounded girl, she was hurt badly. Yet somehow she managed her way over to Kain and clutched onto him. Lighting his hood up over his head, he turned his back on both of them. There was nothing there he wanted any part of. The Guild and his family were all that concerned him. There were bigger problems loaming over head. For an instant during the skirmish, the moon had turned blood red, Gambler had seen it before but couldn’t bring himself to believe it. Not only did they have the news that Cassander and Victoire had been awoken, but now something else had clawed its way back from hell. Looking up at the sky, Gambler whispered,


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Arrow smile was still their, He watched the man fall felt him take the dragons power and now he watched him fly at him sharp Talaons drawen screaming for blood, Oh and they would get it, he waited till the last moment, He could smell the mans skin , the darkness in his eyes, It took every ounce of his speed to dodge the attack, But even that was to slow.

As Arrow came to stop at the mans side, He felt a tang of pain on his cheek, A small trickle of blood began to flow, Opening the palm of his hand Four small butterflys appeared, Each with deep black wings, His lips blew a soft scent of death over them and they took off.

As they flew towards the man, Arrow wipped his cheek and they became blurs, faster and faster, The edge of their wings turned into dark razors, Spinning round their target they flew in and out each aiming for the now dragon man.

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The glint of blood on his finger like talon sparked purple. A glimpse of finals Arrows powers set themselves into his body,

It tasted nice

He spun around in the air. His body pulsed with dark energy his hard deep purple scaly skin shone, his razor sharp fingers twitched.

Lifting his hand he watches as a orb of black energy formed init. He obssessed over this fabulous flavour.

He adusted his body in the air one razor glaned off his thigh the others embedded themselves into his shoulder and two in his abdomen. He focused, this power, it seemed to be taped to something so eternal source, its potentail endless.

Purple blood ozzed from the three mortal wounds, the scales around them cracked and splintered. He once againn raised his hands, from with in their palms came fonts of dark energy, he lunged at this mge once againn his hands spewing the energy, desperate to taste the power againn.

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e could fell it in the man, The shadow powers he had gained from a mere touch, Impressive indeed, A frontal attack again hmm then he does not understand the little he has taken, A portal opened behind Arrow and he slid into it, All of a sudden he was gone, The Mans attack had been a basic Shadow orb but none the less letting an enemy of this power near him would be fool hearted.

The portal reopend a few meters away , Arrows coat blew in the wind as he stepped out into the air, His crimson eyes glew with rage, This man had cut him and stole some of his power, the insult was great but the battle is fun, he tought to himself.

All of a sudden Arrows jaw crakced as bone broke, His mouth opened to the bottom of his neck , A spray of dark winged bugs crawled out of hid mouth, their numbers growing with every secoend, They flew at the man darking the very sky it's self, each bug was a dark blood sucker , Much like a tick it would latch it's self onto the anyone in it'ss path and suck until it had it's fill, One is not dangerous but millions could kill an army.

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Parasite watched as the yeilder of this awesome taste evade his attack with the use of his portals,

The best meals are those that are hunted He thought to himself.

He saw the cloud of parasites comingtowards him. Lifting his hands he blasted through the center of the host. The shriveled and fried within the dark energy. The others flanked the shot and moved on towards him. They made contact and latched onto his hard purple scaled skin.

The blue sparks danced around them but not with the desired affect. The small leeches drove on thorugh the outer shell to feed from the very parisitic reaction Parasite was using to obtain their abilities. His powers began to wain and fade, his mastery over shadow and dark magics began to slip,

He screamed in outrage as his powers were drained from him, with his last remaining power he blasted the hat wearing mage with an orb of darkness.

He began to slip from the sky, falling slowly down desperatley trying to pick the mites from his skin. The scales began to receed and blend back to their original bright purple, yet still the mights wanted more, he lay on the ground, his purple skin specalled with black leeches, covered by purple sparks.

He touched softly on the ground as his powers drained away, his frame became less and less,

"The irony" He spatt at the figure "Parasites"

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A mother's heart. It's the deepest emotions a woman feels whenever she's away from her children. A mere hour can seem like a week. A day can seem like a month. And a week can seem like an eternity. No mother ever wishes to leave her children. No mother ever wishes to part from the young miracles born from her womb and created by the universes most powerful emotion. Especially not a mother who'd already experienced the feeling of deepest loss. Of having her eldest ripped from her arms by the man she loved more than she thought possible.

Now this mother's heart barely beats. Blood drips from her brow in long rivers of crimson liquid. Her fiery red hair, and its signature contrail zigzagged through the air as she tried desperately to keep afloat. Her children sleep, even amidst the speed she travels in. They dream of angels and of happiness. Already her miracles conditioned to loss, and pain, and even flight. Their physique already altered to endure the environment. And their young emotions conditioned to the hardship of life.

Sariaf'ca struggled to breath. A jagged and nearly fatal wound on the side of her body. Inches from the same womb that gave life to the miracles who slept soundlessly. Tears stained her soft face. Emerald eyes pleading with the winds. Pleading with the Gods. Let her live for as long as she can bring her children to safety. Bring them to their father. Jean would care for them. He would love them if this were to be her last day of life. She clenched her teeth in quiet suffering. This was lonelier than anything she thought possible. More heartbreaking than a lonely death, corpse never found.

"Shere'gan please... let me make it to the Guild house.... take me if you wish.... but let me survive long enough to bring them to safety. Don't embrace my children.... they have a long life ahead of them... do not part them from Jean... do not forsake them as you have me.... let them live...." She pleaded in her native language. She prayed that the winds carried her solemn pleas.

Her body ached. The fight had been more deadly than she assumed. Near fatal blows on both ends. So sudden was it that she barely managed to dodge the beam of light that would have decapitated her, had her head remained in the same position. Deception. Such a deep terrible and deception. Her trust shattered in a moments notice. Everything she had suffered for nothing.

Sariaf'ca picked up speed, as she neared the familiar skies of the Gothic New Orleans. Eyes playing a sequences of a dangerous battle dance. Hands clasped together. Punches rolling freely. Kicks rushing forward. Her hands clasped her created weapon, slashing across his face. While he held his scythe. His long, holy scythe which caused this wound. Wound that bled her precious crimson life blood. Eyes deep yellow and hands of a bright color. He smiled. A smile that she had seen before, signs of joy, of a happy time between friends.

