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Kiara stayed to the back of the group as they traveled towards the Home of the Thieves Guild. She wasnt much for group activities, but she figured since there was nothing else for her to do, she'd tag along. As they traveled she tried to imprint the surrounding are into her mind. But after awhile it got boring. It was one thing she hated about this part of the country, everything looked the same. That and the god awful heat. She removed her jacket and tossed it over her shoulder, and kept trudging on after the others.

After a good bit of walkign they reached their destination. It looked like a shadow in the mist at first, but as they drew closer, the Headquarters for the Theives Guild was revealed. It was a magnificant building. Reminding her of a time long ago when she had been happy. A creeping sadness washed over her but she brushed it off as the introductions were made. She watched the group dissipate and followed her appointed guide into the house. Her face remained passive as they walked through the interior of the home and up a flight of stairs. Her stoic demeanor not once wavered until she entered her room and the door was securely shut behind her. She looked around, tossing her jacket onto the large four poster bed that seemed to dominate the room, she made her way to the window and moved aside the heavy curtians that hid it. Looking out over the grounds she decided now was as good a time as any to explore. She turned from the window and started towards the door, only to be stopped in her tracks by something in the corner. She groaned and grabbed her jacket from the bed and threw it over a large floor length mirror. Then without a glance backwards she exited, intent on getting the scoop on everyone here.

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Bludhound crouched at the edge of the swamp. A long gold chain ran from his neck to his master’s hand. Behind him, a squad of 30 Arcadians and 20 Vampires lingered, waiting to be set lose. Cassander knelt down slowly next to the feral beast and whispered.

Find them

With a quick flick of his thumb, the latch connecting Bludhound’s collar was opened and the chain fell to the ground. Bludhound shot out into the bayou with blinding speed, the small band of Arcdians and Vampires behind him trying to keep pace. The wild beast cut threw the swamp with ease, dashing left, then right, never losing the trail, never losing the scent. Soon he would lead his force straight to the doorstep of the Thieves Guild, and then heaven help them.

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Kain had awoken from his slumber, to go meet with Crow. Midnight was soon upon him. He left his gorgeous alone to dream her dreams of peace and times without war and where she could remain in the mighty Kain’s arms. He too desired the days where he can remain home, carefree and set free from his shackles. He brushed his self-proclaimed ‘silly’ desires aside and continued getting dressed. He put on a pair of black jeans, some boots and an open shirt. He had much to speak with Crow about; Sariaf’ca, and this threat that she was needed for in specific. This was not the time for secrets, not the time for ignorance. This was the time for strategy, bloodlust and no mercy.

The vampire navigated through the hallways of the Thieves Guild with his mind racing a million miles per second. Although the Scion of darkness and light often gave the impression of being a cool-headed individual, the cranks and gears in his mind were constantly turning, analyzing everything that came his way. This was both his ultimate strength, and his greatest flaw. It was his strength because he usually knew what to do and how to counter anything that would disrupt the original plan, and he was always prepared. However it was also a flaw because his constant thinking would drive the vampire mad. He glided along the marble floors looking at the paintings of founding fathers of the guild.

The vampire made it to the courtyard, the woods swallowing the empty space. The vampire spotted a clearing in the forest that surrounded the courtyard. The view of several lightning bugs flying around courting for each other was in plain sight. It was a magnificent sight that was almost impossible to see. His eyes focused on the bugs, his mind at ease for the first time in a while. Kain smiled at the illuminated beauty.

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Danny had no idea who this woman was, and why she was here, but he intended to find out. He saw Kiara exiting her room. He camouflaged himself and followed her to the end of the hall. She had noticed him. There was no point in hiding anymore. He made himself visible to her, and they both stared into each others eyes. She was obviously startled by his appearance, but by this time in his life, Danny had gotten used to stares. He didn’t know how to explain why he was following her, and he was fairly certain he didn’t know the real reason either. There was something different about this woman, something that made him feel at peace.

“Uh, hi I’m Danny… I uh, I don’t think we’ve met.”

He extended a green hand to her. Meeting someone new was just what he needed after the death of his mentor, Darkchild. But meeting new people was not easy for a man who was also half lizard. He was surprised at how nervous he was trying to talk to this woman.

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Kiara sensed a presence near by as she left the solitude of her room. It wasn't a presence to fear so she simply blocked it out of her memory unti she came face to face with the being himself. She eyed him with scrutiny at first, sensed out his inner workings, and when she had deemed him worthy enough of her time she gave him her attention. It wasn't until she let her guard drop slightly that she noticed the deep saddness of this boy in front of her. The man, Darkchild had ment a great deal to him, that she had over heard during the funeral. She offered him a small sad smile.

"I'm Kiara, Danny. Its very nice to meet you."

She took his hand and shook it firmly. Noting the slight tremble of his blood. Her smile widened, "Do you know your way around this place? I was going to explore it alone, but perhaps you would like to be my escort. I feel a dark evil brewing, perhaps it best we travel in groups." She released his hand and then ran her own through her dark curls, waiting for his answer.

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"this wont work, I have no where to turn, I spent the last of my money trying to get close to that kid, Trying to get back at him", Arrow was walking back and forth in his cheap motel room, It was all he needed, The plan had back fired and nothing seemed to be going his way, Then

"Let them see what they fear, Let them see me" Arrow looked round the room, Nothing but him, His hand was on his knife, Looking back and forth he saw no one, " I SAID LET ME OUT" The voice dropped arrow to his kness, Blood was coming from his ears, "You are weak, Luna and Wanda are dead because of your WEAKNESS, I would have killed them all, The grounds would now be following in a sea of their blood".

Staggering to his feet he pulled himself onto the bed and looked in the mirror, The face looking back at him had a sicking smile and eyes that chilled him to the soul, It was him the other side, His top hat held high and the stench of death all over him,"No i beat you your gone" Arrow pushed up now standing face to face with the mirrior "YOU BEAT ME, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA"

O god not the laugh no, It almost dropped him again "O yes the laugh, Dont forget im in here as well" Arrows hand moved of it's own acord and tapped his head, "Get out , I dont need you anymore", The smile left the mirriors face, It lept for him in a wave of shadow and pain, Arrow lay on the floor fighting himself, Then it stopped he had gained control but for how long!

Sickness burned at the back of his throat, tears filled his eyes, He needed help but Wanda was gone and there was only one other magic user on Arrows level Pappa Voddo, "I must seek his help to contain him, He owes me it is time I collected", Grabbing his stuff arrow set out into the night to find his last hope.

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Crow walked across the Thief’s camp, now wanting to waste anytime in hearing what Kain had to say. Although he barely knew the Vampire, he felt he could be trusted. He had seen his undying loyalty to Maelstrom first hand during the Guild Wars and regarded him as an older brother type.

Passing underneath the old entrance to the courtyard, he spotted Kain already awaiting his arrival. The courtyard had been on of three sacred meeting grounds for the Guilds in the early years. It was considered a neutral site, and there for no blood had ever been spilled on this sacred spot. Taking a seat on one of the cement slabs and pulling an apple from his backpack, Crow asked Kain,

“So brother, what be so important eh?”

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Danny was relieved when she shook his hand back, his entire life he had been ridiculed because he looked different. It was nice to have somebody that could look past such trivial things and see the inside of a man. He was still in shock of her reaction. She was a strong woman he could tell. Her grip was extremely firm on his trembling hand, and he could feel his blood rush through his veins as if someone had opened the flood gates to a dam.

