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Sephirim had recently left his beloved  team the Ice dragons to form another team with an old time friend called The Hatebreed. the team was young full of life, the people in it were cool and sociable,sephirim began to grow close to the team. The team recently formed an alliance with the Vv. Sephirim knew that this alliance would sure make a difference, but his heart was pure with evil,so he began to feel bad. He knew that he would eventually have to take out the hero's teams that protected the vine, He did not want to Participate in anyway battles that will be taken against the ice dragons. he wouldn't be able to the the pain of opposing his onced loved team.

Seph recently recruited a young warrior by the name of swordstalker, he was a cool laid back type of warroir very sociable, he made a few friends out of the team. Seph didn't mind at all he loved having company at the Hatebreed Hq. SSwordstalker did not have much battle experience and wanted to spar against sephirim to see if he was ready for the real word. sep agreed to the battle willingly to test his team members might as a warrior.Seph Seen him wield a sword in tarining before, he thought he had great potential to become a skilled warrior one day.

Today in the  Hq  was a great day, there was company as usual, the place was clean.alot of positive energy going for a Villain clan. sephirim was in the kitchen fixing himself a plate of pasta as he watched his friend swordstalker talk to Vanessa. Seph to his pasta into the living room and turned on the tv to watch america's best dance crew. He saw the fanny pack begin to Dance, he changed the channel because he thought of that dance group to be abominal to the world. Sephirim then began to watch cartoon network. Tom and jerry was on, that was Seph's favorite show as a child.

30 Minutes passed, swordstalker came up Sephirim in such away that you could tell he was ready for the sparring Session. Sephirim went upstairs to his beautiful bathroom and began to take a shower. the room Filled up with hit steam, as he washed himself with his favorite brand of soap"dove". he then Shampooed his hair with Head and shoulders,to make sure all of the dandruff left his hair, this whole showering process took about 30 minutes.

After showering sephiri m dried himself off with a white towel, he then threw on a black robe . He went across the hall towards his room to get dressed for his battle with swordstalker. He took from his large closet a complete outfit on one wire hanger. The outfit included a black shinobi jacket, a pair of leather gauntlets, A silver head band, black shorts, and black open toed sandals. Sephirim Put on his battle attire quickly then went all the way downstairs to the basement,where his weapons were stored.

he looked into a big black chest within the basement and pulled out his reverse blade sword, he was not planing to kill anyone so he thought the sword would be of some use today. he then walked over to another chest, this time it was small and red, he took out some shurikens and a belt to hold the shurikens in. he then finally went to a white curtain that had a cement wall behind it it seemed, he moved the curtain to reveal his precious bow behind it hanging on a thick metal bar. he took the bow and strapped in to his back.Sephirim then headed upstairs to swordstalker.

sephirim saw Swordstalker in the kitchen eating grapes talking to Vanessa, he signaled that it was time to go to him,then they head out the front door of the hq. Sephirim had planned a perfect location for his battle,he always loved to fight in meadows so he planned to go to a meadow south of the hq for the spar.Sephirim had faith in swordstalker as a warrior,he felt that he would have good potential and would be a great benefit to his team.

It is  a beautiful sunny day,no clouds concealing the sun, strong cool winds blowing away the annoying heat. you could hear the birds chirps happily creating a soothing melodic chorus with other natural organism. the air was fresh with the smell of green grass. sandy roads created dust as the friction of our feet touched the ground below.seph enjoyed ever bit of nature, he loved to hear every sound made from the beautiful animals of the wild. he thought it was a true blessing to look at something so amazing.

They walked about an hour before making it to the field,the field was fresh with 12 inch blades of lively green grass, there was a nearby stream running its currents through the meadow providing water for animals. there were 3 trees in the area that seemed old because of the width of the trunk. two big boulders stood in the grassy plains.

Sephirim then turned around to look at swordstalkers listless face, sephirim jumped backwards gliding the air with his hair following the winds direction. he landed lightly on the ground with a quite thump in a 3 point stance staring at his teammate ready for battle.

You First griffin

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As Swordstalker watched Sephirim go through his pre-fight he pulled out his two swords made of adamantium and Vibranium alloy. He had yet to blood the two swords, but he knew it would happen soon. Sephirim was known to be an excellent swordsman. He was one of a short list of people on the vine who took the time to refine his swordcraft. To Swordstalker, that made him his rival.