Sariaf'ca left the Guild, feeling a pull towards New York. No longer could she stay away from her children. The trip had been easy and quick enough with the want she had of being there. The Famous Baxter Building came to view, she entered greeted her friends and then took her children into her arms. Long moments she held them, cooed to them, and told them of all the love she held in her heart for them. Moments of pure joy in the orange females life. And then she bid her closest friends goodbye and set off. A silent excitement building in her. Jean would get to see his children. He could hold them for the first time in near a month. She cruised the skies like a missile. The beautiful female looking all like a living star full of nurturing warmth, of love, and beauty, and soon of a destructive force.

Yellow beam barely missed her head. If it had passed seconds before she would have been decapitated, she would have fell from the skies, and her family. Her precious miracles would suffer a terrible fate. Jean would lose his children, and he would suffer through pain no matter should ever endure. But she had been lucky. Perhaps deep within her she could sense the shift in the emotions. No longer joy, but defensive. Seconds. She had moved her head, she had saved her children from such a terrible fate.

But nothing prepared the centuries bound warrior for the shock of her life. "Anto'rou". She barely muttered before she was locked in a sky-high battle against a friend she believed had been dead. A friend that caused her life to take a strange turn. A friend who fueled her desire to save and protect others from the same fate she had suffered. A friend... who was never truly a friend... but a terrible enemy in disguise. And a terrible truth that she had never fathomed for as long as she held life.

But for now... the battle was overshadowed by this mother's need, and indomitable will to live. To save her children's life. And perhaps, perhaps if she lived through this terrible night, to save the life of her brethren, of their children from certain death. Her fiery-red hair shone brightly against the lights of the city below. She called up as much reserved energy as she had and sped past the once rowdy and lively city. Now all she smelt was blood and Vampires. Jade orbs began to lose the bright color of life it always held. Especially now, knowing what lay down below. Perhaps even her body shared it's life with this city. The bayou, the deaths of the Thieves, the city, the deaths of the innocent. Her life had became tied with this beautiful city, almost as it had been tied with Jean's. Jean. Her husband.

The buildings zoomed below and now trees outstretched the lands below. Mists covered the lands, but they parted to give their adopted daughter a look below. She could sense the Guild so close. Feel the heartbeats of her fellow brethren. Feel Jean's heart. But also an unspoken heaviness in it. What she could not sense was one of the energies that had never belonged to the Bayou. Someone they had brung in, they had died and the lands were telling her. A chill covered her bones and she lost altitude. She gasped, the pain pierced her body. Hand moved over her wound, it ran deep. Very deep. Not only physical but emotional, mental.

"Finally....." She spoke weakly and lost even more altitude, this time it was her doing. The grounds was under her. But a darker shadow had crept over the Guilds home. She sensed it. Something had happened since her departure. What could it be? Would she ever know? Her body flew close to the ground. The free arm slinging down and touching the cold grass of the bayou.

"Just a little bit more...." She had to live for her children.... she could not allow Jean to deal with this alone. She could not abandon her family. "Shere'gan...." And she landed inches from the Guild home. Head first, her head sliding across the ground as he eyes closed, her children fidgeting as they rested on her back. "My..... miracles....." She whispered, eyes closed but tears still forming from them.

"My.... beloved...." Her weak voice spoke out into the night. She could sense the steps of others as they raced towards her. Her children would be saved... They would live another day. They would be with their father. They would live.

"Thank.... you...Shere'gan..." She whispered. Darkness overtook her slowly into it's willing arms. But not before one more voice called out to her. One voice more soothing than anything she ever heard in her life. A voice that spoke in her native tongue. Warm and caring.... it ebbed into her almost limp form.

"My child.... my last surviving daughter.... Child of Frasih'lein....you must live..... and you will..."

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As Gambler’s thoughts ran wild, two Guild members franticly raced towards him. Almost purely on instinct, he flashed stepped backwards into a handspring, arms crossed, each holding several kinetically charged cards at the ready. He quickly realized who they were and dropped his guard.

There bodies heaved up and down, in a hectic attempt to catch there breath.

Gambler………its Maelstrom……come ….quickly.

The ran off, Gambler in tow. Gambler could see a crowd forming outside the hut they had carried her into. As soon as he entered the room he noticed a female member of the Guild holding his children. Maelstrom lay flattened out in the bed, a wet cloth laying across her forehead. Her face was badly cut and bruised.

“Is she?”

No Jean, she is merely resting. But something, or someone has done a number on her. I’m amazed she was able to make it back here.

Gambler kneeled down beside the bed taking her hand into his.

“Why? Why did you not take me wit you chere?”

The words hurt his soul as they left his mouth. After all the times he had run out on them, how could he possibly ask her that. He stood up, taking his children in his arms,

“Thank you. If she awakes, I will let you know.” Said Gambler as he began to clear the room.

Okay Jean, someone will come by periodically and check on you both.

With his son Caleb in one arm, and his daughter Vessa in the other, he slowly sat in an old wooden rocking chair and began to sing to them. He had never seen his wife in this position before. She was the rock, the soldier, to him she had always seemed indestructible, but seeing her like this was almost more then he could bare.

“Sssh, mommies gonna be okay lil ones, you’ll see, you’ll see.”

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Post Deleted.

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Hours seemed to fade by in the Guild home in an agonizingly slow pace. Sariaf'ca remained in her room, surrounded by Jean and her children in no better condition than she had arrived. Her unconscious mind whirled with images of her destroyed planet. Of the look in her parents eyes as they beckoned her to escape. Of the images of the streets of her fair city. The mutilated bodies, the scenes of rape and atrocity. The children crying.

Realization had long since set upon Sariaf'ca's mind. The deep deception. The pain. And also the anger. Her dreams were filled with darkness. Not just of that fateful day, but also of her own wants. She wanted only to rip the life out of Anto'rou. To make him suffer through countless horrors so he too could feel her peoples pain, and that of other innocents. But even as her mind filled with such terrible want for vengeance, a soothing calm began to seep through her resting form.