“I don’t quite know my way around. I have never been to this guild before, but if you would like to travel in pairs I would be happy to.” Said Chameleone as he watched Kiara run her fingers through her curly black hair. And with that the two walked down the hall to find the scoop on what exactly was going on.

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It had been a long night investigating his surroundings,looking for clues to questions he knew wouldnt be answered,he spotted Crow approach Kain in the courtyard,his last destination for sniffing out clues.He didnt want to approach the two unless he felt he had to so he lept into a tree and watched on as Crow pulled out a crisp apple from his pack.

“So brother, what be so important eh?”

Akira just listened for the response.He was curious to hear the answer,hoping it would give something away,maybe even an ulterior motive.

Theyll say something i can use

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The meeting had been a short one. And she was both glad and troubled by it. What was spoken had really caused much worry in the Alien warrior. She knew what had to be done. She had to see this for herself. Already the could feel the dread creep up against her skin and concern washed over her soft features. Her brothers and sisters were risking their lives. Who knew how many of the Thieves Guild had already fell during such a sudden and surprise attack. Why hadn't she be contacted earlier.

While it seemed everyone here was glad to have her back, she felt like a failure and quite useless as Leader of this fair guild. Yet she neither showed or spoke of her doubts. She listened and put on a warriors unreadable face. She could not show emotions even amidst her brethren, she feared her truest emotions would seep from her. She gave Crow a thankful smile as the meeting came to a close. They still had much to speak about but it would be left for another day. Now her concern was somewhere else.

With a stride of a fearless warrior she marched from the private meetings and towards the sounds of the church bells. She wanted to be with Jean, she wanted to make sure he was alright. Some would say she wore her heart on her sleeve and it was true, but only when it came to her family. As she passed by the throngs of Thieves that had begun to gather and place food across long tables laden in candles and old chinawaer she looked about hoping to get a glimpse of the only Cajun who caused such a flurry of emotions in one go.

"I don't see him...." She spoke sadly and moved passed more of her brethren. Every now and again she stopped to say hello and catch up with the guild members she had become closest too but even they had to realize her thoughts were elsewhere. She had not found him outside. And with concern she entered into the beautiful architecture of the Thieves Guild home. She strode across one of the staircases,the beautiful spiral-like stairs on the far right of the home. She took each step decisively. She would investigate the areas spoken....whether or not she spoke to her husband before hand.

The floors creaked softly, she had no need to stealth or silence and down the long hallway she walked towards, hoping that Jean had been led to the quarters she had housed herself up during Phantom's funeral. She pushed the door open and took a breath.

"Jean?" She spoke with both love and worry. A wife's gentle words.

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Kain was lost in the hypnotic spell of the lightning bugs, his mind at ease. Suddenly he heard a voice, a familiar voice. It was Crow, and he finally arrived. Kain turned around slowly, examining Crow. He could tell there was much on his mind. This would not be an easy issue to resolve, or an easy topic to talk about. The vampire walked over to Crow, pulling up a stone slap with his telekinesis to sit on, along with another slab to use as a table. He leaned against it and looked into Crow’s eyes, showing him as much respect as he deserved which was a level not many ever met. The vampire cleared his throat before beginning to speak with his fellow thief.

“Listen to me now Crow. This is a time of war, do you hear me, a time of WAR. You cannot lie to me and you cannot hide any information from me Crow. If you expect us to have any chance at all against this menace, I have to know what we’re fighting, how many and how many men we’ve lost. I need to know our weapons available, their weaknesses, and everything else. All details are necessary at this time brother. I used to lead an army for Gambler in the Hellfire club. Our army was undefeated due to my ability to plan and strategize. Tell me everything Crow, including how Sariaf’ca fits into this insanity aside from being your leader. I can smell when you’re lying, don’t forget that. Now speak to me.”

Kain placed his hand on the stone slab and was tapping it with his claws, anticipating Crow’s response. He ran a list of possibilities down in the computer of his mind. Could it be the Bahstein? Or perhaps Raikon, the tyrant who took over Kain’s home world of Variis was behind this. But he couldn’t be… could he? Kain’s mind was filled with possibilities, each thought more likely and more threatening the last. However everything kept coming back to Raikon. Kain had no idea what to expect exactly. He continued to wait patiently as he awaited his brother’s response to his questions.

However, at that moment, Kain smelled a spy. He wouldn't make any sudden movements he would inform Crow of what happened telapathically and give him further instructions.

"Listen to me Crow, before you answer me, you must know, there is a spy here. I know how sacred this ground is so I will not kill him. Here's what we must do. Talk to me to telapathically. He won't know what we're talking about and we'll still be able to continue this discussion."

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Akira lept from his hiding place and landed right between the two,dust flew up as he hit the ground.He stood back up then glanced at Kain then turned his eyes towards Crow.He backed up slightly then spoke with an ominous tone.

Do i not have a right to know of these beats aswell?It seems as if it was meant to be hidden,i hope that isnt the case

He was looking at Crow when speaking but he spoke as if he was directing at Kain for trying to hide the fact that he was there.He pulled out the necklace he found back at the bayou which had been giving him visions of past lives,snd hidden treasures.

Besides...i found this

He showed the two men the golden amulet that was in the shape of a crescent.

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Gambler was finally sobering up. Using his staff to steady himself, he disappeared off into the bayou while the others were celebrating or planning for the war to come. He resented it all, the Guilds, there ways, his father, the codes, the constant fighting for control. He had been raised in it, he had single handedly destroyed a Guild before his 16th birthday, he had killed more Thieves and Arcadians then he could remember, his father had made sure of that. But still everything he had was due to where he had came from, he was an Assassin, born an raised. But now he had to be more. It was no longer simply his live he had to worry about. No longer was it about the Thieves Guild, not the Assassins Guild. Not the numerous teams he had formed, not the Hellfire Club. No, now it was all about his family. His family would come first, above all else he would be the man his father was incapable of being.

As starred up at the moon, reflecting on the man he was to become, something caught his attention. Turning around, he saw Bludhound crouched and waiting to strike. His body moving up and down with each breath, drool dripping from his mouth. A closer look reveled shadowy figures darting back and forth behind the savage creature. Without hesitation, Gambler flicked his wrist instantly holding five kinetically charged cards. Instead of firing them at his enemy, he flung them as high up into the night air as he could, and as the cleared the tree line, they exploded. Gambler knew his friends would see this, and the Guild would be alerted to thee approaching danger. Looking back at Bludhound, the crafty Cajun smirked,

“Tis your move, beautiful”

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Her thoughts barely registered. There was no one in the room. But just as she made the discovery her eyes traveled elsewhere. In the night sky she could see it. Flashes of light. Familiar. Very familiar. And she gasped. Without another thought she barreled down the stairs and to the outside of the Guild home and took flight. Immediately the other Thieves took notice and began to set their eyes to the direction of the lights.

Sariaf'ca rushed with as much speed as she could muster, her heart blasting across her chest. He had to be alright, he wouldn't have been able to send those cards flying if he was seriously injured. As she flew with the speed of a falling star she mumbled to herself. "I'm going to kill that Cajun. And then I'm going to make him give me a damn foot massage." She grumbled and flew lower, mist covering herself and the signature contrail that she left behind.

She descended towards the trees. She became one with the nature and the mist that had begun to spread across the area to cover her tracks. She jumped off to a nearby branch as silent as possible and began to jump the branches. She was now like the night, silent and dark. Nothing wold get pass her, especially now in the bayou so close to the guild. She was now an extension of this land and her grace moving along the landscape showed as much.