Pulling off his long overcoat in which he used to hide his wings, Swordstalker let his wings bask in the sunlight. The dark feathers of Swordstalker's wings glistened in the sun as he began to stretch out his wings and with one long flap of them, was airborne. Swordstalker could not imagine what it was like to have to walk. Being one of the few rare mutants to have their powers active at the time of their birth, Swordstalker flew for the first three years of his life.  It wasn't until he had to start school that he learned to walk.

Flying as high as his wings would take him, Swordstalker could see Sephirim as clear as day. His enhanced sense of sight made it so that he could see a dime from three-quarters of a mile in the sky. His face became that of a stone cold killer. It was the mask he learned to put on all his life. Every since he was a child, and the other kids saw him, Swordstalker had to put on this blank, emotionless face. Once on it was as if Swordstalker became a different person.

Continuing to stare down at Sephirim, Swordstalker twisted his body in the air and with his swords extended began to corkscrew down toward Sephirim. As he twisted through the air, his body was like that of a greek god. His muscles rippled and firm from years of training, Swordstalker was a mountain of a man. At the age of fourteen, he began to grow larger than all the other children his age. At the time he thought he was a giant, but at the age of fourteen being six foot tall and two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle was like winning the lottery. Around then was the first time he was called a word that would forever define his life: Mutant.

Just thinking about it made Swordstalker burn up inside.  Stopping the spin just few feet away fromSephirim, Swordstalker spun his body around in the air and slashed at Sephirim while he was in his three point stance. Not wanting to lose his momentum, Swordstalker, then threw a windmill kick at him as he flipped over Sephirim's head. He know that Sephirim was just as fast as he was, but fighting someone is different that going on a jog with them. And he wanted to show Sephirim, he was just as skilled a warrior. He just prayed that he didn't have to use magic against Sephirim. 

The first time he used his dark powers, his wings turned black and he has been marked by the blood arts ever since. The blood arts were dark arcane magics that were only to be used be the strongest of magic-users. Sephirim was tainted as well, but Swordstalker couldn't tell if it was his sword or him himself. He knew that he would find out. . he just hoped it was the hard way. Blood magic made you stronger ever time you used them, but they tainted it users souls. It corrupted them. Made them less than human. This was the only thing that scared Swordstalker.  

As his blades shined with an errie white light, Swordstalker flew back into the air and started to scan his surrounding area. Taking everything in from the trees to the boulders, Swordstalker began to come up with a plan on how to take Sephirim out as peacefully as he could. He just hope all went as planned.   

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 His Celestial Opponent unsheathe his two blades to sephirim, the blades were Beautifully crafted, a divine sight to glare.it seemed like a swords that something pure and holy would wield. the sunlight Reflected of of the swords blade blinding Sephirim. they looked like two katana's  but Sephirim couldnt really make it out. Sephirim fell in love with the beauty of the dangerous weapon that his foe controlled. Sephirim thought to himself"i gotta remember to ask where he bought those swords from..man so lovely..a true warrior pair of swords"

stalker vaulted into the air and took flight, the forced from the jump created debris winds that scatter across the ground towards sephirim. His opoonent looked as if he was ready to fight. Sailed the air to his highest peek above the clouds creating a heavenly potriat for a holy temple.Sephirim was amazed by his Opponent, he never fought anyone that had wings, His foe reminded him or a greek Mythogical god or some sort. His teamate then came dipping back down twisting in the air like a human tornado.

Sephirim grabbed  the handle of his reverse blade sword tightly, prepared for his opponents attack.Sephirim was a bit  frightened  about his opponent coming at him at such high speeds, he thought that the attack might knock him to the ground from recoil damage. His opponent cam closer and closer sephirim gripped the handle of his sword tighter as his opponent got closer. Sephirim Unseathe his sword to block"cling"The sound of metal echoed the air and conjured sparks.  sephirim was pushed abck several feet dragging fresh herbage benaeth his feet from force.

Hmph Just as i excpected you really have talent!

Stalker then came at sephirim with another attack, this time he didnt use his blade. He came at sephirim with Brutal windmill kick aimed for his face. Sephirim rolled  right  and landed on left knee with his left palm in the grass to keep him steady. Sephirim Quickly took a kunai from his side bag and put it in the palm of his right hand , held there by his thumb. Sephiri then through The Kunai towards stalker  waist area.

Afterwards, Sephirim vanished from view into a tree behind stalker  and removed his bow from his strap. Sephirim then skillfully shot at least 5arrows aiming at Stalker before hopping out of the tree. Sephirim ran behind a boulder and began to channel his energy throughout the main artries of his body so when he needs to use it he his able to.

this is going to be tuff man