"My child.... Let go of such animosities. We will be avenged in due time.... Live your life by your family's side.... Live it freely with love and without malice.... love your children and your husband... Protect them. Be with them. Love them.... Live...."

Her body began to stir. A white light forming around her once motionless form. It concentrated atop the deep wound to her side. Holy magic seeping through the wost of it and slowly healing it from inside. The pain slowly dying down in her form. Sweat formed across her brow as this unseen Holy magic healed her deepest and near fatal wounds. The holy magic began to form into a visage. It did not take a solid form but it was ethereal. A long white gown flowing in a wind that did not exist within the room. Eyes looking so tenderly at it's last daughter. Hands gently worked across the wound until it closed up as if by a miracle.

The visage bent down, long white hair flowing across her shoulders. She kissed Sariaf'ca's forehead and then turned to look upon Jean and the children. Her eyes looking tenderly at the angels that slept.

"Jean-Luc LeBeau. Your words ring true. No harm shall come to your wife on this day. May you succeed in the upcoming battle, my children." As as quickly as the visage had appeared, it disappeared taking with her the holy magic that had healed a nearly impossible wound for her last surviving daughter.

In that instance, Sariaf'ca stirred once more. This time however she awoke slowly. Eyes flickering back to life. The same bright glow and stare of life she had always had. She sat up slowly. Although the worst of the wound had been healed she still ached from the battle. But finally, she could feel a true warmth. Her eyes shifted and she saw Jean not too far off and she began to weep. She was alive. Her children was alive. And Jean was alive and right there with them.

"Jean...." She spoke, her voice finally with more strength than when she had landed onto the Guild Lands. "...I would never leave you without a fight... or my children... my love." A small smile crossed her lips. Her family was together, safe and sound, and now only one last action remained to make sure that it stayed that way. The destruction of the Vampires and the Arcadians. But this time, she would not do it alone. She would fight alongside her husband, her friends. And they would triumph.... because anything less would be their destruction.

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Akira had finally reached the camp that most were at,he had heard that Maelstrom had been injured during a furious battle of some sort,he wanted to reassure that she was okay,but knew not to disturb her or Gambler at a time like this.He simply went back to his own tent and threw off his mask,his hair was sweaty and face was covered in scratches from his previous battle,his bod was even more battle scarred.He threw on a suit and tie,then before heading back out to the camp he threw on his blazer.

Outside he greeted a Guild member.

Do you know where i can find Crow?

The Guild member pointed south,and Akira followed.

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Arrow looked down on the beaten man below him, Lifting an arm the black baugs sprialed in front of him exploding as the attack that the man had fired hit them , They burned protecting their master, Arrow smiled "I shall allow you to live , You have much to learn before facing me again, I shall kill you next time, A fair warning I think"

Closing his eyes, Arrow world sunk into darkness, screms came from all around him as he traveld in the shadows, All the monster and beast that went bump in the night, Used this lane to travel, As he opened his Eyes he sat in a comfy a chair, These lavish surrounding where not the Head quters he rembered, Pushing up of the chair he looked round seeing things of great magic being used as a flower bowl "Hmmm it seems I need to teach the new leader of the Acadrains a lesson in manors".

Arrows fingers streched out touching the air around him, a very old talent but it took alot of power to cast a spell of this caliber, The room began to swim into the past, everything was fogged and clouded but he saw who he need to see, Two vampires a woman and a man, "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA From one parasite to another", realing the air from his grip, He came back into the real world.

Slowly he came back to himself, Vampiers he thought , this should be intresting, They are not hard to track, They are diffrent from human, They gave of a higher level of sprit energy and if he was a master well it will be like a neon light, Closing both eyes he set out his sense "I see you ".

The chair where Arrow had sat was now empty, He was floating above Cassander in the night sky he looked down on the master , taking of his hat he let it fall in front of cassanders feet, "I wonder how old he is, If he is old he should know my name, if not I shall just teach him to never forget it"!

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Cassander had received word of Bludhounds failure. In his anger he had executed more then 100 members of the Arcadian Guild. As he stood outside, for no apparent reason, a black top hat feel at his feet. He didn’t bother to look up, nor did he pick up the hat, he could tell from the scent, who it belonged to. Cassander didn’t know anything about Arrow, he didn’t care to. He had heard about him in various discussions with Poppa Voodoo before betraying him. The Arcadians hated Arrow, he was one of there members, then left to who knows where, to do who knows what. So as punishment, they handed over his daughter to Jean Luc LeBeau Sr. leader of the Assassins Guild, where she was tortured and killed.

With his hands folded behind his back, he laughed,

“There is nothing for you here Arrow. I know not why you seek me out, nor do I care. Be on your way. Your Guild has turned its back on you.” He smirked

Reaching into his pocket he removed an amulet, one of the five amulets of the Pure Bloods. Cassander had had all five in his position, but had lost one. It was later discovered by Akire. Even still, four amulets would be more then enough for what he needed to do. With a quick incantation, the hotel was encased in a reddish haze.. No magic being could pass threw its barrier. Not even the great and all knowing Arrow.

Cassander smiled and bowed, before entering the main doors and taking his leave.

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With Maelstrom laid up, and no longer able to trust Kain, Crow assembled a small group of Thieves in the south end of the camp. The men all sat in a circle around a blazing camp fire, each on wearing there trademark cloaks with the hood pulled up covering half there face. One by one they went, asking questions, trying to formulate a plan of attack. The enemy had been revealed thanks to the discovery made by Akira.

“Are numbers are depleted. You know what we must do, and who must do it.”

What you speak of is madness. Such a ting cannot not be done. Not by dat man. scorned one of the elders.

“If not him, who? You Marcus, You Gerald? Dis be dee only way I tell you.”

As Crow spoke passionately about his plan, thee emergence of Akira from the shadows silenced everyone. Crow nodded and extended Akira a place in the circle.

“Come, join us. Tell me what tis on your mind?”

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Akira greeted most of the clan before taking a seat around the fire,he was out of his Normal Outfit,instead wearing a buisness suit.

This enemy of yours,i have read about him,and did some searching.These people are no joke,and im sure you know that.We must infiltrate their ranks somehow,they dont know of my face,and we have something they want

Akira drew a smoke and lit it with the fire they sat around.He looked at Crow especially.