Slowly she came closer to the event horizon of where the cards were thrown in the air. In the darkness, her enhanced eyes could stare at two figures. One was quite hairy and savage-like. And the other was Jean. She dropped down, barely making a thud and moved forward. Her body was bent down low and the mist had all but disappeared from around her. She watched silently and heard the sounds of bushes rustling in a wind that did not blow. They were not alone. She moved to the side towards Jean, only to see a figure in black holding something within their hands, it turned, no doubt having heard her, or something close by.

Slowly she crept and came close to the ground, the dark creature moved forward towards her. They were no longer concerned with stealth as it brandished a shiny dagger. He swung to the air just over her head. She watched silently, another swing of their arm. And then another, but this time Sariaf'ca caught it and twisted the wrist back. He gurgled about to release a scream but she quickly placed a hand over his mouth and moved forward. The person struggled but she held a firm grip against the broken wrist and even went further to twist the shoulder out of it's socket. He howled under his muffled mouth.

"Who are you?" She asked and slowly removed her hand, but the man only laughed. She asked again. "Who are you and why are you here?" Once again the man just jeered at her. The orange beauty clenched her teeth and threw him forward, he was now in the same spot that held Jean and the hairy one in open view. She stepped forward and as she did so, the man whom she'd just bested moved forward, dagger at hand and trying to swing at her. She moved to the side, but still part of the sharp blade grazed across her cheek causing a minuscule amount of blood.

"You dare strike me..." She growled and sent a hard left hook forward, catching the man by surprise against the face, body flinging upward and then barreling back down to the earth. At the same time Sariaf'ca moved next to Jean and looked at their "new friend". Something big was happening, and she couldn't shake off the feeling that this was the beginning.

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He saw Akira drop down and as a reflex Kain jumped back, and spread his wings while simultaneously opening a doorway into the dark realm to summon on his blades which came out immediately. He grasped them tightly and charged them with the contrasting energy forces. His massive mouth opened as he took a classic intimidating vampiric stance. He noticed it was Akira who came down and glared at him. He held his blade close to Akira’s throat, sending darkness through the dark blade.

“Don’t you dare do that again do you understand me? I’ll kill you if do. This time, I’m being nice. I do not enjoy being startled, and I do not enjoy people spying on me. I should kill you right now you untrustworthy little sh-”

The vampire saw the lights of Gambler’s exploding cards in the hand. He recognized that has a distress call. Something was happening and some unknown force was attacking him in the shadows of the Guild. Kain hushed everybody while smelling the air. He smelled who was attacking. The offenders were members his own race. Vampires. He grabbed the other two with his tails while rushing towards Gambler’s position. At the same time, he screamed at the top of his lungs.


The vampire was enraged because he was caught off guard not only once, but twice. This was not good. Somebody had magic that could shield themselves from his senses. Akira was the first one on his hit list because he was the number one suspect. Kain was prepared to combat the attackers and defend his family.

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Crow listened as the Vampire thundered away with his list of demands.

“Tis not my first rodeo cowboy, have a little faith. I respect your wisdom Kain, don’t get me wrong, I do. But we Thieves, we don’t fight with a coordinated effort. Tis hard to explain no. You may dhink of it as a…..sort of telepathic link during combat. We are where we need to be, when we need to be dhere. Not because it twas planned, but because we just know. Organized Chaos comes to mind. Are weapons are but simple ones. Dagger’s, Knives, Swords, Staff’s, are own Kinetic energy. Dees is what we fight wit. As far as Maelstrom is concerned, I could not tell you dis which you desire. Twas not I who made her Guild, twas my master, and dats a secret he took to dee grave no” he chuckled.

Suddenly a shadow had descended upon them. Crow didn’t think, his instincts took over and immediately went into a backhand spring, dual boomerangs in his hands ready to fly.

“Tis not wise to sneak around dee’s parts friend.” He said angerly as he re-holstered his weapons.

Just as he was about to continue, a flash of purple and pink energy ignited the dark sky just East of the camp.


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Kiara moved through the house with her new companion. They explored the inside for a bit and then moved to the outside. She could hear the sounds of the Theives and their celebrations. She shook her head and then turned when she felt something creeping towards them in the darkness. She sighed, she knew what was coming, could sense the blood thirsty dogs and there intent to kill. She turned to Danny and smiled sadly, "I fear this must be cut short. I have enjoyed your company, thank you for bestowing it upon me. Now I must leave you." She bowed to him slightly and then turned and flew across the grounds and back into the house. There was something in her room she needed before she endured the battle that was to come.

Entering her room she ran straight for the mirror and her jacket. Deep in the pockets she found what she was looking for. She quickly doned the necklace that had been given to her by a lost love and jsut as quickly as she entered she disappeared. She took the stairs three at a time and flew through the front door. She stopped for a moment, teetering on the edge of the mist. She had seen a brief flash of light through the mist and strained to sense what was out there. She could feel Sariaf'ca's presence amongst the mist. She debated only for a moment on following. Afterall it wasnt her battle just yet. But the inner hatred she had for Vampires propelled her through the mists. She could smell there putrid breaths as they moved among the mists. It was a planned ambush, that had apparently gone awry. She pushed her hands into her hair as she moved forward, pulling it into a tight pony tail, letting the curls cascade along her back. She was now fully prepared for battle, she just had to reach the side of her friend to fully know what was to come.

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Akira followed closely behind heading towards the flashing lights,he knew it was time to for action and paced himself well for a moment like this.He unholstered his throwing daggers and first site of a Vampire staked them with persision aim and force.Yet another Vampire stalked him from ehind only to be cut to pieces with his Kris Dagger.The Vampire blew into ashes.

Easy enough

More flowed from the crevaces of the dark woods and trees,soon enough they surrounded Akira,he continued the fight with a dagger to the farthest vampire,then lept into the air slashing down on another,the blood sprayed from its head.

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Bludhound had done his job well. It had not taken him long to track down the Thieves camp and unleash a waive of Arcadian and Vampire fury. The feral beast lay ready to strike, his muscles tightening and coiling up like a spring.

“Make your jokes Cajun. We see how funny you are as I chew threw your bones like butter.”

But before he could strike, a fiery blaze landed next to Gambler.

“This must be the whore of the Thieves Guild. Good, I’m hungry.”

Leaning back and lifting his head to the air, Bludhound let out an ear defining howl.

“Soon, your Guild will be over run with Vampires. This is the end of the Guilds.”

And with that he leapt with blinding speed, charging straight for Maelstrom, his metal claws reflecting the moon. First he slashed for the leader of the Thieves, before whirling around and slashing at Gambler.

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"Whore?" She repeated with a smirk across her face. She'd show him what a "whore" could do. How dare he speak of her guild like that. And even worse, how dare he become to overconfident with his skills. Jean would kick his ass up and down that bayou before this "wolverine" knew what hit him. She bent her left leg and put her defenses up. Anytime someone mouthed off, they would always attack moments later. It was a fool's creed she had seen more than once in her lifetime.

Bludhound moved for her and she stepped back. She heard a distinct "snikt" sound and watched metal claw come from his hands. His run was made for her direction, and she quickly spun to her side, inches closer to Jean, barely missing the claws across her face. Unfortunately the bastard managed to cut off a few strands of her hair.

She used the brief adrenaline that was building in her body and sent a forceful front kick towards the abdomen of the little wolverine. Not sure of what, or even if she struck, she used a brief contact with something solid against her foot as a springboard and jumped backward, landing 2 feet from Bludhound and Jean. She paused for only a moment, to give her husband time enough to cut loose and then rushed forward. Both her hands fisted and sending round after round of punches towards her opponent, Bludhound. At the same time, she became painfully aware that those in the shadows were now filing out of their hiding places and coming forward. Not two or three either. But a few dozen. Just peachy.