And we do it,no one should know

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Crow listened closely as Akira spoke. The plan would require flawless execution, it was by all means a suicide mission. If Akira were found out, he would be all alone in the heart of enemy territory. One of the elders rose up in anger,

Bobby! You can not seriously be entertaining this idea? Giving thee amulet to a complete stranger and letting him hand it over to Cassander? That will be dee end of us all Maels…

“Maelstrom trusts my judgment, perhaps it is time you do dee same.”

The up and coming Cajun then turned to Akira,

“You understand, what dis means. If you are discovered, if he suspects anything, we are all dead.”

Slowly he removed the amulet from around his neck and handed it to Akira.

“There is an old Arcadian uniform in dat bag dhere. Put it on and return to the city. Wit any luck Cassander will think you are one of dee survivors of his attack on us. Give him dee amulet. Watch where he put it, he will not separate it from dee other four. You must find a way to get dee amulets, all of them.”

And with that, Crow shook Akira’s hand and bowed. “Good luck brave warrior. Are fait be in your hands now.”

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Surprised at the reaction of the Elder,Akira put his head down,until Crow spoke up and turned to Akira.Akira rose and took the amulet,quickly tucking it under his collard shirt.He knew this was going to be difficult,but had high hopes and visions of success.He took one last smoke before flicking it into the fire.

Of course i understand,i wouldnt be here if i didnt

He grabed the bag and threw it over his shoulder,bowed shook Crow's hand and said goodbye to the rest of the clan,the Elder looked at him with worried eyes but bowed his head slightly as a sign of good luck.Akira vanished back into the Nawlins woods.Running at full speed he threw off his clothes and was changing into the Arcadian uniform,he even slipped on a patch to make his disguise much more beleivable.

The amulet refelected off the moon light that came thre the canop of swamp trees.

God bless my enemy

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"Jean...." She spoke, her voice finally with more strength than when she had landed onto the Guild Lands. "...I would never leave you without a fight... or my children... my love."

Jean was half asleep when he heard his wife’s beautiful voice. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he rose from the chair, his two bundles of joy fast asleep in his arms. Only hours earlier she had been knocking on deaths door, and now, now her wounds were healed. Leaning over he kissed Maelstrom’s forehead and smiled,

“Tis someone up dhere looking out for you chere.” He laughed

As the sounds of there voices traveled outside, a lookout ran into the door way.

“Go and fetch dee doc, are orange daredevil has cheated death once again. Look at you chere, trying to be me, here I thought I was dee escape artist in dee family.”

Gently he passed there son Caleb down for her to hold, while continuing to hold his baby girl. Just then Crow entered the room and smiled,

You gave us quite a fright chere. Dhere are many pressing matters at hand, but get your rest first, dhen we talk.

He glanced over at Gambler for a quick second before exiting. Gambler nodded and sighed,

“I only be gone for a minute babe.” He bent over and kissed her again, before following Crow outside, Vessa still in tow.

Crow began to explain Akira’s plan, Gambler could see by the look in his eyes that the young Cajun needed some reassurance he had done the right thing. Placing one hand on his shoulder, Gambler agreed,

“Tis a risky play Crow, dat be obvious. But it be dee only play we have.”

Crow smiled just a little before lowering his head.

Dhere be one more thing I …….you have to do Jean. Are… Are numbers are few and the men we do have are hurtin. You have to go and…….. you have to go and unite dee Guilds. Only you can make dee Assassins listen. I know it’s a bum deal, but tis something dat must be done.

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After his incredible battle with Kiara, and murder of Danny, the beaten, battered, bloodied, and broken Kain was cleaned up and put back in his room. He woke up briefly during his repair to overhear a conversation going on between some of the Thieves. He heard that Jill was found dead. A vampire killed her by slashing her throat while he was Nightmare. They cleaned his wounds up, and cleaned the dry blood from his body. During the entire procedure, he kept muttering under his breath the name “Kiara”. The vampire’s body was weak, his blood was almost gone and he was in a coma after hearing what they said. Kain was no longer in the world of the flesh; he was between life, and death. Kain was in a realm known as the spectral realm, where all his nightmares came true, where his innermost desires came to light.

Kain woke up in the spectral realm alone. It was a dark realm, the gateway to hell almost. His greatest nightmares were soon to become a reality. His feet slowly hit ground, sending up blue dust. He held ran his fingers through his hair while looking around in the realm. He saw souls in pain that merely roamed the spectral realm. It was sad seeing souls unable to escape. Kain knew the purpose of being here. He would have to face his inner demons. So, he gathered his will and the little energy he can muster and began his journey.

His instincts took him down a path that had people standing along it. These weren’t normal people though; these were Kain’s brethren, the people he saw killed on his home world Variis. He saw their souls tainted by impure death. Heads were removed, limbs lay on the ground and burning babies were in the arms of their cut up bleeding parents. Cold dead eyes looked at Kain as he walked down the path, his conscience turning on him, blaming the vampire for the death of all those billions of innocent Variisians. Kain struggled fighting this because of all the death he was around for, he felt almost entirely responsible for the death of Variis. However, he continued on as they all looked at him, some even touching him, and asking why he let them die. The vampire continued his journey though, struggling not to break down and deal with it. After a long and torturous journey, Kain finally escaped Variis. He now stared down his next trial. Danny and Darkchild.

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The wife and mother could only smile as she gazed upon her husband and their two children. She wished she had a camera it was a moment she wished to remember for as long as she had life, but at least it would be kept locked away in her mind. Jean looked all of a loving and caring father. It was a side of him she always knew he was capable of. Even when he thought he was evil, she knew he was just unique. Someone who lived his life by his means and got labeled by such idiotic alignments. He was not evil. He was not good. He was not neutral. He was Jean-Luc LeBeau a man beyond life's petty ideals. He was just himself and that was why she loved him so much.

She reached out to him as he neared her. Hands gently smoothing her children's forehead. So beautiful did they look under the light of the room. In their father's arms. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes.

"They're so beautiful. I feared for a moment I would never lay eyes on them again. That I would never know your tender touch. I thank whatever force granted me a second chance. I could not bear being without you, without our children."