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It was all happening in slow motion. Vampires and Arcadians descended upon the camp with a vengeance. Crow raced back as fast as he could, rolling under one Vampire, flipping over an Arcadian. He had to get back, he had to stand with his people. Again he spun around another attack, then cartwheeled past another. Smoke was lifting up into the night sky. The camp was burning in areas, while the brave men and women of the Thieves Guild stood there ground and fought. Already bodies were starting to cover the earth.

In the distance two Thieves stood, separated from there brothers in arms, but still they fought bravely. One spun around twirling his sword and thrusting it into the mid section of an Arcadian, while his brother spun the opposite direction, using his shield to protect his brother’s back from a charging Vampire. But soon they were over run, and cut down.

All around the camp, the sound of battle played loud. Metal on metal, flesh against flesh. Arrows flew threw thee air, spears whizzed passed with precision aim. Crow unleashed two boomerangs that in-circled the camp, claiming the heads of several Vampires, there bodies turning to dust and blowing away in the wind. Crow’s weapons returned to his gloved hands with lightning speed, but as they did, the cold steel of an Arcadian sword glanced his neck. The wound was deep, but not fatal. Dropping down to one knee, Crow rolled under thee Arcadian’s second attack coming up behind him. In one quick motion, the young Thief kicked out the back of his enemies knee dropping him instantly. And as the Cajun plunged a near by spear down into the Arcadian, he couldn’t help but wonder, if this was the end.

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As she moved silently through the mist her skin craweled with the anticipation of what was to come. She could feel the creatures in the mist. Feel their breaths brush across her skin. What was coming wasnt going to be pretty. She knew she had her work cut out for her, as well as everyone else. But she knew in the end they would over come. Her eyes flashed crimson for a moment as her inner demon fought to get out. she tamped it down, "It's not time for that just yet."

Kiara only traveled a few steps forward before she stopped. It was time to let the predator become the prey. She stood with her arms braced on the hilt of the sword that seemed to appear out of no where on her hip. Oh how she loved having that special power. She grinned as a shadow loomed towards her, its rasping breath giving away its location. But still she stood unafraid of it and its putrid presence. This creature being a vampire she knew exactly how to take it on. Knew that it would be a slight bit of a challenge but she had faith in herself. The creature moved out of the mist and into her sight. It stared at her and she gave it a sickeningly sweet smile, "Hello Doll, did you come to take me away from this frightful place." The vampire stared and seemed to be entranced by her. But only for a moment.

Yes my sweet that is exactly what I aim to do. Just after I leave my mark upon your pretty little neck.

Kiara snorted, "Yeah that will happen just after I rip your dick off and make you eat it."

The vampires face contorted with anger and lunged at her, but quickly Kiara darted out of its reach and threw a kick into its back. She stared down at it, "Still wanna take me home to meet the parents?" The creature jumped to its feet in a quick and fluid movement, throwing a low kick her way and knocking her off balance. She hit the ground hard and then bounced up and stared at the Vampire, "You'd hit a lady?" With that the battle was one, blow after blow, they went at it, unaware of the chaos that was going on around them.

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Kain broke through the wall behind the hairy beast. He saw the insanity going on and saw as vampire forces emerged from the darkness and the shadows of the forest. They all came out firing at Kain, telekinetic blasts barely dodging him. The vampire spotted one of the enemies jump down from a tree and try to land on him. He sent one of his lightening bolts at the invader, sending him into another vampire, which killed both of them due to the high voltage of the lightening bolt. Being that Kain stopped to electrify that Arcadian, a series of telekinetic blasts sent him through the wall, into the otherside of the guild where Gambler and Sariaf’ca were. He stood up and started dusting himself off. He looked around the surrounding area and saw as more beasts filed in. Kain created chains around his swords and began swinging wildly like an interpretive dancer. His movements were surgically executed as he began slicing through the Vampires and Arcadians. He spotted Gambler and Sariaf’ca fighting the fuzz ball. He was about to make a comment until he was bombarded with more telekinetic blasts. He opened the dark realm and sent them out the other side sending.

“What the hell happened? Why are these things attacking us? What the hell!? Sariaf’ca, Gambler, get the hell outta here, I’ll handle these things, and you need to escape. Don’t argue with me and MOVE!”

The Arcadians and Vampires were running to Kain at incredible speeds. Kain was able to keep up with his brethren but they weren’t pure, they were turned. Blades were flying as blood was filling everything. He was using his two blades to merely defend himself, at least he had his tails which were helping him do some damage from severing heads, to tearing enemies in half. Two vampires kicked Kain in the back and sent him back outside to the other side where he was overwhelmed with enemies. In a blast of rage, Kain unleashed a small shockwave of darkness and light in the surrounding area. He was able to get out of the way and fly towards Jill who was in her room still sleeping. He burst through the wall, waking her up with out stopping for anything.

“Jill, wake up and get dressed, grab your belongings, we’ve got to get out of here before anything happens to us, c’mon let’s go today!”


“But nothing Jill, shut up and get out, I won’t lose you, not now! Hurry up and f*cking leave! I’ll hold them off, find Gambler and Sariaf’ca, from there you need to find that Kiara woman, and the lizard, now go!”

Jill hurried along and left, she followed Kain’s orders and found Gambler with Sariaf’ca. She would stick by them as Kain ordered her to. He had his own problems to worry about. A massive fireball was sent at the guild by a small group of Arcadians. The flaming sphere was caught in Kain’s massive hand. He used the momentum of the ball to spin and launch it back at the attackers. There were still many Vampires and Arcadians. Kain had to hold them off for as long as possible. He couldn’t be everywhere at once, which was an issue. Kain flew down to attack a Vampire, however he was being attacked by overwhelming numbers of vampires, and even in unbelievable odds, Kain continued to fight. He couldn’t unleash his full power because he would kill all those around him, Gambler and Sariaf’ca included.
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The three parties moved with blinding speed. But it soon became very clear who had the upper hand. Maelstrom attacked while Gambler defended, unleashing a flurry of Matrix type maneuvers peppering Bludhound with kicks and punches sending him sliding across the marshy ground. As soon as the wild beast started to get to his feet, he was met with several kinetically charged cards. Before he could react, they impacted against his body and exploded. Bludhound was sent crashing into tree after tree, clearing a long path before splashing down in the swamp. Gambler knew the beast wasn’t dead, but he had bought them enough time to gather themselves.

As the Arcadians and Vampires started to emerge from the shadows, Maelstrom and Gambler inched closer to each other, backs pressed up against one another.

“No matter what happen chere, I promise, we gonna make it threw dis.”

Just then, Kain’s body came crashing threw the tree’s coming to rest next to the ill fated lovers feet. Immediately he was back up, dusting himself off. Gambler paid no attention as Kain barked orders to run and escape. “Escape to were?” thought the Cajun. “Tis why we are here in dee first place.”

Instead Gambler stood by his wife, and continued to go toe to toe with the enemy. They moved together, as if joined at the hip. It wasn’t a series of attacks and counter attacks, more like one long continuous movement of punches, blocks, kicks, and reverses. The style and grace in which these moves were performed was simply breath taking. Wave after wave of Arcadians crashed and broke on the two lovers.

There bravery and courage giving other’s the inspiration to fight on. With there number’s rapidly decreasing, many Arcadians fled, leaving only a small number of Vampire’s left. The Thieves Guild had truly earned there reputation this night.

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Blue hues watched silently from the dark covered brushes of the bayou. In their silent and undisturbed spot they watched and heard the action that surrounded the area. The sounds of fangs penetrating skin. Just as metal penetrated skin in it's own right. The sounds both music and noise to her ears. Fangs exposed she watched the action before her.

Two lovers. Husband and Wife fighting "valiantly" and in unison. It would have been beautiful too any who watched with a heart, luckily, hers was cold and cruel to really care. Though what did interest her was the knowledge of the two lovers. Married, yet belonging to rival guilds, how fascinating. She wondered how the Cajun's guild would react to their now "leader" patronizing with the enemy. Lips curled into a malevolent smile as her mind raced within milliseconds with several scenerios, still the blonde haired goddess watched.

"I'm going to enjoy feasting from you pretty orange one." Victoire spoke softly to herself. And watched as what little of the vampire forces came rushing towards the two lovers and another who'd just arrived. Her eyes focused on the massive figure with interest. "The Vampire..." She whispered. Eyes studying his physique and matching up his power levels. He was going to be tough but she and Cassander had faced powerful foes before and always managed a way to win with their cunning.

Slowly the action died down. It seemed as if Jean and Sariaf'ca had won this battle. Bludhound failed and for that he would be punished. She flicked her hands and long talon-like nails grew lager in size. She stepped from the shadow of the brushes and moved to a vampire who was close-by. One of the "lucky" survivors no doubt. She came behind him and whispered. "You are weak.... and for that... you must pay..." And with no remorse the dark goddes plunged her hand deep within the Vampire's chest and pulled out his heart. The way the Vamp looked at her. The terror in his eyes as he realized he would die soon. Victoire relished in the moment.

"Ahh, even the hearts of our kind beats. Although, yours beats with impure blood. You are not Pureblood. You are not fierce. And you do not possess a warriors heart. For that, you are condemned to death." And Victoire brought the heart close to her lips and let her fangs plunge into the organ of the undead, quickly removing her fangs from it. Blood splattered from it and dripped on the ground. Her palm slowly enclosing around it as she crushed it and threw it on the ground. Soon the Vampire who had once owned it fell beside it.

As the Vampiress turned her head back to the scene that held Jean, Kain, and Sariaf'ca, she could see a throng of the surviving Thieves Guild come towards their "saviors". Many were injured but still they regaled in this temporary victory. Victoire just stood, a dark smile cutting across her face.

"Relish this victory..." She spoke letting her voice cut through the patch of land that held her and her enemies. "...For your deaths await you when the moon becomes full and the ghosts of Nawlins come to take you into ghostly lands of their ancestors. You will never leave this city with life. And you Leader of the Thieves Guild. I will enjoy feeding from you and making you into my slave. I'm sure even my lover would enjoy your company. And you traitorous Vampire.... you will pay..." Victoire turned her back and descended away from the area but not before she spoke one last word that would reach the ears of the enemies. "....And you red and black eyed Cajun... will pay for your past crimes." And the Golden Haired Vampiric Goddess faded into the chilly night.

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Kiara stumbled away from her foe for a moment. Trying to regain a bit of the energy she lost with the battle. He was more formidable then she had believed. He seemed to have a counter attack for every attack she had. But she wasn't going to let that bring her down at all. She wasn't called Dark Demoness for nothing. She wondered if it was time for her to unleash her inner demon. But decided that it wasn't yet time. She took in a deep breath as her foe approached her. She did a back flip to avoid the sword he was now weilding. She tsked at him and shook her finger, "Now thats not very nice. You should warn a girl before you pull out your blade. Lets see if mine is bigger." She grinned and pulled her Katana from its sheath. Its blade gleamed in the light. She ran a finger across it, her blood dripping along the length of the blade, "A good strong sword always gets my blood pumping. Maybe we should take this else where." She grinned and lunged at him, bringing her sword down against his.

The blades sparked as they met and the force of the blow sent her cart wheeling backwards. She landed in a crouched position her right leg threw out to her side as well as her left arm, her blade clutched firmly in her left hand. She winked at the vampire then in a fluent motion she had launched herself high above his head, her inner demon forcing its way out. Her hair turned to blue flame and her eyes grew dark as she disposed of the vampire quickly. She licked the blade of her sword as the vampires blood dripped down it. She heard the battle of the others and turned. She had no idea they had been so close. She broke into a run and stopped momentarily to throw a look in Sariaf'ca's direction. She and her man were locked in battle. She grinned and stared at the battle before her. Her eyes darkened once more, and her hair danced with blue flame, "This is going to be fun." She stepped into the throng, her true inner power now fully unleashed. The battle was almost won, but her appearance was better late then never.
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A vampire lunged himself at Chameleone, his fangs trying to dig deep into his neck. He would not be turned into one of them, never. The vampire tackled him to the ground. It was amazing how strong even these turned vampires were. It pinned his arms and legs to the ground. The vampire thought he was victorious, his fangs were already dripping with blood. His head lowered to Chameleone's neck. Danny couldn't move his arms or his legs one bit, but there was one more thing he could use. The vampire was so intent on pinning his arms and legs down that he forgot about one of Danny's most useful weapons...his tail. His tail creeped up the vampire's body. He still had not noticed it until it had almost gotten to his neck. A look of surprise came over the vampire's face, and with that Danny gripped the Vampire as hard as he could with his tail. He twisted quickly, but a little too quickly and the Vampire's head was in the grip of his tail, separated from his body. It was the last vampire in the attack, the thieves guild had shown its fighting spirit today. Danny saw Kain's wife, Jill running towards him.

Danny we have to get out of here, my husband will deal with the rest of the vampires. she looked at the bodies of the Arcadians Danny had killed with brute force, and his new powers of darkness DC had given him shortly before his death. The head of the vampire was still clenched in Chameleone's tail. "Come on Jill, i will take you back to your husband." She was frightened, he could tell, but that was easily understandable. They walked through the halls of the guild, stepping over bodies along the way. A few of them were thieves, but most of them were Arcadians. They reached the courtyard where they saw Gambler, Saraif'ca, Kain, and Crow. Chameleone spoke to Kain.

"I think i may have something that belongs to you" and with that Jill ran towards her husband Kain.

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Finally slaying all the vampires around Kain was surrounded with his friends. Sariaf’ca, Chameleone, Gambler and Crow were with him. Dead bodies lay all over the floor. Blood was spilt and they were dealt many casualties in this attempted invasion. The group stood looking at each other and Jill ran to Kain’s arms. He received a lot of damage from those powerful telekinetic powers. His body was badly bruised and he was bleeding from his nose. His shirt was in tatters due to slashes from claws, blades and debris. Kain held onto Jill, he was leaning on her, his wings couldn’t even maintain their normal powerful position, and they were slumped on the floor. His breathing became deep and rapid as he held his ribs. Kain wiped the blood that was dripping from his nose away in a means to clean himself up. He walked to Crow and snarled at him.

“This is why you need to tell me everything. Because when things like this happen, people die! Do you understand me Crow? Our people died because you were too hard headed to listen to me! I should feed on you myself. Get out of my way. Let me get back to my room so I can relax and recuperate.”

Kain left the group, continuing to hold onto ribs as he limped up the stairs to reach his room. He couldn’t understand why Crow didn’t listen to reason. He also wanted to know why hadn’t Crow informed Sariaf’ca and himself of this war earlier. They could’ve saved thousands of lives, and ended this war already. Was Crow a double agent? Was he working with the Arcadians and the guild? Whatever it was Crow was hiding, Kain would unveil his secret, and kill him. This once trustworthy Crow was now an untrustworthy rat, and like all rats, this one had to be exterminated. Kain would be judge, jury and executioner.