Happily she took Caleb into her arms. She kissed his warm forehead as his little body heaved for breath in her arms. So beautiful, the happy mother thought. Her little boy who looked so much like his father. Still it amazed her that she managed to give life to such beautiful children. A dream that she always believed would never occur. But by divine grace it had. Eyes darted for a moment to look at Vessa. How peaceful she seemed in her father's arm.

She chuckled, as she heard Jean's words. "You're still the number one death defying daredevil in our family. I just channeled your awesome might to make it through this night." She took a long breath, just as Crow came in the room and gave her friend a smile. She moved her lips to argue his point but by then he and Jean had stepped out and she found herself holding Caleb gently in her motherly arms. "I will never leave your side my miracle, neither yours or your sisters or your father. Now rest my angel." She moved over to the rocking chair, staring at a wooden crib that laid inches from her. They must have placed it here at some point during her rest. She would need to thank whoever brought it in. Sadly, she looked out toward the skies. How much she had missed.

Caleb rested in her arms and she closed her eyes. Perhaps they were right. Perhaps she needed to rest a little more. Just a few more hours to be fully rested and then she would go out to the front lines. But for right now, she would rest for now. She would dream of her family. For tomorrow such peaceful thoughts may not be allowed. So she slept knowing both her children and her husband were safe.

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His two best friends stood before him. Darkchild and Chameleone. The first one’s death, Kain knows he could’ve prevented it but he chose to be a show off and stay with Sariaf’ca. He lost a friend and a teammate all because of his massive ego. He saw the pain in their eyes, the sorrow that glazed their eyes in the form tears and the question of ‘why’ that was virtually written all over their faces. Tears rolled down his eyes. He felt horrible heartache and guilt. Darkchild’s beaten bloody body walked up to Kain along with Chameleone’s virtually incinerated body. The two of them looked Kain the eye and spoke in unison.

Why Kain? Why’d you do it? You let Darkchild die, and than you kill Chameleone with your own two hands. We were innocent bro, and you let us die. After all we’ve been through after all everything that’s happened you let us die and go to hell. We get to spend the rest of our days burning forever Kain. We hope you’re proud of yourself. At least you were able to exact your revenge and enjoy yourself. That’s a positive bro.

“No, you’re not Chameleone, and you’re not Darkchild. They wouldn’t blame me, they know I wasn’t myself, it wasn’t my fault about Darkchild, he was Gambler’s responsibility not mine. Chameleone knew what happened to me, he knows that I didn’t attack him, he knows it was Nightmare, the darkness, the evil inside me. Nightmare was the killer, and the one in control since Darkchild died last month, not me.”

Kain fell to his knees, his palms sinking into the soft earth. The ghosts glided along the floor, their legs phasing through any rocks that may have been in front of them. They crouched Kain and continued playing tricks on his conscience. He broke down crying. In a burst of emotion, Kain screamed at them, finally feeling it in his heart, he screamed at them, telling them it’s not his fault, his lungs taking in and sending large amounts of air.

It’s about time you realized this Kain. You’re free…

The ghosts disappeared when suddenly Kiara appeared along side Jill, Nightmare and Kassol both fired the celestial eye, an attack which would destroy Jill and Kiara, Kain had to save only one. Within a blink of an eye, he stood before Kiara, his wings were spread and the beam of energy hit him. Kain woke up shortly afterwards gasping for air, holding chest as a cold sweat ran down his face. He leaned against the wall in his bed and uttered the words ‘Kiara’.

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Kiara woke to find herself in her borrowed bed. The dream she had been having startling her from her sleep. Images of her dead lover Louie transforming into Kain haunted her subconcious mind. She blinked for a few moments trying to block them out and after that didnt work she tried deciphering there meaning. Why am I seeing that creature coming out of my Louie's face? They are nothing alike. She sighed and tried to stretch, but her entire body seemed to hurt. She remembered the battles, the wounds and the aftermath of everything. She could feel the wounds on her legs where Kain's claws had tore through her flesh. The other small bruises and abrasions as well seemed to be screaming for her attention. She grummbled and forced herself into a sitting position. Her breath leaving her as a hiss through clenched teeth.

After a few moments of stretching and getting used to the pain that wracked her body, she stood and looked herself over. Everything was bandaged. Which ment whoever brought her here felt sorry enough for her to not only bring her from the spot outside, but also clean her and her wounds up. She sighed at the thought of everything that had occured. What had caused her to become so cold and uncarring. She laughed slighty, she knew what it was. It was the fact that the man she had once loved turned out to be her worst enemy, and the fact that in the end she had to kill him. She stood for awhile just thinking of her next move. But she already knew what it would be. She found some clean clothes lying on a chair close to the door. She dressed as quickly as her battered body would allow and left her room.

Kiara had found someone who could tell her of the events that had happened after she passed out. Some of the guild had moved Kain and herself to their respective rooms. While others had tended to Sariaf'ca. She shook her head as the story of their Alien Mistress's return was told to her. She knew that she was fine but decided to speak to her later. For now someone else was on her mind. She spoke to the young man for a few moments, and then finally was pointed in the direction of Kain's room. After another slow climb up the steps she found herself outside his door. She just wanted to take a peak and see how bad his condition was. Slowly she opened the door and stepped in, hoping that he was still unconcious from the attack.

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"Impressive, for a vampire, But stupid" Arrow liffted a hand, He was amazed at the vampire such words but yst so scared, He has to hide behind a shield, what made hims smile, Was the falt in his plan, A shield that know magic user can break it surrounded the hotel all round, But that does not mean it can't be moved, Placing out two hands the ground round the shield started to lift.

"Arrow" Her voice made his cold heart melt , It had been the only woman he loved , A raw and dagerous love but love none the less, "Let the little vampire go , Luna is out there find her save our daugter , you do not need the Arcadians are weak look how he cowers in this shield and yet you could still crush them, Please find luna", THe sprit of wanda was gone.

He let his thin hand drop and the hotel fell with a thud and dust, Arrow looked down on the vampire, smiled,she was right stupid women, But even arrow needed help someone he had never turned to opening his mind he spoke "Gambler , I need to speak with you an offer that may spin the tables and bring back old friends, All i need is information and I will give you something that will stop me from harming your family ever."