On his way upstairs, Kain saw Kiara in some odd transformation. Blue flames covered her hair; he sensed her power and watched as she proved his original theory of her not being a normal human. This vampire she was fighting would be annihilated shortly. He didn’t trust her, and he didn’t like her. He knew they would end up either going at each other’s throats, or killing one another.

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The battle was finally over,Akira steped out of the pool of blood he left behind after killing Vampires and Arcadians.The night light was a greenish by the time the finished,Akira's eyes were the same color.He holstered his throwing daggers back into his wrist gauntlets and lept into the air landing next to Crow.

Now...Kain dosent trust you...or me.Here give him this

Akira handed Crow the Crescent necklace to Crow,before dissapering into the shadows.He was heading towards the nearest Church,there was something he had to do,something he had to get of his chest.Being in Nawlins wasnt the best thing for him,it was bringing out more evil in him every time he engaged in combat,a darkness kept rising in him,perhaps it was the portal that he traveled through to reach th guild,whatever it was he needed to repent.

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The group of friends stood around each other, clothes soaked in blood and dirt, but still they smiled. The Thieves Guild had held off the Arcadian invasion and shown its worth. But the victory was short lived as Kain flew into another one of his rages, accusing Crow of keeping secrets, acting as if there needed to be some massive plan laid out before anyone could move. Crow just there, defiant, his fingers gently taping the tip of his boomerang, waiting for the Vampire to make a move.

When Kain finally stopped and began to walk away, Gambler put his arm around Crow.

Pay no attention to him Bobby. He no understand are ways. He was MADE a member of the Guild, you were BORN a member. Something’s we do, no one understand eh. laughed the Cajun.

Crow smirked and nodded. He had once seen Kain’s over protectiveness of Maelstrom as admirable, but now it was beginning to look more like weakness. She was there leader, his leader. But he had still not accepted that fact. She was a warrior before she came to Earth, before she met any of them. Yet he treated her as if she needed constant protection. Crow had seen Kain bark orders at Maelstrom and Gambler during the fight, a true member of the Guild would never step out of place like that. But instead of letting his anger get the better of him, he began to help his wounded brethren. For now, it was time to re-group, now it was time for some payback.

Suddenly, Akira appeared, wearing his battle scars with honor. He spoke not a word and handed Crow a medaling before disappearing into the shadows. Crow slowly looked down at the necklace.

“It, it cant be. Tis not possible.”

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The apartment was small, but at least they had each other.

Spectrum turned to her,

"Go." She said softly. He smiled, she knew exactly what he was goign to say.

"Thanks" He whispered. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead.

Walking away from her was hard, but walking away from her into a fight was near impossable. Spectrum finally felt completed, he had found his love, Julia.

They lived together in a humble apartment, Washington. It was small, but. like i said, they had each other.

He walked into the bedroom, his suit layed out on the bed. he chuckled,

"You can read me like a book cant you"

He heard footsteps, on the carpet in the other room adn the window slide open,

"Yep, i sure can"

He got into his suit, zipped it up and flew out into the living room. She was waiting at the window for him, she knew thats how he loved to leave, He chuckled againn,

"See you soon," They kissed againn, her standing he floating in the air, and then in a whoosh he was gone. In the disatnce an all to framiliar white light streaked through the skys, she smiled,

"My hero"

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"Come on. I'll help you up." She spoke as she heaved one of the Guild members up around their shoulder. A group of the people had come to their aid with the sudden attack of Bludhound's men. It was an arduous battle but they defeated them. Jean and her worked perfectly with each other. It was the first true, dangerous battle they had fought back to back and she was more confident than ever that no matter what was thrown their way, they would always defeat it.

She re-played the scene in her mind. The perfect fluid motions of their moves. Jean sending his charged cards towards the enemy, while she gave them an extra bit of power with her energy bolts. He would throw a punch, and she would follow up with a kick. He would give a reverse high kick, and she would give a 360 low kick to the descended body. Punches, kicks all in a quiet unison. Truly that had proven that they were beyond just lovers on this night. They were partners who knew the other quite well and they would be a force to be reckoned with from this day forth. The subtle majesty of their united powers faded from her mind as she walked towards the Thieves encampment.

But amidst her trek with her fellow brother she could hear the words exchanged between Kain and Crow and narrowed her eyes in anger. That was it for her. She could no longer stand idly aside and allow this to continue. "Crow." She spoke out to the crafty Cajun youth. "Ignore him. I trust you. The rest of the Guild trusts you. I would lay my life on this trust. I know your heart beats with courage and determination, my friend. And now and forever more, will you be brethren, nay, my friend." Sariaf'ca gave him a soft smile and headed back towards the Guild house.

"Kain" She began a telepathic conversation with her brother. "Back off!" She growled angrily into her brothers mind. "I trust Crow. And your damn mistrust is not appreciated. I don't NEED a savior. I don't need to be protected! I am capable of doing that on my own. And if you have no trust in your fellow brethren than you have NO need to be here. You are NOT leader of this Guild, I AM. And as such I do not appreciate you barking orders to me or Jean, or anyone else! Whether I wished for this role or not, it is now in my hands to see that this Guild survive and become as great as Phantom.... as Caleb.... even as I have foreseen it. So stop this macho act. Stop thinking the weight of the world depends on you. And start acting as a friend... as a brother and put your trust in us." And the female let her mind go silent.

Nearing the light of the Guild grounds, she took a brief gasp and moved slowly. Head bowed low she spoke in her native Frasih'leinese. A prayer for her friends, for her brothers and sisters. A prayer for safe passage into the afterlife. The orange female felt these deaths very close to her heart and while she never uttered a word or even let a tear fall from her face, deep within her soul she wept.

"You will all be avenged." She whispered and came to a stop. Her Cajun friend looked at her with thankful eyes. "Go now, my brother. Go and heal your wounds. And tell Jean... that I will be back soon. And.... that I love him more than words could ever express." And the red-haired female flew off into the night but to where? Only she knew.

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Kain’s eyes were focused on Kiara. He was going to jump in until the back of his mind started ringing. Sariaf’ca was yelling in his mind, not granting him a way to get away from it. So he stood in the doorway listening to her yell at him. He agreed with her although he was upset with her for arguing with him. But they had a different way of seeing things. The vampire had much to say however he lacked the energy to argue with Sariaf’ca. Apparently she didn’t really know him as well he thought. He merely grunted and smiled evilly.

Humph. Apparently she seems to think she’s queen almighty because she’s the leader of this guild. Let her live her illusions. Let these fools follow her to their doom. Obviously she has no need for you Kain. You were only around because you were too much of a fool to listen to yourself before. You should know better than to not get attached to anyone Kain. What were you thinking? It doesn’t matter now though you dumb beast. They dare defy you, than fine. Let them. Stay distant Kain, do not show compassion and only help them when they ask you for help. You and you’re foolish compassion for these lesser beings will be your downfall. Now turn to ice Kain, turn to ice and drown out your heart. Become as dead to them as their families.

Kain’s mind was filling with these thoughts. Rage was absorbing him. That’s when time stopped. Everything around him stopped, the Universe was at a standstill. A large portal into the dark realm opened revealing someone Kain had not wanted to see ever again. Nightmare stood there his eyes looking into Kain’s. A massive set of tendrils grabbed Kain, pulling him in, infecting him with darkness, attempting to remove his position of Scion of Darkness and Light. They tried turning him into Nightmare again however he fought it. He felt the hatred, the ice cold feelings of sorrow and fury. He was slowly turning back until the light blade cut the tendrils, sending them back into the portal. Before the dark realm closed, Nightmare spoke to Kain telepathically, never breaking his gaze.