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Gambler was gathering supplies. Tracking down the remaining Assassins would not be an easy task. The straps of his backpack dug into his skin, turning his head he smirked,

“You are growing fast little one”

His daughter giggled as her feet dangled from the pack. Her eyes wide open taking in her surroundings. He was finally ready, with a nod to Crow the two Cajuns shook hands.

Worry not Jean. I look after your family while you go. She will not be happy dat you took dee little one no

“She’ll understand Crow. Dat woman dhere, she never doubt me. Dat’s why I love her.”

And with that, he whirled around and took off into the bayou. Leaping over downed trees and ducking under branches, Gambler seemed to be picking up speed as he went. Suddenly, his mind was flooded with the voice of Arrow.

"Gambler , I need to speak with you an offer that may spin the tables and bring back old friends, All i need is information and I will give you something that will stop me from harming your family ever."

The Cajun didn’t stop running. Finding the Assassins were more important then the wants of a power hungry ex Arcadian. Arrow’s so called deal’s always came with a price, a listen Gambler had learned long ago. But still, he felt compelled to answer him,

“Tis a fools mistake to except anything from you dark one. I have stopped you before, no reason why I cant do it again. So keep your gift, I give you dee information for free.” He said, still on the run.

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Arrow felt from where the words where coming, He began to run matching Gamblers speed then appeared next to the man running "I need to know where she is, Where Luna was burried" Arrow stoped to dodge a rock and rejoined running next to Gambler.

"As for the gift I give it to you anyway, For once Gambler I do not come before you as a enemy or friend I come to you as a father seeking his child, You have lost one of your family but He will be brought back, When I bring back Luna, I make it a primose if your information is good of course".

Arrow had no idea where they where running to and did not care all he wanted was for Luna to be okay, Arrow had lost two sons once and now he had lost two lovers as well, No pain in a mans heart can match that, It is what had made Arrow so dark and cold, But he would not lose another, Arrow would do everything in his power to fix what could not be fixed.

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Gambler stopped running with the appearance of Arrow, there was no escaping the all knowing. Shaking his head, he spoke,

“How would I know dat? Last time I saw her was wit you. All that magic and you cant find the remains of your own flesh and blood? If dee gators and crows haven’t completely devoured her, I would assume she’s still in dee same spot, but your guess be as good as mine.”

The crafty Cajun took a defensive stance, he didn’t have time for this. Arrow’s dead daughter was no concern of his, he had never even met the abomination. She had died for Arrow’s sins, it could have just as easily been one of his children. But it wasn’t, all that power and he couldn’t save his daughter, or his soul.

“I am sorry I cannot be of any more help dhen dat. As for bringing back dee dead, you do dat on your own accord, I asked for nothing. I owe you nothing. I wish you luck in your search, but dis be were we part ways.”

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It was his second time back into the town that was filled with vampires and foul beast,Akira was dressed in Arcadian attire and the amulet hung from his neck,it was sure to bring attention to him.As he walked the streets of the cit he could see silhoutte of demons and hear things creek from the shadows,he paid no mind.His only mission was to get the other four amulets.

I havent the slightest clue as to where to begin

Suddenly a group of five Arcadians circled around Akira,and had there eyes fixated on the amulet he wore,the snarled and growled at him with beating red eyes.Akira threw his jacket back to show his pistols hoping they would put fear into the horde,it had no affect.One of them spoke out.

"What kind of Arcadian carries Guns?"

Akira smirked and stood straight up.

The kind who wants to live,the Guilds are desperate these days,i also wear this

Akira held up the amulet in the moon light and they awed at the site of it,he then brought back around his neck,their eyes never leaving it as if it had a spell on them.

"How did you come across such a thing?"

The battle...when we attacked the thieves camp,a guild member had it.I did my job and killed him

A brief moment of silence,the head of the group looked around to his fellow Vampires,then answered.

"Im sure master would be happy to hear,congratulations brother your among us now"

Either they were stupid or setting a trap,the brought him to the base.He would find out if he had truly gotten in when he met the Master Cassander.

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The vampire’s body was still weak from the invasion and his tussle with Kiara. His entire body was in bloodied bandages since his wounds hadn’t yet healed. Normally they would’ve healed however he’s had a lack of blood. Kain’s arm and chest were in the worst condition. Kiara’s blade sliced his arm, but did a number of his chest. He blade re-opened the scar he received from Raikon eons ago. The vampire slowly put his feet over the side of bed, onto the cold marble floor. He was holding his head trying to clear out the cobwebs. Thinking about the events of the Spectral realm. He remembered his interaction with Variisians, and his meeting with Darkchild and Chameleone. He remembered that glazed over look in their eyes, that pain. It bothered him so much, however it helped him get over their deaths. That was perhaps the best thing to happen to him, his eyes opened up to his flaws, to his constant blaming of himself for something that had nothing to do with him. He smirked at the thought of being free from his burden.

However something else was running through Kain’s mind, two questions that were eating away at the very fabric of his psyche. Why was it that in the spectral realm, he saved Kiara as opposed to Jill? Why was it that he wasn’t even concerned with Jill’s death but more concerned as to what Kiara’s condition had been? He felt these questions run through his mind. Kain continued sitting down contemplating these questions he saw his door go ajar followed by Kiara’s face. He sat in awe, not knowing whether or not he was dreaming or he was awake. He rubbed his eyes and spoke.


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Arrows pride flared and for a moment a dark bolt ran into his hand he closed his eyes and opened them again, "I see well I wish you luck on your task, Once Gambler we where friends, The best it seems our worlds have taken us down to diffrent paths, For once listen to me Red eyes,I wish it could have been diffrent I wish" .

With that Arrow was gone once again into the shadows, He hung in space over looking the world, Gambler was right He Arrow should be able to find her , It seems the boys life was attached to hers, Closing his eyes he raised both hands, The shadows cast from his fingers weaving into the fabric of the world, Twisting it turning it, He found the crow picked bones of Luna , He began the spell.

Sweat droped of his fore head and blood of his nose and out his ears, Arrow took power from a near by star to boost what litle energy he had left, It began to flicker as did his eye lids, Bones began to break and hair began to fall out, See you can bring one person back from the dead, that feat had been done many a time, But to , Their was only one way and that was to link their lives, If Luna died the boy died and vice versa.