You know I’m right Kain. You know you don’t wish to be the scion. You know you hate feeling obligated to take care of Sariaf’ca and the others. They’re not your family. They weren’t there for you when you were younger, when Raikon killed your loved ones. I was, the darkness in your heart was around Kain. Nothing and no one else was there for you to defend you. You’ll come back sooner or later. You always do.

Time continued to pass by, everything was normal aside from Kain’s mentality. He felt the darkness again. He was drawn to it to a whole new level. He wanted in again, he lusted for that hate, for the horror in his heart again. Kain continued to watch Kiara as he tried to clear his mind. Was Kain turning into Nightmare again?

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He was back at the grave side in seconds. The rain had eased off, but the sky was dark. He stood looking at it.

It was so small, so dull, unlike its owner.

He knealt down beside it,

"I wasnt there" He stopped to steady himself,

"I wasnt there, at the end. I.....I met Julia, you know, made a family for myself. I..." A ball caught in his throat.

"I w...wasnt there when you needed me most.." His voice faded off into the wind. Two tears rolled down his cheeks, his arms fell, his shoulder slumped.

Walking through the forest he saw the scene that had been created. The trees were still charred and the grass had all but died were some of the more intemse fighting had taken place.

He walked over to an unnaturally bent tree. A silver blade gleamed through one of the branches,

Huh, still there. Time to brush up

He stood in the middle of the clearing and closed his eyes. He breathed in, in thorugh his mouth, out through his nose, in thorugh his mouth, out through his nose.

Centereing himself.

He struck out with his left hand, KEAH

He brought his right leg sweeping up through the air and acroos his body to the right, His body spun around with the kick.

Lifting his hands together he shot a blast of light at a nearby tree.

He flipped up through the air, bringing his heel down sharply into the ground.

Using his foot as his center he vaulted off the ground and tumbled through the air, sweeping his arms out he caught a branch and swung around it, letting go it sent his body flipping through the air, he landed, haunched on his feet.

He stood up with tremendos speed, turning his body, his left hand protuding.

He stood up tall. Eyes closed. The tree groaned, it slid horizontally and fell to the ground cut in half by his light enhanced hands. They glowed by his side.

"Still got it" he smirked.

"Next, powers"

He had been out of the game for a long time, having time with Julia, he needed to train now, to get his game up a notch. He needed to remember what Darkchild had taught him.

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Post Deleted.

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Chameleone stood in the courtyard with the others. He eyed Kain suspiciously. Something wasn't right, he could see it in his eyes. He remembered the days of Nightmare, when Kain had killed hundreds even thousands. Danny began to shake for fear that something like that would happen again. He had to get his mind off just the mere possiblity of such a horrible thing happening again. He had lost so much in his life, he had been rejected, ridiculed, and abandoned by others. Kain and everyone else with him at that moment was part of his family. He wasn't going to lose a member of his family. He saw Kiara standing alone. She was a changed woman, she had gone through a transformation. She was someone that would understand him. He could tell. She was the newest member of the group, but was already as close as a sister. He walked up to her.

"Kiara...I just wanted to thank you...for being so kind to me. That's exactly what i have been needing. I'm going to tell you this because i think i can trust you. Not many people know this but... I was married once. I had a wife and even a child. I loved them very much. They were taken away from me during the incident in Washington DC many months ago. Before he died, Darkchild was the only family i had left, Now that he's gone...." He stopped mid sentence as tears formed in his eyes.

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The battle was over. She had come to the aide of the others a bit late. But if it wasnt like they really needed your help in the first place was it? They could have handled it just fine. But if it wasn't for those damn Vampires and your friendship with Sariaf'ca you would have watched the battle rage from a distance. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath and her mind swimed with those thoughts. Her ebony eyes focused on the scene around her and she knew that what she was doing here was right. Despite the cold feelings that tried to nest in her heart. Still she held her demonic appearance. Her blue flaming hair, her ebony eyes, along with the wounds of this battle. Blood dripped down her arms and across her stomach. Her anger had not fully vanished yet, and it wouldnt for awhile.

Kiara stared at the carnage before her and then turned. Only to catch the eyes of the resident Vampire. She sneered in his direction, "Filthy beasts. You all are the same. Taking life when there is no cause for it." She spit on the ground before her as she looked into the eyes of Kain. Her anger towards him and his race evident. Perhaps if they had met many years ago it would have been different. Perhaps they would have even been friends. But because of a mixture of things, she now despised the race. "Vampires are not worth the ground that we walk on. They should be annihilated. I will make sure of there demise" She let her gaze fall to her blood stained blade and thin flicked the blood from it with a twitch of her wrist. She lifted her gaze once more, "Look away you disgusting beast."

Her anger towards Kain was short lived. Her attention turned to Danny as he approached her. Instantly her demeanor had changed. Something about him brought out her softer side. She looked at him as he spoke, and she could feel her heart swell with sorrow for him. She sheathed her sword and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Darkchild was not your only family Danny. You have family here amongst these people. Whether you see it or not." She smiled at him and then embraced him, "Do not cry for the lost, they will always be with you."

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Shot to the left shot to the right. the trees smoked as he blasted them.

He punched them with light enhanced fists. They burned thorugh the wood leaving vents of smoke and ember.

The stopped to catch his breath.

Staning still he turned he pointed a finger at a nearby branch. A thin white beam of light formed at his finger tip.

It cut clean thorugh the branch and then the tree. Focusing the beam began to engulf his arm and gradually get bigger.

By simply turning his hand, an entire section of the forest fell. He ended the beam, and it faded.

Still standing still he tensed his body. It beagn to glow, hotter and hotter, brighter and brighter. It got harder to control the longer he left it, he released the force.

a massive explosion of light tore across the forest, incinerating all in its path.

He breathed deeply.

Taking his sword from the ground he shot into the air away from the grave away from his past.

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Kain listened to Kiara attack Kain. All day, all he’s been getting is everybody’s grief. The vampire had enough of it. Black energy was taking his body. His body kept fading than going back to normal. However whenever it faded, Nightmare stood in his place. Kain and Nightmare were beginning to switch places. The portal opened up again. The dark tendrils were latching on to Kain again, feeding him the essence of the dark realm. He felt the power coming back to him, he felt Nightmare coming back into him. A black and red aura was surrounding him. His voice sounded as though there were two entities, and his hair went back to being jet black, not his famous black and white. He screamed at Kiara, still weak from the fight, blood was pouring from his eyes in the form of tears. The bruises on his body become visible and glowing. His cuts continued to spill blood all over the floor. He slammed his weapons into the ground to keep them up, however due to him slamming them into the floor, a massive shockwave was caused. He walked towards Kiara, a man possessed.

“You f*cking bitch. You insignificant rat! You call my kind a waste? MY kind! Your kind is nothing but food. Your people wouldn’t be food if they weren’t so weak. My fellow vampires live because we can destroy all who dare to defy us. You and your humans are nothing but cattle to me. You should all die. Disgusting, weak human; but you’re not like them are you? You’re a demon just like me and that kills you doesn’t it? Look at you, you’re flaming and transforming. You’re just like me. Too bad I’m your superior you insect. I should kill you where you are now. But you seem sad my dear, so let me end your misery!”