A breathe broke from her pale lights just in time to see a bright light explode from the heavens a man who had spent his whole life in darkness now died in blaze of light, Cham would be waking up now as well, He should feel te link, Arrows body dived to the ground flapping in the wind like a raf doll, When he hit the ground arrow exploded, blood flew all over the ground and bones wher turned into powder.

Wanda hand was soft , her lips smooth and her body all so warm, She held him close his cold skin touching her, "You saved her, the one good thing we did in this world and you did it", "I know I just hope she stay safe this time, I have missed you Wanda", "We have forever now my love , We have forever"

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Chameleone's eyes opened. Something wasn't right. He remembered Nightmare, the energy blast, Gambler, and then.... nothing. Why was he alive? was the whole ordeal nothing more than a dream, or was he in a dream now? There was only one way to find out. Danny got up and looked around the courtyard. It was empty, everyone was gone. He shouldn't even be alive, but he was walking around. The hole in his torso wasa gone, all the pain was gone, all the fear was gone. Except one thing... Kiara. He had to find her, to make sure he was alright and that she hadn't suffered the same fate he did, and if Kain had come back to his normal self. Danny walked through the front doors of the guild. Bodies were still strewn throughout the hallways. He must not have been dead long, but he still wasn’t sure. He felt normal, but had mixed emotions at the same time. He hated Kain for what he had done, but also didn’t blame him, for he knew that there was no way he could have stopped Nightmare. There was only one way to find out what really happened.

Danny climbed the spiral staircase of the Guild. Many of the members gasped as he walked by, not believing that he had been resurrected. The door to Kain’s room was open, and the light was still on. He heard voices inside, one male and one female. Gambler and Saraif’ca? No. These were different. Danny walked into the room and was shocked to see Kiara in Kain together. Danny fell down to his knees and cried tears of pure happiness, that the family was still together

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Kiara stared at Kain. Not expecting him to be up and moving after the battle. She knew that he had been very badly injured and near death at the end of their battle. He was stronger then she had thought. She eyed him for a moment then spoke, her voice soft, but still lofty, "I see you have made it through your ordeal. Now that I have been reassured I can go." She turned about to leave when she saw Danny standing in the door way. She stared at him, shocked to see him. He had been dead, that she knew. Was he a spirit?

Kiara just continued to stare at him until he hit his knees. She rushed to his side and knelt beside him, "Danny?" How was it possible for him to be here? Was there a Necromancer amongst them? Or was it some kind of miracle. She was hesitant to touch him in fear that he would disappear, but finally she lay her hand on the boys shoulder, "Do not cry Danny." She threw a breif glance over her shoulder to look upon Kain then turned her attention back to Danny.

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Kain saw as Kiara came in. She soon going to leave until Danny came in, and fell on his knees crying. Kain was in awe, he honestly thought he was dead or still in the spectral realm. How could Chameleone be alive? Nightmare/Kain destroyed him. Kain recalled sending an energy sphere that Danny tried to stop but was merely killed by intense heat of it as it went clear through his torso. The vampire tried to stand up after seeing Danny to approach him. He limped slowly and clumsily, his tails dragging along the ground.

“Danny, you’re alive! What the hell is going on? How’d you come back Chameleone, tell me. I thought I killed you, and I’m so sorry for that. Please, forgive me. Get up off the floor, c’mon. It’s good to have you back Danny. Once again, I’m so sorry for what I did as Nightmare. You can hate me for as long as you want. You never have to speak to me to me again, but I’m letting you know that I’m sorry for what happened.”

Kain crouched down, almost falling down due to his lack of blood and put his hand on Danny’s shoulder. He glanced quickly at Kiara, and focused on her face within that millisecond. He looked back at the crying Chameleone. This was obviously a traumatic experience for the little guy to have to endure. His best friend killed him and now he comes back from the dead. This was an odd string of events.

“Danny, you are a warrior who was able to fight his way back even on the brink of death, you should be proud of yours-”

The scion collapsed on the floor again, he needed blood and fast. If not, he would most likely die. He lost 85% of his blood from the fights. All those cuts, the tears, and his transformation into Nightmare sent out more blood. Normally he wouldn’t experience that much blood loss because he would feed in the battlefield however this was not possible now. Kain was dying and he would without getting blood.

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Kiara looked up at Kain as he moved over to herself and Danny. She gave him a small smile and then turned her attention back to Danny. Tears had filled her eyes, for one moment she had thought Danny to be dead, the next he is up and walking. She pulled him into her arms and just hugged him, glad that he was alright. She never once let her eyes stray to Kain's face as much as she wanted to she refused to let her eyes catch his as he spoke. But then his words were cut short and she turned to see him falling in slow motion. She released Danny and moved over to Kain, worry etched in every line of her face.

She looked down at him and let her eyes roam over his massive body. So many wounds had opened in the moments it took him to travel from his bed to here. She could sense how far gone he truly was. It was amazing that he was even concious. She ran a hand over his face and then looked to Danny, "We must put him back in his bed, if you do not think we can do it ourselves then Go find someone to help us, he should not have moved from it." She knew what she had to do, and she didnt even waste a thought about the consequences. She took a dagger from her belt then ran it along her wrist. Quickly she moved her wrist to his mouth and spoke quietly, "Replenish your strength. Do not argue, just do it."

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The mansion was huge,not in just size but in style and luxury.Akira was amazed at the site,but he didnt show it.He was suppose to be undercover.The Vampires along with Akira were greeted b two guards who opened the golden doors.The lobby was filled with exotic treasures and game.

Above was the spiraling staircase and Cassander who was accompanied by a glass of wine,Akira unlatched the amulet and held it up to Arcadian.

I think this belongs to you

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His body lay on the floor next to Kiara and in front of Danny. His wounds opened up again for moving to fast to speak to Chameleone. His body was so weak from that blood loss. He saw Kiara standing over him and couldn’t help but laugh how his enemy was with him in his time of need. He heard the woman bark orders at Chameleone and than tell Kain to drink. He would’ve tried telling her no, however she wouldn’t have let him not take the blood. Kiara helped Kain pull himself back up against the wall as he held her arm softly in his cold hands. His dying eyes looked into hers, he couldn’t stand this woman however he was always entranced by her, something about Kiara fascinated Kain and he wanted to figure out what it was.