Kain/Nightmare sent a blast of energy towards Chameleone to get him out of the way. Kiara would die by Kain’s hand, even in his weakened state. He sent his fist out at Kiara in the movement for a punch, while sending his out after her as well.

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Kain was changing, transforming into the monster he had become so long ago. Nightmare had once more revealed himself to the world. His heart was filled with Rage. Danny knew that Kain could not contain Nightmare in his mind forever, it would eventually find a way out, and it did. A blast of energy headed towards Chameleone, he knew Nightmare wanted him to move out of the way so he could get to Kiara. He wasn’t going to let that happen. As the blast of white hot energy neared him it created burn marks on the ground. This blast in particular was extremely powerful. With his superhuman reflexes, Danny could have gotten out of the way, he could have moved and let the blast hit Kiara, but he wasn’t going to let that happen. This attack would weaken Nightmare enough so that, Kiara could take him down. Kiara was a strong woman, stonger than he, and he knew that for the good of humanity everywhere, he would have to take the shot.

The blast entered in his torso and exited out his back. He knew it should hurt, but it didn’t. Every nerve in his body was dead. There was no way he would be able to heal himself from this attack. Danny fell to his knees, then on his face, and closed his eyes.

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Kiara pulled away from the embrace she had started and looked at Danny, "You have family in me. You can count on that, Danny." She smiled until she heard Kain. She looked up to see what was happening with Kain. She forsaw it coming all along. And yet the only thing that bothered her was the White hot energy that was coming her way. She stood still watching it, why wasnt she moving? She wanted to throw Danny to the side and take the blow. But something kept her there. And then the energy collided with Danny and she screamed. A blood curdeling and agonizing scream. Tears formed in her eyes as she looked at Danny. And then in an instant she was engulfed in blue flame. She turned on Kain just as his punch came soaring at her. His fist collided with her jaw and she was sent backwards. She landed hard, but was up again in a matter of moments. Her eyes blazed with black flame as she stared at Kain.

"Your kind just doesnt know when to quit do they. Trying to take everyone's lives from them. And here you took out one of your own friends to attack me. That shows just how traitorous you really are. Your disgusting. Not fit to stand in my presence. A true bottom feeder. You think I am waste? You have never been in the presence of such a high leveled creature. Do not speak to me of being dirt, when truly it is you. Creatures who would kill their own friends just so they can move up in the world. That is why I do not like your kind. Your unworthy of breathing."

She closed her eyes for a moment and raised her hands above her hair, the blood that poured from her wounds looked like crimson rivers through the flame. The ground began to shake as she opened her eyes once more. And in an instant she had launched herself in the air, her sword unsheathed, "You will pay." She came down hard and fast at Kain, her sword stretched out behind her, ready to sever his head from his body.

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Crow and Gambler sat by the courtyard discussing there next move. Reaching into his pocket, Crow removed the amulet Akira had found.

I think this may answer our question as to who, or what is behind dis no. said Crow.

Gambler stared at the amulet, a crescent symbol had been itched into the gold frame. It was from the House of Cassander. One of the last known pure blooded Vampires to walk this earth. He had gone into a self imposed exile, along with his sinister lover Victoire.

“Dhere be some dark forces behind dee resurrection of dis two. Arcadians have been dabbling in magics beyond dhere control. If truly free Cassander is, we need to act fast. Take dee fight to him.”

But as the two continued to talk, the sounds of a fight floated across the air. Something or someone was attacking again. Gambler quickly grabbed his staff and together with Crow, bolted back towards the camp. Just as the Cajun’s rounded the corner, they witnessed an energy blast rip threw the mid-section of the hero Chameleon. The pair stood there in shock, unable to see exactly who had fired the blast, or why.

Gambler knelt down next to Danny, gently lifting his head,

“Wake up Danny! God dammit.” Blood was flowing out of the wound and covering Gambler. “Danny!, Who did this? Danny? DANNY!!!”

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It had been a long journey to New Orleans, The air was thick and almost unbreathble, All Arrow had to go on was a myth of where Pappa was and that was enough, He had to lie and cheat his way here, With dark Arrow muttering in the back of his head, It was slowly turning him insane.

In the distance he could see a light , A small fire all around it hung dead chickens and srunken heads, The news of Pappa being removed from power had reached Arrows ears, Every whispear and favour had been pulled into to find out what he could about him, Of course Dark Arrow knew but would not share, He never did anything that helped anyone else but himself.

Arrow walked into the light of the camp fire and sat crossing his legs, "Pappa Voddo are you here I need to talk to you , I need your help"

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The vampire glared at Kiara, never breaking his cold stare. He saw Chameleone die before him, not even caring. He merely brushed his once friend’s death off as though it were nothing worthy of his attention. He merely continued walking towards the blue demon that called herself Kiara. He was weak, hardly able to stand, however he’d make sure he killed this woman before he fell to his death. He launched himself at her full force, and full speed ahead. His tails had blades on the end, he aimed them at her but when he saw her blade, he was caught off guard but it was too late. He couldn’t avoid the entire slice of her blade, he was only able to place his arm in front of the blade and roll with it. His thick skin protected his arm from being sliced off, however she was able to cut his chest diagonally, from one side to another. He flew backwards and landed on his back. Kain immediately jumped back up, holding his chest.

“You bitch. I’m going to kill you! GO TO HELL!”

Kain charged at Kiara, his claws were drawn , and he was aiming at her chest to rip out her heart. This was the final blow that they would strike towards each other. Only one of them would come out from this blow, and Kain was determined to come out victorious, and with this woman's heart in his hands. His rage fuelled him, his hatred added to his rage, and Nightmare, was back in control.

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Kiara could barely register Jean coming on scene. She saw him running towards Danny's body and sent a silent prayer up to the heavens that if Danny was dead, he would not die alone. Her blade came down hard upon Kain. But his arm had come up to bloke her. She felt the blade slice through his chest like butter. She grinned maliciously and stared as the blood poured from the wound. She landed for a moment then pushed herself up into the air and did a back flip, landing neatly a short ways away, her blade still poised and ready. She stared as he jumped to his feet and crouched as he lunged towards her. She would not let him take her life. She had a vow to never kill those who were truly good at heart. And deep down she knew Kain was good. She set poised as he drew near then jumped out to kick him in the head. But his claws caught her leg and the force sent her flying.

Kiara hit a tree nearby and slid down its trunk, landing in a crumpled heap at its base. She struggled to her feet, still exhausted from the previous battle. Her hair was no longer flaming as bright and her eyes were starting to turn milky once more. She slowly stood, her blade stuck in the ground as she struggled to catch her breath. Weakly she stood to her full height and stared at Kain, "You could be better then this you know. But yet you choose the life of a heathen." A rivulet of blood ran down her leg where his claws had caught her and pooled around her. She could not fight no more without bring her own death. For once she was giving up.

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Poppa Voodoo emerged from the shadows of the swamp, the camp fire lighting up his skull painted face. Two brightly colored coral snake’s were wrapped tightly around each wrists. His tuxedo had the arms cut off at the shoulder and was draped un-buttoned over his body. He sat down on a log across from the fire and Arrow, with a motion of his hand he asked Arrow to do the same.

“Why for you seek me now Arrow? Perhaps revenge for your daughter? Dat be Arcadian business, and I is no longer Arcadian.” He then took a sip from an old dirty jar and spit into the fire causing it to roar higher.

“Or, be there another reason, something, yesssss, something inside, something dat needs to be free no.”

The sick and twisted voodoo priest began to laugh. Reaching behind him, he slowly pulled out an old wooden box and rested it in his lap.

“So, whats it gonna be……….dark one”