“I can’t seem to win even when I’m in control, and not Nightmare.”

Kain’s fangs showed as he brought her wrist to his mouth. He drank the blood slowly, tasting the sweet nectar on his tongue as it slid down his throat. With each drop he drank, he moaned quietly, loving every second of it. His eyes were closed for the whole thing. His hands ran up her arm as he drank. He caught himself doing this however, and stopped himself by biting a little bit harder. After several more moments, Kain finished drinking some of her blood, at least the amount necessary to keep him from dying. He let her hand go and gazed into her eyes, lost in abyss of beauty. But he hated her? What was this happening!? Was Kain mad?

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Kiara looked down at Kain as he drank in the very essence of her life. He seemed to revel in it and once more she had that flash of anger. What is wrong with you!? He's a vampire! Are you actually letting this disgusting creature drink your blood. Because thats idiocy, look what happened the last time you sided with a vampire. You almost lost your life. She ignored the little voice in her head that was screaming at her for what seemed to be atrocious behavior. She knew that she was putting alot of trust in this creature. Especially since bot long before they were engaged in a battle to the deaths. And yet she still put her life in his hands. He could literally drain her of every drop of her blood without a second thought. But for some reason she knew he wouldnt.

"This is because you allow your feelings to control your actions."

Kiara never flenched as he drank. Only when his hands seemed to wander up her arm did she stiffen. She looked down on his face, wandering why she didnt slice his hand off for even daring touch her in such an intimate way. But the thought disappeared when he pulled away. He had not drained her as she suspected he might. She pulled her arm away and then ripped at her shirt. She quickly bandaged the wound with the torn peice of shirt and then looked back down at him. She looked away quickly as something stirred in her. Something that had not stirred for years. Without looking at him she spoke, her voice soft, but still lofty, "Are you capable of moving? You should get back to your bed and rest. You have over exerted yourself enough for one day."

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The sun had started to go down hours ago. The bayou was a dark and dangerous place after dark, but to a native son born and raised in the swamps, it was nothing new. Gambler stopped and crouched down, tearing off a clump of moss he sniffed it as he looked around.

“We are not alone Vessa.” He said to he baby girl. Suddenly, shadows started darting around the tree line. Slowly Gambler rose to his feet, making sure not to make any sudden movements.

“My name is Jean Luc LeBeau, and I come in peace”

In a flash, a circle of torches lit up around Gambler. Several cloaked and hooded figures stood absolutely still, before one emerged from the background.

Ohhhh we are well aware of who you are traitor. Tis truly a foolish act to seek us out.

“I have no wish to fight you. I only mean to talk to your leader. I invoke the 9th law of the Guilds set forth by my great grandfather Pierre Lafayette.”

The cloaked assassins looked around at one another and whispered.

Very well traitor. But rest assured, your death warrant has been signed, sealed, and after you’ve talked to the council, it will be delivered.

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Kain saw her resistance; he saw something inside her, some conflict inside her. He knew not what it was however he would see to it that he would figure it out. He nodded at her question but barely had the strength. Kain stood up, clasping his wounds as he ran his fingers along the scars. Each step felt like a mile, each breath felt like an eternity, and the hunger was more intense than ever. Kain finally arrived at his bed and lay down in it. He covered himself with the soft saten sheets. He looked at Kiara and Chameleone in an almost submissive manner. He spoke to them telepathically using the last of his strength, however when he spoke, he directed certain messages to each one.

“Kiara, this is strictly between us, nobody can know of this. I thank you, for sacrificing yourself, for risking becoming food for me and putting your life in my hands. Thank you Kiara, and I will forever be in your debt. I give you my word” Kain immediately focused his attention on Daniel, the victim of his madness. “Danny, I know I’m in no position to ask you for anything, however this is a task I cannot trust any others with aside from yourself. I’m still low on blood, you know this, and you also know that being a vampire I have a need for blood. I need you to find me prey. I need to find somebody, or something to feast on. Please, I have not the energy to find prey and feed, my dear friend, bring me food.”

The vampire fell back on his bed, his eyes staring at the ceiling, as he contemplated certain things. Why was it he cared not for Jill’s death? Why is that Nightmare was so powerful and able to penetrate the mental shielding Kain created? Another question was what happened to Sariaf’ca and if she was ok? Kain couldn’t even muster the power to go visit her due to his lack of blood. The most relevant question in his mind was why did Kiara strike him so much, what was it that made him focus on her? Kain was too tired to focus too much so he merely attempted to wipe his mind.

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The blood from Kain’s open wounds, had soaked through the wood into the floor below. He was miserable, Danny could tell. As Kiara let Kain suck her own blood, Danny was about to offer his help, but he knew it would be in vain. His blood would do nothing more than poison his vampire friend. There was something between the two of them. Danny watched Kain’s blatant advances on her. It made him angry, but he also pitied him. His wife had just been killed and he had been through a lot. He helped Kain get back on his bed. Hopefully Kiara’s blood would sustain him. He heard a voice in his head. It was Kain speaking to him telepathically. He would have to find Kain a victim to keep him alive, but he wouldn’t know where to look. There was only one person who could help him right now….Kiara.

“Kiara, if we are to keep Kain alive, we need to get him blood now. Will you help me?” Danny stood there waiting for her response.

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Kiara helped Kain to his feet and then continued to stay by his side as he made his way to his bed. She felt terrible for him, she had cause some of his injuries and this bothered her now. When he had reached the bed and was in it safely she stood and just stared at him, wandering why he had not drained her of every last drop of blood. And then something strange happened. His voice filled her head and she started for a brief moment. But eventually she just listened. She placed her hand on his arm and nodded to him, "Rest now. Your secret is safe."

She turned from him then and moved towards Danny. She could tell that he was getting orders or something from Kain. She waited patiently, prepared to catch up with him and see what had occured after the battle with Kain. But then he turned to her and spoke. She smiled and nodded, "If we can get to the city in a timely manner I can assure you that we will find something. There are many homeless and prostitutes there, some who will not be missed. But I fear your friend will need it before the day is done. We must hurry."